Don't Call Me A Conspiracy Theorist

"If the Party could thrust its hand into the past and say this or that even, it never happened—that, surely, was more terrifying than mere torture and death. And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed—if all records told the same tale—then the lie passed into history and became truth. 'Who controls the past' ran the Party slogan, 'controls the future who controls the present controls the past.'" George Orwell, 1984, Book 1, Chapter 3

!We control life, Winston, at all its levels. "ou are imagining that there is something called human nature which will be outraged by what we do and will turn against us. #ut we create human nature. $en are infinitely malleable...% George Orwell, “1984

!&he 'American( press, which is mostly controlled by vested interests, has an e)cessive influence on public opinion.%* Albert Einstein

It has beco e !er" #ashionable a ong those who lo!e to proclai that in$i!i$&als or gro&ps who share co on interests a" #ro

!er" stri$entl" that the" are

%scientists% an$ as s&ch rel" on har$ #acts an$ e!i$ence to $is iss an"bo$" who $ares to s&ggest ti e to ti e collaborate to #&rther those interests as a %Conspirac" 'heorist% or e!en a %'in (oil )at wearer*+ 'he ,'in (oil )at, ins&lt shows the poor -&alit" o# the ,rationalist, thinking* 'he ins&lt originates #ro a '. $oc& entar" which #eat&re$ a ong other things a the an who wears a tin #oil &st agree that is n&tt", hat to protect hi sel# #ro "o& icrowa!e ra$io signals being bea e$ into o&r hea$s b" co!ert

go!ern ent agencies to control o&r tho&ghts an$ actions* /&rel" the writer constit&te a conspirac" theor"*

ight well be thinking* 0ell "es, I wo&l$ b&t n&ttiness, or paranoia to be acc&rate, $oes not 1eople, rich, power#&l people, who engage in conspiracies to #&rther certain &t&al interests

a" well be paranoi$ b&t the" are not n&tt"* An$ the" are not likel" to lea!e a trail o# e!i$ence lea$ing to their cri es* I,!e o#ten tho&ght e!i$ence is !er" o!errate$* 'he %har$ #acts% briga$e are o#ten not goo$ co &nicators beca&se altho&gh the" hate being acc&se$ o# tr"ing to t&rn science into a religion ost 2ealo&s #ollowers o# religions a ten$enc" to rea$ e!er"thing absol&tel" etaphor an$ absol&tel" insensate when aske$ to e3tract ti e to ti e* A clai o#ten a$e is that $&ring the lang&age* the" share with the conte3t&al

literall"* 'he" are blin$ to n&ance, $ea# to eanings #ro )ere,s an e3a ple that co es &p #ro cent&ries appro3i atel" #i!e

E&ropean witch h&nts sponsore$ b" the )ol" In-&isition between the #o&rteenth an$ se!enteenth illion wo en were kille$ as witches* 4ow the har$ #acts brigage will illion wo en alwa"s pipe &p, %'hat is an absol&te #allac", there is absol&tel" no e!i$ence that #i!e tho&san$ e3ec&tions o# wo en #o&n$ g&ilt" o# witchcra#t were carrie$ o&t* 6#ro interesting8 9 a book o# #allacies an$ #acts* 0hat,s wrong with that: ;o& e!i$ence #ro ight well ask* 'wo things, #irst there being no $oc& ente$ kille$ to e3ec&te$* 'he point here is tho&gh that chaotic era pro!es nothing* /econ$l" the %har$ #acts% gang are nothing i# not

were e3ec&te$ ha!ing been con!icte$ as witches* 5oc& ente$ e!i$ence s&ggests onl" abo&t twent" 7I 6-&ite

a bi!alent< note how the" p&ll a neat little switch #ro

!er" #ew wo en were e3ec&te$ ha!ing been #o&n$ g&ilt" o# being witches s&spicion o# being witches were kille$ #or being innocent*

ost o# those arreste$ on

A witch trial was -&ite a spectacle, the acc&se$ co&l$ not be trie$ b" a =&r" o# her peers beca&se the 5e!il wo&l$ s&rel" in#l&ence the =&rors to ignore s&ch s oking g&ns o# e!i$ence as> she,s &gl"< she has a big nose< she has a wart on her chin< she talks to hersel#< she has a thir$ nipple< she owns a cat an$ base their =&$ge ent on e oti!e irrele!ancies like the acc&se$ being innocent beca&se she,s 5ickin the Ci$er akers, 5ear Ol$ Grann"* 6;o& sho&l$ tr" 5ickin Ci$er, it,s a reall" goo$ $rink8 4o, trial b" =&r" wo&l$ not $o #or a witch trial* 0hat the" ha$ to $o was trick the 5e!il into re!ealing hi sel#* 'he 0itch 'rial in ?onth" 1"thon an$ the )ol" Grail gets it abo&t right* 'o achie!e their goal o# e3tracting a con#ession the in-&isitors ha$ se!eral in#allible techni-&es* In so e areas witch #in$ers wo&l$ bin$ hea!" stones aro&n$ the wo an,s bo$" an$ throw her in a pon$ or ri!er* I# she was a tr&e witch the 5e!il wo&l$ ake the stone weightless an$ the wo an wo&l$ #loat on the s&r#ace o# the water* Once her g&ilt was th&s pro!e$ she was prono&nce$ g&ilt" an$ e3ec&te$* 0itches were o#ten e3ec&te$ e!en tho&gh the" were $ea$* ;o&" can ne!er be too care#&l when $ealing with the $e!il* Another #a!o&re$ be protecte$ #ro 'here were etho$ o# $eter ining g&ilt was trial b" #ire* 'he acc&se$ wo&l$ be tie$ to a agic* I# she was not g&ilt" howe!er she wo&l$ be stake, a big pile o# kin$ling place$ ro&n$ her, soake$ with pitch an$ lit* I# she was g&ilt" she wo&l$ the #la es b" $iabolical b&rne$ to $eath b&t prono&nce$ innocent o# all charges* an" other wa"s o# tr"ing witches, all e-&all" in#allible in establishing g&ilt or a" ha!e been harsh b&t the" were at least #air abo&t it, the sa e r&les innocence* ?e$ie!al =&stice

