Brigade Group Business Case Competition Trojan Horse, Vista – 2012 At IIM-B Brigade Orchards A Case for Innovative

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Brigade Group wishes to probe young and talented minds in order to get a refreshing perspective on the overall Marketing Strategy for its largest ongoing project, Brigade Orchards, in Bangalore. The project is being undertaken through a separate Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) called BCV Developers, a 50:50 joint venture between Brigade Enterprises Ltd. and Classic & Valmark, the erstwhile land owners. Detailed information about this project is shared for the purpose of this case study. However, participating teams are encouraged to conduct additional research and analysis in order to create a strong, viable and implementable strategy.


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Brigade Orchards @ Devanahalli

Kailash Advani, CEO- BCV Developers, was growing impatient. It had been almost a year since he had launched the Villas at Brigade Orchards, the 100+ acre integrated township in Devanahalli. While sales were yet to pick up speed for the Villas, the Value homes at Brigade Orchards launched in July 2012 were already close to sell-out in a month’s time! He would have to make a presentation to the Board very shortly on the revised marketing strategy for Phase 11 of the Brigade Orchards project but he still had trouble figuring out the core problem areas and solution for the slow sales of the villas. The project is to be an Iconic one. A visionary project by the developer who pioneered the concept of integrated enclaves in Bangalore priced below competition and good value for money. Brigade Orchards was also conceptualized in Devanahalli, a great location for investment, with good reason. Kailash sat reminiscing about what pulled him to Brigade Group and the project…

Spread over a sprawling 120 acres of greenery, Brigade Orchards2 had been conceived as a Livable, Marketable and Sustainable development in Devanahalli. The master plan3 aims to foster a sense of well being
for a sustainable community from an economic, social, and ecological point of view.

It is planned as a mega integrated development located 1.5 kms from Devanahalli Town. The project is unique because of its multi-segmented nature, created for the first time in Bangalore and perhaps even the country. The project straddles all segments of the residential vertical - from luxurious villas, to upmarket apartments, to value homes and even housing for the economically weaker sections of society. The project was launched in November 2011 and consisted of the following features:  Residential4 o Villas o Apartments: High Income Group (HIG) & Middle Income Group (MIG) o Value Homes: Homes for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) o Retirement Homes (Apartments) Commercial o Office spaces o Shopping centre Social Infrastructure o Sports Academy (managed by internationally reputed sportsmen) – 8 acres o Signature Club – 87,000 sqft

1 2

Phase 1 consists of 49 Villas, Signature Club, Aspen (A) Block of value homes and the associated infrastructure Refer Annexure I for the Brigade Orchards Fact File 3 Refer Annexure III for the Master Plan along with Launch timelines 4 Refer Annexure II for the Detailed Residential Area Statement

o o o o o

Resident’s club – 40,000 sqft Proposed Arts village – 20,000 sqft School – 1,00,000 sqft Healthcare facilities – 30,000 sqft Other civic amenities (parks and green spaces, play areas)

Fig. 1: Area and Units


225 units TBA 4,00,000 Sft

1150 units TBA 14,60,000 Sft

2100 units

169 units SBA 68,000 Sft

3,00,000 sft Multiplex Retail Signature Club

3,00,000 sft

98 units

TBA* 4,90,000 Sft

TBA 19,50,000 Sft

IT Spaces

* TBA = Tentative Built-up Area;

SBA = Super Built-up Area

The “integrated enclave” is a concept in urban planning that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. In essence, an integrated enclave forms a self-contained urban neighbourhood—by combining residential, social, business and commercial zones within a single enclave. Typically, such an enclave would be truly self-contained: with apartments, stores, offices, leisure and entertainment facilities, parks and gardens. Depending on the complexity of the project, an enclave could even have its own school or hospital. Forming a pocket of orderly development, an integrated enclave offers an escape from a world of chaos into an organised and well-managed world that has been created based on the best practices of modern town planning. Brigade Group is the pioneer5 of integrated enclaves in Bangalore. The first enclave in the city is Brigade Residency in Banashankari, created over 15 years ago. It was a successful prototype of the enclaves to come. With time, Brigade Group’s enclaves grew in size and complexity. The 5-acre Brigade Residency was a pre-cursor to the benchmark-setting Brigade Gardenia and Brigade Millennium enclaves, in South Bangalore. In the recent past, Brigade Group developed two large 40 acre enclaves; Brigade Metropolis in Whitefield and Brigade Gateway in Malleswaram. Both enclaves have won multiple awards6 for the high quality of construction and design as well as the transformational approach to city developments.

5 6

Refer Annexure VIII for more Pioneering Initiatives of Brigade Group Refer Annexure XI for a complete list of Awards won by Brigade Group

Health Care.Current Project Launch Plan7 with Timelines8 for Brigade Orchards Fig. 8 The Phasing Plan shows the Construction start dates for each of the segments . LIG & Senior living January 2014 MIG .B) January 2014 EWS.A) March 2013 (MIG A) July 2013 Sporting Facilities July 2013 Villa Internal Roads July 2013 Commercial Retail July 2013 Apartments (MIG . 2: Villas 1a Signature Club Value Homes Aspen Block (MIG 'A') September 2012 July 2012 August 2012 Infrastructure from Rock Park to NH-207 October 2012 Villas 1b January 2013 Infrastructure from South entry to Rock Park Finish date . See the downloadable collaterals for the phases marked out on the map. Neighbourhood Club and School) December 2016 7 Refer Annexure III for a Graphical Representation of the Launch Plan. Fire Station.Banyan Block Value Homes (MIG .February 2013 Value Homes .B January 2015 Common Amenities HIG January 2015 (Art Village.

