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Blue Cheer

Vincebus Eruptum (1968)

Dragonfly (1968)

heavy metal year zero USA iylta: Big Brother Ernie Joseph - Confusion (1968) Steppenwolf
The Second (1968)

heavy psych gem USA iylta: Stone Garden - Stone Garden (1969) Damnation of Adam Blessing
Damnation of Adam Blessing (1969)

what Steppenwolf created with Born To Be Wild crystallized in its second album USA iylta: Floating Bridge Floating Bridge (1968) Jeff Beck Group
Truth (1968)

great and obscure hard psych USA iylta: Glass Harp - Glass Harp (1970) MC5
Kick Out the Jams (1969)

a must have album. amazing hard blues GBR iylta: Johnny Winter Johnny Winter And (1971) Gun
Gun (1968)

a high energy album you must have in your collection USA iylta: Les Variations - Nador (1970) Led Zeppelin
Led Zeppelin (1969)

Led... what? heavy psych masterpiece GBR GBR iylta: Thunder and Roses King of the Black Sunrise (1969) iylta: Rush - Rush (1974)

Grand Funk Railroad

Grand Funk (1969)

Yesterday's Children
Yesterday's Children (1969)

the american hard rock most visible face. classic album USA iylta: Grand Funk Railroad On Time (1969) Andromeda
Andromeda (1969)

awesome hard rock/psych. a lost gem USA iylta: Hillow Hammet Hammer (1969) High Tide
Sea Shanties (1969)

Blue Cheer british answer. UK heavy rock pioneer GBR iylta: The Human Beast Volume One (1970) Fuse
Fuse (1969)

killer heavy psych and folk prog GBR iylta: Galadriel - Galadriel (1971) The Frost
Frost Music (1969)

excellent hammond-hard with Rick Nielsen and Tom Peterson before Cheap Trick USA iylta: Eloy - Eloy (1971) Edgar Broughton Band
Wasa Wasa (1969)

early Detroit hard USA iylta: The Amboy Dukes The Amboy Dukes (1967) Ashkan
In From the Cold (1969)

megafreak-monster hard psych GBR iylta: The Crazy World of Arthur Brown - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown (1968)

hard rock acid blues. cult album GBR iylta: Creepy John Thomas Creepy John Thomas (1969)

Writing on the Wall

The Power of the Picts (1969)

iylta: George Brigman Jungle Rot (1975) Cactus

Cactus (1970)

a psych-prog-hard rock strongly recommended album GBR iylta: Man - Two Ozs of Plastic With a Hole in the Middle (1969) Coven
Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls (1969)

high energy hard blues USA iylta: JPT Scare BandSleeping Sickness (19731976) Mountain
Climbing! (1970)

satanic heavy psych. the first one, as far as i know, gone on the black side USA iylta: Black Widow - Black Widow (1971) Black Sabbath
Paranoid (1970)

another essential classic hard rock album USA iylta: Foghat - Foghat (1972) Free
Fire and Water (1970)

post-hippie and depressed british hard GBR iylta: Bad Company - Bad Company (1974) Bloodrock
Bloodrock (1970)

a hard rock lesson you'll never forget GBR iylta: Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath (1970) The Stooges
Fun House (1970)

one of the first hard rock standards USA iylta: Nitzinger - Nitzinger (1971)

essential in a hard rock collection, essential in a punk rock collection.., anyway, essential in every good collection USA

James Gang
Rides Again (1970)

May Blitz
May Blitz (1970)

the Gang's hardest album. Joe Walsh on guitars. Great USA iylta: Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Not Fragile (1974) Sir Lord Baltimore
Kingdom Come (1970)

very interesting hard rock/prog trio GBR iylta: Ginhouse - Ginhouse (1971) T2
It'll All Work Out in Boomland (1970)

quite possibly the first stoner. close to heavy metal USA iylta: Pentagram - First Daze Here: The Vintage Collection (1972-1979) Power of Zeus
The Gospel According to Zeus (1970)

heavy progressive rock monster. a must-have GBR Atomic Rooster

Death Walks Behind You (1970)

hard rock based progressive. featuring the great John Cann GBR

hard psych with powerful keyboards USA iylta: Fraction - Moon Blood (1970) Josefus
Josefus (1970)

iylta: Birth Control - Hoodoo Man (1973) Warpig

Warpig (1970)

squizo tex-hard blues rock USA iylta: Joseph - Stoned Age Man (1969)