applie$ to e!er"bo$"* E!en a gentlewo an or a 4oble acc&se$ o# witchcra#t wo&l$ be trie$ b" or$eal* ?" #a!o&rite or$eal is trial b" Ch&rch 'ower* 'he acc&se$ wo an wo&l$ be taken to the top o# the chrch tower an$ thrown o##* I# she #loate$ gentl" to the gro&n$, borne $own in the ar s o# the $e!il, she was g&ilt" an$ co&l$ be e3ec&te$* I# she s acke$ into the har$ pa!ing stones at the ch&rch entrance she $ie$ witho&t a stain on her character an$ the one on the pa!ing wo&l$ soon #a$e* E!i$ence then is not alwa"s what it see s to be which is wh" we &st alwa"s e3a ine what it presente$ as e!i$ence both ob=ecti!el" an$ #orensicall"* An$ when that is $one !er" little is le#t stan$ing an$ we are le#t with perceptions, belie#s, pre=&$ices an$ g&t #eelings* 'here are se!eral long r&nning contro!ersies that occasionall" ake hea$line news at present* One is the 9@11 attack on the 0orl$ 'ra$e Centre* ?an" people ask how co&l$ it ha!e happene$, were all the sec&rit" ser!ices sleeping on the =ob: Others go #&rther an$ concl&$e the attacks co&l$ not ha!e happene$ witho&t the coll&sion o# people in go!ern ent* Others $is iss these allegations as alicio&s gossip A ongering*

7&estions re ain o# co&rse, wh" $i$ the 'owers #all so neatl", what bro&ght $own the thir$ tower an$ wh" $i$ nobo$" act on the allege$ warnings #ro i warning gi!en was that an attack was i what #or British sec&rit" ser!ices o# an inent attack* 'he answers to those -&estions are> we $on,t know, we $on,t know an$ the inent, it was not speci#ic abo&t when or where or e!en the attack wo&l$ take* OB, that,s one &nanswere$ -&estion $ealt with at least*

Another long r&nning conspirac" theor" concerns the lack o# $etail in p&blic recor$s abo&t 1resi$ent Oba a,s past, his birth $etails, e$&cational recor$s an$ e!en e!i$ence o# past #rien$ships with people who atten$e$ the sa e colleges at the sa e ti e as he* (air -&estions, all o# the * In Britain we knew al ost e!er"thing abo&t 1ri e ?inister 5a!i$ Ca eron,s personal histor" an$ those o# his pre$ecessors in the =ob, 'on" Blair an$ Gor$on Brown* 0e know where an$ when the" were born, what hospital 6or pri!ate a$$ress in ?r* Brown,s case8 the na es o# the $octors atten$ing, in which Ch&rches the" were baptise$, we know o# their =&nior an$ senior school recor$s, how Gor$on Brown lost an e"e pla"ing r&gb", 'on" Blair,s not !er" s&ccess#&l rock ban$ career, 5a!i$ Ca eron,s "o&th#&l beha!io&r as a is$e eano&rs in!ol!ing herbal cigarettes an$ so e $isgrace#&l arrie$* e ber o# O3#or$ Cni!ersit",s B&lling$on Cl&b* 0e know that 4ick Clegg, Diberal

5e ocrat lea$er an$ Ca eron,s coalition partner slept aro&n$ be#ore he was not car$boar$ c&to&ts or worse, creations o# the ass

'hese $etails are i portant #or establishing tr&st, we want to know o&r politicians are h& an, e$ia or e!en worse still, creations o# their "ster"* one" on blocking atte pts o# hi has its roots in own solipsistic, narcissistic i aginations* 0e can #orgi!e o&r politicians #or beha!ing ba$l" be#ore the" hel$ high o##ice b&t not, it see s #or shro&$ing their past in Oba a,s s&pporters howe!er, a ong the to in!estigate his past* 'he an" 'win 'owers ,tr&thers, $o not see an" wrong

