Gone but not Forgotten “My name is Wind Horse of reasons that are obvious to those who know

my story and who know who I am,” the horse said quietly talking to himself to free him of boredom. The Horse was not like a horse you would find being bought from another tribe to be used to hunt or for enjoyment. This horse was indeed the fastest and the gentlest of all the horses in the tribe. This horse was also the bravest of the horses and would go to the places even the Indian riders had feared to go. As the Horse stood on a hill watching the Indian children play together the thought of the others of his kind continued to haunt him. “Though I may be different than the others though I may be better I am alone from the others who were like me.” “They are no longer around galloping happily with each other with their riders on their backs connecting with each other man and animal.” “The last time I had seen the others was when they had rode off into the sunset.” “I wonder if they are alive or dead to me this is the question that has plagued my mind for so long,” the horse thought to itself. Suddenly the horse heard screaming coming from the forest behind it without hesitation it rode to where the screaming was coming from. To its surprise the screaming had come from an Indian child. The horse had wondered why the little Indian boy came out here it then noticed that the boy had somehow cut his foot and could not move it. The horse got down closer to the ground so that the boy could get on its back then it rode back to its home. The boy was silent unlike the other children who talked a lot but the boy was amazed to see the beautiful horse come to rescue him. The horse remembered the boy’s cut would not heal nor would it be fixed with medicine so the horse was going to take the boy to the Hunting Ground. The boy had thought of how this horse would bother with him since do to his leg no one wanted him.

“I had seen this lonely child before while the others were still around while the other children would surround us he remained distant and casted away from the others.” “This child’s agony and pain I can feel it as if it were my own pain and suffering.” The boy does not need to have these feelings he is too young and to inexperienced in life to feel this way.” “I am the last, the last of my kind and what they had represented and given to the Indians.” So I shall give this boy the feeling that he has never had the chance to feel and I have not either.” As both the horse and the boy had gotten near the people the boy began to heal from his wounds to his hunger. Though the boy knew as well that the horse had sacrificed its spirit to him the horse will slowly begin to fade. The Indians automatically feel the sadness not knowing what has happened and what was to come as the boy and horse walked past them. The horse began to fade it galloped to a hill with an apple tree. All the Indians stared at the majestic creature as it disappeared with crystals surrounding it. But the horse was not alone the others of his kind appeared and together they all got on their hind legs and neighed. As the last of the horse disappeared it had prayed to the Great Spirit to keep the memories of the times it and its kind spent with the Indians. The boy suddenly realized what the horse had given him the feeling he now felt and never thought could be achieved the feeling of love.

Child of Almost Misfortune “It was around midnight or later and it was a beautiful full moon or was it a half moon I cannot remember but I remember that there were other mothers that were giving birth to their children,” recalled the mother telling the story of her child’s birth. “We need to get the baby to intensive care right now!” a doctor telling the nurses as they took the baby from the mother. The child was acting weird and began strange movements the doctors began to realize that the child was having a seizure. The mother did not fully understand at the time what was going on but knew something was bad. The doctors took the baby to get tested and during this time the baby was having seizures and strokes. The infant would end up staying in care of the hospital and was to be monitored for everything the child did. The baby was monitored when fed, when he slept and any other things. “Ma’am your child was having strokes and seizures and will have to remain in the hospital until he is cleared to be let go,” the doctor said to the mother and the father. “When I had found out you had strokes and seizures I began to cry thinking of what might happen to my poor baby,” the mother said as tears began to show and go down on her face telling her son. Later the mother was able to go to the hospital to see the child and hold the child longer than she had before. But the mother had to wear a special kind of suit before she was able to hold her child. The doctors had told the mother that the infant might have an aneurism, the mother began to cry.

