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Winter 2012/2013

J.P. Heijestraat Zandvoort

Shopping and dining in Amsterdam West Holland’s seaside resort heats up in the winter

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Take a 30-minute train trip from Amsterdam’s Central Station and discover the ancient city of Utrecht and its beautiful canals, wharf cellars, squares and winding streets. Read more about Utrecht on p.111

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Even though Zandvoort is best known as a summer destination, this charming resort has much more to offer than sun and sand (a race track for instance). See for yourself on p.112. Photo courtesy of the city of Zandvoort

Winter 2012/2013

Practical things. More than 20 years since we published the first In Your Pocket guide .. clubs and cafés still offer plenty of food and drink as well as outside seating to exhausted skaters. Galleries and museums will also keep you warm and entertained and unlike the months of June and July.inyourpocket. most people seem to prefer a sweet Dutch liqueur or a fiery shot of aged jenever (Dutch gin). The World of In Your Pocket Northern Ireland Ireland Estonia Latvia Lithuania Belarus Netherlands Poland Germany Belgium Czech Republic Ukraine Russia Austria Switzerland Slovenia Romania Croatia Italy Bosnia Serbia Bulgaria Montenegro Kosovo Albania Greece FYR Macedonia Newsstand “I had a good browse of the Amsterdam guide. which can be downloaded for free from the AppStore.. LT-01124. like us on Facebook (facebook. We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of the information at the time of going to press and assume no responsibility for changes and errors. (+31) 653 79 91 46 amsterdam@inyourpocket. and there are informative reads on subjects such as Ajax football club.inyourpocket. Although the city centre and its timeless attractions are definitely worth seeing. Maps copyright cartographer.leerintveld@inyourpocket. but the Dutch are still crazy about ice skating and you can do as the locals do at several locations throughout the city including Leidseplein (see cover) and Museumplein behind the Rijksmuseum. Naturally.000 copies annually Editorial Editorial team Martins Zaprauskis & Theo Leerintveld (theo..inyourpocket.” The Daily Mail Cover story Although Leidseplein is always a hot spot regardless of the season. are covered in great detail and look bang up to Sponsored listings are clearly marked as ISSN 2211-2480 © In Your Pocket Netherlands Printed by Microdot in the EU Published four times per year 160. you probably won’t have to queue up as long to see incredible works by Rembrandt or Van Gogh. The only thing that’s changed are the inyourpocket) or follow us on Twitter (twitter. Others courtesy of Amsterdam city governments. we recommend that you do a little exploring beyond the city’s lovely canals. Lithuania. E S S E N T I A L C I TY G U I D E S In Your Pocket Netherlands Weikesstraat 21 5335 LE Alem Netherlands tel. clubs and cafés are still a beehive of activity. We now cover more than 75 cities across the continent (with Oristano. the latest city to be pocketed) and the number of concise. West and Zuidoost and discover a whole other fascinating city that most guidebooks never discuss. without written permission from the publisher and copyright owner. Copyright notice Text and photos copyright In Your Pocket Netherlands 2011 . but Amsterdam’s bars. Search for ‘IYP Guides’ by name. inyourpocket). witty.leerintveld@ inyourpocket. Amsterdam In Your Pocket www..Leerintveld & M. Noord. including more than 40 guides. well-written and downright indispensable In Your Pocket guides published each year is approaching five www. in the winter its huge summer terrace is replaced by a small ice skating rink. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form. Lies Heessels & Gabriela Küsters Research Theo Leerintveld. Reviews of places to eat and drink are plentiful and (+31) 653 79 91 46 Editor’s note The editorial content of In Your Pocket guides is independent from paid-for advertising. The streets no longer seem as busy as they do in the summer. that’s popular with both young and old. 9-4. The brand name In Your Pocket is used under license from UAB In Your Pocket: Bernardinu g.4 Foreword Winter is finally upon us and the city’s residents and visitors have forsaken the Dutch capital’s parks and gardens for activities of a more indoor variety. All rights reserved. depicted on this issue’s cover. some outdoor activities that should not be missed.we have grown to become the largest publisher of locally produced city guides in Europe. Read our chapters about Amsterdam Nieuw-West. There are. Amsterdam Toerisme & Congres Bureau (ATCB) and various concert organisers Cover photo Martins Zaprauskis Sales & Circulation Advertising & Circulation Theo Leerintveld theo. We also publish an iPhone app. Have you ever seen all those 17th-century paintings by Golden Age artists of Amsterdammers congregating on frozen canals? Well we can’t guarantee that that will happen this year. Instead of ice cold beers. except brief extracts for the purpose of on the Italian island of Vilnius in Lithuania .com www. the surrounding Contributors Mart van . such as getting around. however. Oost. We welcome all readers’ comments and suggestions. To keep up to date with all that’s new at In Your Pocket. Joep van Aert & Gabriela Küsters Layout & Design Martins Zaprauskis Photos T. Zaprauskis.

and worst.’ You can also buy train tickets at the Train Tickets & Services office but you’ll pay an extra €0. If you’re like most people you won’t even leave the terminal and you’ll head downstairs to catch a fast train that will take you to Amsterdam Central Station in 15 minutes for only €3. Just walk straight through the arrivals hall and you’ll see the stops outside with the names of the city’s biggest hotels that operate their own shuttles. The office to the left can explain the public transportation system and sell you tickets for trams and buses.4. Although located under one roof.Centraal. Each chain has its own schedule. the building is divided. You can also leave your bags at the storage office for the same price. Just walk into the main hall to find a list of train departures. www. Café Balkon. Stationsplein 10.50 you have to go up to platform 2. (+31) 207 94 08 00/09 00 01 41.50 and children 4 . QOpen 09:00 . You can also take the blue Connexxion Schiphol Hotel (www. fast food restaurants and shops. Once you reach the Central Station see ‘Arriving by train. it was later criticised by urban planners for having cut off the city of canals from its most essential waterway. Sun 10:00 . Schiphol Airport (Arrivals 2). Lockers for luggage storage are located on the far east side of the station. JA Winter 2012/2013 Schiphol Amsterdam Airport Evert v/d Beekstraat You can only pay with a credit card. Sun 09:00 . but it’s easy to navigate and pleasantly efficient. Q Tourist information Tourist Information ATCB F-3.19:00. If your hotel isn’t listed it’s possible that it can be arranged. A small bank of lockers is also available on the ground floor between terminals 3 and .com.197 departs regularly for Leidseplein in the centre of Amsterdam as do other buses to a variety of other destinations in Amsterdam. which is essentially part airport. www. confirm the price and then wait for your ticket to be ed. part train station. When you want to remove your luggage just place the ticket into the slot and the door of your locker will automatically open. For toilets that cost €0. Sun 09:00 . nominally at least.18:00) to the left of tourist information to buy tickets. an upmarket restaurant called 1e Klas (1st Class) and a bar. Today. The machines are fairly self-explanatory and available in English and you can pay for the short journey with a credit or bankcard. Luggage storage and lockers are available downstairs between terminals 1 and 2. buy a guide or take a number if you’d like to talk to a staff member. the massive edifice and its surroundings are a bit of a mess as the station is being renovated and retrofitted to accommodate a controversial new metro line. Take some brochures. full fare. If you haven’t already bought a ticket you can purchase one from one of the many ticket machines with a credit card. Also at A-1.inyourpocket. which is the easiest way to reach the city centre. He will activate the card for you. insert your credit card. From here it’s usually only a short walk or tram ride to your hotel or hostel.18:00. (+31) 90 04 00 40 40. Just walk straight to the main hall to find most services that you might need including transportation to the city. Q By plane Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS) is located less than 10km southwest of the city centre. Find the nearest keypad that corresponds with the numbered section of lockers you have chosen. Getting to town: If you’d like a taxi.70. the River IJ. . currency exchanges and ATMs are plentiful so you won’t have any problems getting money. Just choose English as your language on the touch-screen then choose the following steps: single. It’s one of the busiest airports in Europe receiving nearly 50 million passengers each year. For tourist information we recommend you exit the building on the city centre side and walk across the street to the official tourist information centre (see Tourist information). You’ll arrive at one of 15 platforms and then walk downstairs into the central hall. Many of the city’s best. but it’s only open from 06:15 . 5 By train Amsterdam’s Central Station is a monumental building that was completed in 1889. hotels are only a short walk from here. Thu. tel. into terminals 1 .open 08:00 .22:45. A ticket good for 24 hours will be ed. A very long list of hotels is posted at the stand. If you plan on using public transport frequently in Amsterdam it might be worth buying an extended ticket.22:00) currency exchange and an ATM are available near the south city centre side between platforms 1/2 and 4/5. 2nd class. shuttle that stops at a number of large hotels along a planned route. gwktravelex. Lockers cost €6/24hrs and you can pay with a card or with coins. Ben & Jerry’s. Exit the train station and walk across the street to the GVB office (open 07:00 . Sat 09:00 . so you might want to just cross the street and enter the white building to find yet another official information centre. which is full of newsstands.22:00. Prior to its construction many of the city’s historic cafés were afforded an impressive vista of ships’ masts bobbing up and down in the distance.connexxion. Once you clear customs you’ll enter the large arrivals hall. A single ticket costs €15.60. but you have to place it up against one of the ticket readers upon exiting the tram. An official tourist information centre is available in terminal 2 (open 07:00 . The information centre in the train station can get quite crowded. If you’re planning on taking the train to Amsterdam. kiosks. Choose your method of payment. Central Station (Platform 2b). Confirm that the locker number listed is the locker you have chosen and then swipe your credit card. They can give you ideas and advice about excursions. valid today and the number of tickets. Sat. Although an incredible achievement in its own right. Getting to town: You are in the very centre of town and all of Amsterdam lays before you. you might want to buy a ticket at one of the yellow and blue machines next to the conveyor belts while you’re waiting for your suitcase.14 travel for half price. www.17:00. City bus Nr. part shopping centre and part food court. At the far end of the same platform are a Burger King. Place your belongings in a locker and close the door. Buses and hotel shuttles are available outside the terminal. Fri. You’ll find your luggage at one of 15 baggage belts and luggage trolleys are abundant and free. Just stick it in the slot and pull it out.22:00). enter your PIN.50. then head to the far right of the arrivals hall after clearing customs and you’ll find a Travel Taxi office where you can order a cab and watch some TV until they call your name.arriving in amsterdam Arriving in Amsterdam is simple and no matter what mode of transportation you choose nearly all roads lead to the Amsterdam Central Station right in the heart of the Free ferries to Amsterdam-Noord are available on the north side of the station on the River IJ. Banks. set you up with a map and help with plenty of other pressing questions. Buy a ticket from the driver for €2. iamsterdam. A GWK Travelex (www. but it might take a while to find an empty locker and even more time to figure out how to use one.21:00. which is clearly marked at the stop. but if you’re staying in another section of town such as the Museum District you can take one of the many trams outside. destination A.

Daily tours at 10:00. www. tel. Sun 09:00 . (+31) 206 25 50 29. (+31) 206 20 32 15. Sun 09:00 .gvb.20:00.schipholbehindthescenes. A one-hour OV card can be purchased onboard from GVB drivers and conductors. repairs and bikes for sale. QOpen 09:00 . Q Open 09:00 . tel. tel. (+31) 204 19 90 63. Prices: from 3 hours for €6. tel.000. Rent a Bike A-2. Damstraat 20 . it's definitely reliable. Sat. A King Bikes Kerkstraat 143 HS. You can buy tickets at the airport or A Bicycle rental There are many ways to see Amsterdam and its surroundings but our favourite option is to hire a set of wheels. QOpen 07:00 . Tweede Helmersstraat 49. A full day bike rental will set you back only €10. Prices: half a day for €5. You can purchase OV-chipcards for 24. Sat 08:00 . cycling is the preferred Dutch method of travel and some would say it's the only way to truly experience the city. buses. Also at Oudezijds Armsteeg 22. JA Recycled Rentals A-2. Offers bike rental. 72. Lijnbaansgracht 282. Yellow Bike has been renting bicycles and offering comprehensive bike tours of Amsterdam since 1990. www. you can rent a normal bike without any flashy colours or other visible signs that would identify you from a distance as yet another foreign tourist who doesn't know how to ride a bike.22.19:00. tel.70 for one hour of unlimited travel on different buses and trains in the city that begins once you board your selected mode of transportation and check in by placing it next to the scanners near the doors. QOpen 07:00 www. Prices: €8. Spuistraat 84a.opposite Starbucks). Maasstraat 106 . full day for €7. This company claims to have the cheapest bike rental in town and at only €5/day. Closed Wed. Nieuwezijds Kolk 29. QOpen 09:00 . Public transport GVB (www.12 years €7. (+31) 653 63 19 73. which afford you unlimited travel on all trams.20:00. country cottages and wetlands of Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 146. You can expect service with a genuine smile at this bike rental agency and you can even buy food and drinks at its mini-supermarket to replace all of those calories you'll burn off while pedalling around Amsterdam. (+31) 654 68 14 29. which isn't a bad idea in Amsterdam where bike theft is as common as dope smoke.inyourpocket. Naturally. Since 2010 a comprehensive OV-chipcard ticket system allows you to travel on the metro. Holland Rent a Bike A-2.10.108. You must also scan your card when leaving the vehicle. a necessary luxury in a city of bike thieves. 15:00. There are a variety of OV-chipcard options and you can upload them with travel credits at special machines located at stations and even in most supermarkets.bikes. Piet Heinkade 11a. Sun 07:00 . but be sure to remember where you left it.6 GettinG around Amsterdam is a wonderfully walkable city and many of its major sights are located in or near the city 16:30 & 18:00. Mike's Bikes is famous all over Europe for its sightseeing tours. trams. You can rent a bike for as little as €12/day. children 4 .18:00. but a premium is charged for this ticket. www. 144 and 168 (+31) 206 22 32 07. Amsterdam commuters cycle more than 2.15:30. Although it's one of the smaller companies in town.cyclelution. www. Prices: from only 2 hours for €7 to a whole week for € Sat.50. Each bike has two locks. it might be right. JA Amsterdam In Your Pocket You’ll always find someone to talk to on Dam Square MZ www.50. Also at Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 88. www. TJA Mike's Bike Rental Shop G-7. tel. professional staff will guide you through the city centre or take you across the IJ to explore the dikes. 48. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 258. Hire bikes with hand brakes or the old fashioned back-pedal ones that don't include rental company signs so you don't look like a silly tourist. but we recommend its beach cruisers with special tires that hardly ever go flat.50 to a full day for €9. tram and bus service throughout the city and its surrounding is Amsterdam's public transportation company and it provides integrated metro.18:00. € . Rent here and blend in with the locals. http://kingbikes. (+31) 206 70 85 31.18:00. tel. Each bike also comes with two locks. (€5 .18:00. but if you'd prefer a tour. Its office is located a short walk from the Central Station. Sat.15). tel. Bike and scooter rental.19:00. QOpen 09:30 . Public transportation is excellent and we don't recommend driving within the ring of canals. All told. TJA Star Bike tel. Blend in perfectly with the locals on a traditional Dutch Sparta 'black bike'. Kerkstraat 134. bike tours €13. QOpen 08:00 . Have you ever wondered exactly what it takes to keep an enormous international airport running smoothly? You can now take this ‘behind the scenes' tour and learn interesting facts and hear fascinating stories about one of Europe's busiest transport hubs. Amsterdam also has plenty of places to park your bike for free.000km every day! Amsterbike H-4. (+31) 206 22 79 70. www. www. Sat. 96. (+31) 203 16 39 51. QOpen 09:00 . This company's service is outstanding. 120. It rents and repairs bikes. buses and even trains using just one card. Tickets: adults €15.50/3 hours. 13:00. Sun 09:00 . Black Bikes F-9. Damrak 247.19:00. JA Yellow Bike A-1. (+31) 206 20 69 40. It costs €2. TJA Cyclelution A-2.22:00. Bike rental from €5 . They even include picnic baskets! QOpen 08:00 . www. Sun. (+31) 204 22 10 Airport tours Schiphol Behind the Scenes Schiphol Airport (Arrivals 4 .starbikesrental. Best of all. De Ruyterkade 127.yellowbike.18:00.50/day. tel. tel. All tours begin at Schiphol Plaza. QOpen 09:00 . metros and night buses and an economical way to explore the city.recycledrentals. steps and scooters.

A new line to Noord will be added in the future. The High-Speed line covers larger distances quickly. They cost €2. Taxis Connexxion Cateringweg 12. Piet Heinkade 27. 7 Boaty Jozef Israelskade. €50/hour. Car rental 206 55 60 50. www. Free wi-fi is included in the www. tel. Great Britain or Belgium. It’s a combination of underground subway and light rail on the surface (sneltram). Sun 07:00 .avis. You have plenty of choices varying from singles and day returns. You can easily find all train departures as well as ticket price information at www. while the Stoptrein. too! They provide the best way of getting around the city and run from 06:00 . Nassaukade 380. tel. Also at E-8. (+31) 204 19 10 07. not surprisingly. Canal Bike H-8. tel.europcar. (+31) Trains Train travel in the Netherlands is really the best option for getting around and there are three types of trains available. (+31) 205 09 10 00. makes frequent stops between bigger cities. www.23:00. Gein. Night buses operate from midnight until 07:00 with routes connecting Central Station. some food venues.hertz. Amsterdam in particular and the Netherlands in general have a long seafaring tradition. Tickets are available at platform A7 or at the Connexxion Desk in Arrivals 4 opposite Starbucks.21:00. Sat. QOpen 06:30 . (+31) 206 24 29 55.sixt. Only some 3. Prins Hendrikkade 20a. Overtoom 333. medium and large categories and are available from €40/ Weteringschans 26-1hg. tel. The yellow timetables in the station show departure times and platform numbers. Avis Schiphol Airport (Aankomstpassage 5). (+31) 203 16 41 90.23:30. Ferries Amsterdam Passenger Terminal hence all of the construction around town. a functional kids corner and a luggage room with instructions in six languages. Overtoom 197. the Intercity offers fast connections between Dutch cities. but if you plan on travelling a lot you're better off purchasing a 24-hour ticket for €7.00:30. tel. (+31) 90 03 33 44 42. QOpen 06:30 .90/minute. Passenger Terminal Amsterdam hosts more than 250. Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein. Why take a canal boat tour when you can rent your own boat and ferry around your friends? You don't even need a licence to drive these electric powered vessels! The company is located near the Hotel Okura on the Jozef Israelskade. You can also book a shared taxi ride on a minibus to one of 110 selected hotels in Amsterdam for €15. Tickets come in many forms. Amsterdam’s canals by night This company rents 15 electric boats from two locations at Nassaukade 69 and at Borneosteiger 1. info@canal. tel. This cab company uses environmentallyfriendly electric cars. Q AW Fietstaxi Amsterdam H-6. You can reserve a date and time online. The four metro lines all depart from Central Station and head out to their final destinations at www. Nassaukade 69.5km of track between the Central Station and the Amstel are actually located underground.and long-term rental of cars and All boats are powered by (environmentally friendly) electricity and they're easy to navigate even without any prior experience. Q From €33 a day. Gaasperplas and Isolatorweg. Cars are divided in small. A Hertz S-4. www. www. Most of the stations are centrally located.ptamsterdam. You shouldn't have to wait longer than 10 minutes at any tram stop. There are NS ticket machines at every station. which is ideal when travelling to Germany. Straight opposite Central Station this company rents all kind of cars and vans.canal. Rapenburgerstraat 155. Hertz offers short. Finally. (+31) 881 00 44 44. (+31) 206 12 24 41. info@sloepdelen. A Europcar Schiphol Airport (Aankomstpassage 10). Q TJAL Metro The metro is fast and efficient. QOpen 10:00 . One-hour tickets for journeys across the city can be bought from newsagents or tram Also at Schiphol Airport and other Amsterdam locations. Also at Winter 2012/2013 . (+31) 883 39 47 41. www. credit cards are accepted and it offers cheap rates to the airport. It's actually the fastest way of getting around the city centre. The cosy hallway offers a giant chess game.000 people every QOpen 06:00 . tel.50. The striking architectural monument is within walking distance of the Central Station and only 25km from the North Sea. www. www. tel. Trams Amsterdammers love their trams and you should. tel. Cars from €40/ day. Believe it or not you have to order the taxi 24 hours in advance. www. Rents pedal boats for Amsterdam canals near the Rijksmuseum. Schiphol. Connexxion is the biggest passenger transportation company in the Netherlands and has fixed prices from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam from €32 .60. Electric Taxi Company Taxi-E. tel. The machines at Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam Central also accept credit cards.sloepdelen. www. a weekend return or a day travel card. Sloep Delen C-6. You have to touch the scanner near the doors of the tram when entering and exiting the vehicle. The route is shown at the top of each board. (+31) 627 14 94 93. but don't expect a cheap ride as it's also the most expensive way of travelling in Amsterdam. Q Prices: €0.schipholhotelshuttle.Zaprauskis Buses City buses are primarily used to reach outlying suburbs or as a final option once the trams have stopped running.42. Sixt Rent a car (+31) 611 52 99 67.getting around GettinG around Boat rental boaty.

Mail & Phones You can use your mobile phone if your provider has an international roaming agreement with one of four mobile phone networks in the Netherlands.44 £3. Many will also be adept at other European languages with German being the most commonly spoken. if you're abroad. text messages. This holds true for supermarkets and off-licences.Sat 08:00 . Soft drugs are sold exclusively at so-called coffeeshops so don't buy them on the streets.26 $0. The most central and largest location is on the Singel. It is closely connected to the Low German dialects which by now have largely been flooded by official German.18:00. A wide variety of excellent Belgian brews are also on offer at most bars.79 $2. mms and internet.80 €2. TNT (Post Office) F-5.13:30. If you're already in the Netherlands and want to call one of the numbers in this guide.2012) US$1 . Money Since 2002. One euro contains 100 euro . you only have to use this if you're dialling from abroad. And you may have also heard that dealing or possessing hard drugs is forbidden. These dialects managed to keep a number of proto-Germanic characteristics and for this reason Dutch as a language is a living fossil.32 £1.64 £0. but keep an eye out for cafés selling beer from Amsterdam's own microbreweries 't IJ and De Prael.inyourpocket.25 €0. open Mon . and also of 1 and 2 euro.38 £2.76.€0.00 €1. 50. At the train station you can find a GWK Travelex shop (Stationsplein. Amstel and Bavaria are the nation's biggest brewers but other large local brands include Grolsch and Hertog Jan. The Dutch country code is (+31).47 $0.82 $4.75 €7.93. hotels and shops accept Visa and MasterCard. A Market values McDonald’s Big Mac Loaf of white bread Snickers bar 0. Many restaurants. be sure to carry some money with you as some bars only accept cash and others require a minimum purchase of €15 . Dialing All In Your Pocket guides list country codes before all telephone numbers. but learning a few key phrases will make things easier and might even win you a few friends and admirers. www.71 $6. If you look too young you'll be carded. it's well worth considering buying a local SIM card. It represents a group of important dialects that were spoken by the founders of the Frankish Empire and the Saxons. All Dutch banks accept Visa and MasterCard at their cash dispensers. ¥100 . Heineken.5L bottle of local beer 20 Marlboros Public transport ticket Cinema ticket 1l of petrol €3. bear in mind that they're almost never accepted in shops or restaurants. Singel 250. 20.50 £0.22:00. Mastering the Dutch language can be a terrifying ordeal.91 £2.€0. Drugs It comes as no surprise that in many places in the Netherlands you're allowed to buy and smoke marijuana and other soft drugs.98 $10. Closed Sun. 10. Most Dutch have a more than fairly healthy command of the English of vodka 0. so always bring identification.48 Exchange rates (as of 04. you have to pay roaming charges on all incoming and outgoing calls. Language Dutch is an Indo-European Germanic language that is mostly spoken in the Netherlands.80 Winter in the city centre M. Again. Although a collection of €200 and €500 bills in your wallet might make you feel like Bill Gates. but of course. Normally.€1.29 $3. 10.Zaprauskis Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. a large part of the European Union has adopted the euro as its local currency and the Netherlands is no exception. A prepaid account starts from around €10. You can be arrested for it and punishments are no laughing matter.61 £6. Banknotes are available with the following values: 5. You can exchange and withdraw money at most large banks. just ignore the (+31) prefix. 100.tntpost.22:00). too.70 €9.23. dealing is forbidden. Sat 10:00 . £1 . 200 and 500.45 £ to use a card. You must be at least 16 years old to drink beer or wine and 18 to imbibe spirits. See below.12. Depending on your phone usage. To purchase one you need to show your passport. but bear in mind that ATMs are ridiculously scarce in Amsterdam often leading to huge queues near hot spots like Leidseplein.54 $11. These products are often not inspected and may be adulterated with unknown rubbish. but to avoid disappointment. 5. dial 0 and then the nine-digit number. 20 and 50 euro cents. There are coins of 1. Post Look for the orange TNT signs around town to find post offices. Stay wise and limit yourself to the coffeeshops and get high responsibly. You can buy stamps at most newsstands and drop off your postcards in the orange TNT boxes around town in the overige slot or go straight to these centrally located post offices.72 $0.54 €4.8 Basics Alcohol Amsterdam is famous for its cafés and restaurants so you're never far from a tasty brew or a glass of wine.€0.20 £7.55 €0. If you're a little too tipsy you'll probably be asked (firmly. there are plenty in the centre of Amsterdam. Sun 09:00 .99 €0. 2. AUD$1 . QOpen 09:00 . Flanders and Suriname (South America). yet kindly) to leave the premises and if you don't cooperate you could end up spending a night sobering up in a drunk tank. No trip to Amsterdam would be complete without a visit to one of the ancient bars at the beginning of the Zeedijk that specialise in locally distilled liqueurs and Dutch gin known as jenever.

This is usually in bars with just a single staff member: the boss. Minicards offer information about local bars. restaurants.26 Christmas (Kerstmis) December 31 New Year’s Eve (Oudejaarsdag) 9 Amsterdam’s tallest windmill .inyourpocket. This is to be expected when one considers that there are. You can find them hanging from stands at most hotel receptions around Amsterdam. museums and other attractions and include contact details and a map with for more information. don't take any photographs up close. This is partially because the government started a huge campaign to make people aware of the effects of smoking on their health. www. only became legal in 2000. Schools. Minicards venues have been marked with a special symbol in this guide. smoking was very popular in the Netherlands. window shopping on the Oudezijds Achterburgwal is a popular tourist Winter 2012/2013 . Use a zoom lens from a distance if you want some photographic evidence of your visit to Europe's erotic pleasure capital. and you're not allowed to cycle on motorways! You don't want to know how many tourists are plucked off the road by police each year. on average. And there are 7 million households! The majority of Dutch drivers never break the speed limit. if deserved.000 hotels worldwide. These days you can have a wild night out and come home without your hair and clothes reeking of cigarette smoke. The Netherlands is of course also known for its wafts of marijuana. Thanks to unclear rules you may suddenly find yourself in a smoke-filled pub. two vehicles per household. In the Netherlands you must drive on the right side of the road. Driving through a red light? This will cost you €160. outside city limits 80 and on motorways 100 or 120 (check the road signs). 2013 Easter Monday (Pasen) April 30 Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag) May 1 Labour Day (Dag van de Arbeid) May 4 Remembrance of the Dead (Nationale Herdenking) May 5 Liberation Day (Dag van de Vrijheid) May 9 Mother’s Day (Moederdag) May 13 Ascension Day (Hemelvaartsdag) May 23 . 2008. Despite the excellent state of Dutch roads and cars (it's compulsory in the Netherlands to have your car checked for faults at least once every two years) traffic quite frequently jams at a large number of bottlenecks. there are a ridiculously high number of asphalt roads and motorways. a free souvenir or some other interesting offer at the venues they advertise. Today. Every town. Be respectful and. post offices and banks are closed and some shops and restaurants may also close. city village or hamlet can be reached from the black ribbon that never seems to be more than a few kilometers away. smoking has become a lot less common. Prostitution It may surprise you to know that the profession that has helped to make Amsterdam a household word across the globe. For years.Basics Basics National holidays On public holidays shops and museums often close earlier and some stay closed the whole day. The cops in the Red Light district only rousted sex workers if they became too aggressive with passers-by showing off body parts or tapping on the glass. the Dutch did what they always do when confronted with a sticky social problem. whatever you do. shops.minicards. For more information see ‘Drugs'.Zaprauskis Smoking Until recently. which are available free of charge in more than 7. Or you may find yourself in a pub that flouts the ban on smoking. For more information see Amsterdam Centrum Nightlife. Visit www. then the manager will receive a fine upon inspection. If you light a cigarette in a pub and the manager tolerates this.De Gooyer M. 2013 Good Friday (Goede Vrijdag) March 31. Within city limits you must drive 50km/h. Tipping Tipping. Driving too fast within city limits? Be prepared to pay €180! And as soon as you exceed the maximum speed by 50km/h you'll lose your driving licence and be fined. Nicolas (Sinterklaas) December 25 . but since the introduction of the smoking ban on July 1. This will not have any consequences for you. and considering the severity of traffic fines. 2013 Easter Sunday (Pasen) April 1. but please bear in mind that these ladies are there to make a living and are not part of some open-air zoo. Roads For a country as small as the Netherlands. The police simply turned a blind eye to the practice and tolerated it.24 Whitsun (Pinksteren) June 20 Father’s Day (Vaderdag) June 26 Veterans’ Day (Veteranendag) September 21 Budget Day (Prinsjesdag) December 5 St. For some this is an enormous benefit and others (read: smokers) find it a pain and banish themselves to the many smoker's rooms in the country. is up to the diner and both 10% or a rounding up of the bill is acceptable. Most of the cards also offer a good discount. this seems wise enough. January 1 New Year’s Day (Nieuwjaarsdag) March 29. Minicards offers & Discounts Minicards is an international brand of full colour advertising cards about the size of a typical business card.

By way of compensation. King Louis Napoleon claims the grand city hall as his own personal residence on the Dam. 1613 . a shift took place that forced the Catholic city council and the Catholic clergy to leave the city. which was completed in 1665. it also showed outsiders that Amsterdam was an independent community with its own governance.Construction of the City Hall The old Gothic city hall had become too small for the largest centre of trade in the world. Amsterdam remained loyal to the Spanish king. the Batavian Republic was proclaimed in 1795. To prevent this. The municipality eventually decided to build walls for fear of looters from Gelderland and Utrecht.inyourpocket.King Louis Napoleon Bonaparte With help from the French Revolutionary Army. which was financed by the Lords of Amstel. the swampy land is slowly reclaimed. 1620 . the inhabitants were granted the right to move goods within the county of Holland without paying fees. To guarantee a stable foundation. This first multinational is empowered to create local governments in its colonies. However. a dam was constructed on the Amstel. By digging drainage canals. In 1648 construction began. 1808 .659 piles were driven into the ground. The band of canals has been on the UNESCO list world heritage list since 2010. no less than 13.Founding of the VOC The Verenigde Oost-Indische Compagnie (VOC or United East Indian Company) is founded. it was decided that houses should be built of stone. which would reflect Amsterdam’s expanded power and glory. When it was completed in 1631 it was the largest reformed church in the world and the tallest building in the city at nearly .The Great Fire Around 1400.Amsterdam becomes Protestant After the beginning of the Dutch revolt. docks and warehouses. mint coins and to negotiate treaties with foreign powers. As a consequence. which was written in 1275 by Floris V in Leiden. Protestant rebels led by William of Orange ruled the area surrounding Catholic Amsterdam. farmers from Utrecht make their way to the marshy area known as Aemstelle. Since all of the houses were made of wood and built right next to one another. The dam. Catholics would build clandestine churches throughout the city. Amsterdam had grown into a city of about 3000 inhabitants. who make their homes on both banks of the Amstel River. 1602 . The farmers and fishermen. 1648 . build their houses on mounds to stay above the water. but new ones were needed for the growing numbers of Protestants. A series of canals were constructed to supply badly needed housing.Dam on the Amstel River Around 1250. these ‘heavy’ houses sank into the boggy soil.10 history 1000 . In the 17th and 18th centuries it is the largest trading company in the world. Amsterdam joined the revolt and grew into an economic superpower partly due to the arrival of merchants from the southern Netherlands. makes Amsterdam the capital and the centre of his new government. Amsterdam is the main partner in this multinational commercial enterprise.First Settlements Looking for land. and Keizersgracht are dug around the old medieval city in semicircles. Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. Catholic churches were converted. 1578 .Construction of the Westerkerk Reformed Protestantism becomes the most important religion in the Dutch Republic during the 17th-century Golden Age. In Asia the VOC acts as a representative of the State-General. On 26 May 1578. For a long time the VOC controls the lucrative trade between Asia and Europe.City Walls Amsterdam was late in getting its own city walls. On this dam. In 1613 the municipality decides to initiate the first major expansion of the city. 1452 . Apart from the extra security provided by the wall. the centre of what would later become Amsterdam arose. from which Amsterdam derived its name. In 1452 a great fire broke out that destroyed two thirds of the city. is the oldest document in which Amsterdam is mentioned. The city council commissioned Jacob van Campen to design a new city hall.Canal Construction The strong growth of both Amsterdam’s economy and its mushrooming population causes overcrowding and poor sanitation. who initially resided in Utrecht. to administer justice. 1482 . 1250 . connected the two banks of the Amstel River. The most prominent of these new houses of worship is the Westerkerk. However. The world famous canals like Many artists were involved in decorating the classicist building. The king. 1275 . Prior to this the city’s residents had to make do with the occasional defensive moat or earthen wall. long wooden piles were subsequently used as foundations. there was a constant threat of fire. Prinsengracht. but Napoleon Bonaparte had his own ideas and put an end to the fledgling republic in 1806 and named his brother Louis Napoleon King of Holland.Toll Privileges of Floris V The Toll Privilege. which was slowly expanded over time. The document was written after Floris’ soldiers wreaked havoc in the small village.

Eventually. The highlight of the week-long festivities is the parade on the canals. These young anarchists protested in playful ways against what they considered to be narrowminded bourgeois society. also called Canal Pride. During the five-day revolt. The situation exploded on the day of the coronation. For some time Amsterdam becomes the centre of the international world of sports. schools. 1965 . With his club he wins the European Cup final against the Greek side Panathinaikos in 1971. together with the Dutch team.Revolt in the Jordaan In the 1930s the economic crisis caused unprecedented unemployment in Amsterdam. manages to reach the World Cup final.Hunger Winter In the harsh winter of 1945 the food supply to Amsterdam was nearly completely cut off for fear of air raids or commandeering by the German occupying forces. The lack of food. In 1974 the footballer. the movement claimed victory and disbanded. which quickly led to fights with the police. By the end of September.inyourpocket. and to the Catalan people he is known as El Salvador. The situation escalated and the army was brought in to restore order. Pouw 1945 . Its goal had been achieved: the authorities were in complete disarray. burnt down in 1929. where participants show pride in their sexual orientation. signs of modernity slowly seeped in. www.Gay Pride Gay Pride is the highlight of the year for homosexuals in Amsterdam. Squatters protested against a lack of housing. most Jews in Amsterdam – including Anne Frank – did not survive the war. in large part due to the efforts of Jewish physician Samuel Sarphati. which has placed an emphasis on sustainability and accessibility for all. number 14.Squatters Riots In the weeks leading up to the crowning of Princess Beatrix. This. five people were killed.Olympics in Amsterdam In 1928. combined with the intense cold and lack of fuel. However. They frequently gathered around the statue of ‘Het Lieverdje’ (the Sweetheart).com Winter 2012/2013 . led to desperate attempts to get supplies from the countryside – so called hunger journeys – as well as mass mortality among Amsterdam’s residents. On 13 May 1967. A general strike was organised in Amsterdam on 25 February 1941 in protest. The new symbol of the spirit of the age – a building for everyone – was erected on Frederiksplein. the shop shelves were already empty and prices on the black market skyrocketed.Johan Cruijff and Ajax Johan Cruijff makes his début on the first team of Ajax. It was a huge success in the Netherlands generating great interest from the general public and great accomplishments by local athletes. changes in the arts and free love. There are also many street 2000 .‘Het Lieverdje’ and the Provos The Provos movement started in 1965. 1928 . Many Jews were arrested and disappeared into concentration camps. unemployment and the royal coronation and got into fights with the police. this combustible cocktail was ignited and desperate labourers took to the streets in protest. shops. in combination with harsh government austerity measures caused a tense atmosphere in the city.Development of Zuidas The Zuidas (South Axis) is Amsterdam’s financial and educational centre located in the south of the city. a variety of conflicts erupted between squatters in Amsterdam and the police and tensions kept rising.Palace of the People Even in slightly backward Amsterdam.history 1864 . 11 1964 . During the first weekend of August. The February Strike was put down violently and despite this outcry. Although the 670-acre area is still being developed. which was inspired by the Crystal Palace in London. 1934 .Persecution of the Jews Soon after Nazi Germany invaded the Netherlands. 1940 . theatres and museums will also become an integral part of Zuidas. The refurbished Olympic Stadium is still the proud symbol of this golden era. a party is held in the inner city. Housing. Jews became the victims of the occupiers. women’s emancipation. 1980 . After a career as a football player and trainer ‘skinny Jopie’ is named European Football Player of the 20th century. Amsterdam secures the honour of hosting the Olympic Games. 1996 . These provocateurs focused on issues like the environment. Photo by T. 400 companies and institutions have already settled here including the head offices of various multinationals and a university. which resulted in one of the worst riots in Dutch history. After his transfer to FC Barcelona Cruijff still celebrates major successes. the building.

nl. is known throughout Europe for its great acoustic sound.13). Courts & Eric Valentine. The Movies is a bit old fashioned. € Kings of Leon. Anton Goudsmit & the New Rotterdam Jazz Orchestra. Sat. Halina Reijn & Carice van Houten.18 9 19:30 Indie. Het Bimhuis H-3. Awolnation: Never Let Your Fear Decide Your Fate Tour 2013. www. Ron Pope. folk. this multifunctional place opens a couple of nights a week as a club in the former Melkweg E-8. www. www. The digital sound is also a big bonus.50 MW 28 21:00 Soul.het-muziektheater. Weteringschans 6 .themovies.163.50 23 20:00 Metal/Hardcore. dance events. €7 . €15 . €15 17 20:30 Reggae/Pop. €10 11 20:30 Jazz. Concerts.50 24 20:00 R&B.20 29 23:00 Various. www. . Snoop Dogg. www. tel.hotelarenana. tel. (+31) 207 88 21 88.bitterzoet. One of three places in the Netherlands that has a giant IMAX screen. Macy Gray presents Talking MW Book: a love letter to Stevie Wonder. (+31) 900 14 58. Spuistraat 2. but that's also its biggest festivals and exhibitions.paradiso. QOpen 11:30 . R&B. tel.14 13 20:00 Rock. €17.500 seats. Paradiso F-8. Bart Lust Quintet Albumrelease. An institution in Amsterdam since 1912.21 PA Ballet & Opera Het Muziektheater Amsterdam H-6. Not to be confused with the Ajax football arena. €15 19 20:00 Singer-songwriter. Rob Black. Photo courtesy of the Two Door Cinema Club Facebook page Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. €39 . (+31) 206 38 60 16. €10 Jan 2 20:30 Orgel Vreten. nicknamed the Black Box. but the larger one with 5. €12 27 0:00 Various. tel. €15 . Efterklang. BZ Alternative Christmas celebration with music by Geza Weisz. Nothing Special. jazz & More Dec Date Time Event Venue 21 23:00 1980s & 90s. €7 28 20:00 Hip hop. www.inyourpocket. Elisabeth's The Bimhuis provides a unique perspective on Dutch and international music with over 300 concerts each year in a variety of genres from jazz to experimental music. Heineken Music Hall Kees van Nieuwkerk. www. www. Toploader (UK). €12 13 19:00 Pop/Electronica. Underground BZ festival housing raw UK Carnage by Kramphaft. BH BH PA BH WG BZ MW PA MW MW MW HMH MW WG Two Door Cinema Club will perform at the Heineken Music Hall on March 1. Big names perform in the main hall of this former church. Lijnbaansgracht 234a. tel. Robin Piso & Thijs Schrijnemakers battle it out on classic Hammond organs with vibrant.melkweg.pathe. Nueva Manteca 25th anniversary. Full Crate & DDK. Waterlooplein 22. theatrical and dance performances. €5 4 20:30 Jazz. €15 . €47. Evan Parker & Mischa Mengelberg Duo together with the Moore. Kodaline (Ireland). nl. Bitterzoet A-1. Glerum and the Bennink Quartet. The Heineken Music Hall consists of two big stages. tel. A big venue near the train station that specialises in the rougher side of the music spectrum from punk and hard rock to hiphop. tel. For a complete list of what's on in the Dutch capital visit www. This fairly modern building from 1986 is the home of the Dutch National Ballet and The Netherlands Opera. TAL The Movies D-4. Haarlemmerdijk 161 . (Eating Organs). Willy Party & Jeff Solo.24:00. Architects. Guerilla Speakerz.18 11 21:00 Jazz. Culture & events Amsterdam has no shortage of concerts.18 5 20:30 Jazz. films. Trey Songz showcases his latest album ‚Chapter V‘. €10 21 21:00 Soul. JD McPherson. €15 . Former Young Disciples front-woman Carleen together with bassist Laurence Cottle & drummer Ian Thomas. One of the newest talents in modern day rock ‚n‘ roll. rude visuals powered by the Celluloid Gurus. Enter Shikari (UK). (+31) 205 51 81 17. (+31) 208 50 24 00. De Nachtmis. (+31) 206 26 45 21. 's-Gravesandestraat 51. Marzio Scholten Group (Spain). (+31) 204 21 23 18. €11 . €15 20 21:30 Rock n roll. bimhuis. Carleen Anderson Soul WG Vunzige Deuntjes: Shake BZ that Booty edtiion #2. Parker. tel. €32 24 22:00 Various. hip hop. BZ Special with DJs SirOJ. The White Stripes and even Lady Gaga have all played here.75 25 19:30 Electro/Rock. festivals and photo exhibitions are staged in five halls and several small rooms. funky house and dancehall by Lee Will and the People.inyourpocket. Cinemas Pathe Arena Arenaboulevard 600. tel. (€5 . (+31) 205 31 81 81. Piet Heinkade 3. ArenA Boulevard (+31) 900 68 74 24 2. Manuel Broekman.heineken-music-hall. Sun 09:30 . Clubs & Live music Amsterdam Arena €15 26 21:00 Jazz.

First time solo for the Interpol frontman. Cody ChestnuTT. €44 . Eric Vaarzon Morel & BH Gijs Scholten van Aschat-Duende and special guest Eric Vloeimans present Flamenco Biënnale. Lower than Atlantis (UK). Booming band from South Africa showcases their next album. Guitar Boys: Ten Guitarists.d city‘ to the big stage. Fatoumata Diawara (Ivory Coast). PA €16 20:30 Folk/Reggae. Waylon Unplugged & Unreal. Bullet for My Valentine and special guests Halestorm.39 19 20:00 Singer-songwriter.50 10 20:00 Indie/Punk. Live from Buena Vista : The Havana Lounge (Cuba).amsterdam.17 23 19:30 Metal/Punk.33 21 20:00 Winter 2012/2013 .Halve soul helmaal hoken. €20 13 20:00 Pop. Example (UK). ABBA: the Show.42 12 20:00 Rock. €20 . Goldfish (South Africa). The best ABBA since ABBA. €15 21 21:00 Metal. Too sexy for a new album. €19 . €25 6 21:00 Country/Blues. Golden Earring in concert. the blokes from Right Said Fred perform their best work instead. Paul Banks : Banks. This Dutch rock band mixes blues. €15 17:00 Flamenco. €50 . Balans @ klinch. Sigur Rós (Iceland). Right Said Fred . Fréderique Spigt. €12. June Noa. El Viento and the Metropole Orchestra perform Garcia Lorca.50 20:30 Rock.50 15 20:30 World music. €35 9 20:00 Jazz/Flamenco. €12. Kendrick Lamar. Photo courtesy of the Sigur Rós Facebook page Rock. Alphabeat. The male half of the Australian Angus duo presents ‚Broken Brights‘. Joe Bonamassa. One of the most loved and loathed bands in NL present their new album. folk.75 8 20:00 Pop. €15 15 20:00 Electronica. Cody‘s ‚Landing on A Hundred‘ puts him right back on the top of southern soul. €37. The Darkness (UK). €20 TC 13 26 27 MW PA MW Eccentric Icelandic act Sigur Rós will perform at the Heineken Music Hall on February 21 at 20:00.50 4 20:00 Various. This young gun brings his first studio album ‚Good Kid. €43 . Dog is Dead (UK). With 3h set from Oscar Mulero (Spain) & Darko Esser (NL). Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Kane: Come Together. Sierra Leone‘s MW Refugee All Stars. €22. €10 12 20:30 Indie/Folk.41 11 20:00 Rock/Pop. €18 . A Flock of Seagulls.43 7 20:00 Pop.Greatest Hits Tour. €45 . €25 22 20:30 Rock.inyourpocket. €20 HMH TC HMH WG TC ZD TC TC HMH PA MW PA BZ HMH PA HMH HMH MW MW American pop-rockers The Killers will perform at the Ziggo Dome on March 11 at 20:00.A. €18 . folk. jazz & More 26 27 27 20:00 New Wave. €25 17 20:00 Pop. €23 11 21:00 Indie.Culture & events Rock.79 21 20:30 Pop. Doe Maar frontman Hennie Vrienten brings the 10 biggest guitarists in the Netherlands together for a one time only concert. €32. €21 1 20:00 Indie/Rock.A. €18 . The Killers. rock. Angus Stone. Worldclass guitar player performs his 13th studio album Driving Towards the Daylight. Ten years after The Roots remake of The Seed. €11 MW PA MW BZ PA Mar 1 20:00 Soul. €17 .50 22 23:30 Techno. Normaal . €25 6 21:00 Hip hop. €13 .20 20:30 Soul.35 20:30 Jazz/Folk. m. Two Door Cinema Club (Ireland).50 PA MW 31 Feb 2 19:30 Pop. Photo courtesy of the Killers Facebook page www. The Jacksons. jazz & More 25 20:00 Rock. reggae and classics.54 21 20:00 Rock/Folk/Electronic. €37.

Barry Hay Flying V Formation. electro. €10 . afrobeat and sleazy jazz music.01 at 13:00. etc. Gers . Extra preformances on 25 . €60 . A cultural festival at the Erasmuspark will 16:30 celebrate the new year with workshops. Lee Millah and MC Shamiro. WG 21-hours long starring Tony 10 9 23:00 Pardoel and Handsome Poets. €17.14 Culture & events Festivals & Special events Dec Date Time Event Venue 22 22:00 The five year anniversary of PN Going Back 2 My Roots. A new 30 performance by the Kenyan acrobatic group Nafsi and the Zanzara Dutch circus. Guy Boratto and many more.19:00 Circus Zanzara.12:00 Sunday Market: Christmas WG 23 Weekend. activities. Check www. as well as plenty of for more information ER RAI WG American soul singer Macy Gray will perform at Melkweg on December 21 at 21:00. €29. This is not a traditional circus. This is the RAI traditional beginning of the new 18:00 sailing season.50 8 . Line-up: The Gaslight Anthem. dubstep and moombathon.17.10 10:00 HISWA 2013. Free admisssion Feb 9 11:00 Click 6 Years XL Anniversary. Drinking.11 10:00 Cycling & Hiking Fair.50 31 Freaqshow. €40 . Planning to RAI tour Holland by bike or on foot? 17:00 Find all the latest info on the best routes in Holland and Europe. Dance 04:00 classics with Queen Shannon. Free admission 22 20:00 538 Jingle Ball. Cirque du Soleil presents a peek into the life and mind of the King of Pop. Photo by Guiliano Bekor Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. Anything goes at the Molenheide venue in Schijndel (located near the city of 's-Hertogenbosch).Zanzara's twists.The Immortal ZD World Tour. This festival has been SC 31 the opener of the festival season since way back when. vessels and more. €59 (booze included) 31 22:00 TIKTAK New Year's Eve. €8 31 22:00 We all love 1980s. Rob Black. dancing. HISWA boasts the latest and greatest in sea mobility. WIll and the People. Awards show ZD with performances by Kane. Visit the RAI RAI where vinyl. PN New Year's Eve special. Performances by Fuse & Sahand Sahebdivani and a special guest 2 .50 9 . €55 Jan 1 13:00 New Year's concert. singles. the Erasmuspark will give an opening concert for 2013. AS a prelude to the WinterWESTwaARTS 16:00 festival. equipment. A DJ battle where DJs and musicians from The Hague and Amsterdam provide funk. Moke.inyourpocket. €50 21 . Love & Potion: the PN domain of flirts. Anne Soldaat. Flash & Dennis the Menace. BZ The New Year's Eve party goes ballroom with Urvin. Orlando. unusual costumes and experimental music create an experience like no other. Buy Christmas gifts at the monthly market at the Westergasfabriek.9 20:00 Michael Jackson .95 29 Paaspop.26.6 13:00 WinterWESTwaARTS. theatre and music for children above and below the age of 6 7 . house. March 7 & 8 open 10:00 22:00. BLØF The Opposites. Hard house music ZD suppliers Q-Dance with a New Year's Eve rave concept. €50 . €10 22 . The biggest hospitality and gastronomy fair in 17:00 the Benelux nations.10 10:00 Horecava Fair. 17:00 maxi-singles and CDs from every imaginable music genre can be bought. Blaudzun. The HMH most popular club night in Amsterdam takes to the big stage mixing hip hop. Cream. €14 Mar 5 . 90s and 00s. €14 ER Festivals & Special events 26 10:00 Vinyl & CD Fair 2013.50 29 23:00 Tabass-Co & Beats Beyond: WG Saucy Dance Beatz. .77 31 22:00 Het Grote Vunzige Bitterbal. LPs. camping.

€18 . 24) €15 . Children of the Sun with 21 leading actors from Toneelgroep Amsterdam and Ivo van Hove. €10 . Photo courtesy of The Gaslight Anthem Facebook page Ballet.50 . The National Ballet MA 24.12:00. & performs Romeo & Juliet. World Christmas Circus. George Balanchine. €27. 20:00 Theatre. 16. Het Nationale Toneel & Theu Boermans . €16 . A 15:00 journey through the world of (30) magic and wizards with music by Vaughan Schlepp. €20 .49 (27) 31 20:30 Theatre. Remembering the 14:00 greatest 20th-centruy innovator (17.14:00 has made the Ashton Brothers 23 (17) even faster. 20:30 Puppet theatre. December.33 14.46 10 20:30 stronger and more energetic . Conny Jansen Dances: How Long is Now at the Piste of Carré. The National Ballet: Best MA & of Balanchine.Culture & events Ballet.33 Feb 2 19:30 Theatre.50 16. dance & Theatre 5 20:00 Musical.35 23 . €19 Mar 1 18:00 Theatre. bolero and son. You can leave 22:00 what you want.20:00 Theatre. €12 . Diego el Cigala: Flamenco &Tango mixed with Latin jazz.35 18 20:00 Dance. A portrait of the infamous Amsterdam nightclub and the underworld that tried to conquer its sensations. Celebrating 125 years of Theatre 20:00 Carré with the most acclaimed programme ever including Golden Clown winners David Larible.6 12:00.inyourpocket. Impressive cohesion of flamenco and modern dance by El Teatro Real Madrid & Israel Galván. & Treasures. 28 14 20:00 Theatre. Club Guy & Roni present L'Histoire Du Soldat.63 20:15 Winter 2012/2013 www. Music by Junkie XL.74 €20 . Ballet. TC 31 16:00. The Remarkable MT 30 (27) & Journey of Doctor Faust.33 21. See 16:00. Toneelgroep Amsterdam & Luk Perceval: Disgraced. A preformance by four talented ladies. World Christmas Circus. 20:00 Dance. €15 .74 31 27.35 21 20:00 Flamenco. Toneelgroep Amsterdam & Ivo van Hove present the Taming of the Witch. Teaterkoncert 27 15:00 (Denmark).50 TC SB 15 American garage rockers The Gaslight Anthem will headline at the legendary Passpop Festival from March 29 31. A perfomance by So You Think You Can Dance choreographer Conny Janssen with Alamo Race Track. Suitable for adults and children (9+) alike. in dance. 18:00 Theatre.48 SB SB SB SB SB TC TC SB TC SB 7 . (17 & 22. €16 . Ragazze Quartet: Tracks. Yab Yum: The Circus TC of the Night. Theatre music. The Russians! Toneelgroep Amsterdam & Ivo van Hove in a marathon performance. 24) 23. Ashton Brothers: 17. 14:00 .27. €18 17.59 22 . €17 . €10 . €7.16 Jan 1 . 10 years of training 20 . €24 . (26) & Lennon & McCartney's hits.inyourpocket.Three Sisters.8. 10. 26.20:00. €15 . 19:30 . Florian & Edith Richter. 17.34 14. The National Ballet 16. Lucinda Childs Dance 17 Company (USA). & performs Cinderella. 24 CG SB TC SB MA SB For a complete calendar of Amsterdam events visit www. Lo Real / Le Réel / The Real. dance & Theatre Dec Date Time Event Venue 21 . Intimo Teatro Itinerante & & Fernando Rubio. Angels in America by 28 Toneelgroep Amsterdam and Ivo van Hove is a mosaic of stories with a common theme: AIDS.46 28 21:00 Musical theatre. Come Together.35 15 20:30 Dance. €20 . €37 . 20:15 Choreography by Christopher 28. Toneelgroep Amsterdam & Adelheid Roosen 13 . Wheeldon and the San Francisco 29. €15-59 20:00 10 18:00 Theatre. 14:00 €17 .48 22 20:00 Dance.14:00 Ballet. 22 24. Based on the novel by Anton Chekhov. €10 .

€6 . Their 11. 11 MZ 10 CG SB CG MZ CG MZ 13 15 CG 16 17. Ensemble Vox Luminis. €31 .a Russian gem that orginated at the Bolshoi Theatre. The Stanislavski Opera (Russia) concert with five soloists.45 20:15 Classical. Concertgebouw Classics celebrates Christmas with the Nederlands Philharmonic Orchestra and Antony Hermus. Cappella Amsterdam presents Mattheus' Passion. AAA: Scandalous! Concertgebouw Orchestra performs Lindberg. €35 .The Composer.a master .46 6 18:00 Classical. New Year's Concert 2013: Final Rehearsal. Unique for its unconventional use of instruments like synthesizers. 18:30 Opera. Simone Lamsma and Paganini. €14 11:00 Classical. Atheist composer Boudewijn Tarenskeen and his quest to write a Mattheus Passion without believing in God. 15. Eva-Maria Westbroek & Geert Mak . 10.125 Years of the Concertgebouw: Opening Night.35 3 11:00 Opera. 6.20 16:00 Classical. 24 CG MA 27 28. Bram van Sambeek & Rick Stotijn . 31 12 MZ CG MZ CG CG CG MZ MA Jan 3 20:15 Classical.121 19:30 Classical. Rising Star Series: Igor Levit.140 Venue MA Classical & Opera 6 11:00 Classical. Asko|Schönberg & Syrène Saxophone Quartet. Nederlands Kamerkoor & Concerto Palatino. €10 . Glass/Wilson/Childs: 7.109 2 20:15 Classical/World music. €24 20:15 Classical. The Dutch Bach Association: Twice 'Ein Deutsches Requiem'.45 3. Photo by O. Wibi Soerjadi . 25. The Stanislavski Opera &3 & (Russia) performs Eugene 14:00 Onegin. Suitable for children CG 8 CG 9. Hugo Wolf Quartet: Haydn. An up-and-coming Dutch violin star performs Paganini and Mendelssohn.24 TC CG TC MA CG MZ MZ Amsterdam In Your Pocket www.14 7 20:15 Classical.39 19:30 Classical. The Russians! Toneelgroep Amsterdam & Ivo van Hove in a marathon performance.inyourpocket. 2 & 3.115 5 20:15 Classical.20 20:15 Classical. performs Rossini's William Tell. Händel's Messiah by the Nederlandse Händel Vereniging. 17:30 Opera. €50 . €15 . €10 . The Dutch Brass Ensemble rings in the New Year on national TV but the rehearsals are open for public. €33 . The Dutch Opera performs Rossini's William Tell. €29 17:30 Opera. The Dutch Symphony Orchestra performs Chopin. €31 20:15 Classical. €30 . €29 20:15 Classical. Calefax Rietquintet & Guests. The Dutch Opera 9. collaboration is revisited with 12 five hours of opera. Goeyvaerts Trio & Lendvai String Trio peform Pärt.91 20:15 Classical. Gerald Finly & Julius Drake peform Mahler & Schubert.46 20:15 €10 . Johannes Möller (Sweden : Master of the Guitar. €30 . Janine Jansen: A Plea for Bernstein. Alexei Volodin (Russia) . 27 & 30 21 Time 13:30 & 19:30 Event Opera.50 . The Dutch Opera performs The Magic Flute. 6. €39 19:30 Classical. 18 23.16 Culture & events Classical & Opera Dec Date 21. Berg & Beethoven.140 CG 23 23 28 30 30 31 20:30 Classical. €31 . €30 .Bassoon & Double Bass. €44 18:00 Theatre.70 5. Dvořák & Beethoven. €6.140 18 3 20:15 Classical.65 20:15 Classical. wind instruments and vocals. 12. €11 . World Tour with Mariss Jansons: Tod und Verkläring.2 20:00 Opera. €12 . €37 .121 15:00 Classical. Combattimento Consort Amsterdam & Cappella Amsterdam present Weihnachtsoratorium. €14 15:00 Classical. €28 . Einstein on the Beach. €10 . fine arias and imposing duets. €34 MZ The Stanislavski Opera (Russia) will perform Tchaikovsky's Eugene Onegin at the Koninklijk Theater Carré on February 1. €15 . Chernous Feb 1. Music by Tom Holkenborg aka Junkie XL.

JA Venues AA BH CG HMH MA MT MW MZ PA RAI SB SC TC VL WG Amsterdam Arena AX Ajax Museum Bimhuis BZ Bitterzoet Het Concertgebouw CM Cobra Museum Heineken Music Hall Het Muziektheater Amsterdam Amsterdams Marionetten Theater De Melkweg Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ Paradiso PN Panama Amsterdam RAI RM Rijksmuseum Stadsschouwburg Molenheide Schijndel SM StedelijkMuseum Koninklijk Theater Carré Museum van Loon VM Verzetsmuseum Westergasfabriek ZDO Ziggo Dome www. De Passage 100. Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam F-8. 12:30. The Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ specialises in current musical developments in the form of festivals. Kinkerstraat the arts. (+31) Tickets Tickets for events such as musical concerts. theatre.19:00. www. Over 400 RM Masterpieces from the 17th century on display at the Philipszaal of the Rijksmuseum.inyourpocket. The travelling expo will begin its tour of the world at the Stedelijk. Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ O-1. A VL collaborative effort between the Foam Museum and Museum van Loon.15 17 Concert halls Interpol frontman Paul Banks will perform at Melkweg on February 10 at 20:00.8 Adriaan Dortsman: The Ideal Canal. www. On display until 01. €6 . Buikslotermeerplein 288. Open 11:00 . €4.50 Foam in Van Loon III: Daniëlle van Ark. Closed Mon.ziggodome.2013. QOpen 12:00 . www.muziekgebouw. Oosterdokskade 143. Open 11:00 Pearl Jam and Madonna. nl. On display until 01. Open 11:00 . Utrechtsestraat 52 .01.ticketmaster. €6 .nl. Thu 11:00 . Since 1888 this beautifully designed architectural masterpiece has been the leading classical concert hall in town. Sat 11:00 . In 1993 a large renovation transformed Carré from a circus with a small capacity to a large theatre.8 An exhibition dedicated to Mike Kelley. tel. Q TJALE Ziggo Dome Sun 12:00 . Photo courtesy of the Paul Banks Facebook page Het Concertgebouw F-9. On display from 08.22:00. He collaborated with Karel Appel and became a legend in abstract outlets or the following places: TicketShops Amsterdams Uitburo. 13:30.17:00.Culture & events Exhibitions Event Venue This permanent exhibition about life during VM WWII concentrates on the Resistance and its brave fight against Hitler.12 Bram Bogart: Master of Matter. CS (Kiosk) Stationsplein 15.2013. Open 11:00 . This Dutch/ CM Belgian artist's work spans everything between the figurative to the abstract. Sat. €7. €7. Last Minute Ticket Shop F-9. Free Record Shops Bijlmerplein 992. Also at the Public Library Ticket Shop Desk.17:00.60. Van der Elsken. Leidseplein 26. www. Stationsplein 10. at TicketMaster (www. De Kooning. www. Theatre & Music 203 11 39 30. Amsterdam's ultra-modern concert venue in Zuidoost has already hosted such acts as Sting. Since 1894 culture lovers have enjoyed theatre performances and concerts in the baroque Great Hall and more recently in the Rabohall of Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam.25 is added to the price and you can't reserve or order tickets online or by phone. VL An exhibition dedicated to the greatest achievements by 17th-century architect Adriaan Dortsman. Open 11:00 . Chagall. Leidseplein 26 (terraszijde). tel. €14 World of Ajax walk-in tour.ssba. (+31) 207 88 20 00. Closed Tue. Thu 11:00 22:00. Closed Tue. multimedia concerts and exhibitions. Fri. Sat. The biggest museum SM of modern and contemporary art in Holland houses works by Appel. Open 10:00 . Kalverstraat 32. The Last Minute Ticket Shop sells tickets for selected performances with a 50% discount on the day of the Warhol and many others. 14:30 and 16:30. lastminuteticketshop. Fri. Nieuwendijk 229. Closed Mon. 14:45 and 16:30.17:00.15 De Meesterwerken Special. Open also in summer. (+31) 206 24 23 11. Amstel Stedelijk Museum. info@ssba.50 .concertgebouw. Osdorpplein 390. The SM recently deceased Mike Kelley was named one of the most influential artists of the past few decades. family outings and festivals are best bought at the venue itself. €6 .17:00. Q AL Carre I-7. Concertgebouwplein 10. A surcharge of €2.17:00. (+31) 206 71 83 45. Leidseplein Winter 2012/2013 . Amsterdam Concerto. Daily tours at 11:00. B-1. Sun 10:00 .2013. Amsterdam Pico Records. Sat.2013. sports.18:00. Sat. On display until 21. H-4. VVV Amsterdam Tourist Office Ticket Shop Desk.18:00. Bijlmer Parktheater Anton de Komplein 240. Ballet and musicals are its main attractions today as well as one man shows in Learn about the AA history of Holland's biggest football club Ajax and it's legends. www.17:00. Each day there's a new selection of theatre performances and concerts. 12:15. Sun 11:30.50 . Work by photographer Daniëlle van Ark inspired by the house of the Van Loon family.17:00. Open 09:00 . Sun 10:00 . Bijlmerplein 520.18:00.50 . This has been the biggest theatre in Zuidoost since 2009. Piet Heinkade 1. tel.theatercarre. Also the venue for contemporary and classical music in the Netherlands. €10 .

