Confessions of a man like me.

By Facundo Agustín Barrera
Monday: You are my past, I’m your future. -No rational explanation will tell you who I am. He sat next to me, looked me deeply, it rained, we were at the train station. He was identical to me, appeared out of nowhere, between people, while i was sitting reading the newspaper. -I can tell you for example everything you are going to do today, how boring, empty and meaningless your day will be. I was petrified, seemed to be no one around. He wore the same hair style, the same eyes, the same clothes. -Quit the obvious possibility: we are not twins. ‹‹Separated at birth››. Was my instant fantasy. There was my other self staring at me, looking every inch of my face, telling me all these things. I could not understand any. -This won’t be easy, will take some time, be patient. At the station, time seemed to stop, I lost notion of it. I had completely forgotten what i was doing there. My twin was telling me all this things, it was unreal. -If I told you that you have the opportunity to change your life, would you believe me?.

I was still stunned but encourage the first words: -I don't fact...I do not understand why my life should change? -Your purpose is big, as big as mine. As great as the person traveling with you every day on the train. - Added: -Also, for some reason I always been interested in you, I have a hunch about you. I looked up and watched the train approaching, I prepared myself to take it. -Before you go, let me tell you one more thing. I hope you think about it on your journey: "You are my past, I’m your future." I boarded the train, he lost in the crowd.

Tuesday: The black cat has something to say.

I arrived earlier than usual to the station, he was already there. -Have you thought about it?.- he said.

I wasn’t sure on what to say, but I had an idea of what was happening:

-Yes, and i don’t understand what kind of joke you're playing me...for how are you expecting to appear here? -Only five days. - Only five days? you're my future then ... what else do you know about me?. - i asked. -Absolutely everything, you have to believe me, this is your only chance.

His hair style was just like mine, he wore the same watch, the same shirt and he was carrying an umbrella too. I carried an umbrella because it might rain at any time.

‹‹Chance for what?›› I thought.

-As I said, this is not going to be easy, you have to open your eyes. -I have them open. -Yes, but you're not looking, is the opportunity of a lifetime, one in your whole life.

People started to pile up at the station, I could hear the train in the distance.

-Actually, I thought about all of this yesterday, but I don’t quite understand

what you're saying, and what’s your purpose really.

-My purpose is the same as yours, after all we are the same person.

I looked up, I saw the train approaching.

-Before you go, I'll tell you one more thing: "The black cat has something to say."

Wednesday:A game of chess is not only a game of chess. I arrived a little later than usual, to my surprise, he wasn’t sitting on the bench. Felt a huge relief, he was gone. I took the paper and started reading it. I sat beside a man which i looked closely, it wasn’t him. He got up and another man took his place, I looked again, this time it was him.

-Like I said before, do not expect not finding me here for the next three days. - What happens if I do not come to work? ... Or if I change anything in my routine? You could, but you will not ... that’s why I'm sitting here right?

Again I felt that the time was stopped, people walked by our side, but no one seemed to notice we were there.

You haven’t spoken to the black cat yet, right? you will, believe me.

-I don’t know what black cat are you talking about, this is a joke, I'm sick of these conversations! -Anger will not get you anywhere, you just have to hear what I have to say. It is your only chance. -You know I'm sick of your opportunities, your meaningless phrases, really sick!. - I said really angry. -Getting angry with yourself, can be good sometimes... but this is not the case, just listen what i have to say. The train was approaching, he had changed his shirt, me too. He looked tired that day, it was Wednesday, i had to close balances that afternoon, that would be the reason, i thought.

-So, if you're my future, would you tell me some interesting things? such as ...

the winning numbers of a millionaire lottery? -That does not change anything really, what i am offering you is a huge opportunity. -Then I'm not interested at all!.- I said. -Your train is coming, interested or not, you should know this: "A game of chess is not only a game of chess."

Thursday: A phone call can change the lives of two persons. Another day at the station, it was cold. He was already there, like the previous days, identical. - What are you waiting for that game of chess? - What game?! ... This is unbearable ... i can’t stand it anymore! -Think of it as a favor to yourself, one day you'll thank. The people gathered on the station, the train was approaching.

-Your Thursday is not special at all, I cannot help noticing how boring your life is. -My life is my life! and i like it just they way it is! ... I don't need anything else!

I was really angry, for a moment crossed my mind to throw him to the tracks. He had been an annoyance all week long, I didn’t understand who he was and what he was expecting from me.

