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Class X Subject Mathematics

TIME- 2 HOURS 30 MINUTES M.M.80 SECTION A (40 MARKS) (Attempt all questions from this section) Q.1 (a) Find two numbers whose mean proportional is 24 and third proportional is 1536 (3) (b) Ramesh has a cumulative deposit account and he deposits Rs. 900 per month for a period of 4 years. If he gets Rs.52,020 at the time of maturity, find the rate of interest (3) (c) A manufacturer sells a washing machine to a wholesaler for Rs. 15,000. The wholesaler sells it to a trader at a profit of Rs.1,200 and the trader in turn sells it to a consumer at a profit of Rs.1,800. If the rate of VAT is 8%, find (i) The amount of VAT received by the state government on the sale of machine from the manufacturer and the wholesaler and (ii) the amount that the consumer pays for the machine (4) Q.2 (a) A dice is thrown once. What is the probability that the (i) number is even and (ii) number is greater than 2 (3) (b)Find the value of p for which the lines 2x + 3y 7 = 0 and 4y p x 12 = 0 are perpendicular to each other (3) (c)On a certain sum and at a certain rate percent, the simple interest for the first year is Rs. 270 and the compound interest for the first two years is Rs. 580.50. Find the sum and rate percent (4) Q.3(a) Solve the quadratic equation: (3x2 5x + 2) (3x2 5 x 2 ) = 21 (4) (b) Use a graph paper to answer the following question (6) (i) Plot A (4, 4), B (4, - 6) and C (8, 0), the vertices of a triangle ABC (ii) Reflect ABC on the y axis and name it as ABC (iii)Write coordinates of the images A, B and C (iv)Give a geometrical name for the figure AACBBC (v)Find perimeter of the figure AACBBC

(vi)Identify the line of symmetry of AACBBC

Q.4 (a)

888CM A B


In the given figure ABCD is a rectangle in which AB = 8 cm and AD = 6 cm. Calculate the area of the remaining part of the circle excluding the rectangle ABCD ( = 3.14) (3) (b) In the adjoining figure prove that (i) angle XAD = angle XCB and (ii) XA.XB = XC.XD (4)



(c) and YX If X=

-1 (3)

2 and Y =


1 , then find XY




(40 MARKS) (Attempt any four questions from this section)

Q.5 (a) A man sold certain Rs. 100 shares paying 10% dividend at a discount of 25% and invested the proceeds in Rs. 100 shares paying 16% dividend quoted at Rs. 80 and thus increased his income by Rs.2000. Find the number of shares sold by him (4) (b) Solve the following equation using properties of proportion 13 + x + 13 x (3) 13 +x - 13 - x (c) Solve the following in equation and graph the answer on number line (3) 3x - 2 2x + 1 5, 3 xR = 5

Q.6 (a) Two circles with radii p and q touch each other externally. Let r be the radius of a circle which touches these two circles as well as a common tangent to the two circles. Prove that 1 = 1 (4) r (b) Height (in cm) Numbe p q 155 160 12 160 165 18 165 170 20 170 175 13 175 180 8 180 185 6 + 1

150 155 6

r of worker s workers The given table shows the distribution of heights of a group of factory (6)

(i) Determine the cumulative frequency (ii)Draw the cumulative frequency curve on a graph paper. (iii)Write down the values of median, lower quartile and upper quartile from your graph Q.7 (a)At the foot of a mountain the elevation of its summit is 45 . After ascending 1 km towards the top of the mountain up a slope of 30 inclination, the elevation is found to be 60 . Find the height of the summit (4) (b) Draw a circle of radius 4 cm. Take a point P at a distance of 7 cm from its centre and construct two tangents from point P to the given circle which are inclined with each other at an angle of 75 (3) (c) The angry Arjuna carries some arrows for fighting with Bheesham. With half the arrows he cut down the arrows by Bheesham on him and with six other arrows he killed the rath driver of Bheesham. With one arrow each, he knocked down respectively the rath, flag and the bow of Bheesham. Finally with one arrow more than the four times square root of arrows he laid down Bheesham unconscious. Find total number of arrows (3)

Q.8 (a) Date April 1,1997 April 15 May 8 July 15 July 29 Sept.10 Jan 10,1998

Particulars B/F By transfer To cheque By Clearing By Cash To self By cash

Withdrawls 298.00

Deposits 2010.00 4628.00 5440.00

Balance 3220.00

6980.00 8000.00

The following is a page from the passbook of Mr. Nareshs saving bank account. Complete the entries and calculate the interest due to him at the end of the financial year (March 31st, 1998) at

the rate of 6%vper annum (6) (b) In a triangle PQR, L and M are two points on the base QR such that angle LPQ = angle QRP and angle RPM = angle RQP, prove that PQ2 = QR.QL (4) Q.9 (a) A coat is marked at Rs.4000, a discount of 25% is offered on the coat. After adding the sales tax, the final cost of the coat comes to Rs. 3240. Find the rate of sales tax (3) (b) Find the equation of the line which passes through the point (3,4) and sum of its intercepts on the axes is 14 (3) (c) Use ruler and compass only for this question. Construct triangle BCP where CB = 5 cm, BP = 4 cm and angle PBC = 45 . Complete the rectangle ABCD such that (i) P is equidistant from AB and BC and (ii) P is equidistant from C and D. Measure and write the length of AB (4) Q.10(a) Prove the identity: (3) (4) (c)Which is a better investment? 16% at 80 or 20% at 120 (3) Q.11(a)A square PQRS is reduced by a scale factor 0.64. If the area of the square is 150 cm2, find the reduced area (3) (b)Factorise x3 7x2 + 14x 8 using remainder theorem (3) (c)In an equilateral triangle of side 24 cm, a circle is inscribed touching its sides. Find the area of remaining portion of the triangle (4) Sin3A - Cos3A = SinA CosA

1 SinA CosA (b)Solve using quadratic formula : 3x - 8x - 60 = 0