(+31) 207 14 20 00. www. a café and the rooftop Sky Lounge that affords patrons unparalleled vistas of Amsterdam. Nespresso machines. safes and private bathrooms as well as designer interiors in neutral beige and black colours. What do world renowned celebrities like Schubert. (+31) 205 30 08 (+31) 205 23 10 30. climate control. The New York Times even praised the hotel's designers writing: ‘they accessorized each room as if it were a model. suites from €354).1. refrigerators and private bathrooms. (+31) 206 22 Getting there If you're already in Centrum there's a good chance that you arrived at the Central Station. Oosterdoksstraat 4. executive from € www. or simply the Grachtengordel. but bear in mind that luxurious surroundings don't come cheap here. Executive rooms and suites have the added benefit of complimentary minibars. is actually quite large. They believe. is also just a hop. that style should be available to all. better rooms from €260. tel. Centrum. Located on the edge of the city centre only a short walk from Amsterdam South's bustling De Pijp district. PAULGBKW hhhh 204 27 07 17. tel. while tram No. The people who brought you the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam East have expanded their unique hospitality concept to the city centre. www. The massive structure also houses a gym. Upmarket www. Symbol key P Air conditioning C Swimming pool F Fitness centre 6 Pets allowed K Restaurant W Free wireless internet A Credit cards accepted H Conference facilities U Facilities for the disabled L Guarded parking D Sauna Minicards offers Boutique & Design hotels 51 82. its brasserie is famous for its local cuisine. executive from €185. PJHALGBXW hhhh Hotel Seven One Seven Prinsengracht 717.18 centrum Amsterdam Centrum is the district that most of the city's visitors want to see and it's also the place where most people end up arriving. Seven One Seven is still a trend setter. Five-star rooms are more spacious and offer more amenities than a one-star room.717hotel. Q 122 rooms (doubles/ twin from €145. suites from €215). From here you can take trams No. wireless internet access. (+31) 205 61 36 99. as it's called. Its Brasserie Londen is also a good place for a casual meal. 2 or 5 to the canals and Leidseplein. Tolkien. Hotel Notting Hill Amsterdam Westeinde 26. TJHAGKW hhhh Amsterdam In Your Pocket Hotel The Exchange Damrak 50.inyourpocket. All accommodation includes tasteful décor with neutral colours. The popular Jordaan neighbourhood in the west is full of bohemian cafés. the accommodation includes all of the usual 21st-century amenities like flat screen TVs and free bars and shops. PJAW Canal House Keizersgracht 148. Each of its 122 rooms includes some reminder of the nation's Delft Blue porcelain tradition. free wi-fi. but all accommodation includes cutting-edge interior design. Accommodation Centrum truly has it all from hostels and cheap 2-star accommodation to award-winning design hotels. The latter boasts a famous 19th-century tile fresco and offers jenever and traditional liqueur tastings. www. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to spend the night in one of Amsterdam's fabulous canal houses. so the hotel offers rooms of varying sizes and levels of comfort for all budgets in one building. This classic Amsterdam hotel is the place to go if you really want to immerse yourself in Dutch culture and history.dieportvancleve. www. Q 553 rooms (doubles/ twin from €204. But one shouldn't expect many antiques apart from paintings as each of its 23 rooms has been completely renovated with modern and luxurious furnishings.exchangeamsterdam. climate control and a mini-bar stocked with complimentary drinks. and rightly so. skip and a jump from here not to mention the Dam and Leidse Square (Leidseplein). The infamous Red Light district with its bars and window shopping is only a short walk across the square from the station as are the Zeedijk with its restaurants and Chinatown. The Central Station is the city's most renowned and popular transport hub and all of the city centre lies before it. bathrobes and slippers. but locals often visit for its spectacular Notting Hill high tea. Dam Square is only a stone's throw from the hotel and the Central Station is only a short walk or tram ride away. but with a comfortable pair of trainers all of its sights and sounds can be covered on foot. conference facilities. tea sets. tel. while the Plantage area in the east is home to some of the city's best attractions including the Artis Zoo and the Hortus Botanical Gardens. Although boutique hotels are not at all scarce in the area.' Q 61 rooms (1-star from €82. tel.9 will take you to Rembrandtplein in the east and farther afield to the Plantage area. That said. so you may want to use public transportation to get around. 5-star from €138). but room rates can be obscenely high so book well in advance. then by all means book a room at this boutique hotel on the posh Keizersgracht. exceptional rooms from €390. Shakespeare and Charles Dickens have in common? All of these men have a suite named after them in this boutique hotel in Amsterdam Centrum. best rooms from €550). especially the purple velvet bedspreads. 2-star from €88. Q 9 rooms (rooms and suites from €350). wall-to-wall carpeting. a lobby bar. iMac computers with free wi-fi.13 and 17 will take you to the Jordaan.placesdoubletree. superior from €165. Q 67 rooms (singles from €129. great rooms from €310. PTJHA6ULGBKXW hhhh DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam Centraal Station G-4.canalhouse. doubles from €149. This huge hotel offers over 500 spacious rooms in a modern glass and steel building on the water near the Central Station. breakfast and a morning Although the general ambience puts one in a more antique frame of . Its stylish and comfortable rooms offer big beds.180. 3-star from €92. www. not to mention its steaks. this stylish boutique hotel offers 67 comfortable rooms equipped with LED TVs. 4-star from €115. floor-to-ceiling windows with excellent views. but the neighbourhood is teeming with bars and cafés. triples from €199). and the Blauwe Parade bar looks more like a museum than a popular watering hole. Trams No. This historic canal house doesn't have a restaurant. The world famous belt of canals. the colour schemes and fabrics used by the hotel's designers have their roots in Holland's Golden Age. Q 23 rooms (good rooms from €240. (+31) Hotel Die Port van Cleve Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 176 .

Warmoesstraat It keeps its rates surprisingly low and its guests happy with free wi-fi. especially at its private bar and billiard room that's only open to guests. Derde Looierdwarsstraat 75. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 92. doubles/twin from €88. Guests are encouraged by the friendly staff to have a drink at the bar or to enjoy some time in the private garden. The hotel is modern and the staff is professional. Hotel Luxer is an obvious choice. tel. Q47 rooms. hence the name and the rock music theme. (+31) 204 28 37 07. JAGW hhh Hotel Luxer B-1. tel.backstagehotel. Q 18 rooms (doubles from €70). Various types of public transport are available nearby and a walk to Central Station would take about 15 minutes. Perhaps it just takes a really long time to reach the third floor. Leidsegracht 114. quads and quintuples from €198). the building could use some extra maintenance and a more motivated cleaning staff would make the overall experience a lot better. iPod docking stations in each room.inyourpocket.hotelallure. Located on the edge of the Red Light district close to canals and Dam square. Q28 rooms. this legendary Amsterdam hostel is one of the few of its genre that specialises in walk-in business. www. but each dorm has its own washroom. A Winter 2012/2013 . TJALGW hh Backstage Hotel Amsterdam E-7. For anyone looking for the complete Amsterdam triples from €138. the hotel does offer a good night's sleep in an interesting neighbourhood worth exploring. Q22 rooms (singles from €59. Sarphatistraat but. This brand new three-star hotel is conveniently located near Waterlooplein and the Artis Zoo. www. somehow. there was no hot water when we stayed there.hotelluxer. Rooms are often located in a nearby building with stairs so steep you'd think the Hillary Step was at the top.centrum: accommodation 19 Mid-range Hotel Allure I-8. Hotel De Looier E-8. (+31) 206 24 40 44. However. JALGW hhh Budget tel. It's really hard to find good accommodation in Amsterdam for a price that won't leave you feeling like you've been Rooms are basic with bunk beds. All rooms are reasonably sized and equipped with proper Hostels Bob's Youth Hostel A-1. www.bobsyouthhostel. ‘Please respect my lungs!' she chastised. so you can expect a lively atmosphere. Q 144 beds (dorm beds €18 . Only a short walk from the Central Station. this hip hotel manages to do just that. Lots of bands that play Amsterdam stay here. Unfortunately. The outstanding staff makes a stay here easier and more enjoyable and although the bathrooms are on the small side. This threestar hotel in the heart of the Jordaan is beautifully decorated in a simple. but cosy.hoteldelooier. (+31) 206 23 00 63. tel. You can enjoy a drink at the bar on the ground floor and free wi-fi is available throughout the hotel. www. JARGW hhh www. trendy Flight Case furniture and a great location that's close enough to the bars and clubs of big closets and a flat screen TV. Unfortunately. it's a small price to pay for such a good option as this. but just far enough away so you don't actually hear all of the nightlife that's associated with the square. (+31) 203 30 32 05. (+31) 206 25 18 55. yet elegant style and the rooms are small. Those not accustomed to hostel culture might be a little overwhelmed by the grungy reception cellar manned by staff who are helpful to all except the few who dare to smoke ganja there. this recently renovated building is a clean and pleasant place to stay. www.

not to mention canal side dining and drinking not far from the Rijksmuseum. but that's all part of the experience of dining at a trendy ramen bar. Although a little on the expensive side. A much-coveted outdoor terrace with limited seating is connected to the bar area. Cocktails and a decent wine list are also available. Many of the clientele wear suits and formal wear. Order and pay at the counter. coffee.20 centrum: Food & drink Amsterdam Centrum has plenty of tourist traps. which is part of an international chain of Asian fusion/ramen bars. www. you can also buy all kinds of Hard Rock souvenirs at its shop.24:00.18:00. steaming bowls of seafood.22:00.35). so little time M. Aquariums with exotic fish serve as décor as well as jade model ships and of course the ubiquitous red lanterns seen at most Asian eateries. nl. Order a cold sandwich or tuna melts and BLT bagels or you can try brownies. QOpen 11:30 .90/bagel or €8. Sat 11:30 . modern interior and views of Amsterdam. We certainly didn't.20:00. Amstelstraat 8 (Rembrandtplein). Sea Palace H-3. Voorburgwal 177 .tonysnycitybagels. Max Euweplein 57 . AS American Hard Rock Café the Kitchen also offers plenty of ice cream. AEB La Place A-1. O. then look no further than this huge chain of American bar/restaurants.23:00. if you like rock music.16) and Zuidplein 12. (+31) 206 26 47 77.12).01:00. cookies and delicious carrot cake. QOpen 10:00 .Zaprauskis Amsterdam In Your Pocket . tel. tel. Cafeterias De Bijenkorf Kitchen A-2. Sample food from several different buffets that each has its own speciality from seafood.laplace. Thankfully. Kalverstraat 201 .28). pizzas and sandwiches to steaks and Asian stir fries all cooked to order. (€12 .203 / Rokin 164. tea and juice are also available in this bright yellow bistro with high ceilings and views of the street. (+31) 206 26 83 52. QOpen 12:00 .61. this floating pagoda looks completely out of place in Amsterdam. Thu. A (+31) 206 20 23 64. www. The Mandarin and Indonesian cuisine is delicious and the prices are surprisingly reasonable. The Asian stand cooks stir fries to order.179. barbecue and Tex-Mex from the States.19:00.18).18:00. red banners of Asian comic book characters eating food and dark brown wallpaper that looks like snakeskin.24:00. servings of pub food like enormous burgers. If you'd rather eat at home take a bunch with you for €0. A www. Zeedijk 115 . When was the last time you ate at a gourmet cafeteria? If the answer is ‘never' then head over to La Place which is connected to the V&D department store on the Bagels Tony's NY City Bagels H-5. this wasn't a case of interior design prevailing over substance. fax (+31) 206 20 42 66. Max Euweplein 10. tel. but the following is a tiny selection of some of our favourite crispy duck and pork. QOpen 11:30 . the seafood stand boasts oysters and sushi. (€15 . We were a little apprehensive when we encountered New King. (+31) 205 28 77 78. (€5 .16:30. offers expertly presented meals that will satisfy even the largest of appetites.debijenkorf. www. this one actually looks stylish with light coloured wood panelling. (+31) 206 25 21 80. Fri 10:00 .com. you can order pizzas and pasta at the Italian counter and steaks at the grill. dim sum and some more exotic dishes like frog legs. Asian Wagamama F-8. but you don't have to. www.20:00. Pass some of the world's biggest brands like Vuitton and Gucci on your way to the top floor of this posh department store to reach De Bijenkorf Kitchen . nl. (+31) 204 21 59 30.hardrock.oriental-city.22:30. www. (+31) 205 23 76 upmarket cafeteria that offers a stylish. Sat 08:30 .5). yet delicious cuisine. cake and coffee.20). Enter via the red gate guarded by marble lions. You also pay for the quick and attentive service and a great location near Leidseplein. tel. Not far from the Rembrandt House. Also at B-3. which is often part and parcel of the experience. huge. but one can't but envy its unique location.newking. Prices are commensurate with its exotic address and regal surroundings. Order anything from whole fish dishes with the heads and tails attached and sautéed scallops to classic crispy suck dishes.Z. (€15 . but you can save plenty of cash by coming for its dim-sum lunch from 12:00 . QOpen 12:00 . For hundreds more restaurant reviews visit www. If you've been living in a cave for the last 30 years then there might be a small possibility that you've never heard of this place. an extensive wine list and staff in either silk shirts or black bowties depending on their gender. (€2 .19:00. this self-proclaimed New York bagel shop offers a variety of bagels with even more toppings from traditional cream cheese to guacamole. www. QOpen 10:00 . You can also drop by for delicious desserts and coffee and enjoy them on the balcony overlooking Amsterdam's busiest shopping street below. Sat 12:00 . So many bridges. (€12 . The only disadvantage is that you're often seated quite close to strangers around you. then walk past the golden dragons and statues of what appear to be ancient emperors on your way to an unforgettable Chinese dining experience. Moored on the Oosterdokskade between the Central Station and the NEMO Science Centre. PTJAUVGBKS Chinese New King B-1. www. Fri. Naturally.18:00. QOpen 11:30 . Mon.seapalace. QOpen 08:00 . Sun 09:30 . unmistakable corner Red Light district building and offers expensive. but that can also be a positive thing depending on your point of view.23:00.inyourpocket. A Oriental City B-2. (€25 . Sun 11:00 . amsterdam. Oosterdokskade 8. (€5 .12). tel. Jodenbreestraat 15.50 for 10. rock memorabilia. www. tel. Dam 1. Naturally. Wagamama. This upmarket Chinese restaurant occupies three floors of a. but pricey. Sun 11:00 . Fri. because unlike so many other restaurants in Chinatown. A noodle soup can cost as much as €16. Needless to say. Mon. too! Order whole

TJASW 21 The Damrak is always busy. QOpen 09:30 . tel. Sat. The service is a bit stiff and formal.24:00.20).nl. Order traditional dishes like pea soup with sausages and salted herring.restaurantkamasutra. QOpen 07:00 . www. Fast food Manneken Pis A-1. Lange Niezel 9. The interior certainly looks the part with dark wood furnishings and kitschy red and white plaid lampshades everywhere. S Dutch Haesje Claes A-2. given its location. Sat 11:00 . Housed in a 17th-century AS Indian Gandhi A-1.23:00. Take a seat in its cosy. A pleasant rustic interior with large brass candelabras and even an antique chandelier guarantee a cosy stay here. Only a scant few years ago Starbucks came to the Netherlands where it easily conquered the hearts of local Java drinkers.23:00.18:00. QOpen 12:00 . tel.21:00. Fri. (+31) 206 23 70 71. Sat. Naturally. Order a Kingfisher or Cobra beer and take your pick of delicious Indian cuisine.50 and €4. Fri. indianrestaurantgandhi. QOpen 11:00 .inyourpocket. the real surprise is its tacky location only a five-minute walk from Central Station. stained glass windows and tile tableaux. However.mannekenpis. QOpen 12:00 . Sun 12:00 . Singel 103. Space is Spuistraat 273 . Tables are reserved for hungry patrons. Ice cream & Frozen yoghurt Metropolitan Deli Warmoesstraat 135. tel.01:00. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 105. Gandhi is a top-notch Indian restaurant with attentive staff who serve tasty traditional Indian curry dishes in a room with no windows and hardly any decorations. (€6 . www. (+31) 203 30 19 55. During the summer Greenwoods also has a lovely terrace on the canal.24:00. Utrechtsestraat 9 (Rembrandtplein). Although most venues on Warmoesstraat lure you inside with large beer selections. QOpen 12:00 . a good wine list is also available. frikandel and apple pie for affordable prices. (+31) 204 20 43 30. Keizersgracht 465. this appropriately named place. (+31) 625 58 11 56. Oud Holland is a traditional restaurant that probably looked the same when Arthur Frommer wrote his first guides to Europe back in the 1950s. B tel.haesjeclaes. (€15 . QOpen 09:00 24:00. www. although tea certainly is its speciality.18:00.17).metropolitandeli. It's big. especially by Manneken Pis Starbucks G-7. A This unpretentious café and bar serves up classic homemade Dutch dishes like stamppot. www.9). whose once impressive façade is now marred by a glass addition. nl. Sun 09:30 . (€3 . (+31) 206 24 99 98.02:00.03:00.22:00.275. tel. especially at the weekend when droves of people come here for brunch. Singel 415. Damrak 54. full English or eggs Benedict.22). 03. (+31) 206 38 32 22. PTJAGK 't Lieverdje A-3. Fri.50 and one of 16 sauces is included in the price from traditional mayonnaise or ketchup to an Indonesian peanut satay condiment. This particular location in a former bank vault is also a so-called Starbucks laboratory where baristas experiment with drinks that aren't available anywhere else in Europe. which are good value for money. sex shops and bars in the Red Light District to notice this Indian restaurant located on a small side street.restaurantoudholland. (€15 . so look for a sauna next to the entrance. QOpen 12:00 .com Winter 2012/2013 . €3. Other Dutch snacks like frikandel and kroket can also be had. sample one of its healthy sandwiches or try a delicious breakfast like the omelette with mozzarella and chorizo sausage. Inside Bollywood movies provide the soundtrack for your dining experience while rajas. AV Kamasutra B-1. erotic gadgets or a whiff of pot smoke.greenwoods. (€5 . QOpen 12:00 . (€15 .com. www.17:00. (+31) 204 22 90 18. (€13 . You can also buy gourmet chocolates and chocolate flavoured beer! Recommended. www. Try the combination menus. Sun 09:30 .centrum: Food & drink Coffee & Tea Greenwoods English Tearoom A-2. Damrak 41.50. You can experience the whole range of Dutch cuisine here but one can't help shake the feeling that the often photocopied menu offered in several languages was created with tourists in mind. which is prepared by Indian chefs. This classic Dutch restaurant spans six historic Amsterdam houses. If you don't believe us just take the stairs to the cellar downstairs and you'll see them toiling away in the kitchen.5). Apparently. rustically decorated interior and order a hot drink with something sweet. Metropolitan Deli tempts passers-by with a flowing chocolate fountain and a huge display of freshly made gelato in dozens of flavours from pistachio and hazelnut to cheesecake and even stroopwafel (caramel cookie). A good selection of strong Belgian beers is also at your disposal but bear in mind that the resident cat might choose to sit in your lap if you're male.starbucks. (+31). You could easily walk past this hidden treasure. tel. comfortable and its good coffee combos keep a parade of jittery caffeine addicts queued up at all times.12). Plenty of seafood is also on offer from salmon in Hollandaise sauce to oysters on the half shell and steamed mussels. Although most people are too distracted by the coffeshops. is well worth a visit for anyone craving a curry or a vindaloo. this fast food frites shack on the Damrak has become an Amsterdam institution. Order your deep-fried potatoes in three sizes for €2. gods and goddesses A Oud Holland A-2. Sat.21:00. This tiny little café is much more than a tearoom. many of which still retain their original architectural features including medieval paintings. Sat 09:00 . www. For a slightly more authentic atmosphere have a seat upstairs near the old fireplace. (+31) 206 26 00 www.23:00. Open 09:30 . carouse and flirt in murals on three floors of Kamasutra. not to mention three different kinds of stamppot (potato and vegetable mash) from which to choose. so it would be wise to call ahead and make a reservation. it doesn't like women or so the owner but the selection of beer from local city breweries De Prael and ‘t IJ is as good as it gets. tel. Fri. tel. Named after the Belgian capital's favourite little urinating rascal. Also at F-8. but remember that during peek eating times you'll have to sit at the bar if you only want a drink.20).

which was eagerly recommended by staff. Mon 10:00 The wine selection is pretty impressive too. tel. Closed Sun. tel. Sun 10:00 . this elegant restaurant offers both set menus and à la PTJAGK International Café Proust E-4.15:30. JGBKX 31. like Los Pilones. www. (+31) 204 20 55 89. but its most striking feature is the huge lamp hanging above the bar that looks like a revolver. Fri 12:00 . Tweede Egelantiersdwarsstraat 6.inyourpocket.35).com.debakkerswinkel. Italian lessons or.and 30-somethings. the atmosphere is pleasant and the desserts are excellent. Sun 10:00 . On the bright side. Also at C-3.15). Open 07:30 .22 centrum: Food & drink Indonesian 73 29. You can order a good cocktail or a tasty brew. Italian Assaggi D-5. Roelof Hartstraat 68. (+31) 206 88 06 32. (€10 .6. The interior is a combination of a touch of the Asian exotic mixed with the old European harking back to Holland's distant colonial past.17:00. is a good opportunity to taste several different Indonesian dishes that are strong on quality. Closed Mon. better yet. À la carte meals will cost you around €20. B-1. Rijsttafels will set you back roughly € Warmoesstraat 69.20:00. restaurantlongpura. www. a fresh flower on each table and gourmet A Indrapura B-3. Sat 16:00 . QOpen 09:00 . our friendly waiter. info@restaurant-longpura. www. refined atmosphere illuminated by a number of skylights. Sat. themexicanamsterdam@hotmail. tel. lospilones. (+31) 206 23 89 50. This is certainly one of the more elegant and upmarket Indonesian restaurants you'll come across in Amsterdam and its excellent location on Rembrandtplein ensures that prices are also upmarket. The staff is friendly.23:00.indrapura. (€20).themexican. but the menu is also worth a look and offers such interesting dishes as lamb burgers with harissa sauce. Try the Fire focaccia with spicy salami or simply order whatever's fresh out of the oven. this stylish café is decorated with blackboard art (you'll see what we mean when you get there) and two long mirrors on opposite walls that create an odd optical illusion.23:00.24:00. the brains behind the operation. makes sure you're well fed before you Get here early or you'll be stuck on the wrong side of the border. (+31) 206 62 35 94. Fri. PJHGK Mexican Los Pilones D-5. (+31) 203 20 20 Amsterdammers cast long shadows on the ice Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. Polonceaukade 1-2 (Westergasfabriek). (€19 .16:00. Sun 17:00 . The menu is limited to tortillas. Open 09:00 . You can expect classical music. QOpen 18:00 . like a good Italian grandmother. tel. tel. (+31) 204 21 82 98.21:00. Damstraat 36. tel. Eerste Anjeliersdwarsstraat 4 . PTJAGBK The Mexican A-2. The homemade pasta at Assagi is served in a wide variety of styles and its seafood dishes are particularly good.02:00. overpriced food and too many tables. Also at F-8. (+31) 204 89 80 00. excellent and might even allow you to forgive the slightly absent-minded service. QOpen 16:00 .23:00. didn't mind answering all of our questions. Rembrandtplein 42. narrow industrial-looking space with pipes and wires hanging from the ceiling provides a bright. Naturally. Sat 09:00 . QOpen 17:00 . Sun 09:30 . tel. Make sure to save some room for the divine lemon pie. Los Pilones chose to forgo the usual embellishments of sombreros and cacti in favour of Mexican wrestling memorabilia including a giant mural of one of the sport's icons. tel.48. (€12 .23:00.17:30.assaggirestaurant. tel. (€20 . Although quite colourful. and Dos Equis and Negra Modello beers in addition to the ubiquitous Corona. for one of the best espressos in Amsterdam for only €1.18). (+31) 206 23 Long Pura E-6. Fri. Mon. you can order one of the 185 (!) tequila's. QOpen 12:00 . organic Italian food and its environmentally sustainable café/lunch counter. Nicola. The satay is. A little off the beaten track. Rozengracht 46 .com. This long.21:00. but if you eat before 20:00 you'll receive a 25% discount on your food. Several questions come to mind when eating at The Mexican. however. 18:00 .22:30.01:00.17:30. Geldersekade 111 (Nieuwmarkt). Q Open 08:00 . Café Proust also has a small terrace but you might want to reserve a spot ahead of time or get here early. (+31) 206 23 91 45. Meals are prepared behind a long counter to the right side that's covered in delicious pies and cakes. Popular with local 20.01:00. J6KSW Talia E-4.22). G-9. Wed 18:00 . but bear in mind that the whole experience at Long Pura is rather expensive. but the food is good and the salsa that comes with the gratis chips is surprisingly spicy. As closing time approaches it holds a fire sale of its remaining dishes for only €2 a pop. (+31) 206 20 03 23. and definitely not lacking in the décor department. jam sessions by local musicians.25).03:00. www. Talia is quickly gaining an outstanding reputation for its high quality. Sun 09:00 . wanted to create something unique for her local community and she's definitely succeeded. soft shell tacos and enchiladas. A Lunchroom De Bakkerswinkel B-1. not to mention affordable.18:00. but you won't be disappointed by the service or the cuisine. Kerkstraat 63. Noordermarkt 4. but style and taste don't come for free. The Baker's Shop is by no means cheap. tel. but a little lacking in the quantity department. Talia brings you the warmth of the Mediterranean and. who was actually Latvian and not from south of the border. lunch and a whole menu dedicated to high tea. breakfasts.24:00. Two small tables are also available out on the street when the weather . Come here for great focaccia or pizza. (€30 . With many cuisines a purely traditional menu is a sign of poverty or laziness. but that's not true of Italian food. info@lospilones. www. Why is there a dinner table underneath the open staircase? Why does the meat in a chicken wrap look and taste like tuna? And why is The Mexican's cook from Nepal? The restaurant looks like a typical tourist trap with kitschy decorations. Prinsenstraat 12C. Q Open 10:00 . The so-called 'rice-table' QOpen 12:00 . Sun 09:00 . (+31) 203 20 46 5.

tel.and a homey open kitchen. Why so popular? In our humble opinion it serves up the best fries in Amsterdam. then your toppings and finally some fries and a drink. Various sauces are also available and if you're up for a real Dutch adventure go for the Oorlog. And it sticks to what it's good at because fries are all that it offers. (€2 . It's snug. QOpen 17:00 . (€9 . QOpen 11:00 . it serves scores of authentic Dutch pancakes and omelettes and that's pretty much it. (€8 . tel. Open 12:00 . PTJAGK The Pancake Bakery E-4. tel. www. Black Angus. (€3 . MAOZ offers up some pretty decent falafel considering its a franchise operation. Its large.Zaprauskis Pizza La Perla D-5. QOpen 12:00 . onions and cheese. Sat. Muntplein 1. wine. and Ferdinand Bolstraat 67. the tiny. Philly steak or even Kobe).thai-bird. and many other locations. sandwiches with tuna. Reguliersbreestraat 9 BG.7). AB Café DECK5 H-4. (€4 . Why go for the rainforest-cutting fast food chains next door when Burger Bar makes the next best thing to a burger off the barby. QOpen 14:00 .pancakesamsterdam. But this isn't a fancy. Tea. Order them with bacon. Prinsengracht 191.18:00. Sat 12:00 . www. Also at Leidsestraat 85. www. Sat 11:00 . brown and blue is usually flooded with tourists and their kids.21:30. hot dogs. tel.the NEMO Science Centre. but given the quality of the burgers.5).nl. a very simple.centrum: Food & drink Pancakes Pancakes! Amsterdam E-7.pizzaperla. Although you shouldn't expect haute cuisine. With real Dutch pancakes . tel. you've got some major heartburn. ham. But then again. tel. or rather snack shops. Fri. of course. Zeedijk 77. Closed Sun. (+31) 206 24 60 75. To put it simply: the best burgers in Amsterdam. (€10 . There isn't much sitting room inside. It's a busy place where you eat. JAS Thai Bird Snackbar B-1. which is half mayonnaise and half satay (peanut sauce) topped with chopped Winter 2012/2013 . Voetboogstraat 33.04:00. QOpen 11:00 . www.23:00. tel. rather than people order their gourmet pizzas baked with real Mozzarella di Bufala di Campana cheese and then sip a glass of wine or an Italian Dolimiti micro brew outside until one of the master bakers runs over with their order. Fri. Also at Oudezijds Voorburgwal 33. don't put too much thought into it as you'll probably forget about in the morning.04:00. (+31) 205 28 97 97. tel.inyourpocket.4).22:00. although it does offer two counters and some stools. tel. which is why it's often the recipient of contempt by both Amsterdammers and tourists. with ice cream and cinnamon or dozens of other toppings either sweet or savoury. QOpen 12:00 . we'll forgive them. This place doesn't care about it's interior. Each of its marble-topped tables has a big ceramic bucket of local syrup with a wooden spoon as well as a container of powdered sugar.23:00. (+31) 205 31 32 Vlaamse Friteshuis A-1. Oosterdok 2.both sweet and savoury . you can't deny that Pancakes! Amsterdam is smothered in Dutch tradition. low-cost vegetarian servings which include an unlimited salad bar to fill your pita is the reason why it's so popular and tends to be full during peak hours. If you'd prefer a proper sit down meal with higher prices then try its restaurant across the street. 23 Historic architecture in Centrum M. www. coffee. but the aroma of pancakes on the griddle can be a little overwhelming by the kitchen. offers deep-fried croquettes. Its niche is a simple create-yourown burger concept where you choose the type of meat you want (Irish beef.04:00. Closed Mon. this café is located on the rooftop terrace of one of Amsterdam's most unusual buildings . because it's concentrated all of its focus on the delicious Thai food served here. the walls are covered in Amsterdam memorabilia and the low timber ceilings are simply charming. You can order sausage rolls.3). minimalist interior painted in stylish white. tel. (+31) 206 26 03 60. After a few beers and a few joints when hunger strikes you'll probably want to avoid the crowds and get the cheapest food available as quick as possible. Sometimes annoying techno music seems to clash with the AW chain of snack bars.01:00. TJGKS 33.pancake.12). it's child-friendly and it's definitely very Dutch. frikandel and burgers promptly placed into vending machines right after being made. Although this cellar pancake house feels a bit like a tourist trap. Difficult to find. tel. Unfortunately. (+31) 206 24 88 28.febodelekkerste.02:00. JGS FEBO A-1. maozusa.even if you're the only patron. Berenstraat sober people aren't FEBO's target audience. (+31) 203 30 59 68. tel. (+31) 204 20 74 35. eggs or cheese or sample one of four dayglow coloured slush puppy drinks.12). but the beef in red curry and coconut milk more than makes up for a little bit of stress. so if you order take away you won't be able to capitalize on the all-you-can-eat salad bar. In other words. www. which are almost always occupied. QOpen 12:00 . Open 11:00 . www. QOpen 10:00 . Vlaamse Friteshuis might draw your attention with the crowds of people standing around on this quiet street eating fries.19:00. Sun 10:30 . yet popular concept. Beer and wine is also available as well as ice cream and desserts. On weekend nights.16:00. sit-down establishment. (€1 .03:00. especially given its close location to the throngs of visitors at the Anne Frank House.03:00. beer and spirits are also available and the service is friendly.12).15). while admiring an amazing view of the city centre. Also available at many other locations throughout town. And everyone knows: snug but sluggish isn't for every impatient kid. www. Damrak 40.22:00. A couple of guys frantically stoke a wood-fuelled brick pizza oven to keep up with the large demand for thin-crust pizzas that have locals queued up outside. JS www. This Quick eats Burger Bar A-3. If you're worried about the quality. Tweede Tuindwarsstraat 14. Damrak 6.burger-bar. JAGKSW MAOZ B-3. (+31) 206 64 80 64. getting a seat after 19:00 is nearly impossible and the service is rather sluggish . (€6 . (+31) 206 25 39 13. (+31) 206 25 13 33. Sun 13:00 . (+31) 204 20 62 89. but bear in mind that you have to climb the walkway from the rear of the building. unless.e-nemo. You might spot this snack bar from a distance by the crowd lingering outside waiting for their take away or an unlikely seat inside at one of four tables. (+31) 204 50 99 87. which is usually surrounded by a large crowd eating as they QOpen 10:30 .amsterdam.

www. Lindengracht 152.01:00. but it's lesser competitors in the same neighbourhood that vie for its customers. PTJAGBKXW 206 26 72 61. tel.inyourpocket. Steakhouses 27 41 49.23:00. if expensive. (+31) 203 30 63 31. QOpen 12:00 . Sat 12:00 . QOpen 13:00 . (€12 . (€15 . Sun 12:00 24:00. This place specialises in delicious. snappy servings of traditional curries and rice in an authentic atmosphere that includes loud screams from the kitchen. tel. Also at Traditional Delft Christmas ornaments M. however.soupenzo. (+31) 204 21 86 95.inyourpocket. AVBW Royal Thai F-8.30). This Thai restaurant was one of the first ethnic eateries to open at the Zeedijk in the 1990s and to this day it claims to prepare authentic meals that are even better than the stuff you'd get in Thailand. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 22. table@torodorado. (€4 .23:00. Try delicious. Closed Sun. If you're feeling adventurous try one of its special cocktails made with Mekhong. all of this livestock pampering doesn't come cheap. nl. tel. QOpen 17:00 .24 centrum: Food & drink Soup 22 22 43. (+31) 206 24 25 68. (+31) Song Kwae B-2. QOpen 11:00 . (+31) 206 20 14 42. roughly cut wooden planks. A La Brasa B-1.22:30. tel. but a bit short on the delicious sea creatures. intimate tables and eat as much sushi as you can stuff down your throat for no more than €22. QOpen 17:00 . nl. (+31) 204 Toro Dorado A-2. wagon wheels serve as chandeliers and cowhides dangle from every available surface like the set of an old western. tasty and free wi-fi and sports on TV are also nothing to sneeze at. Zeedijk 72 . Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 54. tel. PTJGB Soup En Zo H-5. Spui 15. especially in summer. (€12 . QOpen 15:00 . QOpen 11:00 . Sushi www. www. tel. yet basks in the relative quiet of the Spui square.23:00. Chao Phraya B-2v. Between white tiled walls where large green statues of Thai deities stand and mythical creatures dance and play musical instruments. which is located close to the city's busiest shopping streets.19:00. This restaurant has been serving Thai dishes on the Nieuwmarkt since 1995.23:00.8). PTJAGKS 27 63 34. A bold statement to be sure. You can of course get steaks of varying sizes and cuts. prawns and other seafood are also on offer as well as Argentine beer. But what can you expect when the beef you're served is treated like royalty and fed on a steady diet of beer and sake to create the perfect amount of fat and marbling? The lucky heifers also get a daily massage from a personal assistant. Naturally. Also at A-1. tel. Fri. ABW Argentino Luna D-5. tel. Enjoy live music on Fridays and Saturdays. (+31) 204 Tokyo Cafe A-3.20:00. Every square meter of this place from the walls to the ceiling is covered in wide. PJAGB Find a complete list of restaurants at . Open 11:30 info@songkwae. The popularity of this restaurant may owe more to its prime location on the Nieuwmarkt. but this one has certainly tried to get a leg up on its competition as far as interior design goes. patrons of this earth sip jasmine tea or Singha beer and eat a wide variety of Southeast Asian cuisine from the land of smiles. Zeedijk 97.24).royal-thai. Waiters in traditional dress serve some of the best fresh green and red curries you can get in Amsterdam with as much white rice as you can eat. Sat 11:00 . We recommend the entrecote steak with Roquefort sauce and the Argentinian coffee with a shot of Legui liquor. South Americans from all over the Netherlands come here for the imported steaks prepared by Argentinian grill masters and a cold Quilmes beer. Spuistraat 3d. The interior is rather less but the meal was one of the best we've had in a long time and that's saying a lot. Uruguayan footballer Luiz Suarez's shirt decorates one of the walls of this wonderful restaurant. This is not your average steakhouse. but bear in mind that the location on N. (+31) 206 It's hard to choose a steakhouse in Amsterdam. The shrimp with noodles dinner was huge. Unfortunately. Nieuwmarkt 8 . a Thai spirit that will put you in a Bangkok state of mind in no time.songkwae. than to its lacklustre service. but even Christmas lights mixed with plastic Buddhas can't spoil a truly satisfying meal at Bird. the restaurant staff aren't as the red curry chicken wasn't bad and even a bit spicy. Sat. tel. You're guaranteed at least eight different choices and they're served in four sizes from something that resembles a children's cup to a large container. which seems to be a rarity at sushi joints. As far as top sushi restaurants go. Sit down at one of the small. Sat. but it might just be true. Kloveniersburgwal Tuna but you can sample plenty of ice cream. www. Thai pop music and an androgynous waiter/waitress. Song Kwae's only flaw is not the restaurant itself.18:00.tokyocafe. The red and green curries. you can't order separate pieces of sushi. www. (+31) 204 89 79 18. but that seems only to contribute to the cosy atmosphere. Sun 12:00 .24:00. (€12 . It's not big and the tables are really cramped. QOpen 11:00 . but we recommend a splurge as the special is tasty.26). Jodenbreestraat 94a. Although not exactly bowled over by the authenticity of the QOpen 17:00 .24:00. (+31) 204 21 86 95. Unfortunately. (€22 .restaurantluna. as they are located on nearly every street corner. you'd have a hard time finding a better place than Tokyo Café.Zaprauskis Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. www. Spiegelstraat only offers takeaway.17).nl. www. Sat 12:00 . tel. TJA6UEGBKS Thai Bird but on the small side.17). info@restaurantluna.18).thai-bird. but when the tender Kobe beef arrives you won't care. gourmet soups from simple potato with Roquefort cheese to Surinamese brown bean soup with chicken. which was curt and lacking the smile for which the Thai people are so famous. torodorado. seafood and assorted fried rice dishes are. (+31) 203 30 77 81. (€25 . (€12 . Lange Leidsedwarsstraat (€25 .74.

are served cold. The exquisite flavour of these recipes have become so beloved that Güllüoğlu has the honour of calling itself the biggest baklava baker in the world with establishments in dozens of countries including Libya. Porcelain beer taps. Sat 10:00 . Turkish Güllüoglu B-3. This casual café and bar is often full at the weekend when many a local comes in for a big breakfast. café and shop is tastefully decorated with a mixture of European and Ottoman features. Sat. like Peking duck and egg foo yung. QOpen 10:00 .22:00. deep-fried noodles on each table were also a nice touch. JKS Vietnamese 38 62 34.01:00. Q (€8 . The walls are covered in reproductions by the disturbed genius. Sun 11:00 . The otherwise ordinary beige interior of this restaurant is punctuated by colourful images of the Buddha on one side and the Dalai Lama on the other. This green and gold restaurant won't win any awards for interior design. Sat 10:00 . www. tel. then this little slice of history housed in the monumental Beurs van Berlage building is the place to go.21:00.21:00. A Café Scheltema A-2. (€7 .02:00.24:00. If you'd like to see where locals eat. floors and wall panelling have been around for a beer and the day's paper. but you can also admire this legendary example of Amsterdam School architecture and design from the inside with its vaulted ceilings and characteristic tile tableaux by Jan Its worn wooden snowlionrestaurant@gmail. unless you visit the outside terrace in summer. but it does have some Asian influences here and there like porcelain idols and bamboo over the bar. shrimp. wine. (+31) 205 31 33 55.03:00.18:00. tel. info@gulluoglu.18).just the way we like it. tel. Damrak 277 (entrance from Beursplein). which gave us our first clue that we may have come to the right place.gulluoglu. Snacks. Prins Hendrikkade t. QOpen 10:00 . Van Gogh Café A-1. QOpen 16:00 . www. All the goodies that the Turkish culinary tradition has to offer can be found at this popular Amsterdam A 25 A snow storm paralyzes the city centre Tibetan Snow Lion E-4. info@lovers. Anatolia's most famous treat. Fri. Café Heffer A-1. Although lots of establishments claim to be 'grand cafés' in Holland.vangoghcafe. soups and local main courses are available as well as salads but we recommend the French onion soup or one of its hearty country-style omelettes.centrum: Food & drink Cafés Beurs van Berlage A-2. Lindengracht 160HS. You can also enjoy other pastries. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 242.inyourpocket. Sun 11:00 . (+31) 204 28 44 88. spring rolls and lettuce served in a big bowl with a vinegar chilli sauce on the side. A De Kat in de Wijngaert D-4.22:00. Sun 10:00 . pies and cakes and all can be enjoyed with real Turkish coffee. This classic Dutch café. and old-fashioned glass and brass lamps hang above the Winter 2012/2013 . (+31) 206 22 45 54. a Heineken and some Amsterdam atmosphere. The restaurant. but bear in mind that it's often difficult to get a seat at lunch.01:00.18:00. Sat 10:00 . The selection of brews is excellent. Since 1871 Güllüoğlu has used its secret family recipes to create wonderful handmade desserts like baklava. Haarlemmerstraat 50. It's basically vermicelli with roast pork. tel. Fri. Although it offers plenty of Chinese dishes too.22:00. (€8 . Try one of its toasted sandwiches or a Dutch fry up. Reguliersbreestraat 7. 25.12). then just walk over to the canal on the right and take a seat at the Van Gogh Café. (€5 . Live sports are often shown on the big screens. not to mention the ceiling. brown bar and beerhall is so authentic it's a virtual museum of Amsterdam eating and drinking culture. Order classic drinks like butter tea or something with a little more kick and then move on to vegetarian or meat dishes with curry. (+31) 203 20 42 00. www.22:00. drink and chat over beer. (+31) 205 30 54 12.15). QOpen 09:00 . Oudebrugsteeg (+31) 206 23 23 23. Complimentary spicy. (€7 . An old stove in the centre of the room keeps patrons warm on cold days or perhaps its the jenever and a good selection of Low Country beers that keeps the chill away. like the one just mentioned. it also offers Vietnamese classics like pho soup and bun thom thit nuong cha gio which really isn't as complicated as it sounds. The waitress dressed in traditional garb had decidedly Tibetan features. Seating at one of half a dozen worn wooden tables is limited so singles are encouraged to belly up to the long. red granite counter for food and drink or a cup of coffee and some pleasant conversation. tel. In the summer you can also sit on the summer terrace and watch the canal boats depart and arrive with a coffee or a beer.15). QOpen 10:00 . If you’ve just arrived at the Central Station and you’re just dying for a sandwich. (+31) 204 22 77 76. ceramic jenever jugs. antique tile floors and gigantic chandeliers hanging from high ceilings make this elegant place a favourite among beer connoisseurs who need a break from dusty brown bars. Not only can you get a good meal. sandwiches. The staff are kind enough to ask how hot you like your food when they take your order. The acoustics of the hall makes for a boisterous meal among Amsterdammers.18). breakfast food and gourmet sandwiches. QOpen 10:00 . not to mention the antique memorabilia that seem to cover every available space. Bear in mind that some of the noodle dishes. QOpen 09:00 . Heffer truly lives up to this illustrious title. AB Vietnam Restaurant B-1. noodles or rice or try the ‘special' beef dish which was incredibly spicy . But don't worry. but many people come for the delicious cuisine and great tel. (+31) 206 www. Zeedijk 57. tel. (€15).

It would take the better part of a day just to describe all of the junk and clutter that hangs from the ceiling and walls at Biblos. but pretty damn close. (+31) 204 27 05 Susie's Saloon Dutch snacks can be arranged and its open late. We really like this laid back place where you can enjoy a good brew or cocktail with a board game during the day or attempt to mark your territory among dozens of rowdy patrons at night.inyourpocket. Now this could be good or bad depending on your point of view. Sat 11:00 .166. Fri. not to mention a huge painting of Henry Rollins performing in naught but his undies. Sat 11:00 . QOpen 15:00 . but here it is in a nutshell: two canoes. ski poles.03:00. (+31) 206 22 99 New Year’s Eve on Dam Square www. Scream past the ear-shattering classic rock or techno music and order a Grolsch or a (+31) 206 25 51. Sat 19:00 . packed with both foreigners and locals and fun.03:00. Soundgarden was blaring from the speakers? Okay. tel. QOpen 11:30 . 10. tel. clubs and Red Light hot spots as well as videos visit www.03:00. Kolksteeg 12. Fri. Fri. it was actually Audioslave. escape the mayhem upstairs or play pool in the basement. tel.04:00. but if you think that the drink has sunk you.cafedekoe. New Wave and indie music icons line one . Fri. This historic bar has been around since 1726. BX Café Mooy A-1.26 centrum: nightliFe Once again. This little pub's popularity is no doubt due to its good location on a major Red Light thoroughfare near some of the best window shopping. It's probably just the reflection from an improbable and unnecessary number of disco balls messing with your head. Although plenty of beers and cocktails are available. Unfortunately. Inside there's also a smoking room. Alternative rock tunes enjoy a prominent position here. Look for a sign of a cowgirl (Susie we presume) with a Stetson on her head and six-shooters in her hands to find this place that looks more like a Native American lodge than a Western saloon. QOpen 12:00 .50 for the dubious toilets downstairs. tel.03:00. QOpen 16:00 . Would you believe it that as we walked in. boat inebriated crowds that occupy the bar and its booths at night. A Biblos F-7. Burgers. www. while the other boasts three portraits of American astronauts and what appears to be the head of a water buffalo. but the tempting smells from the restaurant below can bring on a premature case of the munchies. Fri. However. 100 or so licence plates from around the globe. Alternative indeed. Fri. but the men's trough is open to all. www. tel. Delft tile fireplace desecrated by the placement of slot machines on either side of it. Ladies need to ask for the key to crapper at the bar. darts or pinball and cigarette smokers can hang out in a separate smoking room in the back. Café Emmelot B-1. although you could make the argument that the loud 1980s music really brings 'em in. A Weber E-8.skek.01:00. www. boxing gloves.15).03:00. Warmoesstraat 58.04:00. we had to come to this dive bar to see what all the fuss was about. Dream catchers. What else can we say about the atmosphere? It's smoky. shots seem to be popular. You can play pool or foosball inside or hit the private canalside terrace. 'Skek is a restaurant where you can eat some fresh food supplied by the local markets and a café where you can sip a fresh mint tea or a seasonal beer. Emmelot also provides a big TV and if you beg the bar staff they might even put on a football match. sandwiches and big breakfasts are all available as well as Heineken and Guinness on draught. tel.inyourpocket. Marnixstraat 164 . Q A Café de Koe E-7. (+31) 206 Bars don't QOpen 19:00 . QOpen 21:00 . EBX Amsterdam In Your Pocket (+31) 206 22 89 12. QOpen 12:00 . Sat 21:00 . currency both young and very old. It's kind of like walking into a friend's house party except your best buddy probably doesn't have a giant white mural of a cow in his living room or glittering wallpaper plastered to the ceiling above his bar. you have to pay €0. We're not sure if the name is a greeting or a warning. but judging by the happy. Others probably appreciate that the smoking ban isn't enforced here.03:00. Zeedijk 4. tel. it's probably a little of both. Sat 15:00 . totems and old photos of chiefs in traditional dress adorn the walls. but we personally only came for the cheap late night drinks and the pool table. bowling pins and lots and lots of vinyl records. The music leans toward hard rock and there are plenty of TVs for sporting events.01:00. everyone who enters is greeted with a heartfelt goede avond!.nl.hotelweber.03:00. but unlike many of its brethren.susiessaloon. At the weekend it's packed. (+31) 206 22 16 26. A Café Sound Garden D-6. AX 44 82. Fri. the following is but a fraction of the nightlife reviews that we’ve covered in Amsterdam Centrum. Fri.01:00. The beer selection is also pretty decent. (+31) 206 24 02 94. quite stuffy and quite hard to get into and even harder to get but we certainly winced having seen a beautiful. Oudezijds Voorburgwal 254. tel. The atmosphere is relaxed and the service is pleasant and sincere. In any event. You can also play pool.cafesoundgarden.01:00. Marnixstraat 381. Lijnbaansgracht Sat 12:00 . 'Skek is also involved in the local scene by showcasing artists' paintings on the walls and offering a small stage for musicians to do their thing. Seating on faux leopard skin seats in the cellar is often easier to find. QOpen 11:00 .01:00. Oudezijds Voorburgwal 52. Sat 12:00 . www. PJAUNGKSW 'Skek Eetcafé B-1. tel. which must infuriate the posh neighbours next door in the evenings when things heat up. which is a good thing. Marnixstraat 397. the music is generic enough to please most tastes and a pool table is always a major plus in our estimation. (€12 . Drink 'n' Sink B-1. info@skek. while football strips and scarves are pinned to the ceiling hinting at Susie's preferred clientele. (+31) 206 20 28 53. Being old Seattle sound enthusiasts ourselves. Sat 16:00 . This local meeting spot is a gem amongst a sea of bland tourist traps on the Zeedijk. Watch sports on several TVs. Weber is billed as a club/bar for an alternative crowd loth to listen to pop and techno music on their night out and we'd have to agree. www.01:00. (+31) 206 26 21 27 01 25. this brown bar has adjusted to the times. For a full list of pubs.03:00.

a few stools at the bar. (+31) 204 08 44 70. Anchor. This huge beer hall is so large it has entrances from two parallel streets. but thankfully the friendly staff can suggest one of the nearly 20 beers available on draught or perhaps one of the 200 brews In de Wildeman offers in bottles. A couple of tables. De Bierfabriek A-3.beertemple. Brooklyn and Flying Dog. If you have one too many strong beers.Zaprauskis Café Belgique A-2. EB 23 48. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 250. Even brew hounds like us are a little overwhelmed in a place like this. Sun 14:00 .02:00. which is located in a former distillery. A 90. Fri. hot dogs and Trappist cheeses can also be had here. QOpen 09:00 . Whole peanuts are piled on each table. Kolksteeg 3. Fri 16:00 . Kloveniersburgwal 6 . Amsterdam by night M.03:00. blue and gold carpet that looks remarkably good considering what it must have experienced over the years. www. tel. tel. The staff actually encourages this! You can also skip the middleman and choose a table with your own beer tap.24:00. Although this pub and microbrewery is part of a chain of restaurants and cafés. Herengracht Proeflokaal de Prael B-1. Perhaps that's a blessing given that most of the suds sold here weigh in somewhere just below the 10% alcohol mark. too. often unknown beers brewed exclusively at small Dutch craft breweries. which unfortunately only offers faux flames. www. Sat. who is a certified beerologist. A Old Nickel B-1. QOpen 15:00 .01:00. If you're still not convinced. white tiles. (+31) 206 24 19 12. wooden tables and beer memorabilia await you in a space that's industrial. while the pilsner is made by the family-owned ALFA brewery. its worn wooden interior is warm and inviting and. tel. Fri 16:00 . ABW 27 Beer Temple A-2. AB In de Wildeman A-1. A Winter 2012/2013 www. With around 350 different beers and another 250 seasonal brews. Sat 11:00 burgers. Two of the brews on offer are produced on the premises. not to mention the actual brewery itself visible behind a glass wall.03:00. Sat 12:00 . The beer list is too long to make suggestions. tel. Sat 16:00 .01:00.01:00. a few main courses listed on the blackboard are available. Sun 14:00 . An incredible selection of roughly 70 beers is available from 10% Trappist quadruples to strange organic brews made without hops.01:00. Gravenstraat 2. Voetboogstraat 3. Three levels of old mismatched furniture. If you've had your fill of ales and IPAs. In The Eagle's Nest you can not only taste but also learn about the beer from its owner. Traditional snacks from liverwurst and cheese to frites are also available.03:00. such as . Billiards & Pool The Pool Hole A-3. It's one of the cosiest places we've come across in Amsterdam and this is probably in large part due to its old-fashioned maroon. Roughly 20 beers are available on draught. QOpen 11:00 .01:00. Intricately carved men's faces peer out at the bar from the dark wood panelling and from the mantel above the beautiful Delft tile fireplace. (+31) 204 23 01 12. Oudezijds Armsteeg 26. The spacious interior consists of the usual wooden Hidden in a narrow alley between two of the city centre's busiest pedestrian streets you'll find the tasting room of the De Prael microbrewery. faux Persian rugs. If you're into American craft brews you might just be tempted to drop to your knees in awe and reverence at the sight of the huge blackboard that lists hundreds of beers by such brewing heavyweights as Samuel Adams. That said. (+31) 206 25 19 74. but most are in bottles.01:00. but also a black and white tiled floor and a long green bar. QOpen 16:00 . Good pub grub is also on the menu and rock tunes dominate the soundtrack. that if you're a beer connoisseur the only complaint you'll have here is that the glasses are too small. Rokin 75.03:00. the dark and slightly sweet Nero and the reddish and fruity Rosso.inyourpocket. tel.03:00. beiaardgroep. (+31) 204 21 20 57. but don't be afraid to throw the shells on the floor. which you can see (and smell) roasting behind a large glass partition. PJAG 't Arendsnest (The Eagle's Nest) E-4. this partially sunken cellar offers half a dozen tables and a laid back Bohemian atmosphere with good tunes on the sound system and lots of candlelight. In addition to the usual snacks and salads. In addition to local and Belgian beers. Sat 14:00 . Nieuwe Brugsteeg 11. (+31) 203 30 08 13. tel. Rest Good pub grub like wings. Peter van der Arend. Sat 14:00 . all of which you can taste before ordering.8. you can always crash at its hotel upstairs. tel.centrum: nightliFe Beer bars (+31) 206 27 14 27. looks like its been here for many years to say the least. tel. www. Fri. QOpen 14:00 .bierfabriek. Sun 12:00 . QOpen 16:00 . two benches outside and that's about it for seating in this tiny brown bar specialising in delicious Belgian brews too numerous to mention by name. www. tel. QOpen 12:00 . Saranac. QOpen 16:00 . this is a paradise for beer lovers and a truly Dutch experience. you can try some rare and exotic libations like the 32% Tactical Nuclear Penguin brew. this one also has plenty of areas where you can sit down and relax without the unmistakable clack-clack of billiard balls smacking into one another. but you'd be mad not to try the Cornish game hens. The word temple isn't mere hyperbole. with the exception of the tiled area in the back that houses the copper beer vats. Closed Mon. (+31) 205 28 99 10. a triple Food is also available including daily specials for just under €10. a white beer and a seasonal beer. so you'll have to get adventurous but bear in mind that many of the drinks on draught have a high alcohol content and could make your trip back to your hotel a little more interesting.22:00. (+31) 206 38 Brew pubs De Bekeerde Suster (De Beiaard) B-2. QOpen 11:00 . www. the bartender will pour you a small sample to taste before you order. Sample all of the company's beers in an atmosphere that's too hip and positively overwhelming to describe. old-fashioned and modern all at once.thepoolhole. www. including the house Tempelbier.02:00. Just look at the chalkboard above the door to see what's on draught at one of Amsterdam's best beer bars. The ginger coloured cat keeps watch over the Old Nickel from his perch on the windowsill. Unlike most pool This unique pub serves an amazing variety of The Converted Nun offers her own brews including a blonde.

