Night of my Mind Copyright 2004 (C) Robert Blezard The darkness around me while I sleep.

Does not compare with the shadows of my mind. Follow me now into those shadows. My soul runs through a darkened landscape. Yet no real life lives here. Headstones, shallow graves and desolation, Consumes the soil. Horror and evil wanders the shadows. Dying over and over again each night. Resurrected by pain. It runs to free itself. Through countless fields of torment, And endless hills of haunted dreams. I pray it can outrun the darkness. It cannot. How do you outrun your own darkness? My soul feels the darkness take control. It collapses to the barren ground. The chase is over. The transformation has begun. Its breathing grows heavy, An eerie glow consumes the eyes, A low growl passes through its lips. The ground shifts and cracks, My soul transforms, The bones crack and flesh tears. Wicked claws, course hair, Jagged teeth, form of the beast. The soul body reforms, Into what even the shadows fear. The creature. It is the master of the darkness of my mind. It howls its defiance to the shadows. Smoke billows as it breathes. Fire burns in its core. It calls forth its prey. Millions of the dead, Crawl from the gravescape. It howls again. The dead memories of the past, Shiver in fear. It is their own fault that it hunts them. They created it. They gave it form and purpose. Every time a harsh word was whispered. Every time wicked laughter stole joy. Every time a cold shoulder killed love. Dark power. It begins its hunt. Mercilessly tearing through the memories. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter anymore.

The night screams. Now it is their turn to run. None will escape this night, They never do. And beyond the shadow lands of my mind. My sleeping form shivers and moans, In the darkness that surrounds my unrest. The nightmares will be vivid this night. My heart races with each death of memory. The beast inside roars and the body thrashes. And again and again, All night, every night, For as long as I can remember, The beast has stalked the darkness, Killing my past, In the night of my mind.

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