FIRST YEAR UNIT - I COMMUNICATION TWO MARKS QUESTIONS: 1. What is brain drain?(CSVTU 2007/2009) 2. What is Semantic-Gap? (CSVTU08-09/2010) 3. Define communication. .[07/09-10] 4. What is feedback? 5. What is organizational set up? 6. Diagrammatic representation of communication process.(06-06/09-10) 7. What is semantic barrier? Elucidate with examples.( 2010) 8. What is noise with reference to the communication cycle? 9. What are the four S‟s of communication. 10. Mention the Seven C‟s of communication. 11. What is encoding & decoding with reference to communication? 12. What are the different media of communication? 13. What is audio- visual communication?(06-07/Dec.07) 14. What is face-to-face communication? 15. What is visual communication? 16. What is communication through silence?(08-09) 17. Mention the types of formal communication. 18. Show the different types of communication through a tree diagram. 19. What is vertical communication? 20. What is horizontal communication? Give an example. 21. What is consensus? 22. What is grapevine? 23. Mention types of grapevine. 24. Define barriers to communication. 25. What is wrong choice of medium. Give example 26. What is abstracting/ slanting/ inferring? 27. What is closed mindedness? 28. What is unsolicited communication? Give example. SHORT NOTES(3 ½ Marks) Write short notes on: 29. Upward/Downward/ Grapevine(05-06/07-08/09/09-10)

” Explain with diagram. (2005 AICTE) 44. What is meant by effective communication? How can the effectiveness of communication be ensured? (2007 AICTE) 37. (06-07/09-10 CSVTU/ AICTE) 39. Differentiate between oral and written communication. Distinguish between the formal & informal channels of communication. What do you understand by grapevine communication? (2007 AICTE) . What do you mean by „organisation setup‟? Discuss the flow of communication in an organisation. Diagrammatically represent the communication cycle. 54.30. Explain the elements of the cycle. (2007 CSVTU) 47. What are the seven C‟s of communication. (2006 CSVTU) 36.(2005 AICTE/2005 CSVTU/2007 AICTE) 42. (2006/2008 CSVTU) 53. What do you understand by the term „communication‟? Give a brief account of all those factors that facilitates effective communication. Discuss the ways one can make his/her communication effective. What are the barriers to effective communication? Explain how these barriers can be eliminated from communication. Write in brief about the importance of „Clarity of Thought‟ in communication process?(2004 AICTE) 49. What is communication? Define it. Difference between Advise & counseling DESCRIPTIVE QUESTIONS( 7 marks) 33. What precautions should be taken by a communicator to make his advice effective? (2004 AICTE) 50. Why is it necessary for an organization to have an informal channel of communication?(08-09) 52. What is braindrain?(07/2008/09 CSVTU) 35. What are the various types of communication in an organisation? Explain them briefly. Explain the different mediums of communication. What changes has computer technology brought about in the field of communication? Discuss some advantages and limitations of this technology?(2004 AICTE) 48. What is the role of language in communication? Describe the different skills of communication in Human society? (2006 CSVTU) 40. Difference between oral & written communication 31. (2007 AICTE) 34. Show the communication process with the help of a diagram. Discuss the merits and Limitations of Oral and written communication? (2004 AICTE2009 CSVTU) 46. (2007 CSVTU) 38. Discuss the general Principles of making effective communication? (2005 CSVTU) 43. (2008 CSVTU) 41. Explain any two with examples. Difference between Formal & Informal communication 32. 45. What is Grapevine Communication? Mention its advantages and disadvantages. (2005/200806-07/09-10 CSVTU) 51. “Communication is a two way process.

55. Write the relative merits & importance of horizontal & vertical channels of communication. (2007 CSVTU) UNIT II .

Mention the principles of report writing. Write a quotation invitation to Messer Galaxy Systems for the purchase of 10 Pentium IV computers with accessories by July 2003 assuming any suitable data/ information. What are the dos and don‟ts of précis? (2003/2002 New Course/2007 / 2008 CSVTU) Q14. colour etc. Pilani.(2008) Q10.Write a job application letter for Software Engineer.What is „Précis‟? Suggest various steps to write a good Précis. What is a technical report?(2008) Q9. shape. (2003New course) Q16. Steel Almirah 07.. Invite quotation for 300 KVA Transformer. New Delhi 21. What are the different styles of letter writing?(2006) Q5. Invite quotations for five Lathe Machines with accessories by the end of July. Place an order for furniture required for your college. Q6.2010) 7 MARKS QUESTIONS Q13. Rajasthan for the following items from M/s Ram Furniture. Prepare a Resume for the post of Lecturer. Q2. (2007) Q12.WRITTEN COMMUNICATION 2 MARKS QUESTIONS Q1. (2002 New course) Q26. (2002 New course) Q22. Q7. 2006.Place an order for various text books for your college library.Name the essential elements of letter writing. (2003New Course) Q27. File Racks 23 (Invent necessary details regarding their size. Mention the elements of back-matter. Define tenders. Q11. Q8. (2005CSVTU) Q20. What are the ABC principles/qualities of a précis? (2009) Q3. Industrial Estate. What are the qualities of a good précis? (2005CSVTU) Q15. (2003 new course/2008) Q23. Wooden Tables 15.) (2008 CSVTU) Q24. (2003 new course) Q21.(2010) Q26. Define précis. (2007 CSVTU) Q17. Invent necessary details. of Physics for equipments required in Physics lab. (2007 ACTE/ CSVTU) Q18.Send quotations to the HOD Dept. Write the elements of a job application. Office chairs 20. (2003New course) Q25.As a librarian of your organisation write a letter claiming compensation for 50 books which arrived in the library in a damaged condition. Define report. Mention the elements if front matter.Define précis.What is the importance of letter writing? Describe various styles of letter writing? (2006 CSVTU) Q19.Invite quotation on behalf of Birla-Education Trust.(2007) Q4. (2005CSVTU) . Mention qualities of a good précis. What points should be kept in mind while sending quotations?(Nov-Dec. Mention the elements of business letter. Place an order for equipments required in Chemistry Lab.

