“Secrets in the Dark Feb 16, '05 7:53 AM by Luxas for everyone Actually there are several ceremonial sides of magic, true

the design of magic(k)s energy is colorless or a shade of every-color... however the ancient ceremonial arts of a shadow in a shadow was used... meaning a spirit of minor possession, though in the past this was also bit difficult to achieve so many went mad or created their own death creature to seek them and die by... The mind is a tool, shaped only by the power it exerts, however the spirit is a creature of energy and though energy and power can at times be the same thing they don't come from the same sources, and so the mind can be fooled but the true spirit can't be fooled... (the dynamics of the body and spirit are like the grains of sand on the beach, so bear with me....) When Others of the Real Occult call on dark magick (k) or not, they don't call on a demon or deity or being, they summon the Dark Others...to learn more about them you have to have studied under a real magus..... all i can say is they are the sources....so far.... (then the shadow, then ethereal, then the cosmic eye) in that order...... The Dark Others are much like beings but hold a higher value, because they shape the power in you to suit your external will, this is the will that shows up as you grow, or read into the mastery of the tarot...(a type of psychic level) There are five names that must be called before the dark others will take any notice of you.....(they are the ancient names that make up the 5 A's of the Pentagram) in all the arts that bind point to place they are the shadow.... Well i hope this look into the shadow of the dark will give you a better view once you enter that sanctuary or circle..... Have you worked with the 5 A's? ----------------------------------------------------------------------what do you get when you put a Gothic Wicca Celtic agnostic and a .... Aug 7, '04 5:02 PM by Luxas for everyone : ex satanic christian pagan shamanic voodouist with newage telepathic talents in newage and thelemic herb-tology.... eclectic.. you get nothing... saddly but a person who can't seem to find the way that they believe or feel.........(hence the no title design offered in wiccan and pagan based systems....) But isn't the nature of the spiritual to define the real or is it more like a social fad that keeps you in the cool club, (normally i never worried about what is cool or correct, but what is the stuff behind the stuff....(to know) WHY...... is the greatest

of power one can ever have... because it shows you where your going and where you been....though this is a lonely design it is not alone as in everyone (magickal or not must travel it) everyday that you or they look into the mirror..... Why is a scying mirror black? its because we must see through the darkness to know anything, and even if it wasn't dark it will be... because (light is thought) and darkness (is revelation) "not the mis-readings of the lonely bible thumpers, but the self...." as defined by what you are and how you relate to the world of worlds... The truth is revealed in the magick it creates, not the other way about.... no one made up magick to make magick real, or illusion to understand illusion (they existed but just not in the known, but the felt) and those who was the teachers of these, the guides...they was trying to make the road everyone walks only to discover that they aren't making it but more like re-telling what is there.......and has been there...(the future of magick exist in the computer and in the soul,) not in the hands of the magickal...because so many have given over their brain to belong to this new cult of satisfaction of the self identity and lost what it is to know one thing from another.... We wizards have always walked in the darkness (revealing) the hidden, its our honor our design and nature) and we have graced witches with secrets beyond their mere world of sensation and memory collection and spellcasting...(we do this with the guide of the dragon) not a druid design the dragon is our cane and our hat and our nature as judge/jury/and executrix of the un-known....druids was merely the key keepers to your the greater nature by these the dragons we walk with and learn from...(as secret as it comes)... Dragonic magick, lol no such creation but there is dragonic lore and method and natures of the dragons, (dragon's are touched by magick) get it correct my friends)....make stuff up as you want to for-fill your fantasy, while the real reads you like a book and shows you the rock your going to trip over its up to you..... Druid nature is as i said Keys (keys to time/to trust/to nature) not magick... (they got spells and omens and secrets of magick) but they don't use magick... they are used by magick thats why they are seen as wizards ...lol (the robe of a monk might help in this image as well..lol) Define your world or be defined........... Those that want Chao's and the end of things are seekers not for ends but the need to rebuild and in this rebuilding to re-make themselves, but you can coat of paint your great castle but if you don't repair its foundation your castles death is set... So think about playing in the darkness and the ghost and the shadows know that

they are laughing at you not your nature because there must be something that drawn you there, you just didn't look into the mirror enough to see what was real and what is madeup...by your fear... (Bogus you say is because your fearful of that mirror you say you are, so you see what you want to see, and psychology then becomes your religion....lol (everyone sees what they want they never see the real person, no one can possibly no me because they haven't grown up with you...so (the couch masters got you lulled into the world where no one can know you and sell you mind games...) but magick has always said, what you are, what your about, and where your going with it.... (why else would others feel about it so, unless its to own a power and to make others feel it,) then your not needing lessons you need insight into why you need others to believe in what you do and done.......... Whatever is the word most use to understand their world and they call this magick.....(they are novices in a world of stone written walls and perhaps will always be....) Believing in something makes it real, lol, another fake ideal.... (you look at the sun daily is it real or not...you need not believe in something to have it prove it is in your reality....(faith has sold you a bill of goods for your own good so they can map your happiness) Anything that can make something happen or occur and in a continual action is real as in our reality...(deny this....) Magick isn't to be believed to be real, nor do we make magick happen...thats Bs.... Witches have known it is in the using of a power that we know its design....(thats what everyone who haven't had it wanted..and would kill or do rituals of sacrifice to have it) ...its not a power but a gift... and it can only be given when your ready to ask for it... (yes ASK) Why this rambling? Well someone has to ................even if you and others don't believe but feel......... Life is about feeling...........do you feel? --------------------------------------------------------------discovering the goddess as in sipritual Jan 4, '04 1:44 PM by wzdrylmaster for everyone

The Nine Principles of the Goddess The Nine Principles of the Goddess Genesis Genesis The Names of the Goddess The Names of the Goddess Hymns to the One Goddess I II III IV V Hymns to the Ennead Hymns to the Ennead Amaterasu Kali Selene Gaia Demeter Athena Maria Aphrodite Eris The Testament of Gaia Commentary Introduction First Principle: Amaterasu Second Principle: Kali Third Principle: Selene Fourth Principle: Gaia Fifth Principle: Demeter Sixth Principle: Athena Seventh Principle: Maria Eighth Principle: Aphrodite Ninth Principle: Eris and they wonder why newage is where wiccan books are published and sent....witchcraft rated "occult" until the 90's before wiccan god/goddess paganism, created the downdraft.... good for them bad for us.... Tags: stories by fire (This is the book of the secrets of being, but even with this you only get half, the other half of this book is given in the completion of the final key Oath working) Witchcraft

By the moon we are taught to seek the power sought, to remember and embrace the time, to defy the secret lines, to hold and have by nature’s tools, to sow and reap unlike other fools, to have and give as the night shines true, so mote it be shall be the due. Set Up/Pyietta 1.Mirror, face-size- no more, no less 2. Two red candles 3. Circular pattern drawn into table or on fabric- color blue or black. 4. Standard candle configuration, air, fire, water, earth, and spirit. 5. Table for which to sit it on- must be no higher than kneeling unless on a dresser or in closet. 6. As one advances, so will the candles change- fire replaces air, and spirit replaces earth. Elemental Reasoning The elements exist through windows of the sisterhood through the thin-like veil that separates the mind and spirit. The elements are always used in three. Though witchcraft isn’t a part of the elemental design, the principle of the physical body is. We have in us, around us, and within our dreams the passion of the elements, are our sensations. Cultures are defined by the elements, and though they do have sides that strengthen or defeat each other, every element is immortal. The purpose of witchcraft is to serve the elements, to serve the body, to reflect the dream, to understand our beginnings, to become like the dragon, and to awaken the will to transform. The Circle The circle is the reasoning that there is a beginning, middle, or end to all things. It is a sacred chamber, a secret consciousness, a daring emptiness of the soul to be filled. “You must be insane to understand this.” Just kidding. Just like religious texts take a leap of faith, so too does the circle take a leap of trust. The circle will grant you five wishes, none of your desire. 1. Security- It shall protect those that protect it. 2. Truth- It will reveal those that choose not to reveal. 3. Hunger- It will show you that which nature hungers. 4. Desire- It will show you what you truly wish to have and grant it to you. 5. Connection- Sisterhood and truth of self.

Sex/Power The Key Life is the power of truth, touch the value of love, love the security of friendship, passion the will of life. Sex and Power Sex is a powerful expression that must be used as a focal design, not trying to please or be pleased, but to bask, to push one’s limits beyond their own limits. The consort is only the tool or receiver. They are just a vessel; and it can be artificial or physical as of another presence. Their job is to maintain that charge. The ultimate goal is a unity, whereby the releasing of that energy can inspire the eyes to reflect the will upon the candles, so the elements may grant the woman or witch her desires. Power is given when the elements agree from the reflection in the eyes that the energy was true. Power can be self-given, but must be observed that it doesn’t over-step its bounds with the elements, for they are the guide in the dark. The Word As you know, or will know soon, a page is but a page taken from a book that most will never see, refined, recreated, it is only an example of the same page. It is the duty of every witch to advance beyond mere words, mere symbolism, mere consciousness of words, but not for their own good. It is for the circle, so that it may become a part of the dream. True the eye of all knowing will the one that has never been, be. Cultures of Change Voodou- Seven powers are the key in and await your destiny, each a goddess held so true. So mote it be, so be you do. Shaman- As nature calls, so you will find herbal and tools the world leaves behind. In each his one a secret to more, but first you must get what’s been there before. Priestess (Egyptian)- To the temple comes the fire. From the right, one inspires. Gathered and dressed in the finest of thins, awaiting the sacred temple to consciousness ends. Delphi- As of water, as of air, as of earth, the candles share, as of fire, as of

wind, what has begun, undoes sin. For its but a word created as a pain through the oracle’s eye that none shall rein. Devi- Star of Ishtar, dancers of the trance, these women of time and space use heat to connect themselves to the spirit by dancing around the flame, and using interpretive dance, entice those who would be the future king of the world. Ask The nature of the universe is to seek “why”. The nature of being is to seek “how”. The nature of wanting is to understand “when”; and the nature of nature is to find the “who”. Asking requires the call. Without the call, there is no reason. Without the reason, there is no purpose, without the purpose, there is no oath. Tools are there to serve, not to be served. A tool must ask for nothing, but grant everything. Their job is to renew. Applications, diagrams, symbols, keys, all these things and more have no reason to ask. They are but to be seen, understood, and reflected within. Answer To know is to have. To be is to equate with knowing. Knowledge must answer any question placed before it without price. Key- A key is but a question to the road that is the path that one will walk. This symbolism is written on or around the person. Door- There are none. Nothing locks you out. Nothing locks you in. Nothing removes you. Nothing keeps you but your word. Life and Death- To a witch they don’t exist. To be a witch is to be all witches, to be timeless. Death is the art of the witch. To be death’s consort in the ritual of Yul is to attain a youth for one year hence. Nature’s Messages Spell Quest One cannot give a spell. One cannot take a spell. Spells can work on others, including those with no magic.

