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Marks : 60 Time : 21/4 Hours (Including Cool off Time : 15 min)


There is cool-off time of 15 minutes in additional to the writing time 2 hours. You are not allowed to write your answers nor to discuss anything with others during the cool-off time. Read questions carefully before answering All questions are compulsory only internal choice is allowed. When you select a question all the sub questions must be answered from the same question itself. Calculation, figures and graphs should be shown in the answer sheet itself. Malayalam version of the question is also provided.
1. When goodwill is raised on the retirement of a partener, it is credited to. a) remaining partners in the new profit sharing ratio. b) remaining partners in the old profit sharing ratio. c) All partners in the old ratio d) None of these. GsXnepw ]mfn ]ncnp t]mIpXns `mKambn KpUvhn Dbnbm B XpI {IUnv sNpXv. F) XpScp ]mfnIfpsS ]pXnb em`hnlnX A\p]mXn _n) XpScp ]mfnIfpsS ]gb em`hnlnX A\p]mXn kn) Fm ]mfnIfpsSbpw ]gb A\p]mXn Un) CsXmpa. (Score 1) 2. Which one of the following is not correctly matched a) Secured debetures - mortgage deed b) Right shares - Issued to new persons c) Convertible - Debenture d) Redeemable - Preference shares XmsgdbpXn GXmWv tNcpw]Sn tNm ]mXv. F) skIypUv sU_ntgvkv tamv tKPv UoUv _n) ssdv sjbkv CjypUv Sp \yp t]gvk kn) Ithn_n Un_tgvkv Un) sdUoan_n {]n{^dkv sjbkv

(Score 1)

3. In partnership, a minor a) Cannot be a partner b) Can be a partner c) Can be admitted only to the benefits of a partnership d) Can be a partner and share profits & losses along with other partners. F) ]mfnbmm ]n. _n) ]mfnbmm ]pw. kn) m]\ns B\pIqey am{Xw ]pshm km[np ]mfnbmbn {]thinnmw. Un) ]mfnbmbn {]thinnphm\pw em`hpw \jvShpw ap ]mfnIfpambn hoXw shbvm\pw km[npw. (Score1) 4. What do you mean by gaining ratio ? How it is calculated ? sKbn\nwMv tdtjym Fmsev ? CXv Ip]nSnpsXs\sbv hyampI ? (Score2) 5. Point out any two differences between Revaluation account and Realisation account. dnhmeypthj Aupw dnbssetkj Aupw Xnep cv hyXymk FgpXpI. (Score2) -1-

6. Compute the value of goodwill under capitalisation of average profit method BhtdPv t{]m^nv Iymnssekv sNp coXnbn KpUvhnns hne Ip]nSnpI. Average profit Rs. 20000 Capital employed Rs. 150000 Normal rate of return. Rs. 15% (Score2) 7. Write a short note on. IpdnsgpXpI a) Over subscription

b) Minimum subscription

c) Forfeiture of shares (Score3)

8. Pass journal entries for the following transactions ? a) 10 debentures issued at Rs.95 repayable at Rs. 100 b) 10 debentures issued at Rs.95 repayable at Rs. 105 c) 10 debentures issued at Rs.100 repayable at Rs. 105 Xmsgdbp {Smkm\pIv tPW F{SnI XmdmpI. F) 10 IS]{X 95 cq]v Cjyp sNpIbpw 100 cq]v dos]bvsa v \SpIbpw sNpp. _n) 10 IS]{X 95 cq]v Cjyp sNpIbpw 105 cq]v dot]bvsa v \SpIbpw sNpp. kn) 10 IS]{X 100 cq]v Cjyp sNpIbpw 105 cq]v dot]bva v \SpIbpw sNpp. (Score 3) 9. George, Thomas and Reghu are partners with capitals Rs. 1,00,000, Rs. 50,000 and Rs.40,000 respectively. After providing interest on capital 10% p.a. The profits are divisible in the ratio of 5:3:2 George and Thomas have guaranteed that Reghus share shall not amount to lesser than Rs.10,000 and shortage if any will be borne by George and Thomas equally. The net profit for the year before providing interest on capital was Rs.60,000. you are required to prepare profit and loss appropriation A/C tPmv, tXmakv,cLp Fnh 1,00,000, 50,000, 40,000 cq] aqe[\ap ]mfnIfmWv. aqe[\n\v ]eni 10% CuSmnbXn\ptijw Ah em`w 5:3:2 F A\p]mXn hoXnpp. cLphns ]v Hcnepw 10,000 cq]bn Xmsg hcn. Fpw As\ hm B Ipdhv Xpeyambn hoXnv sImmsapw tPmpw tXmakpw cLphn\v Ddv \Ipp. aqe[\n ]eni CuSmpXn\v apv m]\ns em`w 60,000 cq]bmbncpp. Hcp t{]m^nv B v temkv At{]m{]ntbj Auv XmdmpI. (Score 5) 10. Sagar, Elliyas and Jacky are in partnership sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 3:2:1 Their balance sheet as on 31st December 2001 stood as follows Balance sheet Liabilities Creditors P&L A/C Capitals Sagar 35,000 Elliyas 35,000 Jacky 28,000 Rs 30,000 12,000 Assets Cash at bank sundry debtors 40,000 Less provision 2,000 Stock Vehicles Rs 2,400

