Conference Secretary Gholamreza Montazami

Hollywood “Entertainment”or Hollywood “Servant of Zionism Network”
Even if there would be a significant differentiation between entertainment and politics, since year 2000 and before the invasion of Iraq by USA due to the official position of Hollywood as an army of professional propagators whom serve towards Zionism benefits, this differentiation has lost its meaning. Hollywood easily erases the artists and filmmakers whom don’t perform within the framework of its geostrategic plans. The point which is needed to be cleared is the differentiation of the role of USA and Zionism in controlling Hollywood. The important matter is a new event which has made the direction of changes out of Europe and USA’s control especially in Middle East area and areas related to opposition axis. Now, due to a new chain of failures in the region which have been forced to USA and Israel from year 2000, and followed by that the deep influence of these failures on the intensification and expansion of financial and economical crisis in west, continuance of west’s adventurous games in Middle East wouldn’t turn in Europe and USA favor and their national and intelligency benefits. America is no longer interested to continue its past policies in Middle East though it doesn’t mean that its countless crimes in most of the world’s continents can be easily forgotten. The considerable matter is USA’s incapability for continuing its adventures and how hard it tries to renovate

the damaged civilization of America but the dominant lobby of Israel which has it under control wouldn’t let such actions. Israeli lobby would utilize the last American cells for Zionism benefits and interests in the world and specifically in Middle East. In this scenario, just like financial pillars, banking system, political and military system and decision making of USA which are under Zionism’s control, Hollywood too is a small part of America’s media system which is controlled by Zionism and in this way Zionists in USA have the control rope of all areas in their hands, hence USA itself doesn’t have any control over the events which would happen in Middle East afterward. The weakened America has prepared the best opportunity for Zionists for the absolute domination over each and everything. The sovereignty and the form of the current Zionism lobby network in west, has made it obvious that Hollywood is in such a pitiable situation. Today Hollywood equals to Zionism and even America’s actions are of Zionists’ actions. So By this default, Hollywood designs and presents such products for the world and especially for the most urgent issues of Zionists in Middle East -which is Israel. And in this way, Hollywood produces warrior based movies for TV and battlefield pictures for the silver screen with incorrect information just to justify America and Zionism’s political, economical, cultural and military actions and present the idea that these actions are legal and protectable. Due to having political ideas, Hollywood’s target is power consolidation and hegemony over the world. Hollywood authorities have constructed fortified and dangerous cinematic trenches over the territories which American fleets aren’t supposed to roam around there. For encouraging the international audiences and persuading those for digesting its presence in thousands miles away from America, Hollywood has prepared the viewers to get adapted to its illegal presence in battlefields and silver screens. Hollywood cinema is seen everywhere, just like a devil who watches humans from an unknown place. When Iran Navy moves in seas and oceans around its territorial water and even inside its water borders, world media considers this as an “Occurrence” which has challenged the world’s security, but presence of military bases and American Navy in Persian Golf should be considered as an “ordinary matter”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Hollywood has prepared the background and while entertaining the viewers, brainwashes them. It’s Hollywood who based on Zionists’ point of view and schedule, forces each and every defenseless viewers to accept or reject the news from battlefields. The powerful army of “Artists” in Hollywood resembles a bunch of reporters who work as propagating agents and lack any sort of impartiality in order to cover the bitterness of events and persuade the viewers to accept America’s malignant wars as humanitarian actions and to consider its soldiers and official representatives as justice messengers so that any kind of suspicious movement or news would be easily manipulated in their benefit. This is how Hollywood has worked on audiences’ halfconscious mind and at the first phase, is determined to implement the cultural invasion for eradicating any possible resistance and if its plans didn’t succeed, then Hollywood would change the form of this invasion. Through applying a simple cartoon cliché as intermediate, Hollywood destroys all the value pillars; freedom of expression would be valued for predefined issues and purposes, heresy would turn into a sacred religious element. Hollywood’s principles are a set of manipulated beliefs which have been designed to be exerted in the societies as undeniable facts in order to divert these societies’ members towards a dictator-alike and united manner from any religion or sect. By eradicating the freedom of expression and belief, one is unable to discuss about the simplest historical events or even the current affairs. And nowadays these manipulations are determined as part of principles for an era called “Ideas Inspection” In fact, a new form of ideas inspection in worldwide level has been born in Los Angeles and the army of new emerged evangelist priests propagate it through theaters, cinemas, festivals and television throughout the world. Definitions and terms should have been rewrote and thought over again so that the citizens and audiences throughout the world would easily be convinced for surrendering to this new religious system. The newly colonized people through Medias and Hollywood would be divided into two categories: goodness based and wickedness based. These changes and innovations are the new principles of the new trended religion created in Washington Dc which its leadership base is located in LA and from there these principles form a weird Byzantine image.

These idea inspectors use reporters as labors but among them, faces like actors, directors, producers and artists can be found with different mind sets. They direct their efforts towards propagation for those shortly called “International audiences”, those who can’t go through the sacred books like old times and find the truth by themselves. These International Audiences have to trust and accept whatever they are told and if any sign of doubt or skepticism would be traced in their behavior, they would be accused for heresy and burnt in fire! The artists who oppose “the new religion” and criticize it would be suppressed and banned from their activities. The right for freedom of expression would be negated from them and they will be determined useless and inefficient. These artists are a new type of truth prisoners due to expressing the reality. Their prison is the absolute open environments and their words would be immediately shut in cinemas as well as their rebellions which are under control. And when doors get shut, warders can claim they are protecting the reality, freedom and democracy against the distortion and destruction. Just like old times, a small group rise for confronting dictators like Goliath Hollywood and helpless viewers are sacrificed in between. But the viewers can’t protect themselves unless they don’t know the identity of their torturer. The Hollywood executive operators hide behind the adorned faces of artists and by forging the truth and their faces, it’s hard for the audience to sheer the veil of these monsters. This new form of war has turned the cinema world, which previously used to be considered as entertainment and artistic tool into a military tool. Almost all of the reporters in this system are of governmental executives or members of famous world’s secret agencies. From the time of Lumieres Brothers, cinema has never been clean and in this warfare, politicians were always busy with their wicked games. Behind the curtains, they offered freedom of thought to those who rocked and talked in their favor. They never bothered to utilize those artists who devoted themselves for betterment of the world or those who fought them. Independent people in the industry are always secretly under control till the time it would be felt their freedom of thought is no longer in Hollywood’s favor and they might sheer the hypocrite democracy veil away. Welcome to Washington Studios, Hollywood.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


NOW Second international conference
Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Inauguration ceremony of «Hollywoodism and Cinema» with participation of President Ahmadinejad

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Inauguration ceremony of “Hollywoodism and Cinema” with participation of President Ahmadinejad

The world in need of a new order
On february2, 2012 the inaugural ceremony of “Hollywoodism and Cinema” was held with participation of President Dr. Ahmadinejad, Dr. Hosseini Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance, Javad Shamaghdari Deputy Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance for Cinematic Affairs and Gholamreza Montazemi Secretary of the second conference along with foreign guests. President Ahmadinejad inaugurated conference with his speech over a comprehensive definition for Art snd stated that at the outset there should be a definition about Art and artist’s responsibilities and aspirations. Art means recognition of human beings. Artist should be accountable to thoughts and interactions which is there in the world towards human beings. Reffering to two views towards art and human, President stated that the first view belong rulers towards human beings and art. This view suggests that human beings

are created to enjoy everythings. This very enjoyment means maximal benefit by every possible means.this thought has always been there during history. In this view the prosperous man is the one who dominate other people and world’s resources. But in second view human is a transcendental truth. The Almighty has created the whole Universe for human being and human being for God. The Almighty has bestowed human beings some talents to manifest God. In second view prosperity doesn’t mean dominance over other people but in countrary it means cooperation with others to meet lofty human values. President added that all wars during history have occurred based on second view. this is a certain shared format of both Liberalism and Marxism upon which they don’t attach any importance to the truth of human being. Ahmadinejad reiterated that Marxism has left 20.000.000 people killed behind and Liberalism 70.000.000.Having said that Liberalism still is continueing to take further lives. Now question is that what has really been God’s intention to create Universe and human beings? is God in favor of continuation of this situation? It is stating the obvious that The Almighty doesn’t favor this situation because it is against his justice. Pointing out to lofty goals of God upon which he has created this world, president stated that these two different views are reflected in art and cinema. For thousands of years artists have reflected their aspirations about truth of human being in their works. Ruler of world must be a just pure lover.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Definitely he is not U.S President ! Which one of American presidents can truly claim that they have really been human lover? The fair answer is none. The Almighty has promised us to assign a just pure ruler for the whole world. A ruler who will set up a new world order which people need it. Dr. Ahmadinejad stated that we are all seeking for justice. That’s why God has shown us way to prosperity. Imam Khomeini once said that” we love humankind”. Whoever around the world whose freedom is taken away and feels being oppressed can count on our support. But west has declared war against us for long years. Unfortunately Hollywood in ruled on by some people who want to justify their selfishness via that. When it comes to people of the world, they have no problem with one another. Those who pose problem are governments. You can’t expect mankind’s enemies to show compassion and generosity. We should rely on ourselves to figure out the truth of unified global rule. These sorts of meetings may provide us with opportunity to get acquainted with one another to join our hands to move towards truth, justice and love. Refrainment from recognition of lower layers of Hollywood is a simplistic view.

Bidding welcome to guests, Javad Shamaghdari stated that Hollywood today has overshadowed world culture. Hollywood has turned out to be a certain school of thought who has managed to spread ruling power’s motto and political thoughts and style. in such an atmosphere independent groups can’t work easily and peruse their goals. Lady Cathrinie Paulo, Artidia cultural center member, Webster Tarpley, antizionist professor, Arnold Cohen, jewish rabbi and Thomas Poulard, professor delivered their speeches on Hollywoodism and Cinema. In this conference Dr. Webster Tarpley presented his latest book “Hollywood’s war mechine” to President Ahmadinejad. At the end of ceremony appreciations have been expressed to Clodia Mofa, Italian antizionist professor, Manuel Galiana Ross antizionist auther, Robert Forrison antizionist historian and documentarist and Vansan Renoa.

Expressing satisfaction over presence of President Ahmadinejad and other guests, minister Hosseni stated that behind Hollywood’s beautiful mask there is a philosophical layer of Capitalism. that’s why we should not be that naive to remain indifferent towards it. We should all get familiar with our duties to stand against world arrogance through co-thinking.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Javad Shamaghdari

Humanity’s fall due to the elimination of cultures
Today Hollywood has been so entangled in our culture and civilization that we cannot delve into it by just talking about it on the net and posting comments on the message boards or by theorizing and elucidating cons and pros about it. We would be wrong if we think we can overcome it through a battle of words or a show of phenomenology. The cultural, behavioral and linguistic impacts of Hollywood productions are so obvious and far-reaching that Hollywood has become a dominant force in world cinema. Actually only the elites and those who have the best interest of man at heart can comprehend the depth of the influence of Hollywood and its efforts to build cultures for other nations and to assimilate all of them into one. God almighty says in the Holy Quran: “O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other). Verily the most honored of you in the sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you. And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)”. The above-mentioned explains why God Almighty created mankind in different skin colors and ethnicities and emphasizes the importance of differences and calls them necessary and essential because it leads to epistemology and a race in being decent and righteous. As a matter of fact, God states at the end of the verse that none of these qualities give you superiority over one another and that it

is righteousness and God-fearingness which make you better in the eyes of God. In the monotheistic view the differences in skin colors, races and ethnicity is the beginning of the path leading to knowing God and to salvation. God could create all men and women looking identical to each other but He didn’t. However, today we are witnessing that differences in skin color, race and ethnicity are used as the antithesis of the monotheistic view and as the tool to justify oppression, atrocities in order to approve satanic behaviors and the destruction of the other side. The most obvious genocide occurred in the US but Hollywood portrayed it as the elimination of undesirables (i.e. locals and the Indians). This directive which has been totally implemented once, is placed high on the agenda of Hollywood. The inhabitants of Hollywood have become like the temple dwellers at whose sanctity everybody should be sacrificed. The foremost victim in this battle of doom or should I say the unilateral assault, is our cultures and our ideologies because Hollywood intends to impose the behavior and lifestyle of Americans on the rest of the world and aims to alter people’s worldviews and their motives, concerns and ideals. In other words, Hollywood is trying establishing a school of thought and creating ideas which are first and foremost characterized by ignoring the others and their cultures and not tolerating them. One singular way of thinking and school of thought has replaced God and in later stages, one impression and interpretation has replaced the subjects and themes. That is, today mankind has entered a one-way hall which is becoming narrower and narrower by the minute. The meaning of order is that any phenomenon has to become meaningful in relation to other phenomena in a way that the final combination becomes a better and more complete process and serves the interest of all. Order means that nobody and nothing should prevent the growth and entitlement of others, but the new American order doesn’t pay attention to the characteristics and only focuses on the end result. In other words, if a phenomenon is not at the service of reaching the goal then it has to be eliminated and discarded. What we know about order is the same we learned in school where taller students sat in the back so that they will not become a blockage to the blackboard on the front. But the new order in Hollywood follows a different pattern: everybody has to be of the same height otherwise they must be expelled from the class! Now the number of

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


those who have been expelled has now reached 99% but Hollywood is still insisting on meeting the needs of the remaining 1%! It can be said that Hollywood is now the frontrunner of a new world order which is based on the domination of the 1% over the 99%. Hollywood is trying to portray such order as a paradise and is leaving no stone unturned and utilizing all the potential and capacity at its capacity. For example it constantly creates modern mythological figures which live inside that order proudly and are willing to make sacrifices and battle the bad guy who is actually the one who tries to get out of the order and go to the side of the 1% in a rebellious manner. Batman, Spider-Man and Superman are some of the superheroes who are now the mythologies of Hollywood. According to Hollywood only the white Americans are entitled to live and exist in that paradise and the rest are slaves who are convicted to be second-class citizens who have no choice but to accept their destiny and should be happy that they are given a chance to live! In our world a horrible injustice prevails and every day we are hearing news about historic wrongs against people all over the world, but Hollywood doesn’t bother to reflect such realties in its movies. People starving to death in Somalia, genocide in Bosnia, US plundering Iraqi oil, crimes perpetrated by the military in Iraq and Pakistan and scores of other tragedies happening in the world are not seen or reflected in American movies and even if there is a reflection it is a deformed and distorted one: in Somalia everybody is trying to save some American soldiers (“Black Hawk Down”), in Iraq an American hero disarms mines on people’s path (“Hurt Locker”) or in Bosnian an American star is at the service of conveying an alerted version of all the crimes and rapes committed by the Serbs against the Muslims (“In the Land of Blood and Honey”). Earth is the safe planet for mankind because it is a divine gift from God to the supreme being (i.e. man). However in Hollywood the same Earth is continuously threatened and ravaged by the forces of evil and is on the brink of extinction. The Earthlings have no choice but to seek help from the blue-eyed Anglo-Saxon heroes who appear like the saviors of mankind and singlehandedly save Earth and its people from all the dangers and threats. By this, Hollywood tries to make the people of the world surrender to its heroes and their ways which will subsequently make them surrender to their lifestyles and the US domination. In his book the Clash of Civilizations,

Huntington gives tidings about a near future in which civilizational fissures lead to a war between civilizations. Interestingly, this prediction was favored by many elites when it was first made. What people might not know is that such war started at least 3 decades by Hollywood. The difference in the book is that Huntington envisages the war as bipolar and bilateral but the war waged by Hollywood is unilateral. Such a war is still going on full steam and has come to a head in recent years against the culture and civilization of Muslim countries. All the divine prophet came from the present Middle East, the prophets who had a message of peace, friendship, sincerity and worshiping the Almighty God. They founded at least two great civilizations in the history of mankind: Islam and Christianity. Today and in the absence of prophets, Hollywood has emerged wearing the mask of a benefactor having the best interests of mankind at heart but with ulterior movies. In other words behind this beautiful mask there lies an intention to destroy and demolish. That is why Hollywood has been after the establishment of one singular culture and lifestyle for more than 70 years. But the lifestyle promulgated by Hollywood is devoid of divinity and empties man of any divinity and drowns him in an ocean of carnal desires and temptations and as the result, lowers man’s lofty status to the animalistic level. This lifestyle knows no cultural diversity and is like a machine that turns all different cultures of the world into one. Since its inception, Hollywood has been engaged in creating discord, divergence and denominations which is the method of Satan and tries to impose its form and content on man’s emotions, mind, behavior and ideals and make them compatible with its own views. This will no doubt eventuate in nothing but the destruction of mankind and the domination of the Satan and will place a distance between man and his pure divine and heavenly nature. This conference and gathering is a place for shedding light on the true colors of Hollywood. Here is hoping that the political intentions behind the productions made by powerful and wealthy in Hollywood will be revealed to the world and that the free nations and artists will roll up their sleeves and counter the Hollywood machinations with their own work and lofty, remarkable and influential productions. May God’s succor be with all those who battle against satanic manifestations and strive for the fulfillment of divine justice. Amen!

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Complete report of different sessions of the

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema A review on backstage of Hollywood Tehran- 2012 Feb2 to 4
Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


A certain number of pundits and intellectuals delivered their presentations on cinema and history in the first meeting of the second international conference on hollywoodism and cinema under the titles of “Hollywoodism and Islamic Awakening” and “The role of cinema in global Awakening and Wall street movement” which was held in Iranian center for international forums in Tehran with attendance of American and European elites artists and film makers.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Hollywoodism and Islamic Awakening” and “The role of cinema in global Awakening and Wall street movement”


Gholamreza Montazemi the secretary of second international conference of Hollywoodism stated at the outset of meeting: Ladies and Gentleman; This conference has provided us with the opportunity to have a good brainstorming on different techniques and methods to counter hegemony of Hollywood. The world today is witnessing Global Islamic Awakening which has further linked people together around the world. What astonished me in this atmosphere is that why none of international organizations who even pay attention to destruction of environment don’t heed to demolition of humanity and spirituality. Humanity is moving on the course of it’s collapse in our time but there is no organization which would act to stop it. Recent incidents in the world have shown that people are running out of patience. People no longer tolerate westerner’s and Zionist’s lies. Here I would like to quote Michel Foucault the French philosopher who once said that “Islamic revolution in Iran is the reaction of spiritual world to non spiritual world “Morals” spirituality and human values are being forayed subjected to heavy attacks having said that there are some promising signs that indicate some positive changes in this attitude. In the years to come we will certainly be witnessing tremendous transfers at international level. When it comes to wall street the finger of blame is pointed to Israel in the past Israel was like an Indian movie in USA

which had been impressing Americans. Americans were used to weep for Israel and sympathize with Israelis. But even Americans today have realized well the Zionist lies. At the time being a wave of articles and columns has started to be written and published in EU and USA against Zionists coupled with numerous movies and documentaries that are all being made in support of Anti-wall street and anti-Zionist movements. Lady Pumie from France is among those examples who have taken this initiative. The worlds have come to understand that Zionists are standing against the humankind. Iranian people during past 33 years have paid heavy prices for this global enlightenment Iranian people are now delighted to see universal aspects of their Islamic revolution in four corners of the world after 3 decades of heavy sanctions war psychological warfare and negative propaganda which were all launched against them aimed to force them to give up their aspirations and ideals Our endeavors awakened specially Muslims from hypnotism. Here I would like to refer to some remarks made by president Ahmadinejad who once put on “Iranian people have no problem with African or Asian people. We are standing by the side of them. Just leaders of are victimizing high interests of their own people for the sake of Zionists. “Islamic Republic of Iran stands ready to cooperate with American European Asian and African and African artists in production of anti-Hollywood TV and cinematic works to counter Hollywoodism. Joint production of september11 Black Box film which was made by Mr.Islamloo from Iran and Mr.Terri messian from France is a good example of this sort of cooperation that we are having to save humankind from the Zionist’s claw.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


The independent film maker blogger critic and TV producer Danielshakter said: I am delighted to be here. Recently I have compiled a book about occupy Daniel Schechter Wall Street movement. During past months I have given much time to finalize it. I have also prepared a documentary about this subject for press TV to be broadcasted in IN-FOCUS program. This movement has both political and cultural aspects. When it started at the beginning media and press refused to pay attention to that. At the next stage media tried to make a mockery of that. They believed the movement would have come to it’s end at most within just one week. But you see that it has lasted since last year’s September up to now in February and has spilled over into different American cities. After 6 weeks we were witnessing many demonstrations in different cities of the world to show solidarity these movements manage to win the attentions for different reasons. Movement coincided with economic crisis in USA. In US media conservatives started to analyze budget deficit. This movement started to raise the economic imparities in American society through their motto of 99%. This motto was a marvelous idea which was being chanted not only by people on the ground but by mass media. Survey of opinions in Newyork proved that people of the city support this movement. Within one month Newyork times reported 50% support of American people from occupy wall street occupy wall street movement manage to prevent blackout of their news and events by the use of mass media like U-tube/ Tweeter and Face Book. In fact movement tried to control it’s news and that’s why it managed to develop through the grassroots and covered people from all walks of life. That’s why you see Indians and Spanish language people among the members of occupy Wall Street. Protest to poverty socioeconomic inequalities

unemployment and big company’s financial misuses are the top priorities of occupy Wall Street. At the time being we are witnessing that protester’s camps in Newyork are being dismantled by police which has caused their clashes. Among 650 people who have been arrested by police there are some journalists from different media which gave much more pace to information dissemination across the Us organization for reporters without borders downgraded USA to level 47 in terms of freedom of speech. Time magazine even illustrated the face of a protester on its front page as the face of the year. Though the beginnings of movement was vague but in continuation of that some certain media like Press TV/RUSSIA TODAY and XINHUA NEWS managed to cover the related news which led to rapid expansion of movement. Protest without violence has always been one of American traditions but U.S police drove the protests into violence. In between what turned problematic for movement were lack of key leader and concentration which sparked some contradictions. Lack of leader as some times is good some times is bad. From the other side the American media culture has turned hostile. In fact media tend to portray an extremist face of the movement. But movement has it’s own media like a newspaper and even library. Having said that some ones tried to prove that occupy Wall Street was an anti Jewish movement to dispute it but they failed to do so. Daniel shakter stated that “still in Hollywood there is no picture of occupy Wall Street. From the other side in today world the reality is moving forwards with high speed. Existence of social mass media has left tremendous effects behind on global awakening events. The status quo of today cinema doesn’t deserve it. For instance when congress planed to pass an act Wikipedia shut downed it’s reconstruction for one night and in aftermath a strike took place which in the end led congress to step back. this matter proves active role of the people to express themselves in different ways. Americans no longer want war and wish immediate pull out of their

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


forces from Iran and Afghanistan. Americans are totally against war with Iran. Having said that economic crisis has not come still to it’s end and U.S administration is forced to reduce it’s defense budget due to economic crisis. People no longer favour war in spite all out media out lets to demonize Iran. Ahmad Najafi, Iranian artist and a member of Iran’s supreme council of cinema said: I am man of action. I don’t satisfy just with words. We do believe in Ahmad Najafi action. I am from southern part of Iran and I personally fell victim to Iran’s imposed war on Iran. That’s why I have my own concept from war. I usually watch the world cinema to keep abreast with it’s events. We are witnessing that some certain countries are poised to impose their own ideology and economy on their countries. But we are independent. There are some certain countries who dare to say that their cinema is the best in the world. I request you all to take a look at Asian and African cinema. There are numerous people in the world who are living in pain and misery. There are many young artists in Asia and Africa who lack necessary where without to make their movies. They need our help. Unlike Americans, we should refrain from imposing our own ideas on them. We should stand against Hollywood. Leslie Thomas pollard, professor and Hollywood critic said: I am delighted to be here to deliver my speech on Hollywood. I would like to quote Mr. Leslie Thomas Pollard Danny Schechter who said talking about Hollywood is not easy. Hollywood is not simply just those studies. Diversity is there in Hollywood. We need to analyze global awakening

movement. We need to recognize true manifestation of this movement. Significant things are happening in public culture and folklore. In U.S, one percent is ruling on 99%. I am historian that’s why I prefer to analyze historical events of the past. I remember Oliver Stone’s «Wall street» made in 1987 that it’s main character said «Greed is good». In The «breaks» there is a corporation that like a bloodsucker is feeding on people’s blood. In the same manner that Karl Marx introduced capitalists as bloodsuckers. In movie «district 9» which is a science fiction there is a corporation which is exploiting people. In between there are some directors who have the least of budget and they need our help to make their independent movies. What we need to take note in this regard is a dialect which is ongoing between socio cultural conditions and cinema. Ahmad Aavad Othman, the Egyptian revolutionary artist and critic stated that I am one at demonstrators of Al-tahrir square. I want to elaborate on Ahmed Awaad Osman Egyptian past-revolution cinema. Freedom was one of the main objectives of our revolution in Egypt. Having said that before revolution we were having election and parliament but our representatives were not representing us in parliament. Because they have never been elected freely. I put emphasis on this fact that there is no contrast between art and Islam. Having said that there are some certain extremist groups in Saudi Arabia who paste problems. Egyptian artists unfortunately have still failed to make any movie about their revolution. But some documentaries have been made in this regard. We do believe that Egyptian art and cinema need a new restart. Egyptian artists should first get rid of financial problems. We, Egyptian artists should go abroad to promote our cinema. There are some certain figures who don’t wish Islamic

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


awakening and revolution to get widespread around the world. What we can do in this regard deals with our art, cinema and cooperation with other countries. Monika Witt, a Wall Street activist said : I will speak about my experience in anti-wall street demonstration. I have been closely witnessing occupy Wall Monica Witte Street movement. American media didn’t cover this movement. Demonstrators called on CNN to dispatch its reporters and correspondents to the ground to cover the news of protests. But they were reluctant to do so. Well we not just to occupy Wall Street. We were to occupy congress, Washington DC and California. One of our problems was limited number of protesters in spite the high diversity which was there among combination of protesters. We studied the matter aimed to increase our number and enlist further supporters from the people into our movement. Even there are some ???? among us that express their protest by the use of igneous materials. Having said that these sorts of events have been well thoroughly reflected and covered in news broadcasts aimed to portray a negative image from the movement in public opinions. Webster Tarpley, professor and ???? critic stated that : occupy wall street supporters are not exclusive to students but workers also support it. Webster Tarpley In U.S we have more than 30 millions of Americans out of job. Around 15 millions of them receive vouchers of food to remain alive. Having said that people’s demonstration may win or lose. There are some discussions underway about the extent of the movement to which it can go forwards and develop. We should choose a leader for movement

and draft a comprehensive plan for its promotion. «Tea party» managed to win attention of 75 representatives in house of representatives and 6 senators to pass key law. But «occupy Wall Street» was entangled within itself. Wall Street protestors were just to occupy parks instead of coming into a consensus over their shared goals. Unfortunately this matter still has not come true and the vote of majority is being neglected up to now. A part of the movement is being led by students. At the time being the total debt of universities alumni amounts on 1 trillion dollars. An interesting point here is that president Ahmadinejad has decided to give homes to 22 million of his people for themselves but president Obama simultaneously has decided to dispossess house of 8 millions of Americans. One of the weak points of our movement is its plurality and diversity which has sparked divisions in votes. If you look at Greece you see that 12 strikes have taken place there which none of them led to over throw of prime minister. In Egypt people dethroned Mubarak but general Tantavi is still there on the throne. Wall Street members should study previous movement taken place around the world to take lesson. They should recognize reasons of their defeats or their victories. We should identify shared points of holly wood and Wall Street, one of the other members of ((occupy Wall Street)) is Michael move whose mistake is promoting himself instead of movement’s aspirations. He has introduced himself as the spokesman of movement which is not true. There are also some left wingers among us who are giving help to president Obama to keep him in office. American artist stated: Significant movements have taken place in American history in «occupy Wall Street» police did its best to crackdown on people by Sean Christopher Stone the use of violence. Ofcource we should thank God that in spite of all these

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


pressures American people came into streets. Freedom of speech is basis of U.S but today there are numerous limitations set on different organs and bodies. People are left being hopeless. U.S administration is trying to crackdown on civil liberties but labor unions are resisting against that. For example labor unions in New Yourk launched a huge demonstration with presence of more than 20/000 people. U.S administration is a police administration who passed a security law in congress. American citizens have been arrested by police without being called by courts. U.S president in fact declared war with American people. Film maker stated that with respect to great media effort that American people made during their turn outs, infiltration among them was Mohammad Tayyeb hard to do. At the time being grass root and official media are expressing unanimous voices. Here I want to raise some questions. First, what are the best ways to form unity among the people on the ground? Second, why Americans taxes are being spended against Palestinian people?