Sabbath-Purple-inspired interesting hard with ripping guitars and strong keyboards. some psycho-acid-space instro parts CAN iylta: Flax - One (1976)

Perpetuum Mobile (1970)

Heavy Equipment (1970)

monster heavy rock with a 16 year old Eric Johnson on guitars USA iylta: Bodkin - Bodkin (1972) Lucifer's Friend
Lucifer's Friend (1970)

killer hard with wild guitars USA iylta: Charlies - Buttocks (1970) Frijid Pink
Frijid Pink (1970)

wild bluesy hard from Detroit proto heavy metal USA DEU iylta: Asterix - Asterix (1970) Trapeze
Medusa (1970)

iylta: The Third Power Believe (1970) Human Instinct

Stoned Guitar (1970)

wild bluesy hard rock/psych Dave Holland on drums and Glenn Hughes on bass, british hard GBR iylta: Dirty Tricks - Dirty Tricks (1975) Warhorse
Warhorse (1970)

NZL iylta: The Masters Apprentices - A Toast to Panama Red (1972) Horse
Horse (1970)

a monster heavy psych Deep Purple soundalike. very interesting instro parts. Nick Simper's on bass GBR iylta: Deep Purple - Shades of Deep Purple (1968) GBR iylta: Zior - Zior (1971)

Stray (1970)

Elias Hulk
Unchained (1970)

raw british hard rock/blues sometimes near to heavy metal GBR iylta: Stray - Suicide (1971) Black Cat Bones
Barbed Wire Sandwich (1970)

bluesy psychedelic hard rock GBR iylta: Moses - Changes (1971) Orang-Utan
Orang-Utan (1970)

raucous hard blues-psychrock strongly recommended GBR iylta: Savoy Brown - Raw Sienna (1970) Ancient Grease
Women and Children First (1970)

good hard rock near to Leaf Hound. their only album was only issued in the USA GBR iylta: Head Over Heels Head Over Heels (1971) Alice Cooper
Love It to Death (1971)

essential hard rock/glam bluesy hard rock power trio. raw vocals GBR iylta: Finchley Boys Everlasting Tributes (1972) Killing Floor
Out of Uranus (1970)

USA iylta: KISS - Alive! (1975) The Who

Who's Next (1971)

wild and agressive hard blues GBR iylta: Little Free Rock Time Is of no Consequence (1969-71)

what happen when a band beggins to play what they inspired previously? Who's Next of course GBR iylta: Faces - A Nod Is as Good as a Wink... to a Blind Horse (1971)

Split (1971)

iylta: Incredible Hog Volume 1 (1973) Bang

Bang (1971)

i'm almost sure this is the best Groundhogs album and one of the best acid (hard) rock albums ever GBR iylta: Randy Holden Population II (1970) Budgie
Budgie (1971)

raw and agressive hard from this awesome wild power trio USA iylta: Bang - Mother / Bow to the King (1972) Stonehouse
Stonehouse Creek (1971)

finally I prefer this album to Never Turn Your Back on a Friend. both are masterpieces anyway GBR iylta: Budgie - Never Turn Your Back on a Friend (1973) Pink Fairies
Never Never Land (1971)

bluesy hard rock. heavy vocals similar to Grand Funk, but harder GBR iylta: Wildfire - Smokin' (1970) Three Man Army
A Third of a Lifetime (1971)

insane killer rock. definitely Pink Fairies' craziest album GBR iylta: Coloured Balls - The First Supper Last (1972) Leaf Hound
Growers of Mushroom (1971)