“These villas are beautifully designed around trees that are part of the original orchard and flow smoothly into airy spaces that draw in light. the lag between commencement of Aspen and Banyan is pegged. so that the contractor has continuity. so that they are ready by end-2014. the remaining villas. so that customer feedback can be solicited and the product tweaked. where sequencing is imperative. In the construction of the Value Homes. coinciding with the planned completion dates of the villas and value homes.ft. it is deemed necessary to hold on to the launch of the traditional middle-to-high end apartments in favour of the Value Homes. We have created many villa models to enhance diversity in the design of . The Signature Club is needed to service the villas. while the upper floors are pre-cast wall panels and roof slabs. in anticipation of the market having adequately matured by then. the foundation. the Marketing Office and the Engineering Offices.Phasing Plan – Thought Process The initial Development Plan is sanctioned for 100 contiguous acres out of the planned 120 acres. it was decided to commence work on 49 villas in five blocks (C. The middle and high end apartments will be developed in the last phase. The formal launch of the villas was held in November 2011. unlike stacked apartments. The advantage of this was that the villas being stand-alone units could each be treated as a separate project. two model villas. Brigade Group’s first villa development. basement and stilt are of traditional in-situ construction. it was decided to commence with the villa construction. A time lag of six months is planned before commencing Phase 1B. The 4bedroom pavilion villas at Brigade Orchards are created with due respect given to the environment. The size of the villas is approximately 4900 sq. H) in Phase 1A. F. if necessary. As the in-situ construction is planned for a six to seven month timeframe. The infrastructure work commenced in early 2011 with nearly 8 km of boundary wall constructed. The EWS and LIG components (including Senior Living apartments) have been pushed to January 2014. one of the “C” type and of the “T” type. In order the residents have convenient recreation and shopping facilities. The Civic Amenity sites have been relinquished to the Planning Authority. Villas One of the key components of the project is the villas. As the Devanahalli market is not yet mature. In order to impart uniqueness to the development. and hence commenced in parallel. Of the 98 villas. E. The third block of Value Homes (tentatively named Cedar) is planned for a portion of the land that is yet to come into the project. G. Other work included 2.2 km of the main Spine Road with bridges and culverts. and hence is scheduled for July 2013. the Sports Academy and retail areas are planned for July 2013. which needs to allocate it back to BVC Developers.

the C-villa with a sloped roof (Chrysanthemum). a generous sized kitchen and introverted gardens. one of each of the two types (C and T). every villa is designed for a pampered lifestyle. thus reducing dependency on ground water to a great extent. Each building will also have a rain-water harvesting facility. ft. the C-villa with a flat roof (Carnation) and T-villa with a flat roof (Tulip). large bedrooms. there are two model villas at the project site. These apartments are efficiently designed. There are 3 types of villas. comprise of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments with areas of 1000 sq. over 20% of the water heating requirement for the entire project will be by means of solar water heaters.Existing trees are being retained to a great extent or being transplanted within the same campus. and 1200 sq. Tremendous care has been taken to use landscape as visual and thermal counterpoints.ft.The C-villa wraps around a central tree. Built over three levels. internal roads. The T-villa is designed with a tree in the front or in the rear. Landscape irrigation will be by means of drip irrigation. maximizing use of space and offer good light and ventilation. pathways and landscape lighting will be solar power driven. commonly recognized as the most efficient manner of water distribution. Value Homes The value homes segment.   . with a courtyard in between its two arms.thoughtfully integrated and blending in with the overall planned landscape design for the project. of CnT architects. as well as for specific purposes within the residential unit(s) will be met by recycled / treated water. Native species will be planted – leading to lesser water consumption. Sewerage Treatment Plant – All water requirements for landscaping. These apartments will be constructed using precast construction technology which would result in faster construction and better quality of finishes. In addition. Construction: Technology and Sustainability As part of Brigade Group’s effort to create green building developments some of the eco-friendly initiatives incorporated in the design of the project were as follows:  Optimum use of solar power – External street lighting. but double up as water bodies . Landscape . To give the buyer a true perspective of how the finished product would look like. or sprinklers. with interiors by well-known Sandeep Khosla.  Rain water harvesting – The percolation pits that are strategically placed at several locations in the project not only serve as catchment and storage tanks for rain water. with double height living rooms.these villas which avoids a monotonous look that marks most villa townships” – Prem Chandrashekhar.

Chairman and Managing Director of Brigade Group came together to convert the drawings on paper into a dream that Bangloreans could envision.“We are working with consultants’ world over and adopting the proven precast construction technology that will help meet the quality and time commitments. shopping and office space has been planned within the enclave. The rain water stored in the sub-surface soil is then harnessed in an innovative manner rather than the conventional way of tapping into the aquifers” – Amar Mysore (VP – BCV Developers Pvt. Ltd. we had set a mandate with the consultants to respect the existing terrain of the land and take advantage of the terrain by minimizing any cutting of trees or filling of earth. . making the whole development livable. NBBJ (architects of the overall plan) and Mr. they asked themselves: “If we were to describe Brigade Orchards in 3 words. We are working with renowned experts in the field of water conservation and are creating catchment areas and recharge pits within the project the minimize the rain water run-off. 3: Livable Sustainable Marketable Livable: Brigade Orchards is a well laid out. multi faceted and inclusive project where careful thought has gone into the smallest detail.) Building a Better Bangalore When the Seattle-based architects. We are rejuvenating the seasonal ponds within the property and also interconnecting them to create a network of balancing ponds. These constructions technologies will provide our valued customers with quality homes. Jaishankar. Everything from education and entertainment to healthcare. what would it be?” And thus were coined the 3 words that have formed the basis of the design and development decisions of Brigade Orchards so far: Fig. While designing the project. so that they overflow into one another and reducing rain water run-off.

Brigade Orchards will become a satellite city in itself. Managing Partner of Valmark replied "Brigade has the highest reputation for Quality Development. Sustainable: Brigade Orchards has been envisaged as a sustainable development from the conceptual design stage itself. use of solar energy for lighting and heating  Efficient water management . With thoughtfully planned facilities and infrastructure. having all the facilities required live self sufficiently. Brigade Orchards is sure to have great investment potential. public transport connectivity to nearest transit points  Waste management during construction and operational phases When the landowners were asked about their decision to partner with Brigade Group.achieved by means of Building orientation . It has been envisioned as a better Bangalore. 4: . Other sustainable features adapted include:  Energy efficiency . Existing Site terrain is respected and buildings are designed with emphasis on natural lighting and ventilation. CMD of Brigade Group. Existing trees are retained to a great extent and about 80% of the total development consists of landscaping with native flower and fruit bearing species exceeding 5000 trees. Sewage Treatment water. We are working towards making this project as a world-class Integrated Township. ethical practices and a Good Brand name to work with. Another deciding factor was. giving it an intriguing and interesting form.Jaishankar. Fig. during our initial negotiation we observed that we had a very comfortable relationship and similar wavelengths with Mr.Rain water harvesting. Water efficient fixtures  Sustainable mobility modes . the thoughtfulness and the detailing that has gone into the planning of the development and the scale of the project. The Logo The logo of Brigade Orchards has been inspired by the profile of the project site itself.dedicated trails/paths for pedestrians." Move to a Better Bangalore The tagline for the project campaign is “Move to a Better Bangalore” keeping in mind the scale of the project. cycling tracks.Marketable: Brigade Orchards is located in a high potential growth zone and in close proximity to the Bangalore International Airport. Rathan Lath.

