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automotive architecture is complicated n tough to manage.

complexitylegal enforcement - environment n safety passenger convenience driver assistance basis for industry collaboration on basic fns, platform for common competition Automatic Open System Architecture *Standardisation of CORE components *Scalability to different vehicles *Integration of modules frm different suppliers *Increased use of commercial off-the-shelf software Spearheaded by BMW, Bosch, Continental, DaimlerChrysler and Volkswagen, Siemens. Standardized interfaces Runtime Environment Modularity and configurability standardisation-Standardization of different APIs Facilitate encapsulation of functional SW-components Definition of the data types of the SW-components to be AUTOSAR compliant Identify basic SW modules of the SW infrastructure and standardize their interfa ces runtime environment-AUTOSAR runtime environment to provide inter- and intra-ECU communication across all nodes of a vehicle network to achieve goals-AUTOSAR will provide a common software infrastructure for automotive systems of all vehicle domains based on standardized interfaces for the different layers autosar s/w component -- AUTOSAR Software Components have well-defined interface s For the interfaces as well as other aspects needed for the integration of the AU TOSAR Software Components, AUTOSAR provides a standard description format, i.e. the Software Component Description * The operations and data elements that th e software component provides and requires. * The requirements which the software component has on the infrastructure. * The resources needed by the software component (memory, CPU-time, etc.). * Information regarding the specific implementation of the software componen t. Virtual Functional Bus (VFB) is the sum of communication mechanisms and essentia l interfaces to the basic software, on an abstract, i.e. technology independent, level. When the connections between AUTOSAR Software Components for a concrete system are defined, the VFB will allow a virtual integration of them in an early development phase. In order to integrate AUTOSAR Software Components into a network of ECUs, AUTOSA R provides description formats for the complete system as well as for the resour ces and configuration of the single ECUs. These descriptions are kept independen t of the Software Component Descriptions.

AUTOSAR defines of the various m of ECUs. This ime Environment each ECU.

the methodology and tool support needed to bring the information description elements together in order to build a concrete syste includes especially the configuration and generation of the Runt and the Basic Software on

RTE--- RTE implements the VFB functionality on a specific ECU. The RTE can howev er delegate this task to the Basic Software as far as possible. The Basic Software provides the infrastructural functionality on an ECU.