The art of spellcraft- You make as you understand a connection, a bridge to the plant or animal used in your spell, heighten its energy, bask in its afterglow, and then transform. Light is the deceiver of truth in a spell. Candles fire or other, you must learn to read what it doesn’t want to tell you. This makes a powerful witch, makes things true. Hexing- The dawn of beginning must be in haste to the answer that is quelled or the promise forgotten. For it is the duty of every witch who is, must bring out the justice of whoever they tread. Reasoning Nature must balance. Life must begin and end. Truth must find direction. Passion must find purpose. Empowerment must find duty. An oath must find open hands. Terra/earth- The earth will never go away, never be destroyed by the hand of man, never be removed from time or space. So as to this, neither will the witch’s will. Gaia/life- She who is remembers. She who is will remember. Do not try to serve here, for she is neither body or material. Time- Measure, if you will, the length from your nail to your arm and you will not be any wiser than the wisest person ever, for time is not distance, for time is not a measurements. Time is but a movement, from one movement to another. Solis. Solace- Life was born from seed to shell to sprout to spring to root to branch to leaf to ground to earth to center to the emptiness of space and returned the same. Reflection A mirror is an answer. A mirror is a key. A mirror is a chain. A mirror is the reflection of a doorway. Time- Embrace, if you will, the flame of a candle still. As you pass on through, the sight will be all new. Passion is play here, for the keys are lost today here. For they are ever renewed, in the body oh so true. Mage- A mage is a partner and a friend; but know their secrets they will defend, from the will of the key, from which we’ve stolen much of thee.

Wizard- A wizard is a harmless guest, a mirror if you choose request, so that you may see what’s true, and add so mote it be to what you do. Duty Your job is not witch. Your task is to thitch. Your destiny already given, your task without forgiving. Priestess- As a priestess, you hold the role, as the keeper of the soul, the one you talk, the one you take, the one you awaken, the one you shake. High Priestess- The high priestess’ price is the dagger and the circle. Candle and coven are her due. For she is the word, the work and the passage of any who choose to enter. The circle- Set up by one’s hand. It can be invisible, wood or sand, salt, rope, or thread, even a circle of the dead. But a memory is all that will be that parts that world and thee. World Connect, Condone, Consecrate. Connect- To connect is to create a source, a mini-temple, if you will, to allow for symbolism and the nature of the element within. Condone- To condone is to open by movement on action, drawn like a star of circle, a triangle, square, over the candles, to request the entrance of another. This is called an awakening. Consecrate- To burn or smoke or bury, or build is to start the process for consecration. The nature of consecration is to allow the tool, person, object, or other to enter in to connect (build). Incense/perfume helps build. Power Power is the connection. Power is the stinging of a whip on the back. Power is the icy chill up a spine without an open window. Power is a reminder of humbleness, and a promise of an oath. Keys of Power- the eyes, the feet, the heart, the hands. The eyes- With the eyes oh so true, light beyond light is their due. The feet- As one walks oh so softly, removed from gravity will one’s daunting.

The Heart- In the heart is the truth of how one wishes life’s pursuit; but to a witch a heart is failing, if she gives into fear of swelling. The Hands- Of all the powers that are grand, there are whispers to the hand, for the nature one must do. So mote it be rest with you. Deities Calling To call on a deity is to serve what it represents, to not seek reward or benefit, but to bask in the eternal nature of its design, for it will grant you gifts. You need not ask. So any who say they worship or ask for praise are going to be denied the calling. Prayer- Prayer is a fateful gift; but it is meditation stiff without meaning in or right to be. Emptiness would follow thee. But with a witch of Goddess true, so mote it be changes prayer too. Chanting- Chanting is but simply rhyme, given to any that define one world simple, the other one true. It has nothing to do with so mote too. Book of the Markings Awakening To challenge one’s senses, to give into dreams, to find thoughts and memory, to define the unseen, to defy what is written, to record what is true, is the book of shadows, the key to you too. The Book of Shadows- A book of shadows is not a journal, but a book of symbols and of gateways, practiced and complete by the workings within. Its nature is to invoke change. Its power is never to be open, never to be questioned, never to be pondered, never to be exploited. Grimoire- Mistaken for a book of shadows, a grimoire is a book of death teaching about the reasoning between the worlds. It was mistaken because of the nature of spiritualism written within its pages, because of the workings of the mirror that is used in scrying, because the sight of the unseen was tempting to the teachers of the unknown. Priestess Walk Namesake

You walk in the name of the High Goddess, for She is your friend and your protector. She is not at odds with the God or gods. She seeks nothing but honest communication between those who are, and those who will be. She has not lessons. She has not learning. She has not reason. She has not worth. All these things one must bring to her for her to grant them her watchful eye. Duty and Responsibility- To serve is to understand that all witches are the same. All methods are the same, all desires the same, all fears the same. All hopes are the same, but only will they be accepted as true if the circle grants the elements’ truth. This is the mirror that all witches face to contend faith from hope. Talisman Token Metal is to metal, as flesh is to flesh. Alchemy, sorcery, science, philosophy are invisible here. It is an energy, a sense of transformation that one must open themselves up to, to be willing to carry the symbols of time and space. Symbolism- Symbols can come from any culture, but the strongest symbols will be the ones written after the dream. Mathematically derived symbolism based on a unique knowledge of the celestial universe, this is the handicraft of the mage. Witches don’t wear talismans normally, for a talisman denotes ownership; but in the stead of the priestess/high priestess, lady and full, it was the token, eventually opening the door to more. So gather as ye will, to know what is to fill. Plants of Change The 8 Incenses (9 If You are Voodoo) The 7 Branches Study of Plants (The Key Powers) Herbs Herbal Incenses of (Circle) Ritual What you learned Three Tools (Plant Images) Poultice The First (Powder) Dou Maize (Gluten) The Three Witches’ Roots French, Welsh, English Pagan Plants Gypsy Remedy

What Do the Plants Say Catogi (Connection Within) (Immortality) Spell and Energy. Teas of the Old Way The Rosewood and Sage, Thistle (Ritual) Brine Herbal Transformation Shaman Travel Colors of the Aura Tokens and Amulets Ages Reasoning As one grows into their own, their mind awakens a passion. This passion reveals symbolism. What will be seen as gibberish is actually a code when taken in its ancient connotation. This becomes a tool heightened by the dream state and made real. Secrets and Symbols Workings As one begins to blend power into their being by knowledge, they then seek symbolism from different cultures that awaken. It is in these symbols that one begins to define the world around them. Awareness of the Three Brothers Brass, Copper, Silver Brass is the ability to bend. Copper is the ability to bind. Silver is the ability to reflect and to remove. These are the tools of the witch in bracelet and in band, and are the key to the door that is the conscience and the soul.

Psychic Talismans Within all things is a harmony. This harmony is read by all living life. It expresses its pain, its pleasure, its desires, so to unleash a signal and/or frequency. To a witch this is the way to unleash, remove or hide by way of talisman; or to give up, open and forgive secret messages from the mind. As one grows as a witch, the talismans that one wears on their person, if kept true, will aid them in being present in everyone’s thoughts. The Pyramid The tri, the three candles of the four (air, fire, water), and the fourth, north, south, east and west, up/down, left/right, inside, outside, around and through. The Standing Stone This energy/essence/nature is a reminder of the frequencies of things about us. To one who is empathic (and 98% of the world is empathic), any stone gracing the land that is outside of the field from where it should be is creating a psychic rift in our conscience, a sort of magnetic circle (even if it is not shaped circle-like), that we as human beings tend to respond to, but witches bathe. Graves Greedy, deadly, forgotten, fallen, these are the emotions that one gains from death; the death of stone, not death of man, not death of woman. It is the human design to die; but a witch is an immortal, trying to live an immortal freedom. They feel the pressure of the stretching of life and death much harder than most. It is both a pleasure and a pain. Those who bathe themselves in the essence of this are swept away by its meaning, left adrift in their own emptiness, hallow and sometimes cold. For its not death they seek, but its power. The Writing on the Wall Ancient symbolism is written everywhere if you don’t know where to look. The essence of the witch is to find the cracks in life, to reveal, to obscure, to take apart like a puzzle, to question (not value), but what’s next. Writing is a human frailty, a form of remembrance to make one seem that life is longer than it is. However, it is one of the tools for communication with the other side of existence. To a witch, carving something into existence is second only to making it real.

The Passages Sexual, Spiritual, Self Sexual- In perfect love and perfect truth. These are not words for one’s self. These are words for wisdom, those who want it, those who see it, those who deserve it. Sex is an energy, an essence of an innocent time. It evokes great emotion, but it isn’t an act. It is a reaction. One must not train themselves to be fearful of the first experiences of truth. Spiritual- If you’ve accomplished above, then you are free from the limitation of fear. Truly there is a reason to distrust all things, but that is because of desire from those who will never have it, but you must never be jaded. As a guide, you’re a hand, a shoulder, an eye, a foot and a back. Self- As one is one, as one sees one, these are no different. We are all one. We all desire to know as one, but this is a mistake, for time proves ourselves and will find others who are just like us as one. Solomonic Keys Moon, Venus, Dark Witch The Moon- In the witches’ design, the moon represents the female goddess, Luna, Selene, Isis as a shadow. It is this energy that is the start of the witches’ goal of the three circles in the Solomonic design. Venus- The second level, the second circle, Venus is the power or empowerment of the witch in her inner beauty. She is the naked representation of a strong woman who is of love, of trial, and of truth; and she foresees these issues upon any who enter. The Dark Witch- The dark witch is the power of the divine third circle in witchcraft. You have to be seduced, seduce, build energy by ritual, be engulfed in it, be torn away, and reflect in the rite of it. The purpose of the dark witch is to become the dark moon; but in the Solomanic talisman, it is the freedom of the wearer of this talisman to become more than just witch. Plans and Passages Dark, Moon, Both Dark- Energy is life, life is shadow, shadow is birth and destruction, a reflection of the mirror of one’s beginnings and strength, and will of what they tap into.

