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An Admonishment
Read. Carefully, E ach Page, Each Paragraph
Place yourself in a quiet, restful mood, alone if possible, and permit the author to reveal to you the pic ture, the plan, the purpose leading to attainment, power, success, and Illumination. The value of this book let cannot be obtained by skimming over the pages. This Booklet is gladly given to you. It carries with it the cordial invitation to attune yourself with The Invincible Empire, those who have become directors of human achievement. Start with the first page and, with out missing or passing a word or line, in orderly progression follow the development of its unique mes sage and think as you read. You are a privileged seeker, in deed, and the AM ORC welcomes you within its private domains.

Issued under the S eal of the Supreme Scribe and Archivist.

Jlagterp of Htfe

Privately Issued by Permission of The Department of Publication of the Supreme Grand Lodge of

Qtty indent anti JUpsttcal

< 0rber JX sia Cruets, o e
3 furisluction of M ovtf) anb Am erica
Rosicrucian Park San Jose, California

Official Publication
1 0 -45 P rin ted in U . S . A .

Number Eighteen
(S u p rem e G rand L o dge)

Third Edition, Copyrighted 1945, AMORC


The Mvsterv of Bein

O A +

^jpH IRTY years ago, a young doctor sat by a desper' ately ill baby on her deathbed. The parents were frantically begging for help, every treatment failing to aid. The parents became grief'Stricken to the point of death. I am the doctor who had that experience.1 1 This experience created a desire in my mind to know why people are born and why Nature allows such a great difference between members of the human race. The hunger for knowledge drove me to labora^ tories and libraries for the answerbut I am still search' ing and determined to know.1 1 These are the words of a prominent physician. Unintentionally he has spoken for millions of men and women who today harbor the same thoughts. This inequality o f man is apparent to most of us. You know persons who are radiant with health from birth, and seemingly immune to disease. You know others who have their lives preyed upon by numerous ailments which rob them not only of enjoyments but of simple comforts. Also there are those men and women whose every plan becomes a successful venture. Each enterprise they enter turns into a golden opportunity as if they had the touch of the fabled King Midas. Around them, however, a multitude of unfortunate be^ ings live and struggle. W hat makes one man more successful than another? Is it training in just o n e line? You know that is not true! You cannot make a good business man out of a youth who has been taught nothing more than buying and selling. You cannot make a good physician out of a man, or woman, who has been taught only the prin

T h e R osicrucian s an au g u st frate rn ity whose doctrines, hinted at b y the earliest p h i losophers, are still a m ystery to the u n w orthy. I do not blame them for th eir discre tion. L o rd E dw ard B u l w e r ' L y t to n . (A R o sic ru c ia n .)

P age T h ree

ciples included in the restricted four years in medical college. There seems to be some u n k n o w n elem e n t w h i c h some seem to possess, or have discovered. In your youth y o u feared things which you later came to recognize as harmless and really useful. In your days of developing observation, you were puzzled by the unknown elements in life. It seemed to you that there were more elements of the unknown than of the known. It is always the unknown in every days activities that causes us worry, concern, perplexity, and even suf' fering. In years since your youth, you have become well acquainted with things once unknown. Today you l^now them; you can see them, sense them, prepare fo r t h e m ; it is a power no one can take from you. But even now, are you fully prepared to meet all of the obstacles of life, to sweep them aside, or surmount them easily? If not, begin now to investigate further the still un' known elements of your existencethe m yste ries that make for the inequalities between men. Real knowledge by man a b ou t man is, today, the greatest power any man can possess.

T li e I li orou gli fare of Life

Let us begin with existence as we know it. Life is a thoroughfare upon which we find ourselves travelers. Behind us is our immediate beginning birth. It is a vast eternity. Ahead of us is still another inevitable vast eterni' tydeath. It is a mystery which either instills fear or is accepted with under' standingdepending upon the expert ences we have along this course of life. W e did not ask for this life, yet, we could not have refused it. How, then.
E very in te llig e n t trav eler know s from w hence he cam e an d w h ith er he goes. T h e span of life can be so m uch m ore free o f obstacles and cnjo yab le , if all of its purposes an d w ays are u n derstood and used.

In o ur sa n c tu a ry all the h idden M ysteries are preserved in tact, th e y have n ever been p ro fan ed . . . . O ur sci ence is the in h e ritan c e prom ised to the Elect. C o u n cillo r V o n E ck ' h artsh au scn . (A Rosic ru c ia n .)

P age Four

shall we react to itwhat shall we do with this period of consciousness which the years afford us? M any men and women resign themselves to the in' fluences of their environment. They allow themselves to be drawn or impelled along this causeway of life. They are like balls of snow, rolling at a furious rate of speed down the side of a great mountain. One moment they are free, out in the open, encountering few or no obstacles, and they are unconcerned. The next moment they have collided with unanticipated events and hap' penings. They are at a loss to avoid these conditions, or to rise above them. Thus they travel through the years, sometimes wondering if the vicissitudes of life, the bit' terness, the pains, are worth the price, worth the occa' sional pleasures and snatches of peace of mind which come their way.

Certainly at some time you must have asked yourself as you looked back upon your past activities and like' wise contemplated your future: Is this haphazard ex' istence my destiny? W h y are w e h e r e ? Also, is there a mother who has never gazed down on the innocent babe nestled in her arms, and wondered: W h at does this span of existence hold for him?'1 Is it not time that humanity ceases plunging into the u n k n ow n along this thoroughfare of life, hoping to grasp the skirts of passing opportunity? W ould life not be entirely different for you if you could control your moods? If you could form desirable habits and break those not desired; if you could know how to see in the events happening about you the trends of tomorrow, would you not be more assured and confident in the strength of such knowledge? If you knew how to de' velop your will power sufficiently to meet the demands upon you, and to make the right decision, would not many of your troubles, the result of indecision, disap' pear? If you could reach into a dependable source and

T h e Cosm ic influences are in visib le, but th e y act upon m an. H eat an d lig h t are in tan gib le and in co rpo real; n evertheless, th ey act upon m an, an d the sam e is true o f other in visib le in flu e n c e s. P aracelsu s. ( A Rosicru cia n .)

P age Five

produce helpful constructive, intelligent ideas at a time when an important thought, a useful plan, meant the difference between discouragement and achievement, would you not feel equal to any circumstance? Certain' ly such a life would be far superior to the one you now know.

H um ans are not the puppets of fate. T he roles we each p lay in life can be in te llig e n tly and p erso n ally directed by ourselves.

Do not be deceived by some inadequate philosophy. Millions of humans try to excuse their perplexity or helplessness during this earthly span by saying to them' selves and others that they are dependent upon the d e c r e e s o f fate. These fatalists proclaim that infinite powers have pre'destined their every act, and it is use' less for them to intervene. The fatalist, by such a belief, damns his d iv in e heritage, his power to reason, his will and faculty of choice. W h y were these and other facuh ties, which so few men understand and use, given to us, if we are mere puppets? W h y do we possess the power of thought and the attribute of decision if every human act and step along this span of life has been ordained for us in advance? Think a moment! Is it even reasonable that we should believe that a Supreme Being or God has con' ceived a complete plan for the universeeven for this lifeand yet man must blunder on like a moth at' tracted by the light? Does it seem part of an intelligent design that man must stumble through a mortal exist' ence, make mistakes, and learn through suffering alone? Does it seem just that man must search for truth, hap' piness, and peace of mindlike hunting for a needle in a haystackand hope to find it before the end of the span, or death? Does anyone compliment the Di' v i n e I n telligen ce by such reasoning? This is not a re' ligious question; it is a philosophical question, o n e that c o n c e r n s y o u and y o u r life. Success in life means mastership, and mastership means utilizing every inner force and power of the be' ing, as well as every o u te r force. M an's creative abilities

T h e A d e p t o n ly converses at his best w ith the ad ep t. A ro u n d him is > sacred circle, a and w ith in it o n ly the Elect are allow ed to en ter. T h e B ro th er' hood o f C onsecrated Lives adm its all who are w o rth y, and all who are excluded exelude them selves.
" F r a ." E lbert H u b bard .