Jingles were on at various local radio stations. HNIs across India and the real estate agent community. followed by a networking session over cocktails and dinner. The venues were the Galaxy Club (North-West Bangalore) and Woodrose Club (South Bangalore)  Exclusive event (meet at site) for contacts of top management As a follow up activity. his Outlook calendar popped up a reminder for a party that evening – a party celebrating the grand success of the Value Homes launch. Founder. as Kailash sat brooding on the worrisome sales of the Villa sales. There was a formal unveiling of Brigade Orchards logo.Collaterals9: “Brochures and communications for the project are designed using special a green and earthy cream colour combination to reflect the sustainability and ecologically friendly nature of the township.” Karan Doshi. A launch that wasn’t half as glamorous as the launch of the Villas… Brigade’s stylish foray into Villa development There was an exclusive launch event for select invitees at Sheraton Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway on November 3rd 2011. it isn't just a concrete structure but a future-responsible one. Video Walkthroughs and other Marketing collaterals can be downloaded from vista website for reference . The event was a grand success. and to subsequently interact with the project team. The invitee list included HNI customers of Brigade. and The Hindu present. So when you buy a home at Brigade Orchards. E-mailers hit the inboxes of the entire customer & enquiry base of Brigade Group.The Times of India. Post Launch and Sustenance activities  Exclusive events with Brigade Customers Before the formal launch. Lifestyle magazines across India and even dailies in Dubai were splashed with the advertisements on Brigade Orchards and its Villas. a different approach was taken for marketing the villas to a focused group. Key messaging includes the serious focus on sustainable measures and green consciousness. exclusive events were organized inviting Brigade customers of select past projects. attended by over 200 guests. Fryed Creative Agency Marketing the Project Ironically. senior management of large corporate houses along with and investors and brokers. Existing HNI clients of Brigade Group and other prospective customers of the project were also invited to visit the model villa at the site. The villa brochures are printed using recycled paper. 9 Brochure. Hoardings dotted prime locations across the city and outside the airport. Deccan Herald. The media launch followed with almost every major daily in Bangalore .

 Others Activities o Newspaper ads o Radio advertisements o Hoardings in Bangalore o Ads in National Magazines o Participation in Property shows – Bangalore. With the Orion mall at Brigade Gateway open and gaining immense popularity. the catchment at the mall is capitalized upon. LinkedIn. The pre-launch registrations led to a significant number of bookings pre-empting the great response the Value homes received during the actual launch. with 200 units being booked in the first 45 days of the launch. .the Value Homes at Brigade Orchards.  Emailer Campaigns to realtors and existing Brigade customers  Real estate agent meetings  Banks / HNI’s Launch of the Value Homes Eight months after the launch of the Villas at Brigade Orchards. While pre-launch registrations for the Value homes began in November 2009. where the corporate office of Brigade Group and BCV Developers is located. It included print advertisements in Times of India and Vijaya Karnataka (Kannada daily). the model apartment is within the city limits in order to ‘take the product to the customer rather than waiting for the customer to come to it’ The media launch for the Values Homes was similar to that for the Villas (except for the glitzy dinner event at Sheraton!). Delhi. Singapore and Dubai o Exclusive property exhibition (“Showcase’) – Bangalore. Though it is located away from the actual site. Planned and ongoing activities:  Discussion with Dun & Bradstreet for focused Direct Mailer activity to Ultra HNI Database – National & Overseas. a very different segment of the township was brought to the fore . standees and announcements at the mall. A model apartment of the typical 2-bedroom unit (1000 sq. the official launch and sale of the apartments took place on July 13th 2012. radio jingles and hoardings across Bangalore. by displaying the project at kiosks and through posters. ft) is set up at the Ground level of World Trade Center Bangalore. Posters and standees were displayed in other Brigade projects and offices and e-mailers were sent to the entire customer database of Brigade Group. There was also an aggressive Internet campaign with banners on websites like 99 Acres. Mumbai. One India and of course the Search Engine Optimization with Google keywords. Magic Bricks. US and Dubai o Broker/Realtor meets on a regular basis But all of these led to the sale of 4 villas up until June 2012. The Values homes sold like hot cakes.

) The market seemed to agree. A lot of thought and meticulous planning had gone into the product. 5: Amounts in Lakhs (Rs. Marketing Expenses10 The allocation of marketing expenses for the project as on July 31st 2012 is as follows: Fig.) 24.50 Print Media Website 13.00 Marketing Collaterals BD & Sales Promos Creative Agency 10 The figures are exclusive of any taxes . and the outcome was a compact yet eminently livable space with all the hallmarks of Brigade quality in the specifications and finishes. it was clear that low-cost or affordable housing did not mean cheap or poor quality construction. with the market looking up in 2010. this was all but forgotten.00 10. However. had made a conscious decision to expand its menu at both extremes – villas/ultra-luxury apartments for the HNIs and affordable housing for the middle to lower income groups. hence the moniker “Value Homes”. when real estate developers looked to unlock their land value by going in for low-cost housing.00 22. “Brigade.00 36. Kailash Advani (CEO – BCV Developers Pvt.00 31. Ltd.50 Electronic Media Out Door 35. a product that met with instant acceptance” – Mr. with a reputation for catering to the upper middle end of the income spectrum.The concept of “Affordable Housing” gained traction during the recession of 2008-09. rather a value-for-money proposition. However.