Sexual energy, dominant energy, hardcore unleashing of self is the whip that stings the soul to release the power of the shadow, for it is a veil that overcomes the body and it sends you to another plane of existence. Moon- The moon is the essence of existence, the symbol of air in the emptiness, a void which is space. The moon represents the hanging light that is a reflection of the circle itself. The purpose of the moon is obvious. Even if a thousand people lived on the moon, happily joyous, they would see the earth as if they saw themselves. Both- The dark moon is the secret name of Hekate. She is the watchful guardian that demands sacrifice in both forms, shadow energy, naked self and purity of the moon. To offer any less is to forever get caught up in trying to find oneself completely happy. The Tools of Transformation Necklaces As you practice, you will learn the process of seeing objects and things at their worth and value. This will inspire you to make a gift of these in the form of necklaces. A magical necklace is a mini-wish, a tool, an awakening, a thank you, a hello. It is a treat and should always be treated in these forms, never taken too seriously and never taken for granted. Gateway Symbolism Sigma, delta, iota, alpha, omega, gamma, gamot, epsilon, phi, psi, ku, these are the secrets of the ceremony, the psychic symbolism of the gateway, tools of the mage in the hands of the witch, redefined as elemental keys, tokens, freedoms, traits, and cultural symbolism. So the witch may use them at her leisure without giving away the fact that they are gateway symbols. Sigma- Sound is the ankh. Delta- The triangle, the all-seeing eye. Iota- Foundation Alpha- The alpha Omega- The omega Gamma- Is life, known as Gaia Gammot- Power, known in the symbol as the witches’ ax or ankh Epsilon- Is the candle Phi, Psi and Ku- Are the tri, Isis, Hecate, Vasha, or Lillith Awareness of Your Freedoms

Protection Native American symbol, Norse symbol, Sumerian symbol, Greek symbol, this image is that of the winner/knower and seer. It is the symbol of the arrow. Ankh, aka Akhor, it is the symbol for mirror. It is known only in two cultures, Egyptian and Greek. The mirror of Diana and the symbol of Isis. Kahmet, the art symbol for time, life and rebirth, aka Kemet, which they stole and recreated it into that name. Kah, breath. Metron, angel of the Biblican, known as the fire angel, real name Humet. Sumerian symbol Ba, life. Placed upon the forehead of Adam as a clay golem when he was first born, as God in the Christian model blew into his nose creating life. In witchcraft, it’s the symbol for new life and a way of awakening the mind. The Tul, secret name of the stone most know as Teutonic, the standing doorway, but the tul is a bridge between life and death, time and space. The Dark Door and the Red Key to the White Room The Dark Door- When one enters into the dark arts, the third circle of the witches’ model. Much like the symbol of Freemason hood, they have to knock on the main door. The door you knock on is the window of your mind. The reasoning of this is the secrets within. The red key is the opening to the door. This is the process wherein the one has now submitted to the energy of the door. They themselves become a copy of this key. The key is energy itself. The white room is the open door to the psychic mind. Remember the dark door was only holding you out until you got the red key. Now your psychic intuition and freedom of this room is now yours. All those inner secrets which might be a thousand doors or more are now available for you to look within, knowing yourself and your power. Eyes of the Five Powers Deep within the candles, darkness within the veil, the other side of nature is the five A’s. Beneath these Five A’s is the secret to their power. They are an ancient form of religion and awareness that is denoted or made aware of by those who seek the occult wisdoms. Normal witchcraft can’t enter this door, for the dark witch is the only one. You will know these names and their skills if you dare pierce the veil. Coven Workings A-G

The Rituals of Being 1. A coven is not 1-3 members. It must be 4, 5, or more. There is no number at where it can end. 2. High Priestess is in charge of the coven, aka, Lady on High or Lady in Standing under. 3. A coven must be with five symbols per candle, not just the elements. 4. The art has no classification, no direct coven law other than dedication. 5. There are no wars in a coven. Coven can’t battle coven. Forces don’t battle forces. Witches don’t battle witches. 6. The High Priestess’s rules go. Things become cemented when they are cut into the earth. The Witches’ Touch Two Fingers of Wand and Wood From your hands, will new life spring, thoughts begin , hearts to sing. Awakened in much, will dreams be read, from candles’ light, none to tread. For venture within, and know the wood, so that all can be as should. Venture within, so wand is grand, as sword is held, in fire brand. Conduction of the Aura The Three Forms of Enchantment Fire- Green, white, yellow. These are the colors of the aura that represent fire

and the energy of the witch. Water- Blue, red, black. These are the colors of the power of water as contributed to sexual energy within the depth of the consciousness. Air- The most mischievous of all truths, it is the power to empower. The colors are purple, orange, grey and sometimes red. These are the higher scale of the sky. Fire and Water The Dance Bathe your hands in cold water, both intertwine underneath. Place them dry after. Place before you a red candle and in a counter-clockwise rhythm, move one hand and then the other. Fire and water are born within. They are the heaven and the earth. They are the grass and the weed. They are the open plain and the desert. They are the ice and the water. This is the dance of nature, of opposites that are not. The witches’ power is to understand the dance. Promise and Reward In service to ritual, one will perform a candle burning at both ends, but within a centered circle, north and south, the poles of beginning. As one enters, so to they exist. This is the ceremony. The reward is the memory. To Get the Gift (Ritual) Fire- The transition of life. Water- The transition of unity. Air- The transition of self. The Four Elements- North, south, east and west, ceremonial ritual based on the cardinal points, not in witch unity. Connected to the self as in the poles, it is a ritual that is designed for the basics of as above, so below from the Solomonic model. The Star- That which is represented by the elements, including spirit. The first and second points of the circle position is charge. The working is fostering. The nature is judgment before the candles themselves. The Three Points- The three candles, these are the power of mind, body and

spirit. Mind- When a candle is connected to the mind, it begins to drift. It begins to reorder itself magnetic-wise, aka psychic. Body- With candles, a witch can re-order the body. They can undo small problems, advance mis-communication, reshape and reorder life. Spirit- Though this is more of a transition of the physical body, the spirit helps raise and remove internal clock issues, as in biological mistiming, what we would like to call cycles. It also cures illness. Using it in the Shaman’s Gift (Healing) Passages Leaves, feathers, rocks, stones, gems, smoke, ropes, ribbon, animal hide and paper. Each one of these is a form of material that would be used to create forms of healing, both mentally and physically. The Other Side of Touch (Breath of Power) Object Kah- In all things, there is a breathing, a cycle, an attunement. With the proper training, a witch’s breath can do much. It can heal. It can hex. It can pleasure, and it can bother, all without physical touch. To Give the Gift (The Wish) Close your eyes; relax in bed. Call forth the forces around you, the elements, the A’s, the dragon, the work. All these things are of use to grant you or those you wish a chance. She Who Walks She who is, was before. She who is, will be again. It is within the nature of her cycle to repeat itself, to awaken within all things female, She who walks. Like all deities, like all beings, like all passages of motherhood, She who is, is because. Rewards of the Touch Stories These are our stories. These are our memories. As we get stronger, so will the future hold itself. To be rewarded is to be accepted. These are our stories. Reflections in the Reward

Stories These are the powers, skill, spells, awareness's, trainings, cultivations of spirit, freedoms, travels, doctrines of the unknown, and support from within await. The Circle’s Power Granted in one or two, so mote it be shall you do. Circle high, secret kept, nothing said, nothing wrote. As one who is one, you can now call upon another. These things are the will of the great unseen. Ask and now be answered. The Ghost World Triangle in, circle out, secrets kept within fire and ice. Triangle- Honor to thee the gate of knowing, to share in the darkness transformed, made shape before you, awakening a model of the future mind, the ethereal. The Circle- With candle will you now hold sway over the world of the unseen, to carry in confidence and in passion, the messages of the departed and the departing. Givers of the Witches As of the past one was given insight, shown forth the beauty of nature and night, of sun and moon, of bread and birth, of breath and heat, the light of the world. For you are but a guide to a guide to a guide; and they are but your guide, from our guide, from their guide. It is a chain, whether a family or a fortune; but either way, you were given. Advanced Magic Dark Witch Open yourself up to the night, to part the veil of life and light, to shatter the mirror of the self in the fight, for you are the dark moon kite. As a dark witch, you are given the knowledge of the systems of shadow and self, the passion and the principle of what its like to walk the second ring and be summoned and a summoner. The Levels Beyond (The Witch’s Ritual)

Anism Inside the human body is a living animal, both male and female. You see this in every living animal as a totem, a concept of our behavior as their reaction. As we dive into the primal senses, which are only charge points, we begin to unveil the heat; and this heat empowers the aura. Though animalistic lust, frenzy, limitation of communication is overwhelming in the non-evolutionary, it is merely a chapter to the understanding of the physical being. Anism is none of that. That is the calculus, the catalyst of begin an animal. Real anism is awakening with animal-like senses given form by the advanced alchemy of the evolving frame of the spiritual human body. Druid Eyes (The Stone Message) As a witch, you will gather friendship with nature; and nature will offer back. It will reward you with the eyes of the Druids, two shades of color that fall over the eyes like contact lenses. Green for nature and red for reaction, vengeance; but it is not you who seek vengeance. Gift of the Goddess The Gift of Inner Beauty (Kah Pha Ehum- Breath of Power) Within a woman, any woman, is the secret of inner beauty, not by makeup, not by disguises, not by costumes. Revealed among the witch is the secret to this, and it is the sleep smoke of candles. Fire- For strength of beauty. Water- For purity and heart. Air- For mystery and for mastery. Earth- For humbleness and professional nature. Spirit- To reflect the image of those about you. Purple Candle- Candle of fate is purity of love. The Power of the Witches’ Circle’s Network (Pref Meao Tef- By the Other, Shall You Gather)

The Goddess will give to you those who give to you, those who seek by you, those who are looking for her. All you do is light a candle within theirs. The Touch of the Silent Voice (Aph Meao Ka- Hear From Around or From the Breath (Life) As you go out during storms or winter weather or seasonal change, you will hear voices among the wind. To a witch, these are omens of the future to guests coming, to hiding what you know. The Charging of Seasonal Magic Summer, Winter, Fall, Spring. Nef Meao Tef- Night Meets the Ground. Summer- Amun To Winter- Amun Pef Fall- Amun Atep Spring- Amun Kaph Light a candle of the color season. Set it before the leaf of that season. Place a cup of berried ale in the center of your circled ring. Then spill it in the ground at the eldest tree you know, or take part in sharing the cup with those around you and the tree. The Gift of Goddess’ Love (Spell As Well as Past) To the Goddess you need but utter the phrase: “So mote it be, tell shall you do”. This will bring forth great return for any spell you do, for any spell book, for any design. The Power of Sight in Loss (The Other Side) The Walk Ritual At a person’s passing, if you know them true, gather up a rock outside of the gate from which they end. Hold it in your hand, both top and bottom, cover. Lay it upon their stone or empty grave which will be filled. They will get their fondest wish. Goddess Virtue in Naming (Callings)

Isi Heku Net Abri Isis Hekate Nul Amun Lil From that which is your virtue, to that which is your passion. From that which is your dreams; from that which is your hopes. This is how the Goddess names. And she will name you. Path of She As Lady Hear me: she who is named Lady is given time unquestioned. All things in her body and mind reverted to youth and strength. She who is, is now the hand of she who will be. This is the power of the Lady. The Essence of the Divides Star up, star down, to each there is a moment, moment of power, promise or strength. One is the giver; the other one is a taker. Both are equal. Both are honest, but they do exchange. The Sacred Fires Candle, Flame, Camp or Bonfire. Candle- Justice. Flame- Memory. Camp or Bon- Unity, Time. Talisman of the Venus Secrets Solomonic Moon Talisman About the recovery of the honor and authority of the Solomonic mysteries within the Goddess’ design. The true gift of the Goddess’ beauty is the freedom to be alive. The Aura of the Eyes To each eye there is a light and in this light is a shade. The shade gives way to an ability for the Goddess or the Tri to open up the aura of the one they choose to look at, or to charge their aura so that others don’t see them. Touch of the Witch