in Oba a ha!ing spent consi$erable a o&nts o# A erican ta3pa"ers,

ain plank o# their arg& ent is that all criticis

s&ppose$ racis , the onl" reason an"bo$" wo&l$ -&estion the 1resi$ent,s cre$ibilit", th" reason, is beca&se the" can,t stan$ the i$ea o# a black an being 1resi$ent* 'he arg& ent is then taken #&rther an" people as wo&l$ be nee$e$ ost power#&l nation e!er be b" asking co&l$ a conspirac" so great an$ necessaril" in!ol!ing so to propel an ineligible person to the 1resi$enc" o# the worl$,s perpetrate$* 'he people who like to think o# the sel!es as realists, rational, con!ince$ onl" b" har$ e!i$ence sneer at the s&ggestion that a nation co&l$ ha!e #oiste$ on it a lea$er whose legiti ac" to lea$ that -&estion was in $o&bt* 1oor $el&$e$ #ools, we sho&l$ pit" the talking abo&t the Bla"bo&rne conspirac" o# co&rse* 0hile Eichar$ 5&ke o# ;ork was engage$ in a $isp&te with the (rench o!er where Englan$,s territories on ainlan$ E&rope sho&l$ en$ his "o&ng wi#e Cecil" 4e!ille beca e bore$ with li#e in #or their irrational belie# in reason or$er an$ logic* Englan$ has not ha$ a legiti ate Bing #or o!er #i!e h&n$re$ "ears* I,


ilitar" co po&n$* 6Bings an$ Dor$s took their wi!es along with the

to battle in those $a"s8

'o help pass the ti e she a &se$ hersel# with a l&st" "o&ng archer calle$ Bla"bo&rne* 'ho&gh when the "o&ng 1rince E$war$ 6later Bing E$war$ I. was born he was accepte$ b" the 5&ke, r& o&rs o# his illegiti ac" persiste$ e!en a#ter he ha$ ass& e$ the throne* 0hen E$war$s $ie$ his s&r!i!ing "o&nger brother beca e Bing Eichar$ III b&t he $ie$ chil$less 6Britain,s real an$ the throne was clai e$ b" )enr" '&$or 6Bing )enr" .II8 who ha$ a ten&o&s clai 4e!ille b&t was o# all the conten$ers, able to &ster the best ar "* onarch, ost notabl" Da bert o# the $a" an$ onarch8 !ia Cecil"

.ario&s people ca e #orwar$ clai ing to be the right#&l their s&pporters e3ec&te$ #or treason* In legiti ac" o# the so&n$ #a iliar:

/i nel an$ 1erkin 0arbeck b&t the" were easil" $ealt with accor$ing to the c&sto

ore recent ti es when people ha!e trie$ to $isp&te the

onarch" the" ha!e been blocke$ b" the co&rts si pl" pre!enting the case being

hear$ b" r&ling that the co plainants $i$ not ha!e stan$ing to bring s&ch a case* 5oes an" o# that

/o co&l$ the sa e be $one to$a": 0h" not: In this age o# electronics, o# networke$ co p&ters, it is eas" #or ,the part", to, as Orwell p&t it, reach into the past an$ alter histor"* In wa"s to carr" o## s&ch a $eception in the 'here ha!e been an" e$ie!al era wo&l$ ha!e been &ch ore $i##ic&lt as ost an"

news was base$ on e"e witness reports, not on what co&l$ be #o&n$ in easil" e$ite$ co p&ter #iles* &ch bigger conspiracies thro&gho&t histor"* 'he biggest an$ contro!ersial e!en a#ter FGGG "ears is Christianit"* 0e $o not ha!e a shre$ o# reliable e!i$ence that Hes&s e3iste$ as a real person, all that is presente$ as e"e witness testi on" was onl" written a h&n$re$ "ears or ore a#ter he is s&ppose$ to ha!e $ie$, "et an" illions will not e!en consi$er the possibilit" he $i$ not* %Ah b&t "o&,re wrong,% s&pporters o# the Hes&s conspirac" will sa", %the archi!es o# the Eo an E pire show Hes&s was a real person in histor"*% 5o the": 'he onl" conte porar" re#erence to an"one who ight ha!e been the o$el #or this ,real historical character, is a short re#erence in the i perial annals to the e##ect that in the pro!ince o# H&$ea a preacher an$ rabble ro&ser proclai e$ b" his #ollowers as the prophesie$ wo&l$ lea$ his people to #or essiah who it was a great e pire ha$ been e3ec&te$ #or the cri e o#

se$ition* (or the rest we ha!e to rel" on the testi on" o# o# /t* 1a&l as written b" D&ke an$ o# a Hewish scribe Hoseph&s* Both were written $eca$es a#ter the e!ents* At the ti e there were an" n& ber o# se$itionists r&nning ro&n$ the e pire beca&se Go$ was on their si$e* ;et i$$le east clai ing to be essiahs an$ &rging people to rise &p against Eo an r&le, pro ising the" co&l$ o!erthrow the an" people still belie!e in the !eracit" o# the gospels