646 E-Mail 444 43 487 Chat 22 2 24 Site Walk-in 620 139 759 Corporate Walk-in 24 0 24 Event Walkin 199 70 269 Internet 561 20 581 Personal Contact 40 3 43 Grand Total 3.033 Electronic mailers 239 Exhibitions 511 Existing Customer 29 Hoarding 173 Referral 71 Others 246 11 Total 3.095 738 3. printing. 9: Mode of enquiries (from October 2011 till August 2012) Project Value Homes Villas Grand Total Inbound Call 1. Installation and Space Hire charges Print Media Print Ads in Leading Dailies in India and UAE Website Marketing Collaterals Design and Development of the Video Walk through for Brigade Orchards Design and Printing of marketing material Photography and Purchase of Stock Images Business Development (BD).833 Fig.176 11 250 55 566 3 32 115 288 12 83 365 611 738 3. Sales & Promotions Agency Fees Video Route map F&B costs for Orchards launch event Creation of Logo and Initial marketing collaterals. stationary. etc.Fig. 6: Electronic Media Radio Campaigns Production & On Air spots Outdoor Hoardings – Printing. Pole Kiosks.833 11 Others include Radio. creation and Maintenance of the Website Ongoing creative activities Event production and event management charges Miscellaneous expenses including.185 461 1. Magazines.095 3 27 9 322 22 478 143 1. Source wise enquiries for Brigade Orchards (from October 2011 till August 2012) Fig. Road Medians. car rentals. Design. etc . 7: Project Value Homes Villas Grand Total Brokers 24 Online Advertising 313 News Papers 456 Website 1. refreshments.

Sales Process While there is a standard process to take a prospect through the product. 10: Customer is given info. pricing & directions to sales office and is sent an email on the same Customer. 11: Fig. depending on interest (villa/value homes) visits Devanahalli or World Trade Centre office Customer calls Enquiry/Sales team Customer is taken through the model villa/apartment Customer is shown a walkthrough (video) of the project Details are collected in an Enquiry form Project plans & price details are discussed Customer either books or leaves after taking details If booked. sales person follows up till customer shows interest Villa Sales12 Fig. If not. 12: Value Homes Sales13 Villa Sales 10 Sold Value Homes Sales 96 Sold Available 88 432 Available o Launched in Nov 2011 o Total of 98 Villas o 10 Villas Sold Launched in July 2012 Total of 528 Value Homes 432 Value Homes Sold which includes 277 from the time the project was marketed and 155 bookings from the year 2009 12 13 These Values are as on 31 August 2012 st These Values are as on 31 August 2012 st . Fig. required documentation is taken care of. each sales person has his/her own style of making the sales pitch. on project basics .

3967. In an investor driven market the buyer/investor will tend to play it safe with respect to leveraging the investible capital is concerned. 1.) Basic Cost (Range) in Lacs (Approx) Location Brigade Orchards Devanahalli 4895 -4935 98 6150 2. 7107. Ironically an end user driven project will also attract large number of investors as they find it easy to exit on appreciation. 6710. Ltd. Century Istana Off Devanahalli Road on IVRC Devanahalli Road Opp.4. HIG. 13: Name of the project Total Land Area 120 Acres of which 20 acres is villas 55 Acres Configuration of Units – Sq. 4072. 4280. 10 crore. Historically villa sales are driven pre-dominant by end users. Kent Novella 20 Acres 99 6299 2. 5930. In my view if the “Brigade Orchards” as a brand gets promoted as a Better Bangalore to live in along with highlighting the surrounding area development happening. Devanahalli 100 Acres 6500 1.5 Cr.85 . 3115. 3715. Ravi S V (GM Sales – BCV Developers Pvt.” – Mr.2. Embassy Boulevard Ozone Urbana Off NH 7 51 Acres Villas on Hold 170 10000 NA Plots were sold but on hold now 14 Competitor Data is indicative and may not reflect actual data /changes/updates by the competitors and should be used for the purposes of this case study only 15 Refer Annexure VI for Location Map of the Competitor Villa Projects .78 Cr. 4360. 4055. 4225. ITC 68 Acres 6125 2.7 Cr.5-3 Cr. 165 475 Cottages & 300 Villas 124 6500 3-6 Cr. 4100. of Units Avg Price (Rs. While the value homes sales surpassed targets. LIG and EWS is spread over 5 years starting in 2012. 7406.3 crore to over Rs. “The current sale velocity is pre-dominantly investor driven since the location is perceived to be far from City.Sales Expectations The sales lifecycle for the entire project including Villas. Competitor Analysis: Villas15 Fig. 3265. Most Tier-A developers of Bangalore have already launched their villa projects in close proximity to Brigade Orchards in the price range of Rs. MIG. the villa sales are going slow. which explains the reason why the sale velocity of Value+ Homes has been phenomenal where as the Villa sales are sluggish. 3715. Per sq. Sobha Lifestyle Hiranandani The Villas Devanahalli 3800-4300 2850. 3860.5. then a fair share of end user interest will get generated. 3491. ft. No.2. ft. the micromarket isn’t new to Villa developments. Value homes.) Competition Information14 Though Brigade has the first mover advantage in the integrated enclave space in Devanahalli..

Sft 2 BHK-1000 & 1010 sft 3 BHK.5 Lacs 2BHK – 29 Lacs 3BHK. Details of the Signature Club along details of Clubs in other projects 18 in the vicinity are given below: 16 Competitor Data is indicative and may not reflect actual data /changes/updates by the competitors and should be used for the purposes of this case study only 17 Competitor Data is indicative and may not reflect actual data /changes/updates by the competitors and should be used for the purposes of this case study only 18 Refer Annexure V for a detailed report on the facilities offered at the Signature Club and other Clubs in the vicinity .Rs 16 to 18 Lacs 3BHK – 24 to Rs 32 Lacs Ramky North Ramky Estates Doddaballap ur Road 7. 1312 Sft 800 + Rs 2550 Rs.1200 & 1210 sft No. Brigade Hospitality Services Ltd.75 Lacs Optional Rs. 2. Brigade Orchards will have two clubs within the enclave. 3BHk 1075 .1180 Sft. 1291. closer to the city. 14: Name of the project Name of the Builder Location Total Land Area Configuration of Units .5 Lacs for covered car park Covered Car Park: 1.837 913 Sft 3BHK 1101 . The Signature club will be available for use by the villa and HIG apartment owners whereas the Residents Club will be available for use by the MIG and Value Home customers.1288. Onwards Competitor16 Analysis: Value Homes But the presence of affordable housing is still sparse in this part of Bangalore. a more developed micro-market. The Signature Club is planned as a Lifestyle Membership club that will be professionally managed by Brigade Group’s 100% owned subsidiary. 21 to 27 Lacs North City HM Constructio ns Yelahanka 10 Acres 550 Rs 2750 NA Rs 23 to 30 Lacs Membership Clubs – Competition Analysis17 One of the key components of a lifestyle enclave is the club house. Most of the relevant competition is in Yelahanka. Fig. FR + Premium Location Charges ) Car Park Basic Cost (Range) in Lacs (Approx) Orchards BCV Developers Devanahalli 120 Stilt/Basemen t: Rs.5342 133 10.000+ 3 Cr.1141 Sft.845 Sft.34 Lacs Provident Welworth city Puravankara Projects Ltd Doddaballap ur Road 44 Acres 2 BHK . 1 Lac for open car park Rs.1284 Sft 3BHK . of Units 528 in First Phase (6 acres) Current Price/ sq ft Quoted on BUA (Rs) 2890 per sft Floor Rise: Rs 10 per sft Rs 1925 to 2095 (Incl.5 Acre 2BHK .Nitesh Napa Valley Yelahanka 22 Acres 2712 . 1. 3360 2BHK .982. 2BHK . 1014. The club will have an exhaustive range of facilities for its members.