38,000 49,600 98,000 50,000 1,40,000 1,40,000 Jacky retired from the business on 31st December 2001 on the following terms. 1) Vehicles to be valued at Rs.45,000 and stock to be valued at Rs.45000 2) Provision for doubtful debts to be increased to 7.5% of debtors. 3) Creditors include an amount of Rs. 2000 not likely to be claimed 4) Jackys share of goodwill is Rs. 12,000 Prepare (a) Revaluation A/C (b) Capital A/C -2-

CA -II kmK, Genbmkv, Pmn Fnh 3:2:1 tdtjymbn em`\jvS ]pshbvp ]mvWamcmWv. 31Unkw_ 2001 se _mekv jov NphsS tNpp. _mekv jov Liabilities Creditors P&L A/C Capitals Sagar 35,000 Elliyas 35,000 Jacky 28,000 Rs 30,000 12,000 Assets Cash at bank sundry debtors 40,000 Less provision 2,000 Stock Vehicles Rs 2,400

98,000 1,40,000

38,000 49,600 50,000 1,40,000

2001 Unkw_ 31mw XnXn Pmn _nkn\n \npw hncanp. hncanen\v Xmsgdbp \n_\I _m[IamWv. 1) 2) 3) 4) shlnnfns hne 45,000, tmns hne 45,000 cq] Fns\ ]pXpn \nbnp. sUtgvkns s{]mhnj 7.5% Bbn Dbn. 2000 cq]bpsS {IUntgvkv bnw sNm\p km[yXbn. PmnbpsS KpUvhnns hnlnXw 12000 cq]bmWv. dohmeypthj Aupw, Iymn Aupw XmdmpI. (Score 6)

11. Balu and Velu carried on business in partnership since 2005, sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 2:1 respectively. They admitted Malu on 1st April 2009 for 2/7 share. The actual value of goodwill, however, on that date was Rs. 21,000 Malu contributed the following assets towards payment of her capital and goodwill. Cash Stock goodwill Rs. 1,000 Rs. 6,000 Rs. 5,000 Sundry debtors Rs. 5,000

Pass necessary journal entries to give the new profit sharing ratio of the new partners. _mephpw thephpw 2005 hjw apX ]mvWjnv _nkn\v \Spp. ChcpsS em`\jvS tdtjym 2:1 BWv. G{]n 1 2009 2/7 sjb \InsImv amephns\ ]mvW Bbn tNpp. B XnXnbn KpUvhnns bYm hne 21,000/ cq]bmWv. Xmsg sImSpncnp kpI amep Xs Iym]nembpw KpUvhnembpw _nkn\ntev \In. Cash Stock goodwill Rs. 1,000 Rs. 6,000 Rs. 5,000 (Score 6) Sundry debtors Rs. 5,000

apIfn kqNnn hkvXpXIv Bhiyamb tPW F{SnI FgpXpI. ]pXnb ]mvWamcpsS em`\jvS tdtjym Ip]nSnpI.


CA - II 12. (a) Rajan Ltd. a public company was registered with an authorised capital of Rs. 2,00,000 divided in to 20,000 equity shares of Rs.10 each. It offered to public 10,000 shares of Rs.10 each. 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) Rs. 2.50 per share payable on application Rs. 2.50 per share payable on allotment First call on @ Rs. 2.50 per share was made. Mr. X holding 100 shares did not pay the first call. A final call was made at Rs.2.50 per share All the shareholders, except MrX who was holding 100 shares, paid up the calls on due date. 100 shares of Mr.X were forfeited and re-issued at Rs. 8 per share for cash.

