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The exponential increase in levels of data traffic and the convergence of services are driving network innovation amongst the worlds mobile operators. They all face the same challenges to cost effectively meet rising demand for mobile data, safeguard the quality of user experience and deliver differentiated next generation mobile services. This means the network planning process is becoming more complicated as mobile networks evolve and the RAN, core and transmission become more inter-dependent. Conventional planning techniques which treat each of these elements as standalone components do not allow planning and engineering teams to easily understand how all the components of the network will perform together. AIRCOMs I-View Dimension offers a complete solution to model, plan and optimise end-to-end networks providing an integrated environment to solve the complex challenges faced by engineers. It also provides great flexibility and accuracy allowing network planners to design and evaluate scenarios quickly in order to address complex multi-layer network challenges.

I-VIEW Dimension brings together RAN and mobile core network element planning with integrated support for multi-layer transmission planning. This is done within one modelling framework providing a powerful end-to-end mobile network planning solution which allows you to: Build a detailed traffic model which accurately represents the variety of different subscriber behaviours across GERAN and UTRAN networks Drive network efficiencies by providing visibility and control of network performance through KPIs and reports Maximise network capacity by minimising network congestion and bottlenecks through advanced network optimisation techniques

Capacity planning and dimensioning using powerful algorithms across a range of 3GPP nodes and interfaces, including RNCs, SGSNs, IuPSs, Gbs and HLRs Consolidate multiple tools from a variety of technology providers, providing a unique, objective view of network equipment performance reducing TCO Dimension and plan the mobile loads applied to the various bearers (E1/STM-x/Ethernet etc.) connected to mobile and transmission nodes Plan and model the complete transport network supporting TDM and IP technologies as well as identify capacity bottlenecks based on actual RAN traffic measurements

Obtain a detailed view of how each service propagates through the network and how it impacts the multi-layer transmission network Graphically visualise network topology overloads on your mobile nodes, interfaces and multi-hop transmission bearers Evaluate the impact of new service introductions to your mobile nodes and interfaces and plan your network to be able to respond to new and emerging requirements in a timely manner (e.g. equipment upgrades) Powerful What-if analysis and reporting for reengineering growth and technology migrations.



I-VIEW Dimension provides an All-in-One solution if you are looking for a network planning solution to consolidate RAN, core and transmission data into a single repository. It allows you to accurately model and dimension 3GPP network elements across mobile and core networks and identify bottlenecks based on actual RAN traffic requirements. All-IP planning capabilities for Next Generation Networks are included as is the ability to conduct intelligent optimisation of multi-layer transport networks supporting a range of RAN technologies.

MOBILE LAYER DIMENSIONING I-VIEW Dimension offers a powerful mobile layer dimensioning module for GERAN, UTRAN and core network elements (nodes and interfaces) including modelling and visualisation. It also offers flexible modelling of subscriber and traffic behaviour Comprehensive support for 3GPP specifications and architectures such as Release 99 and Release 4 Capacity planning of network elements, interfaces and multi-hop transmission links Support for both ATM and IP protocol stacks for logical to physical mapping Dimensioning of a complete range of mobile network elements and associated interfaces including: BTS, NodeB, BSC, TRAU, PCU, RNC, VMSC, GVMSC, GSMC, IGMSC, MGW, SGSN, GGSN, HLR, Firewall, DHCP server, AAA Server, DNS, SMS-SC, PPS, VMS and SCP.

TRANSMISSION PLANNING I-VIEW Dimension addresses the complex multi-layer transmission modelling and visualisation challenges acrossPDH/SDH/ATM/ IP/MPLS/ Ethernet layers allowing capacity planning for multi-RAN networks. Flexible modelling options for multi-protocol demands such as Ethernet over SDH or Ethernet over IP Hybrid link modelling enabling the use of both TDM (PDH/SDH) and IP links Fixed path routing allowing transport layer optimisation by accurately mapping RAN demands onto the transport layer. Comprehensive reporting of Key Performance Indicators including link throughput and occupancy Powerful visualisation of routing paths providing planners with a tabular and correlated list of routed data.

