Investigation Refutes Derogatory Claims Made by Guests and Media

DALLAS (Jan. 10, 2013) – Main Event Entertainment, a Dallas based company operating family
entertainment centers, has completed its internal investigation and determined that a couple’s claims
of discrimination and the subsequent one-sided media accounts of the guests’ claims to be blatantly
false. The guest’s allegations previously were reported by the media. The focus of these reports was
based upon the statements from the guests.
After reviewing video footage, register transactions, and interviewing several employees, facts refute
the derogatory claims made by the guests and as previously reported by the media. Main Event’s
investigation reveals that:
* lhe guesls were upsel becouse od|ocenl bowlers were slroylng lnlo lhelr bowllng lone,
* lhe guesls were uslng prolonlly ond roclol slurs dlrecled lo AlrlconAmerlcon chlldren
ln lhe od|ocenl bowllng lone,
* lhe guesls used repeoled prolonlly wllh Moln Evenl´s sloll ln lhe presence ol olher guesls,
requesllng lo be moved lo o bowllng lone wllhoul chlldren ln od|ocenl lones,
* lhe guesls were lold lhol Moln Evenl ls o lomlly enlerlolnmenl venue ln order lo exploln
why there was children and to minimize the use of profanity, and at that time it would
nol be posslble lo occommodole lhelr speclol requesl lo be lsololed lrom chlldren, ond,
* lhe guesls were nol osked lo leove lhe locollon oller lhey requesled ond recelved o relund
of their bowling fees. In fact, the guests remained at the location’s bar and generously tipped
the server.
Main Event believes that its staff at the location made every effort to ensure that the guests were
lreoled lo lhe lull ¨Eol. Bowl. Ploy." experlence Moln Evenl ollers. Employees ol lhe Moln Evenl
location are saddened by the misleading and fabricated allegations and the compounding of these
ollegollons plcked up ln lhe medlo reporls. lhe lnvesllgollon shows lhol Moln Evenl´s monogemenl
and staff made every effort to accommodate the guests’ needs. Main Event employs and caters to
guesls lrom oll wolks ol llle, lncludlng lhe LGBl communlly.
“We are disheartened by the inaccurate media accounts of what occurred while we were conduct-
lng our lnvesllgollon," sold Amy )ohnson, spokeswomon lor Moln Evenl Enlerlolnmenl. ¨Ve ore
mosl dlsoppolnled ln lhe lolse, unsubslonlloled ollocks lhol were ollowed lo be mode ogolnsl our
employees who were professional, courteous, and did everything they could to ensure that every
one of our guests at Main Event is completely satised.”
Moln Evenl lnvlles lls dlverse group ol polrons lo provlde leedbock on lhelr experlences ond how
Main Event can better serve its customers. Main Event has created a forum on its blog for the
leedbock. Moln Evenl ls commllled lo provldlng on en|oyoble ¨Eol.Bowl.Ploy" experlence ol eoch
locollon ond lhoroughly welcomes leedbock.
Media Cont act s:
Anthony Spangl er
Cpen Chonnels Group
81Z3320404, Exl. 318
Mobile: 817-798-3371
Amy Johnson
Main Event Entertainment
About Main Event Ent ertainment™
Main Event is committed to offering a family-friendly environment, and its goal is to ensure that all
guesls ond lomllles ore provlded o sole ond en|oyoble experlence. Bowllng by lls very nolure op-
peols lo o very brood demogrophlc ond Moln Evenl works very hord lo ollrocl o dlverse worklorce
to serve a very diverse clientele. As an organization, our foremost concern is that all of our guests
ond sloll ore lreoled wllh dlgnlly ond respecl ln eoch ol our cenlers, regordless ol sexuol orlenlo-
tion, age, race, color, religion, or national origin.
Moln Evenl Enlerlolnmenl, LP operoles os o subsldlory wllhln Ardenl Lelsure Group ol Auslrollo.
Vllh mo|or plons lor exponslon ln lhe works, lhe compony wlll lncreose lls presence ocross lexos
ln 2012. Voled ln lhe Dollos,Forl Vorlh Melroplex os ¨Besl Ploce lo Bowl" os well os ¨Besl Porly
Place” by the Austin Chronicle and “Best Indoor Play” by Austin Family Magazine, Main Event
family entertainment centers house 45,000-75,000 square feet of high quality recreational bowling,
billiards, laser tag, a unique selection of interactive games, a tempting array of quality food
ond beveroge, os well os compllmenlory VlFl ond Nexlble meellng ond evenl spoce wllh VlP
accommodations for corporate meetings or group gatherings. For more information, visit or call 972-406-2600.

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