Gurvitz brothers (ex-Gun) hard rock attack. killer guitars GBR iylta: Cargo - Cargo (1972) Fuzzy Duck
Fuzzy Duck (1971)

Led Zeppelin 2.0 Original is way better, but I prefer the "copy" by far GBR

excellent guitars and keyboards GBR iylta: Weed - Weed...! (1971)

Bull Angus
Bull Angus (1971)

At the Mountains of Madness (1971)

Grand Funk Railroad meets Deep Purple in the way of Blue yster Cult. USA iylta: Bull Angus - Free for All (1972) Salem Mass
Witch Burning (1971)

hard rock with some prog and psychedelia. really good AUS iylta: Kahvas Jute - Wide Open (1971) Flower Travellin' Band
Satori (1971)

hard rock with a killer keyboards and creepy vocals USA iylta: Icecross - Icecross (1973) Demian
Demian (1971)

hard psych with heavy riffs. awesome JPN iylta: Strawberry Path When the Raven Has Come to the Earth (1971) Hairy Chapter
Can't Get Through (1971)

superb psychedelic hard rock from Texas. post-Bubble Puppy USA iylta: Dryewater - Southpaw (1974) Bolder Damn
Mourning (1971)

the kraut's hardest side. highly recomended DEU iylta: Tear Gas - Tear Gas (1971) My Solid Ground
My Solid Ground (1971)

underground monster heavy psych USA iylta: B.F. Trike - B.F. Trike (1971)

wild riffin' guitars, insane vocals and long spaced instrumental parts travel through this kraut gem DEU iylta: Silberbart - 4 Times Sound Razing (1971)

Toad (1971)

GBR iylta: Uriah Heep - Demons and Wizards (1972) Deep Purple
Machine Head (1972)

classic hard rock from Switzerland with an excellent acid guitar CHE iylta: Toad - Tomorrow Blue (1972) Asoka
Asoka (1971)

essential GBR iylta: Deep Purple - Fireball (1971) Hawkwind

Doremi Fasol Latido (1972)

killer hard progressive with some psycho, funky and latin elements. english/swedish lyrics SWE iylta: Megaton - Megaton (1971) Humble Pie
Performance: Rockin' the Fillmore (1971)

Hawkwind introducing Lemmy Kilmister. in my opinion this is Hawkwind's best album, but probably Space Ritual is a better recomended one GBR iylta: Hawkwind - Space Ritual (1973) Captain Beyond
Captain Beyond (1972)

Steve Marriot's vocals and Peter Frampton's lead guitar on a perfect live performance communion. hard blues-rock GBR iylta: Ten Years After Cricklewood Green (1970) Uriah Heep
Look at Yourself (1971)

one of the best american hard rock albums ever. exmembers of Iron Butterfly, Deep Purple and Johnny Winter's band USA iylta: Captain Beyond Sufficiently Breathless (1973)

without Easy Living and less spectacular than Demonds and Wizards, but in my opinion this is Heep's best album

Round the Edges (1972)

iylta: Blackwater Park - Dirt Box (1972) Jerusalem

Jerusalem (1972)

a hard psych must have album. a personal fav GBR iylta: Wicked Lady - The Axeman Cometh (1972) Dust
Hard Attack (1972)

Ian Gillan produced this piece of hard rockin' GBR iylta: Deep Purple - Deep Purple in Rock (1970) German Oak
German Oak (1972)

amazing power trio with Mark Bell (later Marky Ramone) on drums USA iylta: Dust - Dust (1971) Highway Robbery
For Love or Money (1972)

a monster heavy and obscure instro psych. a must for killah lovers DEU Charlee
Charlee (1972)

thrashing hard rock near to detroit high energy and early Blue Cheer USA iylta: Stonewall - Stonewall (1974) Hard Stuff
Bulletproof (1972)

probably the best Walter Rossi album ever. acid guitar heavy psych ala Hendrix CAN iylta: Road - Road (1972) Wishbone Ash
Argus (1972)

a hidden treasure that should be unearthed. hard stuff with heavy riffing and amazing solos. more hardrock oriented than Atomic Rooster. feat John Cann of course GBR

melodic rock (and folk) with acid/killer twin guitars later used by Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden... masterpiece GBR iylta: Epitaph - Outside the Law (1974)

