Weird Weekend Tom’s wife had to go out of town for the weekend to her parents.

Tom had to work Saturday aand couldn’t go. He figured it would be a nice break. After work Saturday he went home to relax for a while when his phone rang, it was his wife. She questioned him what he was doing, where he’d been and what he was doing later. He told her he finished work and was just chilling and had no real plans later. She aced a little strange so he told her to call him later at the house. He had no sooner hung up when his phone rang again. ”What now” he answered the phone “Hi to you too” he heard on the other end. “What are you doing?” It was his sister in law. “ Bob has to work tonight and the girls are with their dad and I’m bored” She continued. “Oh” Tom replied “I’m just relaxing at the house” “Good, can I come over for a bit?” she asked. Tom didn’t care for his sister in law too much but he figured it was a plan hatched to be sure he was behaving “Sure,why not?” he answered with hesitation. He wasn’t too pleased by this since he wanted some peace and quite but now he would have to listen to her bitch about her husband and what a jerk he was. He changed into some shorts and awaited her arrival. She showed up about 30 minutes later with a small bag I hand. “What you got?” To asked. “Rum” she replied “can’t drink at home you know”.. Sarah, his sister in law, was married to a recovering alcoholic that had become high and mighty about drinking so she was not allowed to drink in the house. “Great” Tom moaned. Tom didn’t drink and liked Sarah even less when she drinks. “Have a seat” he told her and plopped on the couch. He grabbed the remote and started looking for something to watch. He went to Showtime and found a funny movie to pass the painful time. As he thought she started complaining about her husband and his attitude and blah, blah, blah “He’s really pissed now” she went on “since I wont sleep with him, I just don’t have the feelings for him anymore” She went on and on, Tom tried to concentrate on the movie but it wasn’t funny anymore with the background noise. Sarah continued to drink her rum and talk like always. Tom contemplated suicide at this point. Sarah was no slurring and nodding off. Finally he thought to himself. Tom started channel surfing again and the next time he looked over Sarah was asleep on the couch. Tom came across 9 ½ weeks on the an off channel and decided to watch it. He was tired by now and about half way through the movie he dozed off. About and hour later he awoke to the sound of the shower running. What is she doing he thought, maybe she threw up on herself he laughed in his head. The bottle was no where to be found in the living room so he asummed she took it with, great she doesn’t know when to quite. A few minutes later Sarah comes out of his bedroom wearing his wife’s robe. “What are you doing?” he asked “I woke up with your dog laying on me drooling on me” she answered. Tom laughed a loud. His Bassett hound was cute but he was a slob. “I couldn’t stand the smell so I showered, and through my clothes in the wash, no big deal” Sarah stated. “and Bob won’t be home till morning so I don’t have to worry about getting home” Great Tom thought I’ll never get rid of her. “What’s this?” She asked about the movie as she took another drink of rum. “9 ½ weeks, but it’s almost over” Tome answered. “Damn, I was liking this movie” she chuckled. “what’s on now, something dirty again” she asked. Tome thought for a minute, she wasn’t interested in sex anymore and probably would be offended by his idea so he went with it. “ I have some porn” he blurted out. “Really?” she asked “I’m game” Damn, it didn’t work. Well Tom was miserable by now and at least this would make him mentally happy and then he could go to his room alone and….anyways. Tom went to his office and retrieved a DVD. It was the raunchiest thing he had but he hoped it would disgust her. He put the movie in and hit play. No plot here, it just started out with two girls going at it. Sarah’s eyes were fixed on the TV. The movie went on for a while without a word being said. Tom wasn’t paying any attention to Sarah, who continued to drink, and was hypnotized by his movie choice. Tom was so fixed on the TV he didn’t realize his shorts were now a tent! “What’s going on over there?” Sarah asked him “What?” Tom replied before he

