Sushrut Thorat

and people were out on the street. I look at the herd and understand. Maybe I need to think harder too. "Hmm. But Eric is a rationalist! I was disappointed. the jerk. Eric Russell is an average-looking young fellow enjoying his mid-twenties. No one would sign a contract with him here. he had developed a moderate sense of liberty. I thought of it as just a crowd resisting change of culture. but apparently I couldn't. Eric will be fine off stumbling his way out. had given Rick the green signal on Dolte's persuasion. He crosses my mind. We study physics in the Hassux College of Science. He had believed that the society is the voice of truth and justice. What led to all this hullabaloo? Rick is a handsome man in his thirties. I always used to think that I'd totally turn him into a freethinker. err. People were shocked to see an outcast making a mark. Egoists are highly inspired by one of Gandhi's saying . He got a contract.. Rick staunchly opposed the allegations by releasing details of the buildings he had constructed in some earthquake prone parts of Russo. He was a successful architect beyond the ocean. of the Guild trying to destroy Rick to protect their ingenuity. Being a student of physics and having read Ayn Rand. The Mayor. says Eric. Anyway.. That was unexpected. He figured out the scenario in some time. he approached Rick. and clean' buildings. He waited. but his ideologies were changing. In spite of being born and raised in conservative aristocracy. I wonder why he says so. Issnn't he. The Guild's allegations added to the frenzy. He wanted a beauty in the middle of the town. next to our college overlooking the crowd replete with banners and words of rejoicing hate. Eric was confused. Thoughts go astray and come back as ideals. The Architects's Guild had issued a warrant stating that his style of building was inappropriate in this earthquake prone region. as we stand in the street touching the town hall. a grand institute in the middle of Hassux." Rick Richard is in the town hall waiting for judgement. simple. He stuck with me owing to his liberal views bordering on freethinking. I heard he was a fighter at heart. but never my soul". and also because there weren't any other similar peers."You can have my body by force.“It was foretold! Mayor. the architectural capital of the country... he had . The building wasn't bound to stand here”. The plans were ready in a month. Maybe the clash of his ideas led to his return to this stagnant arena. It was the eccentric millionaire Tim Dolte. a cheeky fellow. and the construction started in the midst of the protesting herd. This seems to me like a conspiracy." "It is. I had noticed the commotion then. I had laughed at it. Fed up of the prevalent 'straight. and laughed heartily. it's good that it happened." I smile. Rumour was doing the rounds. but a rational egoist in principle. But I walked into a bar and found architects swearing. Well. envious Guild. But he was mistaken in overlooking the influence of the frightened. I wonder why he ever returned. "You believe so?" "What?" "You really think that Rick is an idiot?" "Well.

" "Freedom and happiness?.. But if it's being done with pleasure in mind. that you didn't 'live'. Moreover. you tend to think a lot of other's success. But he was slowly becoming less extreme. wherein people revere equality over self-esteem. it's conducive in a sense. The malicious smiles. pranks." "How exactly is the Russan society different?" "I don't know if I could do complete justice to this question. Sarcasm.. Actually all the four points are connected. You get the point. He enjoys adventure. for the mind is free. He's rich and handsome. They are both a part of your existence. irrational thought. It's as important to you as air and water!" . He was voted the best architect of Russo." "Biology?. Rather.. With that you lose your freedom. That's reason enough for a conservative society in transition to a liberal democracy. biological neglection." "Well dude. to be fearful and envious about him. the Russans didn't really affect us that strongly. He's happy and free... Rather think of it as a benchmark you could attain. and he has it! In fact.Don't lower your self-esteem at any cost. our societies are separated by the ocean." "Yes Eric. and happiness is an illusion.. normally we feel low being in the shadow of someone's glory. You ask it.. Also. and herd mentality. Again. but they need to be elaborated upon. Bullying is potentially wrong. But even then. "Why are so many people out on the streets? It's not their building to care about.The transition is mind-boggling. Liking what you do. is Happiness. See their faces. It's true. herd mentality is a driving force for fear. Waters separate Cultures. Well. and even in this technological era. The standards in all cases are intuitional. being envious. It's a way of conveying your concern.. He has a pretty. Russan society has transitioned into a liberal democracy. It all depends upon rational thinking. Pulling pranks is okayish if the sufferer allows you to. I need to think more. This society demands you to place public concern over individual concern. Happiness is attainable. Also. We grow up with it. Low self-esteem. But that should be momentary. it isn't right." "Hmm. Doing what you like. do! Don't let the thought govern you. and was now bordering on atheism. It's natural to see 10 people being fearful and fear the thing yourself. Without them. And your selfpreservation demands the destruction of all fear. The most common problem is low self-esteem. so is your self-esteem. So. but there are limits. But it ain't the fact. Don't cry. it all boils down to some points. is Freedom. how do you propose people should live?" "Well. That's the whole game! Live your life! Don't be envious.?" "Yep! Well. sarcasm is ok. Sounds fine. Gain your freedom. People respect courage. gain your happiness and you won't ever be jealous or happy if someone falls. Actually it isn't 'your' fault.learnt to question everything. in my opinion." "It's not about the building actually. well-to-do family. But one thing holds . he's the best person in Hassux. bully. Your identity is lost. you'll realise sooner or later. Envy is equivalent to fear. Sure they say it makes you socially cold. I don't say that they respect individualism or it combined with success. I dunno. try to be an objectivist.. Objectivism rocks. Rick has gained everything anyone would think about. But what you lose here is your voice! The only voice you can conjure is that of the crowd. People enjoy other's misery. try to be rational and blah blah. but is of no use if there's no freedom to enjoy it.

lets say. Mr. Well." ---------An enquiry set up by the court reported that the Architect's Guild had bribed the construction crew to mess up the cement proportions leading to the fall of the Dolte House. Mr.Richard" "Hello. And who might you be?" "We'll. fortunately Truth Prevailed. "Hello.Smilingly." "Yes. but still. it never is. I think I know. "GODDAMN SCHADENFREUDE!" THE END . a fellow objectivist... the land isn't as barren.." "Hmm. what do you think of this mess?" He smiled. "Hmm.Richard was walking out when I caught up with him. So.

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