-What do you want from me!? -I want you to open your eyes, you have the future in front of you, don’t you think it's time to make things right? -I don’t think I'm doing anything wrong here, mister!. - I said. -The problem is not what you're doing wrong, the problem is what you aren’t see? - What I'm not doing then?! tell me! -Change...- he said, i replied: -People do not change, people stay the same, they just get worse or better that’s all! I'm fine with my life, i don’t bother anyone, I just want to stay the way i am!

-The opportunity you have before your eyes, is to believe that you can change. - I don’t want it! Don't you get it?!

The train was approaching into the station, all passengers ran up, no one wanted to lose it.

-It's not about what you want, know something else: "A phone call can change the lives of two persons."

Friday: If you're not here, I'll either, although you can cheat destiny. I arrived at the station relieved to know that this would be the last day (as he had claimed.) I watched him sitting with a smile on his face. He was wearing the same perfume as me. -Are you happy to see me for the last time? -I have to admit so. -I know you remember everything I said, which has made our work very effective. That day a radiant sun invaded the station, people did not look rushed, everyone was waiting the train relaxed.

-How can i know you won’t be here next Monday, sitting, waiting to torment me? -I will not be here on Monday because you've decided so, and you will do everything to make it happen. -I don’t really understand what you're trying to tell me. - I said. -You will, it's your only chance.

I could hear the train approaching, he was wearing a salmon-colored shirt. It was Friday i could dress casual for work.

-You know, you've been particularly interesting - I don’t understand what you find interesting in me and I think I will never understand anything that happened this week. - I said. -Give yourself some time, it's amazing what you can accomplish with patience. -Well, I don’t have it and it’s a huge relief knowing i will never see you again.I replied.

He stood up and extended his hand with an smile:

-It was nice meeting you. Before you get on the train let me tell you one more thing, something that i was not going to tell you, but you're special enough to know it: "If you're not here, I'll either, although you can cheat destiny."

I boarded the train relieved, he left and disappeared into the crowd.

Saturday: Small actions, big reactions. That Saturday I woke up early. As every Saturday I spent the first part of the day to thoroughly clean my porcelain collection. It was a wild animal collection. I had about five shelves with a hundred and forty of them. I particularly liked a penguin, which came with his entire family. Four of them in a row from lowest to highest. When it was the turn to clean the black cat, I took it and observed it like he was going to say something: -So what you have to say?. - Asked laughing. -You can set us free, you can be free too!. - He said.

I instantly throw that figure to the floor and shattered into a thousand pieces. Automatically took another figure, this time of a giraffe and crashed it to the ground too. The feeling was incredible, one by one i started destroying those figures until all five shelves were empty. I felt freedom in my soul, I said to myself:

‹‹Small actions, big reactions.›› Smiling while gathering the pieces from the floor. I went out, walked to a park where elderly men gathered to play chess with his sons. One man in particular was alone, went to his table and sat in front of him. We played chess all afternoon, the man moved his pieces with total joy. I went home, picked up the phone and called my brother. We didn’t spoke each other for a long time. After talking all that afternoon, mourn, laugh, apologize and forgive. He asked why I had called, I answered:

-I've changed, a brother is a brother.

Sunday: A changed man deserves to rest. I spent that Sunday listening to my old vinyl records one by one. Invite friends for lunch, all of them, been years since I saw them all together. We had a spectacular day, I watched all of them spoke each other about their life. Much had happened. I also went to visit my family in the evening; get gifts for everyone. When I got home at night, I greeted my neighbors and fed the hungry dogs huddled in the corner. When I finally lay down on the bed, I said: ‹‹A changed man deserves to rest.››

Monday: Thanks. I arrived at the station, happy. I watched people walking, all of them were busy, immersed in their lives. To my surprise he was not there, I sat down waiting for the train. I pondered and thought those long minutes about all that had happened the previous week. Especially his last words, right there it hit me: He wasn’t there because I wouldn’t be there anymore. I mean, I would die that day. My hands began to shake, feeling that i was going to die invaded my whole body, an unexplainable feeling. I could hear the train approaching, I walked to the end of the station and saw the tracks. I noticed in the distance that they were broken, i didn’t got into the train, but it quickly began to move toward it. Without hesitating I jumped and ran faster as the machine accelerated, a hundred yards ahead I stood in the middle. Determined to stop it. I could hear the horn, but it didn’t seemed to slow down. I held my breath and closed my eyes. When I opened them the train was stopped just a few inches of me, looked up and said:


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