Gold Ball 2012
What does football mean to you? Is it just a sport? Is it a time of year, or does it simply just mean football? To all the seventh and eighth grade football players, football is a memory and a time of joy to go out on the field to play their hardest. The sight of fans yelling and cheering the team on, and the cheerleaders jumping up and down screaming, “Go red, go white, fight, Warriors, fight,” over and over again, enabled the players to do their best. The seventh and eighth grade Wells Warriors visited York on October 28th. Many of you were there to support the team while they were on their way to winning the Gold Ball game! On the extremely cold, wet, and windy day, the fans showed York that the small town of Wells were ready to support their team no matter what. The first touchdown of the game was scored by Jake Spofford, #32; he ran 85 yards. The crowd screamed with enthusiasm as Jake hustled to make our first touchdown of the game. Later on, Jordan Cluff, #14, scored another touchdown running 10 yards. At this point, there was no way the Wells Warriors were going down without a fight. The game was ours. The team worked together and were crowned the victors! Table of Contents • Gold ball 2012 • Thanksgiving Holiday • What’s your favorite sport? • Butterfly Project • Football Inteview • Book Review • Get to Know Mr. Griffin • Interview with Mr. Abbott • Taylor Swift Album Review • Should All Grades Get Laptops? • Distance

There were many other awesome plays. Evan Whitten, #12, ran 33 yards and put the team into scoring position. Nick Hansen, #10, caught a 10 yard pass that started a really good drive (a drive is a series of plays). David Ouellette, #71, and Joey Chaplin, #63, opened the hole for Jordan to score the winning touchdown. All the players on the team contributed to the winning of the Gold Ball game. Everyone was blown away from the sight of the Wells team holding the golden trophy. The players had trudged through the unwelcoming weather and proven their worth. Except there wasn’t really anyone from York to show it to. There were hardly any fans for York on the other side of the field. Compared to them, we had about six times as many people. The sea of red screaming and yelling in excitement when Wells scored a touchdown was deafening. After the players had won the game, they walked off the field proud and experienced, now knowing how it felt to be a champion. It was the first time the Wells Junior High football team won the Gold Ball. Gold Ball 2012! By: Aimely Michaud-Nolan, Danielle Jarosz, & Sydney Foss

Staff: Danielle Jarosz, Aimely Michaud-Nolan, Sydney Foss, Kayla Looper, Allison Jarvis, Charlyn Achola, Olivia Sciulli, Brianna Nucci, Patrick Dinmore, Raven Goodall, Lily Iannillo, Daisy Aromando, Emily Jarvis, and Haley Moody. Editors: Danielle and Aimely Advisors: Mrs. Ecsh and Mrs. Zotos

Thanksgiving Holiday
Have you ever wondered how your holidays will turn out? Can you imagine the big turkey and gravy sitting right in front of you? You are waiting for everyone to sit down, but you can hardly resist. The food is just sitting there, asking to be eaten. The feeling of heat from the warm hot oven that was just baking a twenty-four pound turkey is overwhelming. The smell of that warm gravy filling up the room. All you hear is the sound of the oven closing and people gathering around the table, getting ready to sit. Everyone laughing with love and joy, happily celebrating what they’re thankful for. Thanksgiving is a day for f a m i l y t o c o m e t o g e t h e r. “Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones, which strike deepest in the grateful and appreciating heart,” Henry Clay once said. By: Sydney Foss

6th Grade Poll
What is your favorit e sp
By: Daisy Aromando



32% 28% 24% 8% 8%

Flying Into Recovery with The Butterfly Project
Have you ever heard of something called “The Butterfly Project?” It’s a very good coping skill for people who self-injure, but it’s also a very important commitment for someone to make. It involves drawing a butterfly on your wrist, arm, or wherever you intentionally harm yourself, and (optionally) naming it after a loved one. For many people, this is an effective way to end their dangerous self-harming habits. have gone by since you’ve hurt yourself. But, if you do self-injure, the butterfly disappears, and you must wash the butterfly off and start all over again. You don’t have to draw just one butterfly; draw as many as you like! But keep in mind, if you hurt yourself, all the butterflies must be washed off. OB: How could you help someone who self-injures? MS: I personally could help by listening to them, helping them connect with a trusted adult in their life. The Butterfly Project is great thing, and I encourage everyone, self-injurer or not, to give it a try. Of course, the road to recovery from selfinjury is never a short one, but with the help of The Butterfly Project, it makes the trip there a little bit smoother.