00. 15: Membership Details Brigade Orchards Sobha Lifestyle Hiranandani The Villas Century Istana Embassy Boulevard Club Area 87. Included in the Villa price Later by the Association as part of maintenance charges Rs 5.000/Included in the Villa price Free for the first year. Then annual renewal charges + pay and use facilities Membership Compulsory? Tenure Managed by Yes Life 2 years by Hiranandani then Association Yes Life Association Yes Life Embassy .50.235 sqft 87. Monthly Subscription fees. Included in the Villa price Other Charges Membership Fees.Fig.000/-.000/-. No Free for first year.000 sqft + Still under designing stage so will be finalized later 40.000 sqft 40. Later by the Association as part of maintenance charges Yes Life Association Included in the price of the villa Rs 5.000 sqft amidst 3 acres of landscaped gardens Membership Rate TBD Rs 7.00. and monthly minimum usage charges TBD TBD Brigade Hospitality Services Ltd.

com Downloadable content for the case: 1) Launch collateral: https://www. Kailash pondered on the immediate concerns on the way forward: 1. one aspect at a time!” – Mr. Getting construction of the Value Homes off the ground Forward While there was an overall sense of satisfaction in the way the project is shaping up. I took up the responsibility of seeing this project to fruition in the year 2009. and as an old-time resident. With my variegated experience of 25 years in the real estate industry in Bangalore. Jaishankar offered me a preview of this Mega project. Acceleration of the villa sales by a change in strategy 3. Planning for the remaining residential components and commercial and retail areas “It was in mid-2008 that Mr. I could see that the vision to create a better Bangalore could be realized in Brigade 3) Brigade Orchards Villas walkthrough: http://wtrns.dropbox. and it has been very satisfying to see the project take 2) Photograph Images: Kailash Advani With funding in place there was no hindrance to going full speed ahead to translate the design intent into yet another Brigade ~~~~~~ . Visit the website www. Speeding up the infrastructure works 2.

resorts. of development by 2016 .Bangalore. Apartments in various budget ranges. ft. The meaningful work environment and delivery capability 19 20 Refer Annexure VI for the Organization structure and the domains of operation Refer Annexure VIII for Milestones and Achievements 21 Refer Annexure VII for the Vision. commercial and hospitality sectors amounting to 20 million square feet (sq.) and aims at achieving another 30 million sq. Brigade Group’s World Trade Centre .R Jaishankar came from a Coffee plantation business in Chikmagalur but saw great potential in the emerging real estate market of Bangalore. Hyderabad. The malls also offer a host of entertainment facilities like the largest multiplex and bowling alley of the country. ft. M. parks. recreational clubs and convention centre’s in Bangalore and other parts of South India. Brigade’s retail projects include a premium Lifestyle Mall. The Group. Brigade has developed many landmark buildings in Bangalore and Mysore and is also expanding its operations to Chennai. Brigade is among the few developers who also enjoy a reputation of developing Grade A commercial properties. SEZ’s and stand alone offices have top international clients operating from them. villas and value homes complete the bouquet of its residential offerings. which grew from a 3 member team in 1986 to a substantial strength of over 100019 employees in 2012. Brigade Group is a leading property developer of the country. The Brigade School was established to further its corporate philosophy of ’for a better quality of life’ to the realm of education and operate from three locations in Bangalore. entertainment facilities.II. schools and convention centres that substantially enhance one’s quality of life.1720. Mission and Core Values of the company . exclusive shopping areas in star hotels and large format hypermarkets. Kochi. The integrated enclaves are designed to be self-contained communities with homes. penthouses. Brigade Group’s commitment for continuous upgrade and use of best practices is reflected in its certification as a ISO 9001: 2008 company21. Since its inception in 1986. offices and shopping spaces. The group is ranked 3rd in the Real Estate industry by the international Great Places to Work Institute. spas. Software and IT parks. has completed over 100 buildings in residential. headquartered in Bangalore. Brigade pioneered the concept of integrated lifestyle enclaves in Bangalore. Brigade introduced Serviced Apartments to Bangalore and has hence strengthened the hospitality offerings to include 5 star hotels. Mangalore and Chikmagalur. About Brigade Group Mr. recreational clubs.

of the company has inspired IIM-Ahmedabad to present and win an award for a case study on Brigade Group. Brigade Group has won many accolades22.09 crores. The turnover of the Company for the financial year 2011-12 was at Rs. and is consistently being upgraded by the company’s continual efforts to provide a better quality of ~~~~~ 22 Refer Annexure IX for a detailed list of Awards .25 crores. BEL got listed in BSE and NSE in the year 2007 and has an authorized capital of Rs. please visit www. 112. 58. 609. 150 crores and a paid-up capital of Rs.31 crores and Profit after tax was at Rs. Brigade Metropolis won the CNBC Awaaz CRISIL CREDAI Real Estate Award 2010 for “Best Residential Property in South India”.brigadegroup.The Brigade Way’ at an International Case Master’s contest. For more information. a few of them are listed below:     “200 Best Under a Billion Dollar” Forbes List for the Asia Pacific region in 2008 “India’s Top 10 Builders for 5 consecutive years -2007-20110 by Construction World Trade Center at Brigade Gateway received the “Best commercial Project in India for 2010” from Property World. The Brigade stamp of innovation. quality and trust speak of a standard that has been established. titled ‘Total Transformation .