Why occupy Hollywood have never tried to occupy AIPAC or CNN head quarters? Monika Witt stated «occupy Wall Street» is unconcentrated and lacks specific demands. During occupation of congress, CNN correspondents were there to cover events. Daniel Schechter said: there are many people who have illusion about existence of freedom of press in U.S. if we try to interrupt media, we will be charged with suppression of freedom of speech. Media wars have heavy effects. There are some wars ongoing between social media and official media. Official media and newspapers are trying to turn their blind eyes to «occupy Wall Street»

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema



In second meeting of the second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema whose title was «Hollywoodism and Zionism» and was being held in Iranian center for international forums in Tehran with presence of American and European artists and pundits some of intellectuals delivered their speeches. Iranian documentarist and film maker stated that: today we will be enjoying great speeches of prominent pundits. I request rabbi Arnold Cohen to deliver his point

Nader Talebzadeh
of views as our first speaker

Arnold Cohen, the Jewish rabbi stated that: I pray to have some productive discussions I thank organizers of the conference Arnold Leon Cohen specially cinema deputy of Iranian ministry of Islamic culture and guidance who have held such a successful conference. For long years I have been trained in religious schools and after wards I was doing business. Here I want to differentiate between Zionism and Judaism. I am an orthodox Jewish man who is living in accordance with Jewish traditions. Zionism is movement who has built Israel and is always trying to depict a brave image from Zionists in the world. But the world’s artists are tasked with dealing with other aspects of Zionism and introduce them to the world to clean the stigma that Zionists has left for Jews. Some people try to equalize Jews with Zionists. My message to you is that all Jews are not necessarily Zionists. Orthodox Jews are opposed to the cruelty towards Palestinians. Take it into your account that Judaism has millenniums of history but Zionism just goes back to one century ago. Judaism enjoys historical originality but Zionism lacks it. Orthodox Jews are against Zionists for two reasons. The first reason is that Zionists don’t comply with religious beliefs and the second is that a philanthropic value has no place in Zionist’s mind. Orthodox Jews have a clear lifestyle. We are speaking for a place in holy lands to live in, but life in holy lands has some certain benchmarks. In cause of noncompliance of some outlaw Jews from religious teachings, they should get expelled from holy land. We Jews should remain loyal to every country in which we are living and have good ???? towards its government. Having said that there are some secular and nationalist Jews who have never accepted some religious teachings like deportation decree. Orthodox Jews believe in numerous ethical values in life unlike Zionism which is a ???? theory.

«Hollywoodism and Zionism»

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Zionism means apartheid, nationalism and sectarianism. In a way that a certain group of Jews who are dispersed in other lands are not entitled to seek far a place in holy land to live in. Zionism has ignored human values while orthodox Jews are trying to make love and tenderness prevailed. Take note of this fact that Zionists are not representatives of Jews in the other words being anti Zionist is not being anti Jewish. What holly wood has always tried to do is equalization of Zionism with Judaism. That’s why independent artists and directors should screen real face of racist Zionists and prove the world that Zionism is a secular movement. Orthodox Jews have never endorsed Zionists and wept for them. Today there is a false image from Judaism introduced to the world though Jews have always did their bests to spend love and tenderness around the world. We are of this opinion that Zionism is seeking conflict and battle around the world. We Jews are seeking for peace. That’s why we want Zionism exterminated and call for restoration peace and tranquility in the Middle East. We do believe in peaceful co existence of Arabs and Jews. There is no reason for religious war between Muslims and Jews. Nader Talebzadeh, Iranian documentarist and film maker referred to rabbis remarks and stated that: what rabbi Cohen said has never been reflected in western media, you need to know that Iran is home of prophet Daniel and many other Jewish prophets whose shrines are placed in cities like Shoush and Isfahan. Persian Jews have lived in Iran since Zoroastrians in peace up to now. Now the floor is for Dr.Faurisson to deliver his speech. I met him 17 years ago in France and interviewed with him there to make a documentary on book censorship in France. The prominent historian and anti Zionist author stated that the word of holly woodism refers to an incorrect metamorphosis of the fact which is

Robert Faurisson

formed by approaches taken by American cinema at the outset I need to deal with some satanic works which have been made by hollywoodism. I need to refer to holly woodism’s mistakes in depiction of holocaust. Holly wood was the one who created the fake image of some myths like holocaust, gas chambers and massacre of 6 millions of Jewish during WW2 by Nazi Germany in people’s mindset. According to American Heritage Dictionary, holly wood means American movie industry. Usage of holly wood as an adjective like holly wood picture or holly wood producer associates flam buoyancy ugliness and dirtiness. Holly wood has always tried to propagate its own ideology around the globe that the world is divided into two good and bad parts. In this division, U.S is envisioned as good part and those whom are regarded bad by U.S are bad world. Good ones are basically good and bad ones are basically bad U.S is always right and winner while bad ones always make mistake and are usual losers. As the result there will be no sympathy with those who are eliminated. Their defeat speaks for itself that they have been actually criminals. Winners imagine that they are entitled to put eliminated ones on justice court. Every one can remember so called Nazi’s savagery. During past 67years holly wood has tries to display some dead bodies as its evidence to prove that Germany has had some death factories in which SS agents has had perpetrated their crimes against Jews. As a matter of fact these dead bodies are good reasons that prove systematic destruction of German cities by Allies. Jewish holocaust has turned out to be a part of a sect which has three components including holocaust, gas chamber and massacre of 6 million Jews . According to this notion Hitler ordered systematic massacre of all European Jews. The book of «destruction of Jews» believes that holocaust happened due to German bureaucratic system. In fact author believes that German bureaucrats came to a consensus over massacre of Jews. This reasoning is ridiculous to me. Revisionism

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


is not an ideology but it is a remedy to cure ideology temptations. Revisionism is a method through which revisionist will listen, see and read what he/ she has listened, seen and red. A revisionist should be cautious towards what he/she has heard for the first time and should not rely on gossips otherwise he/ she carry out research on that. The general idea of the west towards holocaust has been Zionism’s sword and shield. But today revisionism has threatened this idea. I as a revisionist came through way researches to this idea that those Jews who are claimed to be massacred in fact have died of Typhus and Jewish holocaust is nothing except a big lie. The claim about killing 6 millions of Jews in German furnace is not true. An American lawyer in 2002 revealed that the number of 6 million has been there even before WW2 in 1910 and 1920. Since those days this number of Jews have been declared to be in danger of death as «Newyourk post» reported number 6 millions for first time. The biggest achievement of holly wood was invention of holocaust. Holocaust is a lie at American scale. I am here at age 83 years and I am sure that the myth of holocaust will die. Marry Brouche who is Vansan Renoa’s assistant played a video clip of Renoa and stated that Vansan Renoa is a revisionist who due to his researches on holocaust has been prosecuted Marry Brouche and sent to jail. In my perception Hollywood is U.S ministry of promotion and advertisement. In Hollywood good is versus bad and Satan. Hollywood tries to tarnish all things in its pictures. I can refer to many movies of this sort. The first one is «big dictator» which was on antiHitler movie and was made in 1940. This film presented a crazy image of Hitler. The second movie was «Hitler in Monriko» made in 1979 and which dealt with gas chambers. U.S is unconditional supporter and sponsor of Hollywood,

Israel and Holocaust. We all know that Israel would have not been established without holocaust. Third movie was «sunk in dark» made in 1956 which screens a WW2 survivor who has immigrated to U.S. Last movie is «Dr. Zull» who was a German doctor and tortured European Jews. Making these sorts of movies Hollywood has tried to damage criticism spirit of people to force them to accept scenario of holocaust as a historical reality. We should question holocaust as much as we can. In some European countries even questioning holocaust is legally regarded crime and offence. Having said that at the time being Palestinians, Americans and Europeans are well aware of the fact. Confirming Marry Broche’s remarks, Nader Talebzadeh stated that you referred to good movies. We artists are duty bounded to stand against western countries propagation campaign. David Wiss, anti Zionist Jewish rabbi referred to Arnold Cohen remarks and stated that: we are all duty bounded to give help and support to Palestinians. My parents immigrated from Hungry David Wiss and Italy to U.S but their parents were killed in Aushoits camp. In my perception in Ashoits some Jews were killed. But important point is that regardless of the number of victims this issue should have not been taken as a pretax by Zionists to occupy Palestine and oppress Palestinians and specially Gazans. Cludia Mofa, Italian professor and critic stated that holocaust is just a myth. She expressed her thanks and stated: many of Jewish analysts and historians have questioned holocaust.

Cludia Mofa

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Lawyers in western countries have been sent to jail due to their remarks about holocaust. Some western countries have oppressed their people and public opinions. There are many famous people who have been prosecuted due to expression of facts. In European countries any comment about holocaust is a crime prone to punishment. 6million is an exaggerated number about the murdered Jews. I do believe in the authenticity of the murdered of Jews but I can’t believe 6millions. This number is an exaggerated mistake. I don’t reject tortures of Nazis exercised against Jews but the responsible country that should have made compensations to Jews is Germany not Palestine. Holocaust historians depict Hitler as monster. 6millions is a number which has come out of illustrations. I referred explicitly to this fact in my interview with Lomonde. There are some newspapers in Italy who have questioned holocaust. Participants to this conference are not revisionist, but they are some brave deniers who speak about holocaust based on evidences. But these people in E.U have face up with problems as «le Figaro» reported that in E.U people like Sarkozi have turned out to be moving in line with Zionists. Webster Tarpley, American anti Zionist professor said, it is ridiculous to be against freedom of speech. I am against colonialism and imperialism. Nazis were supporter of theory of one percent. Even in 20th century people like chamber man and Halifax were among advocates of Hitler. Even in U.S there were many people from higher class who supported Hitler. Those days the head of Germany’s central bank launched a forced-labor system. Nazis destroyed labor unions and reduced labors salaries to half. In my book I have written that George Bush’s grandfather was a capitalist who supported Nazis. He was one of officials of Auschwitz camp. After WW2 slaves were supposed to be put into use and trial. But Nurnberg court was not started. Because if it would have been started relations of Nazis and Americans and Wall Street would have revealed. During WW2 war against civilians was underway because Allied forces

were reluctant to shell their own factories. That’s why just bombarded cities. Daniel Shakter, American independent filmmaker stated that we should take note that Iran is being targeted by pentagon and Israel. I put emphasis on media power. I believe we should support those who are not able to resist against these media. Hollywood movies are some weapons to misguide people of the world and public opinions. That’s why you see different people who have got blind towards these movies. At the time being Iran is being subjected to heavy pressures. Iranian scientists are being assassinated and pentagon is trying to retell Iraq’s story about Iran. We should convince world opinion that Iranian political establishment is right. I think the main issue in recent years has always been Iran. We should refrain from side issues. Nader Talebzadeh filmmaker stated that many books have been published about weapons of mass destruction. Robert Faurisson stated that, Iran is being threatened by U.S and Israel. Holocaust is the best weapon for Israel. Atomic bomb is not Israel prime weapon. Israel’s prime weapon is holocaust myth. I believe that holocaust is a historical lie. Jews have suffered miseries during WW2. But the point is that Jews were not sole community who has suffered from WW2. During WW2 around 50 millions of people from different countries and communities were killed but no one even talks about them. Maxin Shochenko Russian anti Zionist activist stated that: I am from Russia. But my grandfather is from Belarus. His village during war was destroyed and many of villagers were Maxin Shochenko also killed. I know that many of Jewish people in southern Russia, Ukraine and Belarus were killed by Germans. I don’t know whether it is holocaust or not. But it is a reality which

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


happened in my country. Russia lost 25millions of people during WW2. I support Mr. Shakter’s remarks. Holocaust is an important issue which needs to be scrutinized and investigated in precise and scientific manner. We should win international support to stand against the possibility of bombardment of Iran. We should look at international media resources. Investigation of holocaust is a hard job. We artists should defend Palestinians cause. We should not let Libyan conditions to be repeated in Syria and Iran. In Russia we are facing up with tough days. From one side we deal with Americans and Zionists and from the other side we are dealing with national approach. In Russia we are facing up with tough days. From one side we deal with Americans and Zionists and from the other side we are dealing with national approach. We know that Zionist groups have received money from U.S embassy in Moscow to promote their goals in Russia. David Rice Jewish rabbi appreciated I.R.Iran for holding this conference and stated that we want to deliver God’s message to all people around the world to help administration of justice across the world. We should act in a way that there would not be any division among anti Zionist front. We all know about numerous plots hatched against I.R.Iran. Zionists are using holocaust to justify their savageries towards Palestinians. Holocaust should have not been used as an excuse to gain territory. Judaism in fact means being submitted to God unlike Zionism which means materialist. Establishment of Israel means uprising against God. A territory is occupied by use of force while Jews have learnt 2000 years to respect the rights of others. Occupation of a territory is not acceptable for us. We believe that spirituality can bring about change in the world. All human kinds believe in oneness of God. Torah teaches us to respect good behavior of other people. We know that during crusades Jews took shelter to Islamic countries and we should thank them. Palestine is a forcefullyoccupied territory. This conference in Tehran has provided us with the opportunity to reflect

historical facts to the world, to exercise peaceful coexistence and to worship God. We only can achieve stable peace provided to elimination its barrier that is Israel. Ambla Diodone, French documentarist and comedian stated that artist should deal with things within the frame work of art. In France I am accused with anti Ambla Diodone Semitism. They claim that I am acting against Jews through my art. But I am a free artist and I am entitled to deal with different issues with my art and no one can stop me. But they even prevent me from defending myself. In France those who pretend to be proponent of freedom of speech even don’t allow me to express my opinions in a free way. Hollywood is not interested in free expression of these matters. I do believe in freedom of speech. And I respect everybody who exercises this right. Even he/she is against me. Under the Zionist lobby pressure they are taking away my right. In Hollywood backstage there are some negative Propoganda under way against other people who are against Israel. All this propaganda are in line with Israel’s interest. Even France who pretends to be proponent of freedom of speech doesn’t allow me to express my ideas. Hollywood doesn’t like any movie to be produced against Zionism. I enthusiastically listened to remarks of to rabbis. I am originally from Africa. My parents have been deported to France. Discussions against Zionism should be taken serious. Rabbi’s remarks were serious and important. Zionism should be regarded as an illness. That’s why Jews carry most responsibilities to introduce Zionists to the world. Zionism has put man kinds in peril. This illness should be cured by Jews. World public opinion is Zionism. People around the world are determined to abolish Zionism. I as an African feel the need for many movies which intend to reveal different aspects of Zionism. That is what I have done

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


personally to produce documentaries. I will try to focus an American Jews. You know that American Jews are at service of Israel and they are trying to force and encourage others to give service to Israel’s interests. Hollywood has constantly been changed, that’s why is has always challenged the nature and identify of art, humankind and cinema. I hope we would be able to meet out human originality and do our social tasks towards reveling Zionists. Real identity and myth of holocaust. Zionist lobby in France is stepping in line with Israel’s interests. We should speak about hollywood’s role in justifying massacre of millions of people in Asia and Africa. Oldnese Colio Azarbaijani philosopher and critic also expressed his thanks towards Iranian ministry of culture and guidance to hold his conference and stated that Hollywoodism conference has privilege Oldnese Colio to bring us once a year together to discuss this phenomenon. I prefer to express some points in satirical form. I am opposed to Hollywood and all tendencies which are there. Today in human society there are some entities who try to give poisonous feed stack to people. This action is a crime. Hollywood is among them. Hollywood has poisoned spirituality. Hollywood makes me sad. Hollywood has turned artistic aspect of cinema into commercial market. Hollywood has made human beings to get distance from their God. And encouraged them to get closer to Satan. Resident of hollywood’s home is hatred. Zionism and colonialism are interconnected because Zionists and colonialists regard themselves prior to others and superior on others. Lies have made these two groups closer to each other. Hollywood attractions are outcome of U.S’s and imperialism’s attractions. Don’t U.S politicians know what Hollywood is propagating? They all know about it but they can’t give up their racist demands and appeals. They can’t see the progresses that other countries have managed to make. They are prime

enemies of Muslim countries. Islamic awakening in Middle East has triggered great developments in other countries around the world. Tomorrow doesn’t belong to Hollywood. But Hollywood is posing the most threats to spiritualities. There is a huge monster whose name is Hollywood who tries to kill humanity. Zionism gradually is losing its face day by day. In the end I tell you that if in one’s hand there would be no tool except hammer, one will see everything as a pin. At the time being Hollywood’s situation is the same. Maxin Shotcherco, Russian social activist stated that Hollywoodism has played most important role in occupation. In fact Hollywood has stood against history, religion and nations. Hollywood has destroyed actual mindset of humanity. In Stalingrad and Leningrad millions of people were massacred during WW2 but Hollywood has never made even a single picture about those incidents. In 1989 we were witnessing of widespread propaganda of Americans in ex soviet unions. Every day there was an American movie broadcasted from TV which were not valuable. For Hollywood just Jews and specially Zionists were important. But no one’s cares about Russian people. That’s why I am astonished. Hollywood is seeking historical organization for views. We artists should give support to Palestine and Latin American countries. Afghans no longer want to be slave of western governments like U.S and Zionist groups. When it comes to Libya, murder of Ghazzafi was an imperialistic crime. We should stand against world powers neck in neck. Time has come to an international happiness and people of Palestine, Syria and Iran will be witnessing of that very soon. People are entitled to choose their own religion. Arnold Leon Cohen, Jewish rabbi stated that western countries should not put people in jail due to their personal opinions about holocaust. I am not opposed to revisionist approach. I personally was in Britain when holocaust took place. I experienced catastephies in Germany. But there is no reason that just Jewish miseries would be discussed. Holocaust happened but it should not be held as an excuse for Zionists to justify their occupation of Palestine.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Colin Cool American professor of Bahrain Studies University stated that scientists intend to foment division among us to rule on us. Unity is the best strategy Colin Cool counter enemies. We can look at phenomena from different angles. Every phenomenon can be analyzed from different philosophical and biological aspects. Take note that the possibility of war with Iran is still there. On the table, I am opposed to any incursion or attack. I am opposed also to anybody who regards him/ herself prior or superior to others. I have been living in Bahrain for more than 8 years. That’s why I believe that political monarch in 21 century is ridiculous. During my three day visit to Tehran I have experience that freedom which doesn’t exist in Bahrain. Bahrain king believes that he is ruling on people on behalf of God that’s why he imprisons and tortures his people. He reserves the right to enslave people. Maria Monkada Italian anti Zionist is critic stated that holocaust is history and is not history. Holocaust is a criminal massacre. Holocaust has casted shadow on world media to justify heinous crimes of Maria Monkada Zionists. In Israel whenever media try to question Israel arising news face with blackout. Within couple of decades Jews again will be minority because their birthrate is much less than Arabs. Demographic combination of Israel proves this reality. Best doctrine for question of Palestine is a peaceful solution. Palestinians are entitled to live in peace in their own country.

Nader Dakour Coa anti Zionist activist stated that: I was among people who took trip to Gaza by flotilla. Interesting point about this journey is that one of initiators of this plan was Nader Dakour Coa a Jewish lady at 80years old who lose her parents in holocaust. But this Jewish lady has started her activities to support Palestinians. When revolution started in Egypt’s Al-Tahrir square I was there but TV agencies were reluctant to cover news of Al-Tahrir. For example in the midst of revolution one of Mubarak’s statues was carried by people on which a Zionist symbol was carved. But none of news agencies reflected this interesting scene. In Gaza war, western media that covered the news tried to focus on Israelis bombardment on Gaza which seemed to lead to full destruction of the city. We should not be afraid of Hollywood. People who believe in political Islam have a better understanding towards the world. Samira Batool Rizoy American journalist stated that I am originally from Pakistan but living in U.S. I have a weblog about different aspects of life. I was editor in chief of Texas Samira Batool Rizoy biggest newspaper. American’s view towards Muslims is negative. Iraq war in 2003 didn’t help to improve Muslim’s image among Americans. I remember inauguration of a mosque in Huston white citizens of the city decided to build pig farming by the side of mosque to express their opposition with Muslims by this way. Of course their initiative failed to go ahead. Some Americans even believe educated Muslims are terrorists. My brother has a bearded face and wherever he goes people label him as a terrorist. This is terrible. So it is deemed necessary for Muslims

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


and wise men to share their views and experiences. Rashid-Ibn Issa, French anti Zionist critic stated that: historians are the right persons who can say holocaust has been reality or myth. No history can get rid of revisionism. In France it is impossible Rashid-Ibn Issa to criticize Israel. Under Jacques Chirac, 50 historians called for abolition of a law which recognized Israel’s critic as guilty. At the time being a law has been passed in French parliament which recognized denial of Armenian’s holocaust by ottoman an empire as a crime. Though French parliament remained silent towards French crimes in Algeria. Maria Poumie anti Zionist professor from France stated that: I am delighted to attend this conference for the second time. We should try to get rid of Hollywood. Hollywood tries to equalize Maria Poumie Jews with Christians. There are numerous works like Spilberg movies to which are poised to introduce Jews as the victims of gas chambers. They are presenting new narratives about holocaust in which Jews were all intellectuals and elites of their societies. I think the worst movie in history is the one which has tried to pretend to be a historical movie but it has not been really historical. I think historical movies lack future because they are some extremist ones. In fact in scientific terms it is impossible to convince people about holocaust by making some documentaries. From the other side in Iranian cinema there is a movie about Saint Mary who is introduced as a virtuous lady. Saint Mary in this movie is introduced as a taciturn who manifests love. We also can talk about our shared values including

beauty, justice and honesty. In the west and Europe the Catholic Church believes in Saint Mary. Catholics believe that Jesus Christ is the Saint Mary’s son. But Protestants, Christian Zionists and Jews reject this fact. Jews claim that Saint Mary in fact was a quean woman. Jews never step in church and pay no respect to Jesus Christ. They argue that in scientific terms a woman can’t get pregnant without a husband and give birth. But I believe in miracle of love. To confirm Saint Mary we need to look at nature. Nature is pure and clean and always helps rebirth and restart. 2017 is an important year for Jews and Christians. Because they want to go on pilgrimage to visit Fatima in Portugal. Fatima is manifestation of campaign against infidelity. B Atris French anti Zionist filmmaker stated that we should support anti Zionist front. We should not deny imperialism nature. Today we should put our focus on Israel and pay further attention B Atris to Palestinian’s situation. Once Saddam said he uses oil against western governments. But he started to crackdown on people in the Middle East by the use of this excuse. We know about different roots of colonialism. We also know about the right that colonialists reserve for themselves to destroy others. Western public opinion is affected by holocaust. That’s why they accuse everybody who criticize Zionists and Israel with anti-Semitism. This is their policy to prevent people from expression of facts. Westerners want to reject any positive ideology. They want to limit people in ideological format of materialism aimed to prevent growth and development of other civilizations. This policy in France and whole Europe is evident. Western governments try to keep their people in dark and alien with facts. Democracy in west has turned out to be a useless phenomenon which is used just to promote their imperialistic goals.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema



«Hollywoodism and Zionism»

forces always win the game though their enemies are perpetual losers who have committed criminal’s eats and war crimes. Independent artists should take rate of that certain part of Hollywood which has always been kept out of its audience’s sight. This covert side of Hollywood is policy of American administrations to advance their gods to exercise their influence on other countries. That’s why other countries should protect their culture in face of Hollywood. Isable Pessiano Spanish actress stated that Hollywood is poised to destroy households. Hollywood is not trustworthy. Hollywood plans to enslave people because they need slavers who have no chain and lock on their bodies. Isable Pessiano Some ministers in Kenedy’s administration prepared a plan who triggers Kenedy to sack them from white house. But one week later they killed Kenedy. In its after math we were all witnessing Vietnam War. Afterwards Saddam turned out to be arch enemy war U.S. Saddam was favorite person on Jews and American bankers who had received heavy loans from them. Having said that this issue revealed as scandal in V.S. Bush the father had ratified this system. Important point is that in all wars there should be always a victim. In this case there was a victim who was also killer. That’s so-called American art. In American movies victims are some ruthless people. The life is full of miseries that you may not love them but they help to awaken your conscience. We know about miseries that Jews, Armenians and Russians have suffered during WWZ but due to some secret reasons Jews were sole victims whose pains and miseries were paid attention to. In after math of WWZ Palestine who falsely was regarded haunted by U.N was handed over to Zionists to call it Israel and occupy it. Palestinian cities were all bombarded and Palestinians were forced out of the Homeland. Israel Was given at first a territory which day by day was being expanded by Zionists. Israelis victimized numerous people and portrayed Palestinians who were defending themselves and their

In last day of the second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema there was a specialized meeting on Hollywoodism and humanity decadence on Monday February 4 which was headed by Foaf Izadi Iranian professor.

