An Open Letter - In the Best interest of Humanity To Hon.

President of America Dear President The world had hope on Slogan "Change". But there is no Change visible on field. The climate change is accelerating bringing bigger and bigger destructions. Human being at individual and all collective levels are getting restless and taking self destructive ways. The society is increasingly becoming materialistic and unstable so is our economy. We have reached crisis point. The recent heat wave in America and Australia, the freezing cold in Russia and other parts, flash floods, earthquakes all suggest earth is peaking towards its critical point. Reports speak of gasoline getting evaporated when it is pumped because of extreme heat. Earth is a non linear system, a wave of destruction can manifest when it touches the tipping point. I understand that nations and the whole world founded on certain fundamental thinking resist change. So "Change" spoken cannot be easily manifested unless human mind is changed. We are imprisoned by many schools of thoughts both scientific and spiritual. Nature is stressing us evolve to know Truth and come out of this bondage to live in peace and harmony with Nature. Only thing that can change human mind is knowledge. True Knowledge should have brought order, peace, happiness, stability --- But one look at the modern knowledge tells us that it is giving opposite results. It is apparent that we have erred some where fundamentally and we need to evolve our knowledge of Nature to survive climate change and develop a green world. We need to know Truth and awaken to get liberated, self disciplined and live a peaceful life with nature and other fellow beings in justice and truth beyond religion. I am disappointed for I strived to reach out to you through letters and emails, trying to share knowledge acquired through life time research work done from a point of freedom trying to figure out the fundamental knowledge of Nature that could help us live in peace and harmony with nature and evolve to Golden age. I tried to share with you two key break through of immense significance to humanity 1] The Principle and Design on which Earth functions to sustain certain energy to matter ratio and thus the Temperature of Earth.

2] The discovery of a New Parallel Space-Time Reality and a new force [anti-gravity] in life that opposes the force of material world and gives stability to material cosmos. In short by Grace I brought forth the force Einstein was looking for to give stability to his vision of the universe. This brings the spiritual knowledge of the ancient beyond the ambit of religion as a science and knowledge - A necessity to counter the ignorance of religious institutions who flare up peoples mind for selfish interest in the name of God. Thus ground breaking fundamental knowledge has potentials to develop new and simple technologies and cause revolution in all most every field of human interest, such as energy, health, agriculture and yet your office failed to take note of it. As situation of the world is deteriorating further, I once again appeal you to look into the matter - The fallowing links speaks it briefly. Your truly John Paily 12/01/2013

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