realized what she meant. “Oh, nothing just a little excited I guess” and rolled to one side to cover himself up. The movie continued with it’s pointless story line. The next scene was a wedding and before the ceremony the bride had sex with the grooms brother in the church, yeah right. “Did you plan this” Sarah asked “No!” Tom quickly replied. “Oh, too bad” she answered. “Your drunk” was is answer and turned back to watch his movie forgetting why he had turned over into an uncomfortable position and rolled onto his back again. The scene ended and moved onto a bondage motif. Tom was affixed again on the movie and didn’t notice Sarah sliding his way. Before he noticed she had her hands on his crotch grabbing his crotch. He was shocked. He tried to pull away but he was already against the back of the couch. Sarah slid her hand into the leg of Tom’s shorts and grabbed his member and pulled it out. Tom was so shocked he froze, “What the hell are you doing” he demanded. “You put porn on in front of a drunk that hasn’t had sex in months, what did you expect?” She replied. She had a grip of his swollen cock and was stroking it up and down. Tom was still shocked but the hand job was feeling good. “Don’t worry” she continued “this will be our secret” “Secret?, nothing has happened” Tom replied “So you wont help out a family member in need?” she snapped back “What do you think my sister will think about you putting porn on for me?” Tom stared at her “What would Bob think about you coming her to drink?” Silence. “OK, listen” Sarah went on, still stroking his dick slowly and softly “no threats, just help me out here, I’m so horny and watching this movie made it worse” She had a look of desperation on her face. “just this time, no repeat performance, we’ll never talk about it again, I promise” She begged. Tom was confused. Was this a trick, was she so drunk she lost her mind, would she even remember this? All sort of things went through his mind but he couldn’t concentrate on her proposal since his cock was draining all the blood from his head. “This is a real nice dick” She states “Come on – don’t think, just act” and with that she leaned over and took the end of his cock in her mouth and licked at the head, Tom tensed up, it would be better than jacking of he thought. “You’ve seen mine, let’s see you” Tom said. “OK” Sarah got up and dropped the robe. She was completely naked underneath it. The robe hit the floor as Tom noticed her ample breasts. She was a little plump but for a woman of 52 she looked good. She had hair on her crotch! “Oh no” Tom snapped “Hair?, If we do this that has to go.” “OK” Sarah replied “let’s go to the tub and you can shave it for me” The stakes got higher. Tom got off the couch and headed for his room with Sarah in tow, She took another shot of courage on the way. Tom ran the water and started to fill the tub. “This doesn’t have to be like business” Sarah whispers in his ear. Tom turns to look at her and she clamps her face to his kissing him open mouthed. Tom was still for a second, Sarah rapped her arms around him and sucked on his tongue, he relaxed and grab her around the waist and kissed her back. The two made out as the tub filled with water. They climber in and sat down. Tom grabbed a razor and shaving cream and lathered her crotch. He started with the top and shaved it clean. “You need to lean back and spread those legs a bit” Tom requested. Sarah relaxed back in the tub and spread her legs to give him access to her privates. He carefully shaved along the outside of her labia. He then pulled one labia out and carefully shaved it clean, Sarah clinched scared she may be injured. She had never shaven her pussy completely. He repeated this on the other side. She was totally still. He then carefully shaved the last remaining hair from her clit area. Sarah was afraid to move but moaned as he stroked the razor near her clit. When he finished he off her crotch rubbing the shaving cream from all the little folds. The rubbing drove Sarah crazy. “OK, lets get out and dry off. We can watch some more porn if you’d like” Tom stated. “Oh yes Sarah replied and took a long drink of rum. Tom could tell she was nervous now, she was having second thoughts but the alcohol and shaving had her so horny there was no turning back now. They dried each other and went back to the living room naked. “Wait here” Tom said and went to his office again turning the lights off on his way. He came back quickly with another DVD and put it in the player. This was a compilation disk with short scenes from lots of movie, mostly the climax parts. They cuddled

