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APPLICATION RECONSIDERATION: Judy v. Obama 12-5276 EMERGENCY Motion for HEARING un-ruled upon. Dear Chief Justice John Roberts: January 9th ,2013

In a letter to you on October 6th, 2012, leading to a Petition for Reconsideration of my case Judy v. Obama 12-5276, (supposedly conferenced by the full court January 4th,2013 and Denied January 7th,2013 without a letter of declination from the respondents attorney), I call into question the matter due to coming your subsequently granting in an individual application for full conference pursuant an Application to your Individual Justice represented by attorney Orly Taitz case from the 2008 CA. Supreme Crt. case of Noonan v. Bowen. With the interest of a single Justice, the Respondent/Defendant is given a courtesy letter from the SCOTUS to respond, and that did not happen in my case originally, or in the Reconsideration. Because of your interest a case, dating back 4 years, was recommended for conference of the full court and this action 2 days after a complete rejection of my case Judy v. Obama 12-5276 is really a complete confusion of the Court, leading me to believe that my case is simply not being seen by any of the justices and is being black-bagged or dead-listed by Clerks. Because Oral argument has not been permitted, and my EMERGENCY MOTION has not been ruled upon yet, my case is yet active with wonderment and question. Indeed the disposition of all Motions before the court is not an extraordinary burden. I appeal by letter because my Motion is yet before the court. It does me no good to appeal with Motion if the Motion is un-ruled upon. Without the presumption that my case is not being seen by any of the Justices, regrettably the question of soundness, indifference, and competence begins to creep into the picture, because my case though not prosecuted by the Solicitor General is the first case introducing creditable evidence on the forgery and fraud of identity documents presented to the public out of the White House press core room by Barack Obama by someone you would say was on your side, or the side of the law in an official capacity. On March 1st, 2012 the Cold Case Posse findings ordered by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, concluded after 2,600 hours of competent and experienced investigation found that there was no doubt manipulations of the long form birth certificate and the draft registration of Barack Obama existed, precluding them as evidence presented to the public, and subsequently quoted by Courts as such. On March 2nd,2012 I was the first one to present those to the first court of the Judicial Branch in the Superior Court in Georgia , subsequent State Supreme Court, and finally the SCOTUS, as a Presidential

Candidate contesting the eligibility of candidate Barack Obama, in the same Democratic party as myself, in the Primary and now General Election. Chief Justice Roberts, I sincerely do not want my case quoted as a precedent for years to come that basically was used to re-construct the Constitution and feel that is a matter for 2/3rds of Congress. The legislative mandate for the past 226 years has required a natural born citizen for the Office of the President and the appeal of my case is from a Administrative Court Judge who basically wrote an opinion that the 14th Amendment overruled that requirement. Minus the words Barack Obama, is the SCOTUS prepared to allow any naturalized citizen the office of the President including the heir of any foreign ruler? If it was to do so, is not at the very least a hearing in oral argument not to much to ask for? I have requested this Emergency Hearing through a motion before the Court, and it is stagnant in the court or dead-listed and I request such be granted by appealing to you for the Order, because I cannot seem to penetrate the Court Clerk barrier level that is either being used to prohibit justice from seeing the light of day, or as Justice Thomas iterated in a comment posted from YouTube on my Blog, www.codyjudy. , January 9th,2013 you are simply evading the question. Upon such a pivotally important construct of the Constitution upon which fraud and forgery should not be allowed to circumvent the integrity of our election process as well as the trust of every single voter and the very fabric of our Government, I would hope that evading the issue was indeed not the way the SCOTUS decided to fulfill their commitments to the public - We The People. If indeed it is the pursuit of the Court to evade the issue, Id just like as a matter of rest for myself, to know from you, that you indeed had received word of my case, and that I hadnt shadow boxed with the Court Clerks knowing that the Justices were in the dark on my case. Indeed my case is not a paid case, and is relying on the grace of justice permitted by the public, and in such I do hope not to abuse such in any way, shape, or form by honorably pursuing the ends afforded. Thank you for your time and attention. If I could even receive a word from your personal clerk that indeed my case had been given the attention and that my Motion for an Emergency Hearing was denied, I would at least be able to rest in this matter. It would be a great service to our Country to head this matter up before the inauguration. Sincerely, Cody Robert Judy Candidate for U.S. President 2012 -2016 / Plaintiff Judy v. Obama 12-5276