To get more support, we decided to head over to the office of Mrs. Soucy, our school’s guidance counselor, What is self-injury? Well, self- and get her input. Here’s what injury, or self-harm, is when she had to say: you intentionally harm yourself because of stress, anxiety, OB (Olivia + Brianna): How do and/or depression. Many do you feel about The Butterfly this because it gives them a Project? sense of control over their pain, and it’s a way for them to MS (Mrs. Soucy): I think it’s a take their frustration out on positive intervention. themselves. Oddly enough, people who do this aren’t OB: Do you think it’s a good looking to commit suicide; it’s idea to participate in it? actually a way for them to cope and hold on a bit longer. MS: If it prevents the person People can become addicted from continuing to harm to self harm. themselves, it’s a good coping s k i l l . Yo u ’ r e n o t h u r t i n g That’s when The Butterfly yourself by drawing a butterfly Project steps in. It’s a healthy, [on your body]; it’s a safe s a f e w a y t o c o p e w i t h alternative. emotional pain, and it’s also a good distraction and motivator. OB: Would you consider The point is to not self-injure participating? until the butterfly fades away. After which, you can draw a MS: Yes. I think it’s important new butterfly. You can keep to support your friends with track of how many weeks any of their struggles. By: Olivia Sciulli and Brianna Nucci

Aimely and Danielle talked with a few players to get the inside scoop on this season’s fall football. Let’s find out what each of the players had to say on varying questions...

Football Interview

Danielle: “Is there anyone from the NFL whom you look up to?” Joey Chaplin (Offensive & Defensive Line): “I guess I look up to Vince Wilfork.” D: “What do you do to mentally prepare for a game?” J: “I go online and look up pregame speeches.” D: “Joey, who would you say is your team’s biggest competitor?” J: “I would definitely say York.” D: “Thank you, Joey!” Aimely: “Who do you look up to in the NFL?” Riley Dempsey (Wide Receiver): “I really like Victor Cruz.” A: “How do you mentally prepare yourself for a game?” R: “I listen to hard-core rap and eat a pre-game meal!” A: “Nice. How would you say practice goes for the team?” R: “It has definitely gotten easier over time.” A: “Thanks, Riley!” Danielle: “Who do you look up to in the NFL, Nick?”

Nick Hansen (Running Back): “Probably Rob Gronkowski.” D: “How do you mentally prepare for a game?” N: “I try to sleep.” D: “Alright, now what advice would you give any young players just starting out with football?” N: “I would say don’t give up if you’re not good at first.” D: “Thanks, Nick!” Aimely: “Owen, who do you look up to in the NFL?” Owen Berry (Quarterback & Safety): “Drew Brees.” A: “Okay, now how do you mentally prepare for a game?” O: “I listen to music.” A: “What do you like most about football?” O: “Tackling people, definitely tackling people.” A: “Thanks, Owen!” That wraps up the football interview. Our team is the best!

The Hobbit Book Review
By: Alison Jarvis

The Hobbit is a classic fantasy novel written by J.R.R. Tolkien. Tolkien has also written The Lord of the Rings, a three book series, as well as The History of MiddleEarth, a twelve-volume series. The Hobbit is the first book of The Lord of the Rings. The book takes place in the Third Age. It’s about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins. A hobbit is a small and fat person, smaller than a dwarf. He goes on an unexpected adventure that he never wished to go on, along with thirteen dwarves and a wizard. The wizard, Gandalf, had chosen Bilbo to come with them on this adventure whether he likes it or not. A dragon has stolen a hoard of golden and silver treasures that once belonged to the dwarves, and Gandalf and his party of dwarves plan to get it back with the help of Bilbo. It will be a long perilous journey for Bilbo and the others, fighting past mountain trolls, elves, goblins, magic rings, giant spiders, and a great dragon named Smaug who has stolen something special that the dwarves want back. Will they be able to get it from him alive? Since this book takes place in the Third Age, it may be hard for someone to understand the old English dialect. Although there are some slower parts to the story, the reader is rewarded if he/ she hangs in there, because