Three Words The Gateway, the mirror, the doorway, the body, and the symbol or sigil, the cloth or fabric of energy, these are the three. The Gateway is the mirror. The doorway is the body. The symbol or sigil is the cloth or fabric of energy. In the gateway, you will touch the mirror with your hand. This will allow you to touch the world. In the doorway of the body, certain points on the body will release memory and advance the self. Symbols and sigils on cloth or fabric create the energy that will bind and transform the body on the dream state. The Amulet/Necklace (Ari/Eros/Su) Desire/Love (Cove)/Destiny Ari- Amulet of touch. Eros- Amulet of self. Su- Amulet of the tri. Ari- This amulet serves as a divining tool. Eros- This amulet serves as to find objects in others. Su- This amulet serves the passions of others in their arts and turns them into artists of honesty. Cultures of the Powers (The Life of the Bread) The Sygil Temple Temple- Systematic symbolism relating to the creation myths, either in rise or in fall of society, based in oracle and/or miracle/spells/omen idealism. Altar- The nature of an altar is to explain the universal curve of the elements as

associated with the planetary formations Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Saturn. Though the education is based in eight direct planets, five are the only ones that are seen because of DNA. Circle The Dance- Element of the heartbeat, creation of the constitution of the planetary movement of the sky as emotional beings. We look at the world through interpretive dance- body, rhythm, movement. The circle is the facilitator for the expression of dance, the circle being a time frame relating to the cosmos. “Etc. etc.”. The Five Symbols of Change These are the Phoenician symbols of the elements. Within all things there is a duality, a consciousness of good and a consciousness of evil. Though these are religious limitations, fears if you will, it is invited in every culture. It must be a martyr, a principle, a field, a law that causes disharmony. In the five symbols of change, it is who, what, when, where, how and why. These explain the loopholes in the mock-chaotic feature, which represents ill will. The 5/7 Doors of the Spirit The Five- The hand. Fashioned on the hand are a series of symbols relating to the conjunction of planetary designs, the secrets of immortality and the virtues of existence. The Seven- Seven is a mirror, a mirror of the self, related by the aspect of the sun and moon as in opposites of each other. Driven as the symbol of two triangles with the circle over it, called the Hebrew Star. The Door- The door of the spirit is simple. It is the releasing of will to let go and surrender to the unseen, and then have the new will close the door after. For only after experience can one see on the other side of the door. The Spirit- The spirit is an unseen ghost, a secondary example that is created when the veil between the psychic mind and the dream state merge as one. Only within this state can one communicate with the spirit until the freedom of the body is exercised within a circle ring. Wicca and the Weeds The weeds represent the word “ivy”.

Wicca is the dawning bud of ceremonial magic in the witches’ monarchy, towards the secrets of Baste and Hecate. Its main design is to create a harmony between the living stone and the woods. It got sidetracked by the cultural models known as the Kel/Druid. The weeds are the ivy that stretch out from the eclectic hand of witchcraft, as in the models of the definitive cultures of the five, known as the hand. Sumeria, Persia, Egypt, Thessalonian, Greek, those are the five. The Eight Keys of the Zodia The eight keys of the zodia are the eight planets, each one in a field of two, each two, a symbol of one, all eight, the key to four. The Watched Stars Three stars, Orion, Pegasus, Andromeda. Andromeda is a galaxy. Pegasus is a galaxy. Orion is a galaxy, but each one has a star. The nature of Orion is the nature of the man Orion. The nature of Pegasus is the nature of the child Pegasus. The nature of Andromeda is the nature of female. The keyword, Andro is from both male and female. Meda, from the water. The Planets (Unchanging) Elemental Since the very beginning, those who sought great wisdom sought first within of the physical form, skeletal nature, and then outside. The desire to understand becomes the template to esoteric magic. From within the zodia, one begins to understand the Kabbalic keys to the passions of the physical form. These become the representation of the physical body and unleash in form of symbolism, keys to the development of the spiritual body. The Tools and Reflections Keys White, Red, Blue, Black, Purple, Pink As a witch grows, she’ll collect items, symbolism, natural items such as the living byproducts of nature, friends, devices, collisions of thought. These become the keys to more. It is the nature of any who practice magic to collect referenced items that are conclusive to their theology, either in scientific or magic practice as outside of their own domain. Curiosity of the unseen is in itself a passion of the art to

develop, create reflection, remove resistance and expose oneself to the universe. Aura of the Animalistic World Vampire and Dark Messages Deep within the consciousness of all cold animalistic beast is the carnal and the carnivore state of survival. In this, the animal develops highly trained sensitive reflectional energy, aura and sensation. The power of the dark arts within cultures awaken these primal passions, these sensations of survival to unleash a curtain of veil over top of the eyes of humanity. You do not lose your value system, but find a more food chain oriented existence, as which you’re not at the top anymore. To embrace this form of awareness is the key to the power of darkness itself, but not to unleash this unforgiving morsel of lackluster, ego-driven, pompous, latent, fear-driven limitation away from the real. For reality is a lot more dangerous than it appears when survival is the essence. Transformation Rites Potions From the 10th to the 17th centuries, alchemical concoctions, druggist, fraballities were used as maladies in increasing the heath and welfare of the environment. However, the advancement of herbal intuition, elemental empathic nature, and psychic dream state reflections created a composition of different forms of tonics. 1. One cannot use a potion if they mean to do harm to another, unless harm is meant by the person who had started it. 2. Oceans cannot be used to heal if spells are cast on others. The spells must pass their time, or be countered before a potion can be used. 3. A true potion master doesn’t charge for healing, but they will charge for desire. 4. The elements must all be in harmony when any potions are made. 5. Potions work on anyone, magic or otherwise. Don’t let stupidity fool you. How the Sides Were Born Universal

Though you know this story from the secrets of Vasha, you do not know after her, during, or beyond, up till now, or the future; for sides are being drawn right now, but not by us, not be beings, not by powers, but by mistakes. The first thing one must do is fix the mistake. Part 1... part 2 The Voodoo Leg Hexes ABASOSVAGLUISUCUKALLOIS The nature of hexes are to serve the nature, to define the one or one’s who do harm. They can be exacted at any moment, removed within the same thought. Voodoo is the sticking of chewing gum to your sole of your shoe. You are then marked; and until you remove the gum or know that the gum is there, you aren’t free from it. Real voodoo can’t kill you, but it can do a lot worse; and they will flaunt it. The Legba is the voice, but he is not the power. The Shango is the keeper, but not the kept. The Yana is the bestower, but no the one bestowed. The Changing Worlds Who is Who Everyone is everything. This is absolutely true; but whether they are or not inside is that which must be judged. When you announce what you are, you are setting into motion an action to make you this, whether you desire it or not in magic; but if it is outside of our design, then it is merely passed on, not accepted. Those who are who they say, are reflected in those things around them. Those who are those who say, are made so when the time matches their method. Those who are who they say, never have to worry, never have to be judged, because they are constantly judged when they don’t know it. The Collective Transformation Pagan, Witch, Druid

Gather within you the knowledge here. Pagan- A pagan seeks the fruit of life, the freedom of the Native American, even if they say they come from other designs. The shamanistic virtues so as to be healers of their fate of which they will never be; for a pagan is a pagan is a pagan, defined only by the land. The Witch- To enter the witch is to enter the elements. To enter the witch is to enter the 10th to the 15th century ideals. To enter the witch is to be burned and boiled in your own truth. To enter the witch is to be a silent as the trees, but yet as gabby as the sunset. To enter as a witch is. Druid- Drawn in, drawn out, drawn within, dragging, dragon, drawn, shown, sent, returned, ventured, remembered, embraced. These are the tools to the power of thought, the models of self, the key and the stone. The Greater Dragon Design Witch in Druid “Tempt thee not, for thee walks with thee” is a favorite saying of the druid. It means, “seek not more than you are until it seeks you”. For the dragon in witch is merely the circle; and for the druid in, dragon is merely the cup. Birth of the Temple Witch In ancient times, women of sight were given an opportunity to show their vision, and house the way so as to be an important image of the divineness of the wisdom and secret will of the Goddess or God within the body. For it was believed that one was inflicted with these gifts as a way of bridging the gap between the communication of the unseen and the physical world. When one showed greater promise in the aspect of opening the gateway, they were gifted too by sacrifice, not for God or for Goddess, but for the fundamental nature of being alive. The Witch’s Nature The Travel (Journey) Networking Roping, Hexing, Penta, Elemental As one who is beyond the witch’s mentality, they are gifted with the wishes and desires of others to take part in or to be surrounded by those who are of service in will.

As one ventures, so too does the art, ever growing, ever changing, ever evolving; but the artist does not. Like a skilled practitioner who only knows one song, he may gather a note here or there, but never the full musical complement, until you have a band. Then you have all of their music, all their rhythm, all their harmony. For the music is reborn in you and them. How One Finds the Circle’s Voice Witchcraft As a seeker, your energy will show you the way. You must be brave and hopeful. You must not fear betrayal or loss, because these are the easy ways for the voice to vanish. For it is without these things, and only seeks to reflect itself in the eyes, clothing, mind, body, company, companion, and family pet. To seek a circle, you must go to places that deny their truth, mock places that are just awakening. Offer up no prayer, offer up no help. Offer up no service. Offer up no trial, and watch; you will be offered. The Sides of the Passions Wicca/Occult Wicca- Wicca seeks to be a joyous message across the world, to embrace the little things that make up the simplicity of life, to honor time and space in an endless circle of unnamed gods and goddesses, to redevelop itself as each person comes to its door; these are altruistic goals with no foundation. Occult- “Dance with the Devil and you pay by the coin”. This is a saying for those who tempt fate. However, this is a lie put up by those who are indeed not occult, but instead ceremonial, paying for what they will never get. The nature of the occult is to reflect the mind and body of the person standing before them, to place them before test and trial, to make them both strong and weak, to show them fear and doubt, to unleash anger, to find truth, but all without saying a thing. The rituals do all of the work, because the body and mind are always battling, trying to find the common ground, whereby not to agree. The Negative Mystery The negative mystery is the neutral mystery. It is the beginning, middle, and end of life. It is the heart of the witch’s model and the soul of its building and temple, sometimes revealing everything, other times in hope of hiding. The purpose of the unseen world is to be laid upon and made to sleep, so as to embrace that electricity within our human soul and to float away.