an$ will arg&e that

&ch o# the concrete e!i$ence o# the li#e o# Hes&s has been $estro"e$ b" anti

Christian conspirators who were now in a position to create whate!er histor" the" belie!e$ wo&l$ best ser!e their interests* IE!en i# we accept that Hes&s was real there are still contro!ersies* A lot o# people ha!e been $is isse$ as conspirac" theorists beca&se the" think no!els like 'he 5a .inci co$e are onto so ething when the" s&ggest Hes&s $i$ not $ie on the cross* It is $o&bt#&l that Gil$as Britannic&s, an English onk ha$ rea$ 'he 5a .inci Co$e when in the #i#th cent&r" A5 he wrote, %0e know an, a onk, so wh" is he writing s&ch heresies: be"on$ $o&bt that Hes&s !isite$ Englan$ in 38A5*% 4ow Gil$as was a Christian an$ an e$&cate$ ?inster ;ork ?inster an$ An$ how can we e3plain the e3istence in Britain o# the ?inster Ch&rches, 0est inster, Canterb&r" an" others* A ?inster Ch&ch has a !er" speci#ic $istinction, the" were ere 9GG to 1GGG "ears ol$8 that ha$ been a"be, b&t wh" wo&l$ so ebo$" in!ent s&ch a ch&rches 6the sites not the c&rrent b&il$ings which are a !isite$ b" one o# the apostles* 'his is a legen$ stor": 'he great ?inster Ch&rches, Cathe$rals an$ Abbe"s were s" bols o# wealth, power an$ control so perhaps the stories ser!e$ a si ilar p&rpose, a$$ing awe an$ won$er to the sec&lar weight o# the great b&il$ings, wealth an$ power* 0hat we $o know is the Ch&rch o# Eo e rein!ente$ a lot o# histor" in wa"s that helpe$ shape nations* 'here is no wa" o# knowing whether things wo&l$ ha!e been better or worse ha$ that not happene$* "+ay by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date. In this way every prediction made by the Party could be shown by documentary evidence to have been correct, nor was any item of news, or any e)pression of opinion, which conflicted with the needs of the moment, ever allowed to remain on record. All history was a palimpsest, scraped clean and reinscribed e)actly as often as was necessary." George Orwell, 1984,

'he i portant thing to re e ber abo&t Hes&s, I histor" to o&rs in the

&st point o&t beca&se I a

not tr"ing here to

reignite that insol&ble arg& ent, is that FGGG "ears ago the" ha$ a !er" $i##erent wa" o# trans itting o$ern worl$* ?ost $oc& ente$ e!i$ence that $oes not $eal with the li!es o# eanings rather than the $r", $&st" #acts* Bings, generals, noble en an$ traitors is si ple recor$s o# cri e an$ p&nish ent an$ ta3 recor$s* /tories were ol$ in a st"li2e$ wa" to i part the essential A goo$ e3a ple o# rewritten histor" is the belie# that the 5r&i$s, the 4orth E&ropean priestl" sect practise$ h& an sacri#ice* Al ost e!er"bo$" knows this is #act an$ "et there is !irt&all" no

e!i$ence to s&pport it* 0e e!en ha!e ,#act&al acco&nts, o# how the 5r&i$s wo&l$ take their inten$e$ !icti s to %sacre$ gro!es% to be sacri#ice$ to their nat&re Go$s* 0e cannot know the 5r&i$s si$e o# the stor" beca&se these ignorant, s&perstitio&s heathens ha$ not $e!elope$ an" written lang&age accor$ing to the earl" Christian scribes who chronicle$ the con-&ests o# Britain an$ the Ger anic tribes se!eral h&n$re$ "ears a#ter the act&al e!ents* 'he 5r&i$s $i$ act&all" ha!e a written lang&age, 'he Ogha s 6this is the na e o# the characters the" &se$8 which consiste$ o# sets o# lines so ething like this> JJJ KKK @@@* It is s&rprising how an" characters can be a$e with co binations o# those strokes arrange$ abo!e an$ below a o ent* 'rees, central line 6learn ore abo&t Ogha s*8

'here was another 5r&i$ic alphabet too, think back to the sacre$ gro!es #or a

beth, l&is, nion 6birch, rowan an$ ash8, the tree alphabet* Bnown onl" to initiates tho&gh now "o& can #ollow the link an$ $isco!er the #&ll FF letter alphabet, it was &se$ to con!e" in#or ation between learne$ wis$o e bers o# the three ranks o# 5r&i$r"* 1eople ha!e been conspiring since pre 9 L the ch&rch* It is an" won$er the" $i$ not want people to know the Eo an ti es to keep 5r&i$ic learning -&iet* 0h": 0ell, the ch&rch was the onl" repositor" o# tr&e accor$ing to L er 5r&i$s were s arter: 0e lost the 5r&i$ic Ogha s script beca&se %the part"% wante$ people to think that be#ore Christianit" people ha$ been ignorant sa!ages* 'here was no e!i$ence o# h& an sacri#ice b" British 5r&i$s &ntil in the 198Gs a well preser!e$ bo$" was $isco!ere$ in a D"n$ow ?oss =&st to the so&th o# ?anchester an$ Di!erpool* 'he corpse ha$ been FGGG "ear ol$ an was na e$ "iel$e$ & i#ie$ b" the highl" aci$ic peat soil in oss, aka arsh, swa p, ge$$it:8 as the which it was ento be$* 1ete ?arsh 6b&rie$ in peat in a