” Bangalore North Outlook Bangalore North is a new micro-market that has gained traction post commencement of Bangalore International Airport in 2008. However. the city is now expanding its limits to areas like Devanahalli in the North. good education facilities & social infrastructure and an improving physical infrastructure. will bring some cheer to the developers. “A study by the National Housing Bank. Bangalore’s residential segment is likely to grow annually at the rate of 15% for next 3 years. Since the past few months. Bangalore Real Estate Industry Outlook23 For the past two decades. developers have launched oversized apartment projects. Even in the mid category (Rs. says that real estate prices in Bangalore have been one of the slowest to rise during the last five years. April 2012. South East micro-markets . Jaishankar. Bangalore rates have remained at what they were in 2007. 25 lacs – 50 lacs). A report by Vestian . in the Apartment market.Whitefield and ORR will remain highly active in short to medium term owing to proximity to established IT economic hubs. For the most part. Thanisandra Road and Bellary Road). This should make buyers act fast in making their investment decisions. In absence of land to support this spurt in housing demand. According to Mr. Bangalore has been the fastest growing city of India.6 million and is expected to grow to 14 million by 2021. Bangalore boasts of the highest growth rate among all Indian cities. except the budget category (less than Rs. which. thereby raising the demand for residential real estate in the city. 25 lacs). Whitefield in the East and Mysore road in the West. it has a multi-cultural population. The key drivers for residential activity in this region are improving physical 23 Source: Bangalore Residential Market. in turn.III. The capital value is likely to appreciate between 12% and 20% across different micro-markets on account of rising construction cost and land price. the next growth direction would be North East – Old Madras Road and Bangalore North (Hennur Road. Current population of the Bangalore Urban District is 9. in comparison to other cities. Kanakapura in the South. with double digit annual growth rate of IT/ITeS sector. residential products across segments are under downward pressure owing to high activity levels. Bangalore is termed as a ‘World City’ and is being the established as the Silicon Valley of Asia.

developers have plans to develop required social infrastructure in coming years. But the annual capital appreciation rate is likely to drop from current levels on account of excessive activity. This region is likely to be in a balance state for some time on account of high expectation. Manipal Group. some national developers are planning to launch large scale budget segment projects in this micro-market. ISRO. proposed high-speed rail link. April 2012. New Town Yelahanka. This micro market is poised to be the next economic epicenter of Bangalore. 1624: 24 Source: Bangalore Residential Market. In future. in addition to the emerging economic hubs of Bangalore and availability of land for development. etc. Most of the residential developments located in and around Dodaballapur Road. However. Infosys. this micro-market is one of the most promising growth corridors of Bangalore. Thanisandra Road and Hennur Main Road are apartment projects in mid and premium categories. development of large scale integrated theme based townships will characterize real estate development in Bangalore North. Also. etc. Government is aggressively promoting this region for future economic activities.infrastructure like elevated highway. The government needs to step-up its effort in this direction in order to develop planned economic hubs. Projects located along Bellary Road and Hebbal are in the luxury segment. are coming up with large developments in the vicinity. Fig. Social infrastructure is good in Yelahanka but other submarkets lack adequate social infrastructure. However. in the mid to long term. this micro-market is set for an oversupply situation unless key planned economic activities kick-off. A report by Vestian . This micro-market is also attracting retail investors (HNIs and NRIs) for investments in upcoming residential developments on account of expected high growth rate. Currently. Nonavailability of water is the key deterrent for development in this micro-market.

in view of the non profitability of dairy farming and other agriculture practices and also to optimize returns out of the long invested. and ready to be developed. due to better marketing facilities and better weather conditions the same was moved closer to a growing city like Bangalore. and had together been consolidating land holdings for some time. instead of an outright sale or a joint development model.” – Mr. as discerning players in the real estate field. As such. Kailash Advani (CEO – BCV Developers Ltd. we were looking for compatible partners to develop this land in to a residential development. very close to this property. this property has developed into a lush green land! Having been in Property development for the last two decades. scattered holdings. as such." – Classic and Valmark . coconut and other fruit trees. and PE funds were clamouring for a piece of the action. it was obvious that Devanahalli would be the new boom town. appreciating property. The problems in sourcing a large piece of contiguous land in outlying areas are manifold. restrictions on buying agricultural land. In the meanwhile we also used modern drip irrigation techniques. of which around 80 acres were already converted. During the course of development of these lands. However. and needed to build up a land bank. labyrinthine procedures to convert agricultural land to residential use were all prevalent issues. However. and every developer worth his salt made a beeline for its environs. Also. we started acquiring larger parcels of land to consolidate up to 120 acres. they opted for a joint venture SPV in which Brigade would hold a 50% share. During the early eighties with the drip irrigation in place we planted perennial crops like mango. they were in a position to offer up to nearly 120 acres in a consolidated land parcel. we realized that water was a major constraint to grow the green fodder required. 2007 was boom time for real estate. Classic Group and Valmark Group were both real estate developers in their own right.North Bangalore “Once the site for the new International Airport was frozen. internecine quarrels. That is when we got into harvesting rain water by developing water bodies throughout this land. they were not ready to let go of their pot of gold.) "Our parents had developed Dairy farming in our coffee plantation in Chikmagalur. After the development of the International airport. and work commenced. Now. Brigade also had plans to go public later in the year.Devanahalli . 75 acres of land was purchased with the intention of developing a modern dairy farm in a large scale in the year 1980. Devanahalli fit the bill in all aspects.