“Mom if anything were to happen to my child please take care of him,” the mother prayed to her mother in heaven as tears continuously went down her face. The baby was later sent to another hospital via ambulance to be checked if he had an aneurism and see if anything can help him. It had turned out the baby did not have one which took the pressure off of the baby and the mother was happy to hear it, “The ICU [which stood for Intensive Care Unit] did a special kind of training to help me take care of you if you had a seizure when you were out of the hospital,” the mother told the confused looking child. The doctors gave the mother a large amount of prescriptions for the baby one particular prescription which was called “Thrush” this drug was for the tongue which would turn the infant’s tongue that had turn a different color. “There was a nurse that was there to make sure that everyone was alright since it was a stressful time for us and you,” said the mother. The mother and father were able to get a neurologist for the child’s growth, health, cerebral palsy to see if the baby was growing in the use of its whole body. An occupational therapist checked the baby’s limbs of the right side of the baby and later told the mother and showed the mother how to get the right side of the child’s body to function right. The doctors stressed that the baby was to be around other children to be social and interactive with them. The child was weaned of his medications at about a year old after there were no signs of seizures. The mother knew that because of the seizures that the child would be more likely to have a higher chance of having another one in his life.

“So that is what happened when you were born,” the mother told the child. The child did not have any words to say then finally went up to hug his mother and said “I love you mommy.”

A Kid on a Drug “Why do I have to keep taking that stuff I don’t need it and all it does is make me feel not who I want to be,” The boy said to his parents. The little boy was always felt alone while in his home not talking to his parents unless they needed something. Or in the likely hood the boy had gotten in trouble with his school. He seemed to get in trouble a lot at his school. He was sent to the principal’s office many times for misbehaving in his class. The boy did not care what the teachers thought of him nor did he care if they “accidently” got hurt. Since he had once attempted to trip a teacher in a hall way at the school before he was expelled and went the current school that he was in. The child was known to misbehave a lot. The child on a few occasions had kicked female teachers while holding him while they were far in their pregnancy. His first grade teacher had given him an assignment to do in his class. The boy yelled at the teacher “I don’t want to! I don’t want to do the stupid work it’s pointless and I don’t see the sense in doing it!” “You have to it is class work and will help expand your brain, now do your work,” The teacher said with a raised voice. The boy did not care what the teacher was saying all he heard was blah, blah, blah. After a while of arguing between the teacher and student the boy pushed his desk over while in his seat. The teacher was very angry with him but he didn’t care, he didn’t want to do the “stupid work” as he said. The teacher told the boy to go to the office and so he did while he felt the teacher had picked up his desk and placed it in front of his chair. The boy was ultimately suspended from school.

“Why are we going to the doctor?” asked the boy to his parents. “Because we want to see what’s wrong with you, you keep getting in trouble at school,” said the parents to the child going to the hospital. After the doctor had checked the boy the doctor had found that the child had ADHD which was a reason why he misbehaved and constantly moved and would not stay still. The doctor recommended that the boy be placed on Adderall to keep him calm and still during the time while he would be at school. “What is this stuff?” the boy asked with a questionable look. “It’s something that will make you better and not get in trouble at school,” the mother had said. The first time the boy had taken it he felt weird and not himself he began to be “good” as his teacher began to say to him after seeing his behavior change. Though the boy became nicer and more calm there was one thing he could not stand to see or feel. It was the image/thought of suicide. The boy after some years began to think of it after he would see it from images or movies/videos. He would think what if he did it, what if he had killed himself. Sometimes these thoughts would stay with him sometimes for a couple of days until his mind went else were such as talking to his friends or doing something at school. When he would think of suicide he would often look at his wrist(s) and wonder but then would try to snap himself out of it. He would be by himself while holding a knife after making something thinking about it then he would continue to try to avoid hurting himself by getting rid of the thoughts. He knew that there were precious people and things in his life that he wanted to stay alive for and knew that he would not be able to see these people and things if he was to hurt himself to the point of killing himself. Though now the boy avoids the thoughts and images there are times when has to and tries to get rid of the

thoughts. He would try to replace the thoughts with the people and things that he cares about. Though the boy takes a drug he still sometimes feels lonely and puts on a smile for people around him masking his sadness.