when it gets it exciting, it gets exciting! There’s plenty of action and wars with all sorts of different types of creatures, both good and evil. I say this is a book for someone who likes excitement and mystery of a world of fantasy and can handle reading slow parts of the story. Tolkien’s great use of descriptive setting really pulls the reader into the book. In the scene where Bilbo meets Gollum, a slimy unknown creature who’s spent most of his life in a cave, for the first time and steals the ring. Tolkien used such an elaborate description of the lake in Gollum’s cave. It illustrates such an eerie, disturbing picture in the reader’s mind. Here’s a quote from the narrator in The Hobbit. “Still, he did not dare to wade out into the darkness. He could swim; and he thought, too, of nasty, slimy things, with big, bulging blind eyes, wriggling in the water. There are strange things living in the pools and lakes in the hearts of mountains: fish whose fathers swam in, goodness only knows how many years ago, and never swam out again, while their eyes grew bigger and bigger and bigger from trying to see in the blackness; also there are things more slimy than fish. Even in the tunnels and caves the goblins have made

for themselves there are other things living unbeknown to them that have sneaked in from outside to lie up in the dark. Some of these things, too, go back in their beginnings to ages before the goblins, who only widened them and joined them up with passages, and the original owners are still there in odd corners, slinking and noising about.” The Hobbit Pg: 71 Paragraph 1

“I thought it was a really really good book. I think that J.R.R. Tolkien is a really good writer.” - Raven Goodale, 7th Grader

Get To Know Mr. Griffin
Everyone has come to recognize the new assistant principal of Wells Junior High School, Mr. Bob Griffin, but no one really knows much about his personality, or his past life story. Here in our first issue of the WJHS newspaper, our goal is to introduce you to the man who is playing an important role in the leadership of our school.
Mr. Griffin was interested in teaching since he was in middle school. His favorite subject was Social Studies, and he began teaching in 2000. He has taught 7th and 8th grade Social Studies and has been a principal and an assistant principal.       He said that he was very pleased when he had gotten the call from Mr. Chessie in June saying he had gotten the job. Even if he is an assistant principal, he considers his job the same as the jobs of students. He continues to take classes, go to meetings, and read books to learn what students are learning. Mr. Griffin is already impressed by the behavior of our school’s students. He went to the October dance for 7th and 8th graders and was surprised at how well they behaved. Mr. Griffin stated that a hard part of the job would be how to act towards the kids, and how strict he should be.   Something that he finds challenging and fun are the differences in schedules and days. The time frames can vary quite a lot, as well as meetings and other activities. He and Mr. Chessie work closely together as partners with their schedules, and often help each other out with meetings. The adults in the office all work as a team, just as he and Mr. Chessie do. Mr. Griffin, we’re pleased to have you as our Assistant Principal! We enjoy having you work here, and we all appreciate your time. Welcome to the Wells Junior High School!

By: Haley Moody & Kayla Looper

Mr. Abbott Interview
By Emily Jarvis

Taylor Swift New Album Review
By: Raven Goodall

I interviewed Mr. Abbott on November 7th 2012 and I found out a lot about him. I asked him questions and here are the answers: 1. How long have you been teaching ? Answer: I have been teaching for fifteen years. 2. Have you taught anywhere else than Wells? Answer: I taught Ed tech in York. 3. How long where you teaching in Ed tech? Answer: I have taught there for two years 4. What activities are you involved in right now? Answer: I am the girls basketball High School coach and the PA announcer for High School Football. 5. Name one thing you like to do while your not coaching. Answer: I like to go to Disney (in Florida) with my family. 6. What is your background? Answer: I went to York High School University of Maine. USM ETEP 7. Tell me about your family. Answer: I have a wife who teaches 1st grade. I have two sons. One named Devin, a sixth grader, and another named Ryan, a 3rd grader. I also love my dog, Becky. 8. Tell me something unusual that had happened to you. Answer: I got stranded for three days in Las Vegas when my flight got canceled. 9. Name one thing that you feel strongly about. Answer: Loyalty and commitment towards my family. 10. Why do you feel strongly about that? Answer: Family is the most important thing in my life. 11. If you could say something about yourself, what would it be? Answer: I try my hardest to be a good teacher, coach, husband, and ........ DAD!