Antoni Roaila Spanish documentarist stated that: I do apologize because I don’t know English language. I think cinema has two main aspects. The first aspect is the responsibility that Antoni Roaila cinema should sholder and the second aspect deals with ethics in cinema. Cina should feel responsibility towards our children because children our highly impressed by cinema. Artists are responsible for our kids because kids may take example from negative characters of movies. Hollywood is not looking for spirituality but it seeks for manipulation of public opinions. During long years Hollywood has done its best to fix its status by every means possible. In fact we should look at principles like ethics and human rights which are put under emphasis in Hollywood movies because these movies have tried to depict history according to American prescription. In action movies that Hollywood has made American

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


homes as some terrorists. After 64 years of Palestine occupation U.N has still failed to recognize it as an independent state. Hollywood during these years has done its best to produce evidences necessary for justifying this criminal occupation that’s why Hollywood movies weep for Jews and depict real Palestinian victims as bad persons. Have you ever seen any movie in Hollywood who has ever supported real Palestinian victims? I personally don’t remember such a movies during Hollywood history. Foad Izadi trania professor stated that in some Hollywood movies we have seen human values but is most ofthem spirituality is questioned. In Hollywood there is a tarnished image presented from people in the Middle Isable Pessiano East. Hollywood in my perception is not that blank and white. It is grey. Lesley Thomas Pouland American critic stated that as an anthropologist I should study human values. In some of Hollywood movies values are attacked. In every country there are sets of values which people from Isable Pessiano different social classes follow them up. Some of movies have wonderful special effects and graphics which attract people to induce their own values to them. As a critic ??? to watch the latest movies to present good updated criticisms. Today our youth are matching different movies that among them action movies full of sexual scenes are most like. If you watch these movies you will shocked as I am. American youth are continually being brain washed in U.S there is also an independent cinema. There are movies like those who Oliver Stones has made which have anti imperialistic nature. But these sorts of movies are being screened in small festivals. Via organizing film festivals we can safeguard our folklore unlike Hollywood who wishes to spread out American

youth values and favorites to the whole world through Hollywood movies. Webster Tarpley Started that in Hollywood there are both comic and drama movies being produced to brainwash people. In fact Hollywood belongs to 500 others whose works and scenarios are basis for majority of Hollywood movies in 19805 Hollywood tried to introduce communism as the prime enemy for west unlike now that in tries to replace communism with China and Muslims. In some of these movies they have resorted to space themes to double its influence on its audiences. Hollywood is seeking for promotion of Islam Phobia. Taking a look at past- September 11 proves this nation. Lasely Thomas Poulard stated that you have right tingly referred to the role of U.S administration in productions of Hollywood. Hollywood producers have a certain plan to produce Islam phobia movies. The duty of sociologists is to recognize in whose hang power rests and how he uses that. We critics should know what kind of phenomenon we are studying. A man like Noam Chomsky is a controlled opposition. I came to this conclusion that Hollywood movies failed to deal with September 11. Even Michael Moore’s documentary suggests nothing serious. I do hope Oliver Stone’s new documentary would suggest us much more serious ideas about September 11. Webster Tarpley American anti Zionist critic stated that: it’s really hard to reveal backstage of september11. In this regard directors have heavy burden on their sholders. They should not miss the main goal. Artist should be well aware about his/her main goal. Culture has a very important status here because it is the process of knowledge and spirit development. We are starring at enlightenment with our curiosity. There are many technical skills used in Hollywood movies of which we are weary. Hollywood has presented a false image from different cultures. The best way to counter with that is taking advantage from independent cinemas like Iran. Effects of cinema on culture should be taken into our accounts. Foad Izadi stated that my certain question is that whether human values in different societies are alike or not? Do we have universal values? Do different ethnics have different values? Lasley Thomas Poulard stated that certainly

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


there are many universal values. All cultures respect family foundation. Paying respect to others in all cultures is taken for granted. Values are linked to people and their religions. Webster Tarpley stated that I would like to give reference to president Ahmadinejad’s remarks that called values as universal we are witnessing a robust social solidarity in Islam. Islam has stressed Webster Tarpley on giving help to poors. The same emphasis is put by Christianity. Confucius also stressed on magnanimity. In Judaism commitment towards people is given highly importance. We like living standards to be boosted in the world. We have never been fully independent. We can do a lot to lead mankind towards prosperity. Nuclear energy stands among those activities that according to President Eisenhower nuclear fuel cycle belongs to humanity. Foad Izadi stated that Hollywood is a commercial industry which should be led towards human values and spirituality. Daniel Schektor American TV producer stated that U.S is taking advantage from Hi-techs. We are producing our products in china. American products are being produced in a colonial condition. V.S administration is making money via production of aircrafts and weaponries. Export of Hollywood movies is of the highest importance for U.S having said that Hollywood should do cooperation with non American art companies. Artists at the time being are not happy with the status quo. Movie sales have decreased. U.S is benefiting from movie’s distribution by DVDs and satellites. Hollywood is no longer an art but it is a trade decorated by some artistic visual effects. But Hollywood industry is on the course of decline. Hollywood is an imperialistic giant. Today production costs have increased and interests have decreased.

Cinema has turned out to be a battle ground for competitors. In U.S there is a festival called Pierogi Festival which is Oscar’s competitors. Pierogi in fact belong to independent American artists and cinema. Today American youngsters are displaying their movies on YouTube. Having said that American media is different with international media. I like MR.Izadi’s approach. I agree that Hollywood is grey. Today in Iran there are concerns about satellite channels. Persian language Farsione channel which belongs to Robert Murdak has sparked huge concerns in Iran. We should have a realistic interpretation about these sorts of channels. To challenge Hollywood we need creative people. We took advantage of Jewish rabbis remarks against Israel.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Mary Brouche stated that revisionists are not denying Jew’s miseries arising from WW2 but they believe that realities should be taken into accounts. WW1 was a great opportunity to present some heroic scenes of brave cowboys who were fighting with bad Indians. WW2 managed to infiltrate misery feelings into mind of audience by the use of higher technical quality. After WW2 numerous movies were made to show Allied’s operations against Germany and Japan. In all these movies Allied forces were called heros and their enemies were called blood thirsty. A certain number of Hollywood directors took some trips to Germany and Poland to take picture from forced labor camps. Russians also helped them in this regard. The

ultimate goal of all these precise activities was production of some manipulated movies for the world audience to justify and prove all lies which were in mind of Jews about massacre of 6millions of Jews. Intellectual usually pay attention to alternative informations and reasons. Vietnam and Korea war provided Hollywood an opportunity to propagate violence at full sale. The Daniel Schechter 3rd aspect of Hollywood is attacking fundamental religious values. We came to agreement that all religious have strongly opposed to abortion, sexual deviation, corruption and extremist feminism. Hollywood is promoting tendencies who discredit all traditional religious values through which there will be a single global government, a single currency and a single religion established across the whole world. Most of American and European movies are presenting a different modern lifestyle. The reality is that Zionists and their accessories are exercising control over international media. There are numerous examples of these sorts of movies which are based on science fiction scenarios. For instance in movie 2012 the planet earth will be destroyed by increase of sea water level. Millionaires are sole survivors because they are the only ones who can buy space crafts to scape from the earth . These recent development in Arab world, called Arab spring or better to say Muslim spring, are indicatives of human’s awakening. War destroyed Libya but international media refrain from reflecting tragic situation in this country. People are angry with their situation. I think cinema industry lacks a secure future. We should do our best to promote justice around the world.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema



«Hollywood and spread of violence»

woman as a sexual commercial commodity. That’s why Hollywood actresses gradually have become more stripped day after day to simulate men’s cheapest instinct. In 1980s Hollywood started to introduce homosexuality as a new value which not only should be recognized but should also be welcomed under the cover of supporting. Minorities’ rights, bisexuality and trans sexuality were put on top of international agenda. The second aspect of Hollywood was promotion of violence aimed to fix this phenomenon in audience’s mind as an ordinary lifestyle. Violence has a longer record in history of cinema. “Catharina Palao” the Greek director who has been critical of Hollywood made mention of Iranian philosophers and said: “we have gathered in a country that has been the birthplace of such greats Catharina Palao as Avicenna, Farabi, Sohrevardi and Mollasadra. We are now in the country of the Aryan light. We are in the country of Imam Khomeini. Art means teaching ethical issues in the Greek philosophy. But Hollywood is only about heroes. In Hollywood heroes are powerful but they are not good thinkers. Art must be used to teach ethics to people. These gatherings have added and contributed a lot to my knowledge. Hollywood is acting against humanity. The only thing it cares about is money. Hollywood is a mechanism for propaganda. Hollywood is representing arts to the world in the most horrible way. Hollywood and the US intend to dominate the world. Hollywood aims to force people to accept what they see and hear on the screen. The only way to counter Hollywood is to embargo its productions. We shouldn’t spend our money on Hollywood movies. I believe morals are mankind’s greatest responsibility and the biggest principle we must adhere to. Mollasadra states that love is tantamount to enjoying perfection. The love that has found its way in all the beings. Love seeks the perfection which has not yet

In last day of conference a specialize meeting was held on ((Hollywood and spread of violence)).

Manuel Gallinaro Spanish author referred to Hollywood corruption and sins and stated that to have a better understanding about Hollywood industrial structure and its Manuel Gallinaro objectives; we should get acquainted with its decision makers. Among these decision makers there are some directors, actors and actresses, scenarists, and producers whom majority are Zionists or ideologically support Zionism. Most of them are some materialists who have got distance from ethics. They usually follow up their own ethical backgrounds. They have great potentials to use this capacity to exercise influence on public opinion. When I was studying on conference proposals I came up with this idea to raise complicated angles of Hollywood. Hollywood’s nature is against personal and family values and strongly backs and highlights pornography, sexual deviations and unethical scenes. Since 1960s up to now Hollywood has always used

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


been attained. We have to think as political creatures. Art is a tool in the hands of Hollywood to be used for globalization and consumerism”. “Antoleno Sacheti” the Italian journalist, who has been very vocal about Hollywood, said: “unfortunately Hollywood has become role model. It doesn’t just want to make money but also wants others to follow Antoleno Sacheti it. But any country has to have its own Hollywood. The Hollywood that we know glorifies violence. Therefore, we are witnessing everincreasing violence in our daily lives. For example, in “Transformers 3” a robot wanted to destroy the nuclear installations of another country. Of course Iran was not explicitly mentioned but its flag was visible on a car”.

“Athanasious Popatotopolos” the Greek producer talked about the Hollywood structure and said: “Hollywood has a complex structure. But drama has six components that have impacted all the playwrights: myth, plot, Antoleno Sacheti character, thoughts, dialogue and melody. As a matter of fact, these elements are enacted by the actors. Hollywood makes a lot of movies every year in which there are many antagonists. Of course one has to note that adventurism, cognition and sins are also effective in creating a tragedy. Tragedy is very much related to Greek mythology. If a man hurls a spear in a movie and he misses the target then a certain meaning is intended”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema



The final of the second international conference on “Hollywoodism and Cinema” was called “the role of cinema in global awakening and the occupation movement”. It was held in the international center of the Iranian organization on February 3, 2012 and was attended by thinkers and intellectuals from Europe and the US. “Leslie Thomas Pollard”, a university professor and Hollywood critic talked about the role played by Hollywood in the Wall Street movement: “there are people amongst us who have been physically present in this movement. We have to know what has happened after 9/11. The 9/11 terrorist attacks were the second most serious attack on American soil after Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. These two events changed cinema drastically. After the First World War, war films were ceaselessly made by Hollywood. 9/11 started a chain reaction. For example it made the US attack Afghanistan in 2001 and thus the people of the US suddenly found themselves in an all-out war. The US didn’t attack Afghanistan because of 9/11, it did it because war had become a culture amongst the Americans. Therefore there were symbols which made the US attack Iraq in 2003 when the Congress ratified the patriotism act. After these two wars, the nature of Hollywood films changed and became anti-human to some degree. Rain and fog are the salient features of Noir films which result in the depression of the viewer. But after 9/11 scary movies became more popular than before”. Hollywood is regenerating violence with its movies. All these have resulted in a negative portrayal of intelligence organizations and big corporations because they couldn’t prevent 9/11 from happening. The Bush administration made very important security decisions. As the result, he practically ignored people’s civil liberties. In Hollywood violent and science-fiction movies are made which infuse their audience with a kind of fake courage. Government can no longer be trusted. In one Hollywood movie a CIA agent is shown s trying to save the world in an utterly unbelievable manner. On the other hand, the US is embroiled in a severe economic crisis. The unemployed youth are pressuring the government. I don’t see many changes on the way. But we will surely face more problems in the US. Even if there was no Libya, the US would find another country to attack. The US is now attacking Yemen and Pakistan with its drones. All these count as wars but according to US officials using drones is not considered going to war but it is! Because of these drone attacks the Pakistan-US ties have been seriously damaged. These have led to the occupy wall-street movement. If you would like to watch a comedy I don’t think you can get a better one!” “Mohamamd Tayyeb” an independent filmmaker said in the meeting: “I would like to thank Mr. Montazemi the secretary of the Conference for holding such an important event. This meeting is about Wall Street. Today I have heard different views about this issue and I know that Wall Street has been given many titles and names which are sometimes contradictory to each other. There have been different groups with different ideologies who started this movement but they had one thing in common: they were all critical of US government policies. The members of this movement were so passionate about what they were doing but they faced several weaknesses. For examples there was no definite definition of protest and they certainly lacked the presence of a strong

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


leadership. In this movement there was one demand that was not met and because of it divisions emerged. But in the Egypt revolution, the people wanted to overthrow the ruling system but one of the demands made by the American protesters was to collect more tax from the American millionaires. Another point is that the word “occupy” was changed to “dream”. In recent years big changes have occurred in the lobbies and sometimes they have been leaked to the mass media. Since these lobbies are the brains behind the US and European governments, focusing on them and challenging them is the key to success in countering the unjust global systems. I believe the movement is getting wasted on the streets in the US. But there is still hope. I mean the leaders have to act quickly and try to inform the protesters of the most vital issues so that the movement becomes target-oriented. Another tool has to do with the virtual space i.e. social networks such as face book, twitter and youtube. Despite the fact that such tool shave been designed by intelligence services and spy organizations or are being controlled by them, they are still some of the best instruments which can be sued by the movement to disseminate information. Islamic awakening and the production of documentaries and putting them on the net is another useful tool which can be even educational to the protesters. You have to know wherever there is any fight going on against Zionism, the Islamic Republic of Iran will join it because we believe that Zionism and Zionist lobbies are the root cause of all the problems bedeviling the people of Earth. Zionism is a cancerous tumor that will soon be eliminated due to either its domestic and foreign problems or the awakening going on in the world. Of course we have to be steadfast and try to get others to join us on this path. Yesterday, the leader of I.R. Iran delivered a very sensitive speech at Tehran’s Friday prayers about the same thing. I can’t tell you the specifics of this speech because of the shortage of time. But in conclusion I need to tell you that in my opinion the best tool is to produce short films or documentaries and put them on social networks. But we also need to have a wave of productions made by the independent American filmmakers. There is no doubt that a well-made drama can be as effective as a charismatic leader or even a military operation. Right there are some synopsis and themes which have been prepared on this matter but we would rather see productions made by independent filmmakers in Europe and the US. You may rest assured that the managers of the Iranian cinema stand ready to give their support for all such productions. “Lea Tarply” the American writer and who known for her anti-Zionism views stated: “it is a great honor for me to attend this conference. It was very happy to meet with Dr. Ahmadinejad. I think he is a very kind person and cares a lot about the people of Iran. Several points were raised about Hollywood here. I believe we have to find some replacements to Hollywood. The cinema created by Hollywood has indeed ignored other cultures and humanity. The significance of cinema cannot be neglected in the Islamic Awakening. We know that there are festivals, religious rituals, wedding ceremonies and funerals which constitute a big portion of our lives. William Shakespeare was a great playwright who left behind glorious works such as Homer. He tried to portray human sentiments and emotions in that play and most of his plays have stood the test of time. Regarding the current situation in the US, I gotta tell you that in the most recent election campaigns in the US, Newt Gingrich the republican candidate made a film about Mitt Romney the another republican candidate about the things a bad person can do. American media decided to ignore the movement but the movement can survive by having a consistent and carefully devised plan”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Mr. Gholamreza Montazemi, the secretary of the conference said:

Ladies and gentlemen, This is the second conference called “Hollywoodism and cinema”. I deem it necessary to raise a few points here: At the outset I need to thank each and every one of the participants in the conference because they have definitely contributed greatly to the discussions of the conference and I am sure the outcomes of this conference will be invaluable and will help us in our future cinematic endeavors. I would also like to thank the independent and devoted artists and filmmakers who have sent their works of art to the 30th international Fadjr Film Festival. I have been to many events and countries around the world and I have realized that the best criterion for gauging the level of dynamism and liveliness of cultural, social and political movement or research core is to see how much people are engaged in fundamental and serious discussions. Therefore I should really thank the attendees who have come here with their frank and sincere comments and have helped us make this conference a success. As you witnessed, there were diverse and different views expressed on holocaust in yesterday’s meeting. There were pros and cons. But it seems that the discussion has made some of the participants upset. My friends! We shouldn’t forget that today we are all facing a common enemy. This is a very important issue which has brought us all together here. This common enemy is nothing but Zionist lobbies in the world. We shouldn’t lose sight of this enemy no matter what ideas and beliefs we might hold or what countries and geographies we might have come from. Therefore no issue or difference of this sort should create divisions or dissatisfactions amongst us. Once gain I would like thanks the elites and great thinkers who have honored us with their presence in this conference and I do hope that that we will be able to put your great knowledge, talent and expertise to a very good use in our endeavors. All the best. “Aldaniz Kolio” the Azeri Philosopher and movie critic thanked Mr. Montazami and said: “we talked about the detrimental effects of Hollywood in this conference. We also need to find solutions for countering this enemy of ours who is armed to teeth. There is an Azeri proverb which says: it is the lizard that gives birth to venomous snakes. It is no use to only talk about the dangers of Hollywood. We need to find ways to repel such danger. Ahmad Najafi an Iranian artist and the member of the high council of cinema said: “I love Hollywood. If not for Hollywood, we wouldn’t be here right now. We can find the ways to have a kind of cinema that is independent from Hollywood. Satan can sometimes help us find God faster. For more than 100 years Hollywood tried very hard to achieve its goals. Personally I watch 3 or 4 films a day. But I also know that Hollywood supports power, money and the Zionists. Of course there independent movies produced in Hollywood as well. What we need to do is set up a committee to show us the way. We must make it difficult for Hollywood. Hollywood has taken up arm against the countries seeking independence”. “Seyyed Abbas Pouya” the chairman of the assembly of digital arts said: “Hollywood is not a movement and cannot initiate a movement. It is more like a bulldozer that is used not fro cultivation but for uprooting the trees whose roots run deep. I believe everybody agrees with that but let us discuss other parallel layers

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


of Hollywood as well. In order to see and understand the truth we have to pay attention to the fact that cinema has not been allowed to delve into fundamental and existential issue. As a matter of fact, since Renaissance started mankind has been prevented from looking at the supernatural and asking questions about the unseen. Cinema has been no exception. But what is so dangerous about such questions? Why are the aesthetics so limited in Hollywood? Why is it so insisting on the limited and closed views of Davinci and why has he become a legend in Hollywood? There is no doubt that if man appreciates his worth and realizes the purpose behind his existence, then the global dictatorship running supreme will start to collapse; the dictatorship whose flag-bearers are the Zionists and American capitalism. Man is not a freak walking on water or jumping like animals or scaling towers. True man is the human being with all his innate characteristics and potentials. Actually only a nominal amount of man’s true potential has yet been actualized thanks to the emergence of divine prophets. Therefore we need to discover the truth behind the movement started by the prophets. At the same time we mustn’t be under the impression that their message lies in the past. The message is still relevant today and will remain so in the future”. Mr. “Habib Kavosh” one of the members of the producers union of Iranian cinema said: “I believe this conference is about the performance of the world. Unfortunately it seems that other conferences and festival are now lagging behind the protesters. Artistic works are also lagging behind the resistance movement and protests and have a lot to catch up to. We need to pool our resources and gather all our relevant works in one place. I propose that we hold the festival called “resistance” concurrent with this conference”. “Claudia Mofa” Hollywood critic and Italian university professor said: “there is no clear solution to the west’s economic crisis. The motto of “occupy the congress” chanted by the members of the movement is very important. The economic meltdown has caused a lot of problems for the people of Italy. Usury is a painful issue. The banks are sucking people’s blood through usury. We all have the duty to fight it. Islam has its own banking system which is being fully implemented in

Iran. In his system there is no usury. Nobody can deny what is rightly yours in Iran. But the Europe considers itself as laic. Therefore we need an assembly or union to solve the problems. Euro, the current currency in Europe, has failed. You see, the financial crisis is not just about Wall Street. We are now in a situation where one collapse leads to another. The key is to raise public awareness so that laws can be legislated to ensure mankind’s salvation” “Zarrin Shajari” who makes documentaries, mentioned the political changes as the result of the Islamic awakening and said: “we need to analyze the reasons why the Wall Street movement failed to achieve its goals. In the world today, people realize that they can make a difference. Every revolution has its own ideals. The revolutionaries have always pursued their ideals and a leader can show the way to people. It is the people who decide and we must become a part of this process. Division doesn’t benefit anyone. The common human values bind us together. Iran can lead the way”. “Dave Duneh” the French comedian showed one of his clips and said: “one can make great productions with little money. The clip that you just watched was made in 9 day. It was a comedy and was well-received by the people. My duty is to make people laugh. Zionism is considered a religion in France. I have worked with an Iranian producer. Some of my films are on the internet for the people to watch. We need to find a suitable solution to better distribute our films”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


The press conference

The guests of the 2nd International Conference on Hollywoodism and Zionism talk about their concerns and commonalities

What you will read in this section is actually the collection of interviews and talks conducted by the press with the independent thinkers, filmmakers and artist who attended the Conference and talked about the hidden aspects of Hollywood.

Ahmad Avad Osman, Egyptian artist: Iran is country with a rich culture and a valuable cinema Ahmad Avad Osman was one of the most distinguished artists present in the 2nd International Conference on Hollywoodism and Zionism as well as the Islamic Awakening Conference. He is also a revolutionary figure and happens to be one of the three main speakers in this conference. Avad Osman expressed his pleasure over his participation in the above-said events and told the reporters that it was the second time he was in Iran and the first time he was attending the International Fadir Festival. He said he already knew about Iranian cinema through other festivals like the Berlin Festival. He believed that Iran enjoys a great and rich civilization and therefore an invaluable cinema and cinematic productions. He said that his remarks mostly revolved around “Islam and Freedom”. He also referred to the fact that one of the main objectives of the Egyptians in their revolution was to achieve freedom. He went on to say that “some Arab countries specially those in the Persian Gulf region intend to disturb the popular and freedom-seeking revolution in Egypt because they don’t want such a revolution to penetrate their own countries. That is why they say cinema spreads corruption and is opposed to Islamic beliefs. But as an independent filmmaker I do believe that cinema has nothing against Islam or Islamic teachings. As a matter of fact, I am very worried about the extremist views propagated by the Wasabis”.

Scott Frank, American filmmaker: Hollywood is an illusion Scott Frank a writer and the producer had an interview with the special bulletin of the 2nd International Conference on Hollywoodism and Zionism in which he talked about his views. “I have been making documentaries like 60 minutes and 14 hours and the Phenomenon of the Lost Archives. I started out as a cinematographer and some years ago I made a famous film about rap music and hip-hop”. When asked about why he decided to visit Iran, he said: “I was invited for the historical scripts and stories I had written. I intended to make a movie based on the one thousand and one nights. I had already written a script which I took to Pakistan but I couldn’t make the movie there because of political difficulties. The story is about a woman who is the protagonist and tries to build a humanitarian society. The story is set in the 13th and 14th centuries. Moreover, I wanted to be here cause I believe Iran’s cinema is independent from other countries, but what Hollywood does is following a certain path that is followed by everyone. The Iranian cinema is a successful one and acts differently and its success is becoming widespread”. Frank said that he accepted the motto of the Conference and reiterated: “I do believe in the motto because Hollywood only cares about moviemaking but storytelling is more important like stories on humanity. Believe it or not, but the idea behind the formation of a country called the US was to bring together a number

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


of people who could live with each other and talk only about unity and nothing else. Therefore, Hollywood is constantly promoting the movies in which problems and conflicts are resolved through talking” In response to a question as to what detrimental impacts Hollywood has, he said: “I am a writer and I try to convey all my knowledge and experience through writing scripts. I write about all that is important and valuable to me and I don’t care about what others think of me. Hollywood is pursuing a certain and wellestablished line which I am not following because I want to have my own artistic style. But Hollywood keeps producing the same themes. Of course every now and then a different movie comes around, movies like Little Miss Sunshine which is real piece of art in which all the people involved tried to do their best. Hollywood is chaos wrapped up in some sort of artistry. I don’t like all the Hollywood movies and but I like some. I also like most of Iranian and European films. I wish more movies would be made in lesser known parts of the world such as Africa, Indonesia and other Asian countries”. He added: “cinema is the best instrument to make changes. Cinema can define the concepts between various cultures and look at the situation of humanity in a profound way and create changes. Therefore cinema is very influential in the world today. But Hollywood is only about making money that is why I think it is nothing but an illusion. We shouldn’t mix filmmaking with the art of filmmaking because they are different from each other and are actually opposed to each other. Judaism is a part of Hollywood and Jewish filmmakers are working in Hollywood just like Christian and Muslim ones”. In conclusion, Mr. Frank mentioned Iranian movies and said: “movies like A Separation are really amazing. The Iranian cinema is so fresh and different and that is why it is so alluring. The Iranian cinema is very innovative and has a bright future”.

Independent American filmmaker: The pro-Israeli lobby tries to portray the Wall Street movement as anti-Semitic Daniel Schechter is an independent American filmmaker and producer defined Hollywood as “a major source of income for the wealthy producers”. He further elaborated that: “Hollywood is a cinematic industry that produces movies to generate money. Movies are made up of stories which attract people. If people don’t go to cinemas to watch them, they won’t be considered as successful”. As reported by the special bulletin of the 2nd International Conference on Hollywoodism and Zionism, Daniel Schechter an independent American filmmaker and producer as well as a writer whose last book has been about the Occupy Wall Street movement said: “Hollywood has not lifted a finger when it comes to the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I think social and independent films can play a better and more important role in this because they can give more effective training on issues like ethics, family and upbringing”. Touching upon the theme of his speech entitled “The global Awakening and the Wall Street Movement” he added: “the movement which has advanced considerably in the last 5, 6 months has been protesting the economic inequalities and the capitalist companies. Under such conditions, it was hard for the media to censor the news. Therefore, the organization of the reporters without borders got involved in it and as the result all the media outlets in the world started

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


to pay attention to it”. Daniel Schechter differentiated between Judaism and Zionism and underscored that “there are many differences between the two. For example in the Wall Street movement, the Israeli lobby tried to portray the Wall Street movement as anti-Semitic. But one has to be careful and we need to disseminate the news in a realistic way. I mean if a person is Jewish, it doesn’t mean that he is an advocate of Zionism and Israel too”.

Dr. Tarpley from the US: The Brits and the Zionists are the main stockholders of Hollywood Webster Tarpley from the US: “The Brits and the Zionists are the main stockholders of Hollywood and pay the directors to make films based on the world war”. Webster Tarpley holds a doctorate in the field of the history of modern Europe and is the writer of a few books including “Bush Sr.” and two anti-Obama books. He started the interview by saying: “9/11 was made by the US not the Middle East!” This Hollywood critic and anti-Zionist writer went on to say that: “we are in the shadow of a new war and right now there is the risk of a new war in the Middle East and especially against Iran. We all need to try and avert such a war”. Fiercely criticizing Hollywood for propagating war, terror and violence he added: “Pentagon, the Zionists and the British are the main stockholders of Hollywood and pay money to its directors to make movies about war. They are also the ones who are controlling the

Wall Street Movement because they know that it is not good for them and will endanger their interests”. Webster Tarpley had the following to say Mr. Ahmadinejad: “I love him so dearly because he is trying to develop science and technology in Iran as well as the modernization of the Iranian economy. He seeks the peaceful use of nuclear technology and his confrontation with the superpowers on gaining access to such technology is admirable. President Ahmadinejad has very clear positions on the Zionists and that is why I think he is very brave because no leader in the world can talk against the Zionists.” This American writer continued his remarks by saying: “Mr. Ahmadinejad’s Mehr scheme to build 22 million units of economical housing is really praiseworthy. This is while account 8 million American families have lost their houses recently. His Excellency is paying a special attention to the laborers and farmers while in the US everything is for the money and money rules!” Regarding the concept of Zionism he said: “Zionism is an Israeli ideology that was presented by the British against the Ottomans, Kurds and the Turks. Israel is a part of the plan of the British and the Americans to dominate the Middle East and if not for the money of the Americans, the Zionists would be nothing”. Webster Tarpley said: “there are some who are of the view that the US Congress too is being controlled by the Zionists but that is not true and I believe it is the Wall Street that controls everything.” He added: “the negative propaganda launched by the US against Iran is nothing but a big lie and their biggest lie is that Iran is developing is nuclear bomb. I would like to reiterate that CIA is aware of the truth and knows so well that no nukes are found in Iran”. Answering the question as what are the ways to counter the threats posed by the US and the Zionists, he said: “Press TV (which is the English language TV Channel is the best way to fight the superpowers and to speak to the people of the world. This way the Iranian officials can introduce themselves and their rich culture to the world and not allow the Zionists to go ahead with their plots”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Regarding the reasons behind the strains in the relationship between Iran and the US, he said: “the US press is part of Hollywood and they are giving a horrible picture of Iran to the masses but I think you gotta strengthen the Press TV and try to show the true face of Iran to the world at large so that the people of the world will know you are making progress in this country”. On 2nd International Conference on Hollywoodism and Zionism he said: “this Conference is so good and beautiful and provides different thinkers from all over the world to sit together and talk about real issues concerning Hollywood and the Zionism. Very interesting issues and side events were raised. We all need to try to tell the world about all these issues”.