R o sic ru c ian .)

P age Six

do not rest in the muscular strength of his body, nor his fertile imagination. He must be able to bring his mental imagining into material expression daily, hourly. To do this, he must be able to use o t h e r fa culties than simple visualization. Furthermore, he must use these powers according to the purpose for which they were intended.

A B lueprint of Living
Since a Supreme or Divine Intelligence created an orderly universe, with its majestic and immutable laws, a b o v e and b elo w , then there also exists for man, as part of this great Cosmic scheme, a true purpose in life. By knowing this purpose, by relating it to his existence each day, man discovers himself. He becomes the right' ful master of his dominionthis worldand relegates suffering, misery, and ignorance to their proper places and apart from himself. Certainly you have instinctively felt that there was more to life than you have already experienced. Let us assure you that there is a true blueprint o f living. Even those occurrences which have been painful to you have a place, a useful causewhen you know and mv derstand them. Those who continuously suffer misfor^ tunes, and whose lives are not as progressive or inspire ing as they would want them, are living outside of the Cosmic pattern. Did you ever stop to think why you do the things you do? Is it not often because you had no alterna^ tivebecause there seemed nothing else to do, and you took the chance that it might turn out for the best? Millions of hu^ mans throughout the civilized world today live just like that, tak' ing blind chances
Life is w h at you m ake it. A n in te llig e n t plan w ell directed can provide personal pow er and a t' tain m en t.

T ru e h appiness consists n ot in the know h edge of good th in gs, b ut in good life ; not in u n d ersta n d in g but in liv in g u n d erstan d in g ly. N eith er is it g re at le a rn in g b ut good w ill th at jo in s men to God. C ornelius A g rip p a . (A R o s ic ru c ia n .)

P age Seven

and these same millions often wonder, therefore, if the life they live is really worth while.

W ithin man there are constructive creative forces always at work and always attuned with the most per' feet wisdom of the immortal self. These forces must re' pair the damage done to the body, overcome the strains and stresses upon the mental system, and guide the inde' cision of mans mind in the right direction. From the natural forces operating throughout the universe, cer' tain harmonic vibrations, ethereal energies, and vitaliZ' ing powers contact mans being and change the nature of his physical body, or react upon his mental efficiency. Thus man is hourly a complex being, influenced by forces and potent principles of a serious and important nature. Man must understand these things, if he is to become a success in life and use his f r e e d o m to a ct in a wise man' ner. M an must either live completely in harmony with the forces in and around him, or at variance with them. There is no middle course. A n understanding of the natural, spiritual, and mental laws is the only means of mastership of life. For hundreds of years, the Rosicrucians have been able to prove this to men and women through their remarkable teachings. W hat this blueprint o f life, this plan for mastery is, and how it may be obtained, will now be revealed to you.

T h e re are n one so b lin d as those who will not see.



I lie G olden Secret


thousand years ago, in ancient Egypt, man first began his investigation of those mysteries which surrounded him. The first and most stupendous discovery he made was th e duality o f self. He learned that in addition to his physical body, with its limbs and organs, there was some ethereal nature or element of his being. M an then became, for the first time, truly self-conscious, or rather conscious of the grea t inner self. W hence came this ethereal essence of his nature or self? It could not be affected by that which pained the bodyby heat, cold, or hunger. It could be active, thinl{ and c o n c e i v e , while the body was at rest or even asleep. Moreover, what would happen to it at the end of lifeor death? W as it indestructible? Did it survive? W ith such questions as these confounding the minds of the early Egyptians, and y e t intriguing them , man began a search that has never ceased, on the part of intelligent men and women everywhere. In the common phenomena of everyday lifein an observation of the coming and going of the seasons, in the ebb and flow of the tides, and the waxing and waning of the moon, these early men discovered the law of cycles, the periodici" ty of all nature. W ith the seasonal death of plant life and its re

e v e r a l

A rtist's conception of N ean derth al M an (S to n e A g e ) sta n d in g betw een a row of m onoliths m akin g a salu tatio n to the risin g sun. T h is phenom enon w as one of the earliest m ysteries to m an.

N o b u s in e s s , no m ovem ent, no activ ity on the p art of man or a group o f men can becom e a n y greater th a n th e t h i n k i n g m inds and conscious ness of the people who are back of the m ove m ent. Dr. H. Spen cer Lew is. (A R osicruc ia n .)

P age N in e

current rebirth in the spring, they found the resurrection of naturea stra nge immortality in living things. In the regular journey of the silvery specks or planets, and the apparent path of the sun across the heavens, men discerned the infallibility of nature, and the suggestion of a great universal order pervading all things. A ll of this heightened their inquisitiveness.

T ke A n cien t Wiscl om Schools

W hat was man's relation to the heavens and the earth? Did these forces affect his daily affairs and the cycle of his existence? These further questions, like great spades, served man to dig beneath the surface of his own consciousness. Since as remote a period as 5000 B. C., certain m e n and w o m e n have sincerely, and without fear or prejudice, probed not alone into the earth or scanned the heavens above, but have investigated the mysteries of their minds and selves. They formed themselves into arcane or m y s t e r y s c h o o ls for the acquisition and study of such knowledgeand for the mastery of life. Much of the startling wisdom they acquired was reduced by them to writing on stone tablets and papyrus rollsbut the greatest portion was secretly conveyed from one to another by w o r d o f m outh. Sir E. A. W allis Budge, renowned Egyptologist, in one of his learned works, relates with respect to these mystery schools: There must have been a progressive development in the w mysteries' and it seems as if some of them were en tirely unknown under the old kingdom. It is impossible to doubt that there were 'mysteries' in the Egyptian rites, and this being so, it is impossible to think that the highest order of the Kheri Hebs (M asters) did not pos sess esoteric (inner) knowledge which they guarded with the greatest care. Each, if I read the evidence cor rectly, possessed a L gnosis,' a "superiority of knowledge' which they never did into writing, and so were enabled

In the great tem ples o f th e N i l e , th e brotherhood m et secretly as a school of arcane w isdom .

He who kn ow s most grieves m ost for w asted tim e. D an te. (A Rosicru c ian .)

P age T en

to enlarge or diminish its scope as circumstances made it necessary. It is, therefore, absurd to expect to find in Egyptian papyri, descriptions of the secrets, which formed the esoteric knowledge of the Kheri Hebs.1 1 The disclosures of these ancient investigators are astounding, even to the scientific world today. The eternal truths they unveiledthe facts, the hitherto unknown laws of naturemade them masters1 of fear, and liberated them from the undependable elements of so-called chance and luck. W hat they were able to ac complish in their lives, to do for friends and members of their families, how they were able to utilize nature's forces to do their bidding, were the cause of the legends that have come down to us today about the a ncient miracle workers. To the uninitiated, to those still steeped in ignorance, and who have dwelt in darkness and doubt, these sages and mystics seemed to be performing miracles. To those of the mystery schools who knew, these demonstrations were not magical processes, but rather th e simple application o f a \ n o w le d g e by which man can direct the laws of nature and the faculties of his own being. W ith the same understanding, what they did, y o u can do.