01:00. www.20:00. Order a bottle or a glass from the month's specials on the blackboard and relax in this candlelit room to the soothing sounds of classical music. (+31) 206 24 78 86. Where would you go partying as an artist in Amsterdam? Most would say De Kring. black jack and loads of slot machines in two separate halls and focused gamblers seated in expensive leather chairs doing battle with machines with imaginative names like Rich Girls. Sip a jenever with one of the old-timers or order one of a handful of beers on draught. you'll find this hidden gem for everyone who loves bubbles and wine.Zaprauskis Amsterdam In Your Pocket . a tight design and lounge couches next to the dance floor. Convenient mini-guides offering quick courses in gambling are available for beginners who don't know the rules. tel. Caffé and Lounge.04:00. AB Clubs Club Escape B-3. An excellent selection of beer is available from Trappist brews to local concoctions from the IJ microbrewery right here in Amsterdam. unsubtly situated at the Rembrandtplein. Closed Mon. which can make finding Up quite a downer. you can always escape to Jimmy Woo's. the clientele look young and professional and smoking is strictly Sat 10:00 . since the narrow entrance is set between two tall buildings. info@bubblesandwines.28 centrum: nightliFe Brown bars Café Karpershoek A-1. QOpen 12:00 . Club Up serves as a spin-off dance club of De Kring. there's no real escaping this large collection of clubs. Its website is advertised prominently on the front window. was the smell of garlic. With paintings on the wall. Fri. tel. On one of the oldest streets in Amsterdam. the club aims for diverse audiences on different evenings. Nes 37. an ornately decorated cast iron stove and white Christmas lights strung from the high ceiling.01:00. contact@escape.clubup. Roughly 400 years ago sailors and other rough characters could sit here and admire the view of the ships on the IJ way before the train station cut off this port city from the water. Sun 14:00 . QOpen Thu 22:00 . POJAUGKX (+31) 206 23 41 40. When partying in Amsterdam. A mix of young and elderly patrons play cards. Outback Jack and Cash Fever. PUG www. Fri. QOpen 15:30 . Lijnbaansgracht 266/267. Fri.bubblesandwines.21:00. This unusual brown bar dating back to 1642 offers great views of canals and church spires from its excellent position at the picturesque intersection of the Prinsengracht and the Brouwersgracht. it's a cosy. Inside you'll find well-known games like poker. www. Today you can sip a local beer or jenever here with middle-aged men who kiss one another on the cheek in manly fashion.onderdeooievaar. roulette. but that's a members-only place. Thu 23:00 . modern 21st-century take on a classic concept. Escape has been successfully run by twin brothers.21:00.24:00. Sun 13:00 . com. but you can move on to four other separate areas: Deluxe. (+31) 206 22 11 11. Around since 1606 or 1629. Cocktails. The first thing we noticed upon entering this wine bar. Other outstanding décor features include copper bed warmers.04:00. However. Don't let the name fool In Swans in the Red Light district M. tel. (+31) 206 27 97 82. JAGW Mulliner's Wijnlokaal F-7. A Café Papeneiland E-4. QOpen 10:00 .04:30. Feeling fooled anyway because you're caught between high school students and tourists? For more class. Delft chandelier. Rembrandtplein 11. the polished wooden bar and the green leather benches that put one in mind of an English gentleman's It's obvious that this popular brown bar is run by a new generation of beer and spirits purveyors. QOpen .05:00. Its wide selection of 400 bottles. but Mulliner's main focus is of course wine in all its lovely (+31) 206 24 68 36. depending on whom you talk to.03:00. (+31) 206 23 69 85. it considers itself to be Amsterdam's oldest bar and after checking out the shabby furniture and sand-worn floors it won't get any argument from us. Closed Mon.05:00. Wed. and the best part is: it's open for everyone. a TV and even a dartboard are also available. QOpen 12:00 . Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 26-I. The friendly staff will also go out of their way to help you if you haven't got a clue what to order. Sun 10:30 . Since 1986. tel.01:00. It might also take you a while to locate the so you can be fairly sure that you'll find a cabarnet or pinot noir that suits you. Sat 23:00 .nl.01:00. Utrechtsestraat Located on the water between Leidseplein and the Rijksmuseum. old blue and white tiles on the walls and a beautiful. sip jenever or knock back strong Belgian and Dutch double bocks here under the shadow of a huge antique ad for Oosterling liquors at the far end. AE Club Up F-7. The shrill house music in Escape Club won't appeal to everyone. It could very well be that you have to be a person of the male persuasion to appreciate this bar. tel. but hardly worn. if a bit dusty. the interior is made of wood. this stylish casino has plenty of eating and drinking options and a great summer terrace. Huge barrels of spirits decorate the right-hand wall and hang precariously over the heads of the local clientele. Studio. Café Papeneiland also offers seating above the claustrophobic bar where patrons are allowed to smoke. apart from the refined atmosphere. Max Euweplein 62.hollandcasino. Q BX Casinos & Gambling 21 11 11. tel. of which 58 are served by the glass. info@clubup. Unlike other bars of its genre. snacks. but the bar's most curious feature is the height of its hip-high bar with matching stools that look like a Tolkien-inspired tavern expecting Hobbits for happy hour. King Kong Cash. Martelaarsgracht Holland Casino F-8. Sun 23:00 . tel. QOpen 17:00 . Inside you'll find an antique interior of wood furniture. Tue. Sat 22:00 . a twominute walk from Dam Square. www.escape. Prinsengracht Utrechtsestraat 140. (+31) 205 Onder de Ooievaar (Under the Stork) H-7. www. is one of the main attractions of this modern hot spot. (+31) 204 22 33 18. Bubbles & Wine bars Bubbles & Wines A-2. (+31) 206 24 19 89. there isn't really anything that makes this place stand out from other like-minded dance clubs. QOpen 11:00 . www. tel. Café Slijterij Oosterling H-7. www. This wonderful bar has been serving thirsty Amsterdammers since 1877. Escargot was being prepared along with a myriad of other delicious tapas. In 2011 it was chosen as the best wine bar in the city. tel.

who know how to get a crowd moving here.22:00. E Wynand Fockink A-2. We're more at home at a punk rock show than a house club.inyourpocket. Rembrandtplein 17.04:00.05:00. Sat 23:00 . Wed. the club has weekly and monthly events aimed at the young music fanatic. Tue. QOpen 22:00 .00:30. Beer drinkers won't be disappointed either as the Belgian Affligem Double on draught is delicious. tel. Sun 23:00 . Sun 15:00 . The style is casual so don't worry about your trainers and leave your D&G gear at home. dancing to 1990s R&B and hip-hop. QOpen 21:00 . Sat 22:00 . At the weekend it's hard to manoeuvre through the sea of bodies assembled here to listen to blues and rock bands and the bouncers don't seem to have any qualms about letting as many people in as is physically possible. Sugar Factory is all about the music. and bring a fat wallet as the prices at the bar can reach €120 for a bottle of bubbly. but perhaps even narrower. Warmoesstraat 131. Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18. Fri.01:00. A Nachttheater Sugar Factory F-7. Unlike the crowded faux clubs on Leidseplein blasting Top 40. tel. Sat 15:00 01:30.03:00. You'll definitely have to make some physical contact with other music enthusiasts to get to the stage where live jazz. men wear sneakers). This legendary Amsterdam club is about as long as a train car. Fortunately.04:00. This isn't exactly the place for the superficial glitterati. Admission: €3 . This place actually looks a bit like a barn on the inside with the exception of the musical instruments hanging from the rafters and the chandeliers hanging above the bar. order a drink and join the action. (+31) 205 30 08 Olaf's Gate. a long line of hipsters and art academy students are checked by a door Nazi at the entrance of Studio 80 located at the busy Rembrandtplein. Pijlsteeg 31.03:00. hence its unusual name. www.05:00. Live music Alto Jazz Café but the terrific view of the city centre is actually priceless. Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 115. but even we could sense that something special was afoot at the Sugar Factory. Tue.000 light bulbs on the ceiling in the dancing area. Sat 21:00 . Wed. QOpen Wed. Nieuwebrugsteeg 13. The sleaziness of touristy Warmoesstraat. It's dark the way a jazz club should be and has something of a clandestine speakeasy feel to it. tel. Oosterdoksstraat 4. Fri. QOpen Thu.04:00. this is an excellent escape from the Warmoes. tel.a local tradition. Leidsekruisstraat 6 .nl. the staff are a little slow at this altitude so you can make your elaborate cocktail last quite a while at this breathtaking location. Unlike other tasting rooms of it genre. This ancient room that looks more like a neglected museum than a popular bar and tourist attraction has been serving unique Dutch liqueurs and spirits with names like Rose Without Thorns. Filled with a surprising mix of lost tourists and music-loving locals. tel.winston. Live music every evening. Every week.olofspoort. QOpen Thu. funk or salsa acts perform every night in front of a packed crowd of Winter 2012/2013 . the sight of the long queue of well-dressed clubbers is also worth a look. but even simple drinks like a Jack and Coke can set you back dearly. QOpen 11:00 . (+31) 206 27 00 08. www. tel. The Olofspoort offers over 200 different spirits including traditional and exotic local jenevers.04:00. (+31) 206 23 13 80. (+31) 205 21 83 33.5. (+31) 206 39 26 95. (+31) 206 26 32 doubletree. Sat 21:00 . Sat 21:00 . A thick layer of dust covers all of the empty antique bottles as well as the full ones that cause the wooden shelves to sag precariously above one another.05:00. www. Admission: €5 .21:00. Admission: €5 .nl. enjoy the wave of 12. tel. locals and foreigners in the know. Sun 21:00 . Visit gay-friendly parties like the infamous Multisexi events and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Studio 80. Fri. www. Fri.centrum: nightliFe Jimmy Woo's F-7. Closed Mon. A diverse crowd of teens through 40-somethings genuinely appreciate the professional international DJs from as far away as the States. PJUG Winston Kingdom A-2.bourbonstreet. (+31) 206 23 34 40. www. this place is the real deal. might make one think twice about a visit to Winston Belly up to the bronze-covered bar. Don't forget to slurp your liqueur without using your hands when you take your first sip . but that would be a mistake. Be sure to do the following three things here: gawk at 20-somethings who aren't sure about the dress code (women wear cocktail dresses. Fri. Sitting down in one of the purple booths At Jimmy Woo's means never having a dull moment. but at least you're getting real entertainment for your €5 cover and not the blaring Top 40 and techno at neighbouring bars.03:30. Tue.04:00. Lijnbaansgracht 238. Amsterdam's notoriously naughty street. Dance the night away in the big main hall or lounge on the couches in the back. tel. Closed Mon. PJAULGBKXW Take advantage of a frozen canal in Amsterdam Centrum www. This dark graffiti-sprayed club actually offers decent dance nights and smashing live performances from tomorrow's big indie and electro acts like Justice and The Gaslight Anthem who have both played here. the recently redecorated place is filled with the classy. PJAG 29 Jenever bars In de Olofspoort B-1. rich and young (and sometimes even Dutch celebrities). but there's plenty of sleaze to find here too. AE Bourbon Street F-7. AE Cocktails SkyLounge G/H-4. Bridal Tears and My Aunt's Water since 1679. There's no cover charge. Fri.10. (+31) 206 26 31 50. (+31) 206 24 39 18. if you're really looking for it. QOpen 21:00 . Thu 23:00 . this one provides plenty of space for its patrons in two large rooms. Apart from the music.wynand-fockink. As one of the places to be for contemporary electro music. An Asian-themed household name in fancy clubbing in Amsterdam. Thu 16:00 . Dutch liqueurs and bitters as well as homemade cherry and liquorice liqueurs.hilton.12.sugarfactory. www. Sat 11:00 . QOpen 15:00 . Closed Mon. www. AE Studio 80 One of the best views of the historic heart of Amsterdam can now be found at SkyLounge. Sat 23:00 . The historic building that houses this charming bar was built in 1618 and replaced the 14th-century St. QOpen Wed. This trendy cocktail bar on the 11th floor of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel is a purveyor of delicious and expensive drinks. which is often pregnant with new musical creativity.

satellitesportscafe. You'll find this cellar sports bar full of foreign men watching football on SkySports only a stone's throw from Dam Square. Fri. That doesn't refer to the Fri. but you can forgo the guitar chords in the smoking room where you can watch sports on TV. www. This aptly named pub Batavia 1920 A-1. (+31) 204 21 84 11. (+31) 206 27 89 54. yet on match days you can watch football on TV.01:00.50 for piss-poor toilets. Fri 08:00 . QOpen 20:00 . You're on the Damrak so a pint of Heineken will set you back €6. Look up at the nearly unending choices of whisky on offer on the blackboard. pizzas. €50 including four drinks. There are no happy endings or facials so you can sit as close to the stage as you like. which isn’t a bad deal when one considers that cocktails are included in the price and not just draught Teasers also has about a dozen TVs showing football most of the day and a wide range of pub food from English fry ups to steaks with prices befitting the bar's location. but don't worry. Oudezijds Achterburgwal 106 . take a deep breath and find your favourite scotch. courageous men. Located just opposite the Central Station in a prime example of Amsterdam School architecture. In any event. tel. On the ground floor you can expect a typically Dutch brown bar with a not so typical copper-topped bar with loads of stools. www. tel. tiny stools were added to compensate for the lack of altitude. Fri 16:00 .50 and as far as the babes go we'll give you a hint. in our estimation. Sat 08:00 .cafethijssen. AB Teasers A-1. You should also take into account that as much as you’d like to humiliate your friend on stage. burgers and steaks or test your stomach's mettle with its speciality: all-you-can-eat ribs for only 11. Fri. www. Pool tables are also available. but bear in mind that Thijssen only accepts cash. tel. A Café Thijssen E-4.84. Fri. QOpen 19:00 . (+31) 206 23 89 94. This iconic live sex theatre provides continuous action for as long as you like.02:00. Sat 07:30 . If you're hungry for sports and. Some snacks. www. Damrak 35 . www. The beer part is obvious. A The Oude Kerk (Old Church) Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. Popular with expats. BW Whisky bars Whiskycafé L&B F-8.03:00. Sat 12:00 . Brouwersgracht 107. The programme varies over the course of the evening and ranges in theme from simple strip numbers and couples fornicating on a rotating bed to lesbian lovers and vibrator acts. Fri. (+31) 206 23 40 86.batavia1920. Sat 20:00 . A small smoking room is also available. The place is decorated with flat screen TVs and not much else. not to mention pitchers of local yet casual terrace that instantly quadruples the bar's capacity each summer.04:00.03:00. Sat 09:00 . tel. but rather the beautiful waitresses in cheerleader outfits that take turns dancing on the bar. but you have to pay € . Rock music seems to rule the realm here. Sun 09:00 . this friendly neighbourhood pub is frequented by people of all ages and stripes and is known for its impressive beer selection and huge. Leidseplein 11.inyourpocket. it's open very late and it pours Guinness and Kilkenny Its refined motto ‘babes and beer' curiously neglects to mention sports.04:00.108. You'll have no problem getting a good cocktail either. bourbons and sour mashes from around the world including famous highland spirits as well as drinks from obscure Japanese distilleries.30 centrum: nightliFe Pubs doesn’t have much to do with sports or.01:00. In fact. but it does offer three red felt pool tables on the second floor for €2 per game. A Sex shows Casa Rosso B-2. Bavaria beer is poured from billiard ball taps. www. QOpen 08:00 . tel.03:00.whiskyproeverijen. (+31) 624 55 41 the performers don’t want their grannies watching their act on YouTube so taking photos and filming are prohibited.04:00. Q ABX Balls F-6. (+31) 204 20 05 63. Warmoesstraat 170. No matter.36. It serves plenty of international fare like steaks. The theatre can seat up to 180 people but you might prefer the balcony seating if you don’t want to volunteer for one of the participatory shows. but its true speciality is Belgian and Dutch beer on draught and some surprises in bottles like Raging Bitch IPA.04:00. Admission: € QOpen 09:00 .03:00.01:00.03:00. yet aptly chosen name of Satellite Sports Café might just be in order. A Satellite Sports Café F-8. Sat 12:00 . Lots of surprises are also included in the acts that receive lots of laughs from the crowd. The louder-than-life commentary and the giant photos of the terraces almost make you believe that you're in the stadium. The aptly named Whiskycafé has over 1500 different single malts. but also traditional Dutch snacks like bitterballen with mustard. Sports bars Players A-2. Often times you'll hear blues music in the background. Batavia 1920 also offers a large smoking cellar and special drinks prices during English Premiership matches. Sat 19:00 .01:00. tel. You won't get dirty looks from the staff if you order one of its excellent beers or wines. Sun 12:00 . QOpen 19:00 . but if you’d like something better Duvel is available in bottles. (+31) 204 27 25 29.03:00. then a visit to this place with the boring. which means it's clearly meant for gents with a hankering for football and an appetite worthy of a Viking feast or Roman banquet. big breakfasts and BLTs. sandwiches and breakfasts can also be had and wi-fi is available. Occasionally you'll even see a bored spouse or girlfriend faking enthusiasm for the match of Prins Hendrikkade 85. but we won’t spoil the fun and divulge any details here. If you purchase the more expensive €50 ticket you get coupons for four complimentary drinks. The interior is pure bruin café with a long bar that is only knee-high on one side. it's a great place to watch sports. Reguliersdwarstraat 37.03:00. Squeeze in around the central bar and ponder the possibilities. it seems that Casa Rosso provides something for all of the popular fetishes including a husky woman so as not to neglect the chubby chasers among us. Order enormous English breakfasts. Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 82 .03:00. Batavia 1920 has a little something for everyone. QOpen 08:00 . A huge cupboard is stocked with board games from checkers to Risk. pancakes. tel. QOpen 12:00 .03:00. lots of food. Named after the bloke whose statue graces the square outside.

nl/infoeng. it’s believed that Amsterdam’s oldest stone building. Art Deco and Amsterdam School architecture. hence the tile tableaux of labourers and the use of brick . QOpen 12:00 . It is considered to be one . The monumental building would serve as inspiration for a whole new generation of architects whose style became known as the Amsterdam School. Unfortunately. Alone a brick is nothing special. of the first grand examples of Dutch modern architecture and both the local press and high society who preferred the ornate styles of the 19th century ridiculed its unorthodox Although no one knows for certain. 15:00.1942).nl/bioscoop/ tuschinski. Sun 10:00 . Inside you'll find a lavish interior with a statue of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva and a shrine dedicated to the Buddha. Q Het Funenpark K-5.centrum: sightseeing From historic canal houses and royal palaces to worldclass lectures. The famous Tuschinski Theatre M. info@beursvanberlage. The area contains roughly 550 apartments spread over 16 buildings and residents with a talent for gardening can eat their own organic veggies grown on the rooftops of their buildings. Oudekerksplein 23. who also built the Westerkerk and Zuiderkerk among other famous edifices scattered about the city.23:00. which now houses a Delft ceramics . its original purpose as a defensive structure having become obsolete. but rebuilt two years later in Amsterdam Renaissance style by the eminent Dutch Golden Age architect Hendrick de Keyser. but since 1996 it has housed a swanky Dutch restaurant. The important edifice wasn’t only used for religious purposes and often served as a safe for precious documents. before turning his attention to a forlorn part of Amsterdam where he erected his dream theatre.oudekerk. Although the style of the building is completely Chinese.1903. why not take a quick peek at this interesting monument.28. htm. the Oude Kerk. a Polish Jew who settled in the Netherlands in the early 1900s instead of immigrating to the United States. Zeedijk 106 . harmonious and strong. Admission: adults €5. The Mint Tower (Munttoren) B-3.17:00. but his true intention was to erect a building that would symbolise the tenets of socialism. In 1979 it was again opened to the public and is now one of the city’s most visited attractions. If you're into eco-friendly. Weigh stations and guilds also fell out of fashion over time and the building was used for several different purposes over the but the incredible building he erected is still one of Amsterdam's most popular cinemas. which was his original plan. QOpen 09:00 . Sun 13:00 . It gained its name in the 17th century when the French occupied parts of the Netherlands forcing the Dutch to move their coin minting operations to this location. Funenpark. Tuschinski became of a victim of the Holocaust and died at Auschwitz in 1942.P Berlage. which is impossible to miss. www.indewaag. She’s buried on the far end of the building opposite the entrance. (+31) 206 25 82 84. this massive brick structure was the brainchild of visionary architect H. which incorporates Art Nouveau. The historic monument and its wooden ceiling were on the verge of collapse in the 20th century and it was finally closed in 1951 for lengthy restoration. www. He created a place that functioned as a centre of commerce and capitalism. tel. One of the buildings of this new ‘private' neighbourhood was recently awarded the best new building project of 2011 in Amsterdam. Muntplein. QOpen 11:00 . Originally a gate called the Regulierspoort that was part of Amsterdam's fortified city wall.each one representing a member of society. 16:00): €5. tel. A number of local guilds also moved into the building and each one had its own entrance. Amsterdam’s city centre has it all. Built in 1488. but together with thousands of other bricks it can become something beautiful. The Mint Buildings Beurs van Berlage A-2. was created by Abraham Tuschinski (1886 . a treasury and also a homeless shelter as the city’s indigent were allowed to spend the night here until the Calvinists came to power in the 16th century. Nieuwmarkt 4. a popular event that was open to the public.Zaprauskis modern architecture. St. www. It was also the place where couples had to register their intentions to marry as Rembrandt and his bride Saskia did in 1638. While trying to pick a good Chinese restaurant on the Zeedijk. but make sure to enter via one of the smaller side gates as the main gate is reserved for nuns and monks.pathe. (+31) 90 02 35 72 84. Winter 2012/2013 www. One of the halls was occupied by the Surgeons' Guild that occasionally dissected a freshly executed criminal. Built over a period of years from 1898 . Anthony's Gate (Sint Anthonispoort) eventually became an official weigh station for merchants.ibps. Berlage had a different concept in mind.17:00. Tower is one of the city's most visible landmarks and anyone who has visited the Flower Market or done some shopping on the Kalverstraat has definitely noticed this unique bell tower with a clock on each of its four sides. it was destroyed during a fire in 1618. tel./fax (+31) 206 20 47 01. Fo Guang Shan He Hua Temple B-1.17:00. Tuschinski Theatre G-6. was erected in the 19th century and replaced the original guardhouse.118. 31 Essential Centrum The Old Church (De Oude Kerk) B-1. He became a successful cinema operator in Rotterdam. Tour admission (Sat 14:00. tel. Damrak 277. The Stock Exchange eventually moved and Berlage got his wish as the Beurs van Berlage is now home to events. This is the most magnificent of the city's remaining medieval gates. The Weigh Station (De Waag) B-2. This ornate building.17:00. Reguliersbreestraat 26 . The adjoining building. concerts and a good café. The church was added onto over the centuries but eventually ran out of space to grow and then it suffered a huge blow when protestant demonstrators looted churches across the Netherlands in 1566 damaging priceless art works in the process. conferences. was erected at the end of the 13th or possibly the beginning of the 14th century. (+31) 204 20 23 57. anyone is allowed to worship here and various events and celebrations are held throughout the year.inyourpocket. you shouldn't pass up a chance to take a look at Het Funenpark in the eastern part of the centre. children 12 and under free. Amsterdam's Chinatown is one of the most vibrant you'll find on the continent and it's also home to the largest Buddhist temple in Europe. Although the building was constructed to house the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.beursvanberlage.

www.000 visitors each year who are curious to see how people can use a boat as a permanent residence. but unlike similar tours. but there is no wardrobe to leave your belongings. but for a full guide to all its services visit its website. but there are actually very few places in the Dutch capital where you can see these traditional souvenirs being made. Not to be confused with the standard water taxis that ferry people about from place to place. Amsterdam Tulip Museum E-5. Anne Frank House (Anne Frank Huis) E-5. Admission: adults €3.22:00. Bear in mind that backpacks must be held in your hands as space is often limited and the exhibits could be damaged by an errant bag.amsterdamtulipmuseum. Although the museum isn't very tel. children nine and under free.a brave girl who dreamed of becoming an author while in hiding from Nazi persecution.17:00. children 5 and under free. QOpen 09:00 .18 years €5.50.75. Walk into this flower and gift shop near the Anne Frank House and learn about the fascinating history of the tulip from its humble origins along the Silk Road of Central Asia to its current status as a somewhat common. www.18:00. A 25. Lovers A-1.amsterdammuseum. mass-produced flower that is still a cornerstone of the Dutch economy and a symbol of national identity for the people of the Netherlands. Prinsengracht 296K. Piet Heinkade 4-6-8. A museum café and shop are also available.houseboatmuseum. Sun 11:00 . Start with an amusing slide show of houseboats on the canals during all seasons and the perils and maintenance involved in this unique way of life.Zaprauskis Amsterdam In Your Pocket You can also take dinner cruises. tel. BK tel.lovers. it's very touristy. QOpen 10:00 . Ever wondered how the Dutch make those crazy clogs or even the cheese that seems to be sold on every Amsterdam street corner? Curious why the locals love their chocolate so much or why they're obsessed with pancakes? Visit the Craft & History Experience on the water just beyond the Central Station and you can watch local craftsmen plying their trade. Open November . children free.inyourpocket. You can take a short tour of the place with a Lovers canal tour or you can just walk over on your own and spend as much time as you like here. (+31) 208 11 03 81. to period furniture and paintings collected by wealthy Amsterdammers of the Golden Age. Yes.18:00. Sat. You can also learn about the urban development of the city from its bold plans to dig canals to 20th-century modernisation projects as well as lots of fun exhibits that highlight popular culture from films about the Ajax football club to a model of Holland's (and perhaps the world's) first gay and lesbian bar. You can also participate in the history experience for only €4. (+31) 205 30 10 90.21:00. (+31) 205 56 71 05. QOpen 10:00 . (+31) 205 35 63 63. www. Lovers offers a wide variety of canal cruises and candlelit boat tours of the Red Light district as well as tours that end at popular attractions like the Artis Zoo and the Van Gogh Museum. nl. (+31) 205 30 10 90. QOpen 11:00 . children €2. 15:00. com. 17:30 (no tours on Mondays).floatingdutchman. View pictures and scale models and discover interesting facts about the waterways of the city such as the average depth on an Amsterdam canal (it's 2. VIP Watertaxi Amsterdam A-1. 12:30. Fri Sun 11:00 . tel. VIP Water Taxi offers luxurious canal tours with a variety of themes from private dining or cocktail trips with friends to special cruises that include stops at popular pubs or restaurants. In roughly 90 minutes this 'bus' tour covers some of the city centre's best . annefrank. tel. the bus drives into the water near the NEMO Science Center and then continues the route as an amphibious (+31) 204 27 07 50. The popularity of her work is reflected in the huge queues outside this museum that has been teaching Amsterdam's visitor's about the Holocaust. A children's corner is available where the little tykes can draw boats and you can also enjoy a cappuccino or a cup of tea in the living room. QOpen 09:00 . sengracht 263 .crafthistoryexperience. tel.o. its owner is passionate about the tulip and provides a much-needed history of one of the nation's most profitable commodities. Follow the development of Amsterdam through medieval artefacts and art from ancient shoes dating back to the 14th century and the oldest known map of the city from 1538. Closed Mon. QOpen 09:00 . a craft and history cruise and many more options that are simply too numerous to mention children 6 . www. Check its website for a full list of cruises.32 centrum: sightseeing Canal tours Floating Dutchman A-1. Prins Hendrikkade t. The owner of this converted freighter that dates back to 1912 knows a thing or two about houseboats as he lived onboard for 22 years before moving ashore with the rest of the land lovers in Amsterdam. The diary of her time spent in the secret annex was published in 1947 and later translated in over 65 languages. He now runs this museum which receives over 38. tel. but it's worth the effort. You'll ride on the canals and the Amstel River and see lots more sights before the vehicle eventually arrives on dry land again. There are very few people who aren't acquainted with the tragic story of Anne Frank . www.17:00. tel. Sat 09:00 . (+31) 204 21 00 95. Admission: adults €10. (+31) 205 23 18 22. Prins Hendrikkade Centrum attractions Craft & History Experience H-4. It also rents boats. Prins Hendrikkade ‘t Mandje. www. MC Admission: adults €4. Tours begin at the Van Gogh Café just opposite the Central Station. Prin- Houseboat Museum (Het Woonbootmuseum) Inside the Houseboat Museum M.17:00. AKW E-6. Q Tours: 10:00. MC Admission: adults €9.267. Kalverstraat 92 / Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 357.17:00.17 years €4. which is a fun way to learn about the evolution of this iconic city. The museum is currently undergoing renovations so the route between exhibits is often confusing.8m). Prinsengracht 116.50. www. A Museums Amsterdam Museum A-3. the story of the Frank family and their desperate struggle to survive and the evils of anti-Semitism and racism since 1960. children 10 .

QOpen 12:00 . Today this charming street packs an impressive number of shops. View 17th-century portraits. but the selection isn't as regal as one might expect. Q Czaar Peterstraat K-4/5.centrum: sightseeing 33 Royal Palace Amsterdam (Koninklijk Paleis Amsterdam) A-2. they cultivated a tradition of opening up their home to show off its splendour and this tradition has survived to this day. Admission: adults €7. but a brief walk down the Entrepotdok might bring you back to your senses. www. Dam. 18th-century Dutch porcelain. The audio guide.inyourpocket. art galleries and foreign food the Red Light District and other major tourist attractions is difficult. Escaping the pull of Winter 2012/2013 .16 years €6. QOpen 11:00 . Q Entrepotdok I/J-6. (+31) 206 20 40 60. Russian tsar Peter the Great visited Amsterdam in the 17th century. and he was a huge fan of all things naval and was no doubt impressed by the Dutch East India Company based in the area. but bear in mind that the neighbourhood may be pretty.50. and a spacious manicured garden. Although the family was one of the city's wealthiest. When the building was first opened to the public as the Town Hall in 1655. museumvanloon. but there's not much else to do here apart from admiring the scenery. www. After meandering through a few dull corridors you'll finally walk upstairs to the main hall where your jaw is guaranteed to drop. its lavish interior decorated with paintings by Ferdinand Bol and Rembrandt was considered to be the eighth wonder of the world.50. Q the Artis children under 5 free.17:00. It's hard to miss the Royal Palace on Dam Square. (+31) 206 24 52 55. Keizersgracht 672. Oostelij- Van Loon Museum (Museum Van Loon) G-7. paleisamsterdam. tel. Admission: €7. Seldom have we seen so much polished marble in one place. Entrepotdok. Wittenburg and Oostenburg) were reclaimed from the River IJ in the 19th century and the Dutch East India Company also had its headquarters here. period furniture. This magnificent building owned by the Van Loon family trust has a rich and storied history and is one of the few remaining examples of authentic Dutch golden age homes in Amsterdam. It was rented by renowned Rembrandt apprentice Ferdinand Bol soon after its construction in 1671 but passed on to different owners over the centuries until it was purchased in 1884 by the Van Loon family whose most illustrious ancestor Willem van Loon co-founded the Dutch East India Company. tel. Impressive buildings like the Maritime Museum stand alongside charming homes. which is included in the price. A street Eastern Islands (Oostelijke Eilanden) I/J-4. The the Artis Zoo is located just on the other side of the water. so you're forced to admire the long row of 300-year-old warehouses that line the canal. The buildings are architecturally similar and are all named after Dutch and Belgian cities. ke Eilanden. There's not much to do around here. Large parts of the Eastern Islands (Kattenburg. spectacular wall murals. coffee houses. Czaar Peterstraat. hence the name. Places of interest named after royalty brings with it some expectations. not to mention six giant crystal chandeliers hanging from the timber ceiling covered in frescos high above the inlaid maps and nautical and astronomical charts in the floor. hairdressers. Closed Tue. There's one thing at which the Dutch truly excel: turning water into is essential as none of the rooms have explanations in any language. it's worth a look if you're in the area. you can return to Amsterdam's finest. After a brief walk back in time.17:00. www. children 5 .

Sun. this massive glass and steel shop on two and half floors sells everything from typical beer souvenirs like t-shirts. A Waterstone's A-3.waterstones.17:00. Mon. Prinsengracht 440. www. Mon 10:00 .18:00. Buy anything from Fruit Loops and A&W root beer to eggnog and Aunt Jemima syrup for inflated prices. tel. (+31) 206 23 31 03. magazines and newspapers on four floors. (+31) 206 25 23 36.secondlifemusic. www.spaceoddity.crackedkettle. Sun 13:00 . Closed Sun. Thu 09:00 . QOpen 11:00 17:30.19:00. Music shops Flesch Records Sun 11:00 .18:00. Thu 11:00 . Mon 10:00 . maps. Zeedijk 136. Antoniesbreestraat 3-G. (+31) 206 24 10 06.reypenaer. bottle openers and glasses to mini-keg coolers. QOpen 12:00 . A www. (+31) 203 30 19 50. Sat 11:00 . Delftware Jorrit Heinen Delft Shop E-6. Second Life Music E-7. www. tel. history and politics not to mention contemporary fiction. tel. Spiegelgracht 27. A Muzikat A-2. Just like the window says.19:00. This boutique sells vintage clothing. Noorderkerkstraat 16.18:00.20:00. (+31) 203 20 63 33. cityscapes and botanicals from the 16th .18:00. Sun 12:00 . www. Aronson Antiquairs G-8. Sun 13:00 .nl. and they also have a huge selection of chilled Heineken beer in special design bottles and lotsb of cool gadgets. (+31) 204 21 36 88. Secondhand & Vintage shops Ilovevintage E-5. tel. tel. Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 39.18:30. A heaven for Heineken An official dealer of Royal Delft porcelain from cutesy souvenirs and tiles to upmarket vases and flatware. giant bean bags and even sports jackets and dresses with the famous red star logo. QOpen 10:00 . Generations of the Aronson family have been selling Dutch delftware and Chinese ceramics since 1881. beer & Wine shops Cracked Kettle A-3. tel.20th centuries. tel. QOpen 11:00 . Mon. www.20:00. purses and other fashion accessories conveniently displayed by decade from the 1920s to the 1980s. where else can you watch cheese being made in the centre of Amsterdam? Cheese. www. Sat 10:00 .18:00. photographs of famous bands and other music memorabilia. Kalverstraat 152. Mon 13:00 . QOpen 12:00 . (+31) 206 22 81 85/(+31) 652 65 76 69. www. (+31) 206 38 Cheese tel. Prinsengracht Delicatessens & Ethnic food Eichholtz F-7.17:00. Closed Mon. A Antiques & Art Antiquarian Hoogkamp G-8. Raamsteeg 3. www. An excellent selection of antique prints. Most of the music is on vinyl. Closed try the boutiques in the Jordaan or find something exotic in Chinatown around the Nieuwmarkt. footwear. record needles and even fruit at the weekend. Although it looks like a tourist trap. A Speciality shops Henk Comics & Mangastore B-2. QOpen 13:00 Haringpakkerssteeg 10. QOpen 10:00 . Sun 12:00 . tel. Prinsengracht 204.18:00.18:00. Sat 10:00 .com. QOpen 09:30 . tel.34 centrum: shopping Shopping You can shop for the big brands on the pedestrian Kalverstraat.18:00. Closed Sun. A De Bierkoning A-2. (+31) 206 25 88 This cosy shop that's decorated in rustic fashion offers a great variety of boutique wines and specialty beers. www.aronson. (+31) 206 22 03 05. Henk specialises in comics.18:00. (+31) 205 30 47 70. This delicatessen specialises in food products from the US and UK for homesick Americans and Brits.18:00. tel.21:00. With roughly 1100 beers from Europe and the States available on the premises. (+31) 206 27 82 99.18:00.18:00. This shop specialises in books. If you're too lazy to go to the Prinsengracht you can also shop on its website. St. Thu 09:30 . QOpen 09:30 .nl. Amsterdam In Your Pocket . (+31) 206 24 07 45.19:00. tel. Sat 12:00 . A Don’t miss Amsterdam’s Flower Market M. QOpen 12:00 . tel. tel. An outstanding selection of English language literature including books on travel. Leidsestraat 48. QOpen 09:30 . mail@aronson. This small shop near the Noordermarkt sells vinyl from Frank Zappa and the Damned to Nat King Cole as well as old hi-fi (+31) 206 20 52 00. It also sells some cider and loads of souvenir beer glasses. Paleisstraat 125. A Reypenaer E-5. Oh. QOpen 11:00 .Zaprauskis Gifts & Souvenirs Heineken Brandstore G/H-7. (+31) 203 20 03 86.18:00. (+31) 204 27 40 36. authentic tour posters. Amstelstraat 31. QOpen 13:00 . tel.ilovevintage.18:30. QOpen 10:00 . chocolates and other souvenirs are sold here and it's also a good place to taste cheese for free. Sun 12:00 .heineken.inyourpocket.21:00. tel. this brew shop is probably the best stocked of its genre in Amsterdam. but it also has a decent selection of Sun 11:00 . Space Oddity E-6. Mon 13:00 . Amsterdams Kaashuis A-1. Buy exclusive aged Dutch cheeses or come to one of its organised tastings for only €10.prenten. Closed Sun. It also has an outlet in the historic Munttoren (Mint Tower). classic novels.16:00. This secondhand music shop offers an eclectic collection of music from punk rock to Spanish flamenco and everything in between. This is the place for film and TV action figures and collectibles from the Twilight saga and Harry Potter to original 1980s Star Wars toys. QOpen 11:00 . manga and collectible action figures.18:00.20:00. Prinsengracht 366. www.bierkoning. Singel 182. Thu 10:00 .18:00. original rock magazines from the 1960s and 1970s. Books 38 21. Alcohol.muzikatmusicbooks.21:00.

works of art on the but many of its most precious buildings and monuments like the Portuguese Synagogue have survived and even experienced a revival. fax (+31) 206 26 78 27. 14 standard).nl. some better than others. a refrigerator and a private bathroom and some also have good views. www.24:00. QOpen 12:00 . but some if its 19th-century character remains in its singles. safe and wireless internet access. Sun 08:00 . Only a block away from the entrance to the Artis Zoo.45. QOpen 08:00 . (€25) as well as the Artis Zoo and the Hortus Botanical gardens. drinking and nightlife. Of course cooking at such a high level breeds expectation and this brings in a certain kind of clientele who don't seem to mind a juicy bill at the end of the evening or taking out a second mortgage to pay for one of the vintage bottles on its wine list. big windows with views and plenty of outside seating. Another four computers are available in the reception area if you don't have a laptop or iPad with you. Q 22 rooms (8 budget. but it eventually evolved into a cultural centre popular with writers.80.7). phone.barbacan. but if you’d like to save some time then you can take either tram No. www. Plantage Parklaan 16. ABW Arriving in the Plantage You can easily reach the Plantage on foot. Bloem I-6. www. Alexanderplein 6. tel.24:00.etenbijelkaar.35/person). Located on a busy corner near the Artis Zoo. www. tel. www.hotelhortus. Amsterdam Hotel Parklane I-6. tel. Plantage Muidergracht 89.19). it has been quite close for years. try the carrot cake. (+31) 206 22 48 04. Space here is limited both inside and out on the terrace near the draw bridge. Although other hotels in the area claim to offer accommodation for an affordable price. PALBK Don’t miss the aquarium at the Royal Artis Zoo MZ Winter 2012/2013 . info@hotel-parklane. but not distracting. The old manor house is no longer as grand as it once was. nl. Entrepotdok 36. Unfortunately.03:00. you'll find this budget hotel offering 8 budget rooms with shared toilets and showers and 14 standard rooms with private facilities as well as TV. Explore museums. Sun 10:00 . Clean private rooms with a TV and safe are available as well as dorm rooms and bathroom and toilet facilities can be found in the hallways. info@barbacan.22:00.inyourpocket. artists and wealthy Jews. a kids' corner and even a travel agency are are all at your disposal to ensure that you're never bored here. www.18:00. 4 . this two-star hotel could be a good. (€14 .9 from the Central Station or tram No. doubles and triples.6-bed dorms €30 .nl. this cosy restaurant guarantees a first-class culinary experience. wooden benches lined up against the walls. Sat 09:00 . info@ hotelhortus. Unfortunately. triples €90 . Hotels Although the Plantage is a posh section of town. Located only steps away from the Hortus Botanical Gardens and the Artis Zoo in the prestigious Plantage neighbourhood. QOpen 09:00 . That it’s also known for its budget hotels. admire natural beauty and enjoy excellent café culture in the Plantage 35 Cafés & Restaurants The Plantage has plenty of eating and drinking options from trendy cafés to proper restaurants.hotel-parklane.105. JAGW hh Budget Hotel Hortus I-6. Koosje is chock full of authentic local ambience enhanced by pleasant background music that's interesting. soups and sandwiches from morning until the afternoon and more substantial meals in the evening. (+31) 203 20 08 17. Hotel Hortus truly lives up to this claim. Fri. the hotel doesn't accept credit cards so be sure to bring cash! Q 21 rooms (singles €40 . doubles €70 . Sat. For a time it even became a hotspot for illegal prostitution. Opposite the entrance to Artis Zoo is an espresso bar with the unusual name of Coffee to Walk. TJKSW Elkaar (Each Other) (+31) 206 25 99 96.koosjeamsterdam. www. this classic Dutch café offers a large central bar with plenty of places to sit. Q 12 rooms (doubles from €75). The area began as a new housing development in the late 17th century.coffeetowalk. Although this French and Mediterranean-inspired restaurant hasn't been awarded a Michelin star yet.01:00. it also offers a cosy place to sit down and consume your drink. smoothies. JXW Coffee to Walk I-5. (+31) 206 23 62 41. (€3 . Delicious dishes and tasteful furnishings lay the groundwork for a pleasant night out with other foodies or a special occasion with friends or family. Plantage Parklaan 8. (+31) 203 30 09 29. If you're in the mood for something sweet. tel.15).centrum: plantage Straddling the east end of the city centre and the west end of Amsterdam East.bloem36. but the good location and smooth service make it worth the wait. (+31) 203 30 75 59. the pastries served here are absolutely delicious. tel. If you're looking for a budget room in an historic building that overlooks the Hortus Botanical Gardens then you've come to the right place. but a selection of beer and wine can be had whenever you like. JA6LGW hh Budget Hotel Barbacan I-6. Apart from from Dam Square to the Plantage Kerklaan stop. tel. info@coffeetowalk. Plantage Middenlaan 37. You can order breakfast food. Don't worry. fresh bread. the Plantage is one of Amsterdam’s prettiest and most affluent neighbourhoods. economical option if you'd like to stay in a posh area for a decent price. the menu is a bit limited so if you're not into fromage. Sat. but its reclaimed swamps didn’t appeal to All of its 12 rooms include coffee and tea sets. (+31) 611 51 00 53. some leather couches for lounging. But for anyone who can afford it.17:00. QOpen 07:30 . Free wireless internet. a selection of international newspapers. a host of cultural institutions and museums. TJALBKSW Café Koosje The speciality of the house is the cheese fondue and people with big appetites can even order extra free of charge. It’s home to leafy boulevards. Plantage Middenlaan 44. fax (+31) 206 25 39 58. this probably isn't the place for you. so it was designated as a special park area where Amsterdammers could relax in the great outdoors without the sights and smells of the city. (€7 . this vibrant religious community was nearly destroyed during the Holocaust. fax (+31) 206 27 20 41.

If you'd like to visit this small. Discover Amsterdam’s Jewish history in the Plantage Helena Primakoff K-4. behold. bike pumps. For a one-time den of communists and unionised dockworkers. Kadijksplein 4. loads of merchandise was produced and that tradition hasn’t subsided. Tired of kids running about and the aroma of zoo animals? The staff at Meneer Nilsson. Stroopwafels It looks like a gooey biscuit that’s been run over. The menu may be simple. You can find them at every supermarket and at HEMA. (€15 . easy to transport and very tasty). which is located right across the street from Artis Zoo. try Otten & Zn in De Pijp. with perhaps the exception of its shops and interesting history. For the best big chunks of Gouda. Closed Mon. It's a famous meeting place for the Reds of old. but it’s actually delicious. the local football club. even the kids' pancake meal. distinctive restaurant. Danish or Tibetan yak cheese. www. but fortunately the cheap house wine is beyond reproach. Cheese If you don’t include French. LB www. Clogs & Wooden shoes It’s a typical tourist thing to do. QOpen 18:00 . We particularly like the Christmas ornaments at Jorrit Heinen (Prinsengracht 440) and Rinascimento (Prinsengracht 170). the shabby. you might just feel like you've switched places with the animals in the zoo. QOpen 10:30 . if necessary) with top-notch organic meals and tapas on the summer terrace or inside the mirror-clad restaurant. they would have soiled themselves and become so the staff probably do a half marathon each night just bringing orders to the patrons. QOpen 08:30 . gold paint. and there’s a reason: it’s cheap and it’s accepted! You don’t need to wear a disguise to shop here. but if any of those idealists had actually met a real communist of the Soviet species. Buy a pair of uncomfortable wooden shoes that you’ll put away in a dark closet as soon as you’re back home. Find a tourist shop and go wild with the little cute statues. Delftware The factory in Delft isn’t exactly close to Amsterdam. For the best Ajax souvenirs visit the Ajax Experience at Rembrandtplein. (+31) 206 23 22 06.inyourpocket.16:30. HEMA stuff It looks like a very cheap Harrods.23:00. Let's be honest here. brandless cheap clothes. it never really gets too busy here. Paerz consists of different levels and there's a terrace near the water. Jip and Janneke merchandise. If you want to adopt this weird custom you can buy all sorts of themed calendars in almost every tourist shop near the Dam or Rokin. You'll find some locals here 'working' on their laptops. One of the most exported products among people visiting their friends and family abroad (because it’s TAGBKXW Paerz I-6. But if you really want a pair. but sitting behind the large windows here. a recently renovated street. Sat. Sun 17:00 . tel. goat or sheep cheese go to Cheese & More on Leidsestraat. Everything is reasonably priced. helenaprimakoff@yahoo. Our personal favourite would have to be Oude Amsterdam Kaas (Old Amsterdam Cheese) sold at all local cheese shops. This is perhaps also the reason why waiting for service is an inherent part of a night out at this cosy and tasteful restaurant. which has only 17 tables. Located on an intersection in a small building. www.paerz. Birthday calendar What? A calendar with all the birthdays of friends and family filled in. tel. For gourmet cheese try Reypenaer (Singel 182). (+31) 206 24 48 46 www. Perhaps they did. tel. this cute little brick building with a tiled roof is pretty expensive with international fare just under €20. simple lunches or just a quick and all that hanging on a wall in the toilet? The Dutch are crazy like but everything that the passionate chef prepares tastes delicious. Lijndenstraat 28. we recommend you make a reservation.22:00. Koffiehuis van den Volksbond I-4. the majestic feel of the place is surprisingly when Ajax. Another reason would be Helena Primakoff for breakfast. you can find them at any supermarket and most souvenir .16:30. Spartan interior and lonely heating stove certainly give off an air of Marxism and Leninism. Drop Why do the Dutch try to inflict the ‚great’ liquorice taste of a typical Dutch drop on every tourist or foreign friend/enemy? Be sure to pack your own pack of these black sweets before a local tries to shove some down your throat. venture capitalists or maybe even restaurateurs. LB (+31) 206 22 12 09. are ready to pamper exhausted parents (and their offspring. In any event. Sun 10:00 .koffiehuisvandenvolksbond. Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. (+31) 648 95 96 94. there is indeed no cheese like Dutch cheese. There aren't too many reasons to visit Czaar Peterstraat. but overall. was among Europe’s elite teams. Yet HEMA remains one of the strongest and most popular Dutch chains. nl. It's a bit pricey. Meneer Nilsson I-6. Entrepotdok 64. Plantage Kerklaan 41. but Delfts Blauw (blue porcelain) is sold everywhere in Amsterdam.36 centrum: plantage Amsterdam souvenirs Ajax memorabilia Back in its heyday. tel.20). with its minimalist aisles and seemingly random homebranded products like stationery. helenaprimakoff. Tue.21:00. a photo service and. QOpen 18:00 22:00.

omelettes. you're always welcome here. You really have to want to find this (+31) 203 20 17 86. Thankfully. For more information visit www. tel. Sat 14:00 .inyourpocket. Closed Sun. Usually at least six of the beers that are produced on the premises are available for consumption and at a much lower price than you would pay for the same beverage at a typical Amsterdam café. film and students dates back to the end of World War II when university students founded a cinema to earn some money to pay for their tuition fees. Fri. ABW De Groene Olifant (The Green Elephant) J-6. The seating in the tasting room is limited. www. A real elephant would never fit in the interior of this tiny oldfashioned pub.02:00. while the Natte (6. only friends. info@ degroeneolifant. slightly inebriated happy and hoppy people file in to learn about the brewing process. Open 15:00 . Sat 10:30 . Discover more about the Plantage at www. pet the bar's cat that often sleeps by the window or try to figure out how locals can play pool on a table without pockets.centrum: plantage Nightlife Although the Plantage was known as a bawdy area back in the 19th At 16:00 the tour is announced and people begin to gather at the far end of the bar by the green door. of course. then take a tram to the Plantage for a microbrewery tour. Still virtually every square centimetre of space has been filled with replicas of this cleverest of animals that never forgets.20:00. Funenkade 7. Even though this warm place where everyone seems to know each other is filled with locals. Entering this perpetually busy place for the first time could cause some confusion. tel. And if you were to get bored with which has an alcohol content of 9%. QOpen 14:00 . which is why there are another dozen or so picnic tables outside.02:00. but our thirst for new brews is. Roetersstraat 170. Although it’s not really advertised. info@kriterion.5% alcohol). who is also an employee of the brewery.03:00. Sarphatistraat 510. www. This classic brown bar is more spacious than similar establishments and you even have to go outside to smoke! Some excellent brews are available in bottles and on draught for decent prices and you can order soups. will explain the significance of the ingredients (water. (+31) 20 623 1708. Q T6LGX Kriterion I-7. the tiled building that offers plenty of water pressure and lots of drainage was a natural choice for a brewery. Funenkade 7. Winter 2012/2013 . Brouwerij 't IJ K-5. tel. Brouwerij ‘t IJ the place oozes a unique cool. Now one of the most popular cinema hangouts in Amsterdam where you can watch movies for low prices. De Groene Olifant has no which are actually plastic tokens good for a tour and a beer. (+31) 203 20 17 86. The tasting room is functional and doesn't offer much decoration or seating which is why most people choose to imbibe at the picnic tables outside. QOpen 11:00 . Kriterion's history with beer. As the afternoon wears on.degroeneolifant.20:00. www. its current incarnation a couple of blocks away has been around since 1967. Zatte (8%).nl. (+31) 206 22 57 16. Is this an art house cinema or a student bar operated by students? The short answer is. Plantage Middenlaan 22. steaks and other traditional Dutch food.01:00. A long line of excited. tel. brouwerijhetij. go on sale at 15:00 on those days so it’s best to get here early to sample at least one brew before you learn about how the amber nectar is made. tel. Fri 11:00 . (+31) 206 20 49 04. but only snacks are available so you might want to pace yourself.01:00.inyourpocket. Relax on an intricately carved wooden bench. hundreds of beer bottles from around the globe collect dust on dozens of shelves above the tasting room’s white tiled Tickets. Visit its website for information on brewery tours and merchandise. Columbus (9%) and Struis (9%) cost a little more but are still a bargain at €2. hops. the stuff of legends. yet accessible vibe. Although the original ‘Oak and Lime' café opened in 1865 in what is now the Artis What could be more Amsterdam than sipping a locally produced beer with a sausage and cheese plate next to a giant windmill only a short tram ride from touristy Leidseplein? Inside. Saturday and Sunday at 16:00 (15:30 in Dutch).brouwerijhetij.demon. today its known for its traditional brown bars and the unforgettable IJ 37 ‘t IJ Brewery Tour If you’re feeling a little parched on a Friday or Saturday afternoon. In fact. a few beers and some snacks in the shadow of one of the city’s few remaining windmills. Like real elephants. we did. www. QOpen 10:30 . there's certainly plenty to look at. IJPA (8%).kriterion. the voices of Dutch speakers gradually get drowned out by the din of tourists and foreign beer enthusiasts who have come to this iconic building next to the historic De Gooyer windmill to take advantage of the brew tour that’s held here in English every Friday. Just look for the giant windmill about a 20-minute walk northwest of the Artis Zoo along the Hoogte Kadijk to find this microbrewery offering at least six unique beers including something akin to a pilsner as well as the spicy (their words) Columbus.brouwerijhetij. He or she will show you the rest of the brewing process as well as the bottling area and in about 45 minutes you’ll be returned to the tasting room where you can sample more brews or have a snack. Just ask one of the staff about it. barley and yeast) and the science of creating this incredible drink next to the mash tank. BS Café Eik en Linde I-5.60. Your tour guide. Ywit (7%).nl. it's easy for an outsider to become part of the inside crowd by strategically placing himself at the bar. The wimpier pilsner can be had for only €2. www. the brewery also sells t-shirts and other both. Beers are remarkably cheap. Whether you consider yourself culturally highbrow or pub-like lowbrow. which still lists opening times for the former bathhouse that once occupied the www.

Admission: free.15 years €4. Plantage Kerklaan 38 . (+31) 206 22 53 33. Admission: adults €8. Even if you don't feel like coughing up the cash to become a member it's an interesting building to explore. historical monuments. it soon becomes clear that the nation's sovereignty is gradually being stripped away and some of the Dutch begin to resist. 205 23 09 A www. Funenkade 5. Sun. (+31) 206 20 48 78. QOpen 10:00 . Plantage Kerklaan 61. architecture and design. Designed by René van Zuuk.40. Oosterdokskade 143. Although the occupation is initially perceived as benign. Prins Hendrikkade 600.17:00. Although you're by no means obligated to purchase anything.17:00. Watch diamond cutters and polishers ply their trade and finish your experience with a complimentary cup of coffee or tea and a Dutch cookie at its Delftware shop next door. buffalo and giraffes in their enclosures or head over to the top-notch reptile house to see pythons. (+31) 90 02 78 47 96. www.inyourpocket.and how to spot a fake so you don't get ripped off elsewhere.95. children 6 and under free. tel. to use most of the facilities. This modern glass building between the Central Station and the NEMO Science Centre was completed in 2007 and is now the largest public library on the European continent. Mon. Admission: adults €18. www. chimpanzees in the monkey house and strange forms of life from the planet's oceans in the aquarium. (+31) ARCAM Amsterdam Centre for Architecture I-5.22:00.50. (+31) 206 20 25 35. not to mention internet access. The museum also offers displays on Dutch collaborators. the futuristic building on the River IJ that looks like something out of a sci-fi film is actually the fitting home of the Amsterdam Centre for Architecture that hosts regular exhibitions on urban planning. De Gooyer no longer serves its original purpose war footage and simple household items that illustrate the nation's struggle to aid the Allies. QOpen 13:00 . clarity. It offers seven floors of cutting edge design as well as a café. Resistance took many forms from wearing a simple lapel pin or hiding resistance fighters or Jews from the Nazis to organising strikes to disrupt war operations and devising unparalleled financial schemes to fund the resistance movement. the Holocaust in the Netherlands and the war and its consequences for Dutch colonies abroad. It begins with an overview of the political and economic climate of one of the few European democracies left on the continent on the eve of war and the surprise of being invaded despite its neutral status. Walk past Visit the Van Gogh exhibition at the Hermitage Museum Amsterdam In Your Pocket . The sprawling park not only offers a huge collection of exotic animals from near and far. but also gain inspiration for their own homes by looking at a large collection of books and magazines about architecture and interior design. tel. Amsterdam's tallest windmill is conveniently located next to the IJ The atrium of the National Maritime Museum De Gooyer Windmill K-5. a restaurant and books in English. W Amsterdam Central Public Library (Centrale Bibliotheek) H-3. we recommend a visit to any young man who plans on buying an engagement ring at some point in his life. Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 173 . verzetsmuseum. It is these brave souls to whom the museum is dedicated. QOpen 09:00 . but also an impressive aquarium as well as a zoology Sun 11:00 . the Artis Royal Zoo is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands and home to roughly 700 species of fauna and 200 species of flora. cutting-edge architecture and beautiful parkland all in one neighbourhood. www. giant tortoises and crocodiles or all manner of creepy-crawlies in the Insect House. children 3 . elephants.50.18:00. tel. isn't open to the public. Learn everything about ‘a girl's best friend' in this family-owned diamond factory where you can take a free tour of the premises in dozens of different languages and buy something bright and sparkly for your significant other in one of its showrooms. www.gassandiamonds.38 centrum: plantage Sightseeing The Plantage has an incredible concentration of museums. QOpen 09:00 . QOpen 10:00 .nl.artis. www. children 7 . The Dutch Resistance Museum chronicles the lives of both average and extraordinary citizens during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Its chief aim is to promote a new view of city living and visitors can not only take in its informative exhibitions. You can also view nocturnal creatures in the Jungle by Night exhibit. which costs €15/year. tel.oba. films. Many of the strange beasts that inhabit the zoo live outdoors so you can see camels lounging in the sand or Japanese macaques jumping about. View photos. Built in 1725 as a flour mill. They'll teach you about the four ‘Cs' . carat and cut . info@oba. AK Dutch Resistance Museum (Verzetsmuseum) I-5. but you need an OBA library card. Two cafés and a large children's playground are also Artis Royal Zoo I-5.colour.9 years €15. Admission: free. Closed Mon. unfortunately. Sat. It's also open every day until late. Founded in 1838. so once you've admired its octagonal shape you enjoy a tasty and affordable beer right next door. arcam. A Gassan Diamonds H-5.

17:00. children 13 . Wed. Stimulating. but it's still an interesting bit of local history that's worth a look. 2013 the Hermitage will host amazing works by Vincent van Gogh while the Van Gogh Museum undergoes renovations. The significance of this industry in the modern age is also explained in a clear and concise manner. since the narrow bridge created for horse-drawn traffic that led to it no longer exists. the oldest of which was brought to the Netherlands on a V. Sun. a rare Australian pine thought extinct until 1994 and even a redwood tree. No other country in the world had as many ships sailing the seas of the globe as Holland. (+31) 205 23 22 22. www. (+31) 205 31 03 10. children 5 and over €7. The ticket price includes admission to the nearby Portuguese Synagogue. Closed Mon. You can wander around the grounds and view beautiful flowers. (+31) 205 30 74 Not unlike many other Catholic churches. info@hetscheepvaartmuseum. Since 2009. the building has hosted periodic themed exhibitions that display some of the Hermitage's most prized possessions from stunningly preserved artefacts of the ancient world to masterpieces of European art. you can view paintings by famous Jewish artists such as Josef Israels and learn about the large migration of Jews from the Iberian Peninsula. the Hortus Botanical Garden has been fascinating 39 Kromhout Shipyard Museum (Werfmuseum 't Kromhout) J-5. tel. the Muiderpoort Winter 2012/2013 . mail@hermitage.mozeshuis. tel.50. tools. ship centuries ago and has had a home at Hortus since 1856. AU 67 77/(+31) 206 25 03 Jewish Historical Museum (Joods Historisch Kattenburgerplein which. Built in 1770 to replace an existing gate that had succumbed to the ravages of time. A café. Children will also love the museum. Alexanderplein. (+31) 206 27 Moses & Aaron Church (Mozeshuis/Mozes & Aäronkerk) H-5. but don't miss the butterfly house. TJAL One of the city’s old gates. Plantage Middenlaan 2a.hermitage. From September 29. interactive exhibits bring 500 years of maritime history to life. QOpen 10:00 .O. children 5 . fax (+31) 206 20 01 05. Thu. Admission: adults €12. the Maritime Museum once again demonstrates how the sea has defined Dutch culture. Sat. Russia's most illustrious museum has a subsidiary in Amsterdam. Waterlooplein 205 .207. under 6 free. but it's an easy detour from the IJ brewery at the end of the street in case you need some added incentive to make the journey out here. holy texts and ancient books as well as a giant silver menorah nearly 2m tall! You can also sit down as if you were a worshipper and watch videos about various rituals and traditions. Begin your journey in the oldest building erected in 1660. QOpen 09:00 . museum shop and an incredible children's museum are also available. (+31) 206 22 13 05.centrum: plantage Hermitage Amsterdam H-6. which were left by Jews to their gentile neighbours for safekeeping. www.17 €6. (+31) 206 25 90 21. Open for exhibitions. tel.15:00.dehortus. children 4 and under free. Muiderpoort J-6. which is housed in a beautiful 17th classical-style building called the Amstelhof that was once a home for poverty-stricken elderly women. QOpen 12:00 .nl/ museum. but was finally built out in the open after the ban on the Roman faith was lifted in 1795. QOpen 10:00 . Admission: adults €15. children 6 . tel. You can also buy plants at its shop or have lunch at its café that hosts live jazz on Sundays in summer. might just change the city's skyline in a few generations. www. Located in the quiet neighbourhood of the Plantage. which was originally used by the female congregation. It's no longer used as a church. it was designed in Louis XVI style with Doric friezes and all kinds of other embellishments meant to impress. The attempted destruction of Jewish life during the Holocaust is also featured here with displays of objects such as ‘money boxes'. Fri. Every Tuesday you can peruse lots of old engines. which was abandoned for nearly 30 years after WWII until it was finally restored to its former glory. QOpen Tue 10:00 . boats and spare parts at this working shipyard where maritime vessels are still renovated and made seaworthy. QOpen 11:00 . Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1. tel. Today it's hard to imagine its purpose as a gate. In the 17th century the Netherlands was one of the wealthiest and most important nations in the world and this was in large part due to its maritime prowess. Admission: adults €8. You really have to be a fan to enjoy this museum. Although it looks a bit odd and archaic at its current location on Alexanderplein. Admission: €15.machinekamer. children 17 and under free.17:00. but your gaze will no doubt be drawn to the stunning marble altar or the 14 depictions of the life of Christ that cover the interior. Hortus boasts over 4. This section of the museum chronicles the earliest years of Jewish settlement in Amsterdam and you can view an impressive array of religious items. Poland and Lithuania who came to Amsterdam to escape fax (+31) 205 23 22 13. HEK Hortus Botanical Gardens (Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam) H-5. 2012 until April 25.000 species of plants from around the globe throughout its gardens and greenhouses. Hoogte Kadijk 147. Although only a little over one hectare in which were both founded by local Jews. the Moses House and its classical facade on Waterlooplein is hard to miss.14 years €4. You can also walk through the tropical and desert greenhouses. This extensive museum dedicated to Amsterdam Jewish life opened in 1987 and is spread out over what used to be four different synagogues. It specialises in cycads. www. hetscheepvaartmuseum. Permanent exhibits dedicated to the Amstelhof and the origins of the Hermitage Museum and the Russian royal family are also available.jhm.17:00. it began its existence as a clandestine church. tel. Yet another exhibition illustrates Jewish achievements in the 20th century such as the founding of such international retail giants as C&A and HEMA. Museum) H-6.50.50. Amstel 51. this impressive gate was once a symbol of the city's grandeur and even Napoleon made a point of riding through it when he entered Amsterdam in 1811. especially the replica of the famous VOC (Dutch East India Company) ship. Inside you'll find whitewashed walls and hardwood floors. On the second floor. Many were donated to the museum decades after the war.17:00. but is still worth a peek if you're in the neighbourhood. National Maritime Museum Amsterdam (Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum Amsterdam) I-4.inyourpocket. www. or palm trees. A plaque outside proudly states that the illustrious composer Franz Lizst performed here in 1866. fax (+31) 205 31 03 11. AUK www.12 €3. nearly all of which are open to the public. carnivorous florae.17:00. botanists and fans of beauty for over 300 years making it one of the oldest such gardens in the world. if allowed to grow on its own. concerts and visitors. After thorough renovations. www.

Waterlooplein. this square is now better known for its flea market where you can search for vintage and secondhand clothes. feel and act the way they do. Built in the 17th century as a protestant church by architects Daniël Stalpaert and later Adriaan Dortsman this unusual edifice on the canal was based on the shape of the Greek cross. tel. but after the Nazi occupation of Holland it became a segregated Jewish theatre and later a notorious assembly point for mass deportations of people to concentration camps.700 engraved surnames of entire families that were murdered. Admission: adults €10. generate electricity or lots of other hands on activities on the first floor and watch Rube Goldeberg-like machines on the second or learn how objects can be moved with light. children 3 and under free. Q Guided tour admission Saturdays at 12:00: €6. Meester Visserplein 3. An audio guide will take you through the house. Today it's a museum dedicated to the tens of thousands of Amsterdam Jews whose lives were snuffed out during the ritual baths and a rabbinate. QOpen 10:00 . (+31) 205 20 04 00. Most European capitals were hardly an ideal place for Jews to call home in medieval times. it's still open to the public and an audio guide will acquaint you with the building's long history. Oosterdok 2.1941 the Hollandsche Schouwburg was a popular Dutch theatre. www. tel. his living quarters complete with funny box bed. www. The city's best Jewish attractions like the Portuguese Synagogue and the Jewish Historical Museum are also only a stone's throw away. its population grew by leaps and bounds and among its many new arrivals were Jews from around the continent looking for a better €6. Staff also demonstrate how etchings were mass-produced using copper plates. They completed work on this synagogue in 1675 and since then it has served as a centre for Jewish life in Amsterdam housing also offices. Inside is an eternal flame surrounded by 6. www. scandal and disgrace made him unpopular and work became scarce. not to mention the underground Tun Fun children's play park. info@e-NEMO. Sun.17 years €3. QOpen 09:00 . it's a cultural centre for the local community and often hosts concerts and art exhibitions. Located in the heart of what used to be Amsterdam's thriving Jewish Quarter.12 €3.e-NEMO. View the foyer where he exhibited his work for potential buyers. centrum: plantage NEMO Science Center H-4. tel. children 5 and under free. service@jhm.65 billion-year-old meteorite. Unfortunately. and lots of other interesting stuff. the attic where his apprentices worked. Plantage Middenlaan 24. U G/H-5. some no longer function as houses of worship and the Oosterkerk or Eastern Church is one such building. QOpen 10:00 . Closed Mon.17:00.50. Today.16:00. 4.oosterkerk-amsterdam. You can also see how fuel engines work or touch a As the city prospered. Waterlooplein 22. Opened in 1986. www.rembrandthuis.portugesesynagoge. archives. Admission: adults €12. A The Rembrandt House Museum (Rembrandthuis) Portuguese Synagogue (Portugese Synagoge) Waterlooplein H-6/7. children 6 . QOpen 07:00 . QOpen 10:00 .com Visitors leave flowers at the Hollandsche Schouwburg Ruud van Zwet Amsterdam In Your Pocket . A good museum shop is also available where you can buy science experiments and other fun souvenirs for kids. tel. (+31) 205 31 32 33. Although Amsterdam is littered with churches old and new representing a wide variety of Christian denominations. (+31) 205 51 Oosterkerk J-5. children 13 .17:00. QOpen 11:00 . Admission: €13. Wertheim Park The ticket price includes admission to the Jewish Historical Museum nearby. The Hollandsche Schouwburg Theatre I-5. children 6 . (+31) 206 27 22 80. Admission: free. Eventually. Between Nieuwe Herengracht. He was unable to cover the loan and went bankrupt in 1656. his curiosity room and of course his studio. had been on the city's drawing board since 1915. as it is guarded by two large sphinxes at the gate. the Amsterdam Music Theatre is home to both the opera and the ballet. old vinyl records and lots of other hip and retro curiosities in the shadow of the imposing Moses and Aaron Church next door. You can also bring your own lunch and eat it in the cafeteria or buy some food on the top floor terrace café that offers a great view of the tel.inyourpocket. or at least the idea of an opera house.16:00. Jodenbreestraat 4. Plantage Parklaan & Plantage Middenlaan. Although the synagogue is currently being restored. From 1892 a wide variety of antiques. His possessions were auctioned off and he moved to more modest lodgings on the Rozengracht. while the adjoining city hall opened its doors in 1988. Although opened in the late 1980s. One shady corner is also the unlikely resting place for the ashes of Dutch victims of the Holocaust covered by blue glass.17:00. Stopera Amsterdam Music Theatre (Het Muziektheater) H-7. A permanent exhibit that illustrates the persecution of the Jews and the contributions of the Dutch Resistance through photographs. under 6 free. leftists and other layabouts. www. it was decided that a new edifice could house both the new opera and the new city hall. but no city was more tolerant of this ethnic group than Amsterdam in the 17th-century. discover why teenagers look. the building. Make giant soap bubbles. AK 81 17. see how our daily lives will change in the future with new and advanced technologies. This small patch of green opposite the Hortus Botanical Gardens offers plenty of benches and views of the nearby canal that marks one of its boundaries. but bickering about the project continued for decades and became somewhat of a joke among locals until its construction began in 1981 amid protests from squatters. (+31) 205 31 03 80. which is reconstructed to look exactly as it did when Rembrandt was at the peak of his career. www. Look for the big green building jutting out into the water to find this fun science centre that will make you wish you were a kid again. Closed Sat. The sounds of children's laughter and unreserved awe will accompany you on a variety of levels where visitors can learn about science without the boring textbooks and teachers. H-5. film and documents is available upstairs. Kleine Wittenburgerstraat 1. You can't miss the park. tel. This historic house was bought by one of the Netherlands' most illustrious native sons in 1639. which is deliberately fractured to represent the symbolic cracks in the peaceful sky that was forced to watch the atrocities committed on the ground (+31) 206 24 53 51. Closed Sat.


42 centrum map .

centrum map 43 .