an" cl&es abo&t li#e in Britain in the Eo an era* An$ he

was cite$ as proo# or 5r&i$ic barbaris , a sacri#icial !icti * 'he basis #or this, the scienti#ic e!i$ence was that he ha$ $ie$ as a res&lt o# a blow on the hea$ an$ strang&lation a#ter ha!ing en=o"e$ a goo$ eal which containe$ sacre$ 6 e$icinal8 herbs* 'hink abo&t that ,e!i$ence*, )e was &r$er b&t we ha!e alwa"s open with a gol$en sickle an$ illennia later in #act the" eal* )is $eath co&l$ hit on the hea$ an$ si &ltaneo&sl" garrotte$* 'hat co&l$ in$icate rit&al been tol$ 5r&i$s sacri#ice$ their !icti s b" slicing the $ise bowelling the * Ol$ 1ete was in possession o# his bowels two were s&##icientl" well preser!e$ to re!eal what he ha$ eaten in his last e-&all" be e3ec&tion #or a cri e or robbers* 'he e$icinal herbs: Co&l$ be the" were to p&rge his so&l so he co&l$ enter Caer /i$he a"be he ha$ si pl" not been !er" well* &st be interprete$, &nless there are e"e witness acco&nts tho&gh that wo&l$ not be consistent with 5r&i$ belie#* Or E!i$ence sho&l$ alwa"s be treate$ with scepticis a"be he was a prospero&s

an who ha$ been set on b"

beca&se an" e!i$ence we ha!e that is not conte porar" an$ corroborate$

intro$&cing a $egree o# s&b=ecti!it"* Another great conspirac" in!ol!ing go!ern ents, the Ch&rch an$ the aca$e ic co #act were so ci!ilise$ the" re#erre$ to non 9 Eo ans as ,barbarians*, 5oes that ake the the ci!ilise$: Er , no *** Oh s&re, the" ha$ agini#ent b&il$ings b&t that was beca&se the" hire$ Greek an$ Eg"ptian architects an$ engineers* 'he &n$er#loor heating s"ste s the" i porte$ #ro i$$le east, the great ci!il engineering techni-&es that $eli!ere$ clean water &ch to Greek, 1ersian, In$ian an$ Eg"ptian societies an$ also to i$$le eastern ci!ilisations too* atch #or the north E&ropean sa!ages the" lo!e$ to to the cities again owe$ &niti" is the one that insists the Eo ans were the great earl" ci!ilising in#l&ence in E&rope* 'he Eo ans in

Bab"lonian an$ Ass"rian* Eo an baths owe$ a lot to the In so e technologies the Eo ans were no In$ians learne$ that iron was

$eri$e* / iths a ong the Celtic tribes o# /pain, (rance an$ Britain ha$, like the Assr"ians an$ a$e stronger i# it was heate$ to al ost white hot an$ then coole$ s&$$enl" b" being pl&nge$ into col$ water* 'h&s Celtic warriors ha$ long bla$e$, well balance$ swor$s while the Eo an legionaires ha$ the short, hea!" Gla$i&s* 'he barbarian s iths also knew that the -&alit" o# wro&ght iron co&l$ be greatl" i pro!e$ b" a$$ing to the olten ore s all -&antities o# other aterials* Another archaeologial #in$ in Britain in arkings on the 198Gs was a 1MGG "ear ol$ swor$ that a#ter se!enteen cent&rie$ b&rie$ in peat 6won$er#&l st&## peat8 was r&st" b&t still soli$ an$ so well preser!e$ that a#ter cleaning the orna ental the bla$e were clearl" !isible* In Chariot technolog" too the Celts ha$ the a$!antage* 0hile the Eo ans co&l$ onl" b&il$ wheels with an easil" $a age$ woo$en ri the Celtic s iths ha$ learne$ how to p&t a etal ri onto a woo$en wheel an$ shrink it into place* I $on,t know how the" $i$ that FGGG "ears ago b&t well preser!e$ war chariots $isco!ere$ at b&rial sites pro!e the" $i$* 'he other thing that ele!ate$ the pagans abo!e Eo e was the political sophistication, pagans li!e$ in $e ocratic co the co happen to the &nities rather than oligsrchies* 4obo$" star!e$, e!er"bo$" was #e$ #ro &nit" beca e &ncles, a&nts, gran$parents, co&sins, g&ar$ians* 'he on store, a chil$ was prinicpall" the responsibilit" o# the parents b&t sho&l$ an"thing the whole co

ol$ an$ the sick were care$ #or too* it was a h& anitarian societ"* /ince the renaissance there has been a conspirac" o# silence ai e$ at preser!ing the ill&sion tha t the Eo ans an$ Christianit" were the great ci!ili2ing in#l&ences* 'his has onl" beg&n to change recentl" an$ e!en now 'he an" scientists an$ archaeologists contin&e to $en" that $isco!eries like the ore a$!ance$* At aro&n$ the ti e Eo e was =&st starting to b&il$ its Bagh$a$ Batteries 6$ate$ circa 1GG BCE8 were pri iti!e electricit" generators* i$$le east was #ar power base the 1ersians ha$ electricit"* It is well know that the technical speci#ication #or the Biblical Ark o# the Co!enant $escribes how to b&il$ a h&ge an$ !er" e##ecti!e capacitor that wo&l$