T ke Supp ressed Knowledge

T ruth ma\es m e n free. Consequently, those who sought it and attempted to expound it to their fellows became the objects of persecution by tyrants. The ty rants were th e ancient dictators who sought to domi nate the lives and thinking of men and women to fur ther their personal gain or their be liefs. For example, the Roman Em peror Justinian was one of these. He was a misguided religious zealot who issued an edict in the Sixth Century seeking to abolish all the mystery schools. He considered
Socrates, great A th en ian philosopher. condem ned to die b y d rin k in g the poison hem lock, be* cause he ta u g h t the esoteric ( in ' n e r) w isdom w h ich set m en's m inds free.

P age Eleven

men and women who had acquired personal power and great confidence in themselves, by the unusual knowh edge they had discovered, a menace to the orthodox and often superstitious dogmas which he wished to promote. Thus it became necessary that this wisdom be s e c r e t e d and kept for the inquiring, c o u r a g e o u s f e w out of every thousand persons. This amazing knowledge, which secret brotherhoods have preserved, is available today to the seeker for per' sonal power, and the mastery of life. It exists f o r y o u , if you have an open mind. Its efficacy, its great power, can be applied to the affairs of your life with startling beneficial results.

Be p ersuaded first to a p p ly th y se lf to the E ternal M in d , e n tre a t in g Him to gra n t thee u n d e r s t a n d i n g ; then seek kn o w led ge w ith d iligen ce and thou sh alt n ever repent havin g taken so lau d ab le a resolution. F ran cis Barrett. F. R . C . (A R o sic ru c ian .)

Let us face facts. Your life is influenced by many in' explicable thingsphenomena, happenings, that you sometimes cannot quite explain or overcome. You may call them u n can n y . Perhaps you seek to push them into the background of your consciousness. You may even laugh about them to others. Yet nevertheless they are often the direct or indirect factors in preventing you from realizing some ideal, something you are seeking to attain or accomplish, or freeing yourself from worry and strife. Have you, for example, had these strange ex' periences? You have met persons for the first time who have been presentable in appearance and in speech and yet immediately a wave of distrust and dislike for them would sweep over you. W h y? It is a manifes' tation of th e human auraan invisible, magnetic radia' tion from the human body which we can detect, and which either repels or attractsand it is scientifically demonstrable. This emanation also has a most practical mystical p o w e r which was known to the students of the mystery schools, to the sages and adepts of yore, for centuries. Have you ever entered a room that greatly depressed you? The room, perhaps in a home, hotel or office build'

P age Tw elve

mg, might have been clean, orderly, and even attrac' tively furnished, yet while in it you were unable to ac* complish your best work or feel at ease. Do you know that intense emotional outbursts, hatred, jealousy, and anger, can and d o affect material substances so that every room in which they occur takes on a depressing environment? T h e s e are n o t superstitionsnot sup' positionsbut the effects of little known natural laws around us. Obviously, understanding them as do those who have this esoteric knowledge, makes for the m astery o f s u ch circum stances.

U sing Your Intuitio n

You have often had the experience of an intuitive im p ression, a hunch or idea that was most enlightening and that seemed to come from nowhere. Do you know that intuition can provide an answer for almost every question, a solution to many predicaments in which you find yourself? Do you know that it can aid you in keeping the affairs of your life in order? Do you further know that this intuitive \ n o w le d g e is part of the great Cosmic intelligence which pervades the en tire universe and every cell of your being, and that you can command it to serve youthat you can draw upon it as you will? W hile millions of men and women rely solely upon their brains and the training which is given to them through education, those who know the esoteric wisdom wait for no hunches. They do not rely solely upon their outer minds, but are able to draw upon the vast powers they possess, and which also exist in the Cosmic forces around them. Psychologists today say that man uses only ten per cent of the inherent powers with which he is imbued as a human
M an is often a stran g e r to him self. W ith in him is a g re a t in visib le influen ce, an in tu itiv e self w h ich he little un d erstan d s, an d th ereb y denies it expression.

P age Thirteen

L ife is a m ission. E very o ther definition of life is false, and leads all w ho accep t it a stray . R eligio n , sci' ence, philosophy, tho ugh still at v a ri ance upon m any points, all agree in this, th at e v ery existence is an aim . M azzini. ( A R o sic ru c ia n .)

being. The secret brotherhoods have known for cen turies how to command and use the other ninety per cent, to round out and enjoy an enriched life. Hun dreds of the so-called mysteries are understandable and workable laws of the universe to those who master this esoteric (inner) knowledge. W h y, you may ask, is not this knowledge gen erally and widely disseminated to mankind today? W hy, if such illuminating truths exist and are avail able to man, is he deprived of them?" W e have shown what occurred in ancient times when the attempt was made to teach man these simple truths. They were often suppressed. Even today, such knowledge cannot be taught to everyone. To those who are sincere in bet tering their own lives and advancing humanity, such knowledge becomes a power for good. On the other hand, in the hands of the selfish and the bigoted, the same knowledge might become a factor for misuse and further persecution of the ignorant and the help less. But today, as we have said, it has survived because of the careful guardianship of the brotherhood mystery schools and societies. The oldest of these humanitarian societies, world wide in extent, and not a religious sect, is the Rosicrucians. It offers to you this knowledge as old as time for the fullness of life, free of any religious intolerance or political or other prejudices or biases. Attune yourself with those who are successful and happy. Cooperate with natures laws and revel in the power that comes into your being with the dawn of each day, and abides like an unseen guest in your home, your office, your places of meditation and pleasure.

P age Fourteen

i You





C A N IM M ED IATELY C O N V EY N CE M E N PAST TR A G IC EVENTS AND WOMEN w ere relu ctan t to discuss or adm it stran ge p h e n o m e n a in their lives. E xperiences, h ap p en in g s, a n d events w hich could not be e x p lain ed b y the lim ited kn o w led ge of th eir period w ere left un said and unm vestigated . Ign oran ce and p reju d ice relegated the notunderstood functions of the m ind and of the in n er faculties of man to the catego ry of su p er n atu ralism and m ystery.


T he co urageo us, the th in kers, the d u rin g such tim es had to m ake th eir in q u iries into the secrets of n atu re behind elosed doors. T h ey feared a bigoted public o pin io n.
lovers o f truth

T o d a y, this sham , h yp o crisy and SOUND SENSATIONS C AN BE C O M M U N I CATED AT A DISTANCE W IT H O U T PHYSIp reju d ice are abolished. M a n y w elcom e C AL MEANS. truth w ith open arm s; th e y no lo n ger look upon her w ith suspicion or as an un w anted guest. T h ese u n iq ue truth s w hich once had to be concealed and w ell gu ard ed in the ag e of darkn ess, are now brou ght to light by the R osicrucian s. S tran g e h ap p en ings are m ade un d erstan d ab le: th e y are shown to be use ful law s, which m ake for gre ate r m astery and en jo ym en t of life b y the in d iv id u al.
T h e re is no su p ern atu ralism . E v eryth in g oc curs by Cosm ic, n atu ral law . T h ere are no m ysteries, except as our ig n o ran ce and m isun d erstan d in g m ake them ap p ear so. T h ere is no g re a te r th rill than ex p lo rin g the n atu re of yo u rself and the un iverse in w hich you live. T h ere is no gre ate r confidence than th at w hich is born from u n d erstan d in g. T h ere is no g re a te r pow er b y which you can ach ieve, than th at w hich arises from a useful kn ow ledge such as the R osicrucian teach in gs co n tain. N ow, in the p riv ac y of yo ur home, the n atu re of all such phenom ena, not ju st a few illu s tratio n s shown above, w ill be revealed to you in an in tellig e n t, sim ple, and fascin atin g w ay.