A French writer and historian: Holocaust is a historic lie Robert Freeson, a French writer and anti-Zionist historian believes that “the existence of gas chambers and Holocaust are historic lies and the policies of Hollywood are really shameless. As reported by special bulletin of the 2nd International Conference on Hollywoodism and Zionism, Mr. Freeson first introduced himself: “I am French but I am originally from the UK. Actually my father was French and my mother was Scottish. I am 83 years old and have two university degrees one in the modern and contemporary French literature and the other in the critique of documents including historical, literary and media documents”. He added: “I teach at Sourbon and in one of the

universities of Lyon. But when they realized I was a revisionist, I was barred from teaching at French universities”. Robert Freeson mentioned the Nuremberg trials after the Second World War and said: “after World War II, countries like France, Briton, the Soviet Union and the USA which had won the war started to pass judgments about the countries that had lost it. They leveled three accusations against Germany the first of which was the massive slaughter of the Jews. The second was the use of special weapons and specifically the gas chambers. The last accusation was the murder of 6 million Jews in Europe”. He considered all the above-mentioned accusations against Germany a lie and said: “the revisionists have proven that there was no will to eradicate the Jews. They proved that there were no gas chambers because they didn’t have the necessary materials like the chemical, physical resources to build them”. Robert Freeson recited a text about his academic activities which he had summarized in 60 words and added: “the alleged Hitler gas chambers and the genocide of the Jews is nothing but a historical lie that made it possible for the Zionists to launch a huge political and financial swindling scheme against the people of the world. Of course the true victims are the people of Germany not the German leaders”. Telling the audience about his visit to a gas chamber in the in Auschwitz in Poland he said: “when I went to Auschwitz, I saw a gas chamber with a small door and made of thin glass which could be broken by a nudge. Zyklon B gas was used in the chamber and since the gas chamber was located near the infirmary of S.S forces one could conclude that if a glass was broken gas would leak out and poison the S.S forces as well which would have been entirely illogical”. Mentioning the discovery of the gas chamber plan on March 19th 1976 he said: “the plans were hidden in 1945 but the question is why? I discovered them in the Auschwitz Archives center. What was written in German language on the plans indicated that the alleged gas chambers were supposed to be used as

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


places to keep the coffins”. This historian and anti-Zionist historian gave a technical account on the situation of gas chambers: “there was no ventilation in the gas chambers. Also, there was no instrument through which one could inject gas into the chamber. Therefore I realized that technically it would be impossible to have the gas chambers. I even presented my findings in an article and asked those who don’t believe me to counter my arguments”. Mentioning the fact that ant-Zionist views are not tolerated in France, he added: “after that, I was repeatedly assaulted and harassed and for two times I was even so close to death. The Zionists harassed my family too. As a matter of fact, I am a French person who has been persecuted for 37 years just like a Palestinian”.

Ali Sean Stone: my dad has always been critical of Hollywood Sean Christopher Stone was born in 1984 in New York City. He is the son of the famous American filmmaker, Oliver Stone. Sean was in Iran and he even converted to Islam. In an interview with the reporter of the special bulletin of the Second International Conference on Hollywoodim and Cinema, he said: “I wanted to come to Iran and attend this Conference in order to show my solidarity with a country that is horribly threatened by

the US and its warmongering policies”. Sean stone who has started filmmaking by making documentaries for different TV channels and has also appeared in 12 movies by his father said that he was interested in the international section of the Conference and told our reporter: “cinema can provide a required atmosphere for different people with different cultures to become closer to each other because every work of art specially moves and visual arts can play the role of a critic and affect societies with their psychological, sociological and political overtones”. In response to a question about the movies directed by Oliver Stone as an anti-Hollywood filmmaker he said: “my father is working in Hollywood and favors many of its fantastical and magical aspects therefore I cannot call him anti-Hollywood. But I can say that he has always been anti-war and anti-violence. Whenever it comes to the American culture, whether inside or outside the country, he is considered a critical thinker”. Sean stone added: “Hollywood is ambiguous and its glory and glitter is artificial and unreal. It is not as attractive to me as it was before. On one hand, Hollywood is indicative if American leaders and on the other it is the nightmare of reality”. Referring to the dangerous aspects of Hollywood, he retorted: “in Hollywood movies are made which are about war. This aspect of Hollywood has even dominated the other aspects of Hollywood like the fantastical and imaginary aspects and this is dangerous”. Referring o the fact that Hollywood is spreading violence and terror, he said: “Hollywood is trying to hide this under the veil of good vs. evil. Unfortunately, nothing special is being done to counter the dominant trend in Hollywood. There only a bunch of documentaries which are found on Youtube or that Conspiracy Theory series”. This American filmmaker said that “Hollywood has always tried to portray America as mighty and powerful in the world. It is trying to prove that the Americans and the American way are the best”. Ali Sean stone told our reporter that “Israel and

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Zionism are not solely supported by Hollywood. Actually, they have bigger and more powerful allies. You see, there are many movies in Hollywood in which the bad guys are Muslims, Chinese or Russians. They are always shown to be threats or the enemies of the world. But I believe the enemies of the US are inside the US”. He also had the following to say about the destructive effects of Hollywood movies and the covert messages they carry: “you shouldn’t be under the impression that a movie is just a movie and does not affect anything or anybody. Movies make cultures and what you see in them can become culture”. Unfortunately, faith and spirituality are no longer visible in movies and human beings are like animals at war with other animals. But I believe man is the representative of God Almighty and has to go to a better place and position not to be relegated to animalhood.” Sean stone also talked about the Wall Street Movement: “the organizations that have started the movement were all like think tanks. What happened was inescapable because people were fed up with the bad economic situation. This movement is the symbol of a massive embargo and I believe the protestors were mostly seeking freedom. I believe the American police resorted to violence in order to contain the protests. Of course the US is a free country. But the press and the media are not. There are hidden hands behind them in the US and they are the ultimate decision makers”. When asked a question about how Zionism and Hollywoodism can be confronted, he said: “I am a universal citizen first and American citizen the second. I am committed to human values and I try to promote righteousness. I believe in justice and honesty and I fight for them. I believe that with the weapon of art one can make movies about oppression and oppressors and counter Zionism with such methods. Movies are very important and influential. They penetrate us and mold our personalities. Any movie can have a moral and affect its audience”. Ali Sean Stone who is also an actor, director and editor of his father’s movies recently made a movie called Gray Stone. Stone graduated from the Princeton University in History. He has also

appeared in Wall Street and the Conspiracy Theory. It needs to be mentioned that he converted to Islam and chose “Ali” while he was in Iran.

Pigenda Beatrice, the French documentary-maker and anti-Zionism activist:

We need to fight Zionism with the weapon of Cinema Ms. Pigenda Beatrice is a documentary filmmaker and anti-Zionist activist from France. She is a journalist and the director of war documentaries and was in Iran to attend the Conference and sell her movie. About the content of her documentary, she had this to tell our reporter: “in my film I have talked about the instrumental use of Holocaust and why nobody can talk and discuss it in France and Europe. I have shown in my movie that there is an ideology and belief behind this ban. There is always talk of freedom in Europe whereas there are so many restrictions regarding freedom there”. This filmmaker who was in Iran for the first time, said: “the discussions raised here are really interesting and fruitful. We need to pool our thoughts together and try to make good and positive works of art in order to counter Zionism with the weapon of cinema and art. Iran is a country that has been able to make salient and significant productions in this regard. But we still need to use independent but professional directors”. Regarding the Iranian movies, she said: “so far I have selected excerpts of some Iranian movies and

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


I hope that in the future I’ll be able to see them in full form. I have to say that what I have seen so far tells me clearly that Iranian cinema is after sublime themes and pays a lot of attention to human and moral issues”. Concerning the goals behind Zionists’ domination of Hollywood, she said: “in the mind of the Zionists and the colonial powers, Hollywood is nothing but a war machine to be used to destroy their enemies such as Iran, Palestine, Yugoslavia, Iraq etc. that is why they their Hollywood is only fomenting and spreading hatred and materialism”. Referring to the remarks made by the President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the opening ceremony of the Conference, she said: “more than anybody else in the world, Dr. Ahmadinejad tries to unveil the machinations and the plots hatched by the Zionists. His efforts are praiseworthy. I believe his views on Holocaust and the other objectives of Zionists need to be used by others”. Ms. Pigenda Beatrice called Ahmadinejad an idealist politician and emphasized that he has very good and practical policies for dealing with the contemporary problems of the world.

Isabel Pisano from Spain: I had to sell my house because of Holocaust Hollywood and people working there make lies not movies and portray the innocent and the oppressed as criminals and murderers. Ms. Isabel Pisano is a

Spanish actress, writer and reporter and loves her profession very much. She said in the Conference: “I love Iran because it is an advanced country that cares about human values. Iran is like a paradise on earth and has very good people. When I get back to my country I will write about the history of Iran and Omar Khayyam”. This famous Spanish actress said: “I have met with Dr. Ahmadinejad and I am very interested in his way of thinking but because I felt ill I couldn’t go and meet him in the conference. Regarding the way the conference was held she said: “this conference is a very good beginning for showing the true nature of Hollywood which has no artistic value and is replete with nothing but mendacity and diversion”. Referring to the fact that all the wars in the world break out because of either the US or Israel, Isabel Pisano said: “it is so bad that the powerful in Hollywood make false movies and portray the true victims and the oppressed as the murderers and criminals. They are the true victims of this sad story but they are portrayed in the wrong light. The people of the world don’t know the truth because they see things which are false”. In response to the question “what needs to be done in order to counter this?”, she said: “nothing special can be done because democracy has been destroyed completely and people cannot decide for themselves. Personally I have written four volumes of books on “Israel and terrorism” and I have explained in them how four Jewish families as well as the Rockefeller families are controlling the whole world and only care about their own interest and that is why they create all these crises”. This Spanish actress and writer went on to say: “the voice of Dr. Ahmadinejad is the only brave and different voice heard in the world. I hope God will help humanity because the situation in many countries of the world such as Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan is horrible”. In response to the question “have you ever encountered any problem because of your anti-Zionism views?”, Isabel Pisano said: “ I am not scared and I always say what I want to say because I believe that

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


if someone is a criminal then the whole world should know about them. And the world should also know about the true victims. I also believe that the Holocaust or the Jewish camps didn’t really happen but nobody is allowed to talk about this because if anyone does then they will be imprisoned just like Rager Gaready. My mission is to tell the truth. I once denied Holocaust and I was forced to sell my house in Rome within 24 hours because the police was on the side of my enemies not me!” She also praised the organizers of the Conference and said: “in this Conference, the discussions raised were unique because nowhere else in the world one can talk about such matters. As I have always said, Iran is God’s paradise. May God protect this country against all the threats!”

María Poumier, former French university professor I was expelled from university because I translated anti-Zionist texts! María Poumier the French writer, critic, and one of the anti-Zionist activists said: “the First Conference on Hollywoodism and Cinema which was held in Iran was very fruitful and yielded good results. I believe that Hollywood is trying to spread horror and terror because when we watch Hollywood productions we cannot receive any hope or sense of freedom. For example I can mention all the movies which have been made about 9/11. These movies are made in a way

to transfer terror and horror to the viewers and movie goers”. This French critic mentioned the Express TV series and added: “right now the focus of Hollywood has been on TV series. One of these is the Express. In this series the terrorists are shown as those who are against the American police”. Referring to her expulsion from French universities, she said: “after I realized that lies have been said the Jews in the Europe , I tried to work on the works by the French philosopher, Rager Gaready which are about the isolation of the Palestinians and the pressures exerted on them by the Zionists. I tried to include such works in my classes but the Zionists launched a propaganda campaign against me in the university and that is why I got the axe”. Regarding the subject of her presentation in the Conference, María Poumier said: “since in the first conference I talked about the holocaust this year I tried to talk about another subject which is the impacts and influence of Hollywood in the public opinion. I have tried to be very frank and sincere about this subject because I believe Hollywood has been lying to us about many things including the Zionism and European Jews. That is why one of my colleagues and I are trying to screen a movie called anti-Semitic”. She referred to the fact that resorting to the distinguished figures of the Holy Book and making movies based on them is one of the ways to counter the Hollywoodism and said: “for example we may make movies about Virgin Mary who is revered by both the Christians and Muslims and then we may generalize the themes to other areas. I also believe that the Iranian cinema is a model for the rest of the world and we need to make more movies like the ones the Iranian cinema makes. This conference was a motivation for me and people like me to move on the path we have chosen and make more efforts in order to achieve what have been trying to achieve .I can proudly claim that Iran is the only country that is against Zionism and at the same time doesn’t hide it and constantly comes up with new ways to confront it”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Christina Gilbert Gioum We have to make beautiful anti-Hollywood movies in order to attract more audience Christina Gilbert Gioum, the French linguist and sociologist said: “Iran is the only country that helps the production of anti-Zionist movies. I am in this Conference to first and foremost get to know Iran’s rich culture and civilization. I would also like to tell you that I have already made films about the attacks launched by the Zionists on the protesters for Press TV”. “I believe that major money resources must be allocated to the production of good movies with good messages and morals based on the realities. I would like to underscore that if we want to strike Hollywood we need to come up with better and stronger ideas. It is true that Hollywood gives bad and dangerous ideas to the people of the world, but it has unique and peerless capacities and equipment and that is why it can catch the eyes of the audiences very easily and this way it conveys its desired messages to them. Therefore we have to have resourcefulness and wisdom and try to convey our religious and moralistic messages to the people in a way that is attractive and at the same time unique because the people of the world are hungry

for spirituality and divinity. Therefore we need to know the human and technical resources of Hollywood but unfortunately I feel that there are many Iranian directors who would like to make movies which are similar to those made by Hollywood. We need to make spiritual movies and for that we need have facilities and promotion tools at our disposal. This way we can establish a better relationship with the people of the world”. In response to the question as to what the Zionists intend to achieve by dominating Hollywood, she said: “the Zionists intend to dominate the whole world and they know that one of the ways to do so is through dominating Hollywood. They are willing to spent money to achieve this. We too need to mobilize our resources and try to become technologically and technically advanced in order to be able to compete with them. As an independent artist I cannot make movies with my own name because I have two major problems. One is Hijab because we have a law against it and secondly the opposition coming from the Zionists. But I have come here to talk with the other attendees of this Conference about issue like where humanity is going and what human rights mean? Iran is the only country that can help us to make spiritual movies and movies which are anti-Zionist otherwise we cannot make movies on our own”. She was asked the question, “can you mention the name of Iran in your films and defend its humanitarian policies?” to which she replied: “no I cannot! Because then me or people like me will be branded pro-Iran. But in this Conference I was privileged enough to meet with His Excellency President Ahmadinejad. I should congratulate you for having such a courageous President. He has been very decisively and resolutely standing against Zionism. He assured us that he will help those who are treading the path of anti-Zionism”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Melissa Carter, American filmmaker With joint production we can compete with Hollywood Melissa Carter a filmmaker and the director of the film company Rail Night, called Iran the right country for making Islamic films and said: “in Iran there are enough facilities and Islamic thoughts to make such movies. I have been a Muslim for the last 15 years and my company in involved in Islamic productions but we still face numerous problems and hardships in making such films there. But since Iran is a Muslim country and has brilliant talent in storytelling I came to Iran three years ago along with my partner Omar Manat who is a Pakistani filmmaker and a producer to make films”. Referring to the plot of Mokhatr Nameh (a popular Iranian TZ series with religious themes), she added: “Iran is an Islamic country and in Islamic culture there are very good stories ripe for adaptation. I can for example mention Mokhatr Nameh in which the themes and plotlines are very strong and engaging. Talking about the fact that art and politics have nothing to do with each other, she said: “I believe these two are irreverent to each other unless we try to make use of arts in order to advance politics and

make a film with political undertones to impact minds. Of course, I should tell you that in Hollywood there are many examples of such films”. She referred to making Islamic films as one of the ways to counter Hollywood and its productions and said: “if the Muslims really want to combat Hollywood they need to make movies with Islamic thoughts and ideology. I grew up with Hollywood culture therefore I can tell you about its shortcomings and problems for hours. But such discussions will not show us the real solution and will not result in the creation of new culture and I think being able to compete is the best solution to the Hollywood problem. We need to make investments not just financially but also intellectually. We need to attract fresh and young minds.” The director of the Rail Night Co. went on to say that “Hollywood is hell-bent on derailing the public opinion in the world. It is trying to keep the minds of our youth busy with nonsense such as the Harry potter movies. I also believe that Judaism and Zionism are not one and the same. Zionism is a certain ideology but Judaism is a heavenly religion. These two are different from each other. For example, in Europe there is this branch of Christianity in which the religion is totally distorted but one cannot say that they are parts of Christianity. Similarly, one should not say that Bin Laden was a true Muslim only because he himself attributed his actions to Islam”. Melissa Carter said that Iran is the right place for such a Conference because it is a free country: “the media have been against this country for a while now but what they say is nothing but a big lie. You may go to the people and ask them to define freedom for you. This is while I have seen real freedom in Iran. Therefore it is the best place to hold conferences of this sort”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Colin Cavell from the US Hollywood intends to make a world devoid of morality Colin Cavell from US who happens to be a university professor praised Iranians and the organizers of the Conference for their hospitality as well as their excellent arrangements. He had this to say about Hollywood: “the most important media in any country is in the hands of the government of that country and Hollywood is being controlled by American leadership. That is why Hollywood has what it takes to make blockbuster movies. If we want to battle the hegemony of Hollywood we need to show to the people what is really going on behind the scene there. We also need to educate people on what Hollywood truly does, who is behind it and who support it financially. This way we can raise public awareness”. This American professor said: “the Islamic revolution in Iran shocked all the western countries especially the US. It was bad enough that oil prices rose but worse than that, if the westerns couldn’t stand seeing Iran spending the oil revenues on development and prosperity. Even worse was the fact that it was the people of Iran themselves who toppled the Pahlavi regime. Therefore the ideas of the Islamic revolution widely spread in the Middle East and people of the region started to think about toppling their own dictators. I call the Islamic Republic of Iran a role model for others because thanks to it, we are now witnessing various uprisings

in the Arab world in which the people who are fed up with dictatorship are in the streets doing practical things to get rid of it”. Regarding the importance of the Conference and the role it can play in shedding light on the true nature of Hollywood, he said: “in these conferences we can share ideas and views and get to know the ideas of other people and experts. But we cannot do anything revolutionary because the media are in the hands of the powerful leaders of the world and the Zionists which expand lies and try to divert the minds of the people of the world by fabricating false news because they don’t want people to analyze the situation properly”. This university professor said the following about how Zionism can be confronted: “We need to raise public awareness. People must wake up and become watchful. They should know about the schemes and plots hatched by the Zionists. Of course fighting Zionism is a difficult thing to do but it has to be gradual and national because once they become international the powerful and the wealthy start to sabotage them.” Regarding the true unteions of Hollywood, Mr. Cavell said: “Hollywood is responsible for the fall and collapse of humanity and human values. Hollywood and its leaders want a world devoid of morality. Conferences like this are very instrumental in showing the world the true colors of Hollywood. Of course this is nothing new because the west has been fighting such values for the last 150 years. The westerners know damn well that it is only through looting and plundering the resources of others that they can become rich and powerful but I am sure ultimately all their money and wealth will go up in smoke in a blink of an eye”. This American writer who has written a book on masons and has given his book to president Ahmadinejad as a gift said in conclusion: “the President gave the order to translate the book into Persian and I hope it will soon be printed here”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


David Weiss, American Rabbi, The expansion of freedom and justice will result in the destruction of Zionism David Weiss (born 1956), a United States Haredi rabbi, is an activist and spokesman for a branch of Neturei Karta, an anti-Zionist grouping of Haredi Jews. Based in Monsey, New York, he believes that observant Jews should peacefully oppose the existence of the Israeli state: “It would be forbidden for us to have a State, even if it would be in a land that is desolate and uninhabited.” “Zionism is completely different from Judaism. Actually, Judaism is a religion for the worshiping of God Almighty and has a divine concept but Zionism is the antithesis of Judaism and is materialistic which justifies the occupation of another country. The ideology of Zionism is against God because two thousand years ago and after the destruction of the Holy Temple, the Jews were barred from establishing statehood. But they have usurped Palestine and its lands and which is big sin. All the rabbis and Jewish leaders have said unanimously that they don’t want a statehood. We also know that Ahmadinejad is not an enemy to the Jews, he has a Jewish community in his country that he honors, defends and supports.” Rabbi Weiss said, “The Iranian President understands the difference and understands that not everyone bears the Zionist outlook. Not everyone wants to see the destruction of Judaism and participate in the Zionist infidelity but rather solely to pray and hope for the end

of the State of Israel”. According to the rabbi, the Iranian president does not deny the Jewish Holocaust, but rather resists what he calls Zionist invasion and occupation of the land of Israel and the suffering caused to the Palestinians. “The Zionists use the Holocaust as an excuse for their crimes,” said Weiss. He went on to say: “When my delegation and I first traveled to Iran , the humbleness we found ... it is a country where people are God fearing... they believe in God and they serve God... you can see the difference between that society and the society here – [depravity] is so great, where you have television, immorality, immodesty and so forth. Your children grow up with they say democracy but democracy originally meant freedom to serve God... but unfortunately today many are preaching freedom to exclude God, in other words free from God...” According to him “the only reason the Zionists are able to hold the Jewish people in their grasp is because their propaganda machines are busy explaining to the Jews that it’s too late, even if you’re not a Zionist, the Arabs hate you so much today that if you return the land they will, God forbid, slaughter you, and that today is the strongest argument that they have to convince Jews to support their Zionist state. This is the trap the Zionists want people to fall into so it is important for the Muslim people to get out there and make it understood that it is not the danger that is being portrayed by the Zionists.” Regarding the Holocaust he said: “ Now maybe I can say that at the discussion of the holocaust, I may be the representative, the voice of the people who died in the holocaust because my grandparents died there. They were killed in Auschwitz. My parents were from Hungary. My father escaped and his parents remained. He wasn’t able to get them out of Hungary and they died in Auschwitz as were other relatives and all the communities that they knew. So to say that they didn’t die, to me you cannot say that. I am the living remnant of the people who died in the holocaust and I am here, I believe sent by God, to humbly say, simply to speak to the people here and say, ‘You should know that the

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Jewish people died, and do not try to say that it did not happen. They did die!’ There are people throughout the Jewish communities, still alive in their seventies and eighties and every one of them will tell you their stories. It is something which you cannot refute, but that being said, it doesn’t mean that the holocaust is a tool to use to oppress other people”.

Enrique Rodriguez from Spain, Zionism is ebbing Enrique Rodriguez a Spanish filmmaker and media expert who has been working with different TVs for the last 40 years and is currently working with the UN, in 1978 and 1982 he conducted two interviews with Imam Khomeini the founder of the Islamic revolution in Paris and Iran. Regarding the reason as to why he was in Tehran attending the conference, he said: “I have produced a documentary movie for 30 countries of the world and I have now come to Iran to sign an agreement on launching a TV station broadcasting documentary films”. This Spanish journalist had very interesting points to say about the Conference and its theme: “this is indeed a very interesting conference to be in because it gave a chance to listen to a lot of interesting tidbits about Hollywoodism and cinema. Very deep and profound discussions were raised which can very well be conveyed to other countries as well. All the people of the world should become aware of the dangers of Hollywood and its productions. All the participants are opposed to the domination of Hollywood and such things can only be said and discussed in a country like

Iran. Of course Hollywood has long lost its efficiency because it paid too much attention to Zionism and it is ebbing. The biggest problem of the people of the world is the US, UK and Israel because Israel cannot do anything without the help of those two but unfortunately no attention is given to the UK and its policies. That is why I am asking all the participants of the Conference to deal with the support coming from the US and the UK to Israel. We have to make anti-Zionist movies and show to the world the pivotal role played by the US and the UK in backing Hollywoodism and Zionism. Answering the question, “what are the problems you encounter in making anti-Zionist films?”, he said: “I personally don’t encounter any. But there are some persisting problems with regards to distribution. Of course we can always make these films and put them at the disposal of those countries that are willing to air them on their national TVs”. Regarding the role played by Dr. Ahmadinejad he said: “he is a distinguished and brave person who has achieved a lot in confronting the Zionists and the colonialists at the global level”.

Prof. Pollard from the US,

Islamophobia is the most salient aspect of Hollywood films “Spreading the negative clichés about Islam, the Middle East and infusing the idea that they are behind all the terrorist acts is the most salient aspect of movies made in Hollywood”, said Prof. Pollard from the US

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


He added: “Unquestionably the most powerful molder of opinion in the world today is the American global media, and especially the Hollywood motion picture industry. Ever since Zionist Jews forcibly established the State of Israel on the land of Arab Palestine in 1948 (with a great deal of American help), and as Arabs and Israelis have struggled for control of this land in the years since, Hollywood and the rest of American mass media have carried out a campaign to disparage Arabs and tarnish their image. American motion pictures and television -- which have promoted negative images of non-Caucasians, including Native Americans, African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, and AsianAmericans -- since the 1950s have singled out Arabs and Muslims, more often than any other ethnic-religious group, as objects of hatred, contempt, and derision”. He went on to talk about how the Jews are portrayed in Hollywood: “Jews are represented in the media business in numbers far out of proportion to their share of the population ... In a few key sectors of the media, notably among Hollywood studio executives, Jews are so numerically dominant that calling these businesses Jewish-controlled is little more than a statistical observation. Hollywood at the end of the twentieth century is still an industry with a pronounced ethnic tinge. Virtually all the senior executives at the major studios are Jews. Writers, producers, and to a lesser degree directors, are disproportionately Jews -- one recent study showed the figure as high as 59 percent among top-grossing films. The combined weight of so many Jews in one of America’s most lucrative and important industries gives the Jews of Hollywood a great deal of political power. They are a major source of money for Democratic candidates. The industry’s informal patriarch, MCA chairman Lew Wasserman, wields tremendous personal clout in state and national politics”. Answering the question, “what can be done by the intellectuals and artists to disclose the goals of the Zionists and the true intentions behind the phenomenon of Zionism?”, he said: “unfortunately the elites and the intellectuals talk about Zionism only in private and specialized meetings. But this is not going to be very

helpful. We need to make these discussions public so that everybody knows about them. I have many Jewish friends who are anti-Zionist but nobody really listens to them. I also believe that Dr. Ahmadinejad’s remarks can also be helpful in this regard. His message is universal and if conveyed properly they can bring about a huge change”.

