Compact Carbine Stock

The new Patent Pending NEAG Inc Compact Carbine Stock (CCS) is the ultimate solution for close protection guns: a collapsible stock which renders the NEA-15 7.5” PDW only 21 inches in overall length - nearly 2 inches shorter than a fully collapsed MP5A5, with proven 5.56m NATO performance. A true 5-position collapsible stock with a total weight of only 1.5 lbs; only 1oz heavier than a traditional 6-position carbine stock system with buffer and spring. The minimum length is a scant 4.75”, while the fully extended CCS stretches to 8.5” for maximum ergonomic range even on rifles designed expressly for extreme compact size. Materials are 6061-T6 Aluminum and 4041 steel with NEA’s proprietary ARC+ surface treatment. The NEAG Inc CCS is the final evolution of a project intended to provide end users with the ultimate in rifle portability and concealability.

Weight : 1lb 8oz (0.68kg) Material : 6061-T6 and ARC+ treated 4140 Length Collapsed : 4.75” (121mm) Length Extended : 8.5”(216mm) Stock Positions : 5
- Patent Pending -

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