P art T


Pharaoh A m enhotep IV , T rad itio n a l G rand M aster of the A n cien t E gyptian Brotherhood of 13 50 B. C.

I k e Ade-Old Rosi cians sicru


*npHE R osicrucians are a fraternal order. They are a -L body of progressive men and women, interested in exhausting the possibilities of life by a sane and sensible use of their heritage of esoteric knowledge and the faculties which they possess as human beings. This knowledge which they cherish, and to which they add further contributions, embraces every realm of human endeavor and every phenomenon of the universe known to man. They are men and women such as you would meet in any gathering of thinking, open-minded, and inquir ing peopleyet they are to be found in every walk of life, from the humblest to the highest. Your next-door neighbor, perhaps the man or woman who works in the office or shop with you, may be a Rosicrucian.
In o ur M o n aste ry li' b rary the sacred, se cret m anuscrip ts of the R osicrucian s fu rn ish a n ev er-failin g sup p ly of rare kn o w led ge; the su p p ly seems to be in exh austib le in its ric h ness of illu m in atio n .
F ria r sleigh . D u d ley E v er'


R osicru-

c ia n .)

The Rosicrucian traditions which have come down by word of mouth, and those which are so often related in literary reference works, tell how the Order had its birth as one of the mystery schools of secret wisdom in ancient Egypt during the 18th Dynasty, or the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep IV, about 1350 B. C. Its fas' cinating sym b o lism and rituals relate it definitely to the illuminating wisdom of the sages of Egypt and the great centers of learning of the ancient lands of the East. Its first member-students, it is further traditionally re lated, met in the secret chambers of the Great Pyramid. In the magnificent temples, as candidates, they were initiated into th e great m ysteries. These legends also recount how its adepts, its great masters and teachers,

P age Sixteen

imparted some of their wisdom to the builders of King Solomon's magnificent and symbolic temple. M any tomes, rare books, and documents of several centuries ago. reposing in the archives of the Rosicrucian Order in this country and in Europe, describe its early spread from the Orient to that continent in ancient times, and the great influence it had upon the minds of men and women thirsty for knowledge. Some of the world's most celebrated writers, such as Swedenborg, Dumas, and Lord Bulwer-Lytton, have written of its history and its renowned accomplishments. W ith the spread of printing in Europe during the Fifteenth, Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, nu merous pamphlets appeared telling of the Rosicrucians and their great work, notably the Fama Fraternitatis Rosae Crucis in 1610, and the Confessio R. \ C. \ Fra ternitatis in 1615. The celebrated Sir Francis Bacon is conceded to have been their author. This sudden ap pearance of the literature of the Order caused many writers and people of the day to believe, erroneously, that the Rosicrucians had just come into existence as a brotherhood during that period.

The W estern W orld R osicrucians

The Rosicrucians first came to America and to the W estern W orld in 1694. A small band of members under the leadership of Johann Kelpius, a Master of one of the Rosicrucian Lodges of Europe, who sought frcedorn o f thinking and of speech and the right to search for truth wherever it might be found, desired the liberty of the new land to the west. They landed in what is now the great city of Philadelphia, and their first colony was located in what became the famous Fairmount Park of that city. Their de scendants built a colony at Ephrata.
T he p ictu resq u e old do rm ito ry used b y the un m arried women m em bers of the R osicrucian C o lo ny established at E p h rata. P en n sylv an ia, n e ariy a cenUiry an(j a h aJf a g0

P age Seventeen

Pennsylvania, and there they constructed the first as tronomical observatory in America and the W estern W orld, also the first paper mill; they organized the first American symphonic orchestra and developed the first botanical gardens. Their later leaders and mem bers actively participated in the founding of the United States of America as a nation.*

Not a R eligion N on-Political

Since its earliest inception, the Rosicrucian Order has kept free of religious sectarianism and affiliations, desiring rather that each member follow the dictates of his own conscience in religious matters. It has never been involved in political controversies, and has con sistently fought superstition, ignorance, and fear, as the greatest enemies of man and the obstacles to his mastery of life. Today the Rosicrucian Order, as a vast, progressive movement, has Lodges and fraternal Temples through out the entire civilized world. It no longer has to be secret in the sense that it conceals its identity. A t the North and South American headquarters of the Order in beautiful Rosicrucian Park, San Jose. California, it maintains for its research, and f o r the benefit o f its vast m em b er s h ip wherever they are located, a research library, science laboratories, a planetarium for astro nomical studies, a museum of Egyptian antiquities, a research institute and sanitarium, and extensive admini stration buildings. It is today known by its traditional and authentic complete title, the A ncient M ystical O rder Rosae Crucis, (abbreviated A M O RC , and used in that man ner tor simplicity).

W h e n n atu re's m any m ysterious activities are understood, man is able to co n quer the so-called evil in fluences" w h ich beset his path in life. Rev. G eorg e B an n in g. ( A R o sic ru c ian .)

Page E ighteen

*T h e fo llow ing are but a few of the m any w ell kn ow n , im p artial lite rary and reference sources re ferrin g to the R osicrucian h isto ry and cu rren t activities of the A M O R C . T h e referen ces ap p ear un d er the sub ject o f "R o sic ru c ia n ." E ncyclopedia B ritan n ica, 14th E dition: E ncyclopedia A m erican a; W in sto n s C u m u lativ e Loose-Leaf E ncyclop edia and D ictio n ary: Funk and W a g n a lls N ew S tan d ard D ictio n ary, 1938.

A Hr d ^
IS S A N t f sf P R E W f

A n N'om .; Sum f o A*<*pKt% dr la M



U N IO N !


P A IX T O L E R A N C E -

Jaim'e the C u iitk I t s & . 95> a.n i S e r in . -.. . . the Dailey of GfrilifWnia, jg the only authorised lec-tarot' tl\e atu-ieut ??raterm ttj of IRosftCTurianjS peruetnalmg the true tradition# nnii principle** of tfK-M^GTmHorta atifc outk>lmerie* ,u>ith n u i lie nti c i t y r e f ojjfcei* b yalt the ancient vJnitiattr 0 r6 e r forming <funrf 3nternsitionalan6ifv2>eratitm, ^ I^K erefo re, the sa id SS- atxi its M peratoritduitam). Jhr. S/L 9 ratsr fy. Jp en cer lew/s,?.'R.c....3366'95'S., l^ a vd hi? h ered ita ry successors shall be the exclusive rep resen ta tives andSover... O fficersforJtbrthandSauthJtmerimA and fheir af/ilLtteU Gauntries, ofu tt t/?eJ/utu/fic Orders composing {he FJDOESi, with authority to establish und muintaif! such Orders in theuforestrict countries.
7ha decreetras unanimous,? endorsedi>yrot?qfatt.'/heSoy\ Officersondrecoc/nized cLtltt/afes o fthefourteen Orders composingfa? fl/DOES/otctslnternaticnot Ccnrenf/on it Brussels, Belgium durmy the week o/Jfufust/3&to/8*fSM+AD,andattestedhy the/b/tatfMf principle officers o f thesaid fourteen Qrfepz'rtho wereperso/m'Iypresent


tl\ai t.