Make journal Entries to record the above transactions in the books of the company and prepare bank account and balance sheet of the company cmP enanUv, F ]nIv I\n 10 cq] hnebp 20,000/ HmlcnItfmSp IqSn cPn sNbvXp. 10000 HmlcnI 10 cq] hne {]Imcw s]mXpP\v hnm I\n Xocpam\np. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 2 cq] 50 ss]k At]m ^okv 2 cq] 50 ss]k Atemvsa v ^okv I\n ^vIm 2 cq] 50 ss]k {]Imcw hnfnpIbpw 100 HmlcnI hmnb X HgnsI Fmhcpw ^v tIm ]Ww \IpIbpw sNbvXp. ss^\ Im 2 cq] 50 ss]k {]Imcw \Sn. 100 HmlcnI hmnb X HgnsI Fmhcpw ss^\ tIm aWn \In. X s 100 sjbdpI IpsIpIbpw Cu sjbdpI 8 cq] {]Imcw doCjyp sNpIbpw sNbvXp. CXntev Bhiyamb tPW F{Sn FgpXpIbpw, _mv Aupw I\n _mn ]{Xhpw XmdmpIbpw sNpI. OR (b) Rakesh and Vineesh were partners from 1-1-2008 with capitals of Rs. 60000 and Rs. 40,000 respectively. They shared profits in the ratio of 3:2. They carried on bussiness for two years. In the first year ending on 31-12-2008, they made a profit of Rs.50,000/-but in the second year ending on 31-12-2009, a loss of Rs. 20,000 was incurred. Creditors on that date were Rs. 20,000. The partners withdraw for personal are Rs. 8000 each per annum. The assets realised Rs.1,00,000. The expenses on realisation were Rs. 3,000 Prepare realisation A/C, Cash A/C, Capital A/C. Assuming that the firm was dissolved on 1-1-2010. Show your working clearly. cmtIjv, hn\ojv Fnh P\phcn 1 2008 _nkn\v Bcw`np. AhcpsS Iym]n bYm{Iaw 60,000 cq], 40,000 cq] Fns\bpw em`hnlnXw 3:2 Fns\bpamWv. Ah cv hjtmWv _nkn\v \SnbXv. 31-12-2008 _nkn\v 50,000 cq] em`hpw 31122009 20,000 cq] \jvShpw Dmbn. B XnXnbn {IUntgvkv 20000 cq]bmWv. Hmtcm hjhpw Hmtcm ]mSvWdpw 8,000 cq] hoXw ]nhenp. kpI dnbssekv sNbvXtm 1,00,000 cq] e`np. dnbssetkj C\n 3000 cq] sNehmbn. dnbssetkj Auv, Imjv Auv, Iym]n Auv Fnh XmdmpI. _nkn\v 112000 n Untkmhv sNbvXXmbn IcpXpI. {InbI hyambn FgpXpI. (Score 8) -4-

Computerised Accounting
1. Which among the following is not related to F11features. Xmsgdbphbn F11 ^odpambn _anmXv. a) Godown b) Stock category c) Stock group d) Budget. 2. Find the odd one and state the reason thdnv \npXv Isn ImcWw FgpXpI. a) Debit note voucher b) Memo voucher c) Credit note voucher 3. The functional key to activate reversing voucher is dothgvknMv hu BIvSnthv sNm\p ^MvjW Io GXv ? a) F11 b) F10 c) F9 d) Alt+F10 4. Identify the correct pairs icnbmb tPmSn XncndnbpI. a) MS Excel and Tally c) Lotus 1-2-3 and Quattro pro

(Score 1)

d) Contra voucher. (Score 1)

(Score 1)

b) Windows and MS Office d) Linux and Tata Ex

(Score 1)

5. What is the unit of measure ? Show the path to create a unit ? Give examples bqWnv Hm^v saj FmWv ? Smenbn bqWnv cq]oIcnm\p hgn ImWnpI. cv DZmlcW FgpXpI ? (Score 2) 6. Prepare a hierarchical chart from the given list ? Xncnp ]nIbn \npw _myXIfpsS Hcp t{iWn XmdmpI. Debentures, Loan taken for 15 years, Long term liabilities, Liabilities, Bank overdraft, Current liabilities, Creditors. (Score 2) 7. Mrs. Sumi wants to create a new work sheet in MS Excel. a) How can add new work sheet in MS Excel b) Explain the procedure ? annkv kpanv Excel Hcp ]pXnb hv jov cq]oIcnWsapv. F) FIvken Hcp ]pXnb hv jov cq]oIcnpsXs\ ? _n) BbXns \S]Sn {Ia hniZoIcnpI. 8. Rectify the errors in the following chart if any. Xmsg Xncnp Nmn sXpsn XncppI SI No 1. 2. 3. 4. Transaction Capital Introduced Deposited in to Canara Bank Sold goods on credit to Gopal Purchased goods from Mohan Voucher Type F5 F5 F6 F8 Debit Cash Canara Bank Sales Mohan Credit Capital Cash Gopal Purchase

(Score 3)

(Score 4) 9. a) Write the procedure to prepare a Trial Balance, P&L a/c and Balance sheet from the following information Xmsg Xncnp hnhcfpsS ASnm\n {Sb _mekv, t{]m^nv B v temkv Auv, _mekv jov Fnh Xmdmm\p \S]Sn{Ia hniZoIcnpI.



1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

John started business with Rs. 50,000 Purchased goods from Subash Rs. 4000 Sold goods for cash Rs.3000 Bought furniture from furniture mart Rs.10,000 Opened a bank a/c for Rs. 8000

OR b) Prepare a statement of pay roll for the employees from the particulars given below. Xmsg Xncnp hnhc D]tbmKnv sXmgnemfnIfpsS t]tdm tvsa v XmdmpI. Employees ID 24100 24101 24102 24103 24104 Name Amal Thomas Raju Lakshmi Mary Basic pay 7500 4000 6500 5000 5800

DA - 5% of Basic pay TA - 10% of Basic pay HRA - Rs. 500 PF - 8% of Basic pay

(Score 5)