Morly Grey
The Only Truth (1972)

Tapimn (1972)

awesome hard psych with a great acid guitar work USA iylta: Thunderduk Thunderduk (1972) Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee (1972)

underground power trio. spanish hard rock pioneer ESP iylta: Storm - The Storm (1974) Jericho
Jericho (1972)

as unknown as awesome BEL

one of my favs. hard psychprog ISR

iylta: Hurdy Gurdy - Hurdy Gurdy (1971) Dug Dug's

Smog (1972)

iylta: Jericho Jones - Junkies Monkeys & Donkeys (1971) Night Sun
Mournin' (1972)

fav spanish lyrics hard rock album of all times MEX

one of the heaviest german hard rock albums DEU

iylta: Nahuatl - Nahuatl (1974) Tarkus

Tarkus (1972)

iylta: Light of Darkness Light of Darkness (1971) Poobah

Let Me In (1972)

one of the heaviest albums from south america. mad vocals PER iylta: Pax - May God and Your Will Land You and Your Soul Miles Away (1970)

really underrated hard rock/heavy psych USA iylta: Cain - A Pound of Flesh (1975)

Tiger B. Smith
Tiger Rock (1972)

Lynyrd Skynyrd
(pronounced 'lh-'nrd 'skin'nrd) (1973)

powerful heavy rock trio DEU iylta: Second Life - Second Life (1971) Ursa Major
Ursa Major (1972)

not only a southern rock classic, this is hard rock at its best USA iylta: Black Oak Arkansas High on the Hog (1973) Thin Lizzy
Vagabonds of the Western World (1973)

heavy metal before heavy metal. Dick Wagner on guitars USA iylta: Oda - Oda (1973) Blue yster Cult
Tyranny and Mutation (1973)

best album by one of the best hard rock bands ever IRL iylta: AC/DC - High Voltage (1976) Buffalo
Volcanic Rock (1973)

probably not so good as their debut, but heavier and darker USA iylta: Blue yster Cult Blue yster Cult (1972) New York Dolls
New York Dolls (1973)

hi-energy hard rock ala Black Sabbath AUS iylta: Pinnacle - Assassin (1974) CWT
The Hundredweight (1973)

raw, dirty, fresh, irreverent and an all-time masterpiece. not only for punk people USA iylta: The Dictators - Go Girl Crazy! (1975)

freaky heavy psych-prog with a personal brass section all over the record GBR iylta: The Viola Crayola Music: Breathing Of Statues (1974)

Granicus (1973)

Clear Blue Sky

Out of the Blue - Live & Unreleased (1968) (2001)

imagine MC5 with Robert Plant playing arena rock USA iylta: Truth and Janey - No Rest for the Wicked (1976) Montrose
Montrose (1973)

originally recorded on 1968 this was really the first Clear Blue Sky album recently edited for the first time. even better than their s/t debut GBR iylta: Clear Blue Sky - Clear Blue Sky (1970) Baby Grandmothers
Baby Grandmothers (2007) [Compilation]

80's american hard rock sound precursor. not one of my favs but interesting anyway USA iylta: Left End - Spoiled Rotten (1974) Juan de la Cruz Band
Himig Natin (1973)

super monster heavypsych power trio. a fuckin'killah! unbelievably recorded 196768 SWE iylta: Mecki Mark Men Running in the Summer Night (1969)

high quality hard rock/prog cult band PHL iylta: Speed Glue & Shinki Eve (1971) Shiver
San Francisco's Shiver (2000)

heavypsych killer attack!!! assassin guitars. recorded 1972 USA iylta: Bulbous Creation You Won't Remember Dying (1970)