' *

?* * Vi < - (e 0*^
T ,/


PROOF OF A UTH O RITY A signed and sealed Manifesto issued in Brussels, Belgium, by the F.U.D.O.S.I., a federation of the authentic, historical, mystical brother hoods and Orders of the world. It declares the A.M.O.R.C. to be the only authorized sector of the Ancient Fraternity of Rosicrucians perpetuating the true traditions of the R -)-C in North and South America." The full-size original is one of the many documents in the archives of A M Ancient Rosicrucian its world-wide affiliation with the Traditional and O RC which establish Order.

Seek not too eag erly a fte r the grace of de votion, sensible sw eet ness, and tears: but let y ch ief care be to rem ain in w a rd ly un ited to God by good w ill in the in tellectu al p art o f the Soul. - - A lb ertu s M ag n u s. ( A R osicruc ia n .)

P age N in eteen

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

General Administration Building. Planetarium and Astronomical Museum. Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum. Amenhotep Memorial Pylon. Obelisk and Sphinx in Rosicrucian Park.

6. Research library.

P art F our

W liat Rosicrucian Member ship Provides You


'npHE R osicrucians offer you the opportunity to reshape your life, to add to it those necessary elements which make for personal satisfaction and full living. They can help you find yourself, so that each day be comes a joyful experience and not a haphazard exist ence or an ordeal. You are required to make no changes in your usual business or social affairs to receive this age-old yet ever new personal g u id a n ce of the Rosi crucians. Regardless of race, religion, social conditions, or where you live, you can share the privileges of personal, p rivate membership. Further, regardless of how much you have read, what colleges or universities you may have attendedor e v e n if y o u h a v e n e v e r a tten ded any 1 re 1 i 1 i the Rosicrucians offer you through their teachings a message of hope, fellowship, and a dependable, unique source of knowledge not obtainable elsewhere. Can you spare just a little time to give to personal fascinating reading which requires n o laborious stud y or tedious memorizing? Can mail reach you once a week? If so, then you are well situated to receive the many following membership benefits:
P age T w en ty One

G is a N ber od um ^hidTfs Y buTnot ek dem onstrated. Bahac.

R o sic ru c ian .)

- F I R S T -

R osicrucian System of G uidance

The Rosicrucian monographs or lessons constitute a fascinating revelation of the mysteries of life. How' ever, this great hum an en g in e e r in g done by the Rosi' crucians, this building of lives, and this implanting in them of the factors of confidence, success, and happi' ness is n o t accomplished by any impersonal, correspond' ence'course method of merely extending knowledge to the member. Each lesson also takes into consideration the need for the quickening of the consciousness of the individual. It seeks to awaken his dormant talents and to develop his personal powers rather than to cram his mind with cold and oftentimes useless facts. The member, in the privacy of his own home, is made to realize that he is comprehending and m astering his environment and affairs, as well as just learning. No one is accepted or permitted to remain as a mere student of a system of study.

T h ere is no chance, no d estin y, no fate Can circu m ven t, or h in d er or control T he firm resolve of a determ ined soul.
E lla W h eeler W iV cox. ( A R o sic ru c ian .)

The supreme executive of the Rosicrucian Order, known as the Imperator, decided that the Rosicrucian teachings for this private, personal kind of membership could not be put in book form like texts on account' an cy or m ath em atics, , which infrequently change. Hf ^ A ny method for issuing m , \ ^ the Rosicrucian teachings m ust he kept flexible. This "& T is so that new truths and V d isc o v e rie sw h ich the R osicrucian researc h e rs \ 7 are ever bringing forth m. m ay be in clu d ed , that members may enjoy the benefits which they make pos' sible. Thus these teachings are issued in manuscript form, one issued weekly to a member. Their wording

P age T tren ty-T w o

is in large, easy'tO'read type. Suitable illustrations are included with them whenever it is necessary to make a topic especially clear. No expense is spared by the Rosicrucian staff to assure the member of getting the utmost from his membership.

Educators have often highly praised the presentation of the personal, private Rosicrucian instructions at home. Anyone able to read and understand his daily newspaper would be able to comprehend with great pleasure the marvelous but most simply presented truths which these lessons contain. The mastery of any subject, the Rosicrucians know, is shown in stating it simply, and in this Rosicrucian monographs, or les sons. excel.

The student is introduced to each topic in its order. Gradually and simply one truth, the solution of a mys tery, vital knowledge, a useful fact or bit of informa tion. merges into another. The member is not plunged into a maze of terms and phrases which he cannot understand and which annoy and fatigue him. The i ii>w .i i ;i o r,R lessons are arranged by degrees and grades, each following in its proper order. The lessons or monographs are mailed to the member weekly in sealed envelopes by first-class mail.

A s B reth ren of the R o sy Cross o ur personal en deavors, our m inds, o ur lab orato ries, clin ics and in stitu tes are devoted to the re b u ild in g o f the hum an race and the ad v an ce m ent of c iv iliz a tio n . D r. H. S p en cer Lewis. (A R o sic ru c ian .)

You will be required to devote only one hour to one hour and thirty minutes once a week to obtain the vital value from the lessons. During the rest of the week, while walking, riding, or even working, you will find that without interference with your affairs, you can try some of the principles you read. In fact, you can use them frequently in mastering daily problems.
P age T w enty-T h ree

Some of the fjGAciwUUuf budla Taught

J^ELO W are indicated but a f e w of hundreds of fasci nating subjects taught and thoroughly explained as part of the Rosicrucian system of guidance. The limits of space herein make it impossible to list more of these topics of truth which will be extended to you as easily understandable lessons. The subjects shown are all included in the Rosi crucian teachings, but they are presented to the member in a different order from that listed here.
P e rfe ctin g th e P h y s ic a l B o dy. T ru th A b o u t V ib ra tio n s a n d T h e ir Effect U p o n U s. In tu itio n T h ro u g h C o sm ic A ttu n e m ent. H ow to O p era te th e P ow ers of M in d at W ill. T h e M y steries of T im e a n d S p a c e . T h e F ive S en ses of M an . T h e H u m an C onsciousness. T h e D evelo p m en t of the In n e r S e lf. In q u iry into th e N a tu re of S o u l. T h e P rin c ip le s of th e M y stic a l Law s. M y ste ry of M a tte r C o hesion , A d h esio n, M ag n e tism . T ru e M e a n in g of A n c ien t S ym b o lism . A tta in in g C o sm ic C onsciousness. D evelo p m en t of P erso n al M ag n etism . F u n d am en tals of M e n ta l A ttu n em en t. W h a t th e M a ste rs of th e O rien t T a u g h t. H u m a n A u r a an d Its V ib r a to ry Effect. R e g e n e ra tio n - H e a lth an d A d d in g Y e a rs to Y o u r L ife. R o sic ru c ian M y stic s an d th e C re ativ e P o w er of M in d . E x p erim en ts on T h o u g h t T ran sm is sion. D isco urse on E x p erim en ts in C re a tin g L ife o ut o f N o n -L iv in g M a tte r. T h e C re a tiv e P o w er, th e C osm ic M in d . E x p erim en ts w ith C o lo r, T h o u g h t V i b ratio n s, S o u n d , an d L ig h t. H u m a n E m otions a n d In stin cts. T h e ir R e la tio n to P e rso n a lity . H o w to Im p ro v e th e A ffairs of D a ily L ife.