The Shadow Self Gifted to the witch by rite of passage in the darker tone during the circle cut, within one will begin to foster a shade of energy. Misconstrued as the ethereal self or aerial being, it is not. It is a harmony of the darker shade of purple. It is the cloak of the very witch herself, confident, dominant in the freedom to exercise the darkness and embrace all fate. The Powers of the Shadow Darkness Hekate- She, who is the commander of She who is, is but a handmaiden to life, a service and a woman who sees only her daughters and their future blessings upon this world. For she has seen much and to make friends with her is to make friends with the darkness itself. She is its consort, its lover, it’s secret mistress. She who is the power, reveals herself as the eyes. The Sides of Said Dark Means Lust, Passion, Power Lust- Lust is an energy driven from the conformity of the world of pressure. It is a secret longing of an ancient form of symbolism that controls the very actions of love. Passion- Passion is a key, a hidden veil of lies and deception that must be revealed for one to truly show their naked self, unashamed to be guilty of the desire of hidden lust. Power- Power comes from the combination of lust and passion, but not from its utilities; for power seeks not the energy of lust, or the key, or the deception, or the truth, but merely the friction between the two fields of time that lust and passion occupy. Darkness is the cup from which these passions, lust, power, flow; and in ritual, this is where they stand. Wicca Pure Lie Trying to Find Itself Forgive me for what I am about to say. Wicca denies, lies, misinterprets, mistakenly implies without knowing it. It is not wrong; for it is a spiritual system defining itself in a world of modern acceptance, utilizing the system known as

paganism, cultures of druidism, aspects of freewill, and ceremonial consciousness. Wicca has created a church of this misinformation, not knowing, but feeling, stealing from the very model that they claimed that they weren’t, Christianity. By heightened faith, lost in a forgotten lore, they are the anarchist of their own passions. It is true that I cannot group them all together, one being worse than another, or all as general; but to accept Wicca is to accept its roots, even if the roots keep changing to suit the flower maker. Coven Secrets Brine/The Lady Twelfth century England, a pub called the Three Boars was started; a small gallery of four women who thought piracy and secrets were the way to make them famous. Pirates, individuals under the authority of the Navy would tell stories of secret women and bestial rituals and sacred areas in which mysterious goings on were fielded. As the brine, known by the word of what happens to wine at the bottom of the barrel after it aged, became wise to these secrets, they collected tools and tokens from their favorite visitors. The Lady- A secret chair set amongst the center of the pub floor above the seating of a table, this was the position of authority on high, to be the center of attention. Information, friendship, loyalty, service, counter-intelligence and awareness were all the household of the lady; for she was known as the woman of the river, a secret that later became lady of the rose. Secrets of the Shadow (Advancing Will) Occult When one pierces the veil between the worlds, they reflect the will of these worlds. The connection to both psychic and temporal share commonality. Dreams and memories reorder themselves. They are in essence, a second skin. The Books (3/5) Book of Three- Isis, Hecate, Osiris Book of Five- Astaroth, Atet, Abaxius, Lillith, Azarel, aka. Azmodeus. The Symbolism of the Moon and Sun Goddess Tri The Moon- As the moon shines high in the sky, the light touches the ground and creates a ring. In this ring is both cup, stone, dagger, woodland branch and body.

The Sun- As of the sun, it walks the sky, showing the pressure and power of life reflected in the absorption of the human skin and eyes. Only the night shines more true. The Earth- Fertile is the earth as it lends both the lenses of sun and moon, sky and land to reflect the rainbow essence of the removed veil of water and ice. The New Witch Winter Yul- Yul is a celebration of the bringing in of the youthful witch. It is the opening ceremony of the elder witch or high lady to pass on the veil or cloak of death as its mistress to the next one. The Old Witch Summer The old witch is called Rye. Rye is the season of the blending of the education of a growing witch of truth; for she is taught the recipes of the arts. The Dark Witch Fall/Autumn The nature of the dark witch is the unleashing of the animalistic nature of the two poles of the ceremonial design reflected in the mirror in the light of the art, which is the candles. It is the nature of the dark witch to consume the energy/essence of the up and coming consort and offer it in cup ceremony to the deity of the chosen dark witch. Pride of the Craft Stories Said as Witchcraft Only are Pagan Guessing Pictish, ancient script, Norse writing, French calligraphy, Germanic, Thule consistency, arts of the occult writers, Edger Allen Poe, are all guilty of not knowing the stone, are not guilty of their own egotistical high-toned, self actualized, authoritative natures. The Reasoning of Mistakes It is the goal of every historian, archeologist, scientist to prove the existence of

something. This is a lie. Because of fund, because of mis-implied information, certain scholars, highly ranked in their fields, falsify information so as to bring life to their dig; when in actuality, they couldn’t bring life to a stamp. He said; she said; it said; is the biggest mistake of the ego. Do not fall for it. The Voices The Authors Truly, these individuals awaken much in their writings. They are 100% honest; but even in honesty, they are mistaken in translation. They are vying for principle of good and evil instead of evoking what is within. This is their fallacy. The Real Rewards Welsh To be a druid is to serve the druid nature, not to be a flower child, an echo warrior, an herbalist on a goal to kill mankind. A druid seeks only the info of time and space, not the petty insecurities of our animalistic nature. The Metaphysical New Age Witch Enter as you be, for those invoked, so shall She. Crystals, jewels, rocks and stones, energies, elements, principles of old; all these things are beyond the new witch knowledge. New Age is the loss of the ancient. Eco Movement Theology Theology is a concept, a way of motivating anti-truth, fear of not having power over the world. Gaian intervention makes one feel as though they are helpless as a newborn baby in a cradle. Mother Nature doesn’t need our help for nothing. We could nuke our world 100,000 times over. It would still fix itself. It would not fix us. The earth is not as fragile as it looks, but we are. The Goth and the Geese Hedonism Rebel, rebel all you want, darkness will not follow you. The idea of the golden goose is a lie. One goose set up greater than any other goose, fashioning golden eggs to the rest of the world, this is the nature of goth. The goth that I know

comes from the word gothic; and that means to overshadow and not in darkness, not in black, not in bondage, but to be huge against the world. The goose is the swan, is the duck, is the falcon, is the deer, is the water, is the snake, is the ocean, is the moon. This is beauty. This is hedonism. The Ride that Never Was So Mote it Be “Three times three, so mote it be”. Returns the same temple. Again the Rede is a story made off of a theory: If you give up one, you’ll get three, which is a lie. If you give up one, you’ll get one and one half. If you give up three, you get three and one half. Nature gives you back one half more that you give, unless you are the nature. Then, you’re rewarded ten-fold. The Unseen (Silence) Keys Occult World The art known as the Qabalah is the fake version of the Kabbalah, a made-up esoteric occult creation denoting the negative side of being. Which it isn’t, because even it has redeemable qualities. They’re taken from the reverse version of the Solomonic. Of things you will learn, the occult hides the best, not because they want to, but because of the copycats. The nature of the occult is to bring understanding to the unseen, to awaken by silence the nature of things about them. The occult is a science, a science of theology, an esoteric religious connotation of obscure paganism, rebound and spewed out in a form of limerick or puzzle with no redeemable factors save one: It’s not that. The Vote of Religion Silence the Ideals Sigil Leonai- To Deny What is Written Since the very beginning of man’s first Roman Catholic prayer, God, man and country was all stewed together in one pot, sewn together like a misbegotten paper doll. The idea is that religion would bring religion, that it would open up the avenues of belief, that by having the object you create the next step, which is wrong; and that’s the vote. Religion brings hope. Hope was we know the last

thing left in Pandora’s box, even though she never opened it. She only dreamt she did. The real redeemable factor of religion is that it inspires those to seek what is beyond their heart when released from the fear of sin. They indenture themselves in the form of service/servitude in the idea of not being corrupted, meanwhile, corrupting themselves from what nature has denied nothing for them to hide from. Man and female have clothes only to keep warmth in or heat out. It was never a badge of dishonesty of ill intentions towards the physical form. Nudity is not a sin, nor is it a word. Who is What and Why Aura, Energy, Effort Aura- Aura is the essence of electrical field around the human body that gives off shade or color by mock perception, illusionary awareness, and dream-like-state reality. It is a spectrum that awaits the eyes of all things, whether they be live, dad or in transition. This field can be tampered with, can be reconstructed and can be denied. Energy- Energy is the essence of life from the atomic DNA to the secrets of the very stars. It is the fuel, the heat, the vibration, of existence. Though electrically placed, it has a static-like quality. Its purpose is to expend the field and expand its horizons. When energy is faced in the three fields of life, the only way to reach the highest of its goal is to succumb to the next plateau. Effort- Effort is an unconscious value to try to achieve with achievement. One can feel purpose or presence and exercise more duties and responsibilities on a higher scale. All things living and dead apply the principle of effort. The Key to the Darkness Darkness is the veil between the world of energy and the consciousness of the subconscious vices. Using symbolism, the body can open up these vices and create an ongoing transition between the physical energy and spiritual traffic. The essence can be both from the body, as in ritual transition or art, which is the mirror of the unconscious mind. To each there is a saying; to shatter is to make noise into the darkness. This is the essence of a key. The End View of the Beginning The garden is a passage of womanhood into mistress hood. The veil between the cosmological beginning and the secret territory of man, man, not of man, but

of fire, aka. fire Prometheus. In ancient Greek lore it was believed that women were statues given life during the act of sex. A fire burned deep within the male, which also was statue, would pass between. This is the nature of an archway. This thought was so powerful; they built a philosophy on it called Hades, the world of the underworld, where fire reined supreme. Fire- The Beginning Water- The Ending. Air- The Transition Earth- The Newborn Life. Spirit- The Will of Transformation. Time- Three in One, One in Three. Passions of the Lost Ancient mysteries are lost to time, because the arts, the fires, seek to own what is universal, what is said, what is known, what is kept, what is private. Not for their sake, not for ours, but because they do not understand. The material world builds a material world. The spiritual world builds on the spiritual world. This is the fear of growth and the promise of age. Try, Do, Understand, See Try to sleep. Do what you see. Understand where you are going; and see through others’ eyes. These are the secrets to having. Fires and the Circles

Ring of Truth 1-5 This is candle designs. You start with one, and you work your way to five. One adds two. Two adds four. Four adds one more. Ring of Trust 1-18 1 to 1 in 8, 9 to 9 in 2, 7 to 7 in 1. This is the ring of truth. 1 to 1 in 8, 9 to 1 in 10,

7 to 7 in one, 14 to 1 =6. Ring of Protection and Promises 1-12 3 is 4, 4 is 2, 2 is 1, 8 is all. Stories of the Fire The Temple When man first looked into the sky, he wondered what would be the future of the world. So he picked it up and put it on his shoulder; and in doing so, he cracked it in two, one side in life and another in death. So in order reorder the world, he called upon the fire in the skies in order to solder the world with heat, to appease those who were cold, and to bring new life to that which is growing. But, in doing so, he caused a curious action to occur. The world started to spin. Unable to hold on, he quickly spun out of control. Grabbing the earth with all of his might, he tried to slow it down, but it couldn’t. It only moved faster and faster, until eventually it vanished out of time and space. Inside an ancient temple before all known time, there was a little boy who sat by the side of a waterfall that had dried up and revealed the outer wall of an unseen temple. The boy curious, of tattered rags, starts going through this place. He continues to go deeper and deeper into the darkness, which seems covered in moving creature; but without fear, he continued to move forward. But the shaft before him got smaller and smaller until eventually there was barely enough room for him to move. He entered a bigger room that was filled with light. In the center was a large flower. He reaches out his hands to get some water from the flower only to find a flame in the center, a curious, red-colored flame. As he reached for the red flame, it drew towards his hands and entered his body and reappeared a blue flame in his hand. Amazed at what he thought, carried it home outside the temple only to find that when he crossed the water, which was the dried up waterfall; it went out. part 3 is next.... Part 3 The Dark Tones Isis, Hekate, Maat, Baste Isis- Teacher. Symbol of the dark moon, keeper of the secret of touch, she who is a light of magic.

