A right

angle is formed by the hands of which clock?





2. At A. 3 B. 6 C. 9 D. 4

half past 3, the minute hand will be at _______

3. What

is the value of 2 in 672,380?

A. 2 hundred thousand B. 2 ten thousand C. 2 thousand D. 2 hundred

4. Today is

Sun 4 11 18 25

10th April 2010. What day will be on 5th May 2010 ? April 2010 Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 24 26 27 28 29 30

A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Thursday D. Friday

5. Sarah’s

birthday is on the third Sunday in August. When is her birthday? August Sun Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri Sat 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27





A. August 21 B. August 3 C. August 14 D. August 28 6. What

is the value of 4 in 456?

A. 40 ones B. 406 ones C. 400 ones D. 450 ones

Which of the following represents

1 ? 3





8. Which

could be one of the faces of a cylinder?


B. C. D.

9. Look

at the pairs of shapes. Which is a pair of triangles?


B. C. D. 10. The figure is

made up of --------- triangles and -- rectangles.

A. 2, 5 B. 2, 4 C. 5, 2 D. 5, 3

11. Which

of the following means seven hundred thousand five hundred ninety-two?

A. 70,592 B. 7,005,920 C. 705,920 D. 700,592

12. If Anshuman

spins the wheel once, the spinner will least likely come on





13. If the digit

in one’s place is 0, the digit in ten’s place is 8 and the digit in hundred’s place is 7, then the number is

A. 788 B. 780 C. 708 D. 807 14. A bakery made 423 A. 500 B. 420 C. 430 D. 400

sandwiches in one day. This number is rounded to the nearest hundred. What is that number ?

15. Which

best represents the time shown in the clock below?

A. 8: 20 am B. 8: 40 a.m C. 9:20a.m D. 9:45 a.m

16. Jatin’s

little brother has a drum. Which geometric figure does this drum best represent?

A. Cylinder B. Cone C. Pyramid D. Sphere

17. Sunita’s

tray has 4 rows of pizzas with 4 pizzas in each row. Which is Sunita’s tray?





18. Study the given

pictures. Rs.182

Rs.150 A pair of boots cost Rs. 20 less than a scarf. What is the total cost of the above 3 items
A. Rs. 292 B. Rs. 396 C. Rs. 494 D. Rs. 532

19. Arun A. 2 B. 4 C. 8 D. 24

has a total of 16 pairs of white and black socks. He has 8 white pairs of socks. How many pairs are black?

20. What

is one way to tell how many blocks are below?

A. 4 ×3 B. 4 × 2 C. 3 ×3 D. 3 x 2

21. If Rizvan A. 486 eggs B. 2833 eggs C. 2838 eggs D. 3353 eggs

sells 479 eggs each day, how many eggs will he sell in a weak?

22. Jenny’s

plant is 5 inches tall. If it grows 2 inchc more, how tall will it be?
A. 3 inches B. 7 inches C. 5 inches D. 9 inches

23. Which A. 5 ×5 B. 5 ×10 C. 50 ×0 D. 50÷50

of the following expressions is equal to 50?

24. The product A. 104 B. 184 C. 668 D. 986

of 98 and 6 is 80 less than _____

25. If A. 46 B. 240 C. 400 D. 600

stands for 40 people, 6 ’s will stand for _____ people.

26. Which

one of the following functions of plants are NOT useful to our environment?

A. Plants provide shelter or shade B. Plants provide food C. Plants produce carbon dioxide D. Plants produce oxygen

27. Manisha lives

where the weather is hot and water is scarce. She wants to grow plants outside her house and use resources wisely. Which plant should she choose?





28. The figures

below show the roots of some plants. Which of the following will hold the plant most firmly to the soil


Root a Root b

Root c

Root d

A. Root a B. Root b C. Root c D. Root d

29. Which

Group p Dolphin Whale

of the following can replace `X` in the given table ? Group Q Group R Cow Lion Goat X




D. 30. Which

of the following animals can change body colouring to protect thernselves from their enemies?