000-acre BIAL IT Investment Region.Infrastructure. Devanahalli is the site of the newly constructed Bengaluru International Airport (BIA). the largest IT region in India. NH 207 connecting East Bangalore to BIAL / North Bangalore. The town is located 30 kms to the north east of Bangalore.NH7 Govt. width to be enhanced to 80m. planned Infrastructure and Social developments in the area Refer Annexure XI for Key distances for important Landmarks/locations from Brigade Orchards . Devanahalli is a Municipal Council in the rural district of Bangalore in the state of Karnataka. BIA is expected to act as regional hub for global connectivity and would serve to accelerate infrastructure and real estate development in and around the airport. of Karnataka has proposed a 8 lane Peripheral Ring Road connecting north to the rest of Bangalore High Speed Airport Rail Link from CBD with an estimated travel time of around 25 minutes. Total infrastructure development in the area is estimated to be well over US $30 Billion over the next two years. Developments have been on fast track in the northern region since the airport project was launched in 2005. A new Satellite ring road will connect the city with Doddaballapur. Commercial and Social Development Present and Planned25 Bangalore has very good potential of developing its ‘edge city’ at Devanahalli. The state government has also announced some major developments in that area. As part of BIA project. a Special Economic Zone and commercial developments are proposed within the Airport. the second largest in India. 1000 Crore Financial City. Science Park and a Rs. over a distance of 34 Kms. A multi-billion Dollar Devanahalli Business Park with two IT Parks is coming up on nearly 400 acres adjoining the airport. With significant commercial and residential development in the area. the most significant being the proposed Devanahalli Aero SEZ. real estate is in high demand in the region. Devanahalli is situated near the upcoming $22 Billion and 12. Connectivity26       Upcoming 6 Lane Elevated Highway . Proposed 100m width Devanahalli Town Ring Road IVCR ( Inter Village Connectivity Road) connecting Doddaballapur and the SEZ’s located on the road to BIAL ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 25 26 Refer Annexure X for the Key Landmarks.

How would you apply best practices from other industries to market Brigade Orchards? 8. 4.CASE PRESENTATION QUESTIONS  Round 1 1. Would you recommend a change in the positioning & marketing strategy of Brigade Orchards? If yes. What would give Brigade Orchards an edge over its competitors in the vicinity? 3. How would you allocate the marketing budget across various channels? 6. What new sales channels (or innovative approaches in existing channels) would you propose? 5. Brigade Group will organize a site visit to the property on Sept. Note: It is recommended that the Top 8 teams visit Brigade Orchards before presenting the final Sales & Marketing Strategy. 27 th 2012 for the Top 8 teams. What do you perceive to be the strengths or USPs of the project? How should The Group better capitalize on these? 2. What changes would you suggest for the sales process currently in place? 7. please elaborate. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ . Present the overall Sales and Marketing Strategy to improve the sales of the Villas at Brigade Orchards Note: Presentation need not be structured directly around the questions but it should contain answers to address all these areas)  Round 2 Top 8 teams will be asked more specific questions based on the presentation sent for Round 1.

58.IV.000 sft Total: 41. Annexure I – Orchards Fact file Sl.) Total car parks Total No.R permissible F.000 sft Commercial : 80.85.000 sft Ranges from G+1.000 G+2 & Stilt + G+7 1B + stilt + G+7 1B + stilt + G+7 1B+ stilt + G + 7 All Villas G+2 1000 1228 1100 240 98 3666 .03.150 5092 (approx) 3666 units Mixed Used Development 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Annexure II .Orchards Detailed Area Statement (Residential) Land Use Housing Type Built Up Area Sq .78.78. of units (Est. No 1 2 ANNEXURES Project Facts Project Name Total Site area Total Built up area (Est.875 1. of Floors Height of Building F.000 40.00.R achieved (Est.000 15. to G+7 Maximum Height 25 m 1.) (Height of the building is restricted to 25m as per BIAAPA rules) No.A.40.50.000 12. of Dwelling Units Residential Cluster housing Residential – Value Homes Residential Residential Villas Total EWS + LIG + Senior Living MIG A MIG B HIG Villas 7.A.000 2.) Product Mix Details Brigade Orchards 120 Acres in extent (starting with 100Acres) Residential : 40. of floors No.000 3. Feet No.

Annexure III – Orchards Master Plan along with Launch Timelines (Refer the presentation for the Master Plan. uploaded under Marketing Collaterals) .

Annexure IV– A map representation for all the projects in the area .

Member’s Lounge Y N Y N Y N N Y Y Vichy Shower Treatment room N N Y N Y (Spa) N N N N Y Y Y Y Y (Spa) Y Y (50 rooms) N N Half Cricket Pitch. etc) Y N Y Y Y Y Y Kent Novella Y Embassy Boulevard Y Skating Games/Cards Room Squash Court Tennis Court Badminton Table Tennis Golf Simulators/Putting range Basketball Yoga/Aerobics Room Billiards/ Pool Children’s play area/ Creche Conference/ Banquet Hall Jogging Track Gym/ Health club Restaurant/ Coffee Shop Salon & Spa Bar Guest Rooms Convenience Store Library Others N Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Y Y Y N N N N Y N N Y N N Y N Y Y N N N Y Y Y N N Y Y N N Y N Y Y Y N N Y Y Y (Senior Park) Y Y Y Y (With Barbeque) Y (Spa) N N Y Y Laundry Cyber café. Teenage . Mini Amphitheatre Y N Y Y Y (Spa) N Y (15-20) Y Y Service. Horse Riding Track. Lounge Theatre.Annexure V– Club Facilities Facilities Swimming Pool Brigade Orchards Y Shobha Lifestyle Y Hiranandani The Villas Y Century Istana Y (Water sports and slides. Laundry. with Mini Jacuzzi. Amphitheatre. Lounge N Y N N Citizen Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N Y Horse Riding track.

Annexure VI: Brigade Group Organization Structure & Domains of Operation Brigade Enterprises Ltd Flagship Company • • RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL Brigade Foundation (Not for Profit Organization) Brigade Hospitality Services Ltd BCV Developers Pvt.brigadehospitality. Brigade Infrastructure and Power Ltd. – The flagship company listed in 2007 has a portfolio of Residential and Commercial Properties. BCV Developers Pvt. • • EDUCATION BRIGADE SCHOOLS COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT HEALTH • • • • SERVICED RESIDENCES CLUBS CONVENTION CENTRE HOTELS AND RESORTS • SPV TO TAKE UP 120 ACRE TOWNSHIP AT DEVANAHALLI • FOR INITIATIVES IN POWER GENERATION AND INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS Orion Mall Management Co. www.brigadegroup. whose focus is in the field of infrastructure and power. . It was established in June 2004 to focus on the hospitality industry. Ltd • • • • • CONSTRUCTION PROJECT MANAGEMENT QUANTITY SURVEY SOFTWARE Brigade enterprises Ltd. . – A joint venture SPV between Brigade and Classic-Valmark Groups. www.brigadeorchards. Ltd. hotels & resorts. • Associate Companies • REALTY • PROPERTY MGMNT SERVICES • AGENCY SERVICES (HOME LOANS & INSURANCE) Tandem Allied Services Pvt. – A wholly-owned subsidiary. a subsidiary of Brigade Group. Ltd AEC InfoTech Pvt. Brigade Infrastructure & Power Ltd WTC Trades & Projects Pvt. Ltd. www. BHSL’s range of operations currently encompasses professionally managed serviced Brigade Hospitality Services Ltd. in which Brigade holds a 50% share. convention centres.