Hekate- Guide. The dark moon, red harvest moon, yellow winter moon. Her power is within the veil between the known and the future. Maat- Knowledge. 1000 years, 1000 years sent 10,000 years. She is the keeper of time, a teacher of patience, a knower of the beginning, middle and end of all things. Know she isn’t a wizard; but she is a record keeper. Baste- Friend. Baste is an animal, an animal of life that breathes and bewilders. She lies outside of the spectrum we call companionship, for she is the keeper of the familiar, the “Asphinx”. The Five A’s “(The Dark Triangle)” To each point is an answer. To each answer is a key. To each key is a door. To each door is a path. To each path is a future. The five A’s are the principle power of the pentagram, the secret of all the dark knowledge in man and woman. Each point is a representation of Greek symbols that form a dark triangle that opens up a skill to the “sacred pumice.” Ari Destrum Nox (The Token Demon) Demon of Talismans When you venture with the 5 A’s, you gain a key for each dark triangle. When these dark triangles are folded together, they form a mini zodia, the secret to a self-made demon called the token. Summer/Witch of the Twelfth The Witch of the Second. Decai is the season of the witch, though most look at it as Octi or Octo; but the 12th house turning is December. Within the design of the 12th house is the secret alchemy of the summor/summer witches. The Dark Witch’s Book of Il Three (Red Magic) Power, Sex, Sight Power comes first. As one begins to exercise the dark veil of the five A’s as mistress, she will unleash the power of Dark Isis, the secret ecliptic moon. This will reveal the dawning, a knowledgeable art of the witch’s true alchemy. Sex- The Book of Il is a secret book of tantric evolving methods of bondage and self-reliance. It is a prayer book if you will to the knowledge of Ill, referred to as

Lillith or Lillith’s book, but isn’t. Il is a secondary version of esoteric manual based in contemporary ceremonial magic and symbolism, but is a key, a secret to the actual book’s location. Sight- Through the power of the dark book, one begins to unleash the sight or vision of the world between the worlds, not a ghostly veil, but more mysterious. The keystone to this is a blood-red amethyst specially handmade and aged appropriately. Power of Virtues The Second Candle The second ring is the empowerment of the witch’s model. The first ring is the awareness. The second candle is the charging and/or collection of the consort and/or external energy or tools that are required. This is the give back stage of witchcraft, because in the first candle, or candle’s circle, it is the receiving. The second is the give back or return for the one who has entered. The Energy of Life Solis As we look at the sun, it is a reminder of the ancient power of existence. The fire of Prometheus, the lightening bolt of Zeus, the star in the eye of Odin, the golden orb that is twisted into an ankh, these are the facets of the energy of life. Life is a circle constant and continual, ever collecting a little friction along the way, empty in its existence except to serve to build up something it may never fully connect to. The Five Powders Voodoo, Druid Paste In voodoo, there are five powders, a powder of protection, a powder for memory, a powder for love, a powder for justice, and a powder for summoning. It is these powders that go into the effect of the alchemy of dream connection. Witchcraft, as far as voodoo is concerned, is the borderline between the damballa and the limbo states of awareness. The priestess virtues are a part of the awakening to the next shango. Druid Paste is a form of alchemy that creates a sort of clay. It’s placed on the body to create healing. It is used only in ritual circumstances. Ceremonial (Summoning) Altar Fires of Season

When one chooses to embrace a deity, a being or a spirit, they openly create a form of spiritual fire. The purpose of this is to create an awareness in the unconscious self, dream state, or physical mind. Utilizing certain incenses spread over with graveyard powder, they would begin to create the ceremonial fire. Ceremonial summoning cannot be tainted by intervention of a darker stream of consciousness. You are not opening up the unseen, and you are not welcoming everything. You are merely tuning a doorway to be suited to the thing you wish to summon. So no protection is truly needed for those who are at the gathering. Altar fires must be campfire size; and though others have them serve seasons or seasonal, they are open to any moment that brings in the fortune of the thing you wish to summon. Oath of the Keys As a witch you are spread openly before the stars. However, you must remain true to the three forces of your power. This is a ceremonial design and not a witchcraft-oriented message, for as you do the service of the three, you in turn do service to your circles, 1,2,3. The downward triangle is represented by thee candles. However, on the physical body, it is both hands and the opening of the garden. On the male, it represents both feet and the elongated form of the member, for it is upside down, a secret union in its own right. The Map of the Universal Key The map of the universal key symbolizes the upward triangle with the circle in the center. It is the key to the male form in the witches’ model, ceremonial mage/magus. It is the model from which the third ring is created. During ritual one must exhaust themselves of everything they are, in the effort to create a sublime light that will release from within magus to witch, to allow the high priestess/lady to exceed her circle and enter the veil of the ceremonial universe by symbolism. Robe Rituals Robes are ceremonial vestments and only used in occult designs, not witchcraft as a labeled in color, white for entrance, red for teacher, blue for assistant, black for group (or for hidden one), purple for high witch (aka the full witch), but only in ceremonial designs, not witchcraft. It was added into modern models so as to give older ceremonial recreations ideas to rank and privilege of the past. The Invitational Oath Often called the calling, it is mistaken by individuals who are lost in a form of self-

awareness that chose to claim value for themselves instead of service. It is the job of the high priestess/lady to distinguish the difference between the one who is meant to be in and the ones who are not ready. This is a difficult process, because we account for each person their own virtue; so they must be allowed an invitation and allow them to provide proof either by task, gift or self. The Coven Methods Seasonal There are only four seasons to which any ritual is set. You can accomplish anything if you choose to in these seasons, but the purpose is more to bring the value of that season forward. In summer it is to remember those who are of the arts, hence the term Summerland in Wicca. In winter, it is to awaken the new witch, to bring in the dedication. In spring, it is about consorts and new relationships, renewed thoughts of magic. In fall, it is sisterhood or coven hood, as in the idea of awaiting the next year to come. The Scales As above, so to below, the secret mysteries of the universe, it is the alpha and the omega. The alpha means the call, like a wolf baying at the moon. The omega means to touch the earth, as in getting your hands dirty, gardening. This is the scale of existence. In witchcraft, the scale is measured in this fashion. You enter in the downward triangle, submit yourself before the tri, and awaken in the eye of all knowing with the ankh marked across your back or neck, a daughter of reflection, a mirror if you will. The Naming Sisterhood As one gathers a great name like a lady, others of a coven-like design will seek sisterhood. You as a lady are then granted the ability to be at any gathering as if it was your own. Magic gives you the right and authority. This is the secret sisterhood. (The Works) Druid/Shaman/Witch Study (Beyond) Druids serve witches in the aspect of the staff, for a witch is seen as the hand of nature, but merely that of priestess within their own design. Shamans are the equivalent of the witches’ model, only they can be male or female. Their nature is to serve the community that they belong to, and they do it in more of a sense of faith than in magic, but there are exceptions. In the witch’s world, the shaman is best friend and information gatherer to witchcraft, not to witch.

Witch Study and Beyond The witch’s study is the art of witchcraft. In its shaded form, the dark witches model, tempting and powerful, connected to the tarot itself, ceremonial and put to point as in the points of the pentagram itself. The power of this design is to unleash the connection of all three circles, instead of abiding by the rules of one or two or three, not for malice, just for knowledge, and to absorb that energy into their heart; because a witch is a witch is a witch, there are no distinctions. However there is cultivation. The Justice of the Cutting Circles When you make an oath, you connect to the elements. You connect to the forces around you. You connect to the unseen universe; but by cutting into the ground, grass, wheat or wooded area, you are making a bond with the earth. It is this bond that is more of a guardian, a watcher, a companion, a lover that will learn to embrace you and give you what you desire. It is required after one has reached the third ring to practice or set up their first cutting. The Shadow’s Embrace Lying on the ground, cold and still, after the ritual of the dark witches model, one can begin to embrace the emptiness of existence and have the shadows awaken them. This is not to be feared, nor challenged. It is but to bring to light the dark shade of the moon in the journey of the full witch to be. The shadow is but a watcher and a memory of the future that the one has begun to tap into. The Full Witch (Moon Light) Wisdom Just like the moon that is in the high sky displays its light into the lonely person watching, it is like a mother reaching out for its child hoping to guide it into the sun, so that it is not afraid of the changes ahead. This is the nature of being a full witch. As a full witch, one has embraced both singularly in first circle, second circle and third circle, and has now learned to merge them, through the use of the alpha and the omega, the principle of the scale. They have thrown off the limitations of singular coven, and have become all covens, because each coven is a representation of the moon’s very own faith. By the power of their unity, magic and ceremonial, they can now embrace wisdom undreamed of as a mere witch. Door to the Mage’s World As a full witch, given guardianship of both ceremonial as well as ritualistic natures, you are no longer just a lady on high, but the lady herself, as in She. Within the world of She is the right to enter the door, a key will be presented, a teaching or lesson will be known. Though the art of mage is considered more

male, it has been accepting female designs since the days of the shaman; and just like the moon has shown the witch her virtue, so now do you become the eclipse with the sun at your back. Coven’s Truth Markings of the Flesh In ancient times, when one wished to prove honesty, tattoos were placed on the physical form. We honor this tradition. However, in a world filled with mischievous lies, we cannot afford for such markings to fall into the wrong hands; so thereby, in ritual are these markings attended to in ink that remains outside of the flesh, unless one wishes to be seen as that which they will never have. Oath of the Fire’s Ring Born within all of us is the nature of safety. But when you take hold of the night and embrace the power and fury of existence, you walk through the fire of selfconviction, which is a ring from which one can begin to cast outside to the world unseen, and to bring virtue, pleasure or pain to those individuals who are outside. This is the oath that one accepts when truly teaching an open coven. Tools of the Circle’s Keep Dagger, incense, stone, rod/staff, plate or crystal, these are the tools (talisman and token can enter and leave), but these are the objects of the altar. They are meant inside the circle, not outside. They do not touch the ring or rings, for they are instruments inside, not out, unless one seeks to enter. Elemental Mastery Fire, water, earth and air are not within a witch’s ring. They are on the physical body. They are the candles of the ring itself. They are judge, jury and at times justice. The lesser pentagram formation does not exist. It is not a witches’ model. To truly master the elements, one must master the candles. As form of coven nature, each element is not of birth, not of star age. They are known by deed and by action, not by birthright. The Witch’s Ghost Within the act of summoning, upon service to your oath, a witch’s spirit is released of a copy of your image, though more the power of a full witch to command. This spirit has a shadow of your inner dedication and contribution as a protector to the coven. For within the witch’s ghost’s design will it show you a world defined.