attract static electricit" #ro Bible*

the at osphere, store it &ntil a certain le!el o# charge was reache$ an$

then $ischarge* 0hat is less well know is re#erences to electrical ga$gets are not con#ine$ to 'he 'he ancients certainl" $i$ not ha!e electric light or power an$ when #ille$ with grap#r&it or li e =&ice 6aci$8 the batteries wo&l$ not ha!e pro$&ce$ eno&gh electricit" to kill an"one as 'he Ark is rep&te$ to ha!e $one, b&t the" co&l$ ha!e been &se$ in a process si ilar to electroplating* Or perhaps the" were part o# a technolog" co pletel" lost to &s* 'he Eo ans were s&perstitio&s an$ $e#ensi!e* 'he" $i$ not like con-&ere$ peoples to ha!e $i$ not &n$erstan$* aster" o# things the E pire,s b&rea&crac"

In -./0, while e)cavating ruins of a 12223year3old village near #aghdad, wor4ers discovered mysterious small vase. A 03inch3 high pot of bright yellow clay dating bac4 two millennia contained a cylinder of sheet3copper 5 inches by -.5 inches. &he edge of the copper cylinder was soldered with a 02362 lead3tin alloy comparable to today's solder. &he bottom of the cylinder was capped with a crimped3in copper dis4 and sealed with bitumen or asphalt. Another insulating layer of asphalt sealed the top and also held in place an iron rod suspended into the center of the copper cylinder. &he rod showed evidence of having been corroded with an acidic agent

I# these other societies, the Greeks, Eg"ptians, 1ersians, Celts, 5acians 6)ear$ o# the : 4o: 'ho&ght not, the eras&re o# the 5acian ci!ilisation #ro histor" is another Eo an conspirac" s&bscribe$ to b" the E pire,s s&ccessors,8 were so #ar ahea$ o# Eo e how $i$ the Eo ans $e#eat the : Eas", the ri!als o# Eo e were technological, scholastic, sea#aring an$ agrarian societies, Eo e was ilitaristic 9 the #irst (ascist t"rann" e3cept #or /parta a"be* In #act the #asces, #ro which the wor$ #ascist $eri!es, was the s" bol o# Eo an a&thorit"* It an a3e with a b&n$le o# sticks bo&n$ aro&n$ it $epicting the &nbreakable power o# the central state* 0hen H&li&s Caesar set o&t to con-&er Ga&l he was act&all" str&ggling against the Ga&ls le$ b" their o!erking .ercingetori3* 'he legions were slow an$ cl& s", h&ge gro&ps o# #oot sol$iers that ha$ to be #ro o!e$ aro&n$ as a &nit* .ercingetori3 6i# "o& are won$ering where that na e is #a iliar an$ his s&pporters #ro !ario&s tribes to he was #irst co&sing to Asteri3 the Ga&l8 co&l$ co

ren$e2!o&s at a certain place o# his choosing where the Ga&ls co&l$ elting awa" into the co&ntr"si$e* 0hat sa!e$ Caesar,s ca paign an$ enable$ hi

o&nt a s&rprise attack be#ore

to #inall" N/'EO4GO$e#eat the Ga&ls at the a$e their li!ing as #ar ers an$ eant to

battle o# Alesia was that the Celts were part ti e warriors, the"

her$s en or cra#ts en* 0hen .ercingetori3 an$ his troops took re#&ge in the #orti#ie$ town the" ass& e$ the Eo ans wo&l$ gi!e &p an$ go awa"* 'he Celts ha$ no concept o# what it ha!e a stan$ing ar ", pro#essional sol$iers who $i$ not ha!e to think abo&t ten$ing the li!estock, getting the har!est in or taking care o# the #a il"* .ercingetori3 ha$ ass& e$ Caesar wo&l$ la&nch a series o# s&ici$al attacks to tr" to penetrate the #orti#ication b&t Caesar knew he ha$ onl" to sta" in the #iel$* )is en were being pai$ an$ with .ercingeori3 trappe$ in the #ortress Eo an s&ppl" lines were reasonabl" sec&re* An$ when the Ga&ls let the wo en an$ chil$ren o&t o# the beseige$ cita$el thinking the Eo ans wo&l$ $o the hono&rable thing an$ allw the non co batants* It,s a goo$ stor" so wh" $on,t we hear &ch abo&t it in school* 0ell to tell the tr&th wo&l$ &n$er ine the i$ea that Eo e was the great ci!ilising e pire o# the ancient worl$ an$ show the to be the br&tish sa!ages the" likes to $epict their ri!als as* An$ the conspirators, the aca$e ic historians who ha!e b&ilt careers on isrepresenting the Eo ans as a $elight#&l b&nch o# o$elle$ so &ch o# o&r o$ern worl$ on enlightene$ h& anists an$ the politicians who ha!e to lea!e, the Degions si pl" sla&ghtere$ the

what the" s&ppose is Eo an legal an$ a$ inistrati!e principles wo&l$ not want that* (or the e!i$ence #ans then there is a ple e!i$ence that the whole o# western histor" is a !ast conspirac" theor" the ob=ecti!e o# which is to ens&re power an$ control in societ" alwa"s resi$e with a ,patrician, elite*