Maxim Shevchenko, Hollywood critic and Russian journalist,

Hollywood intends to paint Iran in a false image Maxim Shevchenko, a journalist from Russia had an interview with the special bulletin of the Second Conference on Hollywoodism and Cinema in which he said: “I am a Russian journalist and I work for the Russian TV and I run this program called political discussion on the TV, this is the first time I am visiting Iran but I have been to Afghanistan and Palestine and other Arab countries several times. In the past I was a war reporter but right now I am an expert on national and religious matters in Russia”. Expressing his views on Hollywood he said: “Hollywood is a huge source for spreading terror. Of course not all Hollywood is like this because there are still directors like Mel Gibson and Oliver Stone working there whose movies are really great. But unfortunately the major portion of Hollywood is what we call

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Hollywoodism. It is like fast food and only good for those who are hungry and just want to eat something and don’t care about the quality or the nutrition in it. What they don’t know is that if we eat fast food all the time then we will become sick. Hollywoodism is just like that. Hollywood is trying to distort history. It doesn’t want the world to know about the realities in countries like Iran and Russia. The people of Iran are portrayed in a very negative and bad light by Hollywood. The Iranians are always depicted like extremists just like the Russians. In Hollywood the Iranians or the Russians are always the terrorists and if anybody is the supporter of the deposed Shah then he is the good guy but if he is the supporter of Islamic revolution then he is then he is a murderer and a terrorist. This is exactly what Hollywoodism is and how it acts. They did exactly the same for the former Soviet Union. They are always depicted as drunk but the Americans are always too good for the world”. Maxim Shevchenko also talked about Hollywood in relation to other countries and said: ‘the Americans are always shown to have very deep and analytical brains who never make any mistake about what is good or bad. But the Iranians or the Arabs and Russians are always the terrorists and if they are not then they are covert CIA agents”. In Hollywood everybody is a terrorist unless he is an American. But the question is, why should we watch this American garbage? Hollywodism intends to destroy independent cinema around the world and bring their productions to a halt. They want the world to only listen to and watch what Hollywood has in store for them. This is tantamount to ruining the public opinion of the world”. He also mentioned the ways to counter the Onslaught of Hollywodism: “I believe great filmmakers like Stone and Gibson need to be backed and championed. They are the ones who are involved in Hollywood but make different movies therefore we need to use them against Hollywood”. This Russian journalist also said this about Holocaust: “the issue of Holocaust has two major aspects. One

is the tragedy that is the carnage of Jews in Europe by the Nazis. Also, many were killed in Russia and in Ukraine. But we don’t know much about how this tragedy transpired . The other aspect is that it is being used by the Americans and the Zionists as an excuse to form Israel and occupy Palestine. Therefore, the Holocaust is nothing but the modern world’s biggest lie to humanity it is not about the slaughter of Jews in the world war”.

Tunisian documentary filmmaker:

Iran is the only country that can stand against the Zionists Barboush Moncef from Tunisia talked about the fact that Iran is powerful enough militarily, politically and economically to confront the Zionism and that is why the big powers are mobilized against it. Regarding Hollywood and how it portrays Muslims and Arabs, he said: “In addition to producing films and programming that are supportive of Israel, and distorting the views and positions of Arabs and Muslims (especially with regard to the struggle against the Zionist occupation of Palestine), Hollywood and the American television networks effectively censor proArab and pro-Muslim motion pictures and television programming. During the 1970s, for example, American motion picture theaters and television networks boycotted and “killed” a pro-Palestinian film produced by Vanessa Redgrave, the well-known British actress

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


and leftist activist. Prominent persons who dare to violate this prohibition are immediately castigated as “anti-Semitic” (that is, anti-Jewish), and pay a heavy price in damage to their reputations or careers. Politicians who publicly speak out against America’s support for Zionism risk almost certain political ruin. Jewish media power is so extensive that one can scarcely exaggerate it. It is not simply a question of their power being disproportionate to their percentage of population — their power is breathtaking”. Mr. Barboush Moncef called the Iranian cinema very influential in the world that is capable of countering the Hollywoodim: “Actually, if you live in a major city, the daily newspaper you read will more than likely be Jewish-owned or -edited. So will the national newsmagazine you buy at the news counter. More than likely, the national cable or regular TV network you watch will be Jewish-owned, and if not, Jews will be preponderant in the executive and decision-making departments. The movie you see in the theater or watch on television will very likely have been produced, directed, or written by Jews — and often all three. The publishers of the hardbacks or paperbacks you read, even the record companies that produce the music you buy, will probably be Jewish-owned, and if not, they will very likely have Jews in key executive positions. Bookstores and libraries often select their new book purchases based on reviews by Jewish critics and publications such as The New York Times Book Review, another part of the Jewish-run NY Times”. He continued his remarks by saying that : “some time ago and in a festival that was held in Tunisia and along with Mr. Javad Shamaqdari the deputy Minister of Culture for cinematic affairs of Iran, I watched a number of Iranian movies present there including the ‘kingdom of Solomon”, “the Color of God”, “the Hunter of Saturday” and so on. When I watch TV series like “Joseph, the Prophet of God” or acclaimed movies like “A Separation” I realize how powerful the Iranian cinema is. I can say that the progress you have made is both aesthetic and technical. Therefore one can conclude that Iran has one of the best cinemas in the

whole Muslim world. We don’t want to wage war on Hollywood we only want to produce and screen our own movies and prove to them that we have our own cinemas”. It needs to be mentioned that Mr. Barboush Moncef had to leave his country Tunisia after he made movies on Islam, freedom and the occupied Palestine and immigrate to Canada. Now he is back to Tunisia to resume his work. In conclusion Mr. Barboush Moncef said that it is the first time he was attending the international Fajr Film Festival but he is very happy to be in Iran because he loves the Iranian cinema.

Spanish documentary filmmaker:

Hollywood is an economic machine to destroy human values Antonio Rosalie, the Spanish documentary filmmaker and producer called Iran the symbol of Islamic awakening for the western countries and said: “the Iranian cinema is national with Middle Eastern roots. It is different and fresh and tells us about the realities”. He too was fiercely critical of Hollywood: “Hollywood values are characterized by decadence, narcissism, rampant drug use, extramarital sex leading to the spread of sexually-transmitted disease, abortion, lawlessness and the promotion of the homosexual agenda. Such values have a very negative influence on

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


the life of individuals, and very often lead to death. A 2006 poll by MSNBC said that 60% of Americans agree that Hollywood’s values are not in line with the rest of America and that the quality of movies has diminished in recent years. The lack of morals and values in Hollywood culture has been destroying the fabric of American culture, particularly the family. Hollywood values include a flagrant disrespect and disregard for marriage and abstinence, patriotism, religion and spirituality (Hollywood’s profits depend on the advertising and sale of material goods and other superficial “solutions” to problems, accountability family responsibilities, like childrearing, commonly accepted behavioral boundaries and values of human decency, hard work and humility. In addition, Hollywood portrays these values as rebellious and countercultural. They portray religious and spiritual institutions as greedy, self-serving, sexually perverted, prejudiced, ignorant, and unscientific. When comparing the satisfaction brought about by faith, spirituality, family, and friendship, which may happen to include donations to a church or other organization, it is clear that the profits of Hollywood and the industries which rely upon Hollywood for profit are the true establishment thus making traditional values truly rebellious and countercultural”. He said the movies like “a Sugar Lump” by Mr. Mirkarimi are really good which depict the culture and values of this country the best way. He added: “movies like “the Lord of the Rings” trilogy are replete with mind-blowing visual effects that only try to divert the attention of moviegoers from what is real and relevant in the world”.

Russian theorist and social activist who is anti-Zionist: The Wall Street movement and Islamic Awakening indicate the fall of Hollywood Nadjedake Verkova a reporter and social, antiZionist activist from Russia referred to the screening of the movie “the Kingdom of Solomon” in Arab countries as very effective in Islamic awakening and reiterated: “this movie was successful in showing how the devil and depravity infiltrate humans. Actually, the screening of this movie was like an incentive for the people to wake up and rise against evil and oppression”. Regarding cinema and its true concepts she said: “the main concept of cinema has been destroyed by Hollywood. Today we are witnessing movies which are in no way influential in shaping the lives of people in a good and meaningful way. Hollywood is concerned with making one noisy blockbuster after another. Yet, I find these movies very depressing and even boring”. Referring to the fact that Hollywood is not able to impact people in a serious way, she said: “one can watch hundreds of Hollywood movies but not be affected by them. Because if they could do such a thing there would not be any Islamic awakening or occupy Wall Street movements”. This Russian theorist called the presence of Sean Stone a good sign and said: “the participation of the son a great director and producer such as Oliver Stone

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


who made a movie about Fidel Castro which has been aired by only a very few American channels is a good sign because it shows that even in the US there are people who are opposed to Hollywood and Zionism”. Mentioning that cinema cannot always be influential, she said: “in Russia quality movies are made about Palestine and it is as if the people are asleep or just plain indifferent. I believe books are more important in this regard and can play a key role in raising public awareness”. She went on to say that one of the ways to combat Hollywood is to expand the culture and religion of every nation and added: “we need to make movies about our cultures and try to expound them to the younger generation. I believe the Iranians have had a very good track record in this regard. I see that many Iranians perform prayers and ay their prayers and seek help from religious figures and role models such as Imam Ali (PBUH). That is why Iran is immune to the evils of Hollywood”.

Bin Issa, Hollywood Critic, Hearing the word kindness from a political is weird This Hollywood talked about the remarks made by Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the opening ceremony

of the Conference and called him a very successful man who has been steadfast in his beliefs and said: “he is a sure, calm and firm man who really impressed me with his remarks. In all my life I have never seen a politician use the word kindness or compassion so many times in his speech. He is an honest man who always defends what is right and because of this he has my respect”. Regarding Hollywood and its true intentions, he said: “Hollywood places a value on appearance and it is driven into the minds of those who they seek profits and adulation from. There is such a need to be rich and famous that anything goes. It may be glamorizing to reveal skin or shamelessly being sex symbols to audiences. Pat-your-back awards ceremonies whereby we breathlessly await the Stars to arrive. Naturally, scandals make big headlines and these people are no stranger to controversy, for money. These fake Gods have captured the hearts of millions upon millions who follow their every move. Negative stereotypes poison the minds of their followers. Women feel less worthy due to the overwhelming influence touching every part of society”. Bin Issa also said that Hollywood is specially against Muslims and Arabs: “Because Arabs and Arab civilization are held in contempt by many in Hollywood, many Americans and their political representatives have few if any positive feelings about Arabs. Their impressions are based in part on the clouded image of the TV screen ... Stereotyping tends to be self-perpetuating, providing not only information but ... “pictures in our heads.” These pictures of Arabs reinforce and sharpen viewer prejudices. Television shows are entertainment, but they are also symbols ... A villain is needed in [television and motion picture] conflicts that pit good against evil. Today’s villain is the Arab... depicted as the murderous whiteslaver, the dope dealer, the fanatic ... To make matters worse ... America’s TV image of the Arab is marketed throughout the world ...”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


French anti-Zionist thinker: Ahmadinejad has contributed to the resistance against ziosnim Maria Broche the representative of the Holocaust revisionist movement in France said that she believed Dr. Ahmadinejad’s deep and virtually philosophical speech could initiate new movements in the world. She added: “Dr. Ahmadinejad gave a wonderful speech in the opening ceremony of the Conference which was very deep and even philosophical. His Excellency talked more about the respect for the fellow human beings and mutual respect which can start new developments in the world so that we can stand against the neo-colonialism because his remarks have really invigorated our resistance”. Maria Broche who has even been imprisoned for her anti-Zionist views, continued by saying that “Hollywood keeps making pro-Zionist movies because it wants to give legitimacy to Israel. It is trying its best to show that the occupation of Palestine is the right of the Zionist regime. In fact, Zionists who has been dominating Hollywood for a long time, has tried to use

Hollywood to serve its illegitimate interests and I think they have been successful to a degree as well. One of the major techniques employed by Hollywood is putting a bad guy vs. good guy scenario at the heart of its movies in which one side is always black and evil and the other always white and righteous. At the end of these movies, the evildoer is eliminated in the most horrible way. Therefore no character is seen tinged with both qualities who stands somewhere between the whiteness and blackness”. She made mention of the movie entitled “Anti-Semitic” by Dioudne Ambla, the French comedian in which the director has tried to use the same weapon that Hollywood has been using against us i.e. cinema itself: “for example we can make movies in which the real themes in Hollywood are depicted and use them in the global awakening going on against Zionism. Anti-Semitic is one of these movies which instead of being screened in the movie theaters of France is shown to audiences on the bus. I can also mention the documentaries made by Paul Eric Blaner and Mr. Freeson”. She went on to say: “the participation of the Jews in this Conference is very interesting because it is indicative of the fact that not all the Jews are proZionism and that they are not one and the same. They are also giving us the message that many of the Jews don’t see much eye to eye with Hollywood because they believe it is run by the Zionists. Moreover, the content of the deliberations in the Conference have been so good and anybody could freely talk about Zionism and Holocaust which was unprecedented. In the West it is as if the people have been hypnotized by the media but here I saw something totally different. Therefore, I hope that the Conference will pave the ground for more conferences of this sort”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


create extraordinary tragedy in the future. It is the lie that declares that Judaism and Zionism are identical. Nothing could be further from the truth. Judaism is the belief in revelation at Sinai. It is the belief that exile is a punishment for Jewish sins. Zionism has for over a century denied Sinaitic revelation. It believes that Jewish exile can be ended by military aggression. Zionism has spent the past century strategically dispossessing the Palestinian people. It has ignored their just claims and subjected them to persecution, torture and death. The so-called “State of Israel” stands rejected on religious grounds by the Torah. Its Rabbi Arnold Cohen of the United States: monstrous insensitivity to the laws of basic decency Hollywood is based on a bunch of lies and fairness appall all men be they Jewish or not. As Rabbi Arnold Cohen of the United States is Jews we are called upon to live in peace and harmony convinced that Hollywood is trying to present a positive with all men. We are exhorted to be law abiding and image of the Zionism. Speaking at the conference on patriotic citizens in all lands. I condemn the current Hollywoodism and Cinema here in Tehran, he said that Zionist atrocities in the Holy Land. I yearn for peace Hollywood tries to depict the Zionists as brave people based upon mutual respect. I am convinced that this with great achievements, the Persian service of IRNA proposed mutual respect is doomed to fail as long as reported on Saturday. the Israeli state exists”. Cohen is a member of Neturei Karta, which is an He concluded that the cineastes must try to present international organization of Orthodox Jews dedicated a true image of Judaism since they are really peaceto the propagation and clarification of Torah Judaism. seeking people and are quite different from the Zionists. He made his remarks on the second day of the conference which took place at the Political and International Study Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here on Friday. Hollywood is even going further and tries to show that Zionism is the same as the Judaism, but I say these two are different; Judaism is based on a thousand years of moral values, while Zionism has a history of several hundred years and is void of moral values, he said. CohencontinuedthatZionismhasignoredmanyreligious values of Judaism and has brought in a new identity. He then talked at length about the differences between Judaism and Zionism: “There is a vile lie, which stalks the Jewish people across the globe. It is a Greek university professor and Hollywood critic: lie so heinous, so far from the truth, that it can only gain Zionism is a threat to all the countries popularity due to the complicity of powerful forces in the of the world “mainstream” media and educational establishment. Atanasious Papantolopos from Greece who also It is a lie which has brought many innocent people happens to be a university professor thrre and a untold suffering and if unchecked has the potential to usual critic of Hollywood, said in the Conference that

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Zionism is a threat to not only Iran and Greece but to the whole world. He said that Hollywood has even been trying to use Aristotle who is a brilliant figure in the history of mankind to advance its own agenda. He added: “Hollywood has always been trying to use distinguished and celebrated personalities like Aristotle in its dramas which is not necessarily a good thing. For example, I can mention 300 which was anti-Iranian or other movies like the Refugee which was a war firm or Alexander the Great”. The Greek university professor said that one of the ways to combat Hollywoodism was to be engaged in ones’ own national culture and make movies based on that: “if any country depicts its own culture and religion in its movies it can hope to be able to fight Hollywood. This way we can stand against the onslaught of American movies. Hollywood is trying to paint the Middle East and the people there in a negative light. It is a technique that Hollywood has always been following. They try to tell the world that Middle Easterners are violent and rough. For example, usually the villains in their movies have names that sound like Greek”. He said that the reason he was in Iran was to be able to freely talk about Hollywood and Zionism: “in this conference we can easily talk about the relationship between Hollywood and Zionism which is indeed a rare opportunity and makes Iran different from other countries. I also believe that conferences like this can result in the awakening of the people of the world”.

American Director: Hollywood portrays unreal image of Islam Salazar the American filmmaker talked to the special bulletin of the Second Int. Conference on Hollywoodism and Cinema and explained his views on the world and American cinema. Describing his resume, Salazar said: “I was born in Los Angeles and in a filmmaking family. I have been making films about Islam and other subjects for many years and made a series on Islam for BBC in London. I shot the Hadj Pilgrimage for BBC for 13 times and I once made a film for IMAX called “the Hadj of Ibn Batuta”. Six years ago I made a film in Iran called Ghazali’s Kimayaye Saadat starring Mitra Hajar and Dariush Arjmand. It was the last time I made a film in Iran and I hope I can get back to this country for another film because right now I have a screenplay ready entitled Mowlana”. This American director called the foreign policy of the US “wrong” and said: “I started my career in Hollywood. I could have stayed there for my interest in filmmaking or for being with my family. This coincided with the Vietnam War. But I realized that I didn’t agree with my country’s foreign policy so I left and started travelling to other places. I went after Irfan and seclusion. I even lived in turkey for a while. Now I make films about the different cultures of different societies. I love to depict the beauties and create opportunities for the people of the world so that they can see the real image of Islam not the one the media like Hollywood depict. They

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


always show an image of Islam which is not real. I feel I have a responsibility and I have to do something. I want to make movies that have fresh messages. This is very difficult because we have financial difficulties which is very important because if you have enough money you can make any movie. I believe the Muslim world needs to be wary of this and try to support the filmmakers who try to show Islam in its true form. But right now nothing really substantive is done to support such filmmakers. But if they are supported sufficiently then they can properly respond to the lies and mendacity spread by Hollywood. This is very important to a filmmaker like me because I do want to portray the truth and the beauties of Islam. We should bear in mind that Hollywood is first and foremost a business. There are people who are there to make money and they have no other purpose. They don’t want to concern themselves with deep thoughts. I think if we have a plan we can attract these types of people so that they too will invest in our movies”. Telling our reporter that good and beautiful movies are made in Hollywood, Mr. Salazar said: “there are some movies which are very attractive and have high quality and I believe that Muslims too can make such movies to attract massive audiences”.

Dioudne: Hollywoodism conference is anti-Zionist Ambla Ambla Dioudne the celebrated French filmmaker and director believed that this Conference had become a place where the anti-Zionist artists

could gather and talk freely to each other. He added: “this year’s conference has been much better that last year’s and saw the participation of more people and experts which shows that Iran is serious about the subject of Zionism and Hollywoodism”. He went on to say: “Do the Zionist Jews own Hollywood and the media? Are they using the media to mold and shape American opinion by constantly injecting Zionist propaganda and bias into news programs, movies, television shows, even children’s cartoons and entertainment? The answer is so blatantly “Yes!” that you wouldn’t think these questions are even worth pursuing”. This French comedian who has lost many of his rights because of his opposition to Zionism went on to say that “Jews and the Zionists totally run Hollywood. Moreover, Zionist Jews have taken over the ‘local newspaper’ in America. Indeed there basically is no local newspaper anymore, because, most local newspapers are owned by companies controlled by Zionists whose offices are hundreds of miles away. The fact that Zionists control virtually every media outlet in America is no doubt why the American citizenry hears only one version of events in the Middle East-the pro-Jew, pro-Israeli side. In the contemporary world, organized American Jewish lobbying groups and deeply committed Jews in the media are behind the pro-Israel U.S. foreign policy that is leading to war against virtually the entire Arab world. In the contemporary world, organized American Jewish lobbying groups and deeply committed Jews in the media are behind the pro-Israel U.S. foreign policy that is leading to war against virtually the entire Arab world. Do the Zionist Jews own Hollywood and the media? Are they using the media to mold and shape American opinion by constantly injecting Zionist propaganda and bias into news programs, movies, television shows, even children’s cartoons and entertainment? The answer is so blatantly “Yes!” that you wouldn’t think these questions are even worth pursuing. But recently, the untoward comments of a patriot talk show host made me stop and rethink it. Are there people out thereeven in the Patriot Movement-who really are that much in the dark, who deny Jewish influence in the media?

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


He concluded by saying that “Iran is very resistant against the Zionists’ domination of media in the world because Iran has had a revolution which was first and foremost cultural in nature. Therefore I believe this revolution belongs to the whole world and should be used by all of us to combat the hegemony of the Zionists. I also believe that we need to rely upon our own productions and come up with interesting and eye-catching scenarios based on which we can produce great films”.

Manuel Galinarous, Spanish anti-Zionist thinker: The Wall Street and madrid movement seek Justice Manuel Galinarous, Spanish anti-Zionist thinker said that the true message of Wall Street and Madrid movements was justice-seeking. As reported by the special bulletin of the Second Int. Conference on Hollywoodism, Mr. Galinarous who is the writer of anti-Zionist books and the fierce critic of the Zionism lobby added: “the powerful in the US and Spain are trying to gain control using spying and counter-spying techniques but the people are hungry for justice and truth and will never give up”.

Referring to the his last book called “New World Order”, he said: “the new world order favored by the Zionists is the one based erecting barriers around all the countries of the world and the one that only serves their own interests. But the world needs an order which meets the economic and financial needs of all people and ensures peace and tranquility. The Zionists try to make the order they favor the most dominant one in the world and now we can see the consequences of this order which are various wars and tragedies going on in the world currently. Therefore, one can clearly see how defective their version of this world order is. Actually I do believe that the problems of the countries of the world need to be solved by them alone. The world power shouldn’t prescribe one single solution to all the problems. The Spaniards have a proverb that says: everybody to his own and God to everyone. So every country must come up with its own solution to its problems because if an outsider comes in then he is more likely to care only for his own interests”. He referred to a stop to migration, the right to development and progress, well-being and peace as the foremost results of an ideal world order and said: “presently, the Zionist lobby us trying to expand its domination all over the world and impose its own goals and thoughts on the others but I believe that every country should decide for his own. The Zionists are like the devils that have been away from humanity and human values for such a long time who are taking the world towards doom. They are trying to leave the people of the world in a vacuum on media and news. They only want to line their pockets. But we should warn humanity of their true evil intentions. First we need to get thorough information about the structure of Hollywood and the key people who run it and then try to unveil the true visage of Hollywood to the rest of the world”.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Ahmed Awaad Osman

Exclusive Interviews

with the guests of the Second International Conference on Hollywoodism and Cinema

Claudio Moffa

Barbouch Moncef

Salazar Ovidio

Introduction: on the sidelines of the Conference, there were other programs like special visits and interviews. What you will be reading are the interviews conducted by the reporters of the special bulletin of the Conference with our special guests who honored us by giving their expert opinion and views on the issues related to Hollywood, Zionism and cinema.

Webster Tarpley

Leslie Thomas Pollard

Aikaterini Paliou

Daniel Schechter

| An Interview with Webster Tarpley
Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema

Do you think that Israel is under aegis of the US? Without the US, Israel could not exist. You said that you think AIPAC controls the parliament. This is a respectable view but the parliament isn’t really that powerful. How did you come to this conclusion? The secret American government came to power in 1895. The Wall Street party has been running the US since 1895. The signature of the UK has been seen in American forms for the last 300 years. These date back to a time when nobody had ever heard of the name Israel. Zionism was created by Lord Popston in the UK. Actually, the UK needed a strategy against the Ottoman Turks that is why it capitalized on all the British minorities. The Greeks, Serbs, and the Jews. This was the longest phase of this experiment. You mean that is the simplification of the subject? Absolutely …. It is a distortion, it has no meaning. Therefore you are dealing with the representatives of the (poles) of imperialism which the US, the UK, France, and Israel and probably some other countries like Italy, Germany which are acting the same. But the origin and birth of anything is London and New York. The city of London and Wall Street are the hearts of all these developments. You have to focus on them. As an American thinker what made you adopt anti-American positions? I am not anti-American. Actually I am indeed very American and I just wanted to revive the American traditions. This is not a professional rhetoric.


So are you anti-Zionist? I can say I am anti-Imperialist because it covers all those. Visit my website at I haven’t come to give theories on economic developments or how they can get rid of the economic crisis. I believe we have an economic despair which is very important and an indication of a three-stage process. If we look at the Germany in 20’s or 30’s you see that there was a similar despair prevailing there. Then there was Hitler’s dictatorship followed by a World war. Therefore the danger that is threatening the whole world is that we are entering the same process. We need to put an end to this despair before facing a dictatorship and ultimately war because those three stages happen so fast.

They didn’t have any way to talk to the people. I was in Syria in November they couldn’t talk to the world either. But you have the way and you have to use it more energetically. Put more resources and better concepts in it. The problem in such channels is that they always try to imitate others like France 24, NBC, CNN, ABC and Aljazeera. They want to follow suit. But the way they look at the world is one and the same. But you should be more analytical. You shouldn’t just pay lip service or get cocky. You must always be after the truth and respect what people say. You said that concepts and practical matters are both important. Do you think that this Conference was about both? How do you see and assess the Conference? The Conference had some ideas for cultural work which is very important. You see, the Wall Street movement failed in some aspects. They only achieved 10% of what they deserved because they didn’t have a plan or because they didn’t have a clear demand. You have to preserve your independence as much as you can. You must fight the acquisitiveness of the US, UK and Israel. I am sure you will prevail.

What measure should we take? What suggestions do you have for ending this process? What I can do right now is giving ideas and be involved in the theoretical section which of course leads to a plan. I try not to just give theories and also write reviews on what has already transpired. I also try to write about what should happen and then come up with clear plans with clear demands and the things that need to happen. I mean a behavior that tells people how they should act. Is this what you were after in this Conference too? Definitely this conference had two basic aspects. One was Hollywood as a powerful propaganda tool for the imperialism and a number of political questions like what is going on in the world or how we can preserve global peace. With education and raising political awareness you may follow this conference up. Iran is very lucky. You have Press TV. I was in Libya in July.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Daniel Schechter:

| Daniel Schechter
Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema

The Hollywoodism Conference has targeted the Truth
Daniel Schechter is an American producer and filmmaker whom we could interview for the second time on the sidelines of the Conference. What you read below is the interview conducted by the reporters of the special bulletin of the Conference who honored us by giving his expert opinion and views on the issues related to Hollywood, Zionism and cinema. What kind of line do you think this Conference ids following? Do you have any suggestions on how it can be improved? The important thing is that you should know the issues raised here are not just about a certain country or a geography. Cultural policies are very important. They affect what people do, what they know and what they don’t. If we want to make a change in the world we have to think about how we can change the media system and cultural policies deal with the TV, films, news websites etc. which I think are very very important. I have published many books I have also been with NBC and CNN. But not anymore. I know their policies like the back of my hand. I have 200 stations on my TV. I am critical of the media. I have also made a film called “we trust in debt” in which I predicted the economic crisis. I have worked with some big media. I have written book called “the more you see, the less you understand” on how the global media operated. A Rap music album has also been released based on that. Do you work independently? It is very difficult to be independent financially. Media is like an octopus with huge arms and very hungry.