The Sun’s Power As the sun rises high in the sky, mid afternoon is where it lie, raise your dagger up and point, fold it in and press it forth into centered ground, specifically found, carved in earth and wood, so the truth remains as stood. The Moon’s Shadow As the one who raises the dagger true, in a coven light of five candles stew. They call upon the moonlit night, and draw a circle within a circle fight, to protect one and all who happens here, so that only the desired created near. Upon three is thus bladed kissed. So mote it be. Virtues of the Venus Temple As with Diana, Hecate Isis, Baste, Molis and Vasha and Lil, you call upon the female power of birth and truth. This is referred to as the Venus temple. This is a physical working related to the lady and the high lady (priestess, high priestess if you will). It is a connection between feminine energy and the goddess’s tokens. Cloak of Sisterhood This is the robe that is from head to foot. It does not drag on the ground unless you choose it to. It is merely a covering in the bracing of security. The purpose of the cloak is to be reminded of the ceremonial fashions, as to denote who is part of the all who enter. Red, Blue and Purple Red- Those who are coming in (female). Blue- Those males. Purple- The high lady herself. The cloak is a binding of the fact that you choose to be a member of the coven. You can go without cloaks; but this is the model for the modern world. Vestments to the image. -Two bracelets bound in same. -Two anklets, bound in trust, both similar. -A light chain around the waist with the image of the star or a gem of like nature. -A necklace of the talisman of your design. -If you are a full, a choker or a brace, which is placed around the neck, like a collar. Passages of the Druids Forest Walk

As of stone, as of wood, these things are druid known, but they are energies and not truths to the druid model. Drawn like a druid to a forest, you may take adventurous walks. The coven’s design is to be remembered of a forest ring, as system of 5 or 6 wooden trees. The Five Masters of Light Fire, earth, water, air and spirit, the flames dance on the candle lit. They are a reminder of the light that is light itself. To each of these, a person must stand before in coven ritual and either light or blow out as part of their entrance. It is to show servitude to the five masters, who in turn will show servitude to the one ready. Have the dedicant stand before the five in the center of the cut circle and face before each candle, place upon their hands two fingers or the wand, as they tap the flame lightly. Then take to them the dagger and hold it at their back. Place it in reverse fashion, downward and hold upon their shoulders and ask “do the elements seek the entrance of this person?” as which you will see as the energy of the room will either light up or go darker. Do not tell the individual what is to happen. Just ask them to wait outside once its over, that way they cannot argue with the judgment, but merely submit to it. The Dark Teacher of Solum Solum is the word the sun. The part teacher is in reference to the male deities associated with the art of witchery. Witchcraft is normally in the female art of design, but there are key male arts represented in the magus/mage design. The dark teacher is the occult ritualistic model of the magus and full witch final working. The Rose of the Golden Moon This is a ritual connected to the passage of the dark witch into the full witch model. It is a form of animalistic ritual connected to the prime essence of charge. More about this if you are going from dark witch to full witch. The Rule of the Afterwind Key Air is the element to this, connected to the psychic awareness of self. It is given that a witch who has performed the rose of the garden and golden moon rituals to connect themselves with the principle of the 3rd circle of air. In it, this woman or practicing one becomes connected to the full design of both the alpha and the omega, the system that is based within the Solomonic key, one of which is called the afterwind key, also known as the Saturn talisman. The role or rule of the afterwind key is connected to this. (Advanced Rituals of Elemental Shadow Paths): The Lost Records

Inside a coven design, there are the traits of a person being represented by each element, by earth, water, air, etc., but within the elemental shadow paths, a system of dark witch rituals. There is the spirit joining of each one of these elements, so as to transform or to trade the aura energy of someone from fire, to air to water to earth, literally changing their destiny. It is a powerful and very focused ritual design related to the second ring of the witch’s model. Legacy of Ritual of Witchery Stone of Key Stone is the living immortal energy of symbolism. It is the bridge between life and death. In ritual, stone is communication, either in stone ring, standing stone formation, or oblong pillars. The four elements are the forces and adaptable natures of the power stone. Air, fire, and water transform the eroding stone and earth supports it and creates new. The nature of a key is to unlock, to reveal, to remove. It is a promise to be let in. Fire of Mirror Fire is life. Mirror is refection of life streaming through the portal of candles and firelight, reflects the unconscious mirror to the witches’ model, the oracle of the eyes. Smoke of Glass Reflected in an illusionary state, are the unconscious memories and thoughts that act like a fog or smoke-covered area. Glasses or goblets are hereby incensed or smoked upon to create, by ceremony, a bond or agreement between the element of force and the element of self-transformation. Incense of the Sacred Temples Since the beginning of time, our senses have been adapted to be indifferent and/or excepting of certain sensations brought about by smell and/or extrasensory awareness. Perfume, and oils were once thought about as being worth more than most kingdoms. It is because of the rarity and god/goddess like inspiring tools and or tokens required to appease. Incense is the binding tool of the advancing witch. Truthfully it is the fire as it dances upon the stick passed over and around and through, untamed within our physical attribute. Like a shell it covers and connects.

Crystal of the Powers As sacred as precious stone, touching on all levels of the spectrum, crystals have served as the unconscious, untouched sides of the psychic mind. Enveloped in preparation and tool, used in either ring or chained pendant on necklace, they are representation of the true powers; though five crystals remain at the top of the chain of transformation. Within the pillars of mastery in mystery, they have tokens to the revitalization of planetary cosmic will. Talisman of the Elder Witch Given in the season of the four, handed from witch to witch, are tools, unrevealed supplies, and a talisman. The talisman is a reminder, but not to the owner, but to the one who had given it, so as to remember they had passed on their ware, their sacred teachings, and their aged bridge. It is a cycle no different than one to one, a gift, a reward of learning and/or punishment of those who haven’t completed their road to see this on another. Oath of the Five There are three fives, these make up the number 15, 15 makes up the number six. The first five you must gather in order to own. The second five you must appease in order to have and share; and the final five is a return with both of the other fives as your slave or service. By service to an oath, you are making a universal and internal bond. It is the legacy of witchcraft and magehood to make specific agreements, not by self, but by service, so that those forces and/or fields may release themselves in union with your actions. One should never look at an oath as the ability to self-contract to recreate one’s self, or to establish a foothold in another design, because it will become self inflated; and each token will not follow your actions. An oath: “is the surrendering of service to the higher goal, as contracted by your calling”. No one can fake the calling. The Thitching Power Weaving, clinging, clocking, uniforming, these are all a part of the thitching nature. Thitching is an ancient form of basket weaving, of sewing, of binding, of roping. As we lay fabric or material over top of material, weaving it, creating this tapestry, it is sewn into reality. This is the thitching will. This form of knowledge is in everyone. It is not in eclectic numerology, meaning it is not trying to find itself, or map its place. No, there are strange attractions that make one thing into multiple, examples of itself. Power is in the ability to see this interweaving. As a witch, as a lady on high, as a priestess to be, all these things reveal themselves without you needing to do anything. There is a seamstress, the craft shop maker, and the indivisible lines of the creative child. This is your power as one who sees. Weaving- When one seeks another’s attention, by giving them one more line of

the design, in order for them to decide who will put it together. Clinging- When another whom you come across seeks to know, but is not willing to do what is needed. Send them example, and then walk away. Don’t expect to communicate with them again unless they communicate with you. Clocking- The thitching witch’s way of knowing who is going to be coming in, or who is going to be leaving, who is going to be walking in or who will walk away. The Wondering Will It is in our design as human beings to seek enlightenment wisdom and thought in the things around us. Never accept doubt, friction or philosophy as truth, for it is another wondering will disguised, seeking answers no more than any other. It’s the witch’s skill in ritual to give them their answer by touch, or by token. When doing such, they help the ones along their road, not to define the answer, but to find their place. Questions are always going to come, but truth and loyalty are things that never leave. The Tempest Dagger Dedication knows no bounds. It is not in the appeasing of one person, but the empowering of them. To bend on knee or to kiss in surrender, one is showing loyalty to the circle and the oath and power from which is stands. It is the tempest dagger, the three daggers of fate or the one dagger of the moon, which make up the model of a powerful witch and her legacy. “In ancient times a woman who wore a dagger was a hero, an amazon, a slave of high value, a Roman woman of the senate, a spy or a solicitor of freedoms. The dagger has no loyalty, as it has been everything from savior to conqueror. The witches’ legacy is but a tempest, a storm. To work with the tempest dagger is to not be so broad-minded, but to show loyalty to your power and choices. The Ghost Wish Rope As in witchcraft, the rope represents binding. As the levels of your awareness increases, your rope can then bind anything, living or dead. The essence of the rope is to create a connectional bond between the power and justice of the forces in the universe. A standard rope made of horsehair or otherwise is the connection. Utilizing three incenses, it is charged to do the duty of the underworld. The rope itself is nothing; it is the will behind the rope that unleashes the design. That’s why one of lesser awareness cannot accomplish what they aren’t able to command. Use not the roping in anger, but in answer. The Upper Key (Three) Upon you the ancient sky, below you the naked earth, within the power of

eternity, the veil of time and space itself, a simple three triangle in service to the union of the universe. Three is the cosmic reality, faith, hope desire; up, down, and beneath. The secret of the triangle is universal. It is the secondary entrance to the witches’ model. For if you envision a circle and place upon it a triangle in the center, then place upon a circle in the center of the triangle, you would then see a star in the center. The star is the living eye, the all-seeing, all knowing eye. There is an old story that when one is truly happy, they have stars in their eyes. This is true, but what is more true is that the universe is made of five. The Lower Key (Five) The star, the physical body revealed, naked and unashamed, mourned in the beginning of fire, set loose to live in water, brought forth to the land, stretched arms to the sky as in air, and embraced the unknown by the spirit or soul. This is the key legacy of our birth, our birthright. It is a lower key. It is a model that must be beaten and tamed. We must succumb, subdue our own physical desires in order to obtain, not it, but reward, which is the upper key, that which supports the eye. For the lower key is the grand mystery of life, while the higher or upper key is the grand mystery of purpose. Once unified, they are the living dragon’s eye, the secret to not just one circle, but to every one. Witchcraft is born here in the center, the upper key or lower key of the upper. The triangle is its support. This is the cosmic secret. The Darkness of Red Fire (Dual Star) Unlike some great story, there is no truth to evil or good. There is only the will. Remove this will from the religious, the philosophical, the theological, and you end up with the primal. The nature of the dual star is energy, the living fire, both in accompaniment of ‘as above, so to below’, the union must be even. We call this the classic sixty-nine or the yin/yang ideal of existence; but it is here that friction is born, the frictional powers to drive each and every one of those before, 1-13. Without this energy, we suffer as a human being. Our magic becomes a pale shell of nothing but psychic gifts, not because of the act of denial, but of the fear that would happen after. The Gateway of the Spectrum Circle As the planets rotate, revolve, move about us, we are a constant reminder that we are small, insignificant little insects rolling around in our version of the mud, trying to make symbols that the universe understands to communicate the idea. The symbols the sigils, the tokens the talismans, the rewards, the wants, are all written right before us. We just need to be in their color. Just like a person who has visited a foreign land picks up tradition, experience and awareness's, so to does the one who walks through the gateway and picks up the right color frame.