A Lodge A t Home
A unique method of Rosicru cian p er s o n a l, p riva te member ship is the Lodge at Home.1 ' Your study corneror a part of your sleeping roommay be come your temple, your Lodge, without expense or interference with the interests of any member of your family. You select o n e
A L odge N igh t at hom e. M a n y husbands and w ives en jo y the o p p o rtu n ity for m ental companionsh ip w hich m utual R osicrucian stu d y affords them . H ow ever, a R osicrucian m em ber m ay a l w ays h av e in d ividu al, p rivate L o d ge sessions at home if he or she so desires.

P age T w e n ty F o u r

night a w ee k anY night will suffice, Thursday night preferred and that becomes Tour Lodge Night. A t that time you review and contemplate the wonderful disclosures which are in' eluded in your lessons.

D em onstrations Sim ple Experim ents

There is nothing that establishes con' fidence in what is offered as a fact or as a principle of nature like being able to test it personally and experience its working1 yourself. True knowledge ' is experience, for you never truly know a thing until you experience it. Thus wherever pos' sible every Rosicrucian lesson making some emphatic declaration that a thing is, or does, has some simple little experiment which you whether a I ' housewife or a business man can perform to prove to yourself the accuracy of the state' ments made. These experiments require no scientific equipment or knowledge of science, and will take but a few minutes to perform each week. M any are not of a physical nature but rather are m ental experiments. As these laws of nature perform at your command, you immediately begin to sense a new'found power, and you know you are on the path to the mastery of life.
-FOURTHR osicrucian alch em ists in th e M id d le A ges conducted exp erim ents secretly in garrets to avoid p ersecutio n b y th e superstitious m asses. T h eir discov eries h ave advan ced kn ow ledge. T h e results of th eir labors co n sti tu te o u r h eritag e of useful in form ation to day.

Signs of Recognition
You will receive a membership card establishing your affiliation with the North and South American Juris' di ction of the R o s i c r u c i a n Order, A M O RC. You will be instructed in th e t r a d i ti on a l signs of recognition, and you will be given the passwords and

M en who are devoid o f the pow er of sp ir itu al p erception are u n able to recognize a n y th in g th at cannot be seen e x te rn a lly . P aracelsu s. ( A Rosic r u c ia n .)

P age T wenty-Five

grips which will entitle you to admission into the vari ous Lodges and Chapters of the Order throughout the world. W herever you go you will be recognized in Rosicrucian Lodges and Chapters by such signs, and greeted as a Frater or Soror of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis (A M O R C ). Likewise, you will be given most inspiring, impressive, symbolic initiations into the various degrees of the Order. These beautiful yet simple ceremonies have a moral which will linger long in your mind as a happy experience. -FI FTH-

P ascinating M onthly M agazine

The R osicrucia n Digest, official publication of the Rosicrucians, is issued f r e e to you each month as one of your many membership privileges. It is a leading periodical for self'im p rove' m ent. It contains well-written, simply pre sented articles which contain useful facts, facts which you, regardless of your station in life, can apply with much benefit to yourself. Its articles on natural phenomena, mental and physical science, occultism, travel, and its unusual photographs of ancient cultures and peoples, contributed from through out the world, will fascinate you.

Good alw ay s flows in the ch ann els it has once selected. L. C. de S a in t'M a rtin . (A R o sicru cian .)

Personal A tten tio n

A system for determining y o u r personal progress and understanding throughout the degrees or grades of the Rosicrucian guidance has been established. Simple examinations will be given to you periodically, by the results of which ways and means of further aid ing you in your use of the teachings are prepared. Re ports of your personal welfare are requested from time to time. By them the Rosicrucian staff will always be

Page Twenty-Six

acquainted with your needs and requirements, and thus be able to extend you any special services within its provinces.

V arious D epartm ental F acilities

Facilities of the various departments of the Rosicru cian Order are at your disposal as a member. Each de partment has as its ideal the contributing to your per sonal enlightenment, and that perfection which is your right as a human being. Such departments include that of correspondence for answering your communications and necessary questions, the C ouncil o f Solace to aid you with certain personal problems, the Research Li brary that arranges to provide you with special infor mation which you may need, the cultural assistance of the Rosicrucian Egyptian, Oriental Museum, the re search activities of the various laboratories of the RoseCroix University of the A M O RC . T h e y p r o v id e u s e ful inform ation and fa cts in sim ple la n g u a g e. How you may use, as your membership privileges, these facilities and others too numerous to mention in this limited space, will be fully explained to you as a member.
L e ft: T h e R ose-C roix U n iv e rsity. U n iq u e research is co n ducted here and the findings passed on to members in sim ple lan g u age w h ich th e y can use to en larg e th eir persona] p ow er and sco p e of Jivin g. B elow : T h e R o sicrucian R esearch L ib rary. Its irv form ation on n e a rly all sub jects is m ade av ailab le to m em bers in ad d itio n to th e teach in gs b y a un ique p lan , no m atter w h ere th e y reside th ro ugh o ut the w orld. P age T w e n ty S e v e n

- E I G H T H -

Intim ate A ssociation

As a Rosicrucian member, you will be associated with the largest and old est fraternity in the world de' voted to mans personal development through the util' izing of his natural powers of mind, and the simple and yet littte'known laws of the universe. M any are the prominent men and women in history who were proud to disclose their Rosicrucian membership. You will be' come uyiitcd in t h o u g h t and p u rp o se with thousands of individual members and those in Lodges and Chapters throughout the world. This association with those of like mind, with its exchange of ideas, is a valuable bene' fit, for it causes us to grow inwardly and in a cc o m p ' lishrnent as we become stronger in our convictions. You will also have the opportunity of personal assO' ciation in a Rosicrucian assembly or temple with others when you have reached a certain stage in the Teachings of the Order.
L e ft: T h e Suprem e T em p le a t R osicrucian P ark , w h ere fratern al convocations of the Suprem e G rand Lodge are held.

O ne of the a n n u a l In tern atio n al R osicrucian C o n v e n tions held at R osicru cian P ark , San Jose, C a lifo rn ia . M e m b e r s from all over th e w orld atten d . A tten d an ce at a C o nven tion is not n ecessary, how ever, to d erive the fu ll benefit of R osicrucian mem bership.
P age Tw enty-Eight

The illustrations above show, reduced, the interior and exterior of the weekly lesson sent to each student. In addition to personal lettersas many as are needed to answer your questions pertaining to the studiesthe lessons are accompanied by all necessary charts and diagrams to further explain and make perfectly clear the interesting subjects. You are also given certain experiments and tests whereby you can p r o v e and d e m o n s t r a t e to yourself the efficacy of the principles and teachings. The lessons are printed in large, typewriter'Style type, easy to read, and graded so as to advance step by step.

