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Grasping Rules In Ancient Hebrew Society

(Deut 25:11-12) Tony Magana(REL 315 76170) Instructions on Sexual Assault in the book of Deuteronomy (Deut 21: 11-12) teaches that states in ancient Hebrew society if two men are fighting and the wife of one of the men intervenes by reaching out and grabbing the genitals of her husbands opponent she is to have her hand cut off. The instructions also say this is to be done without pity. What can we learn about how the powerful who wrote the book of Deuteronomy viewed the powerless women? The objective of the woman is to save her husbands life and yet the result of her endeavor is to have her hand amputated. It seems this instruction law is unfair to women and was written by those in power to oppress the wives who were viewed as inferior. On the one hand, This interpretation would have a positive impact on US culturein a society such as our own where men are prone to fighting this might ensure they think twice before a skirmish begins. Americans especially in less well-to-do areas are typically more likely to fight. However, if the consequences of such actions inevitably lead to a loved ones loss of a limb it could potentially lead to less physical altercations. A women walking down the street with her hand amputated would surely make everyone think about the consequences of mutual combat. On the other hand this instructionstory shows that could tell us how the powerful male elite who wrote Deuteronomy viewed women as shaming their husbands by rescuing them from another man. If a man needs a woman to rescue him from another man then he is not truly a man. . It is unclear what crime the woman has committed. If the instruction expressed in Deuteronomy is just an expression of the value of women in Hebrew society than This interpretation this view would have a negative impact on American society which does not v. Viewing women as powerless objects that should just sit by and let their husbands handle

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everything would create a society where only half the population has any power. This view would cripple American society to only half its potential.