For the spectrum is not just white light or the essence of darkness in light. It’s bands of energy, information and transformation. Utilizing these, one becomes the spectrum circle. Now this is not a metaphysical or auric ideal. This is an energy, an unconscious transformation that spills these colors, these sensations of knowledge, forth onto the one who is in their study, and bathes each and every one around them in that light. (I know you were hoping to see great darkness at the end of the rainbow, but its not so. The legacy of witchery is the power to transform, not by will, not by want, but by belonging, being called is only the door. The rest is up to you.) (but even with all this you still only get half.......so copy/steal/change/mis-read all you want, you won't get the other half by any of those means....(you can only get it when your through the door) and not before... For to be is to be everything, and to not be is to wander........ Occult Will Occult in two words, old/other cult (culture). The idea of the occult is to merge the metaphysical or that which is tool make-able, into the spiritual and psychic sensitive. To channel by way of connections of the three forms into the branches that make up each select art. Occult isn’t dark or evil or good and proper. It is a mixing of the blends of the strongest of psychic achievable energies and awareness that bridge the gap of the gateway, the human psychic/dream. It is this bridge that separates those who see from these who don’t. It’s common to grow in not your skills, they will never be just “plug and play”, it requires secret passages/rituals, and key words to activate them. The goal of every great occult artist is to make as many bridges as they can, without setting the ground to it visibly. Darker energies tend to bring out the greater keys and codes, but this is because of the heat and auric energy created in ritual, those who say they can do this without these tools are “dreamers.” Individuals who are connected by dreams or just hoping they are correct. The occult is the one field in the design of any artist in any field, that has no fear, and if lost, passes to the next likely person without thought. Now the separate fields. There are seven, but for now only the first five will be discussed. The empathic will, the dreaming will, the psychic will, the astral will, and the coronal will. The empathic will is skills of the lesser designs, it taps into the energy of the body to create sensation in the physical body to touch a second level of the will of information about the para-natural world. It is a shaman/witch/and basic ceremonial artist skill, during the connection to the psychic will arts. The empathic will is born into those who are deeply lost in the time they live and have a form of out of place awareness. It can be madeup, but for those who are real, they get images and awareness that no fake would be able to make up … without vast study. The empathic will is a soft field that reflects the aura and reflects color string like bands. True, the aura reflects color even if it is only the mind’s eye that sees this; however, now the less this will is the strongest of this soft energy. Soft energy, is energy from the body that needs

no direct expression or push. The Dreaming Will. This is a secret will of the unconscious self, that is very in tune to the vibrations of the empathic design. However, the dream will works independently of the empathic will, and is used to charge and channel the connections to ancient time frames and display symbolism this very visible designs of ancient mindset. Ancient mindset is symbolism that relates to the will and nature of the one connected to its expression. In the ancient mindset all things are possible, but the will to use it is one sided. Meaning they can use you to connect to, you can’t use them. Like a phone that can only call out. The world of the unseen through the empathic will in with others connects to the dreaming will and communicated to us via a guardian/conduit, or dragon etc. This is the most “amazing training”, because it is done by a (field) created by your linking gateway aka placemat. The placemat is the dream will device connected to the other fields by energy and design. In ancient temples a “placemat” the master alter image, was used as the conduit to the skill of the bridge and the future gateway. It is the center of the world of occult truth, but not mastery of it. The dream will becomes the tool that the awakened aura of the empathic will can use to by the three forms can change and by talisman connect you to the Houses greater mysteries. ( The will isn’t the tool but its part of it, the dream will isn’t connected to memory. Memory is connected to water in the body that traps images in its electrical connections and stores them as a form of magnetic conductor. The empathic and coronal wills control memories.) The psychic will has been researched to death, not much I can tell you that you might not already know, however lets see it from the occult will. To the occult will, the psychic will is the charge and electrochemical energy base that creates fields of electrostatic waves about the body, it can be soft as a form of information exchange, or heavy as if you could pull down planets. It is this will that commands the full mastery of all the other arts and wills. However it lacks one thing, it has no will of its own, its just an engine. The purpose of psychic will and control them by the will of something beyond itself. Psychic will is a field with no mindset. All the other wills have a mindset, a reason to be, the psychic will lasts the ability to reason or divide stuff. Those of the future wise way are to learn this about the psychic will, because others in the occult try and say they run their skills by the psychic will. As one skilled in the occult it means if something tries and attack you psychically, it can then be controlled by you. By one of the other wills. With the the psychic will one can then bridge the communication gap with their beings or deities and transmit to them your will to offer up as a vessel. (Rules) ( A rule is a set of instructions created to create boundaries in each spate design, not apply to the whole unless they intermingle. Rules are made to be broken, this is a false statement. Rules are to be strengthened. Rules aren’t there to stop you, just to set the directions to where to go within the art humbly without to set the directions to where to go within the art humbly without conflict. When rules are

set they aren’t setup by us, man/woman/society, they are setup by the unseen. To be in their respects is to honor their rules. Without this no contract can be made, no trust can be accepted or established. Rules are never fully just, as in equal, if they are they are breakable. It’s not fair you say, when has it been I say. To honor anything is to accept its influences and help on your actions, without this you are a blind person without a cane. To have staff of any sort is to be that blind person. Accept what it show, that is the rule. Not to setup the rules for how it is used or not, but merely to discover a new set of rules which are taught without words but actions. The process is to become a blind person but not in sight but senses. A Merlyn might put it, “A belly that is full learns nothing while a belly that is without is striving to find the things that fill it.” One who honors/walks the Magehood like educational future, it is their actions that set the tones to the rules we honor. Meaning we are students of a greater will that is written in our soul, and then adapted into a form of social symbolism to help us relate to the forces that drive that will (Psychic will). It is the energy of the psychic will that lets us human beings feel out the reasoning and will of rules, it’s the astral will that makes these rules stick. To master the astral will is to master the planets and how to connect to their guardian like beings as in Ancient Masters. It is here the rules for all things even our own breathing is setup. Onlookers learn nothing if they aren’t dedicated, even if you hand them the universe.) Astral will is the gateway of the connection between the dreamstates and the spiritual dream symbolism that is formed when the psychic bond of the physical body has mastered all the five basic arts and wills. It is here the laws and rules of magic are created and diffused because like all designs forms or forces and pressures teach the body to connect and grow in education as we learn how to touch on different frames or dimensions of the ethereal apace, the final frontier these are the voyages of your dream gateway. Astral energy is form or pressure in regards to the changing of fields of space about you, vacuum pressure, heat and cold, gravity, and spinning. It will take you a life time to learn this, but you will master it in your soul and body almost overnight. Dreams are the tools that help our body achieve the changes in forces/forms about us. Cronal will, time as in set measurement. Cronal will is the will to perceive the field of astral space/presence, and to open the nexus of an occurring field into action on ethereal or psychic level, it is also that which is the energy that returns the charge of a living subject back to its source, and boosts it from the earlier field of temporal space or will it once occupied. Cronal will is that feeling you get when you feel watched and a tingle goes up and down your spine. This is the tapping in of the temporal awareness of the ethereal cloak of the multiple frames of being. This will is the doorway to the contractual nature of binding, an agreement with the astral and connections to the psychic field by way of the conscious mind as it is in déjà-vu. Though the model is cronal it is really a dimension of self awareness in the highest level of psychic will and connection to the final level of being in the unconscious state of reality. (The Secret of the Occult Will)

(The eye will face the 4 pillars and climb the ladder into the star that holds the figure 8 and awaken the rain that will become a shadow and spill the blood of the ink, demons, into the frame of the temple black and white perfection.) Occult is 2 words: old/other cult(culture). The idea of the occult is to merge the metaphysical or that which is tool into the spiritual and psychic sensitive. To channel by way of connections of the three forms into the branches that make up each select art. Occult isn't dark, evil, good or proper. It is a mixing of the blends of the strongest of psychic achievable energies and awareness that bridge the gap of the gateway, the human/psychic dream bridge...It is this bridge that separates those who see from those who don't. It's common to grow into your skills, they will never be just "plug and play". It requires secret passages/rituals and key words to activate them. The goal of every great occult artist is to make as many bridges as they can, without setting the ground to it visibly. Darker energies tend to bring out the greater keys and codes. This is because of the heat and auric energies created in ritual. Those who say they can do this without tools are "dreamers". Individuals who are connected by dreams or just hoping they are correct. The occult is the one field in the design of any artist in any field, that has no fear, if lost, passes to the next likely person without thought. Now the separate fields of which there are 7; however, for the time being we will focus on the first 5: the empathic will, the dreaming will, the psychic will, the astral will and the cronal will. The empathic will; is skills of the lesser designs. It taps into the energy of the body to create sensation in the physical body, to touch a second level of the will of information about the para-natural world. It is the shamanic/witch/and basic ceremonial artist skill, during the connection to psychic will arts. Psychic, the empathic will is born into those who are deeply lost in the time they live, and have a form of out of place awareness. It can be made up, but those who are real, they get images and awareness that no fake would be able to make up...without vast study...The empathic will is a soft field that reflects the aura and reflects color string like bands...true the aura reflects color even if it is only the minds eye that sees this; however, none the less will is the strongest of this soft energy. (soft) energy...is energy from the body that needs no direct expression or push... The dreaming will; is a secret will of the unconscious self, that is very in tune to the vibrations of the empathic design...however, works independently of the empathic will, is used to change and channel the connections to ancient time frames and display symbolism that is very display visible designs of ancient mindset. Ancient mindset is symbolism that relates to the will and nature of the one connected to its expression. In the ancient mindset, all things are possible. The will to use it is one-sided; meaning, they can use you to connect to, you cannot use them. Like a phone call that can only call out. The world of the

unseen through the empathic will in with others connect/to the dreaming will and communicates to us via a guardian/conduit or dragon...etc. This is the most awesome training, because it is done by a (field) created by your linking gateway a.k.a. "WHAT?" A PLACEMAT! The placemat is the dragon will device, connected to the other fields by energy and design. In ancient temples, a "PLACEMAT", the masters altar image, was used as the conduit to the skill of the bridge and the future gateway. It is the center of the world of occult truth...but not the mastery of it. The dream will becomes the tool that the awakened aura of the empathic will can use to by the three forms can charge and by talisman connect you to the houses greater mysteries. Why is the dream will the tool for the ancient mindset? Is dream will connected to memory? It goes back to the ancient story of two ways to get into the house. The will isn't the tool but its part of it, the dream will isn't connected to memory... "sorry but due to oath and dedication only those who walk in this art will get the full secrets, as will those who seek it at the foot of me, or those whom i have shown this secret way to.."