" #$ &" '()* #+)" '

Þroven leader wlLh more Lhan 13 years of wlde-ranglng experlence ls looklng for a new poslLlon ln communlLy
developmenL ln Lhe San lranclsco 8ay Area.

• LsLabllshed four Colorado charLer schools for
dlsenfranchlsed sLudenLs.
• uLlllzed daLa from quallLaLlve and quanLlLaLlve
sLudles Lo wrlLe buslness plans and granL
proposals, wlLh Lhe goal of advanclng communlLy
ouLreach programs.
• Managed all aspecLs of evenL plannlng for small
and large-scale evenLs.
• 8ullL, managed, and sLaffed large Leams.
• CreaLed mulLlple nonproflL boards by developlng
road maps and LargeLlng communlLy
• lormed long-Lerm relaLlonshlps wlLh local,
naLlonal, and lnLernaLlonal communlLy donors
and governmenLal leaders.
,-)#"."/ 0$+) 0-/123 a publlc lnLeresL consulLlng flrm
speclallzlng ln pro[ecL managemenL, evenL
producLlon, and communlLy relaLlons.

4/'# 1* + $'+ 3 5675 8 41- - )'+

• Secured consulLlng conLracLs wlLh 9): ;#-$)* &1'., <'"=)-#"+> /? 4$*"?/-'"$3 @$' &-$'A"#A/ B<4@&C,
4/'D-)D$+"/' @E$F$- G$E$=, 7H
0I9 and ,$+AEJ/-(# &"*K# Lo produce evenLs, dlrecL communlcaLlons,
supervlse and Lraln sLaff, and creaLe fundralslng plans.
• Along wlLh Lhe 9): ;#-$)* &1'. reglonal board of advlsors, managed sLaff and volunLeers Lo produce a 300-
guesL fundralser, ralslng over a mllllon dollars.
• Co-produced large (3,000+), medlum (130+) and small evenLs (30+), aL <4@&, whlle also supporLlng Lhe School
of nurslng's alumnl board of dlrecLors, webslLe conLenL, flnanclal reporLs and communlLy relaLlons sLraLegy.
• 8alsed dollars, managed conLracLs, and recrulLed lnLerns Lo produce a prevlew parLy and fundralser for
,$+AEJ/-(# &"*K# laLesL lndependenL documenLary, LlLled, Pavana Curveball.

L):"#E 4/KK1'"+> &).)-$+"/' M I'./:K)'+ &1'.3
a phllanLhroplc organlzaLlon LhaL addresses presslng
lssues faclng local and lnLernaLlonal communlLles.
! 0NO P" - )A + /- 3 566QR5675

• Acqulred granLs, creaLed fundralslng sLraLegles wlLh local and lnLernaLlonal phllanLhroplsLs whlle managlng Lhe
annual communlLy lnvesLmenL budgeL of $300,000.
• As parL of a Leam, deslgned, fundralsed and carrled ouL a reglonal needs-assessmenL sLudy. lormulaLed Lhe
resulLs from Lhe sLudy lnLo a sLraLeglc plan Lo presenL aL reglonal and naLlonal conferences. 8ecommended
lmplemenLaLlon sLeps for addresslng dlverse communlLy needs.
• CreaLed and Lhen managed Lhe board of dlrecLors as well as a communlLy ouLreach commlLLee.
• unlLed communlLy leaders Lo help esLabllsh ouLreach programs and evenLs.
• ueslgned and wroLe conLenL for web slLes and blogs Lo promoLe ldeas, grassrooLs communlLy ouLreach and
share Lhe phllanLhroplc lnvesLmenLs made by Lhe commlLLees.

1 e l : ( 4 1 3 ) 7 3 0 - 2 1 3 0
l l s a f l n k e l s L e l n . c o m
l l n k e d l n . c o m/ l n / l l s a f l n k e l s L e l n
l l s a f l n k e l s L e l n [g ma l l . c o m

Llsa llnkelsLeln 8esume3 ,$D) 5
&1** 4"-A*) &1'.3 phllanLhroplc group culLlvaLlng
professlonal leaders from varlous secLors wlLh Lhe
common goal of soclal change.
P" - )A + /- /? ,- /D- $K# 3 566S8 566Q

• MaLched organlzaLlons and communlLy agencles wlLh volunLeers.
• Managed flnanclal, volunLeer and sLaff resources Lo maxlmlze Lhe lmpacL of communlLy engagemenL.
• Þerformed accounLlng, granL managemenL, and human resource duLles.
• lmplemenLed daLabase processes Lo lncrease ease of coordlnaLlon of sLaff, board, and volunLeers.