!If you tell a lie big enough and 4eep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. &he lie can be maintained only for such time as the 7tate can shield the people from the political, economic and8or military conse9uences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the 7tate to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by e)tension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the 7tate.% 5r* Hose# Goebbels, )ea$ o# 1ropagan$a in )itler,s 4a2i o!e ent*

'here are conspiracies going on all aro&n$ &s now* 'he" are har$er to see than the conspiracies o# histor" beca&se o# co&rse we $o not ha!e the broa$ !iew o# the present that ti e gi!es &s o# histor"* Consi$er the c&rrent #inancial ess an$ how it was create$* 'hro&gh coll&sion between

go!ern ents an$ the global #inancial co

&nit" !er" necessar" banking reg&lations an$

acco&nting were gra$&all" ero$e$* Arbitrage 6short selling8 beca e an acceptable wa" o# tra$ing, creati!e acco&nting enable$ liabilities to be presente$ as assets an$ asset !al&es to be in#late$ to ri$ic&lo&s le!els to ask poor tra$ing per#or ance* arkets in $ebt enable$ high one" an$ no =obs, people Bankers e barke$ on irrational len$ing sprees, the newl" create$ risk loans to be b&n$le$ with other $ebts an$ sol$ on* 1eople with no li!ing on state han$o&ts, were gi!en h&ge bank wo&l$ pro#it* 'ake a look at this e3tract #ro o# all possible worl$s*% !... the great American mortgage bubble of the 1222s, perhaps the most comple) Pon:i scheme in human history — an epic mountain range of corporate fraud in which Wall 7treet megaban4s conspired first to collect huge numbers of subprime mortgages, then to unload them on unsuspecting third parties li4e pensions, trade unions and *" rea$ #&ll article ;olling 7tone maga:ine. an article in Eolling /tone i# "o& still #eel incline$ towar$s the !iew o# 5r* 1angloss, the philosopher in .oltaire,s no!el Can$i$e< %All,s #or the best in this the best the banks reasone$ that propert" !al&es wo&l$ rise in#init&

ortgages that the" co&l$ ne!er hope to ser!ice beca&se an$ e!en i# the borrower $e#a&lte$ the

A #ew !oices co plaine$ o# the insanit" in the worl$, a #ew people in #inance an$ politics warne$ that the b&bble wo&l$ b&rst, the boo b&bble an$ the e$ia kept chanting the was &ns&stainable, there was too little s&bstance in the global econo " b&t the bankers an$ go!ern ents kept p& ping the bellows an$ in#lating the antra that the goo$ ti es co&l$ last #ore!er, the new econo ics co&l$ create perpet&al growth o&t o# thin air* It was the econo ics o# the e perors new clothes* ?ost people belie!e$ what the" were tol$ to belie!e beca&se the" $i$ not want to be the one who was $i##erent, the o&tsi$er who sai$, %B&t the e peror is not wearing an" clothes an$ so the" =oine$ in the general h&bb&b in praise o# the E peror,s won$er#&l clothes* Others s&specte$ it wo&l$ en$ with on the &ch wailing an$ gnashing o# teeth b&t $i$n,t see wh" the" sho&l$ iss their t&rn err" 9 go A ro&n$*

)istor" will look back in a a2e ent an$ won$er how we co&l$# ha!e been so st&pi$, how al ost the whole pop&lations o# great nations co&l$ ha!e been taken in b" what was ob!&io&sl" an act o# coll&sion be"een !ario&s interest gro&ps, so e wanting to control the wealth, others intereste$ in controlling in$s* ore

Winston pic4ed up a children's history boo4 and loo4ed at the portrait of #ig #rother which formed its frontispiece. &he hypnotic eyes ga:ed into his own. It was as though some huge force were pressing down on you 3 something that penetrated inside your s4ull, battering against your brain, frightening you out of your beliefs, persuading you, almost, to deny the evidence of your senses. In the end the party would announce that two and two made five and you would have to believe it. George Orwell, 1984 Dook at how the s&pporters o# cli ate science who post their propagan$a online chant i pressi!e sets o# statistics, wa" !er" si ilar to )in$& o$elling, linear ostl" obtaine$ #ro onks chanting satellite s&re!e"s or athe atical ere o$els in a antras* 'he" repeat o!er an$ o!er again the sa e athe atical

staististics &ntl it is har$ to $isting&ish what is #act an$ what is spec&lation,

o$els o# a non linerar s"ste * .er" o#ten the people on the gro&n$ obser!ing,

taking rea$ings an$ anal"sing sa ples report that $i##erent things are happening to what the statistics s&ggest* B&t the statistics are s&pre e we are tol$, the co p&ters are in#allible, two an$ two akes #i!e* )are Brishna, )are Brishna, global war ing, global war ing )ocke" stick graph, )are Brishna, )ocke" /tick graph, )are Brishna Carbon 'ra$ing, Doa$sa ?oolah, Doa$sa oolah, Carbon tra$ing, Global war ing, global war ing, )are Brishna, )are Brishna /ho&l$ we belie!e these statistics: Dook at the &se that is we sho&l$ treat statistics an$ bear in a$e o# percentages* 0hene!er "o&

see a percentage -&ote$ alwa"s ask %percent o# what:% Det,s look to Orwell again #or a$!ice on how in$ 1984 was written in 1948*

