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1. How many triangles are there in the given figure below?

A. 16 B. 18 C. 19 D. 20

2. The value of 13 - [9 -16 + 4 2}] is A. 19 B. 22 C. -22 D. 122

3. Arun ran a 1-kilometer race. When he was half way to the finish line, how many metres did he have left to run? A. 50 m B. 100 m C. 1,000 m D. 50 m

4. One train travels at 45 kmph and another at 10 metres/second. Ratio of their speeds is A. 5:4 B. 4:5 C. 3:2 D. 2:3

5. Mukta read that a bicycle tyre has a radius of 30 centimeters and a diameter of 50 centimeters. How does Mukta

know that these measurements cannot be correct?

A. The radius should be twice the diameter B. The diameter should be twice the radius C. The radious should be 30 centimetres D. The diameter should be 50 centimetres

6. Mary began a pattern with the number 3. She obtained all of the other terms in the pattern by multiplying the previous

term 2 by and 3 alternately as shown below. 3,6,18,36, 108,216,.,.What is the next term in Marys pattern?
A. 324 B. 432 C. 540 D. 648

7. What is the least common multiple (LCM) of 8 and 10? A. 80

B. 24 C. 16 D. 40

8. The line graph below shows the number of apple pies Vishal sold over a period of five days. Study it carefully and

answer the following question.

How much more money did Vishal earn on Thursday than on Monday?

A. Rs. 390 B. Rs. 660 C. Rs. 510 D. Rs. 900

9. The picture given below shows a box that is filled with 1 inch cubes. What is the total volume of the box?

A. 120 cubic inches B. 100 cubic inches C. 74 cubic inches D. 50 cubic inches

10. The product of two numbers is 3000. If the H.C.F. of the numbers is 10, then L.C.M. will be A. 30 B. 300 C. 305 D. 5

11. Find the number of quadrilaterals in the given figure

A. 6 B. 7 C. 9

D. 10

12. Which of these numbers is evenly divisible by 3? A. 1,587,039 B. 1,687,093 C. 2,578,031 D. 2,687,096

13. Harish does 15 sit-ups every morning for 120 consecutive days. How many sit-ups does he do? A. 180 B. 720 C. 1,800 D. 12,600

14. Two numbers are in the ratio 3 5. If the sum of the numbers is 248, the numbers are A. 63,185 B. 105, 143 C. 93, 155 D. 81, 167

15. Mona has 12 treats to divide evenly among her 3 dogs. Which statement shows how she can do this? A. By breaking half the treats into two pieces, and matching each halftreat with a whole treat B. By putting aside 2 treats, and then giving each dog 3 treats C. By grouping the treats into three equal parts D. By giving 2 treats to each dog

16. The product of two irrational numbers A. Is always irrational B. Is always rational C. May be rational in some cases and irrational in sone other cases D. An integer

1 25 when expressed as a percentage of , is 9 17. 4

A. 27% B. 36% C. 25 % D. 9%

18. The line graph below shows the number of apple pies Vishal sold over a period of five days. Study it carefully and

answer the following question.

If each apple pie cost Rs. 3, how much money did Vishal earn during the five days?
A. Rs. 390 B. Rs. 6000 C. Rs. 3840 D. Rs. 6610

19. Four students studied global recycling and learned that glass is an easy material to recycle. The students selected four

countries and determined the portion of glass recycled in each country. They displayed their findings as shown below

Which of the following lists the four countries by the portion of glass recycled from least to greatest?
A. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, USA, India B. India, USA, Pakistan, Sri Lanka C. USA, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka D. USA, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan

20. Which number belongs to the blank to make the number sentence below true?

(15-3) (2+3) = ____ 5

A. 5 B. 15 C. 12 D. 30

21. Here the clues to Geeta's number.

Her number is a factor of 27 Her number is a prime number. What is Gina's number?
A. 3 B. 5 C. 7 D. 9

22. Rinki has to draw two rectangles that are similar to each other. She drew the first rectangle 5 centimeters wide and 6

centimeters long. She drew the second rectangle 10 centimeters wide. How long should she draw the length of the second rectangle?
A. 11 centimeters B. 12 centimeters