up on the couch with Sarah still swigging from the bottle. Within minutes Tom’s cock was hard again and he reached over and began massaging Sarah’s tits twisting her nipples. She purred and began stroking his hard member. A few more scenes and she went down on Tom licking his shaft and teasing the head. Tom moaned as her massaged her thick ass occasionally touching her cleanly shaven pussy. She could not believe how good this felt. “Oh my god, no hair makes it so much more sensitive” she moaned. “This isn’t working” Tom states. Sarah looked horrified “We need more room” she smiled. He got up taking her hand and let her to the room. He laid her down on the bed and immediately went down on her. He licked her labia darting his tongue into her pussy. She was wet and smooth, he licked up and found her clit. He pinched it with his teeth, she wiggled. He sucked on it causing her to melt. He slipped a finger in her pussy and began masturbating her slowly. “Come up her” she said and Tom turned around to grant her access to his cock. They 69’d for a long time. Tom was able to give her two orgasms using his tongue and fingers. Her pussy was able take four fingers with out any complaints or lube, a wet spot was forming on the bed beneath her. She sucked at his cock taking it down her throat at times. She licked and sucked his balls and even licked his ass. Tom brought her to another orgasm before moving off to the side. He positioned himself between her legs, her wet swollen pussy in front of him and drove his cock deep inside. He used long slow strokes, She moaned and purred grabbing his ass to pull him in. He pressed in hard and grinded against her clit with his pelvis, she truly enjoyed this. “I’ve never done this but I want you fuck me in the ass” Sarah said. “Are you sure” Tom asked “YES” she cried “Just do it before I change my mind” “OK, one second” Tom jumped up and went to the night stand and got some astroglide. He poured some on her ass. He massaged her clit to keep her aroused as he slipped a finger in her ass. She cringed a little, he slowly stroked it in and out then slid in another. He could feel her tense up again but said nothing “Come on” She cried “Please fuck my ass” He took the lube and squirted a healthy dose into her ass, spread her cheeks and put the tip in her asshole. She cried a little muffled cry but lifted her ass higher to give he better position. He reached under and rubbed her clit as her slid more in, she moaned. He slowly moved in till all his cock was deep in her ass “You ok” he asked. “Yeah” he moaned “It hurts but good” Slowly he started to move in and out. She relaxed and he gained speed. He was fucking her ass hard and fast when he felt her tighten up and felt the squirt of cum on his legs as she collapsed to the bed. Tom exploded at that moment sending large amounts of thick white cum in her ass. He pressed hard against her emptying all his goo into her. He pulled out and fell on the bed next to her. “WOW, I lost count of orgasms after five” she said “I am in heaven” Tom laughed. “Lets clean up” and took her to the shower. They washed each other then went back to bed naked. They fell asleep quickly, fucking is hard work. Five AM the next morning Sarah wakes Tom up. “I need to get home soon” she says “yeah, you better beat Bob home” he replied “Yeah, but….” “I was really drunk last night..” she started, her comes the excuses of how they should not have done that and she feels bad. “Now I’m totally sober” she went on “ and I want more” she reached down and grabbed Tom’s cock. “I said one time but that was the most amazing thing I’ve ever had and I want one more just in case we never have a chance again” Tom smiled and started sucking her tits, the dead was done why not give her one more. He sucked her tits and rubbed her clit till she was wet. He cute straight to the deal and climber on her and slid his hard dick into her. She wrapped her legs around his and squeezed him tight. Tom grabbed her hips and rolled them over so she was on top. She rode him like a cowboy in a rodeo grinding against him as he massaged her tits. She tightened up and he could feel the cum flowing, he shot his load into her. She collapsed on him kissing him. They laid there quietly for quite a while. “I got to go” she finally states “ and I need to shower” She climber off and headed to the shower, Tom followed. They showered, dried each other and got dressed. Tom stripped the bed to wash the sheets. Sarah came over to him before she left around 6am. “You are wonderful, I’ve never been so satisfied in my life” she purred “Thank you” Tom replied “it

was wonderful” “I know we made a promise and I would never think of saying a word about this to anyone” she had a nervous tone in her voice “but maybe some weekend when you are working and Bob is working too we can have an afternoon quickie” Tom smiled “I think we can work something out but” Tom continued “keep the kitty shaven” they both laughed. “Now that I know how good that feels I’ll always shave, even vibrators will feel better” Sarah smiled. She kissed Tom and grabbed her keys. They never spoke about the weekend and never acted different around each other but Tom would visit her some weekends to help her around the house……………………………….

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