Hollywood is a system with many many stars. It has a lot of minute details. Actors, directors and scores of others. It isn’t like they get orders from the Zionists on the phone. We shouldn’t be simple and ignore the complexities of the matter. Right now about 400 thousand people are protesting against their own government in Israel. Some time ago we established a company called “global approaches” and started working in it. We ran into financial difficulties and had to close it down in 2010. Now I am still making films and writing for my weblog and Aljazeera. I try to write globally and I get invited to countries a lot. This is the second time I am in Iran. So you are a freelancer? You see, I have been invited by Russia Today, Press TV and Aljazeera several times but not by my own country i.e. the US. They feel my remarks don’t fall within their purview. This way we get limited. Your views and approaches have no place in their timetable. Well, when the media don’t invite you, you lose chance to become known and when you are obscure you run into problems. This way you get limited and limited. Does one become known only through American media? I didn’t need them. I don’t need their approval. Of course now it has become even more dangerous. The government has more ways for censorship. New regulations are more dangerous. If I make a film and people don’t come to me then you have to go to them. I want my work to been seen on TV in primetime and to be aired by top media. I cannot talk to myself you know! It has negative consequences for me to travel to Iran and Iraq or write about them. It is very hard because when I write about Iran then I am considered a supporter of Iran. I am here in this Conference so I am surely opposed to Zionism. Many people think they are right and they should fight. I am an American journalist. I was in Vietnam at time of war and acted against war. I have prepared reports on freedom movement. I visited South Africa. those were dangerous things I did. I have always tried to write for people. A journalist needs to be sensitive and shouldn’t be trapped by propaganda. Nothing should be written about Holocaust, right? Unfortunately the prevailing idea is that if you are a

Jew then you are surely a Zionist as well. But that is not true. I am a Jew myself but I am against Zionism. They have destroyed the genuine Jewish culture. Judaism is tantamount to respect for others. The Israelis are the Jewish minority but try to say that they are the majority. Zionism has been formed based on racist thoughts. They say that since the Jews were killed in another country they should now go to Israel. But I have been after the truth. This conference is trying to show this. I am an independent documentary maker and a blogger: Here you can talk more and more freely about Israel I ma vocal critic of Israel. It is the country of other nations. The Zionist’s have occupied it thanks to a stupid idea. I have a standard. I am opposed to any movement that is against freedom anywhere and in any country. My standard doesn’t change from one country to another. I am against what Israel does just like I am against what the US does in Iraq or Afghanistan. So can a celar distinction be made between Zionsism and Judiasm? The zisonits have tried to playteh innocent to show that they are the majority. I am a jew not a zxiosnit. They are abusing our religion and faith, unforteyrnklt there are some ib Iran who belive dwhat they said abd moved to isiarel. But now there are uporsings inside isarel. do you believe Zionism is trying to mold the public opinion of the world in its favor with the money and influence it has at its disposal? In order to establish an idea somewhere you have to feed it to the elites because they have power they have the media, the educational system and a lot of influence. The US and Israel have an initial weak idea and try to embellish it using their media. They raise some issues and choose silence regarding some others. They use media to cover their policies. For example Fox News is trying its best to make what Obama does economic and support it as such. They are using their media as propaganda tools. Anybody who has media can decide what people should know and shouldn’t know.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


How do you analyze Holocaust? Zionism is only 100 years old. Before the Second World War they were only a minority. So it is still a fledgling idea. But after the world war a major change happened in the world and gave them an excuse to play the innocent. Zionism abused this idea and said: let’s make a new house. Then they started to kill to gain control of the lands. Now they are the symbol of bigotry and racism.

What kind of recommendation and message do you have to the pole to be vigilant against all the propaganda by Hollywood? The media empire is under the name of Hollywoodism and is running rampant. I saw a girl in Iran whose biggest wish was to become a star in Hollywood. But Hollywood is engaged in a massive propaganda against Iran and telling the world that Iran is dangerous. They even assassinate the Iranian nuclear scientists. what do you think about the Palestinians But you should win the trust of the world and show them that you have been standing on your own two and their ordeal? You see. Nobody can deny the events of the Second feet. This is what you should be focusing on. World War. And I am not talking about Holocaust. The thing that we should all have consensus on is that they too started to kill and repeated history. The Palestinians have the right to fight for their lands. I remember a movie which was made after the war called “collective immigration” which was about ship going to Palestine. Those who have power gain wealth and can make the movies they want this is the way to make movies. The “Munich” of Spielberg is the same. They depict the death of the Jews in such movies.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Barboush Moncef:

| Barbouch Moncef
Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema

Hollywood is a soldier of Zionism
Barboush Moncef is a Tunisian and filmmaker for whose was work was expelled from his country to Canada. We managed interview him on the sidelines of the Conference. What you read below is the interview conducted by the reporters of the special bulletin of the Conference him who honored us by giving his expert opinion and views on the issues related to Hollywood, Zionism and cinema. You are a Tunisian but you have been living in Canada for such a long time. So my first question is, do you consider yourself more Tunisian or Canadian? Definitely a Tunisian. I really wanted to stay in Tunisia but the incompetent government was in power there and a as an artist I couldn’t remain silent that is why I started to make films against the government. Then the government detained me and burned all the copies of my films. That is why I had to go to Europe through the desert and eventually I ended up in Canada and lived under an unwanted exile. What did you do after that forced immigration? Thank God so far I have visited 67 countries of the world. I have met a lot of people and I have never given up. But to tell you the truth I feel a bit tired now and I prefer to go back to my village. I used to live on a small island near Libya. I just want to rest, write and make films and relive my old memories. About what themes did you make your films? Why was the Tunisian government unhappy about them? The regime was backed by the US. Everybody was silent. All my films were about Palestine and human rights in Islamic countries. I was at hard at work in


Canada too. I talked about social matters. I made a film in Egypt in 1997 called “resistance” in cooperation with the PLO and Tunisian resistance members. Then I made “the Beirut Block” in 1987 which was a documentary on the history of Islam in Tunisia. The same year I made “the Rocks Talk” about the martyrs of the Tunisian revolution in the intifada of 1987. In 1992 I made “the Trial of Tunisia” in Canada. We invited some of the parliament members to talk about Tunisia in terms of the economy and human rights. In what ways has your visit to Iran affected your views? This is the first time I am in Iran. Coming here was my oldest dream. I attach a lot of respect to Iran because Iran chose to be wakeful and stand on its own two feet. The western powers want all Muslim countries to be devoid of any bright future and technology. I believe Iran is the only true Muslim country that has chosen the path of struggle and this is the right path you are on. What do you think is the difference between Zionism and Judaism? Judaism is the religion of Jews, not ‘the’ Jews because not all Jews are religious. Like Christianity and Islam, Judaism has at its core a set of moral values and ethical principles. Zionism is Jewish nationalism in the form of a sectarian, colonial enterprise which, in the process of creating and then expanding in the Arab heartland a state for some Jews, made a mockery of Judaism’s moral values and ethical principles and demonstrated contempt for international law and the human and political rights of the Palestinians. Supporters of Israel right or wrong conflate Judaism and Zionism because the assertion that they are one and the same enables them to claim that criticism of the Zionist state of Israel is a manifestation of anti-Semitism. Often, almost always these days, the accusation that criticism of Israel is anti-Semitism is false. And this false charge is the blackmail card played to silence criticism of, and suppress informed and honest debate about, the Zionist state and its policies. The reality is that Judaism and political Zionism are total opposites, and knowledge of the difference is the key to understanding two things. One is why it is perfectly possible to be passionately anti-Zionist - opposed to Zionism’s colonial enterprise - without being in any

way, shape or form anti-Semitic (anti-Jew). The other is why it is wrong to blame all Jews everywhere for the crimes of the hard core Zionist few in Palestine that became Israel. Almost everything you’ve been conditioned to believe about the making and sustaining of conflict in and over Palestine that became Israel is not true. It’s not true that all the Palestinians who became refugees in 1948 left their homeland voluntarily. Most were driven out by Zionist terrorism and ethnic cleansing. It’s not true that Israel has lived in constant danger of annihilation, the “driving into the sea” of its Jews. Israel’s existence has never, ever, been in danger. And it’s not true that Israel never had Arab partners for peace. It’s Zionism that has never been interested in peace on terms the vast majority of Palestinians and most other Arabs and Muslims everywhere could accept. When the citizens of nations know the difference between Zionism’s propaganda lies and the documented facts and truth of history, they will be empowered, if they care, to demand that their governments act to end Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians. Actually Zionism is the real enemy of the Jews What is the relationship between Hollywood, Israel and the US? It is very simple. Israel came to be with the help of the west of and the UK. But it is now facing a challenge: how can it continue to be! Any relationship has three basic components: abbreviation and making meanings, distribution of meaning, receiving the meaning and repeating the whole thing all over again. They cooperate with Hollywood so that the idea that there should be an Israel will live on. They want all the people to believe that Israel must be and Palestinians should not. Hollywood is trying to justify this. But Israel is now facing the problem of survival because it has never been accepted by its neighbors. It is losing its false aura of invincibility. Many Jews are no longer convinced that migration to the occupied lands is a good idea. Israel can only resort to one thing which is terror. That is why Hollywood is supporting Israel more vigorously than ever, capitalism has always been behind Zionism and you know closely Hollywood and capitalism are related. Therefore Hollywood is always trying to portray the Israelis as the good guys and Arabs as the terrorists. Another thing is that money and wealth binds Zionism

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


and Hollywood. They want to prevent the Islamic countries from having access to economic and cultural independence. They don’t Iran, Syria and Iraq to gain self-sufficiency. They don’t want Iran to become victorious because they know Iran is on the right path. They don’t want Iran to be a role model to other Muslim countries because it has made huge advancements. They feel this is very dangerous for them that is why Hollywood and the western media have been mobilized against Iran . This is going to be the last war waged by the west against Islam. Because the muslin world is awake now and the youth are on the move. Everywhere in Tunisia, Lydia, Bahrain and Yemen people seek justice. How do you see the future of Israel? Israel can’t stay in power by force. If the Islamic countries stay in their slumber, this regime will continue to exist. But now a new resistance has been formed against Israel. Even in Europe and western countries the pope have wised up. Israel lacks self-confidence. One by one the Islamic countries that used to be on the side of this regime are severing their ties with it. God willing, the regime will soon collapse.

What do you think about the Islamic Revolution in Iran? Islamic Revolution inspired other nations. The world bullies are angry that the Islamic System of Iran was presenting a model to other nations. Today, the slogans of the Egyptians and Tunisians are also chanted by people in New York and California; at the same time, the people of Egypt and Tunisia explicitly call Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad as their role model and everyone knows the movements have learnt the lesson of perseverance against arrogance from the first teacher of the modern age, the Imam of the Iranian nation as well as his patient, sovereign nation. What do you think about this Conference? I believe we shouldn’t wage war on Hollywood because there are good people working there. Also you remember that Hollywood is fighting for its interests. We should do it too. “Pick up the weapon before war breaks out”. This was said 60 years ago and nobody paid attention to it. But today this conference has once against revive this motto.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Aikaterini Paliou :

| Aikaterini Paliou
Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema

When you have a lantern you need to provide others with its light
She has got PhD in the field art and theatre and she is graduated from Sorbonne and Oxford universities. She is interested in the Greek culture and history. It is the second time that she participated in the Conference of Hollywoodism and Cinema. Interview with her disclosed her view points and impressions.

Please give us more information on Aikaterini Paliou I am a citizen interested in politics. I am a human being and wish to remain as a human being. You know that we, the Greek, have always been interested in the politics. In Greece only mentally retarded people do not follow political developments. This is a must for all Greek people. Last year I participated in this conference and I am very pleased that I could afford to participate in the present conference and be with the valuable intellectuals who share the same views with me as well. You mean in your country all people are politics oriented and they are struggling for their purposes? Some in the west wish to control our lives. But the response of my people has been “No” to them. We are struggling for our rights and desires. We have many ways to continue our struggle. Real art opposes obscenity. If you are an artist you have to be interested in politics as well. It is the people who form the government and the government belongs to people and we may not remain as just bystanders.


How do you wish to play your role? We have a common responsibility. Journalism is the reality which can build culture and ideas. All else are just propaganda. They sell every thing they possess. It is for the same reason I love your country. You are brave and you have the dignity and the power to say “No” ;No to ways of thinking currently prevailed in the world. What do you think of people of the Islamic Iran? Before everything I need to express my sympathy with you for the assassination of your nuclear scientist. Of course you have more scientists and your country enjoys a rich historical back ground. Your country also enjoys rich Islamic history. You even had a rich culture before birth of the Christ; a culture which you may not find with any country in the world. You have a rich philosophy. You created poem. And, you, for the first time engineered a grass root revolution in the region; the revolution, which became victorious without use of force or army. You are like a big family and nobody needs to tell you how much power or what kind of weapons you must have. Nobody is entitled to dictate you anything. You have a big country and you yourself know what you need to do. On my part I wish to thank the Iranian government. In the anti-Zionist struggle what methods or mechanisms must be employed? And what mechanisms you are using? I prefer demonstrations. I am members to different groupings and I am now cooperating with new political movements. As an artist I intend to continue my struggle as long as it is needed and as long as I can do it. Be sure that we are supported by majority of people. I am also preparing myself for the parliamentary elections. As a member of parliament I will be able to get further directly involved in the political affairs. What do you think of Israel? I am very sorry for Israelis. They have always been suffering in the course of history. But they found a land and settled there and exposed Palestinians to very brutal oppression. You know this oppression is quite out of sense. I don’t know why a Muslim country shall sign friendship pact with Israel? Now Turkey, like all of us, is facing many problems with respect to Israel. Now the

time is ripe for us to embark on a kind of cooperation. I am afraid that we might lose our more than thousand years of our relations with our friends and the Islamic world. Of course this matter is not related to the Greek people. But the Greek people are against the existing trend. But those who are in charge of our government have a different opinion. I do not imagine and think that they (Israelis) really intend and are able to run the whole world. Of course now they have the world money in their control. But do not forget that a land without philosophy and root will cease to exist. They just have money with no root or culture. They wish to keep their religion only for themselves. When you have a lantern you need to provide others with its light. Their plan is foolish. I hope young Israelis stand against their government. They have reached the end of the line. And from the beginning they took a dead end route. Please explain on the relationship of the Zionism with Hollywood and its influence in this big industry. It is not important to know how many people in Hollywood are Zionists. It is important to know what kind of dreams Hollywood is giving to the people. They are saying something foolish. In Greece we have a cinema education institute. When we watch Iranian movies we get the energy we need to continue our lives. These movies are very powerful. You know, Iranian modern cinema transfer a kind of positive energy to us. You are not a Muslim. But you are reading Quran and you have established a very good relations with this Holy Book. Why? I feel I am a real Orthodox when I go through verses of Quran. I am Orthodox but it is not the reason to disregard beauties placed in this valuable divine book. Unfortunately there are many people in the west who intends to tarnish image of this divine book in the eyes of people. This of course is a politically motivated move. But I believe if you keep your heart open Allah will help you to understand His revelations quite easily. It is easy to understand its verses and you need to know no special technique or knowledge for this purpose.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Leslie Thomas Pollard :

| Leslie Thomas Pollard
Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema

If you are anti-Zionist in the USA you will be kept isolated
He is professor in the California National University. He is specialized in the cultural affairs as well as cinema and social science. He has got very interesting views on the main elements of the US hegemony and Hollywood. In the lobby of the hotel wherein he was staying we found the opportunity to talk to him. How your relationship with Iranians established? I have been cooperating with many Iranian groups and I wished to visit Iran. My cooperation with Iranians started 24 years ago in Los Angles. They always invited me to their Nowruz festivities and Iranian traditional music concerts. Even with their assistance we opened a school for teaching Persian language. How did you get involved and interested in the Hollywood related subjects and the policies behind Hollywood’s scene? I am a little different from others. Let me explain. I have made lots of studies on the American movies and wrote many articles and books in this respect. Recently I published a book titled: “Hollywood 9/11: Superheroes, Super villains, and Super Disasters”. Also in another book I anticipated the 9/11 based on certain movies already produced in Hollywood. You mean if we go through Hollywood movies we can indentify some Zionist lobby policies? Where do you think the subjects used in the Hollywood movies in the recent years would lead us to? After the 9/11 nobody expected the action movies will be


welcomed by the people anymore. But “the Spider Man” in 2002 and other similar movies nullified this theory. Our producers who were expecting to witness the further desire of the people for dramatic, emotional, and family movies were astounded and frustrated when they witnessed that horror and action movies were still sold out. In my country no body is in charge of exercising control over movies which by itself it is neither bad nor good. The most powerful producers (of course not all of them) are Jewish and you may find different tastes among them. For example we can refer to Oliver Stone who has already produced anti-imperialism movies and films. And nobody stands in their way? Or whether they face financial difficulties for producing their films or movies? No body stands in their way. But if some one wishes to produce movies or films with good quality he usually needs to around 200 million US $. And you need to have your audience and viewers in order to return this amount of money. They work very hard and they try to present a cliché or particular image based on their purposes and targets with respect to Islam, the youth, women, works, intellectuals, etc. They think of every thing and every body and they express their views about them. If their movies and films become popular they try to produce another similar one in order to generate further revenues. And Muslims also have already produced some movies in Hollywood as well and they were not hindered by anyone. Of course number of their films and movies were not too many. And, of course, the major capital still is in the hands of Jews. Let us remember that Jews never waste their money and in all their financial activities the return of their money and the profit must be guaranteed. What is going to happen to a person who wishes to try to identify the realities behind the Hollywood’s scene when everything is in hands of Zionists? I mean whether he will face any restriction? I am an anti-Zionist. I am free and not in jail. I am working in the United States of America. But when you are labeled you can not enter certain lobbies any more. You will be isolated and deprived of a set of privileges. Yes If I hadn’t such views I would have surely done much better. The capital is in their hands and even Obama will face difficulties if he speaks

against Zionism; but this not the end of our civilization. Of course they have not the whole capital but a major part of it. For example Bill Gates is the richest man in the world living in the USA but not a Jewish. Before US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan how Hollywood prepared minds people for such invasions? You see, the 9/11 happened. And the USA waged wars which we all hate. Based on a research I carried out I found out that since three or four years before the 9/11 a number of movies were produced in support of the US invasions against its enemies. Please recollect the movies produced during the Second World War. All of those movies were of anti-war themes because the US interfered the war and put an end to it. You may not find any pro-war movie on the Second World War. The US administration took the most advantage of the atmosphere created by Hollywood in this respect. And do not forget most viewers of movies are youth. And cinema has focused major part of its activities on them. It is the same with computer games. And for the same reason I could anticipate occurrence of invasions. So can we reach to this conclusion that Hollywood, wanted or unwanted, is moving in line with the US policies? This is so complicated and we shall not be so naive in this respect. Do you know that after the 9/11 Bush gave money to many producers in order to present a good image of the Unites States of America? And all movies which produced for this purpose could not earn much at the box office. But an independent director name Michael Moore made an anti-American film which attracted lots of attention. 2007 also was the year of success of anti-war movies and films. Now that the US army has left Iraq we will witness production of more anti-war movies on gradual bases. We had experienced the same after end of the Vietnam War. Hollywood art and industry is in service of US war mongering policies and every time we witness increase in number of war movies we can anticipate another war, conflict or aggression. Is it true? Do you share the same view? You see, even with respect to the form of the support for

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


war or its denunciation there exist a special policy which must be observed. For example the US independence war or the Second World War are different from other wars the US was involved. And every new movie produced on these two wars is usually of decisive impact upon people given the changes exercised on its theme or concept. We do not know whether these changes exercised are deliberate or not or even they are done with a special purpose. But the main preoccupation of producers is return of their capital and to earn more at the box office. And it is also possible that these changes dictated by the investors. Any way this issue is so complicated that we cannot easily make a judgment and we need to bring everything to our account. But I can admit that the US administration was quite aware that the 9/11 was going to happen. Do not forget that sometimes even Israel is manipulated by Americans. They are too small and can be easily manipulated. Whether needs of those who work in the cinema industry will lead to full control of this industry by Zionists? -To some extent, yes. Let us assume that you wish to

make a film or movie in the US on Vietnam War. You need to have military equipments. Your screenplay is read and it is not Okayed and the equipments are not provided. Then you have to spend your own money. Would it be profitable? And this is where Pentagon gets itself involved in the media management. Therefore we would have an indirect censorship. And the main element of the US hegemony and Hollywood would include patriotism, culture of weapons and violence, visual effects, technologies and superman heroes as well as the concern on the foreign threats. What do you think of the 2nd Conference of Hollywoodism and Cinema? It was excellent. I got very pleased to make speech before your president. I had also an interview with the Press TV. The discussions made in the panels were quite useful. This was my first visit to Iran and I enjoyed it a lot. This is good to find the opportunity in order to talk to other people. At this conference very talented people from different parts of the world were present; the people with common goals. And this was excellent.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Claudio Moffa :

Conference of Hollywoodism and Cinema is the place where different cultures meet
What do you think of the conference and its atmosphere? This conference was a new experience for Iran. It was outstanding. In most countries only a single voice is heard. There are some critics but very limited. I propose organizers of this conference, for its next meeting, to invite an important personality like Mr. Antonio Vialli who has got very good and fruitful experiences in this respect. In my country, Italy, you may not find or provide the chance and the atmosphere to bring experts together and speak of these subjects. I am specialized in the field of international relations and I have tried to look at the Zionist culture from this view point. If it is possible name a few movies which are of hidden pro-Zionist approach? For example “Lutter”. In this film Lutter is a man who stood against Catholic Church while he also opposed to the Jewish culture as well. Producers of this film are claiming they have produced a historical movie based on facts while they distorted the history in their own favor. You know, one of the critics of the Zionism was the Catholic Church. This movie in fact is trying to weaken the Catholic Church against Lutter character and disregard his uprising against Zionism. Or “Indiana Jones” series are in line with the Zionist desires; a good America man who is after thieves and warmongers in the Middle-East. He also is looking for antiques stolen by Arabs. This is the main scenario and image behind “Indiana Jones” series; a handsome American man who is fighting against ugly Arabs who

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


| Claudio Moffa

have their swords. He kills all Arabs because they deserved to get killed. Of course this does not limited to Arabs. Italians also are from Mafia and other Arabs are terrorists. And the story goes on. What we need to do against Hollywood cultural assault? This conference shall be turned into a place for exchanging cultures. Of course it has been the same. In Italy Zionists are active too. Italy is a special country because it is headquarter of the Catholic Church. I am working on a book with the same theme. After World War the Second we have experienced different ups and downs. In 1960s we had the supporters for Arabs. They were democratic Christians who were enemies to Israel. Their leaders were assassinated in a bomb attack. I found many documents in their archive on their position and you know every politician dares himself to enter such an issue will be doomed to elimination. There is book by Eric Saler on the last 50 years of Musad operations; from abduction of a Palestinian soldier to killing of a pro-Palestine Jewish American. We were under harsh pressure for so long time for the slightest reference to Zionism. But now situation is better and we can talk about it. How Zionism works? And what are its possibilities and capacities? Money is the foremost and the first. They control capitalism. They have virtual money in order to buy any media. They can buy the media even in Chechnya or Kosovo. They can buy cinema. What now is of utmost importance is that the Islamic and Christian countries to work together in culture and economy creating further unity among themselves because in their two cultures there are many commonalties with respect to their approach towards Zionist ill-intentions. We can fight against the final capitalism because money breeds money and money breeds power. Industrial leadership can empower us. Today economy and more powerful relations can build cultures and many other things. But before everything we need to put an end to the blind economy. We have two Suras in the Holy Quran on Reba (usury) and their contents are now being implemented in the Islamic banking system. This is a good lesson for the European banking system in order to avoid illegal

generation of revenues. Of course in Europe we reject usury but in the recent century our policy in this respect has been diluted. We need to embark on another economic revolution and stand against usury. US arts market now is under total control of Zionists and this minor group has always been creating problems. Any way we need to always respect all minorities including Jews. Presently this Jewish minority is powerful and we shall talk about news ideas and product new movies in order to defuse the Zionist policies. What do you think of the Holocaust? Usually, we shall consider those who write on the Holocaust and the history of war as the Holocaust historian and not just historian. There have been killings but I think it has been quite exaggerated. The number they were supposed to mention was in direct relationship with the war compensation which should have been paid by Germany. Even before war the ground had been prepared and I am in possession of some documents in this respect. Number 6 million had repeatedly been mentioned even before the Second World War. What is your impression on the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientists? I think it is done by Israel. In meeting held in Italy one Jew was saying that we need not to wage a war and it suffices if we kill their elites. Israel is afraid of Iran and they think Iran is powerful. War is not reasonable for them and they fear of Iranian retaliation. The two sides’ powers are equal and every side has its own allies. What is your opinion on the Israel in the occupied Palestine? The west is trying to hide the reality behind Zionism as a component of colonialism. It does its best to propagate that Palestine is a land for stateless people. This is a sheer lie that Palestine was out of any population. For thousands of years Palestinians were living in their land. They say: “I shall go to the land promised by the Almighty God four thousand years ago.” Ok therefore, I, as an Italian, shall free to go and live in all territories occupied by the Roma Empire thousands of years ago. Zionists consider themselves as superior over other

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


people. In their 1946 congress they said Palestinians left their land because their leaders told them to do so because of their harsh working conditions. But this is a lie. Because those who are specialized with respect to Israel have proved that Zionists have forced Palestinians to leave their land. Many evidences and photos are available on the villages destroyed and wiped out by Zionists. They killed women, children and people under pretext that the Almighty God has promised them this land. Please read the book titled “Purifying Race in Palestine” by Bin Morris. You will find many materials in this respect. This is a reality that such words cannot justify reasons behind the Arab withdrawal from their lands. Zionist intends to show that they have not been involved in the forced displacement of Palestinians from their land. They wanted to make history. Zionists have always been thinking that they are superior over other people then they see no rivals for themselves. This thesis was useful for 40 years until 2006 and their battle with Hezbollah. For the first time even their all time supporters were admitting that Zionists could not advance even 10 meters. Israel carpet bombed all Lebanon but they could not reach Beirut like in 1982 and they were defeated. You, Iranians, shall be aware that the next US target is Iran. The US intends to devastate Iran. I have many evidences that Israel wishes to use the US to this end and the existing harsh conditions are a proof to this claim. You need to be very careful. You have been

facing many problems and you know you are not living in heaven. But you shall defend your country against the super power of the world that is the US and its satellite Israel. I have witnessed very good developments in your diplomacy. And when I saw here that you have your relations with so many countries I was astounded. And How Zionism exploits Hollywood? In order to reach its present status Zionists have used assistance of many historians. They have many strong and powerful lobbies in all parts of the world including Russia, Europe and the US. And Hollywood is one of its branches. This helps them to promote their position. From economic point of view all people have to work the capitalist system. I think Jewish religion is different from Christianity and Islam. All these are world religions. While all people may convert to Islam and Christianity but anyone who is a Jew his mother shall necessarily be a Jewish. They do not accept any one else to convert to their religion. That is creating a big problem. Of course very harsh behaviors have been taken against Jews. Many of them were killed by Germans. Nazis were racist and they did very brutal acts against other people. But this shall not hinder speaking of the Holocaust. There are some red lines. Even one of my friends who is Jewish was not allowed to teach in the university because he was an anti-Zionist. It has been said that Hitler wanted to kill all Jews from the beginning of his rein. But this was a sheer

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


claim propagating during the war. We could never find anything in favor of this claim. Fifty years ago there were two different rumors: First, Germans wanted to kill all Jews and second they were supposed to transfer Jews to a remote place in Madagascar because they wanted to keep race of Germans pure. I have some documents dating back 1938 that is before the war which were speaking of 6 million Jewish victims. I have another document from an American news paper published after the First World War speaking of the same number of victims (6 millions). They never change the figure because if they change it for instance to 4 million then the compensation shall decrease which in not in the interest of Zionists. Behind all these documents you may find a very economically calculated approach. In fact they filed the same claim after the First World War and when they failed they repeated it after the Second World War. It is the same with regard to the gas chambers. Many historians could not confirmed existence of gas chambers for sure. Given the remains of these chambers we can get some information. For instance they should have been of a particular shape. For example wood had surely not been used in its construction because they immediately catch fire. They need to be made from iron and in certain sizes. I do not say that there has not been any gas chamber but why after so many years we shall not be able to talk about it freely in a regulated and clear manner. The Jewish historians are now claiming that there has been gas champers but Nazis had removed all the relevant documents and destroyed all the relevant buildings. Now over nightly they have recollected introducing some sources in this respect. Oral resources are useful when you can use them along with other written documents. And they alone cannot be used as reliable source of information. I want to investigate in this respect. Maybe I am wrong but we must be free to talk it about.