All. A large number of parking spaces are also on hand if you plan on driving. Although Best Westerns have a reputation for offering fairly standard.apollohotelsresorts. with the exception of Nos. suites from €385). Slotermeer- Winter day on Delftlandplein Reserve a room at www. affordable accommodation. Although most of the standard. PHARFLK Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre N-2.a prestigious title for environmentally sound accommodation. Located at the south end of the Rembrandt Park. energy saving measures. info@bluesquarehotel. deluxe from €120. mini-bars. triples from €179. www. a phone. (+31) 205 06 37 17.westcordhotels. modern hotel near Schiphol. Naturally. Q 342 rooms (superior rooms from €129.bluesquarehotel. Q 260 rooms (twin and doubles from €119. No. Europe's largest Ramada hotel overlooks the Rembrandt tel.inyourpocket. Accommodation Nieuw-West offers a smattering of all types of accommodation from budget hotels that have seen better days to upmarket 4-star rooms as well as luxurious apartments. executive rooms from €164). you can also upgrade your stay to a corner room with panoramic views of the All accommodation is equipped with flat screen info@ ramada-apolloamsterdam. Today. deluxe and executive rooms are similar in style. fax (+31) 848 38 07 48. A large wellness centre with a swimming pool and steam rooms is also at your disposal. Blue Square has separated itself from the pack by focusing on modern ways to minimise its carbon footprint including the use of solar panels and other green. www.44 nieuw-west In the aftermath of WWII Amsterdam was in desperate need of new housing.7 and 14 (Dam). (+31) 206 58 05 80. (+31) 202 07 00 00. safe and private bathrooms with hair dryers. coffee/tea air conditioning and private bathrooms. www. ppaares@pphe. A spacious design with plenty of greenery is characteristic of these new neighbourhoods. If you're worried about catching an early morning flight you might want to consider booking one of the 342 rooms at this large. Hendrikje Stoffelstraat 1. which all surround the peaceful waters of the Sloterplas lake. executive from €135). safe. the usual amenities are available including flat screen TV. www.1 (Osdorp de Aker) and No. tel. triples and quads from €109).17 (Osdorp Dijkgraafplein). Along the way it passes six metro stations in Nieuw-West. Symbol key P Air conditioning C Swimming pool F Fitness centre 6 Pets allowed K Restaurant W Free wireless internet A Credit cards accepted H Conference facilities U Facilities for the disabled L Guarded parking D Sauna Minicards offers Getting there Nieuw-West’s main train station is Amsterdam Lelylaan. A restaurant serving lunch and French and Chinese cuisine for dinner is also available and a tram stop is a short walk away. The green metro line 50 is probably the easiest way to get to Nieuw-West from the railway stations at Zuid and RAI. 175 singles. (+31) 208 10 08 00. By 1951 work began on the garden suburb of Tuinstad Slotermeer. the first of five new neighbourhoods that were added to the west end of the city. www. Some also have views of the Erasmus Canal. A free LAN internet connection is also available and you can take advantage of a restaurant and bar on the premises as well as a health club and a business Many trams also travel to Nieuw-West including No. coffee/tea sets. climate control. which has great connections with Central Station and Schiphol. not to mention most of Amsterdam. A complimentary shuttle bus to the airport is also included in the price of a room. yet playful and even cosy unlike similar establishments that rely on minimalism to be trendy. Q 446 rooms (standard from €105. Q 175 rooms (singles. No. private bathroom and free wi-fi. Nos.7 and 14 (Slotermeer). fax (+31) 208 10 08 01. depart from Central Amsterdam In Your Pocket .com. Overtoomse Veld and Osdorp comprise the urban district of Nieuw-West. Melbournestraat 1. and offers a whopping 446 recently refurbished rooms. fashion@westcordhotels. This has earned them the right to call themselves a Green Key hotel . air conditioning. PHARFLKDW WestCord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam N-3. triples and quads are available with flat screen TVs. tel. Staalmeesterslaan 410. PHAUFLGBKDCW hhhh Best Western Blue Square Hotel N-2. A fitness centre with a sauna is available to all guests as well as a 17th-floor restaurant with views guaranteed to make your jaw drop. doubles. this four-star design hotel has plenty to offer the discerning traveller who demands more than just a place to lay his head. Upmarket laan (Nieuw Sloten).13 (Geuzenveld).com. mini-bar. And a design hotel wouldn't be complete without a hot cocktail bar so head to the 10th floor to have a drink with the beautiful people at the Skyy Bar. free wireless internet access. coffee/tea set. PALGKW hhhh Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport L-4. not to mention stylish interiors. doubles.inyourpocket. All rooms are stylish. Free wi-fi is also included in the price of a room and a Schiphol shuttle can be reserved for a mere €5. ironing boards. Geuzenveld. tel. Slotermeer. Slotervaart. nl.

water and green park land.The Nieuw-West district of Amsterdam is known for its beautiful green spaces. Nieuw-West is a multicultural district comprised of 144 different nationalities and this is reflected in its speciality shops. the most western part of the district. The district also attracts artists and creative people who easily mingle with its other residents. The district also has eleven parks and beautiful cycling and walking routes. but on the other it’s a combination of densely populated neighbourhoods full of families with many children. Its multiple new housing estates make Nieuw-West a striking area for modern architecture. is currently being developed into a new recreation area. Sloterplas and West Beach Film festivals and in October 2012 Nieuw-West will celebrate the 60th anniversary of its existence. With the Sloterplas and the Nieuwe Meer this district has splendid recreation areas within its boundaries. The De Meervaart Theatre. The Tuinen van West. the oriental Shoperade and the large number of shops make the Osdorpplein the heart of Nieuw-West’s shopping district. It’s an area of rich contrasts. On the one hand it’s full of space. . Nieuw-West also hosts lots of events including this summer’s Loveland.

Zuidwest Chinese Choi Yuen its 90 standard rooms are completely insulated from the noise. (+31) 207 14 10 00. Reimerswaal- Coffee & Tea coffee@last N-3. Light sleepers might look for more peaceful accommodation. Koningin Wilhelminaplein Try the giant schnitzel. quads from €74). Closed Sun.QOpen 08:30 . but offers enough to make hungry souls happy. as it turns out.46 nieuw-west: hotels / Food & drink Boutique hotels 2. if only for its enticing and enigmatic name. Bastion is a clean and affordable hotel and despite the fact that it's close to the busy A10 motorway. (+31) 206 13 19 60. fax (+31) 206 69 16 31. Egyptian and Iraqi cuisine. With no less than 21 house specials there's enough to choose from.18). Everything in this hotel incorporates some aspect of inspiring new Dutch design from its 256 rooms and 11 meeting rooms to the food and cocktails served at its fantastic restaurant and bar.22:00. info@nieuwslotania. (+31) 206 69 16 21. tel. fax (+31) 204 10 80 30. Lebanese. art is displayed throughout the hotel and it also offers a great summer terrace on the water. e-commerce@bastionhotelgroep. (€16 . triples from €69. fax (+31) 207 14 10 but proper coffee with creamy milk toppings instead of the whipped air that other java joints pass off as a cappuccino. PALKXW hhh straat 5. The breakfast is probably its best feature and it includes freshly baked rolls and delicious salmon. cheese and cereal. (€13 . Dutch Design Hotel Artemis every single detail is deliberate. cheap in our humble This smallish eatery is bursting at the seams with the usual 'Made in China' stuff with the utterly kitschy blue 'antique' vases as the pinnacle of poor taste. triples from €59. www. www.kwp@gmail.hotelamsterdamwest. Burg. www. coffee@last certainly doesn't serve 'ditch water'. but it's much better than your average Asian joint. The façade of this hotel looks a little drab at first glance and the accommodation could use a new coat of paint.choiyuen-amsterdam. as the Dutch would say. free parking and friendly staff make this hotel very good value for money. Just look for a cheese factory and a windmill. www. business from €139).nieuwslotania.22:00. That said. PTHAUFLGB� KXW hhhh Restaurants Nieuw-West has a bit of everything from upmarket hotel restaurants with trendy chefs and simple takeaway joints to ethnic eating experiences like popular Chinese and Turkish cuisine as well as more exotic fare such as Libyan and not as far as the décor or originality are concerned. tel. But appearances can be deceiving and.17:00. The breakfast is nothing special with some cold cuts. Q179 rooms (standard double/twin from €48. so is Syriana. (+31) 204 10 80 John M.artemisamsterdam. but you'll have to travel a ways to find it. The large.inyourpocket. but. info@artemisamsterdam. it's not a bad place to stay if you're on a budget. Thanks to good public transport. Obviously all of these chic surroundings and quality coffee come at a price.coffeeatlast. superior double/twin from €59. tel. Fortunately. doubles/twin from €59. the hotels in Nieuw-West are now only a short bus or tram ride away from the city centre. yet natural furnishings. Other Amsterdam hotels may claim to be boutique or design hotels. Just as Amsterdam is a melting pot of different cultures. clean bathrooms are also a big bonus and little extras like free wireless internet access. but free wi-fi is a good bonus and the city centre is 25 minutes away by tram. Q 90 rooms (deluxe rooms from €94. This Chinese restaurant can be found in a rather bleak (+31) 206 69 09 03. (+31) 206 13 45 68. tel. (+31) 206 15 44 40. Q 115 rooms (singles from €49. suites from €144). The friendly staff and the comfortable and recently refurbished rooms are reason enough to book a night Unfortunately. Naturally. it’s well worth the steep cost of a cup of Java. . QOpen 16:00 . because this basic hotel is located on a busy intersection and if the traffic noise doesn't keep you awake. tel. but thankfully the rooms themselves are spacious and well-equipped with large flat screen TVs and huge double beds. info@ syriana. Hendrikje Stoffelsstraat 60. An eastern atmosphere prevails here and you can enjoy an Arab-style high tea. TALGKS Remco Hotel Amsterdam West M-3. industrial-style café. although our favourite is still the socalled secret of spicy ox. The accommodation is luxurious to say the least with modern.21). The hotel's restaurant menu is somewhat limited. PTAULBSW Budget Hotel Nieuw Slotania N-2. Slotermeerlaan 133. where clever nick-nacks have been placed seemingly carelessly on and next to its wooden tables. but this incredibly modern building has been created from top to bottom solely by Dutch designers and artists. Despite the noise. you shouldn't expect much in terms of interior design as Bastion owes its popularity to its simplicity. AGW Amsterdam In Your Pocket Grab a bench and some coffee www. floor-to-ceiling windows and standard amenities such as wi-fi and large flat screen TVs. Rendorpstraat 17-19. Sat 09:00 . Thousands of Arabs live in this city and its near surroundings.Keynesplein Arabic Syriana Akersluis 8. Q 256 rooms (superior from €89.syriana. the sounds from the bar beneath just might. which is enough to feed a football team. We'll give you a hint. www. fax (+31) 206 13 45 65. although the free wi-fi is a big extra. PTAULGBKX Mid-range M-3. www. De Stijl. QOpen 12:00 . A large red leather lounge sofa seems to be the main attraction in this trendy. the menu offers plenty of surprises. tel. PHAR6UFLGBK hhh Bastion Hotel Amsterdam Centrum . www. water pipes and even belly dancers at the quads from €79). so it's a no-brainer that it should have a proper restaurant serving Syrian.

(+31) 206 15 38 21. info@dehalvemaen. Sat 09:00 .nl. you can see a plane up close and personal every three minutes. after an ill-fated squat in the heart of the Jordaan neighbourhood. Saskia van Uijlenburgkade 170. Also at N-2. www. Also at the food court in Terminal 3 and Terminal 2. Langsom 5.18:00. Ottho Heldringstraat 13 You can. Closed Sun. (+31) 206 69 18 68.mcdonaldsschiphol. This historic pub wouldn't look out of place in the English countryside with its cosy furnishings. that's never been the goal of its friendly owners. (+31) 206 57 00 45. The outdoor café. Confuciusplein 12. where the chef uses organic produce from its own vegetable garden. Q Check its website for current opening hours. QOpen 12:00 . TH6ILBKXW Winter 2012/2013 www. (+31) 206 13 39 enjoy good. Q Open 09:00 24:00. one of the six runways at Holland's biggest airport. wholesome Greek food for a very reasonable price in this cosy restaurant. A trip to Asmin is definitely worth it for the budget traveller as a doner will set you back only €1. www. The atmosphere is still as relaxed and easygoing as when its idealistic founder started the concept of combining food and theatrical elements in 1996. which we can't recommend enough. this trendy coffee place has developed into a central meeting point for people who need their daily shot of caffeine. but then . Although we aren't exactly culinary experts like the people who write the Michelin guide. we don't think that Plato will ever win a top prize for their simple cuisine. These days the Rijk van de Keizer has developed into a location for Joris van den Berghweg 101-111. With pure. Schiphol.grieksrestaurantplato. Het Rijk van de Keizer L-2. if you can manage to drag yourself out of your hammock. And since you'll be the only tourist queued up here for a delicious.23:00. Gerrie Knetemannlaan 170. Possibly the best kebab in Amsterdam can be found at a hidden local takeaway counter under the Tangiers grocery store. Ottho Heldringstraat Plein '40 . However. not everybody wants a big lunch or dinner in which case De Patatzaak is a good option. you'll find yet another crowd pleaser: De Halve Maen (The Half Moon).amsterdam. although locals apparently rave about them. Tourist attractions always bring along a number of other businesses that want to profit from the money tourists generate and the bars and restaurants around the Sloten Mills are a perfect example. Asmin is located in the Plein '40 . QOpen 11:30 . Seven kinds of coffee are on offer and you can also get a cheap breakfast. N-3/4. the menu is varied and includes a bit of everything. De Halve Maen M-4.'45. (€4 . TALGBKX Greek www. but its location right next to the Buitenveldertbaan. KS De Patatza(a)k (The Chip Shop) M-4. (+31) 204 97 75 06. tel.inyourpocket. (€10 . The burgers don't taste any different. Cantina is a small country house.dehalvemaen. personal service are all Plato's main strengths.hetrijkvandekeizer. Snacks and sandwiches are also available and the fantastic view of the historic premises is an extra bonus. PTAULGSW 47 Fast food & Takeaway Asmin Afhaal N-2. but that probably doesn't apply to you. TAUGBKXSW Lego block buildings in Nieuw-West International tel. www. but it's also possible just to drop by for a quick bite to eat. Enormous windows and a massive terrace with binoculars aid the experience. www.coffeemania. A sign at the entrance advising burglars to look elsewhere makes it clear that not everyone is welcome.5). Coffee Mania is one of the coolest hot spots in Nieuw-West. (+31) 207 60 03 61. the Sloten windmill. nor is the interior. info@hetrijkvandekeizer. cocoskeuken. Screens inside display the names and destinations of all of the arriving and departing aircraft. Just opposite Nieuw-West's biggest tourist attraction. tel. warm atmosphere and attentive and friendly staff who make sure that virtually everyone leaves here in a good mood. (+31) 207 67 03 87. however. As there is no Starbucks in this part of town.verlaat@combiwel. The black gold takes central stage here in many different ways including the walls. parties and weddings. which are decorated with beautiful drawings and interesting trivia about the world's most popular drink. T6U� VEGBKSW Coco's Keuken N-3. QOpen 08:00 . Q (€5 . Rumour has it that chef Youssef is your man if you want something that's not on the menu. several home-made soups and a delicious Turkish tosti with spicy sausages.7). (€2 . ‘Just good food in the neighbourhood' is Coco's slogan. hidden between the meadows.'45 market that caters to the large numbers of Moroccan and Turkish immigrants that live in the neighbourhood.14).20:30. ALGBKX Plato M-2. at an intimate outdoor location. The chips we got served are by no means the best in Amsterdam. will appeal to planespotters everywhere. Situated just outside the Amsterdam ring. Sloterweg 1345. inexpensive kebab you'll soak up some local flavour that many Amsterdammers haven't even experienced. Although the surroundings and the building are typically Dutch. QOpen 11:00 .nieuw-west: Food & drink Coffee Mania N-3. com. tel.17:00. Every last Sunday of the month you can take part in a joint dinner. healthy and fresh ingredients the cooks create basic dishes with a creative flare and all of these are served by friendly staff in plain. Het Rijk van de Keizer (The Emperor's Empire) has been housed in this former ammunition warehouse for over a decade.20 and a durum can be had for as little as €2. tel.20). Separated from the aviation action by only a thin partition. It has to be said that this is quite a modest motto when you consider that the food in this local restaurant is close to yet cheerful surroundings.50. TLGBKXS McDonald's Schiphol Noord Loevesteinse Randweg 230. tel. the free aperitif and the sincere. tel. QOpen 17:00 . k. This is by far the most interesting of the three McDonald's outlets in and around Schiphol Airport.

If this small restaurant on a somewhat boring shopping street were situated by the canals of the city centre people would be queued up outside every day. and you appreciate excellent. The staff can be a bit curt and the loud TV could definitely be turned down a few notches. (€3 . The smida bread made with semolina is definitely worth a detour. which has been boiled in organic apple juice.afrahfes. If. Sun. (+31) 206 17 34 08. info@leut. tel. Koningin Wilhelminaplein. which was established in memory of World War II. tel. Comeniusstraat 513. tel. where the poetic names of the fresh sandwiches include krijsende kip (screeching chicken).com. Ada isn't exactly what we would call one of the better restaurants in Amsterdam. Mon 13:00 . you could do much worse than a trip to this Turkish restaurant.16). the lunch dishes are quite good and the prices somewhat reasonable for what you get. tel. The large windows and view over the water is another bonus as is the opportunity to try Turkish www.22:00. info@cedars. PAULKW Thai Suvarnaphum N-3.10). QOpen 09:00 . If you're adventurous. Closed Sat. Sat 07:00 . even though they seem to believe just the opposite. AKS Fashion Café N-3. Overschiestraat 200. but you won't be disappointed if you take the trouble of having a meal at Cedars. (+31) 642 03 77 94. You don't order a regular sandwich here. QOpen 16:00 The same men who prepare and serve your food are probably also responsible for the decorations here.20:00. suvarnaphum. Jan de Jonghkade 82. Closed Sat.24:00. (+31) 204 08 56 99.22:30. The varied menu offers many unique. hungry and want to enjoy daily life in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. you should probably keep it to yourself as the chef used to be a kick boxer. Not surprisingly. like us. www. Despite these somewhat predictable and pretentious names. You can order affordable platters and tasty grilled dishes in this upgraded kebab joint. (€14 . nl.01:00. but rather a fashion sandwich or a fashion pasta. No matter.6).amsterdam. Lebanese cuisine may not be the most popular. QOpen 08:00 . (+31) 208 46 77 Enjoy dinner or drinks at Sloterplas Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. (€10 . This two storey wooden building may be located on an unsightly industrial estate. QOpen 09:00 .17:00. fax (+31) 206 17 18 63. Comparable to tapas. Plein '40 .48 nieuw-west: Food & drink Libyan 37 02. You can enjoy grilled meat and fish. This large space has been clearly divided into many different seating areas where you can lounge on cool sofas.'45 7. the luminous central bar is your best lookout spot. you'd like to flirt with some of the beautiful women who come here on their breaks. Sat 17:00 . top-quality TLGBKS Leut N-4. you'll find the trendy Fashion Café in the heart of the World Fashion Centre.18). but if you happen to be in this neighbourhood you won't regret a visit here. tel. www. Some people might find the romantic interior a bit over the top. (€19 . but if you really want to immerse yourself in the relaxed Middle Eastern atmosphere then order the hot and cold mezze. but we recommend the lentil soup and the cag kebabi (spicy lamb).21:00. tel. If you prefer regular Dutch brown bread the choice is limited here. Johan Huizingalaan 250. www. But if decent cuisine for an affordable price is paramount to When you've had your fill you can swap the enormous terrace on the water for the comfortable settees inside and smoke a water pipe for dessert. cakes and pastries. Sun. Sun. but if you're keen on Moroccan food you've come to the right place. There isn't any seating. (+31) 206 17 66 20. Even if you do find fault with Suvarnaphum. TLS fashioncafeamsterdam. free parking is available right in front of the entrance! It's also located right next to a tram stop so you really have no excuse not to give it a shot. as it is to many Dutch www.petit restaurant' Du Maroc is a decent .adalunchrestaurant. kletsende koe (chatting cow) and maffe mafioso (mad mafia). The creators of the Belgian comic strip Suske and Wiske could easily find inspiration in this small lunchroom. Although the location of this restaurant is hardly encouraging. restaurantdumaroc@gmail. the large servings of tasty food couldn't be better and you'd have a hard time finding a more authentic place anywhere in Amsterdam. PTAULGBKX Cedars N-3. info@ Turkish Heemstedestraat 80. fax (+31) 204 08 37 03. but plenty of exotic delicacies can be had including Moroccan biscuits. Fashion and style are naturally part of the concept here and this central theme has even been incorporated into the menu. (+31) 206 69 Moroccan Du Maroc N-3. attentive service. But our favourite at this trendy eatery would have to be the dikke Duitser (fat German): a delicious grilled sausage on a bread roll with sour kraut. (€4 . which has plenty of atmosphere. sandwiches or Moroccan specials together with North African men from the zingende zalm (singing salmon). filling up your gut at 'grill . As far as the food's concerned. Apparently. QOpen 12:00 .23). Closed Mon. cedars.01:00. Suvarnaphun is worth a visit. Q Open 11:00 . info@afrahfes. www. VS Lunchroom Bakkerij Afrah Fes N-2. they forgot to add the but others will enjoy small details like having the door opened for you and being helped into your coat. TAULGBKXW Ada N-2. You don't have to pay for the atmosphere here either. Whether you order food to take away or have a sit down meal at one of its 33 seats. you can enjoy a selection of tasty small dishes in this cosy restaurant. but we like it all the which seem to be all the rage these days. And although Amsterdam is usually a car-unfriendly info@adalunchrestaurant.leut. For years the Afrah Fes bakery has been located at Dutch Freedom Square.fashioncafeamsterdam. Q Open 08:00 . Funky interior design at Leut Winter 2012/2013 . you won't find any atmosphere here. The cheap plastic covering the table linen is cheesy to say the least. but in Amsterdam it's as yet one of the city's last undiscovered little gems. tel. Bars (+31) 206 14 41 07. It's usually fairly straightforward to classify a restaurant or club. but these guys are neatly dressed in black. tel. For a Turkish restaurant in this area. AULGKW Meram M/N-2.inyourpocket. PTABW Cocktails 10 08 00. you might get the feeling that you've missed the exit. to do something with these unwanted animals. fashion@westcordhotels. Burg. No matter. (€8 .nl. not even with a microscope. solutions to this problem is to simply shoot the birds. It appears that everybody knows each other and they simply ignore newcomers hoping that they'll leave as soon as possible. it would be best if you like lamb.03:00. 49 Nightlife You can sit back and enjoy a beer at a local pub with the regulars. www. QOpen 09:00 . Where silence and grief once prevailed. Thu 13:00 . We recommend the surprisingly affordable porn star martini. P www.01:00.01:00. (+31) 203 34 32 86. Fri. but with a rather unusual filling. (€7 .23:00. It's modern. but the daily specials are definitely budget friendly. QOpen 10:00 . info@vlla. Sat 15:00 . The huge terrace overlooking the market is a great place for people watching. In this guide a review of a restaurant.nieuw-west: Food & drink / nightliFe Schiphol geese For many years Schiphol Airport. red and white leather chairs and 'modern' portions that would hardly satisfy hard working Anatolian peasants. (+31) 204 Skyy Bar N-3. Don't bother! QOpen 15:00 . Slotermeerlaan 111. www. Hendrikje Stoffelsstraat QOpen 10:00 . cafesloterplas. but fortunately we need no more than 80 for this bar. TVBS 47 03 Sat 10:00 . Konan is the nearest option to have a bite afterwards. so if you'd like to save some euro then give it a shot. Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 81 . Clubs 72. That said.24:00. (+31) 208 Sahan M-3. and also most controversial. Q Open 10:00 . Fri. of all possible pests. tel.restaurantsahan.12). They serve grilled Anatolian cuisine as well as a variety of salads. One of the most effective. Fri. the tunes of up-and-coming bands can be heard in what used to be the morgue. Expect spacey lighting. Meram has a surprisingly pleasant interior. Sun 10:00 but VLLA is an exception to the rule. (+31) 646 10 82 Konan Restaurant N-2. If it were located in the centre of Berlin VLLA would be an instant success. which is a tasty drink indeed.83. sleek and not at all what we expected. Willem Roelofsstraat 9. This cultural haven wears so many hats it's hard to describe.restaurantmeram. On your way to Sahan. Whatever your reason for coming here it's a good place to visit even if you just want to have a look at the beautiful girls in sexy outfits while sipping a cocktail or some champagne. T6LEGBKXW VLLA N-3. soups. On clear days you can see the sea from here but on most evenings the trendy Skyy Bar (their spelling) is a popular haven for stargazers looking for celebrities here on earth. He took a mobile food stall out on the road to several Dutch festivals and served concert-goers the typically Dutch snack croquette. but bear in mind that a variety of weirdos seem to pass by every few this would be an enormous culling and the airport would have a huge problem disposing of the remains. The staff will make short work of them. the largest airport in the Netherlands. sandwiches and tapas made from fresh ingredients from local suppliers. Although the name Sahan refers to the copper plates used for cooking in the Turkish countryside. a restaurant. This inspired a local artist. enjoy a trendy cocktail at an elevated height with views of the city or muster the courage to visit a club that was once a funeral home. info@restaurantmeram.01:00.konakrestaurant. If that sends a chill down your spine just consider the reasonable prices and the currently cosy atmosphere of this renovated space. (+31) 206 13 29 89. because the delicious aroma of this tasty meat can't be avoided at this Turkish restaurant. The immediate surroundings of this hotel bar are pure paradise for anyone who wants to catch a glimpse of the fashion world. Like at most Turkish restaurants. It's a Dutch lunchroom.13). tel. LGX Cafe Sloterplas N-2. but keep going and you'll eventually find authentic Turkish cuisine in this rather cheerless area. a theatre and a bar and children also haven't been forgotten at this former funeral home.skyybar. This corner pub serves plenty of draught beer and the interior doesn't warrant much description. You guessed it: Schiphol‘s best poultry.22:30. the restaurant is far from traditional. Tussen meer 66. www. His idea has become so popular that many restaurants and beach bars have also put Schiphol goose croquettes on their menus. pub or hotel rarely exceeds 120 words. Due to the size of the local goose population in the area there’s a real danger that they’ll fly into an airplane engine one day and cause a disaster as so famously happened in New York City. tel. info@konakrestaurant.18:00. info@cafesloterplas. Sat 17:00 . who also has aspirations of becoming a chef. In short. Rendorpstraat 1-3. To the left of the entrance you'll find the bar and on the right are some bare chairs with flaking paint. If you're planning on taking the architectural walking tour organised by the Van Eesterenmuseum in Nieuw-West. QOpen 17:00 . has had its fair share of trouble with. tel. www. www. the food is simply delicious and the prices are surprisingly www. the staff seems to consist solely of men.

The building is made of red bricks with tall windows stretching all the way to the top. the beer is simply wonderful. is located at a picturesque spot on the edge of Nieuw-West. info@vaneesterenmuseum. The strategically located De 1800 Roeden (The 1800 Rods) was actually built in 1900 as a part of the Stelling van Amsterdam military defence The spacious complex covers an area of nearly two hectares and includes an amphitheatre. His contribution to a happier life for Amsterdammers is a selection of six beers. It has become a platform for debates. www. (+31) 651 64 81 15. info@1800roeden. Sun.17:00. Thu. vaneesterenmuseum. is now internationally associated with Holland.17:30. www. The introduction of natural gas in the 1960s put an end to most coal stoves in the Netherlands. This is largely reliant on the time of the year. less than 1. But for many Dutch it's still a household name and it fits the shape of this 48m-high church tower perfectly. and we have to admit that we also had to look it up. w w w. QOpen are left. which is tucked away on the outskirts of New West. Joris van de Berghweg 101-111. fax (+31) 206 15 18 62. Although that seems like a weak justification. Burgemeester de Vlugtlaan 125.molenvansloten. Amsterdam's latest addition to the beer brewing industry is brouwerij De 7 Deugden (The 7 Virtues). Nearly 100 years ago. The generous use of light at De Huygens Airbase has given it a tougher appearance. Closed Mon. It's also the only windmill in Amsterdam which is open every day and even the disabled can take a tour of this beautiful building from 1846 by taking the lift to the upper floors. If.000m2 of office space divided into smaller units over four floors and a thorough renovation hasn't hurt the complex either. Mon. Osdorperweg 578 The 1800 Rods (De 1800 Roeden) L-2.50 nieuw-west: sightseeing Although Nieuw-West is a fairly new district of Amsterdam. Owner Garmt is one of those guys who could no longer resist the tempting call from his inner self and we'd just like to personally thank the beer gods for this fortuitous wake-up call. Akersluis 10. .5 . and also the scuttle. was used to keep the water level low in the neighbouring areas. those days are inconvenient you can pay an extra €35 and schedule a tour for a more suitable time. ULS Brouwerij De 7 Deugden L-2. which is open to the public every day. T Amsterdam In Your Pocket Idyllic winter vista in Nieuw-West www. www. seminars and exhibitions that relate to urban planning.16:00. would have to admit that De Huygens has made its mark on the area's surroundings since it was built in 1968. which was originally Admission: adults €5. This type of Brewery & Distillery tours achter. (+31) 204 47 18 57. this business complex has absolutely nothing to do with aviation. For €5/person you can taste all six regular brews served with three types of cheeses.vliegbasis. When politicians.de7deugden. the Netherlands boasted over 10. Nieuw-West also has no shortage of modern architecture. Wed. It can seat over 450 worshippers. If you'd like to take a tour of the place you have to call ahead and arrive in a group of at least four people. it's a bucket made especially for hauling coal from a shed to the heater. info@molenvansloten. You can take your pick of parks and gardens including the central Sloterpark and its large lake or visit one of Amsterdam’s most impressive windmills. the white stucco and the light wood. Closed Sat. Although its chief purpose was once the city's defence. Garmt's mood or whatever else influences his creative mind and palate.2 hours. The only similarity that the designers of this concept could come up with is that flying broadens your tel. (+31) 206 69 04 12. Sat 11:00 .nl. (+31) 206 71 42 44. Every Friday and Saturday at 14:00 you can learn more about local architecture and take a guided tour of the area.1800roeden. Molen van Sloten. Plane spotters needn't visit De Huygens Airbase. tel. The peaceful atmosphere of the church is partly due to the austere furnishings. Today the museum displays local architecture and the work of Cornelis van Eesteren in particular. info@vliegbasis. that's exactly what dozens of creative entrepreneurs who have taken refuge here do. called a Stellingmolen. children under 12 free. One. all of which have a unique taste. is a seasonal beer. these remarkable buildings have now been converted into modern offices and workshops. Although all of the machinery and equipment doesn't occupy more space than a large garage. Fri 09:00 . It starts at the museum and lasts roughly which is also known as the Coal Scuttle. lectures. Despite the confusing and somewhat far-fetched name. Tue. www. The robust building offers nearly 6. having only been created in the windmills. Unfortunately. housing cooperatives and the residents of Nieuw-West came to realize that their part of town played an important role in cultural history. Bos en Lommerplein 325. it has more than its fair share of sights and attractions. Located right next to the A10 motorway. excursions. Many couples have also been married at this Amsterdam landmark. Sun. they decided to partly designate the western suburbs as a protected area and call it a museum. In case you don't know what that is. QOpen 10:00 . but several are still located on the outskirts of Amsterdam and the surrounding region. The seventh brew. however. Museums seum) N-2. conferences. tel.17:00. you'll find the Opstandingskerk (Resurrection Church).nl. THL Cornelis van Eesteren Museum (Van Eesterenmu- Buildings De Huygens Airbase (Vliegbasis De Huygens) N-2. which of course befits the manly and sexy image of airmen and pilots that the marketing gurus were hoping to emphasise. You can't go wrong with that! QOpen 09:00 . Jan Evertsenstraat 717. This invention. architecture and general life in the western suburbs of Amsterdam. which makes the name of this brewery sound more logical. One of the most beautiful ones. These days the former ammunition arsenal happens to function as a breeding ground for creativity. Q Churches De Opstandingskerk N-2. Sloten Windmill (Molen van Sloten) M-4.

Plein '40-'45 1. Find more sights & attractions at www. 51 Picturesque street in Sloten 3. but the reserve also borders a big lake that's perfect for swimming. Orteliuskade. President Allendelaan Lake Sloterplas (Sloterplas) M-3.oeverlanden. but the Dutch have garden sheds. Oeverlanden Nature Reserve (De Oeverlanden) Places of interest artKitchen Gallery L-2. Dog owners in particular cherish this beautiful piece of nature. The Netherlands is hardly known for its hot summers. (+31) 206 13 45 Sloter Park (Sloterpark) Bibliotheek Slotermeer N-2. Over 300 years later the reclaimed land was dug up and once again turned into a lake as part of the 1935 General Expansion Plan for the area. In the very north western corner is a piece of land which has remained untouched since it was designed in the 1950s and it has gradually developed into the Het Ruige Riet (The Rough Reeds) nature reserve. a shallow peat lake. One of Holland's most famous painters. cleanliness and the need to meticulously maintain your own property. The entrance to the library is somewhat hidden to the left of the main entrance of the building. Three small beaches are also available for sunbathing and relaxing. canoeing. There are eight computers which offer half an hour of free internet and if you want to improve your linguistic skills.17:30. Between April 1 and the end of September some city dwellers flee the lunacy of the city and actually move into this Nieuwe Meer. If you get hungry. so watch where you step! One of Amsterdam's best festivals. Slotervaart and Osdorp could be built.inyourpocket. The park is cut in half by the Postjesweg and the many lakes and open fields that surround it create a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Sun. Rembrandt van Rijn. which measures an impressive 91 hectares. Closed Mon. A total of 203 gardens.rembrandtpark. This spacious green space is located at the border between the old city and the estates of the 1950s and 1960s. which may well have been the inspiration for the Neo-Plasticist paintings of Piet Mondriaan. the Slootermeer. www. An almost antique elevator takes you to the second floor. In addition to three Turkish newspapers. The fertile top soil of peat and clay was used to raise the area around the lake. The Sloter Park. Tue. The park was created using the excavated top soil of the former Sloterdijkermeer Polder. tel.oba. although you can discover some good places on foot as well./fax (+31) 206 22 34 22.nieuw-west: sightseeing Parks & Gardens De Bretten Garden Allotments (Volkstuinpark De Bretten) M-1. Sun. fax (+31) 206 14 79 23. A great variety of sculpture. www. decent food is available at Pavilion Aquarius and cheaper meals can be had at a snack stand. especially on the southeastern side.2 to the Slotervaart hospital and walk south for roughly 10 minutes. The result is an area where each square centimetre has been meticulously cultivated. slm@ oba. The gallery offers a selection of contemporary art consisting of a wide variety of work by Dutch and international artists. but you can forget about tanning your nether regions as De Oeverlanden is very popular with families and local The middle section of Hall A has been converted to exhibition space and also houses the office of the artKitchen. Originally they were used as storage for ammunition and as a laboratory. QOpen Mon 14:00 . Traditionally the Dutch also like to spend a lot of time gardening. Sat 11:00 . The excavation was necessary to raise the surrounding area so new housing estates like Slotermeer. takes place in the park every year in August. you can use one of three language computers. Take tram No. The artKitchen Gallery is housed in a cultural entrepreneurship area called the 1800 Roeden. which includes a drawbridge and mini windmills! Foreigners who are fascinated by the Dutch garden phenomenon can easily spend half a day here enjoying typically Dutch values like order. The artKitchen Gallery organises at least six exhibitions a year and is very active with local projects and art fairs at home and abroad. tel. history of the Sloterplas goes back centuries. was reclaimed with the help of windmills. but in 1984 the site lost its military purpose. (+31) 206 13 10 67. In 1644. This green urban landscape is best explored by bike. is the largest park in Amsterdam and despite its immense size. Russians have their dachas. This is a collection of old warehouses in the middle of the meadows of Nieuw-West. which are maintained usually by Amsterdam's eldest generation. its also one of our favourites. but when the mercury does rise for a few days or perhaps even a week. had a park named after him centuries after his death. debretten@online. you can go to this library in Nieuw-West. which takes you through a changing landscape guaranteed to keep you interested in your surroundings.17:30.18:00. The Sloterplas is a popular body of Sloterplas. Fri 14:00 . Tue.inyourpocket. Over 40 species of birds call this small piece of wilderness home. nl. a zoo and the best kids' playground in Amsterdam are just some of the attractions of this central urban oasis. but in April 2012 the Natureluur nature fair for children will be unveiled here. www. for sailing. which is great for ornithologists. Joris van den Berghweg 101. fishing and diving. Try the popular 5.16:00. there's also a truckload of Dutch newspapers and magazines and you can read them at five old school tables joined together. The www. can be viewed At the De Bretten Garden Allotments these two passions are cleverly Seineweg 16. TL Rembrandt Park (Rembrandtpark) N-3. the Loveland Festival. If you understand Turkish and you want to read the news about the latest bribery scandal. info@artkitchen. Closed Thu. Geuzenveld. www. you can forsake the heat and the stagnant canals of the city centre and visit the De Oeverlanden Nature Reserve. TLW Winter 2012/2013 . QOpen 13:00 .8km Sloterplas Tour. Wed 10:00 . Every piece of this property is subsequently fenced off and the result is lots of intersecting straight lines. It also made it possible to create a large park and recreation area in the middle of the new neighbourhoods.20:00.

(+31) 204 10 66 66. Butcher Peter van Poorten is an expert who spends six days a week passionately preparing top quality cuts of meat. you can watch and practice all of these at Sports Park Ookmeer. tel. There are also many attractive monuments at the cemetery including a powerful tribute to one of the biggest disasters in Dutch aviation history that occurred in 1977. pike. Willinklaan 7. De Nieuwe Meer is located between Amsterdam and Schiphol and is connected to the canals and streams of Amsterdam via other lakes. www. Osdorpplein 469. because the city council wants to build an industrial area here. this fancy and fashionable lifestyle store sells lots of unusual interior design and kitchen accessories as well as bags and (+31) 206 13 23 71. tel.275. Plenty of shopping opportunities in Nieuw-West Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. The biggest bear in Amsterdam was erected here in the Staalman Park. www. (+31) 206 13 15 75. but quite a few people who visit Westgaarde Cemetery do so to rest. (+31) 206 10 08 21. The Store! M-4.deboterbloemamsterdam. Tjotterspad. This has been one of the best places to go for personalised jewellery since Track. (+31) 206 19 39 44.inyourpocket. tennis or softball. Since it opened in 2001. L Jewellery & Watches Juwelier Nusselein Closed Sun.17:45. but since the 1960s the body of water has increased dramatically in size as its precious sands were dredged to create the foundations for the surrounding neighbourhoods. not to mention the jungle trail. gymnastics and even korfball. a central park south of the Sat 09:15 . Opening hours vary so check its website for exact schedules. Tue. Burg. Ookmeerweg 273 . Ottho Heldringstraat.ah. This may sound rather morbid. Q Open 09:15 . This gigantic animal was created after the artist spent several sessions consulting with local kids. The Tenerife Monument is itself reason enough to visit Westgaarde. www. A Supermarkets Albert Heijn www. whitefish and even eels. Take tram No. Closed Tue. (+31) 205 06 35 06. honey and other regional food are also served here. Thu 09:15 17:45. Nieuw-West does have some authentic stores worth visiting. Gifts & Souvenirs 00. For how much longer. tel. which is a popular survival course over land and water. although De Tulp (The Tulip). Architecture enthusiasts can also admire the remarkable building and its hexagonally shaped changing rooms. This is due to its steep banks and the waves caused by the wind and pleasure boats. a renowned Cobra The biggest and most prestigious Dutch supermarket brand in the Netherlands has outlets everywhere including this huge space in this shopping centre. de Vlugtlaan 162-164.40.20:45. The massive 10m-long. Organic bread.17:00. Delicatessens & Ethnic food De Boterbloem L-3. Sat 07:00 . QOpen 09:00 . tel. 26 tonne heavyweight bear is made of iron and concrete and has quickly become an icon in the neighbourhood.18:00. Sat 10:00 . No less than 19 sports clubs are located here and there's also a climbing wall as well as a 9-hole golf course.198.nusselein.18:00. Some parts are more than 35m deep and ideal for fish species like perch. Shopping Although by no means a shopper’s paradise. Langsom 20. ALS Statues & Monuments The Staalman Bear (Beer de Staalman) N-4. vanpoorten. President Allendelaan 3. You'll get excellent quality and great service and it also does repairs. Q TULS Ookmeer Sports Park (Sportpark Ookmeer) M-2.17:00. (+31) 204 08 35 Westgaarde Cemetery (Uitvaar tpark Westgaarde) L-3. Sun 12:00 . Much development has gone on here recently including new buildings and a large influx of people into the area. are also options at this multi-functional sports centre. but not in peace. www.22:00. in 2011. wrestling. Lutkemeerweg 262. QOpen 10:00 . so to speak. the Sloter Park Swimming Pool has been considered to be one of the best and biggest swimming centres in the Netherlands. Whether you enjoy football. Sun 13:00 17:00. TLKC Sloter Park Swimming Pool (Sloterparkbad) It's located at the western edge of the Sloterplas and it also hosts two excellent festivals: Loveland in August and West Beach Film Festival in September.westgaarde. Mon. Since 1996 it's also possible for Ajax supporters to show their eternal love for this legendary Dutch football team by having their ashes scattered on a patch of grass from Ajax's old stadium. a co-ed sport that resembles basketball. Both his rookworst (smoked sausage) and roast beef have been awarded prizes several times by independent juries consisting of fellow butchers: the greatest compliment a professional can receive.16:45. 19:00 . Q Admission: €4. LS Keurslager Peter van Poorten N-2. nobody knows. Sun 09:00 . archery. a collection of stained-glass name plates.7 or 14 from the city centre to the pool. tel.18:00. so if you're into fresh. tel. healthy food you better get here in a hurry. Out in the far west of Sloten. is an impressive tribute to the deceased as well. www. Ever since 1988 many a meat lover in Amsterdam has taken a detour to Burgemeester de . QOpen 08:00 .52 nieuw-west: sightseeing De Nieuwe Meer N-4. De Vlugtlaan 194 . The work of art located near the entrance was created by Constant Anton Nieuwenhuys.22:00. sloterparkbad. Originally De Nieuwe Meer was a simple lake. Closed Mon. tel. keurslager. You can buy organic food just behind one of Amsterdam's most beautiful cemeteries at De The pillow underneath his claws symbolises the vulnerable situation in which people place themselves when moving from place to place. Even the old Ajax players' bench has been moved here! QOpen 07:30 . but there are virtually no water plants in De Nieuwe The spacious park is an ideal haven for people who enjoy plant and animal life as Westgaarde is an unspoiled slice of nature home to many different species of birds. Burg.

nieuw-west map 53 .

If you simply need somewhere to crash after a night on the town and you're looking for free parking. www.120. tel. www. is one of the most vibrant areas of the Dutch capital.150). the lovely terrace on the roof offers plenty of fresh air and a gorgeous view. Rental bikes are available for guests free of charge and this is the perfect way to explore Amsterdam's vibrant city centre or the surrounding countryside. The friendly family who permanently inhabits the vessel rents three rooms. Q68 rooms. or simply North. Take a small river cruise on a boat that offers an all-you-can-eat pancake buffet. A restaurant. This bed and breakfast.54 noord For centuries the north section of the city was an area that most Amsterdammers weren't too keen In the past this colossus was a riverboat and most guests spent their time on deck. tel. a well furnished sitting room. tel. All you need to do is to take one of the free ferries behind the Central Station and 10 minutes later you'll be able to explore Noord and its surroundings. (+31) 206 32 31 31. an upstairs bedroom and a terrace next to the water.. nl. More and more people have begun to appreciate the unique merits of this territory beyond the River IJ. which has a fully equipped kitchen. Unfortunately. from the gallows in medieval times to the polluting ship building industry much later. The departure landing is located just behind Amsterdam Central . www. is like no other you've seen. private bathrooms and coffee/tea sets. Q175 rooms (157 doubles €60 . That said. but the other two rooms aren't for claustrophobics. or rather bed and bike. bar and smoking lounge are at your disposal. Standard rooms live up to their modest name and include TV. bring a towel and swim trunks and take a dip at one of the area's swimming pools or visit a festival and see why Noord has become the sizzling new hub of Amsterdam's creative the fridge stocked with good quality wine will cost you extra. The cottage is quite large and equipped with a kitchen. (+31) 204 19 74 48. Equipped with all of the modern conveniences one would expect. Extensive social housing projects attracted large numbers of financially challenged people exacerbating the stigma that was already attached to Amsterdam's largest administrative district. fax (+31) 206 34 44 96. Q 3 rooms (1 studio €86. well. With this in mind we've put together a small guide to this interesting urban and rural zone that's usually overlooked by most tourists. not to mention free parking . a bedroom in the attic and a terrace in the lovely garden.bastionhotels. especially if you'd like to stay in a quiet area that's still only a 15-minute bike ride from the city centre. 18 triples €89 . This ship is safely moored at the NDSM it has the undisputed bonus of a two-person whirlpool and a massage shower.amstelbotel. Nieuwendammerdijk 221. Symbol key P Air conditioning C Swimming pool F Fitness centre 6 Pets allowed K Restaurant W Free wireless internet A Credit cards accepted H Conference facilities U Facilities for the disabled L Guarded parking D Sauna Minicards offers Accommodation From botels and cosy B&Bs to camping and luxury hotels. It seems that everything unwanted was 'dumped' here. The second peculiarity about this place is. This cottage occupies the backyard of a friendly family and is situated right next to a gorgeous nature reserve near picturesque villages. NDSM-Pier 3. Guests can stay in a large cottage in the garden.amsterdamcountrycottage. GBXW Bastion Deluxe Hotel Amsterdam / Centrum Noord M-3. www. (+31) 206 26 42 47. Rode Kruisstraat 28. safe. the north side of the River IJ has plenty to offer in the way of accommodation.degekroondezwaan. B&B Noorderlicht N-3. Q 1 cottage €110. Although wi-fi is available throughout the hotel for free. this is the place. info@degekroondezwaan. PTALGBKXW Amsterdam Country Cottage N-5. book a room at the back where you have a great view of the River IJ. Amsterdam has lots of houseboats floating in the city's canals and. do some cycling in the pristine countryside.. With the green Vliegenbos on one side of the houseboat and a wide canal on the other. TLBW Bed and Bike Amsterdam Noorder IJdijk guests also have access to a computer in the lobby if they don't have their own laptops. tel. Q 1 apartment (double €145). Today Noord. TLGBXW Your home away from home in Noord Amsterdam In Your Pocket www.a rarity in Amsterdam. The studio is the largest. while deluxe rooms offer a bit more space and have the added advantage of a mini-bar. Small cabins with thin walls and claustrophobic bathrooms come standard at this botel. The lack of luxury and privacy may not be to everyone's liking. When you wake up in the morning you'll find a breakfast basket in front of your door and you might even be able to spot a rare bird or two. However. the location of this B&B is great. For starters.bedandbikeamsterdam. The location on Amsterdam's most attractive bicycle route is also nothing to sneeze at and two bikes are available free of charge. Nieuwendammerkade 11. fortunately for those who prefer living on the water. (+31) 652 37 76 50. but if you need relatively cheap accommodation and you don't mind living on the water. There are three different ferries that will take you over the River IJ in just a few minutes and bring you to Amsterdam-Noord completely free of charge. Q 1 cottage (€90/night). Durgerdammergouw 51. (+31) 206 32 09 19. some of them are also available to the public. ALGKXW hhh Amstel Botel M-2. 2 doubles €65). the friendly hosts will happily direct you to the Landmarkt farmers' market where you can get the best products Holland's fertile ground has to offer. TILGBXW B&B De Gekroonde Zwaan N-3. the bikes. (+31) 629 43 63 57. the Crowned Swan is a great five-star B&B option in Amsterdam. tel. you won't get breakfast unless you really want it. This stylish apartment consists of two adjoining rooms that place an emphasis on interior design and luxury. Established in 1902.


‘the place where it all started’. Unfortunately it had no changing shed. De Oude Taveerne exudes nostalgia. which has now been demolished. located at what is currently called the Hagedoornweg. so the boys had to rough it again. it's exactly this basic simplicity that draws visitors to Ransdorp. age-old establishment seems to pay more attention to the billiards players in the downstairs pub than her hotel guests upstairs and the eight rooms available have been furnished in a basic manner with little embellishment. Durgerdammerdijk 73. Many supporters loved the adventure of taking the ferry to the home games. the current stadium .was forced to leave its playing field at the end of the Overtoom Road in 1900. www. Amsterdam Arena . For decades this was the domain of hardworking labourers. tel. On the other hand. nl. (+31) 204 90 44 81. (+31) 204 90 42 59. The two single beds and the wash basin are functional and there's a communal shower and toilet in the hall. The concept is to make you feel like a proper north Amsterdammer when you spend the night in either the Nature House. the tiny terrace in the back is a peaceful oasis in this tiny village that seems to have been cut off from the outside world for decades. Many supporters still regard the first pitch in North. Unfortunately. But then again. which marked the end of Ajax’s adolescence in North. www.with its original spelling mistake . info@bbwelcome2amsterdam. tel. as ‘North’ was considered to be out in the sticks. The mischievous owner of this picturesque. Amsterdam Noord enjoys a special place in the city's long history. which was much closer to the ferry. Bed & Breakfast Welcome2Amsterdam N-2. the Dutch capital’s football giant. www. the past is brought to life in this distinctive building dating from 1760.has become a virtual Mecca for football enthusiasts. The restaurant is rustically decorated and includes an eye-catching 100-year-old beer tap and beautiful murals.deoudetaveerne. Later Ajax moved to another pitch in North. writers and musicians have been allowed to release their creativity in these places. All rooms have been equipped with modern Amsterdam In Your Pocket . Most of the seventeen rooms have been furnished stylishly. Each house is a cultural highlight in its own right.56 noord: Food & drink der Pekplein 3. but only a few have the picture perfect view of the IJsselmeer. €80 on weekends). People from the province of North Holland are known to be innately down-to-earth and this provincial quality is also a dominant factor at The Swan hotel and (Photo: Ajax archives) Hotel De Oude Taveerne N-5.on an empty polder in Buiksloterham in Amsterdam-North. TAGBKXW Hotel De Zwaan M-5. which was still relatively unknown in the early 20th century. All home games were played on this simple field. the location wasn’t the best as the players had to walk at least 15 minutes from the ferry landing to the ground. Today it's a tribute to the houses of the past. but Van der Pek is no longer the low cost residential housing estate it once was. Q 4 apartments (€75 for 2 persons during the week. the House of But once again Ajax left for greener pitches in 1907. AFC Ajax later reached their full potential at De Meer and the Amsterdam called the Hagedoornweg . because the pitch was to become a new neighbourhood of residential homes.bbwelcome2amsterdam. ‘Footh-Ball Club Ajax’ . although the bathrooms are quite small and the steep stairs leading to the rooms are not easily accessible for everyone. The club decided to change its name (dropping the spelling mistake) into Football Club Ajax and rented a pitch on the Middenweg . but unfortunately the prices are far from affordable and the lacklustre service on the brilliant terrace is outdated and the drinks and meals are expensive. That said. Four houses have been renovated and converted into accommodation with a unique theme. (+31) 207 52 67 29. Dorpsweg 70. Amsterdam North became the home turf of Ajax. Ransdorp. leading to more than a few surprises for its guests like the shape of stacked coffee tables.inyourpocket. was the best location. Most diehard fans believe that De Meer. Q 17 rooms (16 doubles and 1 family from €119). but with a modern twist. the Looking-for-the-NorthernFeeling House and the Stars House. Van Ajax & Amsterdam Noord Over the years many districts in Amsterdam have been home to Ajax. few people realise that Amsterdam-North is the true cradle of this world famous club. but this time to the Laanweg. musical rooms and even some bizarre looking including breakfast). Q 8 rooms (€32. However. tel. deoudetaveerne@hetnet. With this location came creature comforts like changing rooms for the players in what could best be described as a vacant shed. In short. LGBX The unusual Kraanspoor building at night In 1901 Ajax moved again. due to the building of a new housing estate.

noord: Food & drink
If you're looking for a delicious espresso with a view of central Amsterdam across the river or an historic café that's been in operation for generations, Amsterdam Noord has it covered. 08, Cafe De Bult is a gathering place for the neighbourhood, where local residents like to meet over a cup of coffee and chat about daily life in Amsterdam Noord. This is the type of place where a conversation usually begins with an in-depth analysis of the unpredictable Dutch weather or the latest results of the Ajax football club. On a warm day you can take a seat at the outside terrace and ponder the view of a large concrete car park. The vista may not be the best, but this slightly old-fashioned brown bar has a warm and cosy ambience and a typical Amsterdam-style interior, which makes it a decent place to down a pint or two. QOpen 09:00 - 18:00, Wed, Fri 06:00 - 19:00, Sat 06:00 - 24:00, Sun 11:00 - 18:00. LGBX


Noord has a little something for everyone from ultra hip fine dining to a boat that serves pancakes.

Mei Wah M-3, Buikslotermeerplein 102, tel. (+31) 206 37 07 85, Like many Asian restaurants in the Netherlands, Mei Wah offers a mixture of Chinese and Indonesian cuisine. Most customers order takeaway, but the restaurant is also a good place to enjoy a plate of nasi or a Cantonese egg foo young. In fact, the elegantly decorated restaurant is pretty much the exact opposite of the shopping centre in which it’s housed. On the bright side, there are a lot of dishes to choose from, but then again this sometimes causes confusion with the cook, who managed to mix up our order. Vegetarians should also be vigilant as we’ve heard some rumours that small pieces of pork or chicken have been found in some of the supposedly meatless dishes. QOpen 12:00 - 22:00, Sun 12:00 - 22:30. (€15 - 20). VGKS Osaka M-3, Rode Kruisstraat 22A, tel. (+31) 206 32 23
80, Osaka’s only possible drawback is its location. If this Japanese restaurant were housed in a building in the centre of Amsterdam it would be overwhelmed with truckloads of tourists. The sushi is extraordinarily delicious and all of its ingredients are fresh and not prepared in advance. The food is served by professional and unfailingly friendly staff and the restaurant is decorated in a much more tasteful manner than most comparable Asian establishments. The seating area at the back is definitely our favorite. QOpen 12:00 - 22:30. TALGKXS

Cafe De Bult N-2, Mosveld 75, tel. (+31) 206 37 10

Cafe 't Sluisje N-3, Nieuwendammerdijk 297, tel. (+31) 206 36 17 12,, This remarkable building is located in one of the most scenic areas of Amsterdam-Noord. At a intersection of age-old water routes that farmers once used to bring their milk to the centre of town by boat, passers-by can now enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of Nobeltje, a liqueur from the island of Ameland. Unfortunately, there aren't many sailors left in this historical part of Amsterdam, but apart from that this family-run business is authentic and nostalgic. The menu on the other hand is completely contemporary with chic dishes like warm goat's cheese salad and smoked salmon with capers. Make sure you get here early, as the large garden and terrace on the dike fill up quickly. QOpen 12:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 02:00, Sun 12:00 - 23:00. Closed Mon. (€5 - 8). TGB
36 92 78. This simple bakery attracts plenty of customers with its aroma of homemade biscuits and the oven which is always full of bread rolls. Its speciality is the wholegrain Waterlands bread and the drabby bread drink is an excellent thirst quencher. QOpen 08:00 - 17:00, Sat 08:00 - 16:00. Closed Sun. TGS

Fast food
Haring Naatje N-3, Purmerplein. If you’re brave enough
to try Dutch raw herring for the first time, there’s no better place lose your virginity than at this authentic local fish stall. It’s traditional, not only due to its Dutch flag decorations, but also because all of the seafood sold here is fresh and caught in the North Sea. Authentic in this case also means that you shouldn’t expect anything more than tasty takeaway snacks. If the thought of raw herring seems to stimulate your gag reflex, but you’d still like to try some typically Dutch seafood, you could order the kibbeling (deep fried cod) or smoked mackerel. QOpen Wed, Thu, Fri 10:00 - 17:30, Sat 10:00 16:30. Closed Mon, Tue, Sun. (€2 - 3). T6S

Kees Gutter M-3, Purmerplein 15 - 17, tel. (+31) 206

Koffiehuis De Klaproos (The Poppy) M-2, Klaprozen-

weg 60, tel. (+31) 206 37 65 12. For over 50 years the De Klaproos coffee house has been serving food and drinks on the Klaprozenweg, one of the busiest roads in Amsterdam-Noord. But for the past few years this nostalgic living room-like pub, which you might expect to find in the middle of the Jordaan instead of next to a public racetrack, has been run by Anita and Nancy. The kitschy lights, bottles of Heineken and particularly the loudspeakers that blast out the latest Dutch hits, create a fun local atmosphere typical of Amsterdam. Hungry guests can try the homemade meatball sandwich or the steak Stroganoff served with bread. QOpen 07:00 - 18:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00. Closed Sun. 6LBX

Le Perron N-4, Schellingwouderdijk 339, www.leperron. nl. As you enter Landmarkt, a large regional supermarket, you're met by the delicous aromas emanating from Le Perron. The people who run this place have an old fashioned love for quality products and it's particularly well-known for its bakers' vans and wood burning ovens often seen at events and festivals. A few tables have been set up outside so you can take your time and enjoy a warm sandwich or fresh brewed coffee in the sun, but first pick your favourite exotic beans from the bins. QOpen 08:00 - 20:00, Sun 12:00 - 18:00. TLS

Don’t forget to bundle up the children this winter

Winter 2012/2013


noord: Food & drink
Café Modern N-2, Meidoornweg 2, tel. (+31) 204 94
06 84, To begin with, Café Modern is not a café, but a restaurant where you can enjoy a fantastic five-course set dinner. Its bright interior is decorated in a modern style, yet we were somehow overwhelmed with a feeling of nostalgia. The decor reminded us of our primary school canteen, but the tablecloths and the absence of screaming children brought us back to reality. The table d'hôte menu changes every week, so once you've spoiled your taste buds, you can treat them to something totally different just days later. At first we were astonished to see an enormous vault near the toilets downstairs, but the staff later informed us that the building used to be a bank. QOpen 19:00 - 24:00. Closed Sun. (€40). GK

Graffiti becomes an art form in Noord (+31) 204 90 44 14,, www. Yes, places that immediately make you feel at home and which are as comfortable as a hot bath still do exist. For the past few years this historic school building from 1875 has housed a hidden gem. While many Amsterdam restaurants resemble an assembly line, the Schoolhouse exercises old fashioned values like a love of cooking and a mandatory pampering of its customers. Consumers who prefer trends over quality, might want to give this excellent establishment a pass, but if you enjoy really good food then by all means give it a shot. QOpen 11:00 - 22:00, Wed 11:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon, Tue. (€20). TA6LGBKX

Chef's Table N-2, Asterweg 14, tel. (+31) 203 34 06 72, Although not the cheapest place to have a meal in Amsterdam-Noord, in our humble opinion this restaurant is definitely a contender for a Michelin star. In this trendy, yet warm environment you'll be spoiled by culinary masterpieces with a refined French twist, ranging from the cold lobster soup to fried scallops. Don't be deterred, or put off, by the rather chilly industrial surroundings. Chef's Table is an absolute hit within the Amsterdam restaurant scene. And although you'll probably leave a tidy sum of money here, at least the parking is free, a pleasant break from the astronomical prices you're forced to pay in the city centre. Q (1 course €25, 3 courses €40). PTHALGBKXW De Pont (The Ferry) N-2, Buiksloterweg 3 - 5, tel.
(+31) 206 36 33 88,, For years the staff at this place on the river has been its biggest stumbling block to success, but the brilliant location, the large terrace and the great view of the IJ still ensures that this organic eatery draws large crowds. The undisputed smash hit of the overpriced menu are the homesmoked oysters which are even better with a dark Struis beer. Although the words 'value-for-money' won't cross our lips anytime soon when speaking of De Pont, there are few better outdoor terraces in Amsterdam-Noord to enjoy a cold beer. QOpen 09:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 22:00. (€20). PTA6LGBKXW

Het Schoolhuis M-5, Dorpsstraat 38, Holysloot, tel.