“The pop-country songstress’s album topped the iTunes charts just twelve hours af ter the midnight release a Monday morning in October.” (-www.nydailynews.com). Taylor Swift is painting the world red with her new album “Red”. Some songs on her new album include her hit song “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” “Red,” “22,” and “I Knew You Were Trouble.” The album includes songs featuring S n ow Pa t r o l , f r o n t m a n G a r y Lightbody, and English singer, songwriter, and producer Ed Sheeran, Taylor seems to be taking a turn to more pop as well as country, but I think that fans will still be pleased with this album. I highly suggest this album to any Taylor Swift fans and anyone who likes pop or country music.

Should Sixth Grade Get Laptops? YES
Why don’t people in the fifth and sixth grade get laptops? Only the seventh and eighth get them; that is not fair. I believe that the sixth should have laptops too. We are fully responsible to take care of laptops. Most of us are eleven and twelve, and that is a good age to start giving kids responsibilities. We are capable of bringing a laptop to and from school. If we get them next year, we’ll fool around with them because it would be our first time. There is a way to change that. If we got them this year, we would have a whole year of learning how to be responsible with them. Responsibility carries around with you your whole life. When is it a better time to learn to be responsible then now? Let me tell you: there isn’t. There are three main reasons why we should have laptops, and here they are: We are responsible. We know what’s wrong, and we know what’s right, but sometimes we do make bad choices. If we start correcting these choices when we are at an earlier age, then we will mature better. It’s sort of like a dog. If you train it to be obedient at a younger age, it carries out with them their whole life. If we are trained to take care of a laptop at a early age, it carries out with us our whole life. So we need to start now or else next year when we do et the laptops, we won’t be as responsible as we could’ve been if we got them earlier. So thats how we are responsible. It’s one of our Core Values. Responsibility is one of our Core Values, and by having a laptop it teaches us that. It also teaches Honesty; if you forget your laptop, you own up to the teacher, and tell them you forgot it. Another Core Value it teaches us is Trustworthiness because the teacher has to trust you not to forget your laptop. Isn’t the school supposed to teach the students lessons about our Core Values? If the sixth grade got laptops, it would cover three out of the five Core Values. That means a good future for ourselves if we learn to start these at a younger age. So that’s how it teaches us the Core Values. It makes us feel like we matter. What I mean by that is that it makes us feel worthwhile, special, important and respected as a maturing adult. I said maturing adults because that’s what we are. We are the next generation of adults. We should be taught how to be responsible, and taught right. Some people, including myself, feel like we are are not respected as maturing adults. I feel like a two year old sometimes. It’s not a good feeling when you know who you are, know that you’re going to be an adult sometime in our lives, and then people go and treat you like you’re four. It is not like we are going to stay eleven and twelve forever. We need responsibility in our lives at this age. We need something that will shape us up like maturing adults. I especially don’t want to be the little kids anymore. I want to be sitting at the adult dinner table. I want to be respected, as I am a maturing adult, because that’s what we are. And a laptop will make us learn how to handle this responsibility. Plus handle it right. I think this is the most important statement of all. I think we all do. So that’s why we don’t feel like we matter. So those are all the reasons why I think the sixth grade should have laptops. We are responsible, it teaches us the Core Values, and most importantly, it makes us feel like we matter. We don’t want to feel like the fifth graders, because we aren’t. We are better than that. We are not crazy animals that run in the halls, or yell indoors, or use equipment violently. That was in fifth grade. Don’t you want us to change from all that naughtiness? Let me tell you, we aren’t. And you are not showing us the respect that comes with that. You see, the respect I

know,the respect that we all want; is to be respected enough to have a laptop. I bet you that’s the same with everyone in the sixth grade. So think about it. We deserve laptops because we are not kids anymore. So that’s why I believe that the sixth grade should get laptops.