L/="$' T/*."'D#3 !!43 a prlnclpal lnvesLmenL flrm and
consolldaLed offlce for Lhe enLrepreneur, elecLed-
offlclal, phllanLhroplsL, and famlly of Lhe currenL u.S.
8epresenLaLlve for Colorado's 2nd congresslonal
dlsLrlcL, !ared Þolls.

P)21+ > 4E" )? /? @+ $? ? 3 566UR566S
&$K" * > ,E" * $'+ E- /2" A V.=" #/- 3 566W
IX)A1+"=) P"-)A+/-3 4/K21+)- 4/'')A+"/'3 5665
IX)A1+"=) P"-)A+/-3 L$-). ,/*"# &/1'.$+"/'3 5667

• Crganlzed and managed Lhe Lhree mllllon dollar annual phllanLhroplc commlLmenLs of u.S. Congressman
!ared Þolls and esLabllshed Lhe !ared Þolls loundaLlon wlLh LhlrLy Leam members.
• Cversaw Lhe sLarL-up of four publlc schools and Lhree dlsLlncL publlc charlLles.
• Worked dlrecLly wlLh Lhe Chlef of SLaff Lo manage offlce operaLlons as well as school admlnlsLraLors and
phllanLhroplc-based sLaffers.
• ueslgned, creaLed, and promoLed professlonal ouLreach maLerlals, webslLes, promoLlonal vldeos, k-12
educaLlonal currlculum, fllers and newsleLLers.
CCMMunl 1? l nvCL vLMLn1
• 9$+"/'$* <'"/' /? L):"#E !0NOY @+1.)'+#:
Annual unlverslLy based conference, 8oard
Member, !""#$%&''()*
• Z)#E)+[ ulverslLy, Advocacy & LducaLlonal
nCC: SLeerlng CommlLLee, !"++$%&''()*
• !)$.)-#E"2 @$' &-$'A"#A/: Chamber of
Commerce class for buslness leaders, !"+!
• ;#-$)*" \"'"#+-> /? &/-)"D' V??$"-#: WesLern
ulplomaLlc 8epresenLaLlve, !"+"
• 9): VK)-"A$ @AE//*: Þubllc charLer school
for sLudenLs learnlng Lngllsh as a second
language, CperaLlng Co-lounder, !"",$!""-
• VA$.)K> /? <-]$' !)$-'"'D[ Þubllc charLer
school for dlsenfranchlsed youLh, CperaLlng
Co-lounder, !"".$!""-
• @/A"$* ^)'+1-) ,$-+')-#: 8oulder & uenver
ÞhllanLhroplc ChapLer, Member, !"""$!""/
• V.=$'A). *)=)* "' _??"A) $22*"A$+"/'#[ MlcrosofL Access, Lxcel, CnenoLe, CuLlook, ÞowerÞolnL, Þubllsher,
vlslo, Word, Culck8ooks, and Adobe lnueslgn, and ÞhoLoshop
• ,-/?"A")'+ *)=)* "' .$+$ K$'$D)K)'+ 2*$+?/-K#[ Plgher LducaLlon's Advance, 8alser's Ldge, and Salesforce
• ,-/?"A")'+ *)=)* "' A/'+)'+ K$'$D)K)'+ #>#+)K#3 #/A"$* K)."$ M ]-$'. `/1-'$*"#K +//*#[ WordÞress,
P1ML, urupal, lModules, ConsLanL ConLacL, Mall Chlmp, 1wlLLer, lacebook, Coogle +, 1umblr, Llnkedln,
lnsLagram, and ÞlnLeresL
LuuCA1l Cn
8egl s unl ver s l L y, uenver , CC 2002R2004
• \$#+)- 9/'2-/?"+ \$'$D)K)'+
• Þro[ecL ManagemenL and Soclal LnLerprlse
CraduaLe Level CerLlflcaLlon

unl versl Ly of Cregon, Lugene, C8 1996R2000
• !"])-$* V-+# P)D-))3 N$AE)*/-# /? V-+#
• SubsLance Abuse ÞrevenLlon Þrograms
CraduaLe Level CerLlflcaLlon

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