Het Tolhuis N-2, Buiksloterweg 7, tel. (+31) 206 36 02 70, By the time you enter this historic building, you'll have basically already had a mini holiday. Right across from the entrance you'll see a tangle of foreign tourist groups obediently following their travel guides and hundreds of commuters rushing to the ferry on foot or by bike. The cosy furnishings and the location of Het Tolhuis are excellent, but the prices are too steep and the portions too small. That said, the fried lemon sole is better than the one you'll get at many specialised seafood restaurants. QOpen 09:30 - 19:30. Closed Sat, Sun. (€20 - 25). TALGBKX Noorderlicht M-2, t.t. Neveritaweg 33, tel. (+31) 204 92 27 70, Noorderlicht, or Northern Lights, is one of those places where there seems to be no middle ground: you either love it or hate it. Some people would strongly recommend the food in this artistic, glass building with alternative looking staff and an all but common menu. Others are not impressed by a restaurant in a glorified greenhouse with a somewhat bizarre menu and staff that have a casual relationship with their profession on a messy and draughty industrial site. Whatever your opinion may be, no one disputes that the terrace with a view over the IJ river and free parking right in front of the entrance are tremendous advantages. And if you do decide to have a meal here, the oriental salad or stuffed wraps are both safe options. QOpen 11:00 - 22:00. Closed Mon. (€13 - 16). TA6ILEGBKX Place du Nord N-3, Purmerplein 8, tel. (+31) 206 36 01 54, Since 1928 Place du Nord has been a renowned, family managed restaurant that serves unpretentious traditional fish and meat dishes and even vegetarians will feel at home here with the good selection of soups and salads on offer. The staff manages to create a homey and informal atmosphere in a bizarre space furnished with witches on broomsticks, extinct dodos, love-sick chickens and copper pans. Despite the odd surroundings, you'll no doubt enjoy a good meal at this cosy restaurant. QOpen 17:00 - 22:00, Fri, Sat, Sun 17:00 - 22:30. Closed Mon. (€19 - 25). PALGBKX

Eetcafé Het Dijkhuis L-3, Kanaaldijk 119, Watergang,

tel. (+31) 204 03 13 86, Just a few kilometres from the busy A10 motorway, you'll find a completely different world. More than a century ago the horses used by stage coaches received a well-deserved rest here. As their owners also fancied some food and a drink, the Dijkhuis was set up as a tavern. The view of the canal and the fields from the enormous terrace or the spacious conservatory is simply fabulous and the disinterested staff serve an assortment of international dishes. QOpen 17:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 14:00 - 22:00. Closed Mon. (€18 - 22). TALGBKX

EYE Bar-Restaurant N-2, IJpromenade 1, tel. (+31) 205 89 14 02, This restaurant is located inside the impressive EYE film institute. The terrace provides incredible views of the River IJ and the wait staff are friendly and attentive, but the food isn't as impressive as the building in which this establishment is housed. Although the homemade croquettes are really delicious. The EYE BarRestaurant is in fact more of a restaurant than a bar, although we'd feel more comfortable recommending it as a good place to have a beer or a cocktail. In any case, even if you're not planning to eat or drink here, the modern building in the shape of an eye is worth a visit. QOpen 10:00 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 10:30 - 23:30. (€10 - 15). PTJAULGBKXW Amsterdam In Your Pocket

noord: Food & drink
Stork N-3, Gedempt Hamerkanaal t/o 96, tel. (+31) 206 34 40 00, Even though Amsterdam's largest seafood restaurant opened as recently as 2011, Stork already enjoys quite a large and loyal following. Classic dishes like oysters, swordfish, sea bass, lobster and all kinds of other delicacies from the aquatic world are given a new dimension here and the industrial furnishings add to its potential. The lighting from the large windows is beautiful and almost artistic and the massive outdoor terrace is super trendy. QOpen 11:00 - 22:30. Closed Mon. (€19 - 23). TA6LGBXW Wilhelmina-Dok N-2, Noordwal 1, tel. (+31) 206 32 37 01, If you'd like to admire one of the most beautiful views of Amsterdam by night, you should reserve a table next to the large windows of this restaurant that looks like someone's living room. That said, the wide terrace is also an ideal spot to have a cocktail or a cool white beer (the Secret of the Smit) with some snacks or small dishes like roasted pumpkin and outstanding goat's cheese. Sadly, the main courses aren't as good as the appetisers, but did we mention that Wilhelmina-Dok has incredible views? QOpen 11:00 - 24:00. (€16 - 18). TAULBKW


Nothing can beat central Amsterdam for nightlife, but if you're looking for a laid back local pub devoid of tourists, Noord might be the place for you.

Cafe Bascule M-3, Buikslotermeerplein 10, tel. (+31)

206 34 04 47. Dutch insiders will notice the typical Amsterdam accent spoken here, the unmistakable songs of folk singer André Hazes played here and the slight dislike for everyone who isn't born in Amsterdam oozing from the staff and patrons at Cafe Bascule. It's an old-fashioned and cosy local pub, with an emphasis on the word local. It's a good place to see what authentic Dutch pubs are like and the drinks and snacks are reasonably priced. QOpen 08:30 - 01:00, Fri, Sat 08:30 - 02:00, Sun 12:00 - 01:00. BX

Al Ponte Meeuwenlaan 2 (IJplein), tel. (+371) 642 08 74 82, Although lots of Amsterdam cafés provide canalside seating, this self-proclaimed Italian espresso kiosk offers a vista of the entire IJ river. Located at the harbour where the free ferries reach the IJplein from Central Station, Al Ponte allows its patrons to enjoy delicious Italian coffee and food as well as plenty of fresh air. All of its nearly 20 sandwiches are made with authentic ingredients including Parma ham, pancetta and provolone and cost only around €5. QOpen 08:00 - 17:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 17:00. BS

Cafe De Mazzel L-2, Stentorstraat 5, tel. (+31) 206 33 70 51. Situated in the heart of a blue collar district, this bar offers nothing exciting in terms of design. It's just a good place for a cold beer and the most delicious bitterballs in Amsterdam-Noord. In our opinion, that's already enough reason to visit this simple bar. The pool table and the dartboard also seem to keep the regulars happy. QOpen 13:00 - 19:00, Sat 13:00 - 03:00, Sun 13:00 - 24:00. L Cafe Koffiehuis Blokker N-2, Mosveld 49, tel. (+31) 206 36 97 39. Despite the fact that its name means ‘coffee house', its popularity has nothing to do with a good cup of Joe. This pub is a meeting place for guys from the neighbourhood who enjoy a game of cards, a spin at the slot machine and a chat about the latest news from the area over a few pints. Friendly folks and a pleasant atmosphere are the hallmarks of this place, but you probably shouldn't disturb the card players in the heat of a game. The terrace provides a view of the Mosveld Square outside, which sounds more picturesque than it actually is. Q GBX Cafe koffiehuis De Pomp N-2, Grasweg 3-A, tel. (+31) 206 34 32 27. Ever wanted to play a game of pool with a construction worker, a white collar worker or a confused artist? This is your chance. Located in a multicultural and heavily industrialised area, it's not easy to find De Pomp, but as soon as you enter, the friendly staff will make you feel at home. Q Café La Rosa M-3, Buikslotermeerplein 11, tel. (+31) 630 60 04 15. After work, the slightly older guys from the neighbourhood gather at this friendly pub to discuss the highs and lows of their day. Slot machines and a pool table are available in the Texas-inspired interior, but the terrace is its main attraction, during the summer anyway. The daily market at Buikslotermeerplein outside usually provides enough action and diversity to make the terrace an excellent place to observe the goings on of life in Noord. From time to time, local singers take to the stage at La Rosa and card evenings are also organised on occasion. QOpen 16:00 - 02:00. UGBX Cafe 't Eitje N-3, Motorwal 280, tel. (+31) 206 34 17
38,, If there were prize for the ugliest bar exterior, Cafe ‘t Eitje would be a strong contender. That's also the reason why you'll be so astonished by the classic interior, which features three dart boards and a pool table. In fact, a local dart club plays its matches at this friendly establishment and despite the unattractive location it can get quite busy here. Cafe ‘t Eitje literally translates as ‘Cafe the Egg' and it's located right next to Cafetaria de Kip, which means ‘Cafeteria the Chicken'. For a moment we wondered which of the two came first, but we decided to leave this age-old question alone. Q G

(+31) 206 36 88 17, The Pancake Boat can’t be compared in any way to the traditional tour boats that roam the busy Amsterdam canals. Even its route is completely different from those of its competitors. This floating double-decker doesn’t follow the usual ring of canals, but takes you past all of the architectural masterpieces of Amsterdam North instead. But most of the people on board probably couldn’t care less where the boat’s headed as their focus is on the enormous servings of pancakes on offer. The main draw of this floating food factory is the all-you-can-eat pancake meal. Bon voyage and bon appétit! Q Tours begin at 13:30, 16:30 and 18:00 and cost as low as €10 depending on the tour. Closed Mon, Tue. TALGBK

De Pannekoekenboot M-2, Ms. van Riemsdijkweg, tel.

Sublime views of the old centre from Noord

Winter 2012/2013

TLG Amsterdam North Museum (Museum De Noord) Wooden Houses M-3. www. the Amstel Botel. Most of these forgotten testaments to an Amsterdam nearly lost were built in the 17th and 19th centuries. Since 1710 this huge building has been located in this pastoral setting. Zunderdorp.QOpen 11:00 .17:00. a part of the Dutch seafaring tradition that had lasted for centuries and made Amsterdam one of the planet's economic powerhouses.17:00. Even though the history of Amsterdam North stretches back much further than that of the settlement on the other side of the River IJ. Services are held every Sunday morning at 10:00. www.buiksloterkerk. (+31) 630 97 56 02. the museum tells the interesting story of this part of the capital. The old dutch name ‘De Groene Draeck' (The Green Dragon) is derived from the historic flat-bottomed yacht used by the Dutch royal family. Nieuwendammerdijk. Schellingwouderdijk and the beautiful Nieuwendammerdijk. this white-brown building will be a strong contender if not for its architectural splendour. which had a profound effect on Amsterdam-Noord and its residents. www. What do boats like the Pollux. NDSM-werf. In 1984. these so-called travel writers never made it to the other side of the River IJ. museumamsterdamnoord.inyourpocket. An excursion just west of the NDSM shipyard is a must for anyone with a taste for modern architecture. The raised gatehouses at the Purmerweg shield the streets behind them from passersby and traffic creating an intimate atmosphere. founder of modern day Turkey and first president of the Turkish Republic. Turkish guest workers have played an important role in the economic rebuilding of the Dutch nation which began in the 1960s. The lively central square is called Purmerplein and it's surrounded by characteristic low level houses and plenty of green areas. then at least for its idyllic location. It's located on the premises of the former shipyard owned by a famous family of shipbuilders where the first polyester yachts in the Netherlands were designed and constructed. an indivisible part of the Dutch capital where more than 160 classic wooden homes still remain. Unfortunately. For 60 years a massive shipping industry called the NDSM-shipyard wharf home. Buildings Maritime Quarter N-4. But nothing lasts forever and the shipping industry suffered greatly during the economic recession of the 1970s. The shipyard has been converted into a cultural venue that has become one of Amsterdam's hottest entertainment centres. Ataturk. the shipyard finally closed its doors. the two eras in which the dikes flourished. a famous Greenpeace ship. it's possible to reserve a space under the poplars and chestnut trees in the cemetery. Achterlaan 20. Sights & Attractions N-3. Prior to World War II. This place is remarkably quiet. a former riverboat cruise ship that was transformed into a 3-star hotel. and the Sirius. Kerk Zunderdorp M-4. have in common? Nothing. that's definitely not the case. NDSM-Pier. The Green Dragon (De Groene Draeck) M-2.60 noord: sightseeing Fancy a day spent picnicking in a park or wandering around a sculpture garden? Curious why Amsterdam Noord has a monument to Atatürk and only one official museum? Read on. Zamenhofstraat 28a. Although Atatürk Monument M-2. Fri 14:00 . The Buiksloterkerk was built at a time when religion was still part of nearly everyone's daily life. English style garden villages were built and Nieuwendam is the most beautiful of the lot. despite the fact that they're all moored adjacent to the NDSM shipyard in the Maritime Quarter. all are easily accessible by bike. The city began building extensive housing projects during a period of booming economic growth and prosperity around the year 1900 to cope with a skyrocketing The museum also offers plenty of maps for guided or independent walking and cycling tours that will help you explore the attractions of North and its surrounding wetlands. Bundled together in little photogenic streets alongside picturesque dikes like the Buiksloterdijk. tel. Tuindorp Nieuwendam M/N-3. was erected in 1978. Located in the former public baths of the Vogelenbuurt. View a unique industrial landscape at NDSM Churches Buiksloterkerk M-2. Buiksloterkerkpad 10. peace in the world. A copper plaque is inscribed with the following text in Dutch and Turkish: 'Peace at home. There are over 40 museums in Amsterdam. If you'd like to enjoy this beautiful spot permanently. the building is home to a variety of young and dynamic companies. but today the church functions as a venue for various cultural events. the old Russian submarine and the wooden Mahu M880 minesweeper. one of the characteristic garden cities of Noord. If someone ever organises a competition for the Most Beautiful Church in the Countless vessels left these legendary wharves. But a plaque commemorating World War II victims and the bricked up windows hint that this place hasn't always been so peaceful. Another church existed on the same spot prior to the construction of this house of worship. Today. Right next to the ferry is the platform for De Pannenkoekenboot (Pancake Boat). Tuindorp Nieuwendam was even considered to be the prettiest garden village in Europe specially built for workers.' Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. Grasweg. Admission: €4. Other impressive vessels include the red Irish lightship Finley that attracts cultural party-goers from around the city.kerkzunderdorp. They moved to the Netherlands in droves to do the work that most Dutch people didn't want to do. most of the standard guidebooks are quick to point out that Amsterdam has only two wooden houses left. Purmerplein. yet there's only one in Noord. which is a testament to the area's rural past. NDSM-werf (NDSM shipyard) M-2. a striking collection of ships and buildings situated around a long jetty. but the misery caused by unemployment and the loss of a proud livelihood sowed the seeds of today's although the bleating sheep and clucking chickens nearby create a very Dutch . a magnificent steel three-masted schooner. During the first few years of the programme many lived here in a residential area dotted with white wooden houses where an abstract monument to Kemal Atatürk (Father of Turks). Amsterdam's largest district didn't get its own museum until 2009.

61 EYE Film Institute N-2. (+31) 207 63 06 50. TJAULGBKXW Amsterdam Noord also has windmills Noorderpark M-2/3. IJpromenade 1.22:15.inyourpocket. new and old. a Protestant church dating from 1687 and a landscape of wetlands and polders. www. equipment and directors' archives. who strongly lobbied for the creation of a recreation park for the working class. QOpen 11:00 . Every year the collection expands as more films. A few years ago the administration decided to drastically change the area to give Amsterdam's northernmost region a fresh. If you're sailing to Amsterdam Noord on a yacht and you're looking for a place to dock. where you can enjoy food and drinks.22:00.noorderpark. where you can view some traditional wooden houses. It's collection spans the entire length of film history from silent films to the newest digital productions. tel. salamanders. Vliegen. but right now it's already an excellent place to kick back and relax. There's a communal vegetable garden for neighbourhood residents and local artists have decorated the garden with sculptures and statues. are added. Wed. 6LGBKX Vliegenbos N-3. Winter 2012/2013 . watch and artistic performance or just chill out on the lawn. nl. then sail straight to this marina where you can even have your vessel repaired after a rough journey on the sea. (+31) 206 32 06 16. QOpen 09:00 . Sun 10:00 . The landscape of trees and fields is perfect for picnics and plans for walking and biking routes are also in the works. Unfortunate souls who don't own a ship can also stroll around Nauticadam and admire the luxurious yachts in the harbour. Admission: free. Q 6 www. your pedalling will be rewarded by the sight of one of the most beautiful villages in the region. Although it was once housed in the Vondel Park. Tue. Now the Tolhuistuin has become a cultural centre in Amsterdam Noord. (+31) 205 89 14 00. Tolhuisweg 5. (+31) 204 94 13 Visitors admire the EYE Film Institute 42. soundtracks. The Button is one of the most celebrated works by deceased artist André Volten (2002). Inspired by the industrial environment of Noord. For decades the heart of Amsterdam North was a messy combination of two parks (the Florapark and Volewijkspark). You can visit Vliegenbos from all directions but the main entrance is from Meeuwenlaan.vliegenbos. Durgerdam is a tiny hamlet on the shores of the IJsselmeer. the huge white spaces covering over 1200m2 provide numerous interactive and educational film projects. Historically. The Sail Café is located in the back and offers refreshing drinks and a pleasant piece of lawn to lie down on. the deciduous forest has largely been left to its own devices and today it's home to frogs.noord: sightseeing Durgerdam N-5. a Stanley Kubrick exhibition will grace a floor of the EYE. Sat. where you can gaze at luxurious yachts and envy the people entering the private sailing club. Tolhuistuin N-2. This summer. tel. while four theatres . modern look. the ex-welder specialised in creating large brass and stainless steel objects. The garden is only open during the summer months from early June until late September.23:00. when you can see visual art performances on Thursdays and listen to live music on Fridays.H. posters. Closed Mon. You can also spot wild mushrooms or just enjoy a quiet stroll in Amsterdam's own nature park. Whenever he had the time he would experiment with materials he found in the former shipyard.22:00. www. This lovely garden used to be reserved for employees of the petroleum giant Shell until it was returned to the city a few years ago. www. The two parks were harmoniously merged to create a green oasis nearly the size of the Vondelpark in the Museum district (45 hectares). Another attraction is Durgerdam's marina. bats and several bird species. Nieuwendammerdijk fishing and trade in general. TEB Nauticadam Yacht Club N-3. Wingerdweg. Durgerdam. it's the quiet and the beauty of the water that attracts visitors to this lovely little settlement. concerts and festivals is also scheduled to open in the middle of the park in the near future.eyefilm. Who knew that the Central Station could look that pretty from afar? Especially at night. The Button (De Knoop) M-2. the village was closely linked with the former Zuiderzee (now IJsselmeer) and for centuries the Durgerdammers worked in shipping.bring you the latest art-house films and old classics.tolhuistuin. Dutch and foreign. Although this steel giant seems to be a simple piece of art. www. a closer look will reveal a work full of depth. Today.each different in size and theme . Called the ‘heart of film'. QOpen 14:00 . a canal and a busy through road. EYE is the only institute in the Netherlands that collects and displays film-related ephemera like photographs. but many people take the free ferry here for the gorgeous view from its café and outdoor terraces. Ever since the first trees were planted. Some people are usually at work on the small marine wharf as well. Amsterdam's oldest forest just celebrated its 100-year anniversary. A large stage for events. After about half an hour of cycling through Noord. it has moved to its new ultra-modern building in Amsterdam North and has quickly become the star of the docks. This large nature area in the middle of Amsterdam Noord was created in 1912 by socialist politician W.

NDSM-straat 12. Then turn left to reach Schellingwoude and Nieuwendam or right to head out to Durgerdam and Holysloot. Often compared to Woolworth's. Landsmeer. This quintessentially Dutch chain of department stores is a household name in Holland. TLS www. 34 and 35 leave from the Bus station right behind Central Station. Bizim Ufuk Market Whole generations of locals have grown up on HEMA's famous smoked sausage rolls.17:00. the ferries have been around for a long time and the very first regular IJ ferrie set sail way back in 1897.62 noord: useFul inFormation Getting around Ferries There are three different ferries that will take you over the River IJ in just a few minutes and bring you to AmsterdamNoord completely free of charge. Shops You won't find anything similar to the Kalverstraat here. Werengouw 204. (+31) 204 82 00 08. QOpen 08:30 . smoothies or goat cheese Amsterdam In Your Pocket . boventy. 31. The departure landing is located just behind Amsterdam Central Station. 33. In fact. but you can visit an organic farmer's market or a giant shopping mall with over 200 Buses Buses also take you to the north part of the city. The many people of Turkish origin who live in Noord come here to this spacious store to find all of the ingredients they need for a good halal Closed Sun. but these days you can also buy fancy roast chicken wraps. From the Tasmanstraat in Amsterdam-West the ferry takes you to either the NDSM-werf or the Distelweg.hema. the NDSM-werf (the former dockyards). www. The staff are also friendly and the prices are pleasantly affordable. HEMA also sells standard items for your home as well as fashion for the whole family. The Bridge To get to Amsterdam-Noord you can also cross the Amsterdam Bridge and the Schellingwoude Bridge. Rent one from €20. IJ-plein (till midnight) and. Boven 't IJ M-3. also till midnight.scooterexperience. tel. You can walk on board or bring your bike or scooter and the short ride won't cost you a cent. This is basically the only place in Noord where you have to pay money to park your car due to the nearly 200 shops that are clustered together in this giant shopping centre. 32. www. Buses Nr. Buikslotermeerplein 273. Sat 09:00 . www. Q PTA6ULGKSW HEMA M-2. From there you can either take the ferry to Buiksloterweg (day and night).inyourpocket. (+31) 204 93 06 79. Two ferries cross every 7 minutes. All of the major tourist attractions of Noord are only minutes away on a scooter. Scooter Experience De Gouwe 15.

noord: map


339, This spacious indoor hall is heaven on earth for foodies and anyone who appreciates fresh food, but unlike similar organic markets the bread, meat, fish, vegetables and other daily necessities are hardly more expensive than the stuff you'll get at a regular shop. If you're hungry you can try some of the free samples on display. QOpen 08:00 - 20:00, Sun 12:00 - 18:00. TAULG Neef Louis M-2, Papaverweg 46, tel. (+31) 204 86 93 54, You can find vintage furniture, designer chairs and lots of industrial lamps in this enormous warehouse. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00, Sat 10:00 - 17:00. Closed Mon, Sun. Rien de Wolf M-5, Papaverweg 43, tel. (+31) 206 36 19 96, Rien de Wolf calls itself 'more than a store' and we have to agree. Two floors are stuffed to the ceiling with all kinds of outdoor accessories, clothes, camping equipment and lots of gear for water sports. QOpen 09:00 - 17:30, Sat 09:00 - 17:00. Closed Sun. PTAUL Van Dijk & Ko M-2, Papaverweg 46, tel. (+31) 206 84 15 24, Van Dijk & Ko deals in second hand, but also third or fourth hand, furniture and a variety of other objects to decorate your home. Most of the furniture is imported from Central European countries. QOpen 10:00 - 18:00, Sun 12:00 - 18:00. Closed Mon.

Landmarkt Amsterdam N-4, Schellingwouderdijk

Noord for kids
Noord isn't just for cyclists, architecture aficionados and festival-goers. Children and teenagers can learn how to grind and ollie at a skatepark or search for hidden treasure in the nearby wetlands.

Pirates Tour Kanaaldijk 32a, Landsmeer, tel. (+31) 880 06 44 55, Just like true pirates, children can also be adventurous and search this wetlands area for real treasure. Up to five children and one adult can take a rowboat and look for clues until they find the pot of gold. Perfect for a slightly different children's birthday party. QOpen 10.00 - 17.00. Closed Mon. (€20/ boat for 2 hours). T Skatepark Amsterdam M-2, T.T. Neveritaweg 15a, tel. (+31) 641 70 07 67, info@skateparkamsterdam. com, On the second floor of this historic shipbuilding hangar, you'll find a 2,000m2 floating skate park. At a height of over 7m, this is a paradise for skating and rollerblading enthusiasts. There's a separate stand where spectators can watch their offspring or other young speed fanatics and it's also possible to take lessons. QOpen 15:00 - 22:00, Sat, Sun 12:00 - 20:00. Closed Mon. Admission: €5.50. TLG Winter 2012/2013


Amsterdam East, or simply Oost (pronounced ‘oast'), is an incredibly diverse district of the Dutch capital that encompasses neighbourhoods that couldn't be more different from one another. The recently built IJburg island, which is still under construction, is a largely residential area that is home to modern architecture, a main street called IJburg-laan filled with cafés and shops and a public beach only minutes from the city centre, while the areas known as Indische Buurt and Dapperbuurt in the Zeeburg district are populated by immigrants from all over the world and their children. Dapperbuurt hosts a huge market on one of the few streets in the region not named after an Indonesian island and is the ideal locale to try a Moroccan cookie or a real Turkish kebab. The KNSM and Java islands in the Eastern Docklands of the city once supported a huge working harbour, but are now mostly home to affluent Amsterdammers. Finally, a trip to Oost wouldn't be complete without a visit to one of the trendy cafés on Linnaeusstraat by the Oosterpark or the authentic pubs of the Watergraafsmeer around Middenweg.

Symbol key
P Air conditioning C Swimming pool F Fitness centre 6 Pets allowed K Restaurant W Free wireless internet A Credit cards accepted H Conference facilities U Facilities for the disabled L Guarded parking D Sauna Minicards offers

Getting there
Most of Amsterdam East can be easily reached by public transport. To visit IJburg simply take tram No.26 from the Central Station. For Indische Buurt, Dapperbuurt, Flevopark and Watergraafsmeer you can take trams No.7 or 14 from Leidseplein. For KSNM and Java islands take tram No.10 to the last stop.

Amsterdam East has a bit of everything in terms of accommodation from recently opened design hotels to modern hostels with 500 beds.

Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre O-1, Piet Heinkade 11, tel. (+31) 205 19 12 00, fax (+31) 205 19 12 39,, Although the name of this luxurious hotel is a bit misleading, we highly recommend it. Despite not being located in proper the centre of town, it's only a short tram ride away from the canals. But once you've seen the absolutely stunning interior of your room you might just stay put. All of its 408 rooms are stateof-the art with all of the amenities you could require, not to mention a superb bathroom and fantastic views from the top floors of this 20-storey building. Q 408 rooms (standard rooms from €179, executive rooms from €242, junior suites from €299). PTHARUFLGB� KDXW hhhh

Lloyd Hotel P-1, Oostelijke Handelskade 34, tel. (+31) 205 61 36 36, fax (+31) 205 61 36 00, post@, Once used as accommodation for emigrants waiting for their ship to depart, this monumental building overlooking the water dates back to the 1920s, but it was given a complete overhaul by a number of popular Dutch designers before it was reopened as a hotel in 2004. The hotel has a unique concept as it offers rooms of varying styles and levels of comfort for guests of all tax brackets. Stay in a five-star suite with loads of space, a huge bathtub and a grand piano or choose a Spartan, yet chic room with a bed, table, water view and shared bathrooms and toilets in the corridor. A restaurant, bar, conference rooms, a library and free wireless internet access are also at your disposal in the Eastern Docklands of Amsterdam. Q 117 rooms (117 doubles €80 - 300). THA6LGBKW hhh

89, tel. (+31) 207 00 84 00, fax (+31) 207 00 84 01,, This massive brick building that was once a hospital where legendary footballer Johan Cruijff was born, was completely renovated and opened as a luxury hotel by the Eden Group in the summer of 2010. Given its historical significance to Amsterdam, much of the hotel has been decorated with the city's iconic triple X symbol, including the carpets, the walls and even the duvets on the beds. Although the façade is a stark reminder of the building's past, the interior and the 125 rooms within are completely modern and conform to the latest 21stcentury design trends. Accommodation includes all of the luxurious amenities you would expect and the layout of the junior suites is often unique as most hotel rooms don't place large, rotating flat screen TVs at the foot of their beds. An Italian restaurant, a bar and conference facilities are also available. Q 125 rooms (superior rooms from €80, deluxe rooms from €100, junior suites from €140). PHAULGBKW hhhh

Eden Amsterdam Manor Hotel P-2, Linnaeusstraat

Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg P-2, Timorplein 21,
tel. (+31) 205 51 31 90, fax (+31) 206 23 49 86,, This colossal brick building complete with clock tower was once a technical school, but since 2007 has been one of the largest and most modern hostels in Amsterdam. Its 500 beds are spread throughout its doubles, quads and six-bed dorm rooms all of which include a Spartan interior with an orange and grey colour scheme, new metal bunk beds, a sink and a separate shower and toilet. Security isn't a problem as guests can only access the corridor where their own room is located, but unfortunately you'll have to stow your important gear in lockers on the ground floor. A large café is also available as well as a bar that serves pitchers of beer for under €10, but if you're looking for great local brews, the IJ brewery is only a short walk away. Q 500 beds (beds in six-bed dorms from €9, beds in four-bed dorms from €11, doubles from €32, quads from €42). HAUGBKW

Hotel Arena O-2, 's-Gravesandestraat 51, tel. (+31) 208 50 24 20,, www.hotelarena. nl. This historic former orphanage built in 1890 is not only a good place for sleeping but also for meals, meetings, drinks and a good night out. The Arena Hotel offers 116 spacious and comfortable rooms that are similar in style and seem to differ from one another only in size. They are a successful mix of nostalgic, yet stylish elements and modern, trendy furnishings. Unfortunately, the rooms that face the street can be rather noisy at times. Q 116 rooms (deluxe, studio and suites €159 - 259). PTAULGKXW Amsterdam In Your Pocket

oost: Food & drink
With the trendy restaurants of the IJburg, Java and KNSM islands, the laid back cafés of Linnaeusstraat and the authentic ethnic eateries of Indische Buurt, you’re never far from a good meal in Amsterdam East.


Coffee & Tea
74 79 65, Some of the best coffee created by professional barristas can be found here, but quality does have its drawbacks. Unfortunately, its popularity often means that you'll have a tough time finding a free seat on its comfortable couches or even on the benches outside. A limited selection of snacks is also available and you can always get your €3.70 latte to go. QOpen 08:00 - 18:00, Sat, Sun 10:00 - 18:00. AB

Espressofabriek R-2, IJburglaan 1489, tel. (+31) 207

MChi R-2, IJburglaan 1295, tel. (+31) 207 76 60 04, Although Asian restaurants are seldom stylish, usually relying on red lanterns and paintings of dragons for interior design, MChi has put a lot of thought into its modern and trendy décor. Just look at the huge wall-length photo of the toothless old-timer holding chopsticks and a beer in his hands and the minimalist gold and black interior that's occasionally disrupted by an orchid or a bamboo plant. The Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine is also surprisingly affordable given its location in a trendy neighbourhood and its elegant surroundings. Try the Sambal drunken prawns. QOpen 17:00 - 24:00. Closed Tue. (€10). A

Öz Saray Patisserie P-2, Javastraat 121, tel. (+31) 206
65 06 72, The huge selection of delicious, neatly stacked Turkish cookies in the shop front window will lure you in with their sugary goodness and the strong coffee and tea will no doubt make you want to linger. If cookies really aren't your thing Öz Saray also provides over a dozen different kinds of baklava and it even serves its customers breakfast until 12:00 every day. It also specialises in cakes for special occasions. QOpen 09:00 - 20:00. Closed Sun. S

Koffie in Oost P-2, Linnaeuskade 1A, tel. (+31) 207 76 44 87, Although this cosy café isn't particularly large it has managed to maximise its space by offering seating on the ground floor, upstairs and in the cellar. Exposed brick and bone white walls are spruced up with fresh cut tulips, stained glass and enormous shop front windows that bathe Coffee in East in lots of natural light during the day. Drink gourmet coffee or tea with a slice of chocolate cake or an everything bagel smothered in cream cheese or other tasty toppings like lox, matured cheese and hummus. QOpen 08:00 - 17:00, Sat 10:00 - 18:00, Sun 10:00 - 17:00. ABSW Ludwig Coffee Bar P-2, Eerste van Swindenstraat 547, tel. (+31) 646 41 80 31, www.ludwig-coffeebar. nl. Although many eating and drinking establishments on this street are either fast food joints or ethnic cafés, Ludwig has a trendy, modern feel to it and could easily hold its own in Amsterdam's more fashionable city centre. Wide wooden benches, coffee brown walls covered in photos and a watercolour of a civet cat, leather chairs and industrial-style lamps hanging from incredibly high ceilings all make this a pleasant place for an excellent cappuccino and a slice of carrot cake or maybe a goat cheese panini. QOpen 08:00 - 18:00, Sun 09:00 - 18:00. ABW

Gouden Kom (Golden Bowl) R-2, Daguerrestraat 51,
tel. (+31) 204 16 67 75. Although IJburg might not be a neighbourhood where you'd expect to find a swanky Chinese restaurant, Gouden Kom or Golden Bowl is all the proof you need. Pass the bar and enter the dimly lit hall where you'll find oriental vases, polished wooden tables topped with lazy susans and bamboo paintings of pandas, exotic birds and Far Eastern landscapes. If the Szechuan dishes and other regional cuisine aren't spicy enough, hot sauce is available in decorative bowls and you can wash it down with a Tsing Tao beer. The Chinese muzak doesn't add much to the ambience, but you can also order take away. QOpen 14:00 - 22:00, Fri, Sat 12:00 - 22:00. (€15 - 20). AS

Ibssa O-2, Blasiusstraat 62, tel. (+31) 206 63 39 63, Although you may feel a little uneasy about dining at a restaurant serving cuisine from a country where millions of people are starving as a result of a drought, we recommend you put aside your squeamishness and visit this simple Ethiopian restaurant, which looks and feels like somebody's living room. The décor may not be Ibssa's biggest attraction, but the food most certainly is and despite its simple menu you won't go home hungry. It's also one of the few places in town where it's impolite not to eat with your hands! QOpen 17:00 - 22:00. (€9 - 15). TLK

Kota Radja P-2, Insulindeweg 505, tel. (+31) 206 68

49 72, Kota Radja is the swankiest Chinese restaurant in the area offering amazing wall reliefs of ancient stone bridges and an Asian pastoral existence. The interior is certainly formal, despite the typically kitschy red lamps, but you shouldn't feel obligated to dress up. The chefs specialise in Cantonese dishes as well as tasty Indonesian fare for reasonable prices. QOpen 15:00 - 22:00, Sun 12:00 - 22:00. (€10 - 15). AS

Lin Wah P-2, Linnaeusstraat 18, tel. (+31) 206 93 91 80, You can't miss the red lanterns in the octagonal windows, nor the giant pink lotus on the façade of this building located across the street from the massive Eden Manor Hotel. Pass porcelain vases and statues of smiling Buddhas to enter this elegant restaurant, which despite its décor actually seems to serve more Indonesian cuisine than Chinese specialities. No matter. The Dutch usually don't make the distinction between the two, a testament to their tolerant melting pot ideals. You can also have your food delivered free of charge if you order more than €15 of food. QOpen 12:00 - 21:00. Closed Mon. (€10 - 15). AVS

Interesting architecture on Javaplein

Winter 2012/2013

Fri.23:00. Sun 12:00 . IJburglaan 1363. Sat. Open 11:00 .nl. especiall y when one spots the enormous mirror bearing the club's logo in the men's room. Opened as a public bathhouse in 1942. (€20 . A good selection of beer and wine is also available. this one is basically a base of operations for New York Pizza's delivery service in the area.7). (€15 .amsterdam. www. Sun 10:00 . In the past few years East Amsterdam has developed into a hip place to see and be seen and since 2009 Caf-Vino has been one of its most popular restaurants. it was finally closed in 1980s when it apparently became more common for locals to bathe in their own homes.21:00. while regular visitors pay full price for their pasta linguine on the ground floor. Linnaeusstraat 94. don't fret as a good range of brews from the Amsterdam IJ brewery are available in bottles. Q Open 11:30 . Linnaeusstraat 68. Home delivery New York Pizza P-2.18). Linnaeusstraat 37A. Q (€8 .01:00. The fact remains that this former Ajax supporters' pub hasn't lost its loyalty to Amsterdam's football power. Located in the colossal 1920s building that houses the unique Lloyd design hotel. Tr y the traditional coq au vin. S Badhuis Javaplein P-2. this one also deep fries nearly everything in batter. T6LGBKXW www. (+31) 205 61 36 36. O-2. Oostelijke Handelskade 34. www. Eerste van Swindenstraat 229. good breakfasts and the lovely walnut trees outside that make the terrace an ideal spot on a summer's day. QOpen 09:00 . That said. Sat 10:00 . tel.15). tel. Fri.7). this bright. (+31) 206 63 10 16. Angry lion on the waterfront in Oost Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. AB Caf-Vino P-2. (+31) 207 79 25 Eerste van Swindenstraat 581. you shouldn't expect any thing healthy here. (€12 . Sat. but the toilets will cost you €0. Krugerplein Unfortunately. tel. Sat 10:00 . tel.caf-vino. QOpen 09:00 . Sun 09:30 . www. Javaplein 21.17).01:00. (+31) 206 92 56 67. when possible. Fri. This of course could have something to do with the affordable food. the sickly sweet music can be a little off-putting at times. (€6 . tel.01:00.cafespargo. modern restaurant specialises in affordable French and Mediterranean cuisine made. tel. Although the majority of patrons in this cosy restaurant seem to be women.1900caferestaurant.daarblijfjeeten. Fri.20:00. You can order anything from vegetarian sandwiches and mains as well as heartier international fare. Sun 10:00 .QOpen 10:00 . Open 11:00 22:00. The Netherlands' most popular and unhealthy chain of snack shops also has a fully automated wall of deep-fried.Thursday on the floor above. (+31) 204 68 12 00. If you're not a fan of Jupiler brews. Hogeweg 48. which can be turned into a kids room when needed.02:00. www. tel.21:00. Today its hip design attracts fans of good style as well as good food and drink and its patrons can enjoy lunch and dinner not to mention tasty cocktails and uncommon beers like Texels and Jopen. a platter of oysters and homemade pâté or perhaps something a bit simpler like poached eggs and toasted sandwiches. This is one of the coolest bar/restaurants you'll find in East Amsterdam.22:30.03:00.21:00. A kids menu is also available. (+31) 206 65 12 26. but the wine list is fantastic. too. the lowest room is actually a so-called gentlemen's room. battered goodness here at Eerste van Swindenstraat. (+31) 206 93 79 56. tel. (€14 . or perhaps the other way . Also at P-2. Q Open 16:00 . Like most Dutch snack shacks. SUn 12:00 . The simple menu may not offer a lot of surprises. but the mushrooms with walnuts and cream prepared in a wok are first VS International www. Although the city centre is littered with large outlets of this colossal Dutch pizza chain. Sat. (+31) FEBO P-2. Sat 09:00 .25/visit.ponteneur. www. PTAUGBKW French Lloyd Restaurant P-1.23:00. QOpen 08:30 . S Family Cafeteria R-2. while the purple tables and chairs sandwiched between ivy-covered columns on the terrace are always full on sunny days. IBW Café Spargo P-2. QOpen 08:30 .15). Closed Mon. The seats by the fireplace are highly coveted in the winter. but the atmosphere is much better than at similar establishments and you won't mind lingering longer than it takes to swallow your burger or kroket.01:00. www. Students can enjoy a discounted dish of the day every Monday . Naturally. The food ranges from salads and its signature Aberdeen Angus burger to rib-eye steaks and rabbit stew.03:00. not to mention classic Dutch snacks like bitterballen.66 oost: Food & drink Fast food 204 16 55 88. (€3 The IJburg outlet of this large chain of snack bars appears to truly be family-oriented with specials kids' meals and a children's corner to keep the little ones busy.22:00. www.18). A large reading table is available as well plenty of toys and games for the kids and live music is played every second Sunday of the month.febodelekkerste. The refined menu is creative and offers such delicacies as lamb tournedos and homemade wild boar pate with toast and cranberry chutney and we particularly enjoyed the shot of cauliflower soup we were given to whet our (+31) 206 68 06 80. This fun café offers a candlelit décor whose walls are embellished with colourful modern art. You can also skip the search for change and order fries or something a bit fresher from the staff behind the counter. Vegetarians will also find plenty of decent choices but we recommend the tasty quiches. Fresh flowers on each table are a nice touch and smokers have their own rookruimte in the back. you can order takeaway here. (+31) 206 95 51 82. Javaplein 1. (€2 . QOpen 10:00 . tel. A deli of sorts is available in the back where you can buy a sandwich made to Affordable daily specials are listed on the blackboard above the open-plan kitchen and a great selection of beer is also available.22:00. (+31) 206 94 11 40. with fresh local ingredients including free range eg gs. TALGBKXW De Ponteneur P-2.23). ABW 1900 P-2.badhuis-javaplein.

S De Keuken van Tante Til R-2.24:00. Ringdijk 3. The homemade soups are some of the best we've had in Amsterdam and if you get bored there are enough boardgames to keep everyone occupied. The building.5 hours and you'll be charged from €1 . but make sure to bring a credit card as cash is not accepted. while her 'little fat Italian man' cooks to his heart's content in the open How else can you explain a café that closes its doors at the weekend? Located right under a bridge. QOpen 08:30 .nl. Unfortunately. TALGBKX Gare de l'est P-1. (+31) 204 19 30 10. stained glass above the door. Sat 16:00 .25. Expect a simple interior with lime green walls covered in photo exhibitions and an unpretentious atmosphere. a rough wooden floor that looks like it was nicked from an ancient VOC ship and chest-high benches upholstered in dark blue corduroy: what more could you ask for? Add to this interesting atmosphere a good beer and wine selection and a small. Sometimes we hesitate to write about yet another fabulous find fearing that the atmosphere will be ruined. PTJAL Zouthaven O-1. Closed Sat. but the friendly. alternative staff dispel this feeling once you come inside. Exposed brick walls. These days there's little left of those historic surroundings. Sat.23:00. (+31) 206 65 78 70. TLGBK 207 88 44 33.inyourpocket.huizefrankendael. which also houses Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. Fri. Sun 10:00 .23:00. or at least in its coach house? No The lady of the house welcomes every visitor with a sincere smile. If you're really hungry and are partial to Japanese cuisine. Cruquiusweg 9. Veemkade 259. At night this place transforms into a hip seafood restaurant. Piet Heinkade 179. (+31) 207 88 20 Japanese Boss P-2. www. Fri. a stopover for employees of the cattle and goods trains which arrived here. but we did run into a pleasant middle-aged man who was happy to run down the list of the day's specials for us. which dates from 1901.18:00. its interior couldn't be more modern and you'll find plenty of seating on two floors inside on white leather couches and red chairs.22:30. we don't think that the two grounded owners of Comfort Caffe will ever change their style.02:00.22:00. www. Have a seat on the ground floor next to the buffet or upstairs at one of a dozen tables with views of the street below. However. however. QOpen 10:30 .com Winter 2012/2013 .de-odessa. Sun 17:00 .comfortcaffe. (+31) 204 63 www.15). Although it's no longer possible to defy rough seas with this ship. not to mention a chef's menu for €30 and you have the makings of an excellent night out. (€5 . QOpen 10:00 .30). tel. www.30).dekeukenvantantetil. Sun 10:00 . (+31) 206 65 08 80. www. was. AB Eetcafe De Zwijger P-1. The futuristic building. Piet Heinkade 1. Restaurant Merkelbach P-2. Unfortunately. Sat 17:00 . One deck higher is the best place to relax when it's sunny as the staff can open and close the flexible walls in a jiffy and the top sun deck offers excellent views of the Amsterdam skyline. the staff often make mistakes and the recent success of this gem seems to have gone to the owners' A four-course meal can be had for €20. Tue. its location might seem better suited to hobos. Sat 16:00 .23:00. tel.20). Sat. QOpen 09:00 . affords patrons great views of the river. then head over to this historic building dating back to the 18th century. tel. The burgers are great value for money and you can wash them down with one of the local beers from 't IJ brewery. tel.oost: Food & drink Odessa P-1. (+31) 204 63 00 92. vegetarian lasagne and either tiramisu or baklava for dessert. Feel like dining in a wealthy 17th-century Amsterdammer's summer residence. wild boar and coquilles. teriyaki dishes. Sun. the bottom deck has been beautifully renovated and furnished. not to mention a unique environment for fine dining. You don't need a menu here as the 3-course surprise menu that changes every day will satisfy nearly every prices doubled or the menu adjusted to suit the taste of the general public. QOpen 16:00 .11). Fri. riveted steel beams and columns. it probably isn't the place for a romantic dinner for two. but during the day it's the perfect getaway from the craziness of the city.dezwijger. www. but inspired menu that features oysters. JALBKW 90. Mon. which overlooks the Ringdijk canal. which included meatballs. Although ideal for large groups. Chef Geert Burema is an avid supporter of the Slow Food movement so you're guaranteed a quality meal made with local ingredients. (€10 .01:00. tel. www. Funhouse bridge in Amsterdam East Lunchroom (+31) 204 16 66 09. but you have to buy at least one drink. you have to finish within 2. QOpen 17:00 An all-you-can eat buffet of sushi. horeca@dezwijger. Our only complaint would be the din of diners that sounds like a hen house at feeding time.18). we didn't spot Aunt Til hanging around the kitchen. Closed Mon.10). Head over to Frankendael Park for wonderful cuisine and a fabulous patio with views of the surrounding garden. Middenweg 72. IJburglaan The beautiful courtyard is yet another reason to come for lunch or dinner on a sunny day and the professional staff are the icing on the cake.23:00. tel. tel. (€6 . Sumatrastraat 28-30. tel. but you can have an excellent meal at Gare de l'est. Middenweg (€23 . AB 67 Quatfass P-2.2 for any dishes you don't finish! QOpen 16:00 . (€25 . www. (+31) Italian Comfort Caffe spring rolls and even a few Dutch snacks will cost you between €23 . (€8 . but alas this isn't the case. (+31) 206 68 63 06. Few places in Amsterdam have more atmosphere than this former Ukrainian cargo ship. The name of this stylish venue might make one wonder if there used to be a busy passenger terminal here. TALGBKX quatfass-amsterdam. QOpen 17:00 . The menu changes every day and the wine selection is impressive.18:00.zouthaven. (€17 . Sun 08:30 . This industrial-style eatery caters to hungry businessmen and local workers. info@zouthaven. Regional dishes from the area of his birth (North Eastern Italy) take centre stage and the prices are A Mediterranean 06 20. bossrestaurants. www. QOpen 09:00 . Although its façade looks ancient.

tel. which is worth a visit for its unique interior alone. these extraordinary slabs of beef come with a considerably higher price tag. If you're looking for a hip eatery in Oost. a phonetic pronunciation in Dutch of KNSM island. www.03:00. QOpen 13:00 . Sat 18:30 . Closed The features of the interior that stand out most would have to be the blue floral tiles. Although not exactly a traditional steak house. QOpen 17:00 01:00.01:00. metallic lamps dangling from chains above the bar and a huge map of Amsterdam on the wall in the back.10). Closed Mon. tel. Linnaeusstraat 71H. The incredible interior of high vaulted ceilings. soups. This giant refurbished greenhouse located in a city park is actually a hip.24:00. tel. stained glass. QOpen 09:00 .50 and €35. Snacks. the strange. Sun.restaurantmesken. The Pump Station is in fact a fully functioning industrial monument dating back to 1920. This popular space is a café. (€8 .01:00. or try one of a few signature dishes from its small a la carte menu including its namesake . Javaplein 23hs. Sat 12:00 . Linnaeusstraat 79.02:00.or 4-course chef's menu for €29. (€7 . This busy café has an extensive summer terrace. Zeeburgerdijk 53.20). almost stylish interior on two floors. restaurantdekas. www.22:00. T6LBXW 65 19 26. (€5 . Q Open 12:00 .14:00. TALGBKW Cafés Boom P-2.deysbreeker. Also at P-2. Fri.the wild boar. but every neighbourhood needs a special place for foodies and fine diners. Naturally. If the crowds bring out your inner claustrophobia then go for a smoke or some fresh air out on the Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3. (+31) 206 92 28 88. Not only does it offer kebabs and other delicious dishes from the Anatolian peninsula like patlican guveç (stewed lamb with eggplant and assorted vegetables).20).03:00. tel. (+31) 20 694 02 77. AB Sat 17:00 . Fri 15:00 . Friendly Open 12:00 . tel. Choose a two-course meal at lunch for €37.cafekuijper. Kanis & Meiland. At the weekend it’s pretty much standing room only at Café Kuijper where the music can scarcely be heard above the din of boisterous conversations energised by great draught brews from the IJ. upmarket restaurant specialising in rustic Mediterranean cuisine that's made with only the freshest of ingredients. Take a seat on plush brown leather benches and order breakfast food. (€8 . (+31) 204 63 80 27. which comes in handy on Wednesday evenings from 18:00 when all mixed drinks are two for one. AS Upmarket restaurants Restaurant De Kas (The Greenhouse) P-2.68 oost: Food & drink Steakhouses Pompstation P-2. (+31) 204 18 24 39. B Café Kanis & Meiland sip an espresso inside while surfing the net or order tasty international cuisine in the evening with friends. Patrons can choose from a 3.50 or a three-course dinner menu for €49. (€15 . Weesperzijde 23.caffemilo. AB Turkish Mesken R-2. hardwood floors and huge windows is impressive and the selection of local Amsterdam brews in bottles by ‘t IJ and De Prael keeps us coming back for more.18). Credit cards aren't accepted. Q Open 11:00 .01:00.50. www.22:00. 18:30 .18).21:30. www. www. Sun 10:00 . tel.inyourpocket. you can also drop by for a midnight shisha and tea and ponder the photos of men in fezzes on the wall.24:00. QOpen 10:00 . tel.pompstation.03:00. Fri. Levantkade 127-HS. A good selection of beer. AB Café Kuijper P-2. (+31) 204 16 16 www.kanisenmeiland. so bring cash or a bank card. it does offer an extensive menu of meat dishes including a whole kilo's woth of Cote de Boeuf and a dry aged Hereford from Uruguay. Fri. a reading room. but the unbeatable ambience is also included in the Restaurant De Kas in Park Frankendael MZ Amsterdam In Your Pocket . Sat 09:00 . also attracts its patrons with an interesting menu and although the district isn’t even two decades old. salads and sandwiches are also available. (+31) 206 65 52 24. ABSW De Ysbreeker O-2.30). (+31) 204 62 45 62.02:00. BW Caffe Milo P-2. a sunny outdoor terrace and free wi-fi are a few more reasons to drop by. (+31) 204 68 18 08.wildezwijnen. but it also provides an interesting. (€19 . a bar and a proper restaurant all in one. (€7 . Closed Sun. you'll find few better places than Pompstation.01:00. QOpen 12:00 . www. Sat. a cocktail lounge. (+31) 206 Wilde Zwijnen P-2. which actually offers more seating than you’ll find inside at the limited number of tables in this narrow establishment. (€20 . an interesting view and cosy décor are the main assets of this place that exudes a small village Sumatrastraat 35. Sun 12:00 . QOpen 18:00 . www. As far as we’re concerned you can skip the coffee as java is hardly the biggest attraction at this place located in the inner harbour. The setting in the Frankendael Park is stunning and the food is excellent. www. QOpen 08:00 . IJburglaan tel. not to mention the golden palm trees. (+31) 204 63 30 43. then order a glass of wine or a draught Vedett inside and get ready for good international cuisine prepared in a nearly open kitchen in the back of the café. Linnaeusstraat 63.15).25). but you'll have to trust the chef as the menu changes every day. Sat 08:00 .03:00. this stylish local boasts a steady clientele including Dutch celebrities that you probably wouldn’t recognise. You can enjoy fresh oysters on the terrace overlooking the Amstel.boometenendrinken. Since it's open late by local standards. This stylish restaurant behind the bathhouse on Javaplein is a bit more upmarket than most eateries in the area.01:00. Jopen and Texels breweries. sandwiches and soups for lunch or something more substantial like a Black Angus steak with truffle sauce for dinner. If you’d rather not look at the park across the street or hear the rumble of passing trams on Linnaeusstraat. tel. A shiny copper coloured bar with matching lamps is stocked with all the top shelf liquor you could ask for. respectively. Sat 11:00 .nl.

A Mediterranean menu of organic snacks can serve as the prelude to an awesome and creative evening out followed by hip monthly techno events such as BAF (an open minded techno and performance party).debiertuin.oost: nightliFe Although most of Amsterdam’s visitors rarely stray beyond the confines of the Grachtengordel for nightlife. Q Open 11:00 . Note the three golden palms on the walls as well as the bar's slogan . B Elsa’s Café P-2. but the dance nights at the weekend feature old-school hip hop. QOpen 09:00 . info@maxwellcafe. Sun 14:00 . Fri. Sun 18:00 . If there's an object made of brass or copper. Considering its excellent selection of Dutch microbrews like ‘t IJ. Linnaeusstraat 29. Admission: €8. tel. Timorplein 62. PTAULEGKXW Beer bars De Biertuin P-2. while a superb house band and regular appearances by famous Dutch guests like Candy Dulfer entertain on other dates. If you happen to be in Amsterdam Oost for the day make sure to visit this building . Rauw (electro galore). its speciality and a bargain at just under €14. soul. ALEGBKXW Cafe Maxwell O-2. PAEGBKW 62 16 46. Fri 11:00 . Enter this smoke-filled time capsule. A full menu of hearty meals like t-bone steaks and spare ribs will satisfy even the biggest of carnivores. Entirely run by students. While you're up there absorb the atmosphere of the club. The enormous patriotic orange fridge isn't the only item that stands out at Cafe Maxwell. Due to the included large letters. tel. this club in East comes to life after the last weekend screenings have been shown. (+31) 20 4637788.01:00.01:00. Fri. Prins Bernhardplein 175. QOpen 11:00 .03:00. QOpen 11:00 01:00. Sat 11:00 .02:00.03:00.01:00. www. if you're up for it. Middenweg 73. the industrial look of this cosy establishment and the trendy bar make it a tempting place to sit and X Historic pubs 68 50 10. musical instruments and other bric-a-brac. tel.01:00. QOpen 12:00 . whether it's a trumpet or a samovar. If this popular club puts one in mind of a giant factory that's probably because it used to be one. www. Beukenplein 27.God save the beer . This means that for a time it can get pretty crowded and uncomfortable. which serves a number of brews from Amsterdam's famous brewery on draught and in bottles. This boisterous pub and café is steeped in history having served as a tavern since the late 19th century and as a meeting place for Ajax supporters before the venerated stadium just down the road was torn down. If having all those liquid calories has made you a bit peckish. Sat 11:00 . expect dubstep or modern jazz to ravish your calves during dance nights in one of three halls. Three large beer kegs above the toilets. the blackboard has a long list of tasty international starters and main courses for you to peruse. while the walls are cluttered with photos. Admission: €15 at the door or €7. arriving guests usually have to stand around the tables until they're shoved aside after the second set. (+31) 204 Brown bars Café Linnaeus P-2. (+31) 206 65 09 56.03:00. PEBX Trouw O-2. Fri 12:00 . of course. www. Wibautstraat take a bite of the ridiculously cheap. Sat 11:00 . Amsterdam East has both raging underground clubs as well as traditional pubs dripping in history and Dutch gezelligheid.01:00. This (+31) 206 65 37 52. yet surprisingly tasty food.and take the lift to the 7th floor for one of the best panoramic views of the city anywhere.03:00. Sat 09:00 . before it became a restaurant as well as a club and a space for art projects. Fri 09:00 . posters and memorabilia.03:00. Fri. The Dutch daily Trouw was printed in this former warehouse in a past life. (+31) 207 16 38 17. tel. Take a seat at a carpeted table and drink and puff on a cigarette with the regulars. The walls are plastered with old photos. but heed the warning at the door not to use your mobile inside or you'll have to have words with the pot-bellied owner who sings along to Dutch schlager music between puffs of his cigar.01:00. (+31) 206 Studio/K P-2.inyourpocket. If for some reason you can't seem to make it to the IJ brewery for a tasting. Sun 13:00 . www. Fri. Tired? Lounge in the way too brightly-lit areas downstairs. tel. Sat 17:30 . Texels and Jopen. Disguised as one of the foremost arthouse cinemas in Amsterdam. Closed Mon. but at least you can finally dance after the tel.01:00. 69 Bars 72 67 48. then drop by the Beer Garden. Pay special notice to the quality of the sound played here as it's crystal clear and seems to completely surround you. AB Dauphine O-3. (+31) 20 692 04 22. Sat 12:00 . Sun 12:00 .02:00. and jam sessions that will quickly make you forget about the surroundings. If you're a beer aficionado don't pass up an opportunity to try Schuumkoppe from the Dutch island of after 23:30. Sun 11:00 . it's probably hanging from the ceiling. The cafeteria look of the place can throw you off. the tables are worn from years of use and the bar at the back is always abuzz with the activity of both patrons and staff.elsascafe.01:00.01:00. QOpen 11:00 . corporate type diners have had their fill! QOpen Fri 20:15 . From September till May host Martijn Roos organises jazz and soul funk jam sessions on Fridays. Linnaeusstraat 88-90. tel. it’s no wonder it’s still a popular place to watch football matches. Wibautstraat 150.during the day or night . QOpen 17:30 .studio-k. Other tasty offerings include beers by Texels and other brewers from the Benelux region and all of them are poured in a bright and airy space that is nearly always laden with the perfume of roasting chickens that rotate on spits next to the bar. This place is reminiscent of a classy New York supper club. and. (+31) 207 Keep an eye out for hidden treasures in Oost Clubs Canvas op de 7e Winter 2012/2013 . www.02:00. AUEGBKW www. PechuKuchaNight (smart and quick presentations on innovative subjects) or simple movie tel.03:00.

Amsterdam) art movement was born in this house in 1921. bitters. tel. loods6@loods6. His works are now exhibited at prestigious museums around the globe including the Gugenheim in New York. www. tel. Originally built in the early 20th century by the KNSM shipping company. tel. www. children 5 and under free. bar or toilet? Waar is de dichtstbijzijnde winkel.17:00. (+31) 299 37 14 71. Located in a renovated pumping station on the water near the entrance to the Flevopark. hotel. Q Open by appointment only. KNSM-Laan 143. Do you speak English? Spreek je Engels? Where is the nearest shop. Admission: adults €9. AK www. This historic building run by the Continental Music Association was built in 1893 and was originally used by the Oostergasfabriek as part of the city's this museum is a must for students of anthropology and ethnography and anyone who appreciates nonWestern cultures. Dapperstraat he later dropped the first name and became a star of the Dutch art Q Karel Appel House P-2. living cultures throughout the tropical regions of the world from Indian Bollywood posters to African ads for hair salons. Brussels. After years of trial and error the 't Nieuwe Diep Distillery now produces roughly 100 of its own spirits made in small batches at this wonderful and historic location where even Rembrandt once painted its sublime view. this small distillery is partly owned by former archaeologist Kees Filius who has a passion for the Dutch tradition of distilling spirits. Sat. A cafeteria serving food and drink from the regions covered in the museum including South East Asian beer like Singha and Chang is also available as well as a museum shop selling interesting gifts. but also household items and objects used in the daily lives of vibrant. Loods 6 served several purposes over the years from a warehouse and a ferry passenger terminal to free housing for squatters and artists. Q Brewery & Distillery tours 't Nieuwe Diep Distillery (Distilleerderij 't Nieuwe Diep) restaurant.1923) once lived. but you can visit its tasting room on weekdays and sample the goods for yourself or buy a bottle to bring home as the perfect Amsterdam The building was donated to the state after his death and it now houses a small museum with works by Witsen and period furniture. B Useful words & Phrases How are you? Hoe gaat het met je? Pleased to meet you Leuk kennis met je te maken. Linnaeusstraat 2. (+31) 655 87 19 74. www.cmazaal. This is a truly unique local experience that should not be missed. he and his business partner decided to create their own jenevers. Museums Museum of the Tropics (Tropenmuseum) P-2. Just look for the bronze apple on the façade that states: Karel Appel Was Hier. but was saved in the 1980s. The house also offers temporary lodging to promising writers and has done so for decades. restaurant. During the 1990s the building was finally saved from ruin and reopened as a chic home for shops. (+31) 204 65 02 22. Although originally named Christiaan Karel Appel. Q Tasting room: open October . The building is now a theatre and a reception hall for special events so if you're looking for an interesting wedding venue or a place to hold a corporate event the main hall with its traditional interior might be a good option. eau de vie.karelappelhuis. (+31) 205 68 82 00. The local De Key housing association and the DUS Architects firm have redesigned the building's interior creating a mini-museum in honour of Appel. hotel. bar of toilet? What’s your name? Hoe heet je? My name is … Ik heet . Oosterpark 82A. art galleries and cafés and it still serves this purpose today.tropenmuseum.17 years €5. Unlike many museums that are simply a catalogue of artefacts from ancient times and extinct civilisations. QOpen 10:00 .April 15:00 .loods6. Perhaps the view of the Ooster Park across the street inspires them. Buildings CMA Building (CMA-gebouw) P-2. if you arrange a visit in advance you can take a tour of the building where renowned local canal painter Willem Witsen (1860 Housed in a monumental building that is also home to the Royal Tropical Institute. What time is it? Hoe laat is het? How much? Hoe veel kost dit? Hi Hoi Good morning Goedemorgen Good evening Goedenavond Goodnight (greeting) Goedenacht Goodbye Tot ziens Bye Dag Yes Ja No Nee Maybe Misschien Cheers! (as a toast) Proost! All the best! Het beste! Thank you Dank je wel Numbers 1 een 3 drie 5 vijf 7 zeven 9 negen 11 elf 21 eenentwintig 100 honderd 2 4 6 8 10 20 50 1000 twee vier zes acht tien twintig vijftig duizend Loods 6 P-1. info@ nwediep. Although this small museum may be of more interest to Dutch art students and budding writers. The impressive edifice eventually fell into disrepair when Amsterdam finally switched over to natural gas. café. www. Flevopark 13. Disappointed that many of the mainstream Dutch distillers had forsaken the ancient art of distilling that had been practiced during Holland's golden age. (+31) 204 18 20 Amsterdam In Your Pocket . tel. Sun 12:00 . Beijersweg 28. One of the original founders of the CoBrA (Copenhagen. www. Distillery tour every Friday at 16:00.. liqueurs and fruit jenevers according to long forgotten recipes that were unearthed from old books and documents. children 6 . (+31) 206 68 38 00.18:00. the district of Amsterdam Oost has a diverse selection of sights from an authentic Dutch distillery in a beautiful park to the colossal Museum of the Tropics.inyourpocket. tel. Q Witsen House (Witsenhuis) O-2 & the Tropics Museum not only offers examples of antique art. tel. café.70 oost: sightseeing Sightseeing Given its huge size. A tour of the facilities is available every Friday at 16:00. closed Sun.

tel. cheap clothing. A playground is also available. this former harbour became obsolete when the piers became too small for large. A large swimming pool is also located within the precincts of the park complex. Betondorp. Middenweg 72. www. One of the oldest markets in the city. modern ships. Unlike other parks in Amsterdam that have been created for the public good by the city or philanthropists. the Dappermarkt offers hundreds of street stalls run by a wide variety of merchants speaking languages from around the globe. Q Ooster Park (Oosterpark) O-2 & P-2. van Loghem and Willem Greve. Q Dapperstraat Market (Dappermarkt) P-2. This long winding street is full of a combination of local ethnic eateries. This neighbourhood market in Amsterdam East has been bringing a diverse community together since 1910. J. When housing became scarce in the early 20th century. including Dick Greiner. For many people death and dying is a subject best avoided. not to mention the Zeeburg campground at the far end of the park. Kruislaan 124. His idea was to create completely modern residential dwellings that mimicked the old canal houses of the Grachtengordel in the city centre. QOpen 11:00 . Q Open from sunrise to sunset. Javakade. coffins and urns and a large number of miniature hearses. Johan Cruijff. Its collection includes old hair paintings. yet varying heights and sizes. Take tram No. but loads of interesting shopping opportunities abound. www. however. Holland's most famous football player.50. nl. from Morocco and Turkey to Suriname. What was once the final resting place for many of the city's Jewish population is now an expansive park and nature reserve criss-crossed by walking and cycling paths. or Concrete Village.1940) at the close of the 19 th centur y. football pitches and other public facilities. The park also includes a large pond and a monument dedicated to the abolition of slaver y in the Dutch colonies in 1863. Q Parks & Gardens jkade. but if it's all too tough to handle you get some fresh air in the adjacent cemetery. but it seems that nature has reclaimed much of the area. Part of the so-called Eastern Docklands.18:00. the original residence is still located in the park near the Middenweg. burials and the process of grieving in the Netherlands. fresh produce and local specialities like smoked fish and traditional herring. Complimentary audio guides cover the museum as well as the cemetery. (+31) 206 94 04 82. Sat. also grew up in this unusual www. QOpen 10:00 . which was still quite rural at the time. Modern funeral rituals of different cultures are also discussed.2000. Sun 12:00 . Betondorp P-3. but it now serves as an exhibition hall and a venue for various cultural events. children over 12 €2.17:00. Cremation is also covered in detail. although some of its headstones are now being restored. Frankendael Park is the only one that is actually a former country estate dating back to the Unlike modern parks that often make room for basketball cour ts.10 from Leidseplein to Azartplein or tram No. Flevoweg and Zuiderzeeweg.18:00. Just beyond the Ar tis Zoo you'll find this pleasant park in the Watergraafsmeer neighbourhood of East Amsterdam. All other such summer residences built by wealthy Amsterdammers have been lost to time and so-called progress. second-hand fashion. In fact. closed Mon) located in a former pump house. That's why many of the buildings are built right next to one another. www. Four canals were also dug essentially cutting the island into smaller pieces. Closed Mon. and ornithologists often drop by to catch a glimpse of rare and protected birds here. Q Javastraat P-2. Between Mauritskade. Closed Sun.oost: sightseeing So Far Dutch Funeral Museum (Nederlands Uitvaart Museum Tot Zover) P-3. Springer attempted to create a public space that was as close to nature as possible. Today the island is home to affluent Amsterdammers who can often be seen hanging out at its cafés and boutiques. while Merkelbach is housed in the coach house of the main building. These are now connected by pedestrian and bicycle bridges as well as larger bridges for cars. Dapperstraat. A few itinerant old buildings also dot the landscape. Kruislaan and Flevo Park (Flevopark) P-2 & Q-2. This collection of unique streets and houses was finally renovated for posterity in the early 1980s. traditional Dutch brown bars. De Kas is located in a converted greenhouse surrounded by a manicured garden. bits of film.totzover. Between Valenti- Frankendael Park (Park Frankendael) P-2.B. Although not exactly the place to find that ideal kitschy souvenir. TL 71 Marine fashionistas in Oost Places of interest Gooiseweg. www. but most people seem to come here to jog or walk their dogs.000 people were buried. but the Dutch Funeral Museum called Tot Zover (So Far) tries to break this taboo by offering explanations of traditions and customs surrounding death. traditional bakers and green grocers selling exotic fruit and vegetables from around the globe. Another reason to come. It was designed by prolific Dutch landscape architect Leonard Anthony Springer (1855 . including most of the old cemetery where roughly 200.flevopark. Java Island (Java Eiland) P-1. were made of prefabricated concrete materials. kebab shops. death masks and lanterns. but all are of similar. The projects designed by many architects. with the exception of the renovated bathhouse and the modern building on Javaplein at the end of the street. hence the area's there's not much to speak of here.16:30. Architecturally. Amsterdam's city fathers decided to build new lowcost residential areas in the Watergraafsmeer neighbourhood of Amsterdam East.park-frankendael. is to visit the fantastic ‘t NEW Diep Distillery (open 15:00 . Outside you'll find plenty of green space and water. as well as the process of decomposition experienced by a corpse once it's buried. Javastraat. They were eventually revitalised and redeveloped by renowned architect Sjoerd Soeters from 1991 .26 from the Central Station to the Rietlandpark Admission: adults €5. Oosterparkstraat and Linnaeusstraat. Between Middenweg.dappermarkt. this authentic marketplace sells all manner of household goods. not to mention two of the area's best Winter 2012/2013 .

