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Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland (N.B.F.

I) Membership Application

PHONE: DAY EVENING: E-mail:____________________________________________________________ HEIGHT: WEIGHT: AGE: D.O.B MEMBERSHIP FEE: 50 Payment is required with completed application. Cheques payable to Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland st *Membership expires on 31 Dec of the year joined irrespective of date of joining.*
In consideration for your acceptance of my application to join the amateur Natural Bodybuilding Federation of Ireland (NBFI), I understand and agree to abide by the rules and by laws of the NBFI, Including the drug free and conduct policies of the organization. I understand that, in order to compete in a NBFI sanctioned event, I may be required to submit up to two or more drug tests to validate a life time abstinence from the use of any type of steroids, hormones, prescription diuretics and any and all compounds deemed illegal by the NBFI. I may also be asked to validate an absence of muscle implants via drug testing. I further agree to abide by the decision of the NBFI concerning my participation in a NBFI sanctioned contest pending the results of one or both my tests. Failure to pass NBFI drug tests or failure to adhere to NBFI rules and regulations will result in my expulsion from the competition, as well as loss of NBFI eligibility for life. I will also agree to submit to any and all out-of-season testing required by the NBFI and agree to stand by the results, whatever it may be. I state for the record that I have never taken any steroids, hormones, diuretics, or any other compound deemed illegal by the N.B.F.I. I acknowledge that I may be drug-tested at any N.B.F.I. competition, or at any time out of competition. Such drug testing will be done by urinalysis. I also acknowledge and accept that I may be polygraphed at any N.B.F.I. competition. I accept that a positive drug-test or poly-graph reading could lead to my expulsion from the N.B.F.I., and I accept that such a reading could mean I am liable for any costs incurred by the testing procedure. WAIVER: I hereby waive and release any claims or demands against the NBFI its representatives, sponsors and promoters that may arise out of my participation in a NBFI event or my membership in the NBFI.

AGREED: SIGNATURE: _________________________________________DATE:_____________ Mail to: Riverside Acupuncture & Sports Injury Clinic, Mill Road, Midleton, Co. Cork

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