D. 31. Which

sequence shows the correct changes in the state of water during melting?

A. Solid → Liquid B. Gas →Solid C. Liquid →Gas D. Liquid →Solid

32. Study the descriptions

below I am colourless and odourless. I do not have a fixed shape.

Which of the following best fits the description given?
A. Ice B. Milk C. Water D. Mango 33. Which

juice of the following correctly shows the water level when a beaker of water is tilted ?





34. Which

of the following mentioned food items provide energy that is good for the human body?

A. Potato and sugar B. Milk and chocolates C. Biscuits and milk D. Bread and butter

35. Given

below are names of four food items. Three out of the four are some what similar to each other. Find the odd

one out?
A. Egg B. Butter C. Meat D. Broccoli 36. Select

the INCORRECT statement from the following

A. House provides us with shelter B. Multistorey building consists of many storeys C. The house should be sunny and dry D. A pucca house is made up of straw and leaves

37. Which

of the following is not a temporary house?

A. Kutcha house B. Tent

C. Bungalow D. House boat

38. Which

of these is safe to use in the kitchen?


Kitchen cupboard





D. 39. Which

Gas oven of the following takes least time to send the message?

A. Telephone B. Telegram C. E-mail D. Messenger 40. Which

of the following is an audio visual means of communication?





41. In

a type of script, row of raised dots are made on a thick paper, which can be read by running the fingers on them. This type of script is known as
A. Louis script B. Marconi script C. Braille script D. Wright script 42. Which

of the following body systems is most responsible for support and movement?

A. Digestive and circulatory B. Muscular and skeletal C. Nervous and excretory D. Immune and reproductive

43. Whìch

of the following is the correct group of sense organs?
A. Eyes, nose, lips, ear, tongue B. Nose, ear, teeth, hair, eyes C. Nose, ear, eyes, skin, tongue D. Ear, eyes, nose, lips, teeth

44. When

you touch ice, you feel how cold it is. Which system is responsible to carry this message to your brain?

A. Excretory system B. Nervous system C. Skeletal system D. Muscular system

45. In

the given figure which alphabet is representing the Earth ?

A. P B. Q C. R D. Either P

or R

46. Fill

the given paragraph with the words given below and select the correct option. 24 hours, one year, atmosphere, axis, ozone layer, two year, stratosphere, 48 hours Earth rotates on its own ______. It takes _________ for one rotation. It also moves around the Sun. it takes _________ to complete one revolution. The earth is covered by a layer of gases called the _________.
A. Axis, 24 hours, two year, atmosphere B. Axis, 48 hours, two year, ozone layer C. Axis, 24 hours, one year, atmosphere D. Axis, 48 hours, on year, ozone layer

47. --------------- part A. One third B. Two third C. One fourth D. Three fourth

of the earth’s surface is covered by water

48. Look

at the given picture of the iron box. It is made of a combination of

(i) Plastic (ii) Metal (iii) Glass
A. (i) & (iii) B. (i) & (ii) C. (ii) & (iii) D. (i), (ii) & (iii)

49. Sudhir wants

to make a tent. He intends to sleep overnight in the tent. Which of the physical properties of the material must he consider for part X of the tent?

(i) Heavy (ii) Strong (iii) Flexible (iv) Waterproof

A. (ii) and (iii) only B. (iii) and (iv) only C. (i), (ii) and (iii) only D. (ii), (iii) and (iv) only

50. Rubber is

used to make a garden hose as rubber is _____________

A. Flexible B. Elastic C. Soft D. Hard

1. C 6. C 11. D 16. A 21. D 26. C 31. A 36. D 41. C 46. C

2. B 7. C 12. D 17. A 22. B 27. C 32. C 37. C 42. B 47. D

3. C 8. A 13. B 18. C 23. B 28. C 33. C 38. A 43. C 48. B

4. B 9. D 14. D 19. C 24. C 29. D 34. A 39. C 44. B 49. D

5. A 10. C 15. A 20. A 25. B 30. B 35. D 40. B 45. B 50. A

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