P age T icenty-T^line

P a r t F iv e

A Personal Invitation

V o u are not being solicited to study some course of lessons. You are being courteously invited by the application, which you should find attached inside the back cover of this book, to affiliate with the historical, renowned Rosicrucian Orderknown throughout the world as the Ancient M ystical Order Rosae Crucis (AMORC). W hen your application is accepted by the Member' ship Committee, you immediately become a member of an Order which has been the wisest and leading move' ment in the tutelage of mankind for centuries. Conse' quently, all the privileges and benefits, many of which have already been enumerated on preceding pages, are made available to you at once.

I^ree Lessons a n a Instructions

Ignorance is the true o n g in a l sin. M en are b an k ru p t m orally b e cause th e y do not know the gold m ine th at is in them . Brierly. (A R o sicru cian .)

Let us again rem in d y o u that a unique feature of Rosicrucian membership is that all the fascinating, use' ful, informative lessons and graded instructions you will receive are extended to you as a benefit of mem' bership. The Rosicrucians are n o t a mere school issuing studies by mail. The lessons and teachings cannot be purchased or contracted for. The teachings, therefore, are ex tended fr e e l y to every active member. In fact, there are many members who have long since com' pleted the studies but retain membership for its many other benefits.

Page Thirty

Fees ancl Dues

The Order is strictly a brotherhood, operating in that sense as do other fraternities. Membership in the Rosi' crucian Order carries with it the many benefits dis' tinct to all fraternities and many others quite unique. As in fraternities, there are membership dues, payable monthly. And a nominal registration fee." This fee and monthly dues of small amount are the donations on the part of members to the general operating funds of the Order, and take care of its extension expenses, its building funds, national and international humane tarian activities, and donations to many scientific expe' ditions and methods of research and investigation. In addition to these general activities of the Order, the Rosicrucians conduct the courses mentioned on previous pages. These courses of study are given f r e e l y and without charge or fees of any kind to members of the Order. Therefore, we wish you to keep in mind that the study and instruction work is a separate and distinct feature of the Order, n o t f o u n d in any o th e r fraternal organization, and for which, in reality, our members do not pay. The Supreme Council has purposely made the Regis' tration Fee very7 nominal. It is five dollars, payable with application. Monthly dues are two dollars, pay' able on the first of each month. T h e s e f e e s includ e all the benefits o f th e O rder s activities. T h e r e are n o o th er fees, n o r assessm ents, n o r boo\s w h i c h must b e pur' chased in o r d e r to study, and n o limitations to t h e de' g r ee o f a d v a n c e m e n t that m em b e r s m a y ma\e in their studies. The monthly magazine, the R osicrucian Dv gest, is also given free to all members taking the studies by correspondence from the Rosicrucian Grand Lodge. T h e m o n th ly dues are to be paid b y m em b e r s only so long as t h e y are a c ti v e m e m b e r s o f th e O rder sharing in all its manifold benefits.
P age T h irty-O n e

T he E ternal T ru th s are revealed through s p i r i t u a l m editatio n, and m ake all men who receive them the M agi of th eir tim e .- S ir E d ward Kelly. ( A R osi cru cian . )

Final Instructions
There are several ways in which this booklet may have come into your hands. It is intended for careful and discreet distri bution only to those who seem worthy of admission into the Order. It may have been handed to you by someone who wishes you to realize that there is something vital in life that may answer your desires and end your quest. It may have been passed along to you by a friend or acquaintance who feels that it will arouse an inquiry in your mind. Therefore, there may be no application blank or letter of invitation enclosed. In that case, if you feel interested, write at once to the Grand Secretary and ask for an application form. If your inquiry appears to be sincere the Secretary will invite you to file an application with him. You may have written to the Rosicrucian Order for this booklet and it may have come to you accompanied by a letter and with the Application Blank attached in the booklet. It is then a direct invitation for y o u to b ecom e a member, issued after your request has been properly considered.

How to Proceed
FIRST: Carefully fill out the Application Blank. The answer to each question is important and will be treated as strictly confidential. SECOND: Having answered all the questions in the Ap plication Blank, sign it accurately. Enclose with it the Regis tration Fee of Five Dollars. THIRD: Mail your Application and Registration Fee promptly to the Grand Secretary. Register your letter if it contains cash, and if you send a check or money order make it payable to AMORC FUNDS. Acknowledgment should reach you within two weeks or less. If you do not hear from the Secretary in that time, write to him in detail. If your application is rejected for any reason whatsoever your Registration Fee will be returned to you with a frank explanation.

T he one rem ains, the

m any change and pass;

H eav en 's lig h t forever shines: e a rth s shadow s fly. Shelley. ( A Rosic ru c ia n .)

Address all mail to RO SICRU CIA N ORDER (A M O R C )

RosiCRUdAN P ark , S an J ose, C alifornia Long Distance Telephones: Ballard 8295, 8296

P age T h irty -T w o


Application for

Rosicrucian Membership
The Rosicrucians invite you to unite with them in their fascinating researches, investigations, and studies of the universal laws of nature and the mysteries of life in every branch of human improvement and development.



THEREFORE . . . You are cordially requested to submit this Q ues

tionnaire, with your personal answers, so that the Dean of Students and the Directors of Instruction may take the proper steps to admit you to Student Membership and prepare The W ay for your proper place in the Rosicrucian System of personal progress and attainments.





(Please Write Answers Plainly with Pen and Ink) (A LL Q U ESTIO N S M U S T BE A N SW E R E D )

Full Name As Christened........................................................................... Date of Birth?.............................................................. Sex?.

(Month) (Date) (Year)

Place of Birth?........................................................................... R ace? (color)........................................N ationality?..............

(The Order observes no racial restrictions)

Religion in which you were bom?.................................... Present church affiliation if an y?....................................... M arried?.................................Number of children?............ Your Occupation?.................................................................... W h a t is the extent of your education?.................................................... Have you any Academic or Honorary Degrees?.................................
(If yon answer "yes" please list degrees)

W h a t languages, if any, other than English can you speak and write flu en tly?....................................................................................................
(If no other languages spoken please write "none)

Have you been a student of any M ystical, M etaphysical, or Spir itual Philosophy, and how long?................................................................
(If you have not studied these subjects please answer no")

Are you a member of any Secret, Fraternal, or Philosophical Organizations? .................................................................................................

(If you answer ye.s. please list organizations)

Do you affirm your belief in the existence of a Supreme Ruler, Divine M ind, or God?....... ...........................................................................
(Kindly answer "yefl" or "no")

Are you doing your best to be a good and useful citizen and to obey the laws of the country in which you live?...................................
(Kindly answer yes or 'no*')

Are you prepared to consider with an open mind all new facts regarding life and the Universe?................................................................
(Kindly answer "yes" or no)


Please R ead Very Carefully
To the Recording Secretary of the Grand Lodge of A M O R C of North and South America. A M O R C Temple. San Jose, Calif. R e s p e c t e d Sir: I hereby accept your cordial invitation to unite with the Rosicrucians in their researches, studies, and individual experiments, as outlined in your literature. If I am found worthy of receiving the First Principles and private studies, I w ill abide by the ancient pledge made by all Neophytes, to wit: 7 wil l keep c o nf id e nt ia l all re ad in g matter, lessons, a n d di s c o u r s e s se nt to me, a n d wi ll ca re fu ll y examine them to d et erm in e e a c h ste p 1 a m to take in b e in g p r ep a re d for a more practical a n d masterful position in Life. In accordance with the ancient custom, I herewith enclose Five Dollars as a Donation to THE R O SIC R U C IA N FOUNDATION, and w ill voluntarily donate to this Foundation the sum of Two Dollars monthly, beginning with the first month after I have been accepted as a member of the Grand Lodge of A M O R C . This I w ill voluntarily continue as long as I desire membership as an Active Student. It is understood that if I am accepted, I shall receive weeldy discourses, monographs, and private papers, and the monthly magazine, and enjoy all the benefits of Membership, without the payment of any fee or charges except the voluntary Donations to the Foundation as stated above. If I am not accepted, I w ill be confidentially notified by the return of this Questionnaire and my donation.
M em bership fees and con tribu tio ns to the Rosicrucian O rder, A M O R C , are d edu ctible con trib u tio n s on F ederal Incom e T ax Returns.