IP/ETHERNET PLANNING I-VIEW Dimension allows planning of Next Generation Networks with a detailed Ethernet/IP transport network planning feature-set. The tool contains powerful functions for mobile demand placements and service mapping over Ethernet/IP links. Static and dynamic routing based on intelligent optimisation of routing topologies and routing domains Support for different routing protocols used in the industry such as OSPF, IS-IS and BGP protocol modelling IP and MAC address modelling and visualisation IP/Ethernet protocol stack modelling for accurate payload conversions and capacity planning Router, switch and interface throughput related parameter calculations and bottleneck identification.

I-VIEW Dimension provides senior managers with an indication of return on investment and engineering teams with the drill down details of bottlenecks and capacity upgrades required across their end-to-end network. The tool provides seamless mobile and transmission planning capabilities with KPIs, interface and link dimensioning results and accurate demand calculations from mobile to transport layer. To enable engineers to solve network issues faster, I-VIEW Dimension provides flexible multi-vendor equipment modelling and powerful schematic visualisation of physical and logical connections.

EQUIPMENT INVENTORY The flexible equipment inventory modelling in I-VIEW Dimension provides an intuitive UI to visualise equipment including ports, cards and equipment units. This enables commissioning and provisioning of equipment and derives the bill of quantities and port utilisation for further work order generation. Multi-vendor equipment modelling across RAN, core and transmission domains. Support for hierarchical object modelling including site, node, sub-rack, card, port and link elements. Port to port connectivity to identify usage and occupancy of equipment based on traffic flows. Functional status (In/Outof-Service) and planning status (Planned/ Commissioned/Live) modelling. SCENARIO PLANNING I-VIEW Dimension allows network planners to evaluate complex plans and perform

what-if analysis for a number of different use cases such as the addition of video streaming services in a HSPA network, or a 20% increase in base station traffic in a GSM network and to evaluate how this impacts on other parts of the network etc. What-if scenario planning for traffic growth, technology evolution and network changes. Ability to create a number of different scenarios by creating instances of the same baseline project. Evaluate and compare various scenarios, evaluate the results from dimensioning and merge best-fit scenario into main design. VISUALISATION A powerful visualisation engine with built-in algorithms provides a number of different schematic views of the end-to-end network such as physical, mobile, core

and others allowing engineers to view the network from different points of view. The neighbourhood view provides easy navigation of the physical and logical connectivity of the network allowing engineers to see all the connections and adjacent nodes of a selected element at a glance. The tool supports automatic KML file generation enabling planners to visualise their whole network in other GIS systems such as Google Earth and Google Maps. USABILITY AND ARCHITECTURE The I-VIEW Dimension database is shared across multiple users allowing planners to have a local (private copy) and centralised versions (public copy) of the network. The application supports Oracle and the CITRIX providing a true multi-user environment particularly suited to large scale corporate deployments.

AIRCOM is an independent provider of network management tools and services. Our I-VIEW framework allows mobile network operators to rapidly, efficiently and seamlessly plan, manage, configure and optimise their networks. I-VIEW enables operators to regain visibility and control of their entire network, enabling radical shifts in business dynamics to become more efficient, more agile and more profitable. The market leader in the provision and deployment of network engineering tools, AIRCOM products are in use across 135+ countries by over half the worlds mobile operators. Every day, the 20 top global operators depend upon AIRCOMs tools and consultants to improve network coverage and quality for more than 1.1 billion subscribers worldwide. Established for 15 years, we have built our reputation on creating and releasing additional value from within cellular networks. With offices in 14 countries, we provide local and regional viewpoints and resource, as well as ensuring that our operator customers benefit from our global knowledge. By looking ahead of the market and sharing intelligence, we develop the skills and tools that network operators need to remain competitive, whatever the economic climate. With over four million hours working on 3G networks alone, our expertise translates into direct and measurable cost savings for mobile operators. From initial consultancy through project implementation, using our staff, training yours, or sourcing expertise for you to take in-house, we are dedicated to maximising the performance of your network, and therefore your business.


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