Q IJgenwijs R-2. Closed Sun. Transvaalkade 2.ijgenwijs. This interior design shop sells funky lamps. Sun.18:00. Joris Ivensplein 56-58. TJAL Weesperzijde O-2. Q AS Gifts & Souvenirs Thinking of Holland O-1. Closed Mon. (+31) 206 65 16 72.19:00. QOpen 10:00 .com. this small monument dedicated to the abolition of slavery was unveiled in 2002.17:00. This supermarket specialises in organic and eco-friendly food. action figures and dolls. www. Zora 2nd Hand Quality Clothes P-2. tel. Chocolates & Sweets Banketbakkerij Schep P-2. Sun 10:00 .19:00. tel. QOpen 08:00 . QOpen 11:30 . tel. Located in the Ooster A Peaceful landscape in IJburg M.19:00. QOpen 09:30 18:00. This is the place to go for vintage handbags as well as antique broaches. If you've already got a handle on rowing you can also try stand up paddling. Mon 12:00 .amsterdam. books. Wagenaarstraat 70. www. Closed Sun. Also at P-2. tel.banketbakkerijschep. This is a large chain of Dutch supermarkets and the biggest one on the artificial island of IJburg.17:00. but without the silly striped shirt. (+31) 204 68 81 09. Q Shopping From local sweets shops to trendy interior design salons. Closed Mon. chairs and nick-nacks. Zora specialises in quality vintage clothing and modern name brands.17:30. Eerste van Swindenstraat 43. (+31) 204 62 45 90. A Vomar Vondeelmarkt R-2. Piet Heinkade 23. there are plenty of chic cafés in the area to keep you occupied if you get tired of the surrounding architecture. Truly odd furniture and interior design items using anything from animal skins to velour. Middenweg 57. Although this man-made island is now known as a residential area populated by yuppies.18:00. It has a prime location. Sightseeing tours & Activities Berlagebrug Rowing Centre (Rowingcenter Berlagebrug) O-3. www. www. Open 08:00 21:00. They’ll also upholster your old sofa or armchair with whatever you want.a Star Wars X-wing fighter. Sun. www.roeicentrumberlagebrug. Sat 10:00 .10 from Leidseplein to Azartplein or tram No.72 oost: sightseeing & shopping KNSM Island (KNSM-eiland) P-1. QOpen 10:00 .gamemania.thinkingofholland. Buy boardgames. (+31) 206 93 80 Oosterpark. QOpen 11:00 Just look for the big white cow to find this fancy souvenir shop that sells unique items by young Dutch designers. Linnaeusstraat 205.Zaprauskis Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. Sat 10:00 . earrings and other costume jewellery.18:00. Sat 08:30 . (+31) 204 16 70 84. (+31) 202 53 55 70.18:00. www. You no longer have to go to the gym to burn off those extra carbs on an expensive rowing Supermarkets Biolicious R-2. Sat 10:00 . tel. The loss of Holland's farflung colonies after WWII and a new global shipping paradigm lead to the eventual abandonment of the area.zorasecondhand. Closed Sun. tel. right next to the Amsterdam Passenger Terminal. Contact the professional instructors at the Berlagebrug Rowing Centre in Amsterdam East and row to your heart's content as it was meant be: on the water. The stark figures that include a woman raising her hands up into the air like a bird are a reminder to the Dutch people that slavery was only abolished in Holland's colonies including Suriname and the Dutch Antilles as late as 1863. the KARZV De Hoop rowing society also built their clubhouse here near Burmanstraat and to this day you can still take rowing classes on the Amstel. which basically entails standing on a long surf board and paddling your way through Amsterdam's canals kind of like a Venetian gondolier. QOpen 08:30 .17:00. Perhaps they were trying to keep up with Abraham Lincoln who enacted the famous American Emancipation Proclamation a year earlier. A Snoek Strips en Games P-2. tel.inyourpocket. roeicentrum@oost. Weesperzijde. Closed Mon. Linnaeusstraat 56. Droomfabriek P-2.20:00. Amsterdam Oost has it covered. IJburglaan 605. (+31) 204 19 12 29. In 1848. (+31) 206 65 Statues & Monuments Slavery Monument O-2 & P-2. Weesperzijde 1094. Today. Sun 10:00 . Middenweg www. Sun. collectibles. it was once a giant storage and industrial complex used by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Stoomboot-Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Steamboat Shipping Company) or simply KNSM for short. QOpen 11:00 . Q Interior design & Furniture 80.19:00. A Liwi P-2. tel. Fri. This place has everything for your Xbox. Game Mania P-2. tel.17:00.26 from the Central Station to the Rietlandpark stop. It was later redeveloped as residential housing by famous architect Jo Coenen who transformed the massive original buildings of the KNSM into chic living spaces for affluent Amsterdammers. The bakers at Schep have been creating delicious chocolates and cakes since 1939 and they can make a special cake for any occasion. necklaces. This picturesque street overlooking the Amstel was once used as a . but later became a neighbourhood where wealthy Amsterdammers built large buildings with views of the water. PlayStation or Wii. (+31) 203 98 95 95. Take tram No.droomfabriekantiek. KNSM-laan. (+31) 206 65 75 62.vomar. tel. (+31) 204 16 19 Secondhand & Vintage shops 74 37. QOpen 09:00 . The street is also home to dozens of popular cafés and shops. comics and even the dream toy that we never got as children . Closed tel. Q Speciality shops (+31) 204 63 67 43. www. IJburglaan 1285.

oost map 73 .

wireless internet.inyourpocket. PAGW hhhh Upmarket Best Western Blue Tower Hotel R-2. iPod speakers and mini-bars as well as individually designed interiors and private natural stone bathrooms with walk-in rainforest showers and/ or bathtubs. Hotel Roemer to reach Overtoom. this design hotel is not only modern. www. PAULW Getting there Amsterdam West is right next to the city centre. many of which specialise in cutting-edge interior design items for homes and offices. Accommodation Amsterdam West has accommodation for all budgets from luxurious suites with their own private gardens to Spartan 2-star rooms with very little frills but lots of value. Located a short distance from the Westerpark. triples €160 . triples from €159.westcordhotels. Q 45 rooms (23 cosy rooms €84 . the private bathrooms are modern and all accommodation is equipped with flat screen but all with a common theme of philosophy. The area around Overtoom is legendary for its restaurants that serve anything from Ethiopian to Iranian cuisine. family rooms from € For a complete list of Amsterdam West reviews visit www. the Vondel Park. (+31) 205 89 08 00. PHAGKW hhhh WestCord Art Hotel Amsterdam S-2. Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 26 G. PHALGBKCW hhhh www. junior suites from €139. wi-fi and TV with DVD player are also standard amenities here and a cottage is available in the Zen-like garden behind the hotel. triples from €150). Leeuwendalersweg 21. so just take tram No.Q 33 rooms (singles from €95.110. Q60 four-star rooms/130 three-star rooms (doubles from €95.165). tel. Located between busy Overtoom and the peaceful Vondel Park.93. LED lighting. PHALGKW hhhh Sandton Hotel De Filosoof S-4. so you're never far away from a green space for a picnic. com. junior suites from €280).120. A private garden is also at you disposal as well as a trendy restaurant. greys and whites. HABKW hhh Hotel Vondel T-4.inyourpocket. don't bother looking for a mini-bar. so if you don't mind a brisk walk you can get there on foot from the Central Station in about 30 . www. free wi-fi and coffee/tea sets. tel. doubles €90 . free wi-fi. tel. doubles from €119. You really will see a towering blue building with nearly 200 guest rooms not far from the Erasmus business from €265). An iPod docking station. the Philosopher offers 45 unique rooms each decorated in its own style. Spaarndammerdijk 302. executive from €210. Anna van den Vondelstraat 6. glass partitions separating the luxurious bathroom facilities from the living space.74 west Amsterdam West is both a residential and commercial district of the city sandwiched between four parks. For De Clercqstraat and Admiraal De Ruijterweg take tram Amsterdam In Your Pocket .com. Roemer Visscherstraat 10. but it also strives to be eco-friendly and will soon receive a coveted Green Key for its efforts to create sustainable accommodation. (+31) 206 83 30 13. not to mention great views from the rooms on the higher floors. Eerste Constantijn Huijgensstraat and Bilderdijkstraat are also home to cosy cafés and pubs. 12 suites €148 .22 from the station to the last stop Spaarndammerbuurt and then walk the rest of the way. (+31) 800 50 06. www. wireless internet. the trendy Westergasfabriek and impressive Amsterdam School architecture in the Spaarndammerbuurt. All of its 33 rooms are stylishly decorated and include parquet floors. For the Westerpark and Westergasfabriek take bus No. Suites are located across the street and offer more space and views of the historic hotel's beautiful brick façade and its embellishments.130. all of which include modern. tel.Q 188 rooms (doubles from €129. some good cycling or just a relaxing time spent on a patch of grass. but all others have their own private Jacuzzis and if you'd like a drink. tel. com. this place is cosy and warm. which is included in the price.45 minutes.13.155). Of course.hotelbluetower.vondelhotels. not everyone wants to drag their luggage around town. (+31) 205 80 03 60www. 10 deluxe rooms €100 . A restaurant and an art gallery are also located on the premises. executive rooms €115 . Conference rooms are also at your disposal as well as a bar and absolute must-see in West! Symbol key P Air conditioning C Swimming pool F Fitness centre 6 Pets allowed K Restaurant W Free wireless internet A Credit cards accepted H Conference facilities U Facilities for the disabled L Guarded parking D Sauna Minicards offers Boutique & Design hotels Amadi Park Hotel S-4. suites €380. Erasmus Park and Westerpark.amadihotels. In three of the rooms you'll have to make do with rainforest showers. You can expect the usual four-star amenities such as a TV. yet also stylish and luxurious. writing desk. Q86 rooms (singles €85 .com. But just because the building employs energy and water saving measures doesn't mean you have to sacrifice any luxuries. (+31) 204 10 96 70. but if this all sounds a little too rich for your blood then you can try its 130 three-star rooms next door. Spread out over two renovated mansions in the Museum District. This boutique hotel located in a quiet Museum district neighbourhood is an excellent choice for anyone who requires accommodation with cutting-edge design. this four-star hotel offers 60 stylish rooms decorated in reds. (+31) 206 12 01 20. tel. Hotel Vondel offers four-star rooms with every imaginable amenity including flat screen TVs. Although the dark wood furnishings in the rooms give them a slightly heavy and traditional feel. A unique blend of new and antique. clubs and restaurants . quads from €189). Although it's sometimes hard to imagine how the owners came up with the name of their hotel.vondelhotels. while the Westergasfabriek in the north of the district is a former industrial estate that has been converted into a creative cultural park full of galleries. mini-bars and bathrooms with Italian marble and rain showers. Vondelstraat 26. that's certainly not the case with the Blue Tower Hotel. European and Asian.sandton. flat screen TVs. Just pour yourself a cocktail from the fully stocked bar. Q 23 rooms (doubles from €180. Rembrandt Park. www. Opened in the summer of 2012.parkhotel. Nespresso machine.195. not to mention its numerous shops. private bathrooms and in some cases wonderful views of the manicured garden below. www.


closet space and private bathrooms with shower. however.122. Overtoom 33. PAW Budget 30 58. but who needs a drink on the premises when the pubs and clubs of Leidseplein are only a short walk away? Q 536 beds (beds in 10-bed dorms from €16. The hotel is located on the second floor of the building. Q 42 rooms (singles from €76. comfort rooms from €55). Stay in a variety of different dorms from 2-. this modern glass. tel. tel.hotelmosaic. Zandpad 5. Overtoom 118 . free wireless internet access. wireless internet access. so simple things that most people take for granted like internet access cost extra and the reception staff were a bit snooty when we dropped by. quads from €82). A6LGBW Eden Theatre District Hotel Amsterdam T-4. You can expect the usual amenities like flat screen TVs. Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat tel. www. www. fax (+31) 206 18 45 08. The owners pride themselves on their personal touch and even allow their guests to bring pets with them. triples from €215. triples from €100. Q 47 rooms (singles from €50. (+31) 206 07 79 00. info@hotel-abba. but modern and include the usual amenities like TV. hotelcrystal. www. but it has the bare necessities that most people require such as a TV and private bathroom with shower. JA6XW h Hotel Europa 92 T-4. info@hotelironhorse. a sink and in-room showers and toilets. conveniently located above a supermarket. fax (+31) 206 83 64 05. This budget hotel is located only a short walk from Leidseplein and is a good option if you're looking for standard accommodation for a reasonable price. ALGW hh Hostels Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark T-4. Wireless internet access is available throughout the building. Why a horse theme you might ask? It was formerly used as the headquarters for the Amsterdam mounted police. but are clean and comfortable and some rooms even offer large balconies with views of nearby residential buildings. 4and 6-bedders to large dorms that include metal bunk beds. Located on a main artery of Amsterdam not to mention the standard orange and grey company colour scheme. All of its 35 modern rooms offer flat screen TV. Smokers or guests who just want some fresh air can take advantage of the hotel's private garden. ALGW hhh straat 103-105. (+31) 202 62 92 20. Our room also had floor-to-ceiling windows and a terrace. Q 36 rooms (budget rooms from €25. doubles from €50. suites from €130). this threestar hotel probably doesn't have to do much advertising to fill up its 70 rooms spread across three buildings overlooking the canal that separates the city centre from its other districts. Located a few street off of Old West's main artery.hotel-abba. It has no discernible connection to the Swedish super group. (+31) 204 89 90 00. beds in six-bed dorms from €19. free wi-fi. hardwood floors and bright beige interiors. A computer lounge for surfing the net is also available as well as a lively bar. doubles from €80. tel. Q 17 rooms (singles from €40. but Amsterdam does have something pretty close. modern hostels also has an outlet in the Vondelpark. climate control and coffee/tea sets. phone.europa92. A lift is also available . family rooms from €142). (+31) 206 18 Hotel Crystal T-3/ modern three-star hotel with an equine theme is housed inside its historic walls. Nas- Hotel Mosaic S-4. Each room includes a large photo of a major European city as its central theme and includes cable TV. doubles from €59. which are usually housed in historic edifices. writing desk. the nightlife of Leidseplein and the attractions of Museumplein. quads from €280). safe and a private bathroom with shower and hair dryer. so don't expect disco balls or eight-track players blasting Mamma Mia. private Christmas time in Amsterdam West Amsterdam In Your Pocket . Follow the instructions at the entrance and the staff will buzz you in. which is important as the hotel doesn't offer breakfast or any meals for that matter. www.hotelironhorse. PAW (+31) 206 18 05 21. tel.inyourpocket. and a short walk from the Vondel Park. hotelcrystal@planet. Q 70 rooms (singles from €44. stone and steel building is completely different from most of the lodgings in the area. superior from €74). tel. this budget hotel and its functional corridors and staircases may not look like much at first glance. phone and climate control. but the rooms are actually quite spacious and some even include large balconies. info@europa92. phone. HAULGBKW www. Q 35 rooms (singles from €110.stayokay. hence all of the photos of man's other best friend on the walls of its bright and cosy rooms. but that's fairly typical of many Amsterdam hotels.390. one can hardly believe that a stylish. triples from €113. Hotel Iron Horse T-4. It is. not to mention closet space. Eerste Constantijn Huygens- Hotel ABBA S-4. The furnishings are simple and Spartan.76 west: accommodation Mid-range saukade 387 . Its rooms are simple.theatredistrict@edenhotelgroup. doubles from €53. vondelpark@stayokay. A fabulous green courtyard decorated with a huge mural is available and you can choose to have your breakfast there. doubles from €145. www. quads from €100). Wouldn't it be great if you were allowed to stay at a cool hostel in the middle of Manhattan's Central Park? Well. When one looks at the quaint brick façade of this typically narrow building. com. (+31) 206 18 88 08. you can't do They aren't exactly fashionable. (+31) 205 89 89 96. fax (+31) 205 89 89 55. Rooms include TV. private bathrooms. safe and private bathrooms. has now passed to the next generation and these two brothers have decided to completely remodel the building and its 47 rooms. This chain of clean. Overtoom. The hotel is part of the salubrious Eden but one computer is located in the lobby/breakfast room area in case you don't have a laptop with you. doubles/twin from €85. triples from €75. Tweede Helmersstraat You can also ask for a room in the main house or in the back building that used to serve as the stables. tel.a rarity in local threestar hotels. beds in four-bed dorms from €21.edentheatredistricthotel. With a location close to the shops and cafés of Overtoom. This family-owned three-star hotel only a few minutes' walk from Leidseplein. which is basically the local equivalent of New York's famous green space.

This bar/restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine is an architectural tel. info@grandcafefossa. (€8 . pastries and croissants. What a sight for a neighbourhood that's hardly renowned for its looks! Firmly rooted in the heart of the De Baarsjes neighbourhood. Amsterdam West has it all. tel. is a bit of a let down when one considers the building's lavish exterior. (+31) 208 46 16 45. (+31) 203 89 26 23. Jan Pieter Heijestraat 147. Klein. S Coffee & Tea De Koffie Salon S-4.cafelouter. especially those of East Africa. Look for the stained glass door and windows in shades of blue to find this lively café serving great coffee and tea as well as incredible cakes. De Clercqstraat 82. QOpen 09:30 . (+31) 206 16 75 Food & drink Cafés From casual eateries and coffee bars to classsic Dutch cafés and lunchrooms. Bos en Lommerweg 191.23:00. The staff are up at the crack of dawn and still manage to serve you with a genuine smile. pub quizzes and lots of live football matches.running stick figures with pots and pans for Street Kitchen S-4. www.streetkitchen. tel. (€9 . Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat Fri. (+31) 205 80 03 80. if you're looking for Asian dishes and vegetarian cuisine that isn't bland. This neighbourhood establishment has pulled out all the stops to look like the quintessential cheesy Chinese restaurant complete with fake fruit trees. Although you probably wouldn't call Louter a restaurant. On a sunny day the painted picnic tables next to the canal outside are the place to be to enjoy refined. theatercafe@podiummozaiek. Overtoom 254. It attracts a combination of both young and older locals and there's a bar island in the middle where they can all mix and mingle. www. www. Chinese Ah-Sang S-4. but it could also refer to the menu which shows a small glimpse of an entire continent's culinary traditions. (+31) 206 18 19 70. Located in a modern building that also houses offices and even hotels. candlelight and more traditional chandeliers by the bar. On summer evenings the lamps outside are lit making Baarsch a shining beacon in what many locals would call 'the ghetto'. this pleasant café offers a checkerboard floor. Eerste Constantijn Huijgensstraat 82.grandcafefossa. could refer to the actual restaurant. They even offer seminars to anyone curious to know how to pour the perfect espresso. You can order set breakfasts. but all of the white objects make it clear that it's essentially a foyer where you wait before a performance begins.14).podiummozaiek.12). Sat. tel. or small. quick service. Sat 11:00 . This. a huge terrace is available when the weather permits.23:00. which is a combination of different dishes served on a giant pancake of sorts. www. Sometimes a restaurant is so multifaceted that it's hard to define and this is definitely true of Fossa. (+31) 204 86 21 06. PTALEGBKXW Podium Mozaïek R/S-2. AB Grand Café Fossa R-3. A renowned international cultural stage. tel.15:00.01:00. Podium Mozaïek serves as a performance centre for different art forms and the theatre café definitely plays up that theme with large mirrors and a variety of works of art on the wall. yet affordable international cuisine and a tasty beer. QOpen 11:00 . We ended up getting the most bang for our euro by trying the bebeayenetu.barbaarsch. The pies and the Turkish breakfast (at the weekend) are QOpen 11:00 .02:00. Fri. which owes much of its popularity to its floating position in the Erasmus Canal. Sun 07:30 . Black and white photos of famous people slurping Java cover the far wall and seating is also available outside. free wi-fi and plenty of outside seating. QOpen 17:00 .01:00. Beige floral prints dominate the room except where the walls are painted a pleasant cocoa brown and dim lighting is provided courtesy of what look like pre-war light bulbs tied in knots above the tables. QOpen 07:00 .nl. which is undoubtedly on the tiny side. Fossa serves as a local lunchroom as well as a cosy place for high tea.inyourpocket. It seems that the only thing that's real is the staff and the fish in the aquarium by the bar. QOpen 07:30 . (+31) 204 12 44 42.espressofabriek. but rather an establishment for true connoisseurs.03:00. the technologically advanced (and expensive) coffee machines at the Espressofabriek are manned by professional baristas who obviously take pride in their work.dekoffiesalon. www. Order an Ethiopian St George beer while you ponder the choices in front of you before inevitably asking the friendly wait staff to recommend something authentic and tasty. tel. (€4 . info@cafelouter. then Ah-Sang might be worth a brief African Fenan Klein Afrika S-4. soups and salads or one of the main courses listed on one of the blackboards. QOpen 10:00 .15). www. Some Mediterranean style tapas are also available as well as Turkish desserts and beer. Sat 10:00 . (+31) 206 12 40 79. www. AW www. Gosschalklaan 7 (Westergasfab- A good coffee bar is never far away in West Winter 2012/2013 . B Café Louter S-3. QOpen 16:00 . of course. We also liked its logo .21:30.01:00. toasties. (€7 . huge windows perfect for people watching and an enthusiastic staff that's eager to help Bos en Lommerplantsoen 10. this café/restaurant offers hip interior design. tel. ABW riek).16). (+31) 206 26 48 92. Although it has only limited seating inside. which is no mean feat in our book. Jan Evertsenstraat 91. Sat 11:00 . Sun 10:00 . imitation jade decorations and boring oriental lamps. QOpen 11:00 . B Espressofabriek S-2. 77 Restaurants Amsterdam West is a paradise for foodies and anyone who enjoys exotic cuisine! Bar Baarsch R-3.19:00. Located right next to a popular park where children play football and parents picnic. That said. it's definitely more sophisticated than your average café.nl. This isn't the place to go for a quick cup of Joe. tel.22:00. tel. At night the furniture is pushed aside and the wooden floor is turned into a large dance floor brought to life by live music or a DJ. but the spacious terrace is also suitable for small snacks including tapas and mezes.

The completely renovated water pumping station from 1900 has retained its old industrial look and the speedy service definitely adds a factory-like quality to the experience.newyorkpizza.50 and you can also order buffalo wings and garlic bread. Haparandadam 45 biryani and curry dishes. tikka. Greek Mitsos Traiterie S-3. Fri. www. QOpen 17:00 . That said. biryani and vindaloo dishes while admiring the modern art on the walls.01:00. (+31) 206 12 Find great coffee and architecture at De Koffie Salon MZ Amsterdam In Your Pocket www.remeiland. (+31) 206 84 23 44.mitsos.brennies. just south of the Haarlemmerweg and the Westergasfabriek. Mitsos guarantees that the food will always be fresh and well-prepared. Dhaba is a bit more refined and lacks the compulsory representations of elephants and ancient. Pies range in price from €7.22:30. This small restaurant in West also has a delivery service for the rest of Amsterdam. AV Indian Express Pieter Langedijkstraat 37. Closed Mon. You'll find the café at the end of line QOpen 16:00 . (€10 . If you're not looking for takeaway. QOpen 10:30 .nl. Brennie's Kitchen offers the ideal remedy. If you're looking for a huge warm place to escape the grey Dutch weather Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam is the place to go. but you can also order plenty of lamb.21:00.cradam.22:00. VS Peperwortel Traiteur S-4. www. Bilderdijkstraat 181. bright silk and other showy embellishments. multi-armed gods. info@remeiland. while others miss them when they've only been away for the weekend. (+31) Indian Dosa S-4.03:00. this one is basically a base of operations for New York Pizza's delivery service in the area. This professional caterer offers the best dishes and delicacies from Greece at a reasonable price. www. Overtoom 71. (+31) 206 82 26 66.78 west: Food & drink Dutch (+31) 643 09 29 24. meatballs and many other dishes including its excellent lasagne.50 . Neetu Da Dhaba also claims to serve halal food. it also claims to be the only place in town to serve South Indian dosa . tel. (+31) 206 16 48 38. the tiny restaurant doesn't provide much ambience. Overtoom 140. You can also bring the little ones as the place offers kids' chairs and a children's corner. Overtoom 482. tel. REM eiland T-1. Although many Indian restaurants feel the need to go overboard by decorating every nook and cranny of their establishments with wood carvings. (+31) 206 12 84 88. tel.21:00. the government closed the illegal station. Sat. Closed Mon. www.23:00. The result has been moored at the Haparanda Dam since the summer of 2011 and is now regarded as one of the most unique restaurants in the Dutch capital. no matter what the occasion. Overtoom 146.inyourpocket. QOpen 16:00 .23:30. The menu is limited but offers enough to satisfy meat lovers as well as fish fanatics and vegetarians.2. tel. QOpen 16:00 . so we recommend you bring it back to your hotel.23). (+31) New York Pizza S-3. Our favourite dishes include the shrimp croquettes and the fresh artichoke. Sat 10:30 . It's completely covered in vines that cling to it like some 1970s B horror movie. but bear in mind that there are only a few benches inside and out so you might want to buy something here and then head over to the nearby Vondelpark for a picnic. Sun 15:00 .22:30. A6LK 41 00. QOpen 11:30 . (+31) Home delivery Domino's Pizza T-4. Inside you'll find a cosy spot where you can eat some freshly made quiche. QOpen 16:30 . (€17). (€15). (€13 . And we're not kidding when we say that the superb moussaka was some of the best we've ever had. com. Although this authentic restaurant serves familiar tandoori. For years underground TV programmes were broadcast from this artificial island in the international waters of the North Sea. Despite the station's tremendous popularity.indianexpress. Fri. It also specialises in a wide variety of vegetarian cuisine.24:00. www. QOpen 16:00 . www. The menu is almost too long and extensive. but has both affordable and more expensive cuisine from which to Watertorenplein 6. AS Neetu Da Dhaba S-4. Although the city centre is littered with large outlets of this colossal Dutch pizza chain. which you eat picking at it leaf by leaf. tel. The first thing one notices about this Overtoom institution is the façade of the charming brick building in which it's housed. We particularly enjoyed the mild and creamy Goa-style king prawns. although the Greek cuisine is fantastic. www. Sat 18:00 . raiding it in 1964. The former helipad provides great panoramic views of the busy River IJ and the fascinating architecture of Amsterdam North from a height of 80m. S Brennies keuken S-4. nl. QOpen 18:00 . American fast food pizza delivered to your home or hotel room. Enjoy balti. Plenty of beer and wine is also available. 2e Hugo de Grootstraat 25. Some Dutch people don't miss their mothers until they've been on a trip around the world. (€18 . tel. VS 206 88 55 01. (+31) 204 12 21 31. Try the hotchpotch with meat dosaindianrestaurant. And who cares if this friendly grandma sometimes leaves the stew on too long or overdoes the schnitzel? Our mum did the same. tel. Not many Amsterdam restaurants have a history as rich as REM and that's saying a lot given its relatively young existence.18).nl. International Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam S-2. tel. tel.peperwortel.17. Jacob van Lennepkade 215. PTAGBKW 206 85 10 53. In both cases of acute home sickness. www. chicken and seafood in this elegant space decorated with wood carvings. Main courses cost roughly €12 .nl. QOpen 12:00 .01:00. It seemed that the remarkable red and white building was doomed to demolition when two restaurateurs saved the crumbling scrap .22:30.a kind of pancake made of rice and lentil flour stuffed with all kinds of fillings. VS 206 16 14 73/(+31) 900 01 02. you can also sit down at the small restaurant and eat a meal on the premises.12).

We're not the first to discover its amazing fresh mozzarella.24:00.10). If you're looking for a sleek. (€14 .nl. (+31) 206 84 84 96. modern version of a traditional North African restaurant then look no further than Zina. tel. as everything you see inside is for sale. Also at Plantage Kerklaan 2. a colourful mishmash of Mediterranean dishes.24:00. B www. QOpen 17:00 . Sat. QOpen 11:00 . tel. www. The Pizza Bakers only accept credit or bank cards so put that cash back in your wallet. Surprisingly spacious inside. prosseco or Peroni beer while you wait for your food. so it would be wise to book a table in advance.bellastroria. (€9 .23:30. QOpen 16:00 . Paintings of long-gone noblemen (and -women) and scenes from ancient Persepolis cover the walls while authentic music sets the tone for an evening you won't it's kind of easy to overlook this Bakkerswinkel (one of the three in Amsterdam). Haarlemmerdijk 128 tel. (+31) 207 72 91 05.irandaarbaand. Closed Mon. The menu changes quite often. Overtoom 350. www. Sat 17:00 .22:00. Chef and owner Ab Tlili uses only the freshest ingredients to create his Tunisian and Moroccan masterpieces and all of these delicious lamb and seafood dishes are accompanied by North African wines. this restaurant offers a great selection of wine. there's a huge terrace in the Westergasfabriek territory where you can get lots of good food and drinks.01:00. Sun 10:00 .restaurantzina. www.depizzabakkers. QOpen 18:30 . www. G Pizza De Pizzabakkers S-4.22:00. a host of vegetarian dishes or do as we did and order the mahiche (lamb stew with baked apricots. Gerard Callenburgstraat 1. (+31) 204 88 Lunchroom De Bakkerswinkel West S-2. QOpen 12:00 . a rebuilt ferryboat. quite the sight on the docks of the IJ.18:00. info@westergasterrras. You can also smoke a shisha for only €8! QOpen 17:00 . You can also book a table on its website. QOpen 11:00 .03:00. It's fantastic southern Italian food that makes Bella Storia one of the better Italian restaurants in Amsterdam. Be sure to make reservations as this place is quite popular.pont13.inyourpocket. info@debakkerswinkel. there's always room at its cosy tables B Winter wonderland in West North African Restaurant Zina S-3. www. QOpen 10:00 . Thai Sawaddee Ka T-4. Call it a jewel for British high tea lovers or think of it as a hardcore franchise concept set up to seduce consumers into buying overpriced scones and tea. ABX Daar Baand Moroccan lamps on the ceilings and a general air of refinement. info@pont13. Either way. www.sawaddeeka. GBK Italian 05 99. And if the Dutch weather still decides to rain on your parade. tel. AVS Winter 2012/2013 . Haparandadam 50.24:00. (+31) 206 25 07 (€10 . Polonceaukade 1. The friendly atmosphere ensures that you're only worry will be how to finish a generous serving of tasty pasta or pizza. Although its popularity usually means that a dinner reservation is a good idea. tel. (+31) 206 18 54 Organic Van De Buurt S-3. Overtoom 49. tel. Nonetheless. Fri. Roughly a dozen thin-crust pizzas are served here including vegetarian options and you can sip a cappuccino. Klönneplein 4 .18:00. bellastoria@ymail. Overtoom 501. The dimly lit hall breathes elegance with long brass candlesticks on each table.west: Food & drink Restaurant Pont 13 T-1. Sun 10:00 . they also brought their native land's warm hospitality. Bentinckstraat 28. The hosts not only brought their best cooking skills from the Mediterranean. (+31) 207 70 27 22.18). We also cracked a smile when we noticed that cognac and calvados were listed under desserts on the menu. Tue. Part of the ground floor also serves as a storage area for the heaps of firewood that fuels the oven. Bosboom Toussaintstraat (+31) 204 89 37 07. A Iranian 81. Try delicious lamb kebabs.23:00. tel. Open 11:00 .15). Spring and summer is the best time to pay a visit to the Westergasterras As the name suggests. lunches and dinner at affordable prices. AB Bella Storia S-2. All of the usual red. high windows and the combination of wood and metal make Pont 13. One thing that we certainly learned is that organic food doesn't have to be expensive. (+31) 206 12 75 37.vandebuurt. tel. www. tel.23:00. (+31) 206 88 06 32. (+31) 206 18 65 54.01:00. you can order a catch of the day or something else from its bilingual menu. Is it a boat or an industrial factory? The huge. Closed Mon. Sawaddee Ka also offers takeaway and a delivery service. (€12 .16). which means beauty. Located in one of the hippest cultural areas in Amsterdam. the spacious multi-floored bakery and café displays a certain Dutch charm and offers you a generous selection of tasty sweet and savoury food. If you're interested in a piece of furniture don't be afraid to ask them for a price.14). This trendy pizzeria has exposed brick walls. This wonderful Iranian restaurant is absolutely littered with Persian nick-nacks making it difficult not to let your eyes roam about the place. green and yellow curries are available and the soups are so big that they can easily serve as meals themselves requiring no side dishes. Fri 11:00 . (+31) 204 27 41 44 . QOpen 09:00 . lots of wooden shelves and counters painted a dull grey and a solitary crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. as it gets swallowed between other interesting buildings in this area. (€9 . 79 WestergasTerras S-2.westergasterrras. Sat 10:00 . (€20).nl. spicy potatoes and mixed vegetables). Those who never got over their fear of vegetables should face their demons and step into this trendy organic restaurant and discover that vegetarian cuisine doesn't have to be bland or boring. Wooden statues of Thai women greet you in the shop front window of this elegant restaurant that offers pink walls covered in traditional masks.01:00. but every day you can expect a cosy atmosphere and enthusiastic staff.6.

You can also watch plenty of football and other sports on the TVs inside or have a seat on the terrace outside and order some food from its international menu. It's also one of Amsterdam West's best late night hotspots. Sat 11:30 . The Westergasfabriek isn't your standard Amsterdam club located near another touristy square. the only rule at its popular Nataraj parties is to have a good time with great DJs.01:00. finger food and cocktails.03:00. Tue. QOpen 16:00 . QOpen 15:00 . Open until the wee hours of the morning.6. (+31) 207 Billiards & Pool De Keu T-4. Fri 15:00 . A Bars Eetcafé De Compaenen T-4. Wed 14:00 . The cool people who hang out here would enjoy that too much. (+31) 202 30 05 51. tel.inyourpocket. Full meals can be had here. while less ambitious patrons lay about on comfortable chairs and couches smoking and drinking to their heart's content. Nassaukade 379.01:00.northseajazzclub. www. this massive culture and entertainment complex spans several former factories from the 19th century. Sun. with multi-floored industrial spaces of over 2500 square metres. while benches and tables line the outside of the venue on both Overtoom 209. Sun 12:00 . house fests like Straf-werk and queer-friendly Funhouse parties. Located next to the green Westerpark just outside the city centre.1) to this shrine dedicated to beer.60. This fun café would almost qualify as a brown bar were it not for the football theme evident on its ceiling. Owner Marco has followed his own vision rather than using a snazzy advertising agency to shape his brainchild. www.80 west: nightliFe With venues like the Westergasfabriek and streets like Overtoom. tel. think again. There are dozens of pool tables and a great Bohemian vibe here at one of Amsterdam's oldest billiards halls.01:00. (+31) 206 16 91 15. chances are that Gollem has it stocked in one of the beer fridges behind the bar. a small stage and an impressive bar. this charming little club in the Westergas area lets you relive the old jazz days by bringing you the latest international and local jazz and big-band (+31) North Sea Jazz Club S-2.15).dekeu. Vibes is a pleasant exception to the rule that cocktail bars in Amsterdam have to be pretentious and expensive.wix. www. tel. but the bartender did hint that its other former locations in the city centre would eventually re-open. Walk down a pleasant. AX Sunset in Amsterdam West M. Jan Pieter Heijestraat 137. the Cue is much more than just a place to play eight ball. This is the last of the iconic Gollem beer bars still in operation. www.03:00. which is cheap.clublite. Wed. QOpen 16:00 . QOpen Thu 21:00 . Fri. team jerseys and other memorabilia. If they don't have your favourite Belgian brew on draught. Fri. Sat 14:00 . which is covered in supporters' scarves. Dutch snacks can also be had as well as some daily specials written on the so keep your fingers crossed. QOpen 08:30 . by local standards anyway. Sun 14:00 . (+31) 208 45 62 21. One snooker table is also available and eight-ball competitions are held on Monday nights. tel. A dozen tables are kept in the main hall of what used to be a church. LE Vibes S-4.01:00. Fri. AB 206 18 07 57. PLEK WesterUnie S-2. QOpen 11:30 . An initiative by the organisation of the National Jazz Festival. so your next day isn't ruined by lack of sleep and on every first Saturday of the month you can join the fun at its Chocolate Club events where tasty chocolate smoothies and fresh fruit juices are served to spare you a hangover the following day. you’re never far from a pub or club in West! Clubs Club Lite S-3. www.01:00. That said.03:00. Live sports are shown on a number of TVs and are also projected onto a huge screen on the far wall. Fri. Overtoom 160 .westerunie. Sat 14:00 . www. Sat 16:00 . (+31) 625 45 65 18. Whoever said jazz hands and trumpets are too 1920s. AB Kade 58 S-3.162. A calico house cat watches over all the drinkers from a special sleeping area above the shelves of glasses.01:00.cafegollem. Closed Mon. tasty snacks and desserts are also available. Fri 16:00 . (+31) 206 84 84 96. Things start a bit earlier here and finish around 02:00. Eerste Helmerstraat 5 .kade58. tel.03:00.03:00. In addition to live music in a typical jazz setting of small tables. Klönnenplein 4 . but lots of people seem to content themselves with delicious brews from the taps and tasty snacks from the kitchen like Dutch young cheese and bitterballen as well as dim sum and chicken yakatori. www. If you're feeling a bit peckish after hours of dancing.7. tel. Plan B S-4. The walls are covered in old movie posters and there's always plenty of people hanging about with drinks in their info@dekeu.02:00. tel.03:00. Industrial lamps that put one in mind of robots from 1950s sci-fi movies hang above the bar. Club Lite doesn't conform to the usual club etiquette practiced by similar establishments around the globe. The selection of almost 30 cocktails offers something for Sat 08:30 . This cosy café has shabby chic wooden tables and blood red walls. In the meantime you can take a 10-minute tram ride from the Central Station (tram Nr. but we recommend the Good Vibes. www. Pazzanistraat 1. AB Cocktails 89 52 09. You can find a party for every audience including popular music festivals such as Pitch (in July). QOpen 20:00 . Sat 12:00 .Zaprauskis Amsterdam In Your Pocket .nl. Sat 18:30 . brightly lit alleyway off of Overtoom to find what has to be the biggest pool hall and sports bar combination you've probably ever seen. (+31) 206 12 94 44. QOpen 16:00 . Jacob van Lennepkade 58 . there's a more lounge-like late-night area where you can enjoy simple dinners. (+31) 207 22 09 80. Jan van Galenstraat 24. Try not to get lost in the maze that is the WesterUnie building. Fri. Q AB Beer bars Gollem's Proeflokaal A good selection of beers including Haarlem's own Jopen is available and you can get an affordable soup or meal of the day listed on the blackboard above the entrance to the back room. (€8 . The result is a colourful mix of modern and trendy styles and drinks for an average of about €6.


Amsterdam In Your Pocket . Q How to Meet an Angel Monument S-4. you'll no doubt spot loads of interesting shops and cafés. Closed Mon. which is home to the Mentrum Psychiatric A little street in the north end of West. Spaarndammerstraat. little windmills on the façade that symbolise the rural workers who came to work in the city's factories and the iconic tower. Just beyond the park is the Westergafabriek.hetschip. High atop the building at number 38. Spaarndammerdijk 306. Take a leisurely stroll outside the buzz of the city centre. you can see how the locals live away from the canals and debauchery of Centrum and see some pretty spectacular 20th-century Amsterdam School architecture as well. Admission: adults €7. Guides will lead you around the building pointing out interesting features like the bay window that looks like a cigar.17:00.1536). www. Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 38. you'll also see an intriguing work of art created by Russian-American artists Ilya and Emilia Kabakov. Designed by Rob Cerneus. clubs and galleries. tel. Q Open 07:00 . tel. Between Haarlemmer weg and Zaanstraat. the Spaarndammerstraat used to be a factory workers' street. Skaters in the Westerpark Marcel van der Meer Places of interest Bredius Swimming Pool (Brediusbad) S-2. 14:00 . a former industrial zone that has been reclaimed by cafés. but stylish. At the end of the 19th century the Imperial Continental Gas Association (ICGA) built two coal gas factory complexes in Amsterdam. the Brediusbad is a heated pool located in a pleasant green area. Fortunately. while the far side is a vast open space popular with picnickers and kids honing their football skills. they were sanitation workers who let local residents know that they could bring their rubbish out onto the street to be there are still enough people in the Netherlands who believe that one week of sunlight merits the construction of public swimming pools. And despite the meteorological facts of life. Sat. info@ westerparksport. Named after the famous Dutch theologian. Between Jan van Galenstraat and Erasmusgracht. The historic edifice is still inhabited today. a children's playground and lots of walking and bike paths. but the group lessons might offer some consolation. Today creative entrepreneurs work in the renovated historic buildings and many high-profile events and festivals are held here. author and Catholic priest Desiderius Erasmus (1466 . libraries and restaurants. Sun 12:00 . green grocers. but if you're a bit more active a football pitch is also Q Parks & Gardens Erasmuspark R-3. Q Westerpark which is meant to be a beacon of socialism. this peaceful park is perhaps best known for its impressive flower garden and the fact that it's completely surrounded by a canal that is home to interesting water plants. In 2007. but they were actually paid to do this. www. outdoor pools do exist in Amsterdam.18:00. For decades.18:00. (+31) 205 86 07 10.inyourpocket. QOpen 11:00 . (+31) 204 75 09 24. which is flanked by a canal on one side and train tracks and housing estates on the other.westerparksport. If you take a stroll down Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat in West’s culture factory Westergasfabriek N-1. It's a good place for a picnic or a relaxing walk. so you have to take a guided tour of the museum. but the noisemaker in his hand holds the key to his story. which begins at a former post office decorated with funky tile work characteristic of this Dutch design movement. philosopher. In 1992. The pool is open until the beginning of September and in summer it hosts as many kids and parents as it can. A Het Schip Museum S-2. Museums tel. Spaarndammerplantsoen 140.westergasfabriek. men like these would walk around Amsterdam's neighbourhoods causing quite a racket. The monument depicts a patient on the top rung of an extensive ladder ready to return to the world where he will be looked after by a guardian angel. this striking bronze statue of a man wearing a simple suit and a cap may not ring any bells at first. The Spaanrdammerstraat and its surroundings will make for an excellent non-traditional slice of the city far from its reputation as a Mecca for sin. Bear in mind that the noise can be deafening at times. www. this unusual building was erected in 1919 as proof that affordable working-class housing could not only be functional. but now houses a variety of little shops. The Westergasfabriek is regarded as a model for redevelopment for other cities far beyond the borders of the Netherlands. One of the crowning achievements of Amsterdam School architecture. B Spaarndammerstraat T-2. If you keep following the popular Haarlemmerdijk shopping street in the Jordaan past the Haarlemmerplein you'll eventually run into Westerpark. this statue was erected to honour 130 years of sanitation services in the city. On one end you'll find a water feature. but every once in a while don't forget to look up. Polonceaukade 27. Kwakersplein. In fact.10:00. Q Statues & Monuments De Ratelaar S-3. Despite Holland's unforgiving and unpredictable climate. You can also view an apartment that looks as it did in the early 20th century and take in an exhibit dedicated to Amsterdam School architecture and its most renowned adherents.82 west: nightliFe Sightseeing West isn’t exactly overloaded with sights but it does have beautiful parks and the Het Schip Museum is a must for anyone who wants to learn more about Amsterdam School architecture. the buildings were used temporarily for creative and cultural activities. (+31) 206 84 69 84. In short.

Order oysters or a plate of fried prawns and eat them standing up at the counter or buy fresh seafood to take away.17:45.fridaynext. This wonderful shop sells all kinds of fair trade art. Closed Sun. De Clerqstraat 112. (+31) 204 12 22 45/(+31) 614 45 80 93. Overtoom 214. Jelly Babies and great English sausages. A Pardoes S-4. Sun 12:00 . (+31) 206 83 91 15. You'll find truly fashionable furniture and home accessories here. Sat 12:00 . QOpen 09:00 . but you can also find handbags. QOpen 11:00 . Overtoom 412. cakes and other sweets in the area. (+31) 206 12 18 54. Most of the furniture is modern in style.retrostyles.18:00. Closed Mon. art deco and Amsterdam School items. British General Stores S-4. britishstore. www. watch or brand name handbag you've always wanted. Sat 10:00 . Otherwise you can just search for that special dress. (+31) 206 12 25 40. Tutti Frutti S-3. Tue. info@tutti-frutti.renatoperotti. Overtoom 31. Sun 12:00 . www. Sat 08:30 . Closed Sun. Eerste Constantijn Huijgensstraat and Bilderdijkstraat are a good place to scarves and even bridal accessories. www. Owner Lin stocks a massive range of genuine British goodies including HP sauce. (+31) 206 16 13 00. Closed Mon. How to Meet an Angel installation M. tel. Closed Mon. couches. A tasting room is also available. Heinz baked (+31) 206 12 32 92. Overtoom 139. but the selection also includes some antiques. QOpen 12:00 . beer & Wine shops 20 22 96. www.20:00. Overtoom Curiosa S-4. Curly Wurly or some good old PG Tips tel. The name Hip Living says it all. Sat 11:00 . Speciality shops Huygensstraat 94. Sun. tel.piedaterre. A kids' corner and a café are also at your disposal. S Delicatessens & Ethnic food tel. Closed Sun. Sat 10:00 . JA Karibu Wereldboetiek S-3.17:00.17:00. A Fortuijn Woontrends S-4. (+31) Alcohol. Closed Mon. dresses. Sat 08:00 . Overtoom. QOpen 09:00 . You can also enjoy them on the premises. 83 Interior design & Furniture 206 18 39 14. Closed Sun.18:00. www.rijschoolovertoom. QOpen 13:00 . This large shop in the middle of Overtoom primarily sells furniture. www. Closed Sun. (+31) 206 16 73 08.18:00. tel. QOpen 11:00 . QOpen 10:00 . This huge book and travel shop specialises in maps.18:00. (+31) 206 Chocolates & Sweets Arnold Cornelis Patisserie & Confiserie S-4. A De Wijnrank Winter 2012/2013 .20:00. This cosy little shop deals in second-hand designer clothes and you can also sell your own garments if they conform to Tutti Frutti's high standards.17:00. (+31) 208 Antiques & Art Odds & Sods S-4. This curiosity shop sells a variety of unique items from vases. Closed Mon. (+31) 206 86 27 07. Sun. jewellery and other accessories here as well.dewijnrank. This huge shop specialises in European wines including rare vintages as well as good whisky and even grappa.& Outstyles S-4.17:00.QOpen 10:30 .16:30. QOpen 08:30 . Closed Sun. www. QOpen 13:00 . The aroma of freshly fried fish already entices as you pass by on the street outside. Also at S-3.karibugallery. porcelain and steel boxes to vintage jewellery and leather Overtoom 135 Overtoom 250. Tue.17:00. atlases. Overtoom 444 . QOpen 08:00 .QOpen 11:00 .nl. Sun 12:00 . Bilderdijkstraat 147.18:00. Chabrol Wines S-4. of course. Not only can you buy quality wine and whiskey at this local shop. Sat 10:30 . Thu 10:00 . AKW Hip Wonen S-4. Pardoes also offers tailor-made tables and customised wooden furniture. (+31) 206 83 61 91. www. globes and. which is what we like about it. interior design items and souvenirs from around Africa including decorative toys made from tin cans in Madagascar.hipwonen. tel.18:00.west: sightseeing Shopping You won’t find many chain shops in West. tel.17:00. tel.pardoes. (+31) 206 18 36 88.chabrol. 2e Constantijn Huijgensstraat 57. then pay a visit to British General Stores. S Vishandel Smit S-4. Sat 10:00 . Thu 10:00 .tv. tel.Zaprauskis www. www. A Secondhand shops Retro In. As the clever name would suggest. Sun 12:00 .446. Overtoom 408. (+31) 206 83 04 19.18:00. Fannius Scholtenstraat www.17:00.18:00.18:00. www.17:00. Sun 12:00 . 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 92. Mon 13:00 . tel. De Clercqstraat 123. It offers huge sales in January and August.18:00. chocolates.18:00. this small shop offers odd bits of 20thcentury antiques and applied art including art It's both an interior design shop and a café all in one so you can drink a peppermint tea while perusing hand bags. tel. Mon 13:00 .21:00. If you have a hankering for a Crunchie. sweaters. tel. but also what could be Amsterdam's largest selection of organic wines from around Europe. tel. Sat 11:00 . AK Pied a Terre S-4. This shop specialises in fully restored antique furniture and mirrors. coffee mugs and lamps. Closed Mon. they'll deliver your order free of charge. Eerste Constantijn Books 27 44 55. QOpen 09:30 .137. You can expect high quality products made with the best materials and if you have an address in Holland. Closed Sun.tutti-frutti. Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 78. QOpen 10:00 . This vintage shop is crammed to the rafters with secondhand overcoats. www.inyourpocket.18:00. tel.cornelis.17:00. www. Mon 13:00 . (+31) 206 83 41 80. loads and loads of guides in Dutch and English.17:00. Arnold Cornelis probably has the best selection of mouthwatering cupcakes. www.19:00. QOpen 10:00 .18:00. Friday Next T-4. tel.

com. but if quality is what you're looking for. The street is lined with trees on both sides and is a good place to explore if you’re looking for a real Amsterdam experience away from the well-beaten tourist trails of the city centre. Kwispel S-4. Looking for something you can't find anywhere else? There's a good chance you'll come across that particular something you were looking for at De Verftent. (+31) Services tel. dry cleaning and for an additional fee will also repair or alter your clothes. tel.18:00. Jan Pieter Heijestraat 117. relax and enjoy their drinks. Shopping De Verftent S-4. One of the major advantages of this restaurant is that language isn't a barrier as the descriptive pictures on the menu are enough to give you an idea of what to expect. the antique decorations within the shop reflect its years of experience. run by two brothers. Jan Pieter Heijestraat 85/87. Just like the rest of the store. Closed Sun. Heijestraat is named after doctor and poet Jan Pieter Heije (1809 . This small family business. Kwispel has been an essential addition to the neighbourhood since 2009. QOpen 09:00 .17:00.sugarlicious. Closed Sun. upbeat décor.17:00.from fresh peaches to canned lemons . this Turkish grocery store tends to win its customer's hearts by offering high quality and affordable products. this tyre specialist offers its clientele a wide selection of branded and high quality wheels. Founded in 1966. QOpen 09:00 . Grillroom Roz keeps its customers coming back for more.03:00. Mon 12:00 . Apart from offering a wide selection of accessories and toys to suit your pet's every need.roz-restaurant.P. the shop offers a wide assortment of animal food.its real treasures lie in the back. S 206 12 14 63. tel. friendly service and prompt delivery. tel.20:00. Sat 09:30 . to cheaper brands like Ovation. If you still have a hard time choosing we highly recommend number 65 .18:00.P. Closed Mon. Jan Pieter Heijestraat 126. The laid-back owner of the shop knows where to find everything in this somewhat cramped shop. Breaking the cliché of having a front door. Closed Mon. Owned by an amicable couple that share a tremendous passion for animals.19:30. Sat 11:00 . Jacob van Lennepkade 288. www. the owner. Highly renowned for its fresh vegetables and particularly juicy fruits. www. (+31) 206 18 32 88. Sat 17:00 . This typical Amsterdam street is always abuzz with activity and this is most likely due to the large number of authentic local TS Grillroom Roz S-4. Sat 09:00 . tel. Sun. allow its guests to sit back.kashmirlounge. QOpen 09:00 . From Hello Kitty to the famous Dutch Nijntje. Thu 09:00 . Sat 10:45 . categorised by breed. your money will be certainly well spent.17:00. complemented by a varied musical selection and comfortable eastern-style couches. A6 Olgun S-4. You'll find everything DIY-wise you need to upgrade your home into a castle or to transform your garden or balcony into an oasis with accessories and garden furniture. Open since 1979. QOpen 10:00 . Ridder Autobanden guarantees to exceed its customers’ expectations. This official Royal Canin dealer is no ordinary pet shop. tel. Sat 08:30 .inyourpocket.03:00. Sat 09:00 .18:00. QOpen 11:00 . Jan Pieter Heijestraat 119. Comments and ratings by patrons can be found at each table. restaurants and pubs that call this street home. Stomerij Supervorm S-4. Jan Pieter Heijestraat 141. an indication of the restaurant's satisfied clientele. Fri. (+31) SugarLicious S-4. Olgun's garden-fresh salad bar is also highly recommended and the homemade lentil salad is an absolute must. A grooming salon is also available.01:00. Fri. www. Amsterdam In Your Pocket SugarLicious will make anyone want to bake a cake Gabriela Küsters www. Known for its excellent service and outstanding Middle Eastern cuisine. Closed Sun.13:00. (+31) 206 12 88 67.a mixed grill with a little bit of everything. where a varied assortment of fresh olives can be found. Heijestraat runs perpendicular to popular Overtoom and crosses the picturesque Jacob van Lennep canal. Closed Sun. tel. (+31) 206 83 38 55.18:00.17:30. the staff is cheerful and goes above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction. (+31) 206 18 84 60. This small family business has been a reputable member of the neighbourhood for three generations. Doing justice to its given name. which is a big bonus. De Verftent can even accomodate you with a tent and fishing gear for some well-deserved tranquil time at the waterfront. J.17:00. tel. Nightlife The Kashmir Lounge S-4. It's dark. size or even how active and fit your animal is. Despite its modern usage of technology. OW Restaurants 206 83 35 83. takes great pride in the quality of his food and swears that he'll never reveal the secret of his coveted sauce. When you're all done working hard and in need of a little break.1876). (+31) 206 18 30 91. Sun. Stomerij Supervorm is known throughout the neighbourhood for its outstanding quality. If Cake Wonderland were a proper term. The brothers also offer linen and curtain cleaning. A Ridders Autobanden Jan Pieter Heijestraat 116. Despite its petite size. QOpen 08:30 . relaxed environment. While a little bit of everything can be found in this shop . supervorm@hotmail.17:30. The cupcake pans. moulds and other baking items and ingredients on sale don't come cheap. SugarLicious would definitely be its definition. literally everything can be found in this candy-coloured Sugarlicious is the perfect place for creative cake lovers and cupcake admirers to meet. QOpen 09:00 . Open since . Sun 11:00 Jan Pieter Heijestraat 77. The Kashmir Lounge adds an exquisite touch of Indian culture to its modern. www. it even offers doggy beer and an extravagant Christmas dinner for your pooch.84 west: Jan pieter heiJestraat J.riddersbanden. From big names such as Michelin and Good Year. offers laundry service. as well as machinery rentals for carpet cleaning. giving them a chance to take a brief tour through the shop. If you're not impressed by its unique assortment of herbal teas.01:00. this modern café also offers a great selection of over 15 types of beer. this Egyptian shawarma place is one of the first of its genre in Amsterdam. this tyre shop invites its customers to come in from the back. QOpen 17:00 . (+31) 206 83 22 68.


86 west map .

. www. tel.and 5-star accommodation in or 5 to reach the heart of the district.24:00. P. As you sit with a glass of pinot noir next to the open gas fire the problems of the outside world seem to vanish and the wonderful view from the terrace is sublime. The kiebitz (hot cocoa with rum and lots of whipped cream) really hits the spot on a cold and rainy Amsterdam day.12). salads and desserts from the deli or head to the back for incredible Italian sandwiches too numerous to mention here to eat on the premises or to take away. a healthy salad or a hot drink. Closed Mon.12). but bear in mind that the prices on the extensive wine list can quickly take the wind out of your sails. 19:00 . The only downside of V-bar is that no munchies or finger food are available.spangmakandra. Lijnbaansgracht is surrounded by 4. Upon entering you'll be overwhelmed by the aromas of imported cheeses. Fri 11:00 . plenty of beer. This upmarket lounge bar is all about relaxation. but it does offer something for everyone. Too bad it doesn't mention any prices! Q Open 12:00 . tel. Sun 10:00 . copper tea kettles and other nick-nacks clinging to the ceiling and order a big burger. Just take tram No. Ignore the cheesy illuminated ‘paintings' on the walls of blue waters and palm trees and get stuck into a roti (meat and sauce with a huge pancake). www. if you can get one. lanterns.15:00. (+31) Pubs Café Flinck H-9. Sun 09:00 . fun bars and unique shops. If money is no object.Monsieur or a freshly poured Amstel. tel. Hooftstraat. is small. Sun 12:00 . It will come as no surprise then that the city's very own Rodeo Drive. Albert Cuypstraat but the attractive location in the Beatrix Park is the real reason to people visit this place. www. QOpen 10:00 . Located in a huge space that was once a church in the middle of Amsterdam's most famous street market.01:00. w w w. (+31) 206 44 01 00. Suffice it to say.bazaramsterdam. (+31) 206 75 05 44. A Skaters behind the Rijksmuseum on Museumplein MZ Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. Gerard Doustraat 39. This sel fproclaimed paninoteca and trattoria is like a shrine to Italian cuisine. Flinck is a cool place to enjoy a homemade Croque . this is a great local venue to eat large portions of tasty Surinamese cuisine. You'll need good credit and an impressive bank statement to eat here and you'll also have to somehow manage to get the attention of the slow.52). www. tel. PHAGBW Organic Restaurant As Prinses Irenestraat 19. packed with stalls selling pretty much anything.cafeflinck. De Pijp is one of Amsterdam’s most interesting areas. pastas. Recommended. Surinamese 206 70 50 81/(+31) 650 52 58 01.36. Sat 09:00 . For a map of Zuid see p. QOpen 09:00 . The restaurant has great atmosphere and the passionate chefs use organic regional produce when possible and offer specialised theme menus from time to time.16:00. olives.C.01:00. Sun 13:00 . Unfortunately. (+31) 206 64 61 11. this cosy family-style restaurant and café has been serving pancakes and other international food since 1907. S Spang Makandra G-10. Within spitting distance of the Rijksmuseum. falafel and hummus to exotic seafood and lots of cuisine with tangy harissa sauce.restaurantas.01:00.42. Café Flinck combines a nostalgic atmosphere with the snazzy decorations of a contemporary café in an age-old establishment. (+31) 206 26 69 04. (€8 . (+31) North African Bazar H-8. Take a seat under the hanging wooden shoes. wine and spirits can be ordered at the central bar. fresh brewed espresso and cooked garlic. info@cafeflinck. cheeses. P.24:00. The clientele is as colourful and varied as the well prepared chicken satay. QOpen 11:00 . which is occupied by brands such as Bulgari. (three-course dinner €40 . Choose from a wide variety of meats. Symbol key P Air conditioning C Swimming pool F Fitness centre 6 Pets allowed K Restaurant W Free wireless internet A Credit cards accepted H Conference facilities U Facilities for the disabled L Guarded parking D Sauna Minicards offers Cocktails & Loungebars V-Bar Koninginneweg 34 . (€6 . QOpen 11:00 . ZAULGBKX Italian 206 64 83 14. the main menu. or South. but without the excessive frills. is perhaps best known for its large concentration of superb museums.pastatricolore.19:00. Just east of the so-called Museum Quarter you'll find the hip De Pijp district full of bohemian cafés. When we walked through the door of this ethnic eatery we noticed that most of the limited seating was occupied by Surinamese immigrants giving us a clear indication that we had come to right place for authentic cuisine.88 zuid: Food & drink Amsterdam Zuid. then take a seat at one of the colourful couches or on a sturdy Asian-style pouf. info@restaurantas. (+31) 208 46 21 tel. Bazar offers a huge menu of delicious halal Turkish. chow mein noodles and nasi (baked rice). which is the reason so many hotels are also located here. that you can get anything from kebabs.22:00. Vuiton and Chanel. Despite the Islamic décor. (€4 .C. but don't forget to bring cash. Middle Eastern and North African dishes too numerous to mention here. Hooftstraat 52. QOpen 11:00 . somewhat arrogant staff.22:00. Dine under enormous Moroccan-style lamps on the second floor balcony or below multicoloured flashing Christmas lights on the ground floor. The food is refreshingly affordable and the atmosphere is friendly and casual. AB Pasta Tricolore 1e van der Helststraat 51. Lunchroom De Spiegel F-8.6). In short. tel. It's also home to the Albert Cuyp .22:00.

