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Effective Treatment by Chanting AUM

Dr. Chanchalmal Chordia

Aum is the purest form of all sounds, which can purify our Aura & release negative thoughts from out mind, if chanted in specific manner. People of almost every religion recite it in some way or the other. Whether it is SOHAM, NAMO, ARIHANTANAM, ALLA HO AKABAR, AUM ARHAM etc. The sound of the Aum came to existence right from the time of creation of this universe. This sound is always present in our ears and can be listen by closing both ears from fingers or thumbs & if we try to hear, with some concentration. The chanting of AUM controls our breathing. purify our heart, regulate our SWAR & cures many ailments related with throat, tongue, nose etc. Chanting of Aum for longer duration as far as possible generate, Alpha, Beta & Gamma rays which has got very good healing properties & also purify surroundings & ultimately culminate positive thoughts. By repeatedly chanting AU of AUM for longer duration VISHUDHI CHAKRA as per our occult science & Thyroid gland as per modern science is strengthened & become active solving many problems related to thyroid. The sound of M.M.M. releases from heart area which can be easily felt by putting palm at the place where we feel heart beating. Speak M, Ma, Mi, Mee, Mu, Moo & so on concentrating on that muscle, we can feel that voice is coming from heart. Therefore, if we chant Au of Aum for shorter duration and M. M.M. of AUM repeatedly for longer duration heart muscle is strengthened, curing many problems related to heart. Also heart is considered as a source of love & affection. Only due to this reason person who are cruel having no compassion are called heartless or heart harden person. Therefore chanting M.M.M. for longer duration in AUM will purify heart & develop sense of kindness, mercifulness & compassion, changing attitude of thinking. Thus person having problems related to thyroid parathyroid or throat should chant AU for longer duration & if anybody is having negative thinking or heart & blood related problems, he should chant M.M.M. of AUM for as long as possible in one breath cycle. The person having no problem can chant AUM in simple manner. Chanting Aum during same breath for longer duration is also similar to Pranayam. Such chanting helps in removing obstacles in the flow of energy in body.

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