Ltd. in the Brigade Millennium enclave. The most recent of our schools.. www. AEC Infotech Pvt. in the Brigade Gateway enclave in Malleswaram-Rajajinagar. The Brigade School @ Malleswaram. . was opened in 2009. residential buildings. The Brigade School @ Mahadevapura —in Whitefield. P. serviced residences.WTC Trades & Projects Pvt. it has been established to manage the operations of Orion Mall and develop the retail business domain of Brigade Group. USA. opened in 2010. Tandem manages nearly one million sqft of real estate in Bangalore.Tandem. with both Realty and Home Loan divisions. Annexure VII – Vision Mission and Core Values of the Brigade Group . near the Brigade Metropolis Orion Mall Marketing Company Ltd. www. The company undertakes facilities management for software industries. Ltd. Nagar. Limited.orionmalls. commercial buildings. bungalows and guest houses. allows Brigade to become a one-stop property management services provider.The Not-for-profit Foundation established The Brigade School @ J.A wholly-owned subsidiary of Brigade.AEC Infotech brings in expertise in the area of construction management software and project management services. it holds the license “World Trade Center” for the city of Bangalore—awarded by the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). Today. in The Brigade Foundation.wtcbangalore. Tandem Allied Services Pvt.A wholly-owned subsidiary of Brigade.

Annexure VIII – History. Evolution and Milestones .

Also. by Construction World CNBC AWAAZ CRISIL CREDAI Real Estate Awards 2010 – “Best Residential Property South India for Brigade Metropolis” CNBC AWAAZ CRISIL CREDAI Real Estate Awards 2010 – “Best Hospitality Architecture for Galaxy Club at Brigade Gateway” Rated ‘One amongst the Top 100 companies in India 2011’ to Work for by the Great Places to Work Institute in collaboration with Economic Times. Brigade Group is the only real estate company from India (the only Bangalore company in any field) to find a place in the Forbes list of 2008 “India’s Top 10 Builders” for 5 consecutive years. 2007 to 2011.Annexure IX – Awards and Recognition The Brigade Group has been recognized by various prestigious organizations. Also. Ranked 2nd in Real Estate Industry Rated ‘One amongst the Top 100 companies in India 2010’ to Work for by the Great Places to Work Institute in collaboration with Economic Times. The following are some of the awards received in recent years.  Forbes .Companies’ List of “200 Best Under a Billion Dollar” the Asia Pacific region. Rated as one of the Best in the Industry “Developer of the Year—Commercial 2012” by Realty Plus      .

by Realty Plus “Best Developer in Residential Infrastructure 2010”. Governing Council “Economic Times ACETECH 2007 Awards” . “The Young Enthused Architect Award. R. for Brigade Metropolis by Construction Source India “Best Commercial Property of the Year 2010 – World Trade Center Bangalore at Brigade Gateway”. This was based on a recognition-of-excellence survey carried out by Ernst & Young. 2009 & 2010.2011. by Property World “Best Commercial Developer of the Year.2010.Awarded to Brigade Regency by Accommodation Times. “National Landscape Design Awards—Special Mention: 2005” – Awarded to the Millennium Park by Architecture + Design (A+D). a journal of Indian Architecture and Spectrum Foundation. for the Brigade Group’s Mercure Homestead Residences. was conferred the ACCE-BILLIMORIA AWARD 2011 for Best Construction in High Rise Buildings by the Association of Consulting Civil Engineers India.Mr. 2011”. “ICI (KBC)-Birla Plus Endowment Award for Outstanding Concrete Structure of Karnataka Certificate of Appreciation. Indian Chapter . 1999” . M. a journal of Indian Architecture and Spectrum Foundation. for Brigade Group’s Sheraton Bangalore @ Brigade Gateway. Jaishankar. 2006” – Awarded to the Young Architects of The Woodrose Club by Architecture + Design (A+D). Outstanding Contribution in Real Estate (Hospitality Sector) EPC World Awards 2011. 2006” – Awarded to MLR Convention Centre at Brigade Millennium.   “Integrated Township of the Year" (Brigade Gateway) 2012” by Realty Plus “Regional Developer of the Year .               . “ICI (KBC)-Birla Plus Endowment Award for Outstanding Concrete Structure of Karnataka Certificate of Appreciation. 2003” Certificate of Merit for being one of the best service providers in the industry.South” for 2 consecutive years. “Project of the Year—Bangalore. 2010” – Awarded to Brigade International School. 2006” – Awarded to MLR Convention Centre at Brigade Millennium.International Facility Management Association (IFMA). “ICI (KBC)-Birla Plus Endowment Award for Outstanding Concrete Structure of Karnataka Certificate of Appreciation. “Best Service Provider. by Realty Plus World Trade Center Bangalore@ Brigade Gateway lifestyle enclave. “Best New Hotel in South Asia” in the Serviced Apartment Category . was recognized as one among the top 15 outstanding professionals in the field of construction in the country “Best New Hotel in South Asia” .

Annual National Landscape Design Awards. planned Infrastructure and Social developments . “Best Landscape Design.Awarded to Hulkul Brigade Centre by Architecture + Design (A+D) “First Prize. 2007” .Awarded for landscaped gardens at project offices of Brigade Gateway and Brigade Metropolis enclaves by the Dept of Horticulture and Mysore Horticultural Societies  Annexure X – Key Landmarks. 2005” . Landscaping. Republic Day Horticultural Show.

(Source: Google Maps) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ .6 Kms.7 Kms Brigade Orchards BIAL 14.1 Kms. ITPL – 40.5 Kms.1 Kms ITC Factory 11.Annexure XI – Key distances for Important Landmarks/locations from Brigade Orchards Trumpet Flyover 9. Hebbal 29 Manyata Tech Park 27.6 Kms MG Road / CBD 37.

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