5a" an$ night the telescreens br&ise$ "o&r ears with statistics pro!ing that people to$a" ha$ ore #oo$, ore clothes, better ho&ses, better recreations 9 that the" li!e$ longer, ore intelligent, better worke$ shorter ho&rs, were bigger, healthier, stronger, happier,

e$&cate$, than the people o# #i#t" "ears ago* 4ot a wor$ o# it co&l$ e!er be pro!e$ or $ispro!e$* 'he 1art" clai e$, #or e3a ple, that to$a" 4G per cent o# a$&lt proles were literate> be#ore the Ee!ol&tion, it was sai$, the n& ber ha$ onl" been 1P per cent* 'he 1art" clai e$ that the in#ant &nknowns* It ortalit" rate was now onl" 1QG per tho&san$, whereas be#ore the Ee!ol&tion it ha$ been 3GG 9 an$ so it went on* It was like a single e-&ation with two ight !er" well be that literall" e!er" wor$ in the histor" books, e!en the

things that one accepte$ witho&t -&estion, was p&re #antas"* (or all he knew there an" s&ch gar ent as a top hat* E!er"thing #a$e$ into


ne!er ha!e been an" s&ch law as the =&s pri ae noctis, or an" s&ch creat&re as a capitalist, or ist* 'he past was erase$, the eras&re was #orgotten, the lie

beca e tr&th* H&st once in his li#e he ha$ possesse$ 9 a#ter the e!ent> that was what co&nte$ 9 concrete, &n istakable e!i$ence o# an act o# #alsi#ication* )e ha$ hel$ it between his #ingers #or as long as thirt" secon$s* In 19M3, it &st ha!e been 9 at an" rate, it was at abo&t the ti e when he an$ Batharine ha$ parte$* B&t the reall" rele!ant $ate was se!en or eight "ears earlier* 6#&ll te3t o# 4ineteen Eight" (o&r Chapter M8 /ee how conspiracies work now: 5o "o& see how the cli ate science sca o## as easil" as the s&b pri e sca tr&th o# what we are tol$ than were e!ents that occ&rre$ within a #ew research co co&l$ be carrie$

was carrie$ o##* In realit" we are no better able to $eter ine the e$ie!al peasants whose li#e e3perience e3ten$e$ onl" to iles o# their ho e o# a##ecte$ the $irectl"* 'he cli ate change

&nit" is a s all, incest&o&s gro&p* I# a cli-&e o# $ata anal"sts 6lets not $igni#" these a"be the" ha!e been pro ise$ the s&pport o# large, #inanciall" an$

glori#ie$ clerks with the appellation scientists8 $eci$e it is in their interests to appl" certain #ilters to their $ata anal"sis, beca&se politicall" power#&l organisations i# the" will pro ote a case that wo&l$ increase the in#l&ence or the pro#its o# those organisations, an$ i# b" &sing the well establishe$ techni-&es o# pop&list a&thoritarianis 65r* Goebbels $i$ not &se that phrase b&t he was #a iliar with the i$ea8 an$ e$ia lo!es sensation an$ sob stories in e-&al eas&re, how eas" it an$ s&ppresse$ their critics b" sa"ing %think o# the s&##ering in poor co&ntries, think o# the h&ngr" chil$ren,% knowing that the wo&l$ be to sprea$ #ear an$ panic an$ thro&gh that trick people into gi!ing &p certain rather incon!enient liberties or accepting $raconian ta3es as the penalt" #or b&"ing into the s"ste $oing what the" were tol$ to $o b" the !er" people now p&nishing the conspirators an$ $is iss #or $oing it*

;es, "o&r hea$ is probabl" spinning now* An$ so the eas" option wo&l$ be to go along with the e as =&st another conspirac" theorist* 'hat o# co&rse is what the !este$ the other si$e: interests behin$ the conspirac" want "o& to $o* 0ant to hear #ro

Alwa"s think #or "o&rsel#* It is better to think R#or "o&rsel#I an$ be wrong than not to think > )"patia o# Ale3an$ria* %Belie!e nothing* 4o atter where "o& rea$ it, or who sai$ it, e!en i# I ha!e sai$ it, &nless it on sense*% L Ga&ta a /i$$artha, 'he

agrees with "o&r own reason an$ "o&r own co


Orwell,s big Brother societ": EEDA'E5 1O/'/> 'he E3ten$e$ E&rope pro=ect> 'he conspirac" to create a E&ropean Cnion 9 with A#rica an$ Arabia in it Electricit" bills set to rise to pa" #or win$ #ar Diberal Bigots Cli ate Change /cience /ca Copenhagen Cli ate Change Corr&ption 'he (light (ro (ree$o A Chronicle O# 5eca" (&tilit" O# 0in$ (ar s /t& ble Cpon ?eet the a&thor ore o# " st&## s&bsi$ies Conspirac" 'heorist: BBC 'ho&ght 1olice Attack (ree /peech

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