-Lily Iannillo Sixth Grade Student

Should Sixth Grade Get Laptops? NO
I believe that the school should not allow students in the sixth grade to get laptops. Many students in the sixth grade think they should have laptops to bring home and back to school each day. Well I am here to tell you that they shouldn’t. We as seventh and eighth graders get to bring home laptops for various reasons, including that we have a higher level of maturity over the sixth graders, more pressure is put on to the school to make sure the laptops do not get damaged since they do belong to the state of Maine, and that the NetBooks were purchased for the younger grades. If the sixth were to get laptops, (hypothetically speaking), the money that was used to purchase the NetBooks would’ve been wasted. The main reason why the sixth graders should not get laptops, is because they haven’t fully matured emotionally. I am not saying that all students in the sixth grade aren’t mature, it is just that the majority of them aren’t ready yet to handle such an expensive piece of equipment. The reason students in seventh and eighth grade get them is because they have had experience. Sixth graders still have their fifth grade rambunctious behavior, but towards the end of sixth grade they begin to change and become more responsible. These laptops are to be used for school use only, and nothing else, and I don’t think the sixth graders fully understand that. The next reason why the sixth grade should not get laptops is the more pressure is put on to the school to make sure they don’t break. Let me start off by saying that the school does not own these laptops, they are property of the state of Maine. If they break the school must pay to replace them, thus putting the school under more pressure. Does the school really need anymore stress? The final reason why sixth grade should not get laptops is because the money used to buy their NetBooks, would’ve been wasted. Last year the school purchased the NetBooks for the sixth and the fifth graders to use. The cost for one of those is about one hundred dollars, and there are about one hundred twenty-five kids in the sixth grade per year on average, so the school spent roughly $12,500 for the sixth grade NetBooks. These NetBooks were purchased to prevent this controversy, so let the sixth grade stick with the NetBooks. Using NetBooks is what helps the sixth and fifth graders become ready for laptops. The students shouldn’t be thrown into such a big responsibility. With that being said, I believe the sixth grade should not get laptops, because they are not mature enough, more pressure is put onto the school, and finally, they have NetBooks. Lets keep the original rule that only the seventh and eighth graders should get laptops. -Patrick Dinmore Seventh Grade Student

Distance By: Sydney Foss
One cold dark windy night, everyone was tucked in bed and all asleep in a small town called Willows Berg, except for one man. This man didn’t live in the town and didn’t know where he was going. He ran and ran in a curvy pathway in the woods and tried to avoid running into the trees. He was cold and scared. He had a feeling that he was being chased. He turned around and started running for a cabin in the middle of nowhere. He knocked and banged on the door, but no one had answered. He was freezing cold. He could feel the chills throughout his body, goosebumps had formed hours ago. He felt the warmth on the doorknob and couldn’t help but to bang on the door one last time and there was still no answer. So, he had decided to open it and so he walked inside, the goosebumps went down as he took a seat. After a few long minutes he screamed in fear of the footsteps on the second floor, the cracking of the wood from the weight being put in the hallway, the sound of whistling of the wind that had sounded as of it had said, “I am here.” ! He ran out the door back into the cold, dark woods, yelling at the top of his lungs. Over and over in his mind he was saying “What is happening, who was that, HELP, HELP ME!” He couldn’t stop his feet from moving step by step, one in front of the other, going faster and faster. Screaming and yelling in pain from all the cuts he had got from the sharp tree branches sticking out in the pathway as he ran by. Bleeding in pain and fear, he just couldn’t stop himself from the yelling. A puddle of tears form in the bottom of his eye socket, which spilled out and ran down his face. He was thirsty and was running out of breath. He needed to stop. He started slowing down and had no more fuel. “What now?” He thought over and over again. “What now!” he shouted out loud. He tripped over a root in the middle of the pathway and tried to get back up, but he just couldn’t do it. He heard the sound of footsteps coming on up behind him, and then they had just faded away. In the relief of the man, he had stood up with pain and felt the warm of sunlight hit his cold, wet, and muddy body. He walked the pathway in search of people. A sound spooked him, from the fear he still had in him; it was the sound of his stomach rumbling of hunger. He was longing for that nice tall glass of hot chocolate to go down his throat to warm him up, but he knew that that would’t happen any time soon. Walking and walking took him hours until he had reached the end of the pathway. He was blown away with the sight of what he had been walking up to. All he had saw was candy, water, baked goods and everything that he had wanted and was dreaming of when he was walking the long distance. He walked up and ravenously ate so much food, not even thinking of whom it might have belonged to. Once all of the bowls and cups full of candy/ drinks was gone, he started to feel sick. He was starting to feel a bit dizzy. He thought that he had ate too much, but really he had eaten the food from the crazy monster. The same monster that was chasing him in the woods. The monster had come back and smelt a living creature on his property and saw that all of his food was gone. ! “I am the C monster and whoever is there, better come on out,” the monster had said in a loud tone. The man had thought that he could hide from the C Monster, but after five minutes the monster used his smelling tricks and found him. Years later..... “What happened to the man?” Everyone asks. No one knows! This all happened on the night before Halloween! Don’t be scared, just hope that the monster isn’t aware.