What do you think of the prime goals of Zionism? Can the cultural assault through brainwashing of people’s minds be considered as a kind of war? Today war is ideological one. Karl Marx believes that a Jewish banker is a liar and profiteer. You know in Judaism there is always a link between material and religion and the former shall be defended by the later. We need to consider Zionism in the course of its long history. With respect your question we can say capitalism wishes to have all public interests in its favor in the end. Now it is the time of borderless wars. Zionism needs tension and unrest in order to continue its work and existence. It needs to pit different parties against other parties. And Iran, due to its strategic situation is of paramount significance for Israel. Is there any difference between views of the Italian statesmen and those of the Italian people? -In Italy these two are quite different from each other. The government is in full support of Israel and to that extent that it has been turned into its speaker. All signs of Zionism can be witnessed in the Italian government. This occurs while in social networks like Face Book all users are speaking against Zionism and against Israel. Of course they have their supporters but most of people are not interested in Israel. How do you see the situation inside Iran? Iran is a powerful and stable country. Tehran is calm and I think in the next election the same group which is now in control of the political affairs can win the people support. I remember before the previous election I was speaking to an Iranian who was saying the people were expecting great changes. He was very sure because he just was speaking to his own friends. You need to have diverse sources. If you do not check other sources you may easily lead to a miscalculation. It is so easy to listen only to the critics against government. In short we can speak only to those who can speak

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Ahmad Avad Osman:

The present conference is an opportunity for exchange of common anti-Zionist schools
“This is the second time I visited Tehran. In the previous visit I came directly from Altahrir Square to Tehran and even I did not go to my house from the Altahrir Square. As the matter of fact I left the demonstrations and came here.” These are the words expressed to our correspondent by a very famous and revolutionary Egyptian artist. He could not hide his happiness for being in Tehran. In continuation we raise our questions: Is there any similarity between your revolution and that of Wall Street? Here in the conference the participants said that the Wall Street movement has been inspired by Altahrir Square. I am very proud of our revolution. We need to protect it. And the present conference can help relations between Iran and Egypt get further promoted. We need to become united. We need to talk together more. We have to identify a joint route. What was the approach of the former Egyptian regime towards Israel? Mubarak had very extensive cooperation with Zionists. Now we control our revolution not to be taken disadvantage by Israel. Mubarak closed access of Qaza to Egypt. But we opened the route. I myself went to Qaza directly from Tahrir Square extending my support for the Qazans. During Mubarak if some one visited Qaza or Tehran he would surely be sent

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


| Ahmed Awaad Osman

to prison. Now we are not speaking about freedom in Egypt and we practically are enjoying freedom. Can you explain about the history of relations between Egyptian governments and Zionism? Zionism has had its influence in Egypt since the Egyptian kings. Before Naser the situation was very devastating. But after Naser came to power Zionist influence was seriously diminished. I am a pro-Naser. But after Mubarak gained the power Zionists again extended their influence. And now we wish to rebuild our Egypt. How and what is your approach? Egypt is a collection of different cultures. We will never be like Saudi Arabia. They are trying hard to turn it into another Saudi Arabia but they fail. We are against them. We are Muslims but their Islam is political one. Their Islam is not religious. We are against Americans. And we all are against Zionism. Our people do not accept them. We know how much Israel requires us

to establish relations with them but they will fail. Even when our government’s relations with Israel were good we adopted a law in our cinema based on which any one from our cinema who had gone to Israel or cooperated with them would have been expelled from our cinema. The government was friend to them but we were their enemies. I will never travel to Israel. But I will surely go Qaza. What do you think of the present conference? The present conference is of utmost importance. I met very important personalities and I got familiarized with new ideas. We share joint views and we have a joint route. This conference provided us with the opportunity to get familiar with each other; the opportunity to speak with each other and promote our relations. Now we know that we are not alone. This encourages us to continue our way. Then we can take further steps. Now I am very keen to come to Iran once again; to come here to talk and to make films. This is just the beginning.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Salazar Ovidio :

I left Hollywood because we did not share the same route
Salazar is a US film maker who worked in Hollywood for some time but due to his views and his political approach he stopped cooperating with Hollywood. We find the opportunity to talk to him on side line of the conference. Will you speak of your artistic activities and back ground? I made a documentary series titled “Islam’s figures” for BBC on Haj. I had to travel 13 times to Haj for making this film. I also made a movie for IMAX in Iran and some Iranian actors and actresses like Daryush Arjmand and Mitra Hajjar played in my film and Mr. Mahmoud Kalary was also responsible to film the movie. How did it occur to you to leave Hollywood? I came from Hollywood. I really wanted to stay there and work. But we had the Vietnam War and I could not accept that war. I am very interested in mysticism. And I have made lots of studies in this respect. I have many friends in Hollywood but my destiny is different. My ideas and views are quite different from them. I am in a way opposed to its policies. Pleased explain more in this respect. I make films on different cultures. I am just trying to see beauties. I want to give people another opportunity to have another look at Islam. This is my ideology and my policy. It is so hard to be financially independent and work independently. But I am trying to make films and show the beauties. I want to provide people with

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


| Salazar Ovidio

another opportunity to get familiar with Islam beyond what is propagated by the western media. I want to portray real image of Islam and Muslims. And what preparations you need to make to this end? First we need to support all film makers who are working in this area. Cinema, before everything, is considered as a trade industry. They make investment on their movies in order to return their capital. We need to do the same and use this approach in our work. How? They make good movies. You need to make good movies too. They may think good about Iran. They write. We can also write. what is your impression of your visit? There is lots of propagation against Iran. But when the participants to the present conference come to Iran they see realities by themselves and when they return to their countries they let their people know of these realities. As my part I got a new and better impression of your country. I am sure that all other participants share the same impression. A tourist is just a tourist. But the people gathered here all are elites of their societies. They write and they speak in the media and radio and even they make programs and film. They can impress their people. What is your impression of the Conference of Hollywoodism and Cinema? This conference was very important to me. All subjects and issues raised during the conference were among my own preoccupations and concerns as well. I have some friends in Hollywood and I have already mentioned I worked in Hollywood too. But later I found out that my desired route is quite different.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Foard Eizadi :

Unfortunately we have not been able to use international capacity of Hollywood in a rightful and desired manner
We need to have a strong presence in Hollywood in order to deal with Zionism and Hollywoodism

Foad Eizadi, professor of the US studies, denouncing the present atmosphere in Hollywood, said: “Unfortunately Hollywood do not heed the human values and cultures of different societies and it has been turned into a means for assaulting such values and cultures. He added: “Hollywood is a collection of film production companies and it includes different parts and sectors but its major owners are Zionist companies that spare no effort in defending Israel and generating wealth. Therefore all their productions are in favor of Israel and Zionism to the loss of Arabs and Muslim population and their main target in not just to defend Zionism but to generate further wealth and revenues. Member of the academic board of the Tehran University stating that such an approach towards wealth has made them further stronger in order for them to make more movies in support of their ideologies, stipulated: “We shall not just to see Hollywood from ideological aspect and we need to be reminded that only one percent of the people of the world have been able to dominate the whole world population.” He considered organization of such conferences like the present conference as useful in further knowing Hollywood and its influence in Iran and by extent the whole world and said that we need to promote our media knowledge and the currents behind this industry in order to know better the Hollywood and we require to introduce more experts in this area to people of Iran and the whole world. He added: “We need to identify positive and negative points in Hollywood and use its capacities for introducing Iranian culture and values to the rest of the world.” Mr. Foad Eizadi, stipulating that we have not been able to use Hollywood capacities in our favor stated: “Hollywood does not belong to a certain country or certain population and in order to better deal with Zionism and Hollywoodism we shall be present in this industry and media much better than the past. Referring to the movie “The Messenger” he added: “Given the excellent role played by Antony Queen in this film, as Hamza, this film could put an excellent impact upon people of the world and now we are facing this question that why we did not continue making further investment in order to use of the international Hollywood capacities in favor of our values?” Mr. Foad Eizadi concluded that while we are denouncing Hollywood we need to make movies which can be screened in the whole world and while we are criticizing we need to produce good works in this area as well.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


| Foad eizadi

Nader Taleb Zadeh, movie and documentary film maker :

Hollywood is drawing to its end
Nader Talebzadeh, the movie and documentary film maker, emphasizing that most of the current international developments including the Islamic awakening movement are the result of the Islamic revolution of Iran, stipulated: “Today world considers Iran as the symbol of resistance.”

In an interview with the correspondent of the special journal of the Second Conference of Hollywoodism, Mr. Talebzadeh, emphasizing the impact of the Iranian cinema role in the Islamic awakening movement, said: “Iran produced some series with religious themes which were broadcasted in the Arab TV channels; for example “The Jesus” which broadcasted in the Tunisian TV networks. This film was welcomed so much by Tunisian people because it displayed the real role of Jesus as the Prophet who gives tidings of appearance of the last messenger of the Almighty God.” Referring to series like “Joseph, the Prophet”, “Mary (P.B.U.H)” and “Molke Soleyman” which portrayed enmity of the Children of Israel against the messengers of God, stated: “In Iran many films have been produced on the enmity of Children of Israel towards divine messengers all of which have been shown in Egypt and Tunisia before the Islamic awakening movement. And the “Joseph, the Prophet” and “The Jesus” were shown just before the movement.” He considered Hollywood as a very strong rival and added: “Hollywood is always a threat because it has the money, the ability and other required facilities. For example it can easily spend around 200 milion US $ for producing a single film. And Hollywood could attract Charlie Chaplin and Alfred Hickok from London to Hollywood.” Talebzadeh, stipulating that Hollywood is reaching to its end, emphasized: “Currently this strong rival is drawing to its end and all of its products, now, include violence, sex, goblins and strange things which are not attractive any more. Its films do not have anything new to say. And even if they say something new they are mainly based on hallucinations and without any realistic concepts.” He termed “Joseph, the Prophet” as a very popular and well structured film and said: “This film is of the best story as the Almighty mentioned in the Holy Book. And for understanding its dramatic concept you do not need to be a genius or expert because the story has been narrated by the Almighty God.” Talebzadeh referred to production of “Salmane Farsi” and said: “Now we have good formulas for making films in the future like “Salmane Farsi” which needs a budget around 100 billion Tomans with a theme to be interested by all people of the world.” Referring to the remarks made by Dr. Ahmadi Nejad in his meeting with western intellectuals and film makers, participating at the conference, Mr. Talebzadeh said that Dr. Ahmadi Nejad values the status of art and artists and his remarks and words have always been valuable and correct in their respect.”

| Nader Talebzadeh

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Secretary of the 30th International Fajr Film Festival :

meeting antiHollywood film makers was possible only in Iran
Mohammad Khazaei, Secretary of the 30th International Fajr Film Festival, said that meeting anti-Hollywood film makers became possible only in Iran.

Based on the special journal of the Second Conference of Hollywoodism and Cinema, Mr. Khazaei also added: “Today there is common preoccupation among film makers of different countries from America, Africa and Asia and all are trying to gain a joint identity in our efforts to fight the existing situation. Referring to the impact of the cinema on the people’s minds he reminded: “No other media has been able to compete effectiveness of cinema upon people because this media is directly related to the minds and judgment of the people.” Khazaei also said that Zionism, being quite aware of the influence of cinema upon people, has already made its planning and investments in turning Hollywood into platform in favor of their interests because it could not establish such a platform in Israel.” Secretary of the 30th International Fajr Film Festival considered the conference as a valuable effort given the existing capacities and cultural, historical, religious and domestic values in Iran, the region and by extent all the Muslim world. He added: “Iran was the only country who could organize such an event and this conference would provide a suitable basis in order for the independent film makers, who are against the Hollywood policies, to be able express their views criticizing such policies and propagate our own desired ones. Mr. Khazaei, referring to the need to joint movie production by Iranian film makers and independent film makers of the world, stipulated that the independent film makers require a focal point for displaying their ideas and view points and to this end Iran has already made the primary steps. He added that the existing interaction between Iranian cinema and independent film makers for producing joint movies and films is the valuable result of the present conference and rest assure that Iranian movies would surely become well-known in the world because the future belongs to the humanbased cinema free from violence and ignorance. Mohammad Khazei, affirming that the Iranian cinema is of peaceful approach, concluded that the Iranian cinema would not remain limited to the Iranian borders.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


‫ | محمد خزاعی‬M o h a m m a d K h a z a e i

Report on the performance of the Second International Conference of Hollywoodism and Cinema Secretariat

Untiring efforts in a divine way
Given the experiences of the first conference all procedures for selecting articles and papers and the participants were adopted and in the end the list of the participants was prepared in the early of November 2011. The selection committee which included a number of individuals, embassies and our cultural counselors prepared the primary list comprising 400 people and

the “call for paper” was sent to 250 individuals and based of the replies, biographies, works and papers as well as the available capacity the list of the participants was finalized. Even after the visas issued in favor of the participants the procedure continued and out of the 70 individuals for whom the visas had been 50 were confirmed for participation at the conference and visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran. The Executive committee of conference, at different levels, focused on selection of the participants and making required preparation for their participation, implementation of the visa procedures and the customs affairs. Given the fact that the visas procedures for the American participants were a little more complicated requiring a separate attention due to significance and sensitivity of the US citizens’ participation a separate team was assigned to do the relevant procedures. Since end of November the visas were prepared and by mid December most of the participants received their visas. By January the procedures for provision of tickets started and the best routes for the participants in order to participate at the conference were identified given the distance of their respective countries and the available possibilities and capacities. The price of the tickets and selection the best route in view of the distance were of utmost importance. Afterward the contracting travel agency under supervision of the secretariat of the conference provided the tickets and made reservation and confirmation of the tickets accordingly and in the end the tickets were provided in favor of the participants. At the same time the propagation and exhibition committee started its work for providing the propagation means and items for the conference from envelopes to banners and teasers as well as briefcases and other items related to the conference. On the other hand the committee in charge of the materials, papers and translating and publishing the articles as well as sending primary information required by the participants for their visit to Iran, power points, sitting arrangements and panels and finalization of the conference program was formed and started its round the clock work. In the early November final program of the conference in 3 days including the detailed information like opening ceremony, opening remarks and side line programs (Tehran tour, visit to the Cinema Museum, Milad Tower,….was announced and released accordingly. On the other hand apart from the press conference of Mr.

| Neda Mokhtari

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Montazami, the Secretary General, which had been coordinated through the Public Relations Department of the Secretariat of the 30th International Fajr Film Festival 20 days prior to the press conference, the News Committee started releasing news of the conference extensively and separately given the exiting sensitivity around participation of a number of participants and arranged separate and special programs including radio and television interviews as well as participation in news and social programs which had been of particular significance. On the other hand another committee was assigned to make required arrangements for visit of a number of participants to cities like Qom, Qazvin, Isfahan, Shiraz,…according to the relevant programs set for this purpose. On the venue of the conference it was decided that, based on the experiences of the first conference as well as the extensive participation of the media, it should be held in Milad Tower Complex but later the venue was changed (because of the problems facing the Milad Tower conference hall) to the conference hall of the ICIC International Conference Center and the conference took place on February 2-4 2012. Accordingly the Second Conference of Hollywoodism and Cinema which had being made planning since several months ago started it practical work after arrival of the first participant on Tuesday, 31st of January, and arrival of the last one on February 1 2012. After their arrivals the participants were welcomed by the teams stationed at the airport and then transferred to Azadi Grand Hotel, as their place of accommodation. All the participants attended the Opening Ceremony of the 30th International Fajr Film Festival, the Opening Ceremony of the Second Conference of Hollywoodism and Cinema on the next day (the Presidential Office Conference Hall) and other relevant programs. The participants had been divided into 4 separate groups according to their languages and for each group one team head (who could speak the language), one translator and one executive officer had been assigned. All the said team heads were working under supervision of an individual who was responsible to make coordination among the team heads, the head of the press, head of transportation and finally the Secretary General of the conference. In addition to the said groups and committees a separate team was organized for making interviews with all the participants and for covering all the developments

taking place during its programs. The said team was also responsible to prepare and publish the special journal of the conference after the conference concluded its work. When the conference finished its work the participants started gradually departing Iran for their respective countries (on 5-6 February) and until early Tuesday morning around 90% of the participants had left Iranian territories for their countries, practically putting an end to the entire programs of the conference. It is worth mentioning that the second conference was quite different from the first one from both quantitative and qualitative aspects. In the matter of quantity while the first conference had been attended by just less than 20 foreign participants the second one was host to 45 foreign participants. On the other hand the organizers tried to have participants from the most European and American countries as well as countries from other continents. These countries included Britain, France, Italy, Greece, Russia, Spain, the US, Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine,…and visit of the participants from certain countries like Canada or Belgium were cancelled in the final moments due to unexpected difficulties. For the purpose of the conference, for some months, several specialized committees became active round the clock for making desired planning and the increase in number of participants was followed by positive impact upon the conference both in executive aspect and the qualitative one (the subjects discussed during the meetings) to that extent that all the participants expressed their gratitude for the excellent and professional arrangement of the programs whether personally during the conference or after they left Iran through e-mail or by phone. In the end, cooperation and interaction of some organizations and bodies for better organization an quality of the second conference is deeply appreciated; these organizations and bodies include the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IRIB International Department, Press Department of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Secretariat of the 30th International Fajr Film Festival ,Tehran Municipality Cultural and Artistic Department, Police and Naja, ICIC and other friends and parties who extended their full support and assistance in favor of the said conference which has been conducive in further promoting political and cultural objectives of our country at the international level.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Final declaration of the Conference of Hollywoodism and Cinema
Hollywood, as the most powerful tool of Zionism, is in its final phase, and our duty is to unveil a new face of art and moral values to the world. We, the participants in the conference believe: 1- Hollywood is not only an entertainment or advertisement tool, but a very active part of the American-Zionist military-industrial complex. 2- Hollywood not only is trying to portrait other and opposing cultures, especially Islam and Iran as threats, but is also trying to eliminate the call for justice and revolution. Hollywood is trying to introduce Zionism as a positive power. 3- Hollywood is trying to eliminate moral values and to spread materialism and consumerism, and is gifting societies with vanity and immorality. The ones, who are considered as threats, will no longer be treated as human beings. With accelerating growth of Islamic awakening and world awakening, independent and loyal artist should devote more efforts to producing enlightening films. Therefore, the participants, insisting that Iran has the ability to be the center for producing elegant anti-Zionist films, ask the Iranian government to help them unite all free film makers and producers who act on the basis of human dignity and respect around the world. Number of forerunners in the anti-Zionism movement is added day by day; the currency wherein different intellectuals and thinkers feel responsible to discover and identify the secrets behind the silver screen of Hollywood and to warn people of the world against it. They are men of thinking and reality who shed the light of reality by use of means like cinema, theatre, books,….and who discomfort those who do not want the good of the humanity; They are resisting against Zionism and its power; the power which, in form of Zionist lobby, is trying to restrict and make silent these men of freedom and reality by use of media which is under their control. And in this way the anti-Zionism movement in America, Europe and other parts of the world would be extended more ever before. And when they discover secrets behind seemingly shining Hollywood screen lack of freedom in the so-called democratic countries is displayed; and when they explain how the inhuman and unethical is being injected into minds of people during every meeting of the conference and during every speech and dialogue we can understand the depth of the disasters inflicted by Hollywood and its heinous supporters upon the society. This is a warning for Iranian film makers too in order for them to employ the mechanisms introduced during the conference and based on the rich Iranian and Islamic culture to join the anti-Zionism movement.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


US film makers and intellectuals, participating at the Conference of Hollywoodism and Cinema, in the

The “Secret show”, broadcasted from Channel 4 of IrIB, invited a number of US film makers and intellectuals who participated at the 2nd Conference of Hollywoodism and Cinema to a round table titled “In search of the reality”. melisa Carter, the US writer and researcher, Shaun Ali Stone, newly converted muslim actor and director, Scott Frat, Hollywood producer and writer and Bahram Heydari, director and writer, participated at the round table. The following you may find what was discussed in the program in detail :
Nader Talebzadeh, the expert and the anchorman, raised the first question of the program on the conversion of Shaun Stone to Islam. Talebzadeh: You are welcome to the “Secret Show”. Tonight is very special. We have great news. Mr. Heydari, please inform us on these very interesting news. Heydari: First I would like to say hello to everybody. We had a very great week. First and the fore most Mr. Shaun stone converted to Islam. This was an outstanding news. I hope we receive more similar news in the future. Talebzadeh: Mrs. Carter what do you think in this respect? Carter: It is good news for us. I think all Muslims shall be joyful. Islam is very important for us. One of the reasons behind our intention for having a film making company was to make Islamic films and provide Europeans

“Secret show”

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


with correct information and rightful image of Islam. Talebzadeh: Shaun, what is your feeling? Shaun Stone: I feel very well. Talebzadeh: What happened last week? Shaun Stone: As you know I converted to Islam. Islam is the religion which completes other divine religions. As my name implies (Shaun Christopher Ali) I consider Islam as a reasonable supplement to Judaism and Christianity. And I hope I play the role of a very good Muslim in the west and people of west can get a proper impression of Islam and understand specifications of a good Muslim. I also wish to promote inter faith dialogues. All of us are Ahlol Kitab and for the same purpose we can continue dialogue between Iranian and American peoples. We are here to indicate Iranians that some Americans wish to talk to the Iranian government in order to present better image of Iran to the west. Talebzadeh: Mr. Scott, you are welcome. What did you do in Isfahan last week? Frank: Unlike what I had heard in my country followers of different religions are practicing their religions quite freely in Iran. For the same purpose I accepted to make a documentary on the coexistence of different religions. By making this film we want to show realities inside Iran to the American people. We want to establish a cultural relationship between peoples of the two countries. Talebzadeh: Mrs. Carter, You have already talked about this. What is the main reason behind the existing distance between the two peoples? Carter: I think these are the media and the press which are tarnishing images of the two countries. I think both Iran and the US are receiving wrong impression of each other. People of the US do not travel to Iran and vice versa. Let us assume two individuals live in a house for 30 years without talking to each other. What will happen? They will turn into strangers. And the rightful impression is good for the whole world. Talebzadeh: Were you ready to come to Iran if you were not supposed to participate in the conference? In other words what did you have in your mind that you decided to come to Iran given the existing crises in the world and whether there has been any other motivation for you to come to Iran?

Shaun Stone: 6 months ago I came to Iran at the invitation extended to me by some of my friends. There are some projects here we are working on. For example “Molana” and a film on “Jin” based on the Dokhan Sura of Quran and another film on Ashura,… When for the first time I meet Melisa Carter, executive manager of a company, we talked about a joint project between west and east in order to bridge the gap existing between their cultures. Now I can see the hostility in the US towards Iran. Then I though to myself it might be better if I, myself, come to Iran and talk directly to Iranians. I am an idealist and revolutionary with a bright image of future and for the same reason I think I can create such connection between the two sides. Talebzadeh: Do you consider yourself as an ambassador between the two countries? Shaun Stone: The US has been based upon a republic political system. And its prime slogan is the rule of people over the people. This means people can represent their government and they may act as ambassadors of their country. I become very sad when I see your people chanting the slogan of death to America because it was the Americans who established the US. I have another strategy in my mind. Instead of saying death to America we can say death to the empire and long live the republic; because it is the US Empire which owns the power and not the Americans. Talebzadeh: This happens because the US is now representing the most aggressive empire which is hostile to the entire world accordingly the people considers the US and its major ally the Europeans as the symbol and leader of this kind of hostility. Shaun Stone: I think Britain is the real symbol of such an empire. You need to see things higher up and in a more extensive view. If you wish to define personality of an individual you need to bring forward his best traits. Carter: I think Iranian and American cultures are very close to each other in the matter of faith and religious values. For example my family is very religious. Now it is three years that I have been living in Iran and during this period I have not faced any problem with respect to the culture and religion. Talebzadeh: It is quite right that more than 50% of the American people are religious. For example your father, Mrs. Carter, was priest and then you converted to Islam and Shia and you know well what happened during your visit in the current week.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Talebzadeh: Mr. Scott, You are making a film on the religious minorities in Iran; the country that has been home to minorities since thousands years ago. This film is about the Jews and Christians in Isfahan. You yourself are Jewish. And you were quite free to make a film on Jews in Isfahan. What is the main point of your film and how do you wish to display it. Scott: It is understandable because there is no embassy in the two countries and the connections and communications are so weak. By making this documentary film on the religious co-existence in Isfahan we can get a better understanding of the Iranian society. Cultural and artistic exchange has been of paramount significance in the history of human beings. Wars take place and cultures are created. What remain are the cultural relationships between the peoples. Shaun Stone: You said the US is the empire of hostility or the head of the dragon and it is the sworn enemy to Iran. This reminds of the story of Shahrzad and her stories during one thousand and one nights. As you know Shahrzad is always afraid for her life and she tries to deal with the threat in a sensible manner. She tells stories at nights trying to possess heart of the king. This is served as a good lesson for us. We need to learn how to deal with our enemies; enemies that are strong and armed to their teeth. If two enemies persist in their enmity no peace will take place between them. Any one whose strategy is based upon modesty can make sensible decisions too. Heydari: I think Mr. Stone is right. Because we know that Iran has lots of friends in the US and Canada and these friends can play decisive role in establishment of good relations with Iran. This occurs only when Iran gets the upper hand in the relevant process. Because Iran is much stronger in the matter of culture enjoying thousands of years culture while the US is a very young country. You know we can say that the US culture is like a baby vis-à-vis the Iranian culture and in the matter of policy making and strategies it may not challenge Iran. Iran is a Muslim country that is following the same way Mohammad (PBUH) followed. Muslims shall teach Europeans that from the Quranic view point every human being is the manifestation of the Almighty God and every thing you see is representing the Almighty God. And we need to display the peace and

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


compassion portrayed by the Holy Quran. We know that our Prophet is the messenger of peace and love. He was the one who brought Abusofian, the biggest imperialist of his time, to his knees through the divine policy and wisdom. We are Muslims and we need to use divine wisdom and knowledge to attract the rest of the world towards our sublime values as well. Then we shall not expect a country with only 300 years history to do something important. When Jews in 2800 years ago were massacred and displaced they came to Iran and found love and passion here. You shall know that Europe and the US are quite different from each other and in the US you may find several cultures. Iran experienced the same for thousands of years. This occurs while in the 21st century, in spite of the existence of internet and much more communication tools, the cultural difference is quite visible between the US and the Europe. And co-existence of all these religions in Iran 2000 and 1400 years ago is indicative of the then rich Iranian civilization. May be Iran is the only country in the world with such an experience. During advent of Islam, beauties and nice behavior and traits of Prophet of Islam show us that all of us, black or white, men or women are originated from a single God. Before Prophet of Islam women had no place or status in the world. They did not have the right to get divorce and had no right to inheritance before advent of Islam. But this perfect human being and messenger of love came and blessed all with his compassion. For these we need to be proud that we are Muslims. We need add the rich Iranian culture to Islam which is a great honor. We need to bring all these factors to our attention. Talebzadeh: Mr. Shaun, we are very pleased to have you here in Iran. You know today the hostility is in its worst shape. For example today I was reading in a newspaper that the US defense minister admitted that Iran is not making nuclear bomb. We are in a very sensitive environment and since you announced that you have converted to Islam you have been facing harsh pressures from your country. If you go through internet you may find more than 150 million titles relating to your conversion to Islam. When I was with Mr. Naseri we were quite surprised. What was your reaction? Were you surprised too? Shaun Stone: You mean the US secretary of defense changed its position because of me?