Although most of the museum is currently being renovated. its most popular exhibits dedicated to the Dutch old masters are still open to the This fantastic museum will be closed for renovations from September 29.18:00.50. A souvenir shop sells all manner of gifts from personalised liquor bottles and clothing to Delftware spirits receptacles. Bol and Steen. This colossal building occupies nearly an entire city block and lies in stark contrast to most of the city's narrow canal-side abodes. www. QOpen 12:00 . Admission: €11. if you lose your bearings just remember that the old part houses the permanent collections. AK Winter 2012/2013 www. eventually making your way to the Brew You 4D experience where you see. not to mention exotic scenes from Holland's far flung Golden Age colonies. Take a self-guided. www. Although this tasty brew. www. tel. Some of the museum's most famous paintings like Rembrandt's The Jewish Bride and The Night Watch are also described in detail in laminated information cards. bottle your own personalised brew for €6. hand bags. this square will function as an outdoor exhibition space. so you can take your time and discover interesting facts about each of these canvases. Van Gogh Museum F-10. 18 and under free. Upon entering you're confronted by an eclectic collection of all things Dutch including a 17th-century canon. 2012. A House of Bols Cocktail and Genever Experience Rijksmuseum F-9. At long last you'll reach the climax of the tour where you can enjoy two cold beers with dozens of other Heineken fans. It has no windows. gold and silver artefacts and of course an incredible collection of the nation's best old masters including Rembrandt.rijksmuseum. tel. Museumplein 10. If you'd like to see how one of the world's most popular beers is made and sample the finished product at its ultramodern bar. Founded in Amsterdam in 1575. a massive model ship and Van der Helst's giant canvas Banquet in Celebration of the T reaty of Munster.inyourpocket. Admission: adults €12. The award-winning Genever Experience showcases the roughly 40 liqueurs it sells in 110 countries around the world as well as the wide varieties of jenevers it . Proceed to the video room with green couches and a ceiling made of Heineken but you can view Mr. Fri 12:00 . Museumplein/Jan Luijkenstraat 1. which makes this 1100m2 area also suitable for displaying digital and video art. fresh fruit. (+31) 205 70 85 75. www. tel.houseofbols. Admission: adults €10. so plan accordingly.18:00.22:00. shoes.stedelijk. mostly due to security checks. www. Albert Cuypstraat. interactive tour and learn about the history of the House of Bols. Next pass the stables where the Heineken Shire horses are kept.albertcuypmarkt. create your own video or move on to the STR bottle experience. Although the venerable company moved away to a location near The Hague in 1969 it opened this amazing tasting experience and bartending school near the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam in 2007. The Netherlands' most important museum for modern and temporary art was in a coma for an unexpected eight years. (+31) 205 73 29 11. QOpen 09:00 . which means that the cultural living room of Amsterdam now has its own chill-out and meeting area outside. while the new building exhibits temporary work. But as of September 23 it will be more accessible than ever. which is distributed in over 170 countries around the globe isn't produced on the premises. which truly is an experience. Its renowned jenever recipe dates back to as early as 1664 and was introduced to the British roughly 25 years later where it was modified to English tastes and produced locally as you can take a tour and learn about the company's evolution from its founding in 1864 in Amsterdam to its current status as a multinational brand. Pass the awards gallery and enter another room where the four basic ingredients of beer are explained and then move on to a large hall filled with giant copper vats where you can take part in the process by grinding malt. www.vangoghmuseum. If you still haven't found the perfect souvenir then take the Heineken Shuttle Boat to the Heineken Brandstore near Rembrandt Square. Q Open 11:00 . QOpen closed.18 years €5. Closed Tue. souvenirs. tel. Stedelijk Museum F-10. Q Markets Albert Cuyp Market H-9. Closed Sun. (+31) 205 23 92 The addition of a new building has doubled the size of the museum and the Stedelijk is now the proud owner of the largest exhibition space in Holland. Admission: €17. practice your bartending skills in the flair simulator and. Van Gogh's incredible works of art at the Hermitage Museum (see Centrum Plantage Sightseeing) until April 25. (+31) 206 74 70 47. View ancient weapons. The interior of the old and new buildings have been completely integrated. the House of Bols is one the world's oldest spirits makers. taste a delicious cocktail prepared by graduates of the upstairs drinks pouring school in the trendy Mirror Bar.50. taste and colour in the drinking process. Queues can be long at peek times. 2013. children 12 and under free. This vibrant daily market located in the bohemian De Pijp district is chock full of stands selling clothing. fresh seafood like crab and lobster. Paulus Potterstraat 14. flowers. then look no further than the Heineken Experience. QOpen 09:00 .19:30 (last tour at 17:30). best of all. children 13 . Take a break at the tasting bar where a guide will pour you a Exit the experience via the Heineken shop where you can get pretty much anything with the Heineken logo on it. View exhibits that chronicle Heineken's innovative leaps in both brewing technology and marketing that launched the famous red star logo on six continents. Stadhouderskade 78. lingerie.zuid: sightseeing Sightseeing Heineken Experience G-9. jewellery. discover the importance of both smell. AU 89 Learn about brewing at the Heineken Experience MZ F-10. Moreover. so you'll hardly notice where the 100-year-old edifice ends and the modern one begins.18:00. (+31) 205 70 52 00. feel and smell what it's like to be brewed from start to finish. Scenes depict everything from biblical tales and windmilled landscapes to portraits and illustrations of 17th-century family life. The entrance has moved from the street to the park side. Paulus Potterstraat 7. cheese and many more things you can’t do without as wells as plenty of food stalls.

(+31) 203 12 14 16.75 including breakfast). The out of town location and the quiet surroundings might not be suitable for everybody. Q 3 rooms (2 doubles and 1 suite €70 . the rooms are rather dated and are not particularly cosy. and the Southeast Jazz Festival in August. but Tulip Inn Motorway would have been a much better name. The third room is a suite for up to four people. This wonderful hostel designed by women for women offers stylish accommodation for ladies who'd like to avoid the lesser representatives of the male species. tel. its first houses having been built as recent as 1968. which has a private bathroom and owner Jan knows how to keep a good balance between hospitality and privacy with his charming personality. Breakfast: €5. that the traffic continuously racing past precludes any chance at a peaceful night. The easiest way to get here is to take a 20-minute metro ride from the Central Station. And although the rooms are a bit small. Sometimes names can evoke the wrong associations. Leerdamhof 471. but if you’re on a budget you can’t beat its charming Bed & Breakfasts. especially if you're a light sleeper. and secure. while the dorms have in-room lockers and a shelf next to each bunk bed.tulipinnamsterdamriverside. which is located in the suburbs of Zuidoost. double rooms from €35). Geerdinkhof 258.90 zuidoost Zuidoost is Amsterdam’s most multicultural district. the more expensive rooms on the river side guarantee a much better chance at rest. The friendly staff. On the positive side. It’s also a fairly new area. Take this hotel. you won't encounter this problem at Campanile South East as parking's free of charge here. tel.125). (+31) 207 70 www. (+31) 206 96 11 29. (+31) 206 97 26 49. Many rooms also include balconies and a rooftop terrace is available. www. the rooms are quite large. free wireless internet and an excellent continental breakfast are also part of the deal when you spend the night here. Three rooms are available in this recently renovated 3-star establishment. 4-bed dorms from €23. while green line 50 passes the western part of the city and has the same destination. Tired of bleary-eyed men who've had too much to drink or smoke leering at you as you return to your hostel? Don't feel safe staying at a dingy backpackers' hovel that caters to stag parties or dodgy drifters? No problem. the crown jewel of them all. the Amsterdam Arena. A nearby metro stop is your ticket to the city centre of Amsterdam. Take in a concert. Q 73 rooms (singles and doubles from €93). Each room has a different theme so you can pretend that you're on the African savannah or in a Chinese palace. Stylish private rooms include ensuite facilities and amenities like shampoo and toiletries. Fortunately. has led to a cultural the varied breakfast buffet and the quiet location are a few more reasons to spend the night here. Q 192 rooms (doubles from €149). The huge garden.campanile-amsterdam-zuidoost. but you'll definitely get a good night's sleep. Three rooms with fairytale names like the Golden and the Flower room are available in this colourful house that owner Ilma simply calls the Yoga . TLGBW Yoga House V-1. Recent development around Ajax’s stadium. www.inyourpocket. especially by Dutch standards. The Yoga House has a cosy atmosphere where you can also prepare your own meals and massages or yoga classes can also be arranged if you reserve them in advance. free wireless 6-bed dorms from €21/ On the other hand. which comes in handy in a city that never sleeps. can often feel like a small village. Mid-range Campanile Hotel & Restaurant Amsterdam Zuidoost V-1. Amsterdam’s biggest shopping centres and megastores are almost all located here and the Heineken Music Hall and the brand new Ziggo Dome are both state of the art concert halls attracting world renowned talent from around the globe. Accommodation Zuidoost has something for everyone. Red line 53 follows the yellow line until Van der Madeweg and then travels east until it reaches the Gaasperplas. Unfortunately. the distance to the closest metro station is a bit of a hike and nearly everything seems to cost extra here including the expensive €15 breakfast and the simply ridiculous price of €6 for 15 minutes of wireless internet. clean rooms with excellent mattresses. nobody seems to mind. train or bus. www. Q (8-bed dorms from €19/person. Yellow line 54 begins at the Central Station and ends at Gein. The place is so close to the A9. spend the day shopping or just walk around and experience the diversity of this vibrant area that most tourists never see. Amsterdam's greenest area district. And despite its many modern skyscrapers. tel. This B&B offers two standard double rooms with direct access to the garden and a modern. It boasts several parks and green spaces including the Gaasper Park. Frankemaheerd 2. Symbol key P Air conditioning C Swimming pool F Fitness centre 6 Pets allowed K Restaurant W Free wireless internet A Credit cards accepted H Conference facilities U Facilities for the disabled L Guarded parking D Sauna Minicards offers Bed & Breakfast Apostrophe B&B V-1. Provincialeweg 38. TLBXW Getting there Zuidoost can be easily reached by and you can park your car here free of charge.hostelle. When booking a hotel room in Amsterdam and travelling by car you'll more often than not be confronted with a substantial extra charge for parking. TA6L� GBKXW hhh Amsterdam In Your Pocket Hostels 35 04. Loosdrechtdreef 3. or de Bijlmer as the locals call it. It's called Tulip Inn Amsterdam Riverside. tel. THA6ULGBKW hhh Tulip Inn Amsterdam Riverside W-1. one of the best park areas in this southern Amsterdam suburb. Q 3 rooms (3 doubles €40 . not to mention an economic boom. Zuidoost. More than 130 nationalities live here and these diverse cultural backgrounds are reflected in its many festivals with foreign roots like the Summer Festival. Sadly. another bonus for the frugal locals. for example. info@ilma-yoga-house. which is spread across five weekends in July and August. (+31) 202 03 52 00. AW Hostelle U-2. A large communal living room with a kitchen and a balcony is available to all guests and the back garden is literally located on the Gaasperplas. shared bathroom. www. which is only a 20-minute ride away. but otherwise you can't complain much.


Once inside the average décor of common Asian kitsch furnishings won't impress you PTAUFLGBKSW Vishandel E. Q Also at Bijlmerplein 368. they're probably the best we've had on this continent.c. tel. is yet another reason to give it a shot.keurslager. if you'd like to sit outside. It's also a good place for people not addicted to caffeine. which has been in the trusted hands of the Tang family for three decades. because the butcher's shop isn't exactly the cosiest place to eat lunch. although the bagels here won't top the warm New York bagels of our youth. and a deep fryer prepares other Dutch delicacies like kibbeling and lekkerbek (both are kinds of fish fried in batter).20:00. Naturally you can also try that most dubious of local snacks. But once you've had a meal here. We recommend you order the beef carpaccio sandwich for a picnic in the park. W. (+31) 206 97 10 62. as it has a wide selection of freshly squeezed smoothies and spicy drinks like chai tea.24). a wide choice of coffee. Muntbergweg 16-18. PTAULGKXS 60 00. Coffee & Tea Starbucks U/V-1. Bijlmerplein 561E. tel. QOpen 08:02 18:03. Although it might be best to avoid this place on a bleak and chilly day when the automatic doors cause a draught that could flash freeze your spine. www. the food is better than average and although a first look at the menu won't exactly supply any surprises. Their harsh criticism was not ignored by the multinational's management and since then the fast food leviathan has made some big steps forward.pouww. We recommend the spicy soups. (+31) 206 96 82 42. Sat. tel. ASW Fast food & Quick eats Keurslager Wim Pouw V-2. so if you're in the area then drop by. QOpen 15:00 .22:00. However. bijlmerplein@bagelsbeans. tel. Four stools.kingdoner. power up your iPad and enjoy a tasty tuna melt bagel or something else from its large menu.mcdonaldsrestaurant. (+31) 203 65 33 81. you could always gorge on some of the many cakes and pastries in the display cases. who seemed to think that this American hamburger chain was solely responsible for childhood obesity. We do. six tables. so what about the obesity? Two fitness devices in the Gym & Fun corner enable you to burn off the calories you've just taken in. who obviously enjoy their jobs. For years green activists.starbucks. This huge chain of Dutch bagel joints has taken the Netherlands by storm and as much as we'd like to poke fun at this large food franchise we have to admit that. You can also take home and enjoy more sophisticated dishes like the king prawn boat colourfully presented on a bed of bamboo leaves. The kids will also enjoy Zuidoost Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. raw herring. so it will come as no surprise that you can find anything from Chinese takeaways and Turkish kebab shops to Indonesian restaurants here. Our favourites include the spicier Szechuan dishes and the vegetarian stew. you're bound to end up with a lot more in your shopping bag than you probably anticipated. solar collectors and a number of other inventive devices supposedly illustrate the company's concern for the environment. (+31) 206 97 72 . And of course a lot of good coffee. www. Snellerwaardgracht 7. (+31) 206 97 37 75. the hole in the ozone layer and the Kennedy assassination. will make you feel welcome any time of the year. (€4 . QOpen 07:00 . Q K Lucky Garden V-2. (+31) 206 96 McDonald's Sun 11:00 18:00. QOpen 10:00 21:00. that's possible as well in this station's refreshment room. but the location certainly doesn't. the chef can turn any dish into something spectacular. You won't find microwaved stir fries with lots of sticky sauces made to suit Western tastes. Naturally./fax (+31) 206 97 76 22. the considerate and courteous ladies behind the counter. tel. Closed Mon. Sat 09:01 . bagelsbeans. www. looked down on McDonald's. Since 2004. Arena Boulevard 618. Lucky Garden's sincere and friendly service. the staff have made tasty kebabs right in front of you before quickly sending you off packing. you might as well keep on walking.inyourpocket. fax (+31) 206 97 08 Reigersbos 167.20:00. a leather couch and a simple seating area: that's all the décor this Starbucks has to offer. Chinese Asian Fantasy V-1. but it does provide many different varieties of fresh fish. Sun 12:00 . If you're simply looking for a snack. King Doner U-1. www. you're bound to come back and with a menu that may actually offer too many choices you can drop by 230 times and not eat the same dish twice. Due to their enthusiasm and encyclopaedic knowledge of the meat laid out before them. however.17:32.92 zuidoost: Food & drink Restaurants Zuidoost is known for its multicultural Bijlmerplein 561 B. suggest a name change though as there doesn't seem to be a garden anywhere in sight. On the other This restaurant seems to be a cut above the rest of the streetside vendors and small kebab joints that litter this area of town.luckygarden. tel. From the outside there's nothing enticing about Lucky Garden and its appearance might actually inspire the opposite. but proper Asian dishes with authentic flavours. Bijlmerplein 561. This particular branch in Amsterdam Southeast for example is the greenest Golden Arches in the world. (€20 .17:32. This Chinese restaurant is hidden away in a narrow alleyway off a popular shopping street. but you should avoid the seats near the front door on cold days. tel. TAULBSW Bagels Bagels & Beans V-1. If you don't mind the plain atmosphere you can also choose to relax and have a seat. This simple looking shop only offers a few stools for fast food diners. Solar panels. Koning V-2. The name Asian Fantasy might conjure up titillating ideas. Fishermen might as well stow away their rods and www. Reigersbos 139. tea and juice is also available as well as free wi-fi. This obviously doesn't effect the flavour of a Big Mac or a McFlurry. nl. unless you're Inuit. Sun 09:32 . so if you're looking for a cosy place for a meal.

info@absolutetaste. PTHAUEBKSW Winter 2012/2013 Candlelight dinner in Zuidoost www. info@australianhomemade. tel. Closed Sat. ALKSW La Place Amsterdam Zuidoost U-2. Muntbergweg International De Houten Vier V-2.24). We recommend the rustic burger. info@langerlust. info@houtenvier. which can be washed down with a good house wine. PTAULGBKSW Lunchroom Absolute Taste U-1. info@ichi-e. In addition to the tasty ice cream. 93 French Langerlust Provincialeweg A fusion cuisine establishment is just what this area. Arena Boulevard 175. The real Japanese chefs (no foreign substitutes here) turn every sashimi and sushi dish into a small feast for the senses. despite its name. Absolute Taste caters to professionals who work in the surrounding businesses. Liberally translated. (+31) 206 91 02 31. tel. (€13 . but that doesn't mean that you have to wear a tie to fill your belly at this cosmopolitan place. Sat 08:00 . (€3 . QOpen 08:00 . (+31) 203 42 04 40. QOpen 08:00 . Abcouderstraatweg 46.22:00. (+31) 206 97 75 68. The waiters aren't always as helpful as they could be. (€14). (+31) 206 97 33 30.17:30. tel. no connection with Australia. the first floor with its attractive tables or the top floor with the view and pleasant outdoor terrace. www. com. which is dominated by Chinese restaurants. fax (+31) 203 42 04 41. The clubhouse at the Olympus Golf Club. QOpen 10:00 . Closed Sun. is especially good here and the smoked fish is nothing to sneeze at either. The décor is ultra trendy and although the dishes are slightly overpriced and the staff are still in nappies. tel. (+31) 203 65 53 30. When the sun comes out you can do this outside. fax (+31) 294 28 62 44. .nl. with its stylish interior is one such place. but they were obviously still being trained when we stopped by so we can overlook this shortcoming. nl. www. Sun 11:00 21:00. which isn't really hard to do in this trendy. The view of the fairways and greens of the golf course is breathtaking when viewed from the expansive terrace and if you think you may have had one too many. QOpen 09:00 . The raw Sat.zuidoost: Food & drink Vishandel Theo van de Geest Bijlmerplein 862. Sun. tel. if only because the national ban on smoking is strictly adhered to here. (€20 .nl.21:00. tel. Although not the cheapest place in the district to buy seafood.20:00. the food is quite good. a Dutch favourite.ichi-e. QOpen 10:00 . The interior is a mix of modern and Asian chic and we recommend the pasta with sautéed redfish fillet or one of its massive club La Place specialises in fresh produce varying from sandwiches with generous fillings to large portions of stir-fry dishes and the quality of the home-made soups is also better than average. And few places in Amsterdam have better atmosphere than this eatery located in a nature reserve.21:00. (+31) 297 32 30 90. Unfortunately. The idyllic herb garden is also worth the trip. this establishment offers top-quality signature dishes and excellent service within the relaxed wooden décor of the club canteen. The ice cream is prepared with fresh ingredients and has. Arena Boulevard 40 (kiosk 3).com.17:00. TALGBKXW Japanese Ichi-e U-1.laplace. This ice cream and bonbon chain which has branches in various countries throughout the world also has an outlet in Zuidoost.18). modern place.21:00. Despite the rather snobbish image of golfers in chequered plus-fours and funny shoes. the Theo van de Geest fish shop is certainly one of the better stores of its genre in this area of Amsterdam. the ground floor with its rotating bar. (+31) 294 28 42 81. Hoogoorddreef 7a. nl. langerlust.houtenvier. Whatever section you choose. you'll have to put up with the atmosphere of the adjacent motorway. Sat.absolutetaste. Sun 10:00 .nl. the Japanese saying Ichi-Go Ichi-E means 'to enjoy the moment'. you're guaranteed to have a great experience. AGBKX Ice cream & Frozen yoghurt Australian Homemade U-1.australianhomemade. QOpen 11:00 . You'll find this large food court at the V&D department store only a stone's throw from the A9 motorway. As a travel writer you sometimes find a special place that you would rather keep to yourself for fear that an influx of customers might just be detrimental to the atmosphere of the restaurant.6). needed. fax (+31) 206 96 67 62. QOpen 11:30 . S Zuidoost gets prettier every day 22 .nl. a view of the American golden arches and businessmen in a hurry who are keen to use the free wireless internet. an alcohol meter is discretely located next to the toilets. a variety of delicious chocolates are also sold here.22:00.24. www. This place deserves a pat on the back. www. tel.

The walls are decorated with murals of rice fields. Afterward it may be only possible to order snacks until the dinner menu.24:00.smeltkroeszo. TULGKSW Street vendors in the southeast of Amsterdam Cafés Eetcafe 100% ZO Bijlmerplein 367.03:00. www. (+31) 204 52 91 This gay-friendly restaurant/bar has been entertaining patrons from the heart of the giant Amsterdamse Poort shopping centre since Art is everywhere in Zuidoost Amsterdam In Your Pocket .nl. the Dutch restaurant industry’s custom of offering separate lunch and dinner menus may come as a surprise to visitors from across the (+31) 206 91 25 93. If you find it odd that the boss occasionally corrects the chef or the waiters in public. so you're basically sitting in a kind of public Sun 12:00 .org.21:30. you can enjoy exotic Eurasian dishes in a stylish atmosphere full of lounge chairs.01:00. Sat 12:30 . www.21:30. salads and some breakfast food until roughly 16:00. fax (+31) 204 61 00 14. it comes as no surprise that the small menu also lists some tasty Surinamese pastries. Bijlmerdreef 1181. QOpen 09:00 . but could nevertheless do with a short trip to an exotic place. nl. Sat 09:00 . QOpen 10:30 . you can drop by De Smeltkroes to sample unique atmosphere for only a few euros. some brighter than others.6). info@smeltkroeszo. (€10 . Turkish soaps on TV and a cup of super sweet Turkish tea are the next hints that you've arrived at the Bosporus. bear in mind that all of the employees are part of a work experience project.15). PTLGBKW Lunch vs. Although shoppers often seem lost in this massive commercial space. comes into effect around 18:00. Fri 09:00 . AUEGBKXW Turkish Meram Restaurant V-1.24:00.94 zuidoost: Food & drink Sweet Store V-1. Closed Sat. www. If you haven't got the money for a holiday to a far-off destination. while the speakers spew out sickly sweet pop music. QOpen 09:00 . you won't regret staying for a bite of the abundant sandwiches or the simple homemade meals. but it's definitely a Turkish lifestyle that prevails at Meram's. soups. This menu will once again only be valid until 23:00 at the latest. tel. Divided over two floors. dinner Although many Europeans take it for granted. Bijlmerdreef 1289. Closed Sun. Sun. Since Zuidoost is known for its multicultural vibe.24. In many cafés. tel. Is it the genuine smile of the friendly staff or perhaps their rather sexy outfits? Whatever the reason may be. If you're looking for something cheaper. Bijlmerplein 997. The friendly staff's genuine Amsterdam accent might give you the wrong impression at first. The menu also reflects this style with dishes from at least six continents and we thoroughly enjoyed the generously filled Surinamese sandwiches and home-made soups. TULKS Surinamese De Smeltkroes V-1.restaurantmeram. (+31) 204 95 20 76. (€4 . single pensioners and everyone in between enjoy the traditional Surinamese snacks that this spacious place has on offer.inyourpocket. but with lots of tasty and affordable food. there's an authentic kebab takeaway restaurant on the other side of the building. as soon as you enter this cosy place you'll feel right at home. Q Also at Pretoriusstraat 22 .eetcafezuidoost. Few businesses have a more colourful atmosphere than Sweet Store where virtually every chair is in a different hue. tel. www. which will offer heartier hot meals at higher prices. Few bars and restaurants have been more aptly named than De Smeltkroes (The Crucible). Young yuppies. bars and other eating and drinking establishments in the Netherlands it’s often policy to provide lighter meals like sandwiches. info@sweetstore. although it may still be possible to order some Dutch treats like bitterballen until midnight. (+31) 204 16 10 90. info@restaurantmeram.

nl. Hoekenrode 10A. are some of the best features of this new building. The transparency of the building and the beautiful design of the station's roof. Check out its website if you're interested in taking in a concert at one of Amsterdam's most unusual hot spots. art. In any event. When one looks at this futuristic building it's hard to imagine that less than four decades ago it was no more than a simple wooden ticket office. which all evoke some nostalgia for the Berlin of the 1990s. Sun. parsley. The Heineken on draught is poured by friendly gay staff and on the other side of the bar you'll find an attractive mix of the many nationalities that live in this part of town.marcbikeshop. A bit further east you'll find another architectural highlight that belongs to ING in the Amsterdamse Poort area of Amsterdam Zuidoost. Why slowly you might ask. Buildings Amsterdam Bijlmer-Arena Station U/ Restaurants. Escalators and glass elevators bridge the height difference between the underpass and the higher platforms and tracks. AL Marc Bike Shop V-1. stored and repaired all kinds of bicycles. The new station is located above the ArenA Boulevard. lots comfort and a feeling of security. Although the set-up is legal these days.Utrecht rail line. What's remarkable about this station is that at the time it was the only railway station in the Netherlands that hadn't been designed by a Dutch Railways architect. the idealistic objectives of its rebellious past are still very much alive. This bike shop next to the train station does it all. tel..inyourpocket.18:00. This promenade is about 700m long and links the Amsterdamse Poort to the new centre area of Amsterdam South East. balls? The name bitterballen. or perhaps a rock. Since 2008. you might even see a modern castle. Underground Premises 14 (Pand 14) U-2.500 employees and consists of ten jointed towers of six to eight floors each. Bijlmer Station was opened in 1971 as a straightforward stop on the Amsterdam . watch our video at www. Looking from beneath. with hardly any vertical sections on the outside.zuidoost: nightliFe / sightseeing Bitter. With some imagination. You’ll see refined people in suits gulping down these breadcrumb encrusted snacks at gallery openings just as often as you see construction workers slowly chewing them with a beer after a day’s work. spices and other mystery ingredients is often served at a temperature usually only seen in magma chambers beneath volcanoes. Nightlife 't Pleintje V-1..17:00. Sat 09:00 . VJs and DJs. (+31) www. is alluring and puts one in mind of the final scene in Fight Club. is supported by huge steel columns. accommodates 2. two of which are for the metro system. If you aren’t familiar with these locks be sure to ask directions before you pedal off into the sunset. inyourpocket. its incredible scale and its meticulous design have all made it one of the city's most significant transportation links. This is one of the last sanctuaries for artists and performers in Amsterdam where they can hatch their plans without much interference from external forces. unusual sucking sounds and the inevitable grasping for any cold liquid available. conjures up all kinds of images and not entirely wholesome ideas from sour edibles hardly fit for consumption to a sex toy you might find in the Red Light district. it's easy to make friends for a night in this relaxed pub. Hoogoorddreef 888. tel. locals simply call it the Sand Castle due to the millions of bricks used in its construction and its sandy colour. Pand 14 is the place in Zuidoost for live music. During the day the offices on this industrial estate are taken over by hard-working ladies and gents in tailor-made suits. ING Building (ING Gebouw) U-1. Bike rental 206 96 78 80. This always creates interesting facial expressions. which is 200m long and reaches a height of between 20 and 30m. Amsterdam Bijlmer-Arena is much more than a public transportation hub. ING bank has a reputation for keeping up with architectural trends and the head office of this enormous multinational banking and insurance company at the southern end of Amsterdam has inspired such unfavourable nicknames as the shoe and the vacuum cleaner. but rather by professional British architects. with the notable exception of Pand 14 (Premises 14). In short. but it has cutting-edge. The light surroundings and the generous use of glass afford travellers a good view.p14. then don’t forget to dip it in some tasty Dutch mustard. Since 2008 it has rented. these deep-fried morsels of God knows what are a staple of Dutch cuisine and are on offer in nearly every café throughout the country. Closed Mon. If you’re too scared to try this national treat. The red and white Ajax flag on the ceiling leaves no doubt about what football team is supported here and numerous TV screens continually show MTV images and football matches. a ragout of meat. In fact. Harriet Freezerstraat 104. If you do decide to give it a go. This round space with a 360 degree view of the surrounding offices and the motorway. cabaret. which was completed in 1987. but at night it's an oasis of peace. onion. Arena Boulevard. even if you haven't been to a local coffeeshop. The Winter 2012/2013 . QOpen 09:00 . which is 70m wide. the station seems to float. The use of first-rate building materials. 95 Sightseeing Zuidoost may not have the famous canals of the city centre. www. The bikes are well-maintained and easy to ride and they also come with a lock above the back tire. Bohemian surroundings are complemented by a strong musical line-up and a warm and cosy atmosphere. which contrasts with the dark sky at while the first floor seems to change nearly every day. Muntbergweg 14. Few pubs represent multicultural and tolerant Amsterdam society better than 't Pleintje. The soft interior. www. the station's had a total of eight tracks. modern architecture and some impressive parks. The glass arched roof. or bitter balls. The design of the building is based on the idea of 'seeing and being seen'. (+31) 204 52 47 09. The dark hall downstairs is an intimate setting to experience raw music.

but considering the beautiful names of the congregations inside like the Arise for Jesus Ministry and Love Christian Church. There's even a small nude beach on the northern several manicured gardens. With a capacity for 17. row boats. The first artists to perform at the Ziggo Dome concert hall included such household names as domestic scenes and satirical works of art.500 trees were cut down to make way for the completion of the new park in 2011. each representing a nationality of the residents living in this part of town! Q T6EB Diemer Forest (Diemerbos) W-1. graphic designs. In the Bijlmer district a housing association has found an innovative solution to this Currently there are four metro lines. Tree-huggers can at least enjoy 130 different trees in the garden. respectively. Pearl Jam. The northern part was constructed in 1982 to host Floriade. Loosdrechtdreef and Provincialeweg. bike rides. Parks & Gardens Bijlmer Park (Bijlmerpark) V-1. In 2008. soon all this will be a thing of the past. Since over 8. The result was a colourful collection of science fiction characters. but don't expect any flashy beach houses or food stalls. Every time you got on the metro you never knew which piece of mobile art you were about to board. This spacious park occupies the northern shore of Lake Gaasperplas. www. All together there are five rooms available with a total capacity of 900 seats. The park came into being in the late 1970s and early 1980s and hosted the massive Dutch Floriade in 1982. 53 and 54. tel. an enormous flower and gardening event that is held once every 10 years. horse rides and walks through the swamp. You'll have to bring your own food for a pinic at the Gaasperplas. info@pentecostrevival. or took leisurely strolls. Due to the process of secularisation.700 visitors. When they started planting this forest in the early 1990s. It's sandwiched between other buildings. A large campground is also available in the park. no stained glass windows or any other religious embellishments at the entrance. but most people come here to go swimming and windsurfing or to rent a kayak for a few hours of fun on the water. The ground level can accommodate 7. This is a good indication of the important role Ziggo now plays in the cultural and musical life of Amsterdam and the a man-made body of water that was created when the land was excavated to provide sand and earth for the new building projects in the area. hidden old tree trunks revealed to scientists that this polder must have been a forest many years ago as well. Only sail boats. Unfortunately. From the outside the building itself doesn't in any way resemble a traditional Dutch church. there's no church tower. the International Horticultural Exhibition. as motorboats are Although the man-made Gaasperplas lies in a heavily populated area. No less than 15 church congregations now use the same building for their services. We will never know if the ancient ancestors of the Dutch enjoyed picnics at the tables here. You can easily spend a day in this area. but this will be extended to five lines within the next few years when the infamous North/South line will finally be completed. Another big and pleasant difference from typical halls is its upholstered chairs. this beautiful lake is still a perfect example of peace and tranquillity. www. Between Churches The Candlestick (De Kandelaar) V-1. but at different times. unique vegetation.500 people and the rings can seat 4. But the expansion of park and its waters has actually resulted in a wider diversity of flora and fauna. especially local green enthusiasts. www. windsurfers and fishermen can disrupt the peace here. bijlmerpark@zuidoost. the message and symbolism is perhaps more important than the actual architecture. but don't wait too long. Gaasperplas. Usually we applaud initiatives like these.dekandelaar. In the years to come all silver metro trains will be replaced by brand new French trains. A hospitality room is located next to the large hall where artists can have their own after party. rose gardens and dune Amsterdam In Your Pocket . Madonna and Radiohead. Even the number of toilets is flexible! Q AULW ArenA Poort in miniature Gaasper Park (Gaasperpark) V/W-1. Flierbosdreef. The swimming is great. Places of interest Art in the Metro (Kunst in de metro) Amsterdam has had a metro system since 1977.bijlmerparkmijnpark. If you'd like to try this experience take lines 50. Over 165 acres of park land is available with broad lanes.ziggodome. Burgemeester Vening Meineszlaan. Young street artists were given the opportunity to legally spray their creations. During some of the less popular concerts. The renovated Bijlmer Park is home to the famous Kwakoefestival in the summer and it's also an obvious choice for a relaxing stroll on a sunny day in Zuidoost. The idea behind it was to prevent the trains from becoming inundated with poor graffiti. You won't find a centimetre of grey concrete anywhere and everything inside the hall is completely black.96 zuidoost: sightseeing Ziggo Dome U-1.inyourpocket. On the other hand. comic heroes. of course. photos and drawings on 44 metro cars. yet somehow that's exactly what this Black Box. info@ziggodome. Muiderstraatweg. The Gaasperplas recreation area consists of a large lake.000 people you wouldn't expect an intimate atmosphere here. it pains us to leave behind all of the 'Metro Art'. which can reach over 35 metres. has achieved. Boats and canoes can also be rented and the park also hosts some great dance parties like Open Air and Gaasper Pleasure. all of the boring grey trains were decorated with all kinds of artistic scenes. children's playgrounds and plenty of lounge areas. not everybody was amused with this project. as it's already popularly known. (+31) 206 95 10 12. the higher rings are closed off with a black and 4. Arena boulevard 61-75. The Ziggo Dome consists of a section with standing room and two rings. The recently created Diemer Forest is sandwiched between Amsterdam and the suburb of Diemen. as in some of Amsterdam's other parks. but some people fear its great depth. more and more churches have been turned into luxury apartments by project developers. which has gripped the Netherlands for quite some time now. but you can today! Q T6U Lake Gaasperplas (Gaasperplas) V/W-1. particularly because the new cars will be fitted with extra wide chairs and all kinds of other modern bells and whistles.

one of World of Ajax Tours (Amsterdam ArenA) U-1. www. Admission: adults €12. tel. tel. but they get away with it because they're statues. In fact. The chairs and the screen have also been adjusted for digital films so you basically feel like you're taking part in all the The Pisser s of Amster dam (Les Pisseur s d'Amsterdam) V-1. Obviously. Some people only see two winding steel pipes. The idea came to him as early as 1972 during a trip through Mexico. Groesbeekdreef. Nellesteinpad. Unfortunately.bijlmertours. a free translation of this controversial work of art. this heady brew of different cultures and traditions makes for an interesting place to live. but had also carried secret military cargo. this is seldom an option as games sell out quickly and the team probably didn't consult you before scheduling its season. survivors and relatives of the victims needed a place where they could share their grief. At full capacity. Bijlmer can be a quiet estate with plenty of space and green areas for relaxing. At any time of the Kissing is encouraged in Zuidoost Winter 2012/2013 . ArenA boulevard 600. stalkers. After hours of walking. unfortunately. perfume and spare parts. There are currently four IMAX cinemas in the Netherlands including this one in Amsterdam. a visit to the Arena. a ticket to an Ajax match would be at the top of your wish list of things to do in the Dutch capital. ArenA Boulevard 1. which is. IMAX is a special movie format designed to display films on a much larger screen (22 x 16m) than at typical theatres. This. but his simple. In the past. In case you've been in a coma for the past 15 years. Statues & Monuments The Kiss (De Kus) V-1. have been taking a perpetual leak since 2010. (+31) 203 11 13 36. not the dressing rooms. The disaster took the lives of 43 people including the three crew members and the only passenger on the plane. 52. even when it's empty. Kruitberg 1005a. this was one of the highlights of the guided tour. The Pissers of Amsterdam.zuidoost: sightseeing Pathé Arena U-1. so you'll have to put together your own group of enthusiasts if you'd like to spend 2. If you're like many of Amsterdam's visitors. The plane was on its way from New York to Tel Aviv with a stopover at Schiphol. Bijlmer Tours doesn't organise guided tours for individuals or walk-ins.12 years €10. After the tragedy. The Tree That Witnessed Everything (De boom die alles zag) V-1. Bijlmerdreef. (+31) 207 78 61 31. might be a good alternative. It's also possible that many more people were killed as the apartment blocks at Groeneveen and Klein-Kruitberg were known to be inhabited by illegal aliens. crashed into two high rise apartment blocks in the Amsterdam district of Bijlmermeer. tel.960 supporters sing. the climax of the tour is a visit to the actual stadium. while others consider it a nightmare. 1992. The case has never really been cleared to anyone's satisfaction. Speculation arose that the plane hadn't only been transporting 114 tonnes of fruit. yet somehow he has managed to turn a banal topic into a colourful entity. much cheaper than a ticket to an actual match. Manneken Pis in Brussels.inyourpocket. You can also take a tour on a Segway or a scooter and you can customise your route to include ethnic eateries.pathe. tel. meaning most days. mosques or art and architecture. of course. as it turns scream and yell from their brightly coloured seats.5 hours listening to local expert Jenny. www. of course.Q Open 11:00 . biking or riding your scooter you can cast aside many of the prejudices that occupy the minds of many Amsterdammers regarding this vibrant district. A tree.bijlmerexperience. which had been spirited away by Mossad agents (the guys in white suits) after the crash. but with the help of this expert guide you'll learn about the background of this area that some regard as a problem. www. are the brainchild of Belgian artist Pascale Tayou.16:30 (except on event days). which had survived the crash and fire. Unfortunately. The life-size persons. Even if you're not a fan. Unplanned extra flights to Israel were also executed in secret. You can join a guided tour of the stadium in South East five times each day after you've paid the €12. but service is no longer offered as too many overzealous Sightseeing tours Bijlmer Hans Mooren Experience V-1. In that case. This is cinema as it was intended! 97 the largest air disasters in Dutch history took place here. but the highlight of the tour would have to be a visit to the mosque. (+31) 624 85 67 09. etc. On October 4. A Boeing 747 cargo plane from of the Israeli airline El Al. These men in 'astronaut suits' weren't able to speak Dutch and supposedly retrieved vital evidence.000 people live in Bijlmer representing more than 100 different nationalities. while others immediately detect the deeper meaning that was intended by artist Jeroen Henneman when he designed The Kiss. self-portraits of the creator. www. It's also one of the few statues that actually looks best when Dutch skies are completely grey. was picked as a suitable place. During the tour you'll get to see a number of significant parts of the stadium. Some regard this as a blessing. Wethouder Seegersplein 14. 09 00 14 58. Usually this would translate into a €75 fine for the perpetrators. Bijlmer Tours W-2. have stolen things as souvenirs for their shrines at home. This gregarious woman has lived in the 'most diverse district in Amsterdam' for decades. More than 100 apartments were destroyed and a year later this tragedy was given a bizarre dimension when it was revealed that right after the disaster 'about twenty men in white suits' were spotted at the site of the crash. the hallowed home of the players in red and white. yet powerful design was only erected on this public space at the Bijlmerdreef 10 years later in 1982. The Bijlmer housing estate is perhaps best known for its high proportion of residents of varied ethnic backgrounds. children 5 .com night or day there are always six guys urinating in public under the Groesbeekdreef. it's still a brilliant feeling to set foot in the ArenA.50 fee. Obviously. More than 90. is an obvious homage to his native land's most famous statue. Hans Mooren has been giving guided bicycle tours of the Biljmer neighbourhood for over 15 years to dispel the myth that this is an area of town plagued by social problems.

plenty of parking spaces and a large selection of products for reasonable prices is what you get today. Sat 10:00 . which is given a new dimension here due to the spiced minced meat. (+31) 206 96 84 47.21:00. Closed Sun. www. (+31) 203 65 01 08. QOpen 10:00 .20:00. dairy products and even gourmet chocolate and the Chinese owners have managed to create an authentic Dutch atmosphere here right down to the tacky décor. QOpen 10:00 .juwelierdewit.21:00.125. tel.20:00. tel. fruit. TAL Media Markt U-1. In the world of action sports new trends come and go quickly and Decathlon has plenty of expertise in this arena. featuring 60 shops selling everything you could possibly need or want that's related to home decorations and interior Bijlmerplein QOpen 08:00 . (+31) 206 97 88 40. Plenty of space is available in the parking garages and if you're exhausted from all the shopping. the selection of restaurants is far better than the food court or fast food venue at your average shopping mall. Media Markt also has a wide variety of beauty and wellness gadgets. Sun 10:00 . Sun 11:00 . Ever since 1965 this butcher shop has managed to satisfy every appetite with fresh. QOpen 09:30 .21:00. Anton de Komplein.17:00. LS Jewellery & Watches TW Steel Amsterdamse Poort 153. UL Markt Amsterdamse Poort V-1. There are almost always queues at the front counter.18:00. Bijlmerplein 88.villaarena. Thu 08:30 . Arena Boulevard 123 . vegetables and outstanding service. Thu 09:30 . www.18:00. www. This German chain of supermarkets offers an excellent selection of fresh produce. tents and skis. De Entree 1. You'll find fish. Q TL Shopping centres Amsterdamse Poort V-1. then there's no better option than this supermarket specialising in all the healthy greens you could possibly www. There are also about ten small seats available in case you can't wait to try one of the delicious snacks served here.17:30. partly open you can buy anything here from shoes and home furnishings to children's clothing or perhaps a new A large number of food stores are also located at this massive mall and over 9 million people visit Amsterdamse Poort each year so they must be doing something right. Enormous halls. Thu. Sat 10:00 . People have been buying wedding and engagement rings as well as oversized watches at this place for many years.19:00. Sandwiches and small French baguettes are the best-selling items at this popular cheese shop. It's also a good place for nuts.21:00. Sat 08:00 . Markets Every Monday and Thursday this giant square is filled to the rafters with market stalls from 09:00 till 18:00 This is probably the largest electronics shop in Amsterdam and it also has some of the longest opening hours in the city. Closed Sun. Sun 11:00 . Mon 12:00 . PTA6ULGBKSW Decathlon Arena U-1. this covered market resembles the multicultural society of this district the best. Villa Arena is the biggest speciality shopping centre of its kind in the country.19:00. Thu 08:00 . Although it can be easily reached by public transport.18:00. The speciality of the house is the very Dutch meatball sandwich. Don't leave without visiting the Shopperhal. (+31) Cheese Palais de Fromage V-1.amsterdamsepoort. but Zuidoost is the place to go in Amsterdam for megastores that are nearly cities themselves. tel. Year after year it's also been voted the most friendly supermarket in Holland by Dutch consumers. Q AULS Delicatessens & Ethnic food Slagerij Traitteur Meester V-1. Even if you don't want or need to buy anything it's an excellent place just to browse and kill time for an hour or so.17:00. which is a good sign. tel. www. Avoid the winter chill at the Villa Arena shopping centre Amsterdam In Your Pocket . fax (+31) 206 96 81 59.98 zuidoost: shopping Other parts of the city may be famous for antiques and small boutiques. Bijlmerplein. Sat 09:00 . Mon 13:00 . Thu 10:00 .19:00. Sun 11:00 .000 vehicles in case you have your own car.21:00. but certainly one of the best.22:00. If you're looking for incredibly fresh fruit and vegetables in Southeast. It employs over 250 engineers and 80 designers to create the next new sensation. one in Amsterdam and one in Kerkrade.17:00. www. The result of all this effort is a constant avalanche of new products including 3. Apart from all the necessary audio/visual equipment. Zaibunnisa Groentewinkel Shopperhal V-1. tel. Mon 13:00 . We can recommend the home-made soups as well if you heat them up at home.20:00. Partly covered. TAUL Villa Arena Woonmall U-1. This futuristic building opened in 2001 and its 75. (+31) 800 84 55 22 7.decathlon.slagerijmeester. In 1976 this company was established as a hypermarket for sports gear. Thu 10:00 . dried goods. Closed Sun.17:00.18:00.18:00.inyourpocket. Fri 09:30 . even though it's not exactly a small Mega stores 205 65 91 20.000m2 are just begging to be explored.17:30. QOpen 09:30 . info@ slagerijmeester. the area is surrounded by huge parking garages with spaces for more than 10. Bijlmerplein 94. QOpen 08:30 .mediamarkt. Bijlmerplein 87. Over 230 shops are concentrated in this huge open-air shopping centre. It's not the cheapest jewellery shop in (+31) 205 64 16 16. QOpen 10:00 . www.500 innovations per year from fishing lures for anglers to bikes. Supermarkets Lidl V-1. Mon 10:00 . meat.18:00. local food. Arena Boulevard 101. The company already has two mega stores in With a whopping four floors (and two extra parking ones).

zuidoost map 99 .

This is the real gem. Café ‘t Mandje is an historic time capsule that more closely resembles a classic Dutch brown bar than a modern ‘homo' hotspot.01:00. but it's probably not the best place to have your first gay experience and definitely not an appropriate venue to have an after-work drink with your straight business colleagues. info@clubchurch.clubchurch.100 Gay amsterdam Café Rouge G-6. (+31) 204 20 98 81. Eurovision and modern pop. Sat 17:00 . Fri.barbump. www. Grolsch or house wines.01:00. among others. And did we mention the gorgeous South-African bartender? QOpen 16:00 .20:00. Tue. www. thousands of people line the Prinsengracht and Amstel River to watch the world’s only pride parade on water. Other gay-frienly areas include Kerkstraat with two gay hotels (The Golden Bear and Amistad) as well as a good cruise club. straight or otherwise .inyourpocket. but you can start the evening with cheap happy hour drinks from 18:00 . the Netherlands became the first country in the world to officially recognise same-sex Thu 22:00 . This self-proclaimed drag show bar is a cosy haunt that resembles a brown bar rather than a cutting edge design bar so popular with the gay scene these days.01:00. Sat 16:00 . Sat 14:00 . Kerkstraat 4.20:00. Wed. A Historic interior of ‘t Mandje Photo courtesy of‘t Mandje www. private cabins and even a Saint Andrew's cross. Proud men at the Pride Parade Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. Fri. Sun 16:00 . some locals and loads of expats! Just write your name on the board and wait your turn. Amsterdam is the place to be for gays worldwide. Kerkstraat 52. this unpretentious late night spot attracts a diverse crowd willing to party and score. Amsterdam's hippest gay hotspot is appropriately located on one of the city's most gay-friendly streets that's adorned with more than its fair share of rainbow flags. info@barbump.000 participants and visitors each year. This is Amsterdam's ultimate cruising club with two floors of play and dance areas that offer changing theme parties and DJs every night.lellebel. Closed Mon. tel. transgenders. you can get it as wild or rough as you'd like it. Fri. Tue. the Spijker might not be as inviting as other bars in town. (+31) 206 22 53 75. club events and exhibitions of Amsterdam Pride draw more than 350. techno clubs and meat markets. Fri. QOpen 17:00 . Free condoms throughout the venue and lots of more serious kinky toys are available for use including www.03:00. tel. QOpen 16:00 .nl. because it's an easy way of getting in contact with other patrons was re-opened in 2007 by Bet's niece who continues the family tradition of offering a cosy space where people of any sexual orientation can enjoy a drink together. The street parties. At the back side of the bar. a leather scene and a cinema) and the Zeedijk (home to some cosy local cafés).amsterdam. For gay nightlife on average days visit the . Last but not least there’s a vast number of party places around the Amstel. In 2001. tel. Opened in 1927 by local legend Bet van Beeren as a pub for everyone . prime hunting ground for upmarket clubs and trendy restaurants. Although many gay bars today boast trendy interior décor. Anything can also mean nothing. Closed Mon. Fri. Recommended. A small darkroom is available upstairs. Warmoesstraat in the Red Light district (with cruise bars.03:00. The bar was completely renovated and each piece of memorabilia was removed from the walls and then painstakingly returned to its original place.03:00. With rainbow flags on nearly every other street and the annual Gay Pride PJGX Located in a dark basement. The walls filled with photos of Dutch and international royalty add to the campy atmosphere where anything can happen. Closed Mon. PJG Café ‘t Mandje B-1. On the first Saturday in Sun 14:00 . tel. Tue 16:00 . A live DJ tries to please the crowd with a mixture of gay classics.03:00. So bump and grind it on two floors. but on weekends and special days like Queen's Day it's a safe option for fun. which mostly consists of tourist Closed Mon. (+31) 204 27 51 39. QOpen 20:00 .24:00.cafetmandje. A Cafe Lellebel G-7. Zeedijk 63. is a pool table. which has nothing to do with heraldry and everything to do with bondage. Just around the corner from busy Rembrandtplein you'll find an alternative to the square's legendary nightlife. but those who make the effort are in for a surprise. This may very well be the oldest gay bar in the world.04:00. some weirdos. lesbians and gays have enjoyed its unique atmosphere since 1997 and it always makes a good showing at the gay canal boat parade each year and is the place to go for karaoke every Tuesday night. below two TV screens showing uninspired gay porn. Sat 16:00 . Nightlife Bump F-8. Transvestites. Sat 20:00 .nl. Fri. Utrechtsestraat 4.caferouge. Sat 22:00 . info@caferouge. QOpen 20:00 .01:00.04:00. De Spijker F-7. (+31) 20 620 59 19. J It’s hard to imagine a more gay and lesbian friendly travel destination than Amsterdam. QOpen 15:00 . Drop by for a tasty beer and old rock music by the likes of Ray Charles and Otis Redding that emanate from an old jukebox. PJ6X Club Church F-7. Red like a cheap brothel.3:00. Sun 12:00 01:00. Halvemaansteeg and Rembrandt Square. The DJs keep the crowds of attractive eligibles moving with electro and nu-disco into the morning hours. Kerkstraat 23. Amstel www. in the game room or the smoking area while drinking cocktails. Yep.

drag nights and hilarious bingo nights on Thursdays are all major draws. Downstairs a cosy backroom with a romantic canal view is also available and live DJs spin music at the weekend.01:00. Amstelstraat 7. Sun 12:00 . (+31) 207 75 39 63.04:00. www.20:00 to get in the www. At the head of the Montmartre can be a bit claustrophobic. Sun 16:00 03:00. (+31) 203 30 14 61. Sat 16:00 03:00. Fri.01:00) has also helped to build up a steady and happy clientiè You can also buy stuff at its Gays&Gadgets shop. Reguliersdwarsstraat 129. www. PJGBX 101 The Queens Head B-1. chandeliers. This might also be the place to see if the stereotypes about dark-skinned men and their toys are just a myth. 22 25 years €14.01:00. www.20:00. sexy cocktails. students and the occasional geriatric all mix in the labyrinth upstairs and the wet compartments on ground floor that include a swimming pool. Great music like salsa. Spuistraat 109. Prik rocks! QOpen 16:00 . PJFGBKXC 620 76 22. Fri. Spuistraat 44. Talk about discrimination! QOpen 10:00 . Raamstraat 33. Sat 16:00 .barreality.thermos. (+31) 206 23 91 The nearby Monument to Homosexuals or Homomonument was designed in 1987 by artist Karin Daan to inspire and support lesbians and gays in their struggle against discrimination.03:00. tel. PJGX Prik A-2. Prik. the Carribbean and other hot destinations. or even your A Pink Point & Homomonument E-5.00! QOpen 18:00 . tel.03:00. The décor is still very much stuck in the 1970s and about as cosy as the interior of a nuclear power plant. read. Halvemaansteeg www.04:00. and 26 and over €19. Ladies meet their friends.20:00. QOpen 12:00 . PJGBX www. tel. Sadly one of the three granite triangles is located right next to a public urinal. which explains the cruisy atmosphere.inyourpocket. QOpen 16:00 . hot bartenders who are actually friendly and attentive and a comfy smoking room on the first floor which seems to be a winning combination especially on a street that needed a breath of fresh air. In short. (+31) 204 20 Shirts are optional at the Pride Parade 14. The menu offers talk. tel.03:00. Sundays offer a double happy hour from 18:00 until 20.prikamsterdam. Two happy hours a day (from 18:00 . merengue and calypso is also available for those who are fed up with the regular gay bubblegum. QOpen 12:00 .01:00. prik- post@prikamsterdam. J6 39 30 12.18:00. It was voted several times as the best gay bar in town and we can certainly see why. QOpen 16:00 . Sat 20:00 . a trendy street bordering the Red Light district.04:00. eat.01:00. the Queens Head is an old time gay favourite with a loyal clientele.pinkpoint. Reality is a tropical-style ethnic bar.03:00. This place offers lots of information about everything you’d like or need to know about the gay scene in Amsterdam from night clubs and parties to local shops and publications. tel. Sun 12:00 .com Winter 2012/2013 .nl. An attached hair salon and beauty parlour is also available for those in need and free condoms can be found at the bar. Sun 12:00 . tel.01:00. Sat 16:00 . amsterdam Gay ??City?? 24 75.20:00. but most men seem to focus on other things. wet sauna and whirlpool. chubbies. Pink Point provides general information about gay and lesbian Amsterdam. www. info@cafemontmartre. dry sauna. Reguliersdwarsstraat 45. It’s staffed by volunteers who can provide all kinds of information about gay organisations and about gay life in general in the Dutch capital and they also sell some of the coolest gay souvenirs in the country. get drunk. so bring your attitude. Westermarkt to 9. Thermos is a legendary gay Amsterdam institution. One of the biggest gay saunas in Europe. Prosecco on tap. Always packed at the weekend. (+31) 206 Taboo B-3. sip their cocktails and dance in the late hours in this Art Deco-style space. www. (+31) 206 24 01 Montmartre B-3. tel.taboobar. croon with Sandra Kim and Kylie Minogue and dance the night away. so it's a bit alternative compared to the other places on Gay Main Street. Admission: under 21 years €10. Fri. You can also use its happy hour from 18:00 . gaytic.freehomepage. tosties and other finger food and the music varies from lounge and gay classics to upbeat and everything in between. this lesbian bar has been around for more than 30 years! It has an unpretentious and cosy atmosphere with old Hollywood posters on the wall. especially at the weekend. PJGB Gay information Gay Tourist Information Centre (GAYtic) A-1. PJG Reality B-3. Cheesy pop and Eurovision make Montmartre a heaven for all Dutch Zeedijk 20. (+31) 203 20 00 02.19:00 and 24:00 . www. Customers tend to hail from exotic locales such as Suriname. Friendly bar staff. and have a drink to start the night off.vivelavie. QOpen 11:00 . but those who enjoy lots of bodily contact and flirting with the hot young boys in their teens and twenties that come here are in for a real treat. it's a lovely place to actually meet other people. The pink triangle was the symbol homosexuals were forced to wear by the Nazis.queenshead. is the ideal place to meet your tel. QOpen 20:00 . Fri. Fri. It is also a memorial to gay men and women who were oppressed and persecuted because of their lifestyles and beliefs.03:00. Sat 12:00 . PJGBX Vivelavie B-3. tel. This bar boasts two big screens showing cheesy music videos. Sat 16:00 .nl.cafemontmartre. An institution in the Amsterdam gay-scene. tasty finger food a live DJ and a good vibe will probably make you linger around longer than you might have planned. (+31) 20 Saunas Thermos Sauna E-7. Fri. a relaxed and cosy café near Dam Square. (+31) 20 428 10 70. Tourists.

J Amnesia E-5.01:00. the other is a bar/restaurant and the final one is a souvenir shop/bar and smoke-room. Given the city's status as a major shipping hub and its maze of canals. proof enough that the system works (for the 'evil' criminal gangs anyway). tel. it is always good to remember that the souvenir shop will provide you with numerous ways to annoy your boss/ mother-in-law/ lecturer/ law enforcement agency (delete where appropriate). a list of dozens of coffeeshops (of the 280 available) not to be missed during your stay is provided here. The staff is friendly and outdoor roadside seating is available in good weather. which also provides great people watching opportunities. or get high and have a coffee. with the décor). Even if you're just eager to sit down in pleasant surroundings. Today. www. but once your desires have been met. Popular particularly with tourists. Down a side-street off one of the main boulevards in Amsterdam Centrum. Sint Antoniesbreestraat 71.. This coffeeshop review is more about the three establishments which are part of Barney's coffeeshop empire and all located on Haarlemmerstraat within close walking distance of each other. Coffeeshops in Amsterdam have a particularly long history (Mellow Yellow was the first one in 1973).amsterdam. coffeeshops in Amsterdam are a tourist attraction by themselves. Some look more like nightclubs. These windows also provide the best lighting to the extensively intricate artwork covering the inside walls from top to bottom. Visit www. www. Coffeeshops could easily be supplied straight from shipping containers via the many canals on small boats. As we go to print. even in the peace-loving Netherlands. And in the for the latest information. an openly xenophobic and extremely conservative politician has been voted into government. it's not hard to imagine how drug trafficking in this city was an attractive option. you'll find this surprisingly cosy mediumsize coffeeshop spread over several narrow . This revival of right-wing popularity has resulting in conservative lawmaking. a 'Weed Pass' for Dutch citizens. QOpen 10:00 . this is a good option.. GBX Bluebird B-2. The first thing to be said about this coffeeshop is that it's part of a chain which has received many Cannabis Cup Awards and therefore should be on the map for any connoisseur. even during times of cannabis prohibition. The idea has been imitated across much of Europe. before the premises had even been entered. this establishment boasts a pleasant décor of purple swirls and gold and black as well as equally pleasant and efficient staff.inyourpocket. get high and eat.barneys. one could dream up other inyourpocket.abraxas. so that you're never at any point far away from one of these exceptional Dutch institutions.coffeeshopbluebird. Bluebird might seem at first like a small coffeeshop. Barney's D-3. Amsterdam’s city council is not amused by the national government’s law. The availability of vaporizers make this an ideal location for a trippy experience (along. Herengracht 133. tv. Naturally. it includes large comfortable banquettes and pleasantly mellow lighting aided by candles on every table. extra coffeeshop licences and purchase restrictions).14. Jonge Roelensteeg 12 . sometimes near the canal. get high and drink. www.102 high times Symbol key P Air conditioning C Swimming pool F Fitness centre 6 Pets allowed K Restaurant W Free wireless internet A Credit cards accepted H Conference facilities U Facilities for the disabled L Guarded parking D Sauna Minicards offers Whether you smoke the herb or not. (+31) 204 27 78 74. P 206 22 52 32. (+31) 204 27 94 69. meaning that in between these three places. QOpen 09:30 . Naturally. the situation regarding Amsterdam’s coffeeshops in 2013 still remains unclear. it provides its customers with arguably one of the best choices in life. of course. When in doubt just ask the staff at a coffeeshop and hope for the best. Choose the wrong one and you you'll probably forget that you were in Amsterdam altogether. Haarlemmerstraat 105. After extensive wandering around (and getting lost in) Amsterdam.01:00. (+31) Enjoy a toke before it’s too late! Ilse Ouwens Amsterdam In Your Pocket www. With extensive mosaics and elaborate décor. Although the hated Weed Pass has been done away with by Holland’s new government.QOpen 10:00 . but the upstairs is substantially larger than the ground floor and the windowwalls over the street are very effective in giving the place a light and airy feel.01:00. especially when sitting in the den of creativity that can be a coffeeshop.yes. We’ll let you know what’s going on as soon as we know! Coffeeshops Abraxas A-2. There are many different types of coffeeshops. One venue is a coffeeshop. tel. this will be noted in the coffeeshop description as much as possible. these local institutions are now only allowed to sell to residents of the Netherlands. others like Tibetan monasteries (once you're stoned) and others like super-modern cafés. and even emptied in the same manner should the authorities decide to pay a visit. For readers who prefer coffeeshops with more local patronage. And to get high with a bong or a vaporizer? So many wonderful choices to be made here. many have outside seating. they are mostly supplied by car. as well as the Americas. down a quiet side street. The experience may not be around for long should the Dutch government have its way . Because Amsterdam is a tourist Mecca you'll see plenty of foreign clientele at most places. you can smoke drink and eat to your heart's content in an attractive environment with a pleasant décor.01:00. With a view of the canal. They are selected from across the city. QOpen 07:30 . forcing the eye (stoned or not) to wander endlessly. Games are also on offer like a pinball machine and the crowd is of a local variety with a mix of some tourists as Well organised and efficient staff make this an attractive option for a relaxed (but brief) break while touring the city's many delights. which affects even the humble coffeeshop via intrusive laws and regulations (ie. a much less romantic option. It’s not known whether the local police in Amsterdam will enforce this ban on selling weed to tourists. Choose the right one and it'll be an experience you'll never tel. for different kinds of people.