C. 15 centimeters D. 20 centimeters

23. Complete the following figures from the given set of alternatives

A. B. C. D. 24. HOT is related to OVEN in the same way as COLD is related to ______ A. AIRCONDITIONER B. REFRIGERATOR C. ICECREAM D. SNOW

25. Complete the pattern

A. B. C.


26. Newspaper: Editor: : Play:? A. Actor B. Theatre C. Writer D. Director

27. If + means multiply by, - means divide by, x means plus and means minus, then 32 + 16 -8 4 2 = ? A. 32 B. 66 C. 64 D. 38

28. The picture below shows the weight of each shape that Ravi used to balance a scale.

Ravi will place one additional shape on the scale. Which other shape needs to go on the left side of the scale to make it balance?
A. B. C. D.

29. Find the alphabets given in the following monogram


30. Mohit does sit-ups every night for his exercise program. Each week, he increases the number of situps he does every

night, as shown in the table Week Sit-ups every night 1 15 2 30 3 45 4 ? Based on the pattern shown in the table, what is the total number of sit-ups that Mohit will do every night during week 4?
A. 50 B. 55 C. 60 D. 65

31. Indu saw an advertisement for Fresh Squeeze juice that included the graph shown below

Which one of the following characteristics makes the graph misleading?

A. The bars are in the wrong order B. The data is represented on a bar graph instead of a circle graph C. The amount of juice is expressed as a percent rather than in ml D. The scale increments make the percent of juice in Fresh Squeeze appear to be 3 times greater than the percent of juice

in Natural juice

32. Observe the dots on a dice in the following figures. How many dots are contained on the face opposite to that

containing four dots?

A. 3 B. 5 C. 2 D. 6

33. Find the missing figure

A. B. C. D.

34. Sneha says The number I am thinking is divisible by 2 or it is divisible by 3. This statement is false if the number

Sneha is thinking of is
A. 6 B. 8 C. 11 D. 15

35. Square numbers are numbers that can be represented by a square array of blocks

16 Which of the following is a square number?

A. 50 B. 36 C. 27 D. 18

36. Fonts and Font sizes can be selected from the ......toobar A. Standard B. Formatting C. Auto text D. Drawing

37. The primary job of the operating system of a computer is to A. Command resources B. Manage resources C. Provide utilities D. Be user friendly

38. To shut down the computer A. Start Shutdown Ok B. Ctrl + Alt + Del Click shutdown Ok C. On Desktop Press alt + F Shutdown ok D. All of these

39. Word defines what a particular paragraph of text in a document will look ilke by using A. Fonts B. Styles C. Themes D. Paragraphs

40. The documents queue up for printing in the buffer memory of the printer, this is called A. Mixing B. Networking C. Queuing D. Spooling

41. RAM is used as a temporary memory because it is A. Volatile B. Very expensive C. Of small capacity D. Programmable

42. Communicating instantly with people at far off places through the computer is known as A. Talking B. Speaking C. Chatting D. Typing

43. Real-Time communication between two users using computers over the internet is known as A. Chatting B. E-mailing C. Talking D. None of these

44. What is the alternative name for a diskette? A. Floppy disk B. Hard disk C. Flexible disk D. Winchester disk

45. Video display terminal (VDT) is also termed as A. VDU B. VPU C. CPU D. UPS

46. With the turned on, most popup ads are automatically blocked A. Antivirus

B. Popup blocker C. Firewall D. None of these

47. Bit stands for A. Binary digit B. Binary informations C. Binary data D. Both (A) & (B)

48. What does rsmith represent in rsmith @ A. Domain B. Host C. Users name D. Address

49. When a part of a picture is hidden, the picture is...... A. Resized B. Cropped C. Scaled D. Wrapped

50. WWW stands for A. World Wild Web B. World Wide Web C. Web World Wide D. World Watch Web

1. C 6. D 11. C 16. C 21. A 26. D 31. D 36. B 41. A 46. B

2. B 7. D 12. A 17. D 22. B 27. B 32. C 37. B 42. C 47. A

3. D 8. D 13. C 18. B 23. A 28. D 33. A 38. D 43. A 48. C

4. A 9. A 14. C 19. A 24. B 29. B 34. C 39. B 44. A 49. B

5. B 10. B 15. C 20. C 25. A 30. C 35. B 40. D 45. A 50. B