Terms of Reference – Steering Committee for Bangalore CI

Overall Objective

To achieve a culture of continuous improvement within the BMP by providing leadership, oversight, direction coordination and support on all external and internal service change proposals, irrespective of whether they funded from recurrent, capital, own or external funds. Monthly, time and day to be set by the Steering Committee members [but preferably after the second meeting in the month of the WG so the latest information can be made available] Ensure there is a plan for the institutionalising of continuous improvement, including a training plan and that it is being implemented. Receive and review individual service improvement reports together with recommendations of the WG on any action that should be taken. Approve guidelines, policies and procedures recommended by the Working Group that address key aspects of continuous improvement Ensure that Bangalore has community representation in and approve appointees to Steering Committee, Working Group and service change projects and obtain regular feedback from the community on its service performance. Ensure BMP commits and meets its commitments to the three partner cities of Mysore, Tumkur and Bommanahalli Communicate with Media, Public on services offered, service standards, service performance, service costs and planned and achieved improvement of services

Frequency of Meetings

Specific Tasks

Standing Agenda

Status of Implementation Plan Progress reports of services under review Policies and procedures for CI – approval or review Community feedback on BMP performance Commitments to Partner Cities Matters to be referred to the Working Group Matters to be referred to the Administration Review of Performance Indicators for CI at BMP

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