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Scott: Mr. Shaun in a very respected and frank. He had some ideas in his mind in order to bring peoples of the two country further closer to each other. He posed himself to all attacks in order to bridge the gap between the two countries. He is a very brave man. Shaun Stone: It was my destiny to become a Muslim. What is surprising me is the controversial issues raised on the different religions. That is the main reason that man cannot understand the Almighty God. Let us assume somebody comes to you and tell you that “your God is not right and my God is the rightful one so I have to kill you”. He does not believe that if the Almighty God wants to kill him He would have able to do this. This is ignorance. All human beings are equal and are sisters and brothers. Their root is the same. And we need to enjoy our creativities as much as we can in order to build better societies. But when we talk like this we are obeying our subversive “self” which would lead to evil deeds. Talebzadeh: Before we go on our discussion I like to refer to Mr. Oliver Stone, the great director in the US and Hollywood who caused deep developments. His first three movies on Vietnam were the first movies criticizing the US policy in the Vietnam War displaying harsh conditions of the oppressed Vietnamese. Then he made “Wall Street” 7 or 8 years before the Wall Street crisis which anticipated the crisis. Mr. Stone, your father has always been after realities. He has always been a very controversial figure on the US policies. What do you think of him? Shaun Stone: When I was 14 or 15 years old my father told me something that I will never forget. He said: “You must always be able to keep two opposite views in your mind in order to be able to feel sympathy with others.” This way of thinking turned him into a great director. He can open his heart and understand the feeling of another person. He is a much respected human being who is

looking for realities. If you want to be the same you need to be more flexible. He could establish very good relations with Castro, Chavez and others. He could be very talented diplomat if his destiny was to do so. I hope we have more people like him in order for them to open the minds and let other people see that while they are different from other people they are quite similar to them too. Carter: And he must be brave too? Shaun Stone: This depends on how you can bring two opposite views beside each other. It is very difficult to do so. Many people are feeling afraid of finding what the other people are thinking of and what they want. Talebzadeh: I would like to ask Mr. Scott Frank, because he is a seasoned director and writer in Hollywood, this question. What do you think of Oliver Stone? Frank: Just like his son, Oliver Stone is a fighter who is in search of realities. He is a great writer and he has always been seeking for unknown heroes, for example “Salvador”; this was one of his first movies on the influence of CIA in the Latin America for toppling their regimes. It was a very brave move which shattered all the ice. It is a very strong document in order to show how a movie or a film can be effective in breaking the mindset of the people. I am one of his supporters. Talebzadeh: I think Oliver Stone is from a generation that is in search of realities. And the generation also is moving towards a spiritual revolution. This is very important. Any spiritual development in the minds of people is of utmost significance. Let me ask Mr. Scott Frank, what Impact Oliver Stone has had on the US cinema, people and intellectuals? Frank: It is interesting to know his work record. At the begging he was a low profile. He was looking for subjects which might not necessarily interest to people. Like a clown of a court. Carter: This is the same we have in our culture. According to Moulana, what people get and experience passes through contradiction. For instance I was Muslim and when I came to see this religion with a new approach and talked to a Muslim I found out that there is no deference outwardly between us and the difference must be sought innately therefore I converted to Islam. I think make a film on Moulana is very important for the Europeans because it both displays Islamic values and the philosophy of mysticism and wisdom which do not exist in Europe.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Talebzadeh: Mrs. Carter while visiting Isfahan for making her film was invited to make a speech on 22 Bahman. She made a strange speech which was indicative of today our and their status. What happened there Mr.Heydari? Heydari: She decided to talk. It was so interesting to know that when people found out that an American lady is going to speak for them some of them put down their “Death to US” banners. And in the end of the speech they said Salawat. I would like to say something on those who convert to Islam. This is very important. Some of us have been living in the US for many years and know many people there converted to Islam just like Mr. Shaun Stone. On the other side because culture and language is in direct relationship with each other these newly converted people have converted to Islam after many days and hours of studying and making research on Islam and they have gone through the whole Quran and therefore their behavior would be based on all the relevant religious rules and regulations. When somebody says that you are a Muslim you need to let him know that in Quran firstly name of Moses and then name of the Christ (125 or 126 times) have been mentioned and then name of Mohammad has been stipulated. The main discussion is that Islam is following the same rules and regulations propagated by Moses and then the piety of Christ is the same wisdom of Mohammad. And this means that anyone who converts to Islam shall pass through a set of primary procedures and he shall be man of Shariat and faithfulness. For entering university you need to pass firstly to primary, secondary and high schools. I think professors and Islamilogists also believe in Ulul Azm prophets (arc-prophets). Of course there are some people who do not accept this. I like people know the individuals, newly converted to Islam, view this from a philosophical point of view. For instance Mr. Shaun Stone is a historian and Mrs. Carter is a researcher. For the same reason they view the subject from the philosophical point of view. Although they are firm believers of Islam I hope nobody question whether they have become real Muslims or not while they have said “Shahadatein”. And we shall take too hard on those who convert to Islam. Talebzadeh: You have produced a film recently which is supposed to go on screen in the US. What kind of other films do you wish to make?

Shaun Stone: I wish to make films on ordinary people who live in a society or a place that supersedes their status or conditions. I like more apolitical movies than my father and I prefer to use stories. I have more themes in my mind that is hoped to be produced. Talebzadeh: Do you wish to produce a film or movie in Iran? Shaun Stone: Yes and I am here for the same purpose. I wish to work with the people who have great things in their mind. I wish to have cultural cooperation with other countries like India, China,… as well. I wish to make films or movies that can influence people of the world. Talevzadeh: I have very hard question to ask you Mr. Scott. Don’t you think for the film you are making here, you will face difficulties when you are back to the US? Scott: It is important for me to speak of something which can be understood. When I was coming here my friends were urging me no to come here because this visit will ruin my life. When I arrived here I found very kind people who are very respectful. The more I talked to people and I stayed the more complicated things I found. We need to grow in order to know each other more. Talebzadeh: It is so interesting to know when the political crisis is very sensitive the cultural issues are needed to be discussed more seriously for example conversion of more than 100 millions to Islam. Why the issue of cultural and artistic exchange is so crucial now and it is not viewed just as a decorative issue? Carter: Because both sides think that there is a problem there. So they are in search of reality. All people participating at the conference are neither politicians nor parliamentarians. They believe in what they are doing. Heydari: I think art is a language that is understood by everyone. When we were in Isfahan we saw very beautiful buildings, works as well as poems and prayings

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


engraved on tiles. Many people passes there in the course of time and what remained is the artistic works. These works are of great impact upon people promoting peaceful coexistence among them. And the Almighty God values beauties therefore it is so important we can cooperate in the field of arts. I think presently around 100 volumes books of “Moulana” are being sold in the US. It has not been the same with other poem books in the US. If we can produce “Moulana” it will be followed by some positive outcome. First and foremost the people will know that he was a Muslim. Then they will find out he was an Iranian mystic and he was using the Quranic language. Because as Michel Angelo says: “I just have a small hammer and the images have already been graved in the stones and I just can see them through the divine sight granted to me by the Almighty God, .” This is the blessings of the Almighty God in favor of those who work for the divine purpose. By making a film on Jalaleddine Rumi we can produce a very strong work that makes Islamic and Iranian cultural works known among people of the world. Talebzadeh: Mr. Stone few hours later you will take your plane to go back to your country. On Wednesday you are supposed to be in the O’Reilly Show from the heinous FOX channel which is always attacking people and one of the most famous anti-Islamic programs. You will be in a boxing ring. Is it not dangerous? Stone: When I converted to Islam I knew that I would face difficulties. They are afraid of Islam and they consider Islam as the symbol of terrorism. But I was inspired by people like Malcolm X and Mohammad Ali Clay who were among great and peaceful Islamic personalities and leaders. They showed the west that

we can be Muslims. We need more people to convert to Islam in order for them to show true color of Islam to others. And we, Muslims, need to talk to each other. This is the key to our success. Talebzadeh: You know Billow Reni is always mocking at Iran. Can you guess what questions he may ask you? Stone: That I am from a terrorist religion; that Ahmadi Nejad wants to destroy Israel; that I served a terrorist country like Iran. I think I will face these questions. Heydari: Mr. Scott said something interesting. He said: “We made a film and it was supposed to be financed by an Iranian. The Iranian said I am afraid because it is about “Jin”. I asked one of my Lebanese friends and he said yes “Jin” has been discussed in Quran. I told my friend now what we shall do? He answered give this sword of Ali (PBUH) to the Iranian and tell him that it will protect him.” In Europe people believe in spirits but they do not know the Islamic reality of Dokhan. It is a reality from the metaphysical point of view. With the permission of Mr. Shamaqdari, I wish to announce that another film which is supposed to be produced is “Repentance” and it is about the Iranian Airbus shot down in 1989 by the US Navy leading to killing of 300 passengers. This movie will be directed by Mr. Scott Frank and Mr. Shaun Stone will act in it. Another movie is “The Accused” which is supposed to be made in Canada. Talebzadeh: In the end of our program I wish to thank Mr.Shamaqdari, who played the major role for organization of the conference. I wish also to thank Mr. Montazami who knows how we need to manage our relations with the west in order to present a rightful image of different issues.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema



robert Faurisson Abstract: In Nuremberg trials (1945-1946) victors of the Second World War pressed following charges against Germany: 1) Organized killing of Jews in Europe. 2) Design and use of means of mass killing including the “Gas Chambers” 3) Massacre of 6 million Jews In confirmation of the said charges six decade after the trials all western media are still propagating these charges. This occurs while Prof. Robert Faurisson announced in 1980 stated that “the alleged Hitlerite gas chambers and the alleged genocide of the Jews form one and the same historical lie, which has made possible a gigantic political-financial swindle whose main beneficiaries are the State of Israel and international Zionism and whose main victims are the German people - but not their leaders - and the Palestinian people in their entirety.” In 2006 he argued that he can prove his claim. For around 60 years revisionists like Maurice, the French researcher, and Paul Ressinier carried out the relevant researches and formed a group against their opponents. In their studies, carried out since 1951, they have referred to 20 cases. Revisionism is not an ideology but a method inspired by the quest for shedding light on historical realities. Now revisionism has proved itself as a way of thinking posing a grave threat to the today world powers. Prof. Robert Faurisson was born in 1929 from Scottish parents. He had learned classic literature (French, Latin, Greek) before he was specialized in analysis of literary texts and documents (literature, media and history). He was professor in Sorbonne and Lyon universities but due to his historical revisionist ideas he later was banned from teaching. He faced lots of charges at different courts and posed to several physical attacks. In France his access to the press, radio and television is denied as it is for all revisionists. Out of his works we may refer to “Ecrits revisionnistes” (1974-1998) in four volumes (2nd edition, p.2027). It is worth mentioning that the compiler has granted the present article to Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad, the Iranian President, and the people jailed for expressing their views including Ernest Zondel, Germar Rudolf, Horst Mahler, Arthur Bots, Fred Lutcher, Barbara Kulaska, Ahmad Rami, Gred Hoseinak and Heinz Coup.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Hollywood against human principles and culture, Hollywoodism and fall of the humanity
Catherinal Palio
Abstract: Hollywood ….is considered as a means for relaying what we call as culture and art. Hollywood uses the messages conducive to categorizing and preparing people’s mindsets. It is used as a powerful propagation means because its products are watched by billions of people. In a more analyzed manner: The human being exists as long as he develops principles and diversities. The global domination and at first place the economic domination cannot exist unless it adjust itself to the existing situation; and resistant sources including cultures, histories, ethics and traditions shall be wiped out. Therefore Hollywood by building and displaying values of a virtual tree hide the real values behind the life. And responsibility of citizens of every nation is to defend their values; the values which include religion, language, tradition and history of that nation.

Cinema of Hollywood, recycle of the good War
Prof. Carl Boggs

Abstract: In 1990s the US presented itself as the sole super power enjoying economic, political and military logistics in the world. What was required by this empire, in addition to the military power, included cultural values as well as experiences under pretext of legitimate intervention in all world affairs. During this period all the US military operations in the world was termed as divine missions relating to some exceptional US national interests. In order to provide required support and back up of such an ideology and approach it included the main theme of many movies since 1990s in Hollywood. The present article has analyzed several Hollywood articles stipulating that several directors, producers, writers,….believe that they are leading a holy and a good war through the cinema industry.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


How Hollywood promotes violence and
mary Brushe, Assistance to Vansant renoir


While we are witnessing hypocrisy in Hollywood it always claims that it is for promotion of justice, peace and freedom. Hollywood is based upon distortion. Right and wrong have changes their places with each other. As Hollywood asserts it never does something wrong and it is trying to insinuate that: 1-It can not do something bad and even if it does something bad it has done it because it has had to do it due to the existing pressures. 2- From ethical point of view everything against bad is permitted; because it is totally black and bad. Any way we shall not remain silent; because nothing good can necessarily be found in the bad. This is image of Hollywood based on the World War the Second. And in this image Holocaust is the absolute badness and accordingly the Axis including Italy, Germany and Japan were considered as satanic powers. Then everything against them is permitted like launching mass terrorist attack (terrorist bombing against Germany and use of nuclear bomb against Japan.) Today Europeans are defending peace and freedom but only within the frame work of their own definition. Every one against them is wrong and they are permitted to take any kind of measure against him. If tomorrow they declare a war against Iran all Europeans will join such a declaration. Mr. Paul Eric Blaner in the Fall of 2010 in defending Mr. Vansant Reynar the French critic and writer which was supported only by few thousands of people in Europe and hundreds of people in France giving us the impression there are small number of people there who are in favor of real freedom of speech and majority of population are of this view that the bad shall not be permitted to talk and those who are among the bad shall be sent to long term imprisonment and severe punishments.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


The way to the land of no-where
l.deniz Qoliev
Abstract: In the middle 20th century the UN banned Fascist and Zionist ideologies in favor of human and international values. Hollywood and then Hollywoodism are considered a product of such subversive and poisoned ideologies which is working in favor of Fascism and Zionism. Today everyone knows that Hollywood is the main tool for promotion of protocols of Zionism. Hollywood also acts in line with the US strategies and it is trying to practice based upon the US policies in the world. Hollywood now has been turned into a market place for disdaining religious and ethical values which might lead to a very risky end. In order to stand against Hollywood and its ugly deeds we are in pressing need of another “ism” that is called as “humanism”. Today our world is in thirst for justice and Hollywood needs to produce movies and films with rich ethical and moral values; movies and films on the human traits including forgiveness, sincerity, compassion and benevolence. Real art comes with the love for the Almighty God and other people. This occurs while Hollywood is trying to lead us to devil.

dance between two sectors; documentary against dramatic
Scott J T Frank
As a film maker who has always been swinging between dramatic and documentary movies and films I have used my voice in order to turn live experiences into dramatic scenes in the cinema. And now I, as a writer, have been turned into an expert in this area. Now my researches in the field of history, the nature of the human being and the relations among dispersed cultures all have given a new spirit to my cinema which may not be normally witnessed in the today business-oriented cinema. On the other hand I have been working as producer of TV programs, cartoons as well as educational products for 25 years and I have produced many films in the related areas. In the early days of my work I cooperated with people like Mike Wallace, Harry Risner and many other people in the “Sixty Minutes Show”. Then I went to the independent program sector and later to Hollywood. In Hollywood under management of my trade partner, Norman Jayson, I produced many programs and series including the Emmy Awards and cartoons working with six outstanding directors of dramatic films and movies in Hollywood.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Hollywood, a development in the artistic performance
Prof. Thomas Pollard

The present work intends to investigate impact of 9/11 on the Hollywood products; the movies and films produced on the attacks against the World trade Center and Pentagon and broadcasted through cable the TVs. The present work also studies the mass effects of the 9/11 on different Hollywood genres including war, criminal, science fiction, horror and comedy movies. Most of the said genres are indirectly and symbolically referring to the 9/11 incidents. This work will also investigate the emotional reaction of people towards the 9/11 especially those suffering from post traumatic stresses; the emotions which includes shock, rage and paranoia. All these emotions can clearly be witnessed in the post 9/11 movies. It is noticeable that the 9/11 attacks gave rise to a new film/movie movement which is called as “Neo-Noir” which is about the incidents in the recent decades; the decades which are considered as the most important decades in the cinema industry.

Hollywoodism and human values
Antonio Niko Roasilla

Fight for the holy virgin in the cinema industry
The “Holy Virgin” has been considered as one of the most important issues in the first decades of Hollywood. But it was not witnessed in the Hollywood products in 1970s until production of “the Passion of the Christ” by Mel Gibson. Then we could witness revival of the “Holy Virgin” in different countries within a cinema framework which is trying to substitude Hollywood. This French- Iranian project is going to be unveiled in the Fajr international Film Festival on Feb, 29 2012.
Maria Pomire

I, as a producer of documentaries who enjoys much of experiences in this field, intend to present my knowledge under the title of a speech on the Hollywoodism and human values. The present conference can discuss the great significance of awareness promotion of millions of people who are defenseless against repressive ideologies; the ideologies which are using huge potentials of the black cinema in favor of their ominous economic, political and social purposes. Maybe it would be better if we called the present conference as the conference of the daydreams structure.

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


Bahman Habashi

Dominant features of the Hollywood Cinema
The world we are living in is the world of images. It can be stated that cinema is one of the most important manifestation of image. In other words, it can be stated that the man today is living in the age of image and cinema. Hollywood, the center of the US cinema, or the world’s most important filmmaking center which produces in excess of seven hundred influential movies per year is the source of about 78 percent of the world’s cinemas and televisions. It is the think tank and center of publication of various cultural products. It is the best promoter of the ideologies and cultural mental foundations of American warmonger politicians. Therefore, we see how the artistic status of the Hollywood cinema has now turned into a politicomilitary one. The Hollywood cinema, with extraordinary visual power, through making personalities in fiction and exciting movies, is a good ground for influence on countries which are unable to produce proper movies for their audience because of the weak cinema structures. Such countries easily accept the entry of Hollywood movies. It may appear that major powers of the Hollywood cinema are directors, stars or even producers. However, the hidden role of Zionists in making films in the Hollywood industry should not be ignored inter alia. The Jews account for only four percent of the US population. Yet, it can be stated that Zionist Jews control the whole Hollywood industry. Zionists have influenced key posts in the Hollywood industry. They have been trying to exploit this industry in their own favour and interests. Amongst the first generation of migrant Jews who were dispatched to the US by Lord Rochild and Baron Hersh (two Jewish capitalists), the founders of the US cinema industry and Hollywood, such as Louis Mir, Shenk brothers, Shamul Globe Fish (who later changed his name to Samuel Golden), Louis Zelnik, Warner brothers, Sam Spiegel, El Johnson, Israel Balin (Irving Berlin) and many others exist. The Jews primarily controlled cinemas and developed them. Then they started to produce movies. They tried to attract traditional Americans to the cinema industry by using famous artists. Big Hollywood companies such as Fox 21st Century are owned by Jewish businessman William Fox. The Universal Company is owned by Karl Limel. The Golden Company is owned by Samuel Golden and Adolf Zokour. The Metro Company is under the ownership of Louis B Mayer. The last two companies were later merged and are now known as Metro Golden Mayer. Warner Brothers Company is also owned by Harny Warner and brothers. The Paramount Company is owned by Hood Kanon. All these owners are Jews. Beliefs and Faiths

Confronting Islam and trying to portray Islam as a new enemy of the world

What can be clearly seen in Hollywood movies is the efforts by Jewish cinematographers who have dominated the Hollywood to portray a primitive, backward, and violent image of the Orient and in particular Muslims against the apparently civilized and developed society of the Occident (given that Islam has been mostly spread in the East). In movies such as “Flight 93”, “Babel”, and “Siege” a

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


world of Islam -Injecting the false idea that the Western civilization will be victorious and the Islamic civilization is doomed to failure In sum, given the above issues, it can be concluded that Hollywood cinematographers are constantly tarnishing the image of Muslims and Islamic states such as Iran which is against the Zionist policies. And this is nothing but media terrorism.
Portraying a false apocalypse and the appearance of the savior by the Evangelists and Zionists

very violent, savage, stupid and uncivilized image of Muslims and Islam is presented to the audience. Such an image even portrays Muslims as people who regard no value even for their own life in order to reach their purpose. Animosity and enmity with Islam and Muslims can be even seen in Hollywood animation. In “Aladdin” for example, which is a very attractive and famous animation produced by the Zionist big company of Walt Disney, we see that the birthplace of Aladdin as an Arab citizen is a country with no culture and civilization. The gradual trend of Islamophobia can be more seen in the films produced in the past three decades by the Hollywood. Such a gradual trend has been on the rise since the 9/11 attacks. In sum, methods used in the Hollywood industry to tarnish the image of Muslims and promote animosity against Islam include: -demonizing Muslims and portraying them as unserious in their beliefs, religious faith and Islamic identity - representing Islam as in confrontation with the epitomes of civilization and modernism -Justifying colonial and hegemonic policies of the United States regarding Muslim nations -Portraying Jews and their rules as superior in all areas and humiliating Islam and Christianity -Ignoring the civilization and cultural heritage of the

Evangelists are a branch of Protestants. They account for one fourth to one third of the US population including the ruling neo-conservatives. They believe that the world is moving towards a point in which the Messiah will re-appear. They believe that to prepare the grounds for the re-appearance of the Jesus Christ, it is necessary that a Jewish state of Israel be formed, the Solomon Temple be reconstructed over the rubbles of Al-Aqsa Mosque and a red haired beef be born. Therefore, this sect of the Protestants (who base their beliefs on the “Johan Revelations” section of the holy book) have emphasized on the formation of the Israeli regime and its survival. This is the common denominator of Zionism and Evangelism. They both believe on the formation of an Israeli regime. They also believe on the preparation of a war for the apocalypse. In particular, Jewish Zionists in appearance are waiting for the re-appearance of a Messiah known by them as “Meshaiah” (in fact they do not believe that Jesus Christ is the same Messiah which will re-appear one day). They think that the creation of Israel is what has been enunciated by the Bible. Therefore, they believe that the God has incorporated the formation of Israel in His planning and that’s why Christians should support Israel.
Globalizing Zionist-Jewish myths and superstitions

Myths such as the violent conquer of Palestine by Joshua Ben-Nun (AS), that the Jews are the selected people on earth and the Promised Land and the everlasting oppression of the Jews throughout history and the appearance of a Jewish savior (Jewish Messiah!) have been constructed in cinema movies such as “Ten Commandments”. Such movies have been displayed across the world. Films such as “Auschwitz Camp”, “Schindler’s

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


List”, “Holocaust (Gas Chambers)”, “Shoah”, and “Hello Germany” have been produced by Zionists in Hollywood to promote big lies such as the killing of six million Jews in the Second World War and the Nuremburg Court proceedings and the Jewish anti-Fascism.
Boosting the internal morale of the Sons of Israel

For this purpose, Zionists have used the following techniques to have the greater influence on the audience through visual impacts: -using the Hebrew language in some conversations -using Torah symbols such as seven-bar candle, eagle, cock, olive branch, crown, Solomon’s Temple pillars, star of David, the Jewish cap, Chapeau hat, black suites, having long hairs near the ear for men.
Promoting neutral, individualistic and monastistic mysticism

The Hollywood cinema uses all religious and nonreligious sects and traditions albeit with distortion and desired interpretation in line with promoting the policies of American Zionists. Hollywood is trying to promote secular mysticisms and oriental Godless mysticisms as true mysticisms equal to humanism. Secular mysticism has never been against oppression. Neither has it been based on morality and God. For example, Buddhism, despite it being old, does not accommodate concepts such as God, resurrection and political philosophy. However, it is being promoted directly or indirectly in Hollywood movies only because it is compatible with the type of secularism favored by Zionists. Creating models and patters

Introducing and inducing the American lifestyle as the only method of life for the man today

This style of life has been introduced as a materialistic way of American life which includes concepts such as individualism, pleasure, egocentric enjoyment, originality of instinct, encouraging humans to have an instinct-based life, objectivism and disregard for human dignity, violence, illusion, wizardry, experimental sciences and so on. All these concepts are part of the American lifestyle.
Promoting individualism as against collectivism

and not collective efforts. It emphasizes on the importance of the person and his/her independence and freedom as against the collective environment of humans. The concept of individualism is used in social thinking to explain the conditions of a modern society. Therefore, it can be stated that individualism and its promotion is one of the most important processes of the development of modernity. Thus, a traditional society is collective and collective structures such as tradition, religion, family, government and customs play the key and determining role. In a collective society all beliefs and values and cultural heritage which have been formed within the framework of traditions, customs, standards, the entity of family and other historical collective structures, take precedence and should survive. Also, the person as an individual should be at the service of reproduction of such entities. Penetration in such a society is problematic. Therefore, with breaking such a structure, and leading people towards individualism and individual values of life, one can influence and control people and promote his/her desired lifestyle amongst them. This is the goal perused by American politicians.
Fanaticism and creating an imaginary world against the real world

Individualism means society is based on the individual

Hollywood, during the past years, has been promoting

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema


sweat dreams as reality among its audience. In most Hollywood movies, the life is not what is being portrayed. Life is a dream. Good and sweat dreams which are being promoted by Hollywood owners as against the real life of people in different countries. This in fact is one of the fundamental differences between the Hollywood industry in the US compared to the film industries in other countries which use cinema as a tool to reflect realities. While Hollywood has influenced the lifestyle of the audience and has attracted them, the key to the commercial success of Hollywood is because it has displayed something which is favored by its audience.
Zionist domination on Hollywood

filmmaking studio is being built by Steven Spielberg. Louise Bimayer, who was himself one of the Jewish pioneers of the film industry, has confessed to this in his book title “An Empire Of Their Own: How The Jews Invented Hollywood”.

What is more important the domination of American politicians on Hollywood is the domination of Zionists on this cinema industry in a way that even Americans have confessed to it themselves. It is remarkable to mention that the first 12 influential people in the American cinema are all Jews. The Jewish rules of Hollywood have reaped huge profits by producing pornographic movies. A large amount of this income is spent on materializing the goals of Zionists. For example, Steven Spielberg a Jewish producer of Hollywood donated several million dollars annually on promoting and commemorating Holocaust. In addition to big Hollywood companies such as Warner Brothers, Walt Disney, Dream and Rex, all owned by the Jews, America’s three most important news channels, NBS, ABC and Fox News as well as two thirds of main produces in cinema and television are Jews. According to figures which were released several decades ago, from the 85 most influential people on Hollywood cinema industry in 1936, 53 were Jews. In October 1994, William Cash, British journalist, published an article in Spectator on the Hollywood’s Jewish cabal. He was later lambasted for being anti-Semitist. He wrote in his article that: When Mike Otiz announced there will be a press conference in Los Angeles, all knew that a big development is happening. It was announced in that press conference that a multi-billion-dollar

In sum it can be stated that in Hollywood movies, concepts such as illusion as against thinking, liberalism as against truth seeking, individualistic mysticisms as against real mysticisms, magic and wizardry as against belief to the hidden world, partial rationalism as against full rationalism, individualism as against collectivism egocentric enjoyment as against real love, pleasure against perfectionism, objectivity as against humanity and human dignity and deceptive apocalypsim as against real apocalypsim have been promoted. It is crystal clear here that how Hollywood is being used as a tool by Zionist American politicians to materialize their goals through representation, semiotics and manipulating realities. By these techniques, Zionist American politicians infiltrate into the minds of the audience and separate them from realities. They distort and influence and control the beliefs, ideas and cultures of the audience. It should be stated in conclusion that we are all in a war—not a conventional war with weapons and artillery; but a harsher and more serious war which is the war of ideas, beliefs and values. Hollywood is trying by any possible method and technique to impose its destructive ideas, beliefs and attitudes on its audience and in particular on teenagers and the youth. The aim is to inject materialistic and misguided beliefs to the people so that Islam and Muslims are tarnished. Today we see how prominent Islamic figures such as the Holly Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and his infallible households (AS) are being humiliated by ignorant Zionists who are dominating the Hollywood. Such Zionists are fearful of the promotion of the Mahdaviyat Doctrine which will one day be materialized on earth by the twelfth Shiite Imam Mahdi (May God Hasten His Reappearance).

Second international conference on Hollywoodism and cinema