PEGBXW Coffeeshop 36 B-1. QOpen 08:00 . a steak and a joint without even leaving the premises. you can.katsu. but is still pleasing to the eye even before a smoke. (+31) 206 27 19 08. QOpen 10:00 . It's close enough to the station for a one-hour stopover or you could even just grab a beer. www. tel. The low lighting.high times Bulldog No. there are large sofas to sink into and the friendly staff can ensure all your needs are met down here underwater. Kerkstraat 39. newspaper articles and the orange (you'll understand once you get here) tells the story of this venerated establishment.01:00. JGX www. Part of one of the best coffeeshop chains. (+31) 206 25 98 64. Upstairs is what can only be described as a dark nightclub with plenty of coloured lights jumping around. Internet stations are also available for downloading that evening's soundtrack. which isn't exactly an advantage if you're travelling with wheel-bound suitcases. drink and smoke. If inhaling at a stool isn't your thing. JB 103 Grasshopper A-1. www. A TV and some board games are available as well as a few snacks. tel. Computers with internet access are available (for a fee) for any last-minute travel arrangements or any web addicts and the staff are friendly and helpful. and the occasional tourist. This coffeeshop is a bit dark and on the small side. Oudebrugsteeg 16. GBXW Dolphins F-7. It's a large. www. QOpen 08:00 . Fri. but important detail when you want to get your smoke on in a hurry. With seating overlooking the canal on the inside and seating on the edge of the canal outside.01:00.01:00. its colourful interior is a pleasure for stoned eyes. although the police station has been transformed into a multi-storey smoking. street and people watching and is. not to mention the most varied. Alcohol including cocktails is available making it an ideal spot for hanging out and shooting some pool in the evening until the proper clubbing kicks off. A small. but the friendly staff and separation of weed and drink sales (rare so close to the station) make it a worthwhile addition to our list.24:00. To avoid confusion make sure that the staff weighs your goodies in front of you and skip the potent 0G18 weed unless you're a very experienced smoker. 1e van der Helststraat 70. According to new laws that will be implemented soon. which is conveniently found at the same counter. not surprisingly. colourful lights and bar games like pool. X Bulldog Palace F-7. The multiple floors cover each of these aspects and it has a pre-club feel in the evening with private booth tables. nl. The décor has no particular theme. PJB Greenhouse Centrum B-2. This coffeeshop is housed on several different levels. QOpen 11:00 .inyourpocket. QOpen 09:00 . A good choice to get a quick high while waiting for a train or hotel check-in. tel. Its canal view at the back sold us on this place and it's close to the station which is ideal if you're in Amsterdam only The Bulldog is a legend and very popular with tourists Winter 2012/2013 . Sat 11:00 . comfy seating and cushions all ensure a relatively cosy experience and its located near the train station.thegrasshopper. but that could have just been the effects of the haze. Arguably the first ever coffeeshop in Amsterdam. drinking and dancing venue. When the weather does go bad.01:00. (We like to get down to business as soon as we arrive). Warmoestraat Oudezijds Voorburgwal 90. QOpen 10:00 .01:00. The friendly owner has created an atmosphere where tel. Leidseplein 17. spacious place with a pleasant conservatory style smoking area at the front and features two separate downstairs areas: one for weed and one for souvenirs. Sun 09:00 . it will be categorised as a hard drug. 'strategically' placed wrought-iron gates and the metal rock interior will suit some more than others. JB Katsu H-10. The lively atmosphere and large tables may not make it the best place for a relax and a read. the herb purchasing area is seperate from the drinks area. tel. incredibly popular with tourists.thebulldog. 90 B-2. tel. but the candles. The product sold here is some of the best in the Netherlands. The décor of memorabilia like old photos. Oudezijds Voorburgwal 191. (+31) 206 24 24 93. QOpen 08:00 . which gives off a pub-like atmosphere. (+31) 206 26 12 Funny People B-1. Fancy going down the police station for a spliff? Well in Amsterdam. sit down at one of the many high quality vaporizers and just do your thing. Sun 12:00 . The constant bubbling and of course your choice of herb will make you feel as if submerged in another world. Nieuwebrugsteeg 24.01:00. although you may have to swim to the surface (or the bar) to get served. (+31) 206 25 91 62. this coffeeshop is an ideal place any time of year.23:00. This grand establishment is a one-stop shop for food. The massive outdoor terrace overlooking the canal is one of the best spots in summer for boat. this establishment combines cannabis history and getting high with an excellent central location. but is probably more appropriate for meeting new people and perhaps planning a night out. can feel at home while smoking a joint or taking a toke of a bong. You won't find a place like this anywhere in Amsterdam or any other place on the planet for that matter. Katsu's laid-back atmosphere and its impressive cannabis selection are just two reasons to head over to the De Pijp neighbourhood. With an overwhelming marine theme and the friendly dolphin as your guide you can make a selection from the affordable and obviously placed menu. QOpen 08:00 .23:00. Finally. tel. and well worth analysis under a microscope. Sat 07:00 .01:00. (+31) 206 23 86 63. (+31) 206 27 17 39. Fri. this establishment in a busy part of the city centre is quite busy itself and with good reason! The outside seating area next to the canal away from the main drag is an ideal spot for smoking on a sunny day.01:00. www.

com . 56 39. QOpen 10:00 . Don't leave without taken at least one bite from their delicious home-made weed brownies! QOpen 11:00 . Candles add ambience in the evening and on dark days. along with other games. Resin A-1. The Moroccan tea will make you even more relaxed if you decide to spark up. The staff here aren't particularly friendly. www. one of the oldest coffeeshops in Amsterdam is also one of the most appealing and original for smokers and nonsmokers alike. it still provides convenient access to the Red Light District.104 high times La Tertulia E-6. tel. even though it's more than worth a detour.000 coffeeshops. Beware! If you can't relate to the Rastafarian way of life. The building really looks like that MZ Old Church B-2. then by all means pay a visit to Lion of Judah. B Lion of Judah (Bushman) B-1. mon. and you may drool (well. The outside seating next to the canal in a quiet area of the city makes for a relaxed break while wandering the beautiful surroundings. but these days only a quarter of these remain. The selection of drinks and inexpensive sandwiches and toasties is more extensive than in most coffeeshops in Amsterdam and the many plants. start with (+31) 206 13 95 96. QOpen 10:00 . Open since 1983. (+31) 206 23 02 22. Magic A-3. Noon There are TV screens to catch your gaze and music with an electronic edge drones on in the background. which has served as a haven for local smokers since 1991. particularly if loaded with luggage . tel. (+31) 206 24 27 23. the environment which the friendly mother and daughter create here. tel. Most tourists never set foot in this quiet place.coffeeshopamsterdam. maybe not the second part). a keen eye may be able to discern sex swings. Amsterdam used to boast over 1. The price difference may sometimes be quite substantial between these two types. pleasant music and menu options provide a satisfying smoking experience. Oudezijds Voorburgwal 47. (+31) 204 20 12 64. The friendly staff. Closed Mon. tel. this coffeeshop may provide a some pleasant respite during a visit to Amsterdam. detailed décor and comfortable seating make this an ideal coffeeshop for relaxation. and then perhaps try a haze joint to see how you feel. and non-haze which has a somewhat milder effect. you may not enjoy this coffeeshop. www. including Paradox in the heart of the Jordaan. haze weed will show you how truly stoned you can get. but the giant neon signs on the facade will certainly help. tel. (+31) 206 24 74 03. Sun. Prins Hendrikkade 7 III. or even a regular hashish smoker. Conveniently close to the station and complete with outdoor terrace as well as a conservatory-type lobby area. This coffeeshop is surprisingly hard to find given its position in the centre of Amsterdam. providing trippy experiences at every corner. but then again that's fairly typical of Amsterdam coffeeshops where the stoned customer is rarely king. or to recover from your travels if arriving. You’re not stoned. Herengracht stairs or steps. which has high THC content and creates a strong stoned or high feeling. Colourful. www. 1e Bloemdwarsstraat. and that's about it. Other seating is available in the form of sofa benches lining the wall. but beware as some types may stick you to your chair. Apart from the relatively ordinary weed menu. Stare at the murals. If. Prinsengracht 312. (+31) 204 22 98 38. Its outdoor terraces are a pleasure to experience in the summer. tel.20:00. Amsterdam In Your Pocket Rastababy F-3.paradoxcoffeeshop. chat with locals or try the vaporizer while sitting at one of its large tables. as well as large comfortable seating areas. QOpen 12:00 . Fairly spacious with a particularly original and green interior. this coffeeshop is a great spot to wait for the train if you're leaving. The reggae music and black history décor as well as the real Rastafarian (or so it appears) serving you behind the bar will certainly help you to get closer to Jah with rather normal legal and de-criminalised products on offer here. Oudekerksplein 54. you'd like to embrace your inner Marley. There are internet-connected PCs. Zieseniskade 22. (+31) 206 23 85 03. but the odd rustic/ Indian theme and the ordinary menus mean that the highlight of this coffeeshop is its outdoor terrace.01:00. but don't worry.inyourpocket. particularly after the scenic walk to get to here. includes extensive detailed artwork on the outside as well as the inside. This charming North African-style coffeeshop boasts computers with internet access and a pool table. as well as the multiple levels and patio furniture make one feel as if they were picnicking in a garden. as haze weed plants (usually strong sativas .01:00. Hekelveld 7. Its walls are regularly decorated by promising young graffiti artists and the best works will make you feel like you're hallucinating even when you're not stoned. however. (+31) 206 23 Embracing the haze You should also bear in mind that there are usually two types of weed sold.for those in the know) are bigger and harder to grow properly than non-haze (usually strong indicas) plants. Reflecting the theme of the famous Red Light District. For regular (weed) smokers (close to daily). haze. Far away from the main tourist areas you may find that this place is more appropriate when not alone. Slightly removed from the main canals and touristy streets. tel. If you’re a non-regular smoker.19:00. as well as the usual smoking paraphernalia. JX Paradox D-7. a TV and even a bicycle pump last time we checked. It's a good stop before a night of partying on Leidseplein.

Bag of 3 seeds €20 . (+31) 204 21 58 85. QOpen 11:00 . books and plenty of souvenirs. Have no fear. QOpen 10:00 . With one of the walls entirely covered in posters. You can also expect small wooden art work. sprawling affair on the Leidseplein.24:00. tel. tel. Regulierssteeg 2.amsterdamseedcenter.20:00. tel. www. this light and simply decorated coffeeshop is run by friendly staff. Unlike its Russian namesake. All the seeds you could need as well as some t-shirts and souvenirs can be found here near the Nieuwmarkt. A large. (+31) 644 14 www. Kokopelli won’t let you down. Unfortunately. Wed 10:00 . wooden tables. St. QOpen 10:00 . This shop specialises in seeds.thebigtrip.23:00. comfortable smoke. Sat 11:00 .18:00. Visit this coffeeshop on a Friday or Saturday and you'll be able to enjoy some live DJing with your smoke in a cosy atmosphere.smokey. this graffiti den-cum-coffeeshop (or the other way around) has its own resident Winter 2012/2013 The Saint B-3. this formidable pub/pre-nightclub coffeshop is a good place to start with (or without) friends before going on to the nightlife provided by this infamous party area. (+31) 206 23 09 38. QOpen 11:00 . Located near the quiet but picturesque Nieuwmarkt part of psychedelic herbs and other fun stuff. Some food is available. Kloveniersburgwal 39. The extensive choice of 40 teas provides a world of fragrances to complement the other pungent herbs you can purchase here. tel. (+31) 206 27 94 68. (+31) 613 97 93 21. hemp clothing and accessories as well as some practical purchases like vaporisers and bongs. However. www. QOpen 10:00 . 105 Rusland B-2. The Head Shop B-2. (+31) 205 28 55 56.21:00. Why buy untested and unproven weed when you can just buy seeds that have already been awarded the prestigious Cannabis Cup? If you live in Holland or another European country where it's legal to import cannabis seeds you can ask the knowledgeable staff here everything there is to know about cultivating this amazing plant. tel. Amsterdam Seed Center A-2. During the tour you’ll visit a few of the more unknown coffeeshops in town and learn a bit about current trends in the world of there’s also plenty of time for smoking and you can ask the budtender questions. QOpen 11:00 . It's a good place for a break while exploring one of the side streets nearby. Hempshopper A-2.well if it's good anyway). Fri. it provides free marshmallows in case you feel light-headed (a common side effect of the herb . which has been in operation since A Elements of Nature A-1. tel. seeds. Down a neat little side street in a corner of the city centre. www. (+31) 207 54 28 13. Rusland provides a pleasant break from the coffeeshop norm. hash pipes and smoking accessories as well as incense and souvenirs. Mon. Candles. advantage if you're just looking for a quiet time. smoking accessories. A Kokopelli B-2. They’re experts in the field of cannabis consumption. tel. A successful but original mix of Russian and Moroccan décor. PEGXW 72 44. Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 80. Elandsgracht 53.22:00.13. Q W Weed tours Ganja Tours Rembrandtplein 24.22:00. (+31) 206 24 06 45. as well as your ears thanks to the chilled music. a little peckish or indeed. It's kept in a vivarium.19:00. www.19:00. One of the city’s oldest head shops. are excluded from this service. but if you're lucky you'll arrive at feeding time which will definitely provide a particularly trippy experience. Warmoesstraat 12. Similar to a big American-style bar its large number of chairs and tables are able to accommodate groups of any size. flowers on the tables as well as good music all contribute to the success of this converted garage. Sun 11:00 .rokerij. Sat 11:00 . tel. The shop also sells books about growing cannabis and t-shirts made from hemp. (+31) 204 21 70 00. If you’re in a hurry or don’t know which one of Amsterdam’s 250 coffeeshops to try call Ganja Tours. Naturally. Siberie A-1. although to no extreme extent. The staff are friendly and its distant location ensure a local clientele . including the USA. Brouwersgracht 11.coffeeshopsiberie.19:00. vitamins. games are provided and the large wooden tables give all the space necessary to enjoy your time here without inconveniencing other patrons. Gravenstraat 12. QOpen 12:00 . golden ashtrays and many different levels to explore. Sun 12:00 . www. Fri. tel. this coffeeshop can be found in the scenic Jordaan district. QOpen 11:00 . Rusland 16. (+31) 206 24 90 61. 53 29. if you just fancy one. The latest addition to the Rokerij chain. herbal e’s (also known as natural stimulants). cushion seating and a pleasant interior adorned with both Tibetan and Moroccan details. QWalking and bike tours from €49 for four hours. tel. if you do enjoy a toke with your party and would like to mix it up with both locals and tourists alike.22:00. Smokey B-3. JA ASG Gif ts (Allstar Genetics) B-2. Featuring coloured candles.24:00.20:00. (+31) 206 20 79 16. tel. tel. your eyes may wander while having a toke here. Fri. Smart & Head shops (+31) 207 37 00 60. Sat 10:00 . Korte Koningsstraat 2. still sells all manner of bongs. Also at Haringpakkerssteeg 11 . seeds. this coffeeshop could be the ideal place to play a game or two while making use of some of the bongs provided. you could hardly find a better venue.30. (+31) 206 23 Solo B-2. www. A smart shop where you can purchase mushrooms. Seeds can be ordered online and sent to your home country. US residents aren't allowed to bring any seeds home.22:00. but this might not be the place for a quiet. but due to legal issues most countries outside the EU. but best of all.HigH times Rokerij IV E-7. smart products. Warmoesstraat 97. Sat 10:00 . The herbal menu here is exceptional and includes cannabis cup varieties and a good selection of drinks like fresh OJ. If you’re looking for entheogenics (otherwise known as psychoactive substances). (+31) 206 23 59 09. Tue. that is if the crazy artwork and mirrors don't get you going first. it's located in the urban centre of the .headshop. a common cushioned seating area complete with a view onto the street and a friendly cat make this place an excellent environment in which to relax alone or with friends. Antoniesbreestraat 15.inyourpocket.kokopelli.

www. Sat 11:00 .106 sports & leisure Ajax matches Whether due to the magic of its illustrious past. tel. €45 .01:00. De Ruyterkade 153. Sportplaza Mercator R-3. tel. tel.03 Holland vs. There are a high number of season ticket holders. Italy (friendly).02 Ajax info@dehollandschemanege. restaurant and sports bar in the lovely Amsterdam Bos. During certain hours of the day this swimming pool opens it doors to the public for recreational purposes.22:00. Upcoming football matches: 20. This gym doesn't require a QOpen 09:00 . tel. Sun 08:00 . QOpen 08:00 . Scheldplein 3. Bowling: €22. Swimming pools Sloterparkbad Ajax still draws tens of thousands of tourists every year. Sign up for some court time.23:00. Estonia (World Cup qualifier).com Amsterdammers tend to park their bikes anywhere MZ Amsterdam In Your Pocket . you’ll often find lots of empty seats in the stadium as not all season ticket holders are completely loyal to their Holland spa. Feyenoord AA 06. which has been in operation in the Vondel Park since 1882.ajax.20:00.knijnbowling. tel. Unfortunately. Amstelveen.fransottenstadion.23:00.28/hour depending on the day and time or you could come for disco bowling at the weekend from 23:00 for €11. loverspowerzone.nieuwamstelland. (+31) 206 26 26 22. www.27. Q AK Lovers Powerzone G-4. info@paintballjungle. www. Jodenbreestraat tel. Wibautstraat 224. Sun 11:00 . www. QOpen 16:00 .03 Ajax www. amsterdam@sportcity. tel. (+31) 206 13 11 29.amstelpark. Fri 15:00 .18:00. (+31) 205 06 35 06. QOpen 09:00 . (+31) 206 18 89 11.65 AA Paintball Paintball Jungle Wethouder van Essenweg. nl. This is in stark contrast to the official so-called core support of the F-side. This part of the stadium is populated by mostly young fans that are the team’s most die-hard Photo by Louis van de Vuurst Amsterdam Arena Arena boulevard 1. info@nieuwamstelland. (+31) 206 64 22 11.sloterparkbad. Manege Nieuw Amstelland Jan Tooropplantsoen Although it's a member's club you can order a day pass via its website. You can also play squash or take advantage of its fitness centre. (+31) 203 11 13 33. Ajax vs. so only a few thousand seats are for sale for each (+31) 206 62 87 67. Sun 09:00 .sportfondsen.amsterdamarena. amsterdamwaterloo@sportcity. tel. ADO Den Haag AA 10. so you can just pay as you go. sportcity. (+31) 206 83 44 36. The matches. Tennis anyone? Take your pick of 21 outdoor or 11 indoor courts. AC Tennis courts Frans Otten Stadion IJsbaanpad 43.dehollandschemanege. Get back in the saddle at this riding school. Jan van Galenstraat 315.50/ hour. TJG Fitness & Gyms 289HS. Brightside Fitness Amsterdam C-9. (+31) 203 01 07 00. Laser tag: €9 .75 AA 10. www. www. Bowling Knijn Bowling D-6. PEC Zwolle AA Shoot your friends as part of a stag night or come here with your colleagues for a little team building exercise. Roda JC AA 24.50 . 35 horses and 15 ponies are at your disposal at the Dutch Riding School. tel. however. fitness centre and gym. tel. AK Sportcentrum Amstelpark Koenenkade 8 (Amsterdamse Bos). reserve a squash court or take a lesson and improve you backhand. even when a game has officially sold out. nl.01:00. QOpen 13:00 18:00. They’ve recently been overshadowed by the young supporters of which can be bought via the official Ajax site (www. are seldom boring in large part due to Section 410. Wed 12:00 .01 Ajax vs. (+31) 204 65 56 66.22:00. (+31) 206 18 09 42. Sport City Wibautstraat J-8. ALKD www. A huge swimming pool. info@loverspowerzone. the excitement of the famous arena or just as part of a football pilgrimage. tel. Looking for a place to take a swim? Want to burn off some carbs on the tennis court? Feel like a beer and some bowling? Read on. Sport City (+31) 206 43 24 68. Take advantage of six modern bowling lanes or challenge your friends to a game of laser tag.paintballjungle. Sat. President Allendelaan 3. Baarsjesweg Horse riding De Hollandsche Manege E-9. A lane will cost you €21 . Although it's a member's club you can order a day pass via its website. (+31) 207 60 76 00. which you can find behind the goal. €49 . tel. Vondelstraat 140. www. Sat. www. Sun 11:00 .23:00.22:00.

www.19:00.liFestyle directory Need to wash some clothes while you check your e-mail or find a doctor to bandage a sprained ankle? Looking for a place to entertain your children or maybe a pharmacy to keep your hangover in check? You'll find the answers here.21:00. www. This large chain offers dry cleaning and clothing repair services. QOpen 07:00 .20:00. Prinsengracht Clinic F-7. fax (+31) 205 66 44 40. Dry cleaning as well as washing machines. (+31) 205 66 91 11. Voetboogstraat extensions and braids as well as cuts and colouring. QOpen 09:30 18:00. Sun 12:00 . (+31) 206 25 36 72.tandartsennet. kayla@hair-police.19:00. Sun.videoland.uva. www. QOpen 10:00 . (+31) 206 34 15 75.tpan. tel. Sun. Closed Sat. tel.Zaprauskis www. Closed Sun. Tweede oosterparkstraat 36H. tel. Hair Police J-7. info@tadh. Mon. Tue 10:00 . Sun 15:00 .50 per load.283. Fri. full service €7.amc. tel. (+31) 205 99 41 00. nl. Thu. Tommyz Toko Admiraal de Ruijterweg 85. This place offers everything from Hollywood blockbusters to art house flicks. Be prepared to walk out feeling hipper than ever. www. tel. tel. The Hair Police specialise in dreads.17:00. Tandartsenpraktijk Amsterdam Noord N-2. www. Kinki Kappers D-3. Sat. internet access and printing as well as drinks and (+31) 206 22 78 Hairdressers & Barbers (+31) 204 20 58 41. (+31) 206 38 78 72. Self-serve washing machines starting at as low as €3 per load.tommyztoko. tel. Sat 09:00 . QOpen 09:00 . Amstel 7. www. Bilderdijkstraat 64. Dry cleaning services as well as clothing repair.olvg. Closed Sun. QOpen 12:00 .17:00. (+31) 206 12 05 70. tel. Closed Sun. Cult Videotheek G-6.17:00. The Wash Company E-3. Looking for replacement parts for your bike? Crashed into a car and need repairs? These guys will sort you www. www. Sun 10:00 . Haarlemmerdijk 17. Van der Pekstraat 92. Mon 13:00 .22:00. QOpen 10:00 . www. tel. tel. (+31) 614 03 28 03. Medina Wasserij P-2. As the name suggests. Videoland D-7. (+31) 206 70 85 31.22:00.inyourpocket.22:00. Closed Sat. AMC (Academisch Medisch Centrum Universiteit van Amsterdam) Meibergdreef 9.19:00. Warmoesstraat 30. nl. www. QOpen 08:00 . Self serve €5. Q Laundries & Dry cleaners Kalver Kledingreparatie & Stomerij A-3. Javastraat 92. Sat 10:00 this is the place to go to buy or rent cult classics.50. info@tommyztoko. www. tel. . (+31) 206 25 60 00.18:00. 107 Bicycle repair Het Zwarte Fietsenplan F-8. Powders F-7. Sat 09:00 .cultvideotheek. Enjoy the art on the walls while you get a trendy haircut either by the owner Tommy or one of the other talented Fri 09:00 .nl. Sun. QOpen 10:00 . QOpen 08:00 . Sun 09:00 . (+31) 206 38 78 Laundry and dry cleaning services on Javastraat. (+31) 206 92 51 68.22:00. Sun 12:00 .19:00. Wed 09:00 17:00. QOpen 16:00 . tel. Thu 09:30 . Winter 2012/2013 Where did I leave my bike? M. tel. (+31) 207 51 27 17. Laundry & Things A-1.22:00. Lijnbaansgracht 282 .nl. Haarlemmerdijk 32. Tue. fax (+31) 205 99 43 67. informatie@olvg. info@kinki.21:00. QOpen 09:00 . DVD rental 43. tel. Kerkstraat 56. A Palthe Middenweg 48.19:00. tel. You'll feel like a fashion model at this trendy hair Closed Mon. QOpen 08:00 . Hospitals Open 24hrs. QOpen .20:00.18:00. info@tpan.21:00.tadh. Prinsengracht 769.17:00. (+31) 626 30 60 57. Thu 10:00 .17:00. A Dentists Tandartsen aan de Herengracht F-6. Herengracht 318. Sat 10:00 . QOpen 09:00 . (+31) 206 94 71 56. Mon. Tue. This is a full service or self-service laundry that offers free wi-fi.

com. And like In Your Pocket guides. QOpen 11:00 . neck and shoulder massage. (+31) 205 23 09 www.18:00. Visit the App Store on your iPhone or PC/Mac now and search for ‘IYP Guides’ by name. QOpen 09:00 . Oosterdokskade JAL Amsterdam In Your Pocket Crooked buildings in Amsterdam Centrum MZ www. This modern glass building between the Central Station and the NEMO Science Centre not only has an interesting location but also books in English. Central pharmacy offering all of the usual in Oost. (+31) 204 21 21 21. Singel 370. well-written and independent information . A full body massage. Sun. foot. tel. (+31) 206 68 15 65. This massage centre lets you relax by floating in warm water heated to 35. QOpen 08:00 . Hasselaersteeg 14. Closed Sun. wittopkoning.inyourpocket. Head. Also at K-5. (+31) 204 16 04 03. (+31) 206 12 82 77. nl. QOpen 12:00 . www.dam-apotheek. tel.108 liFestyle directory In Your Pocket Apps A brand tel. Javaplein 2. QOpen 11:00 .nl. A 30-minute foot massage. tel.17 to the Kinkerstraat stop.with the functionality of the iPhone. Other features include fully integrated Google (+31) 206 39 11 49. QOpen 08:00 . and find the cafes. nl. Molukkenstraat 81. . A Molukken Kring-apotheek P-2. which includes a head.17:30. www. Thu 14:00 17:30. (+31) 204 20 94 82. W Real estate 66. Leidsestraat 74 . Dam Apotheek A-2. tel. QOpen 09:00 . The pharmacy can be reached during the day via the entrance of the DA-drugstore at Leidsestraat around the corner. a pedicure or a foot massage cost €35 for one hour. Paleisstraat 19. tel. (+31) 206 16 36 10. Closed Sun. All kinds of massages from foot to full including Amsterdam. A small pharmacy on Overtoom 47. www.5C. Damstraat 2.koanfloat. internet access and it’s open Chinese Massage Centre Bejing A-2.webs. Fri 10:00 . QOpen 08:30 .18:00.76. Overtoom 81. QOpen 09:30 .22:30. Although the owner of this fancy joint proudly presents her years of experience on her website where she ‘worked with bands and celebrities all over the world’. damapotheek@ezorg. Rots-Vast Groep A-3. Also at Kloveniersburgwal 28 (Shanghai Beauty). Overtoom Sat 11:00 . Developed in association with Meta4Labs. tel. info@oba. (+31) 206 65 40 36. Closed QOpen 10:00 . Closed Sat. Sat 11:00 .16:00. Herengracht 321.23:00. tel. Doctor Feel Good Scheldestraat 16. Bring plenty of cash though.apotheek. neck or full body massages for the usual rates. QOpen 10:00 . A Wittop Koning Kring-apotheek S-4. Koan Float F-7. (+31) 206 24 43 31. embedded In Your Pocket video guides. Take tram Nr. tel.21:50.oba. www. Closed Sat. Openbare Bibliotheek Indische Buurt P-2.apotheeksynergia.15:00.molukkenapotheek. Sat. costs €20. as well as browse the app’s entire content offline. Closed Sat. Sun.18:00. Closed Mon. Different types of massages or acupuncture can be arranged here from €20.doctorfeelgood. We even supply high-resolution static street and transport maps (exactly the same as those in our guides) so you can enjoy In Your Pocket on your iPhone without racking up huge roaming charges. www. A Libraries Centrale Bibliotheek H-3. accurate.up-to-date. www. Sun 10:00 . Kinkerstraat 102 HS. This library offers free wireless internet and views of the square. (+31) 206 20 15 70.17:30. You can search all venues in a city by location. these guys may be able to help. Direct Wonen E-8. Closed tel. and combines all the best features of In Your Pocket guides . Also at Johannes Verhulststraat 30bg. www. IJburglaan 1487. (+31) 623 33 52 16. within-app dialling and web browsing. tel. JA Photic Medical Center Amsterdam D-8.da-apotheekleidsestraat. www. 33. the app features more than 40 In Your Pocket cities.23:00. (+31) 204 22 02 10. info@molukkenapotheek. Tue. Sat 10:00 . Sun.21:00. info@koanfloat. If you're looking for an apartment. QOpen 10:00 .xingxingmassage. This experienced real estate company can help you buy or rent property in Amsterdam and many other cities in the Netherlands. Centrally located pharmacy next to the Dam. tel. a currency exchange calculator and local weather information. www. normal human beings are also welcome at this modern place. ibu@oba. Czaar Peterstraat 108. our apps are updated regularly by local researchers and native English speaking writers. info@wittopkoning. free In Yo u r Po cket iPhone app is now available in Xing Xing Massage Salon S-4. tel. This pharmacy is also connected to a doctor's office next door.22:00. Sun. QOpen 09:00 .18:00. QOpen 10:00 . QOpen 14:00 .oba.23:00. (+31) 205 55 03 Pharmacies Apotheek Synergia (+31) 206 16 16 Massage China Beauty Massage Center A-2. (+31) 204 89 30 88.17:30. A DA Apotheek Leidsestraat F-7. www. www. bars and restaurants closest to you.

wiggelaar. QOpen 13:00 . Sauna Fenomeen is a unique sauna. Wiggelaar E-6. tel. Sun.11 years €10. Vets & Pets warsstraat 19. (+31) 204 72 12 22. given legal status by the city in 1989 and is still run mostly by enthusiastic volunteers. chill out areas. Tattoo Palace B-3. Closed Sat. for men open Mon 12:00 . nl.16:00. The relaxing atmosphere of this single sex Near Eastern-style bath house can be enjoyed by all. tel. Admission: € thecitystreetspa.19:00.20:00. Sat. info@ spazuiver. The Moving Company H-7. Sat. If you have a dog and a busy life. Sun 09:00 . This ex-policeman changed jobs to follow his dream and now spends all of his day with these beloved animals. www. (+31) 204 20 50 00. tel. Admission: adults € (+31) 206 81 48 18. tel.tattoopalace. so you can expect non-alcoholic beverages and organic fare. It’s not cheap.23:00. www. Q Open 09:00 . www.22:00. piercingsworks. Prinsengracht 764. Het Dierenpunt X-1. Hammam Amsterdam C-3. calvo@xs4all.fa-de-wit. chillout space. tel. www. (+31) 207 73 66 14/(+31) 611 28 47 39.dierenkliniekdejordaan. Sun. hot www. Tues .22:00. Isolatorweg 45. The Japanese-style City Street Spa is Amsterdam’s latest attraction among the spa set. Admission: 13:00 . QOpen 08:00 . com. beauty and 22:00 . BKD 109 City Street Spa G-8. QOpen 12:00 . chill out areas. QOpen 12:00 . beauty treatments and wellness procedures are also on offer. Q For women open Tues . Kloveniersburgwal 34.saunafenomeen. Monday women only. hamams and lounge areas both inside the complex and outside as well. saunas.19:00. fitness centre. (+31) 206 71 67 80. www. QOpen 12:00 . Closed (+31) 648 93 89 34. Thu. QOpen 09:00 . beauty treatments. Dogwalks Deluxe. Reguliersbreestraat 46. movingcompanyamsterdam@gmail. Closed Sat. Herengracht 115. tel. Turkish steam bath. QOpen 10:00 . Fri. (+31) Don’t miss a classic canal boat tour M. www. info@thecitystreetspa. 2e Goudsbloemd- Spa Amsterdam Zuiver N-5. www. Facilities include dry sauna. Rick van Rijn’s dog walking service could be a solution to your Sun 14:00 .nl. info@ dogwalksdeluxe. children 2 . as a dog walk will set you back €15. Koenenkade 8 (Amsterdamse Bos).spazuiver.20:00. This exclusive spa located in the Amsterdam Forest provides a wide variety of pools. www. www. It’s a naturist sauna meaning the wearing of swimwear or undergarments of any kind is not appreciated. outside space. (+31) 206 86 74 40. nl. tel. sunbeds. but you must bring your own scrubbing glove and if you don’t have one you’re obligated to buy one for €5. a pharmacy and a shop all in one. Turkish steam bath. Facilities include sauna. It’s a sauna with an ‘alternative’ atmosphere. Turkish steam bath. Reguliersdwarsstraat 91. See photo above. massage.22:00. Sun 13:00 .com Winter 2012/2013 . www. QOpen 10:30 . It was squatted in 1984. boys under 4 are allowed to enter on women’s days with their mothers. (+31) 203 01 07 10.inyourpocket.16:00.20:00. solarium and a café. a range of massages. Facilities include a sauna. A specialist clinic that also handles emergencies. a veterinary practice.M de Wit en Zonen Archangelkade solarium. info@fa-de-wit. tel. Amsterdam Oudzuid and Amstelveen Noord. www. QOpen 09:00 . Closed Sat. a bar.dermadonna. Laurierstraat 33. Sat. Get a tattoo from real experts. Jacuzzi. Piercingworks B-3.saunadeco. QOpen 09:00 . Sun. Apart from the usual treatments. massage. (+31) 206 23 82 15. Dierenkliniek De Jordaan D-4. The beautiful interior of this mixed sex Art Deco sauna was rescued from demolition and lovingly restored.23:00 for €9. tel.22:00.17:00. QOpen 08:00 . 17:00 . Sat 12:00 . Sun. chess and a library. children 6 .hetdierenpunt.22:00.19:30. A Medisch Centrum voor Dieren B-2.Zaprauskis Relocation services Fa P. QOpen 08:00 . (+31) 207 40 06 00. This is an animal clinic. The tattoo artists have been at it here since 1989.Fri 12:00 . Naturally. (+31) 206 38 44 48. tel.dogwalksdeluxe. Tattoos & Piercing Dermadonna Custom Tattoos B-2. www. café and an outside relaxation area. Tue 15:00 .themovingcompany. The professionals here will pierce pretty much anything.Sun mixed sex. and it’s only available in the areas of Amsterdam Buitenveldert. tel. massage.hammamamsterdam.23:00 for €4. AD www. Sauna Deco E-5. Prinsengracht 834-B.23:00.mcvoordieren.20:00. (+31) 681 35 13 91.5 years €8. you can also hire the whole place for €60/hour. (+31) 204 23 61 04. tel.liFestyle directory Spas & Beauty 202 21 41 Zaanstraat 88. Sun 12:00 .nl. A K Sauna Fenomeen Eerste Schinkelstraat 14 -16. Joris Ivensplein 108. Sun 24hrs.19:00.17:00 for €8. Closed Sat.

children 7 . This sports hall turns into a real disco for children every last Saturday of the month with a light show. (+31) 206 64 83 03.raceplanet. bowling.75 for a 12-minute race. Admission: adults €9. Opening times vary. rabbits.inyourpocket. amsterdam@funforest. This farm is a great escape for families. Tue. Closed Mon. 't a game zone and a indoor playground. (+31) 206 45 50 34. TLBKS Skate Disco M-3. This petting zoo has been entertaining children in De Pijp since 1983 and is home to an amazing 50 different species of animals from goldfish and rodents to turtles and ducks.marionettentheater. kids. Rembrandtpark.17:00. Bounz M-2.50. tel.17:00. www. The management decided that their adult male presence was just too stern and would prevent kids from being. nl. children €7.50. children's parties and school excursions into the depth of this enormous playground that includes slides. www. www. TL Bouwspeelplaats 't Landje N-3. Believe or not. De Pijp Petting Zoo (Kinderboerderij De Pijp) Fun Forest Bosbaanweg 3. children 12 and under free. Children from the ages of 4 to 14 can have a blast at the inventor's workshop. QOpen 10:00 .bounzsport. Race Planet Amsterdam Herwijk 10. making chips and making and playing street organ music.sportnieuwwest. Admission: kids €7.17 years €4. Admission: adults €8. Kids can visit a working kitchen and learn about the kosher tradition and typical Jewish cuisine or visit the Hollanders . back flipping and flopping on 32 connected Sat.13 years can dance on their own skates. goats and sheep are also on Sun 13:00 . Here are some of the best. PTULBKW Small skaters at Museumplein Jewish Historical Children's Museum (Joods Historisch Kinder Museum) H-5. This is the largest go-kart centre in the Netherlands with two indoor race tracks. (+31) 204 11 68 46. Q Admission: €11. a children's paradise. Sat. Sun. miniature except perhaps as a cautionary tale. Admission: adults free. It's a lot of fun. Young and old enjoy jumping. tel. www. info@bounzsport. Another part of the museum is dedicated to traditional Jewish musical instruments where children can listen to music and try to compose their own melodies. You can also take the kids ice skating at Museumplein behind the Rijksmuseum. tel. www. lasers and other cool effects. experimenting. In what looks like a disused underground metro station near the Portuguese Synagogue lies Tun Fun. Sun 11:00 17:00. Q Admission: adults € see what their home life is like and how it both differs from and resembles an average Dutch family's day-to-day life. You can also take a backstage tour for a behind the scenes look at the marionettes and costumes. tel. its well worth the effort. Ballorig tel. TIBC tel. Sat. Adults are only admitted with children and only have to pay an entrance fee for their kids. Admission: €15. www.ballorig. children 13 . Climbing with a harness can take up to three hours including a 20-minute safety course. a socalled wall-of-death. More than 30 experiments are are at you disposal such as miniature bricklaying.50/hour. www. A part of the Jewish Historical Museum. www.geitenboerderij. Q Admission: € . most kids won't care about the language barrier. pigs. (+31) 206 11 44 81. which is located on a peninsula in Rembrandt tel. tel.50. Closed Mon. tel.25. TAL Ridammerhoeve Goat Farm Nieuwe Meerlaan 4. tel. Closed Mon. Between 19:00 . This enormous space is filled with long rows of tables like a German beer hall and at each table you'll find a few young mothers and here and there a granny or two. T H-10.23:00. well.€21. Although it's a bit hard to find.17:00. www. imuls@impuls. QOpen 10:00 .tunfun. adults free.impuls.17:00. testing and discovering new things. homemade honey and delicious goat cheese to take home. Sun 11:00 .nl. Sun 12:00 . (+31) 206 11 11 20. Sat 10:00 17:30. trampolines and other atrractions. Amstelveen. T 42 96 83. Valburgdreef 1001. painting workshops. Willinklaan 3-5.jhmkindermuseum.19:00. (+31) 206 20 80 27. QOpen 12:00 . Lizzy Ansinghstraat 82. climbing labyrinths. The usual ponies. (+31) 206 Amsterdam In Your Pocket .19:00. but due to the visual and musical nature of the acts.21:00 children 6 . but from a child's perspective.17:00. Learn all about goats and chickens as well as pigs and cows up close. (+31) 202 53 83 43. Nieuwe Amstelstraat 1. (+31) 206 89 43 The Amsterdam Marionette Theatre performs plays in its small theatre using traditional wooden marionettes. but if you're over the age of 30. The screams of the children can be a bit overwhelming at times but internet access and cans of beer at the café help keep the cacaphony of pre-pubescant chatter at bay. muscle aches are guaranteed! QOpen 13:00 . You can also buy fresh organic eggs. Fun for adults and children. children €10. Visserplein 7. QOpen 10:00 18:00. nl. Eliza van Calcarstraat 2. Performances are usually in Dutch. Ballorig is actually a huge children's playground at the edge of the Gaasterplas in the Zuidoost district.www.110 amsterdam For kids Although we wouldn’t recommend a stroll with the kids around the Red Light district. QOpen 10:00 . KW Burgemeester Röellstraat 145.a fictional Amsterdam Jewish family . www.14 years €7. Amsterdam does have plenty of options for the little ones. This climbing park has eight different routes of varying difficulty at various heights within living trees.23:00.funforest. TJ Amsterdam Marionette Theatre (Amsterdams Marionetten Theater) B-1. What used to be a classroom for PE teachers in training has now been transformed into a large trampoline centre. QOpen 11:00 . Closed Mon. QOpen 13:00 . Nieuwe Jonkerstraat 8.50. De Ontdekhoek N-2. (+31) 205 31 03 10. offers arts and crafts classes and other activities for children. TunFun Speelpark H-5. this museum on three floors is designed to teach children about Judaism.18:00. (+31) 204 00 01 01. www. Admission: €5. donkeys. but dads aren't allowed in this children's paradise. If you can't find it just follow the steady stream of (+31) 206 18 36 04. QOpen 11:00 .

as a last stop before bed.17:00. wharf cellars. 2 quads €149). (+31) 302 94 14 20. blue and yellow. who commissioned the house. tel. www.aamu. A6LGBKW hh Restaurants (+31) 302 31 75 78. This means that you'll have a good night's sleep. Sat 23:00 . Highly recommended if you dont have big money to spend. QOpen 11:00 . Beer here is cheap and flows in The four budget rooms (with shared toilets and showers).discover utrecht With a history that stretches back to distant Roman times. Tue. typical of De Stijl (The Style). Admission: €9. Wed. 2 triples €119. Martin's Cathedral began in 1284 and took almost 250 years to complete. tel. QOpen Thu 23:00 . QOpen 10:00 . Voorstraat 102.16:00. narrow alley it's hard to imagine that a restful oasis awaits you at the end. These youngsters lend Utrecht a hip air of freedom and vitality that’s hard to find elsewhere and this makes a night out on the town a must. Download a free route map. Admission free. 14 doubles €92. www. fourteen double rooms. a reminder of Utrecht’s place in history as one of the Catholic centres of the world. tel. But by the beginning of the 16th century influences of the Renaissance and the Reformation led to dwindling financial support and enthusiasm for the colossal project. The hotel offers 24 rooms and it excels in its high level of personal service and attention. We recommend you reserve a tour in advance as the house supports only a limited number of visitors. It's the only place in Europe where you can view modern Aboriginal art and this private museum is rightfully proud of Construction of the Gothic St. www.16:00. fax (+31) 302 93 99 33. TJAGBKX Rietveld Schröder House (Rietveld Schröderhuis) De Zakkendrager A-2. people in all shapes and sizes tend to end up here at the end of their night. Q Guided tour every Saturday night for €10/person at 20:30 beginning at VVV Domplein. which you'll recognise by the crowd's sudden and simultaneous swaying. TJAUG Prins Hendriklaan 50. The conservatory. Sat 11:00 . trajectumlumen.3m-high cathedral spire is the tallest in the Netherlands. Dome Cathedral garden Lya Cattel www. The decorations of the facade were restored and the church pews rearranged. tel. It's a pretty mixed bag. www. Closed Mon. Domplein. info@beurshotel. which you'd be more likely to see in an English country pub rather than an Utrecht eating establishment only a stone's throw from the train station. which you can rent at the ticket desk of the Central Museum. not to mention the highest church tower in the Netherlands.zakkendrager.domkerk. www. QOpen 12:00 . yet it’s always striving to achieve something new. The music exists mainly of familiar old-timers from the 1980s and 90s with an occasional Dutch classic. pick one up from the tourist information office or just follow the orange lights embedded in the road. Closed Mon. (+31) 302 86 00 00. Culture enthusiasts can take advantage of the city’s many museums and concert halls. Fri.365 days a year . This is in part due to the presence of thousands of local and international students that call this university town home. The exhibition halls are spread across three floors of a former bank building along the picturesque Dutch canal Oudegracht. this joint is as kitschy as they come. Trajectum Lumen A-1. In 1674 Utrecht was hit by a freak tornado and the nave of the cathedral collapsed. You won't believe your eyes in the only house that has ever been erected according to the principles of Neoplasticism. rietveldschroderhuis.17:00. Closed Mon. it was eventually restored several times during the 19th and 20th centuries. You'll find yourself face to face with basic colours such as red. The most recent restoration of the church took place between 1979 and 1988. Its 112. info@ derrick. The Aboriginal Art Museum focuses on the contemporary visual art of the descendants of the original inhabitants of Australia. Oudegracht Admission: adults €9. QOpen 10:00 .nl. churches and canals within the city centre. is the best place to enjoy its many seasonal dishes.04:00.17) €5. Although the city fathers even considered demolishing the church completely for a time. This route will take you . Inside De Zakkendrager you'll find an historic and stylish interior. JG Sights & Attractions Domkerk (Dom Church) B-2. Tue. Sun 14:00 . recently renovated 2-star hotel is located just outside the city centre but on easy walking distance from all atractions. (€14 .15:30. TJ6 (+31) 302 38 01 Winter 2012/2013 grey and black. (+31) 302 36 00 10. two triples and three apartments (for 5-6 people) are all good value for money. 111 Nightlife Aus der Reihe Derrick B-1. two single rooms. tel. According to Gerrit Rietveld and Truus Schröder. PTJHAUGB Aboriginal Art Museum Accommodation Beurshotel Trajectum Lumen comes to life. Utrecht could easily rest on its laurels.23:00. Take a 30-minute train trip from Amsterdam’s Central Station and discover Utrecht’s beautiful canals.17:00. Named after the protagonist of the popular 20th-century German TV-hit.18). Closed Mon. (+31) 302 36 23 10. When you start walking down this busy. www. Balijelaan 1. As soon as the sun sets. man has to take an active approach in life and this is why every activity in the house requires a certain prior action. Sun 11:00 . Sat. squares and winding streets. with its glass roof. Wash it down with some very reasonably priced house wine. combined with white. although the daily specials written on the chalk board are also worth a try. Q 24 rooms (6 singles €82.along artistically illuminated bridges. www. Zakkendragerssteeg 26. This small. Sun. The best way to visit the Rietveld Schröder House is on a specially designed Rietveld-bicycle. children (4 .ausderreihederrick. And the age-old courtyard garden is even more alluring due to the presence of a 200-year-old beech tree.

www.23:00.. Guests can also take advantage of the bowling alley and the mini-golf course as well as the arcade. triples from € on the house. Club Nautique Boulevard Barnaart 23. This friendly family restaurant with a Caribbean theme is an excellent place to bring the kids. tel.01:00. TGBKX Accommodation Due to many private B&Bs. Nuts await you at every from Haarlem. info@thalassa18. where locals come to find shelter from Holland's mercurial weather. an extra service is provided to and from Haarlem every 30 minutes. the train brings passengers through the landscape of dunes at Zuid-Kennemerland to the beach town on the North Sea. Center Parcs Beachhotel Zandvoort Trompstraat 2.thalassa18. Look for the ‘Zimmer Frei’ signs at private houses if you’re looking for a stay with a Dutch family. the bottles of rum and a popular outside terrace make De Lachende Zeerover a good choice for adults as well. If you’re looking for a luxurious stay in Zandvoort with all of the upmarket amenities that you’re accustomed to. yet refined interior and the menu are reminiscent of France's Côte d'Azur. it’s not often difficult to find accommodation in Zandvoort. tel. extra cold.The town exudes a cosiness and a laid-back atmosphere that can't be beat. Located right in the city centre of Zandvoort only a short walk from the beach. Café Fier is particularly popular with older guys from town who all seem to know each other and who appear to have a mutual preference for 1980s music. Zandvoort. Naturally. Games and activities for children are available and pancakes always go down well with the youngsters. (+31) 235 73 87 40. The bartender also has enough liquor stacked up behind the bar for you to make a few new friends in Zandvoort. All of the seafood is as fresh as can be and bought from sustainable sources. quads from €125). Relaxing lounge music fills the quiet moments. together with a glass of bubbly. but if you absolutely must you can set aside convention and order a delicious steak. The journey takes about 30 minutes and after a short interruption at Haarlem Station.inyourpocket. For a complete list of Zandvoort reviews visit www. The food on offer is certainly excellent and. (€18 . QOpen 09:00 . JAL Hotel Anna Hogeweg 5.20). Zandvoort. The fact that this large beach club is sponsored by a brand of champagne suggests that Club Nautique is one of the trendiest of Zandvoort's beach pavilions. the location on the beach is fantastic. Café Fier Haltestraat 32. Both roads connect Haarlem with Zandvoort. Q 118 rooms (doubles with sea views from €79). www. Arriving Most visitors reach Zandvoort either by train or by car.112 zandvoort Eating & Drinking nl. www. The view of the North Sea will never disappoint and the fact that the beach at Zandvoort is one of the safest and cleanest in the country only adds to its popularity. (+31) 235 Zandvoort. Holland's most famous race track is also located in Zandvoort and its seaside cafés and restaurants provide an unforgettable dining experience. strandafgang 18. but it's also one of Holland's most beloved resorts. All aboard The Smiling Pirate ship to eat pancakes like a hungry buccaneer setting sail for a feast.clubnautique. phone and private bathrooms with showers and a big breakfast is included in the price of a room. while the inspiring landscapes of the dunes at the Zuid-Kennemerland National Park are just magical. Q 25 rooms (singles from €50. Zandvoort. That said. guests can expect great cuisine at this stylish establishment. QOpen 15:00 . it would be difficult to find a more central place to stay in Holland’s most popular resort town. Club Nautique is open throughout the whole year and during the colder months large windscreens allow you to enjoy the outside terrace without the chilly North Sea winds. (€10 . www. This friendly bar.22:00. the long tea list. A number of . navigate through the city and find either the N201 or the N200.inyourpocket. A6GBKXW De Lachende Zeerover Strandweg 1. Travelling by car to Zandvoort is a bit more complicated.centerparcs. tel. JAUBW Thalassa 18 Boulevard Accommodation includes TV. Zandvoort. QOpen 10:00 . than look no further than this huge hotel and resort complex that not only offers lots of comfort but also plenty of sea views right on the beach and access to a water park and its pools and saunas. but you’ll have to pay extra for wi-fi. bars and cafés are also at your disposal. although this does seem to have an effect on the staff members as the service can be a bit slow at times. QOpen 08:30 . From Amsterdam Central Station trains depart every half hour toward the Zandvoort aan Zee Station. PTJHULGKCW 71 46 74. offers a fine selection of Belgian Zandvoort In Your Pocket Take a dip in the sea on New Year’s Day at Zandvoort www. 6BX Sometimes there's nothing better than replacing the hustle and bustle of a large city with the peace and tranquility of the seaside. All of its 25 rooms are slightly different.cafefier. tel. But the beach isn't the only reason why people come here in droves. www. Although the modern. Follow the highway to (+31) 235 72 00 00. German lager and plenty of Heineken served the only way it's palatable. During the summer months. A one-way ticket to Zandvoort costs €5 from Amsterdam or €2. Zandvoort. its chef is a local Zandvoorter whose ancestors began their love affair with fish six generations earlier as herring sellers. and we don't mean the local Zandvoorters. (+31) 235 71 56 60. nl. tel. nl. but bowls of tasty cocktail snacks. Opened in 2012.. Thalassa 18 is Zandvoort's fifth permanent year-round beach pavilion and an excellent addition to the city's culinary scene.hotelanna. doubles from €80. yet each is decorated in a simple style and some even offer views of the city’s famous red brick water tower. (+31) 235 71 57 07.24:00. Zandvoort is not only the closest North Sea beach to Amsterdam.12).

Zandvoort. The De Oranjekom visitor centre is located near the eastern entrance at Eerste Leijweg and you can learn more about the water purification process here.vvvzandvoort. Zandvoort. The area of dunes just south of Zandvoort is a protected nature park and a great place to do some hiking in a gorgeous Dutch coastal landscape.17:00.zandvoortseapotheek.01 will be transformed into a real Winter Wonderland this December. (+31) 206 08 75 You’ll find an authentic ice skating rink in the centre of Zandvoort at Raadhuisplein with a ‘Koek en Zopie’ offering plenty of food and drinks Jan 1 New Year’s Dive. The reserve offers a mixture of dunes and waterways. Q Admission: €1.000m3 of water is purified for the whole greater Amsterdam region.Snow or no snow. in a small side street of Kerkstraat. the Dutch Grand Prix of Formula One was held here. Calendar of events Date Event 15. Closed Sun. Alain Prost and Niki Lauda have all raced in Zandvoort. De Oranjekom or at the tourist office in Zandvoort. www. tel. Keep the ticket with you as forest rangers might ask you to show it. tel. Q TUL Useful addresses Tourist Information (VVV Zandvoort) Bakkerstraat 2/b. Fresh water from the Rhine is also pumped into the dunes and every day about Winter 2012/2013 . 6 Burgemeester van Alphenstraat 108. the A1 Grand Prix and the Masters of Formula Three. The tourist office is located in the centre of town. Zandvoort aan Zee 06.waternet. Zandvoort is home to Holland's most important race Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen Zandvoortselaan Zandvoortse Apotheek Raadhuisplein 8.12 Bicycles are prohibited. get yourself some souvenirs and fire all questions you have at the knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff. It's even possible to race your own car here on certain days! A 20-minute ride around the track costs €25. For an up-to-date calendar of events check out its website where you can also book tickets. Quite simply. which have been used to purify the local water supply since the 19th century. www. Tickets can be bought at the De Duinrand restaurant. (+31) 235 71 31 85.17:00. www.18:00. It opened in 1948 and from its inception until 1985. Sat 10:00 .nl. QOpen 08:00 . Current events include DTM. Start your trip to Zandvoort at the tourist information office where you can pick up some brochures. Start your new year with a dip in the North Sea at Zandvoort aan Zee and take part in the oldest New Year’s Dive in the Netherlands. Sun 11:00 . Step inside this centrally located pharmacy for all kinds of medication for minor illnesses. Zandvoort. QOpen 09:00 .50/person. circuit-zandvoort. Big names like Jim Clark. The mad dash for the water begins at Beachclub Take Five Zandvoort Race Track (Circuit Park Zandvoort) www. the fine sand of the dunes naturally filters rain water. The nature park has four entrances and from Zandvoort the nearest entry point is just south of the De Duinrand (Zandvoorselaan 130) restaurant. tel. (+31) 235 71 79 47.zandvoort 113 Sights & Attractions 130. Sat 10:00 . www.

114 netherlands map Amsterdam In Your Pocket

26 Café Kanis & Meiland 68 Café Karpershoek 28 Cafe Koffiehuis Blokker 59 Cafe koffiehuis De Pomp 59 Café Koosje 35 Café Kuijper 68 Café La Rosa 59 Cafe Lellebel 100 Café Linnaeus 69 Café Louter 77 Cafe Maxwell 69 Café Modern 58 Café Papeneiland 28 Café Proust 22 Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam 78 Café Rouge 100 Café Scheltema 25 Café Slijterij Oosterling 28 Cafe Sloterplas 49 Café Sound Garden 26 Café Spargo 66 Cafe 't Eitje 59 Café Thijssen 30 Café ‘t Mandje 100 Cafe 't Sluisje 57 Caffe Milo 68 Caf-Vino 66 Campanile Hotel & Restaurant Amsterdam Zuidoost 90 Canal House 18 Canvas op de 7e 69 Casa Rosso 30 Chao Phraya 24 Chef's Table 58 Choi Yuen 46 Club Church 100 Club Escape 28 Club Lite 80 Club Up 28 Coco's Keuken 47 coffee@last 46 Coffee Mania 47 Coffeeshop 36 103 Coffee to Walk 35 Comfort Caffe 67 Crystal Sunlight 84 Daar Baand 79 Dauphine 69 De Bakkerswinkel 22 De Bakkerswinkel West 79 De Bekeerde Suster 27 De Bierfabriek 27 De Biertuin 69 De Groene Olifant 37 De Halve Maen 47 De Houten Vier 93 De Kat in de Wijngaert 25 De Keu 80 De Keuken van Tante Til 67 De Koffie Salon 77 De Pannekoekenboot 59 De Patatza(a)k 47 De Pizzabakkers 79 De Pont 58 De Ponteneur 66 De Smeltkroes 94 De Spijker 100 De Verftent 84 Dolphins 103 Domino's Pizza 78 Dosa 78 Drink 'n' Sink 26 Du Maroc 48 Dutch Design Hotel Artemis 46 Eden Amsterdam Manor Hotel 64 Eden Theatre District Hotel Amsterdam 76 Eetcafe 100% ZO 94 Eetcafé De Compaenen 80 Eetcafe De Zwijger 67 Eetcafé Het Dijkhuis 58 Elkaar 35 Elsa's Café 69 Espressofabriek restaurant. 90 103 Bulldog Palace 103 Bump 100 Burger Bar 23 Cafe Bascule 59 Café Belgique 27 Cafe De Bult 57 Café DECK5 23 Café de Koe 26 Cafe De Mazzel 59 Café De Poort 26 Café Eik en Linde 37 Café Heffer 25. 66 Fenan Klein Afrika 77 Funny People 103 Gandhi 21 Gare de l'est 67 Gay Tourist Information Centre 101 Gesponnen Suiker 84 Gollem's Proeflokaal 80 Gouden Kom 65 Grand Café Fossa 77 Grasshopper 103 Greenhouse Centrum 103 Greenwoods English Tearoom 21 Güllüoglu 25 Haesje Claes 21 Hard Rock Café 20 Haring Naatje 57 Helena Primakoff 36 Het Rijk van de Keizer 47 Het Schoolhuis 58 Het Tolhuis 58 Holland Casino 28 Hostelle 90 Hotel ABBA 76 Hotel Allure 19 Hotel Arena 64 Hotel Crystal 76 Hotel De Looier 19 Hotel De Oude Taveerne 56 Hotel De Zwaan 56 Hotel Die Port van Cleve 18 Hotel Estheréa 18 Hotel Europa 92 76 Hotel Iron Horse 76 Hotel Luxer 19 Hotel Mosaic 76 Hotel Nieuw Slotania 46 Hotel Notting Hill Amsterdam 18 Hotel Roemer 74 Hotel Seven One Seven 18 Hotel The Exchange 18 Hotel Vondel 74 Ibssa 65 Ichi-e 93 In de Olofspoort 29 In de Wildeman 27 Indian Express 78 Indrapura 22 Jimmy Woo's 29 Joe's it is 84 Kade 58 80 Kamasutra 21 Katsu 103 Kees Gutter 57 Keurslager Wim Pouw 92 King Doner 92 Koffiehuis De Klaproos 57 Koffiehuis van den Volksbond 36 Koffie in Oost 65 Konan Restaurant 49 Kota Radja 65 Kriterion 37 La Brasa 24 Langerlust 93 La Perla 23 La Place 20 La Place Zuidoost 93 La Tertulia 104 Le Perron 57 Leut 48 Lin Wah 65 Lion of Judah 104 Lloyd Hotel 64 Lloyd Restaurant 66 Loenatique 84 Long Pura 22 Los Pilones 22 Lucky Garden 92 Ludwig Coffee Bar 65 Magic 104 Manneken Pis 21 MAOZ 23 McDonald's 92 McDonald's Schiphol Noord 47 MChi 65 Mei Wah 57 Meneer Nilsson 36 Meram 49 Meram Restaurant 94 Mesken 68 Metropolitan Deli 21 Mitsos Traiterie 78 Montmartre 101 Mövenpick Hotel Amsterdam City Centre 64 Mulliner's Wijnlokaal 28 Nachttheater Sugar Factory 29 Neetu Da Dhaba 78 New King 20 New York Pizza 66. 77 EYE Bar-Restaurant 58 Family Cafeteria 66 Fashion Café 48 FEBO Winter 2012/2013 . 78 Noon 104 Noorderlicht 58 North Sea Jazz Club 80 Objet 84 Odessa 67 Old Church 104 Old Nickel 27 Onder de Ooievaar 28 Oriental City 20 Osaka 57 Oud Holland 21 Öz Saray Patisserie 65 Paerz 36 Pancakes! Amsterdam 23 Paradox 104 Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport 44 Peperwortel Traiteur 78 Pink Point & Homomonument 101 Place du Nord 58 Plan B 80 Plato 47 Players 30 Podium Mozaïek 77 Pompstation 68 Premises 14 95 Prik 101 Proeflokaal de Prael 27 Quatfass 67 Ramada Apollo Amsterdam Centre 44 Rastababy 104 Reality 101 Remco Hotel Amsterdam West 46 REM eiland 78 Resin 104 Restaurant De Kas 68 Restaurant Merkelbach 67 Restaurant Pont 13 79 Restaurant Zina 79 Rokerij IV 105 Royal Thai 24 Rusland 105 Saffraan 84 Sahan 49 Sandton Hotel De Filosoof 74 Satellite Sports Café 30 Sawaddee Ka 79 Sea Palace 20 Siberie 105 'Skek Eetcafé 26 SkyLounge 29 Skyy Bar 49 Smokey 105 Snow Lion 25 Solo 105 Song Kwae 24 Soup En Zo 24 Starbucks 21.inyourpocket. Koning 92 Vishandel Theo van de Geest 93 Vivelavie 101 Vlaamse Friteshuis 23 VLLA 49 Wagamama 20 Weber 26 WestCord Art Hotel Amsterdam 74 WestCord Fashion Hotel Amsterdam 44 WestergasTerras 79 WesterUnie 80 Whiskycafé L&B 30 Wiel tot Wiel Wilde Zwijnen 68 Wilhelmina-Dok 59 Winston Kingdom 29 Wynand Fockink 29 Yoga House 90 Zouthaven 67 115 www. 92 Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark 76 Stayokay Amsterdam Zeeburg 64 Stork 59 Street Kitchen 77 Studio 80 29 Studio/K 69 Susie's Saloon 26 Suvarnaphum 48 Sweet Store 94 Taboo 101 Talia 22 't Arendsnest 27 Teasers 30 Thai Bird Snackbar 23 The Mexican 22 The Pancake Bakery 23 The Pool Hole 27 The Queens Head 101 Thermos Sauna 101 The Saint 105 't Lieverdje 21 Tokyo Cafe 24 Tony's NY City Bagels 20 Toro Dorado 24 't Pleintje 95 Trouw 69 Tulip Inn Amsterdam Riverside 90 Van De Buurt 79 Van Gogh Café 25 Vibes 80 Vietnam Restaurant 25 Vishandel E.venue index Hotel. coffeeshop and nightlife index 1900 66 Abraxas 102 Absolute Taste 93 Ada 48 Ah-Sang 77 Al Ponte 57 Alto Jazz Café 29 Amadi Park Hotel 74 Amnesia 102 Amstel Botel 54 Amsterdam Country Cottage 54 Amsterdam Hotel Parklane 35 Amsterdam Seed Center 105 Apostrophe B&B 90 Argentino Luna 24 Asian Fantasy 92 Asmin Afhaal 47 Assaggi 22 Australian Homemade 93 Backstage Hotel Amsterdam 19 Badhuis Javaplein 66 Bagels & Beans 92 Bakkerij Afrah Fes 48 Balls 30 Bar Baarsch 77 Barney's 102 Bastion Deluxe Hotel Amsterdam / Centrum Noord 54 Bastion Hotel Amsterdam Centrum Zuidwest 46 Batavia 1920 30 B&B De Gekroonde Zwaan 54 B&B Noorderlicht 54 Bed and Bike Amsterdam 54 Bed & Breakfast Welcome2Amsterdam 56 Beer Temple 27 Bella Storia 79 Best Western Blue Square Hotel 44 Best Western Blue Tower Hotel 74 Beurs van Berlage 25 Big & Belg 84 Bird 24 Bloem 35 Bluebird 102 Bob's Youth Hostel 19 Boom 68 Boss 67 Bourbon Street 29 Brennies keuken 78 Brouwerij 't IJ 37 Budget Hotel Barbacan 35 Budget Hotel Hortus 35 Bulldog No.

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