1 Where can a user change the idle time after which a laptop will switch to standby mode?

Left-click Start > Control Panel > Power Options, then click the Power Schemes tab. 2 What is the purpose of SCSI and RAID adapters? to connect storage devices such as hard disk drives to a PC 3 A newly purchased scanner is not functioning as efficiently as expected. Which step should a technician take to improve performance? Download drivers and utilities from the manufacturer web site. 4 A technician needs to configure the hard drive on a computer so that there appears to be one drive for the operating system and four drives for data from different applications. How can the hard drive be configured to provide this perception? Create one primary partition and one logical partition with four logical drives within it. 5 ABC Company wants to configure laptops to automatically power components off to improve battery life. Which power management control can be used to accomplish this? ACPI 6 ABC Inc. decided to integrate redundancy by connecting multiple hard disks to duplicate the information they store. Which type of adapter will need to be installed on the servers to accomplish the desired redundancy? RAID adapter 7 A technician has been asked to find how a hacker keeps breaking in to a computer. Which security precaution was most likely missed when the operating system was first installed? A password was not assigned to the default administrator account. 8 When analyzing a protocol used on the network, it is discovered that multicast messages are being sent to network devices. Which class of IP addressing is being used to send these messages? D 9 A technician has installed and configured an external projector on a laptop. What is the final task the technician must perform for the image to be displayed through the projector? Press the function key sequence to activate the image on the projector. 10 A computer user buys a low priced replacement monitor but finds that there is a lot of flicker. The flicker makes the monitor unusable. Which characteristic of a monitor needs to be considered to ensure flicker-free viewing? refresh rate 11 What do the terms refresh rate, interlace, and aspect ratio explain? image properties of a monitor

Which factors should be considered when selecting the adapter? expansion slot type 14 A company is expanding its business to other countries. a technician is given a choice of file systems to use. If security is a requirement. which file system should be chosen? NTFS 19 Which three benefits are gained by networking computers? (Choose three. Which network technology is required to support this requirement? . and attempted to boot the computer in Safe Mode. 13 A technician needs to purchase a new video adapter for a computer.) fewer peripherals needed decreased computer-to-user ratio increased communication capabilities 20 When calculating the total cost of ownership of a printer it is necessary to consider the cost of the consumables.LAN or WAN ????????? 15 A technician is asked to configure the time the system must be idle before the hard disk spins down on all the Windowsbased laptops in the company. . The technician configured the power options in Windows but it appears to have no effect.12 Why do mobile devices such as laptop computers use specially designed CPUs? They consume less power. All branch offices must remain connected to corporate headquarters at all times. 17 What is the logical topology used for the Ethernet architecture? bus 18 When installing the Windows XP operating system. Which further possible solution could be tried? Perform a Repair Installation of the operating system. tried using the Last Known Good Configuration option. a technician has checked that there are no non-bootable media in the disk drives. all without success.) ink cartridge paper 21 Which type of attack involves the misdirection of a user from a legitimate web site to a fake web site? DNS poisoning 22 A supervisor received a complaint that one of the technicians was rude and disrespectful. Which two consumables are associated with an inkjet printer? (Choose two. Where should the technician look to enable power management? System Registry 16 While troubleshooting a computer on which the operating system fails to boot. Which action by the technician most likely caused the customer to complain? The technician interrupted a number of times to ask questions.

The print job has gone into the print queue as shown. What are two advantages of the new configuration? (Choose two. A new replacement hard drive is installed in a computer. The customer informs the technician that the problem had been reported before but the original technician was rude. what should be done to protect the system in the event of a faulty or aborted installation? Create a restore point. Based on the output.) The existing operating system is corrupted. 30 A call center technician answers a call from a frequent customer who is known to be impatient and lacks experience with computers. If the technician is confident that the problem can be resolved by increasing the amount of memory in the computer. what should the technician do? Confirm the issues and give detailed instructions to solve the problem. what should be the next step in solving this problem? Check the printer for status messages.23 Fans that are used to help cool a system are commonly placed on which two components? (Choose two.) Data is more secure in the event of hardware failures. 26 Refer to the exhibit. 32 . 27 Which firewall port number or number combination must be open in order to remotely access a network device using SSH? 22 28 What is the purpose of wearing an antistatic wrist strap? to equalize the electrical charge between the user and the equipment 29 A network administrator has finished migrating from a peer-to-peer network to a new client-server network configuration. 31 When installing a service pack or security patches on an operating system. A Cisco Networking Academy instructor is trying to print a flash graphic from the curriculum.) video card CPU 24 Which storage device that is installed in a PC is least subject to mechanical failure? magnetic hard drive 25 On which two occasions is it most likely that a technician will have to perform a clean operating system installation if a backup has not been performed? (Choose two. Data resources and access are centrally controlled. did not listen. The customer has an issue with an application that the call center supports. and did not fix the problem.

34 A technician is troubleshooting a user complaint that a printer is not printing a report. When the most recent update was installed. 42 Which network protocol is used to automatically assign an IP address to a computer on a network? DHCP .) compressed air soft cloth 39 Which Windows tool should be run before upgrading the operating system? Ntbackup 40 An employee is receiving e-mail from unknown banks asking for username and password information. 36 Refer to the exhibit. What is the first course of action that a technician should attempt to remove the update? Run a System Restore from the last restore point. 35 Which three rules increase the level of password strength? (Choose three.) Passwords should be a combination of letters and numbers. several programs failed. Passwords should combine a user's special dates and initials so they can be alphanumeric. What command was typed to produce the output that is shown? ipconfig /all 33 What characterizes spoofing? Making data appear to come from a source other than the actual source. Passwords should be short to reduce the chances of users forgetting them. Which type of device uses the connector shown in the graphic? DVD drive 37 Which type of cable standard uses a 9-pin connector and supports data rates in excess of 800 Mbps? IEEE 1394b 38 Which two items are considered proper cleaning tools? (Choose two.Refer to the exhibit. Which type of security attack is the employee experiencing? phishing 41 A company uses a single computer to receive and test all Windows updates. Which step is one of the first that the technician should take? Ensure that there is paper in the paper tray.

and standby modes be configured? Start > Control Panel > Power Options 47 A printer has a paper jam. 52 What are two network requirements necessary to establish a VPN connection between a remote computer and a private company LAN? (Choose two.) Internet access VPN client . What is the best administrative tool to use correct this problem? Task Manager 44 A network technician receives an error that there is insufficient physical disk space on an external drive to hold a file from a Windows XP computer. The owner wishes to install a new piece of software. 48 Which environmental factor helps ensure optimal performance for laptops? Temperature should be preferentially between 45 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit (7 to 32 degrees Celsius) to avoid overheating. What is a possible cause for the problem? The external drive is formatted with a FAT 32 file system and the file is too large for that file system. An impatient user has sent multiple print jobs of the same document to this printer. 49 After Windows XP has been installed. Which type of account does the owner need to use to install the new software? administrator 46 Where in Windows XP can the shutdown. For security reasons the owner has been using a limited local user account for a number of years. hibernate. which program would a technician use to select the programs that will run at startup? msconfig 50 A technician is having trouble with laptops that keep overheating. 45 A home computer owner has a PC system that runs Windows XP. 51 What is the purpose of Windows Vista 64-bit Kernel Patch Protection? It prevents third party drivers from modifying the operating system kernel. What can be done to remove these print jobs? Cancel the jobs in the printer queue. What preventive maintenance procedure can be performed on the laptops to reduce this problem? Clean the air vents. but the user account does not have the necessary permissions.43 A technician notices that an application is not responding to commands and that the computer seems to respond slowly when applications are opened.

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