(Make checks or money orders payable only to AMORC Funds)

(Do not send currency in unregistered letters)

(Signed) .....................................................................
(Signature must lie handwritten Do not print or typewrite. Spell your name as yon wish it to he nsed on all mail.)

Address for all M ail ^ Print Your W ords

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T R l" I 'll knows no b arrie r! T h e above sym bol represents the F.U .D .O .S.I. I lie in itia ls stand for the fu ll nam e. F ederation U n iv erselles dt*s Ordres ot Societes In itiaticjlies. Ihe F .r.D .O .S .I. is a federation of the oldest authentic organ i/at ions and societies p e rp e tu atin g the (indent truths for the ad van cem en t of m an k in d . T he Rosicrucian O rder, A.JYI.O.H.C.. is one of the few select societies of the 1 1 .D.O.S.I. B y becom ing a m em ber of the R osicrucian O rder, yo u w ill therefore be brought into contact w ith the other great m y ste ry schools and th eir renow ned teachers through out the w orld. Ihis is a rare p riv ileg e and a g re at ad d itio n al benefit you w ill en jo y. Become in tune w ith Ihe tim es and llu> thoughts of the greatest m inds e v eryw h e re.






A t l S T R A l IA

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fl ip m a tte r <o n la in e d in thi s fm ft*t is k o ffic ia lly issued th ro u g h th e S u p re m e C o u n cil of A M O I i l l . T h e A ncipn t N a m e a n d S y m b o ls of th e R o sicru c ian O rder a r e R eg iste red an d P ro tected by the U n ited S ta te s P aten t Office e x c lu s iv e ly in th e n a m e of A MOHC. (T h e I ni t i al s A .M .O .R .C . in d ir a lr tlir a u th e n tic R o sic ru c ia n O rd er.)




SAN J O i t

ATTEN TIO N I Read Carefully, Please
W e are pleased to return the "Rosicrucian Intro spect or to you and to provide in the larger squares opposite the cross you made the information that you wished. The letter * N means Neophyte, and refers to the first division of the studies that you w ill receive. The letter D refers to Degree. The letter P " refers to Postulant," meaning the higher division of the studies. For an example: N2D-1, 6 " would mean that in the Sccond De gree of the Neophyte Division, in monographs I and 6, certain answers would be found. W e suggest that you carefully file this aw ay for reference. You must remember, however, that the monographs are connected like links in one chain; and to skip over the monographs which do not con tain matter that you particularly seek is to lose the benefits of the woric. If vou skip over mono graphs. awaiting the particular Degree or monograph that appeals to you. when you receive it you w ill not thoroughly understand it because you have omitted the earlier instructions. Therefore, study each monograph d iligently. You w ill find that many subjects you thought you would not be interested in are fascinating, and when the monographs ar rive conveying tne knowledge you are particularly seeking, you w ill then thoroughly understand them and get the most from them. W ith all good wishes for Peace Profound, I am Sincerely and fraternally,

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A M $ R C

SA N JO S E . C A L IF O R N IA Printed in U. S. A . H-345 845

San Jo se , C a lif.

You r N am e K e y Num ber

...... .*Q.*..

1 ... I S O

ATTENTIO N i Read Carefully, Please

opposite the crost you made the information chat

W e are pleased to return the "Rosicrucian Introspector" to you and to provide in the larger squares

you wished. The letter N " means N eophyte," and refers to the first division of the studies that you w ill receive. The letter D " refers to Degree. ' The letter **P" refers to "P o stu lan t," meaning the higher division of the studies. For an example: N2D-1, 6 " would mean that in the Second De gree of the Neophyte Division, in monographs 1 and 6, certain answers would be found. W e suggest that you carefully file this aw ay for reference. You must remember, however, that the monographs are connected like links in one chain; and to skip over the monographs which do not con tain matter that you particularly seek is to lose the benefits of the work. If vou skip over mono graphs, awaiting the particular Degree or monograph that appeals to you, when you receive it you w ill not thoroughly understand it because you have omitted the earlier instructions. Therefore, study each monograph diligently. You w ill find that many subjects you thought you would not be interested in are fascinating, and when the monographs ar rive conveying tne knowledge you are particularly seeking, you w ill then thoroughly understand them and get the most from them. W ith all good wishes for Peace Profound, I am Sincerely and fraternally,


A M $ R C ___________

SA N JO S E , C A L IF O R N IA Printed in U . S. A . H-345 845

4 *
Due to she. variations of environment, intellect, edu cation, and personal develop ment, our hopes, aspirations and ideals in life differ. Those who hesitate long enough in the mad rush of existence to resort to selfexamination, come to know their inclinations, which are either worthy of expression or for physical or moral reasons should justly be suppressed. He who has never known introspection is swayed by mysterious, subtle yearn ings, urges, desires, emanat ing from the depths of his nature. His soul is torn asunder by a restlessness that consumes his being like the darting tongues of a flame. It is not alone suffi cient to seek in life, but to know what you seek. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line. W hat yearnings have you that you hope to satisfv in these studies? If you have not given this definite con sideration, do so now. Es tablish your personal goal. On the opposite side you w ill find indicated some of the special principles ex plained in the Rosicrucian teachings. M ake a cross in the small square opposite the one or two principles that particularly appeal to you and mail this sheet back to the Grand Secretary. He w ill then return it to you and indicate on the line below the small square the exact Degree or Degrees in which you may expect to have the principles thorough ly explained to you. Know your goal then strive for it.

R O S IC R U C IA N O RDER San Jo se , C a lif.

Your N am e Ke y Num ber

? S -0

e direction of the Infinite Intelligence in man. 3 3] The relation of m aterial man to m atter. Proper understanding of mind's processes habit, im agination, suggestion, reasoning, sensations, etc. The origin of disease. The m aintenance o f health and m etaphysical treat ment. The distinction between soul and electrical, m agnetic energy. The power of m entally creating. The developm ent of personality.



The changing of environm ent direction of personal affairs. ________________ t > lP 1 2 ; P 5 D - 1 , * ________________ I The explanation of the psychic self. Explanation of and experim ents with the doctrine of reincarnation. How to attain C o sm ic Consciousness. The purpose and airectio n of th e emotions. The developm ent of will power and memory. Developm ent and use of psychic centers. The projection of consciousness. Q Q The study of the Vital Life Force in man. The com parison of the ancient philosophies. The Hum an aura its vibratory effects.


W 1P-2, Il~

The subjects in which you now indicate your sp e cia l interest will be sent only in their proper $tudy order. However, by knowing and where you may expect them you are thus able to