Why is Laboratory work essential? Mention in order the points included. Write a laboratory report on one of the experiments carried out in your chemistry/physics lab. (2003 New Course) Q48.Prepare a resume for the post of Educational Representative. Invent necessary details and datas. Invite tenders for maintenance of streets. Mention the various headings under which a laboratory report is for hand made paper bags. Write a report paying special attention to their causes. Describe the various heads under which a Lab report is prepared.Q28. Prepare a report on „Environmental pollution‟.Write a survey report on „Cosmetics used by ladies of your locality.(2003 New course/2002 New course) Q38. (2002 New course) Q30. Prepare a list of 10 questions that you would use for interviewing the people of your locality for a report on the newspaper they read.Invite tenders for transportation services. while preparing a lab report. (2007 CSVTU) Q40. (2004AICTE) Q37. extent of damage on each occasion suggesting preventive measures. Humayun Road. Abstract & Summary (2007 AICTE /2005CSVTU) 3. Cochin for the purchase of language Laboratory Equipments for your College.What is report writing? Describe the various elements that constitute the front matter of report? (2008 CSVTU) Q36. which are Bio-degradable and eco friendly from Delhi Hand made paper Pvt.Differentiate between: 1. [09-10] Q 35. Place an order to “E-Tels Solutions”. [06-07] Q34. Invite quotations on behalf of Globus india pvt.Invite tenders for maintenance of street lights in your city. (2004AICTE/2003New Course) Q44. Mention the importance of laboratory report in „Engineering Education‟.As the works manager you have been asked to investigate the accidents and fires caused by electricity during 2009-10 in a factory. (2005AICTE) Q43. (2003 New course) Q29.‟(2003 New course) Q46.(2003 New Course/Backlog) Q39. Differentiate between Tenders and quotations. New Delhi. List of references & Bibliography. Appendices & Glossary (2003 New course/2007 AICTE/2005 CSVTU) . Ltd 77. Q42. (2007 CSVTU) Q41. Prepare an outline for this report. (2003New Course) Q31. Write an informational report on the canteen of your college.What is a report? Describe the laboratory report with the elements it contains essentially.(2004 AICTE) Q45. (2003 New course) Q32. Give suitable illustrations(2003 New course/2004 /2007 AICTE/ 2005CSVTU) 2. (2002 New course/2010 CSVTU) Q33.Prepare a resume for the post of Junior Engineer. Q47.

Glossary & Index (AICTE) Foreword & Preface (2007 AICTE) Preface & Forwarding Letter. 6. 7.4. (2007 AICTE) Table of contents & index . 5.

What are the different techniques to improve listening ability? Differentiate between hearing and listening. Write a short note on the importance of listening. [2008-09] Q10. [Dec 09] Q14.“Listening is a conscious activity that demands a lot more than just physical hearing. Mention the different levels of listening. In what way does Listening differ from other passive skill. Define listening. [06-07] Q16. Differentiate between hearing and listening. [2009] Q18.Describe the essentials of good listening. Mention six modern communication devices. Describe the different ways of improving listening ability. [06] .” Discuss. Q4. Q5. [06] Q20.What are the barriers to Effective listening? [2008-09] Q11. [07] Q13. reading? Elaborate by giving example. What is Electronic mail? 7MARKS QUESTIONS Q9. [2009] Q17. [2008] Q19.What is the techniques to improve listening ability. What is hearing and listening Q3. How to become a better listener? [2005] Q15.UNIT V LISTENING COMPREHENSION 2 MARKS QUESTIONS Q1. Q2.What is voice –mail?(2009) Q6.What are all the barriers that affect one‟s listening efficiency? Illustrate the various strategies to improve listening skill. Differentiate between hearing and listening. What is video-conferencing? Q8. [07] Q12.Describe the traits of a good listener. What do you mean by Facsimile? Q7. Discuss. Describe the process of Listening.

Write a note on the various modern devices of communication.Write short notes on skills required in making a call.[08-09] Q26. the process of receiving & making telephonic calls. Write short notes on :( 31/2 marks)     Audio visual aids Internet Video-conferencing Advantages of E-mail . time duration. What do you understand by listening? Elucidate various levels of listening.“A successful telephone conversationalist takes care of a few aspects consistently. [2006-07] Q25.[ 07] Q28.Describe in brief.(2010 CSVTU) Q30.(10) Q22.How can telephone conversation be made effective? (2007 CSVTU) Q27.Give a brief account of the ethics of telephonic conversation. location and other important aspects. Write a telephonic conversation between the tutor of Pro-C coaching and a student who wants to enroll in the same coaching. [09-10] Q29. fees structure. Write a telephonic conversation between you and your friend informing him about the portions he missed in various subjects and some events that happened in those 2 days.Q21.Discuss the do‟s & don‟ts of a telephonic conversation. [2005/08/ 09] Q24.” Discuss. Q31.Your friend was absent from college for 2 days. enquiring about types of cources provided. [06] Q23.

optimist This material does not allow the light to pass through.irreparable Work for which high salary is paid but no work. XXI. 09 CSVTU] 6.Eccentric The person who is too much like a woman. Define reading speeds. IV. What guidelines can be adopted for effective reading? [09 CSVTU] 7. Elaborate the following terms: a) Red Tapism b) Anarchy c) Misogyny d) Stoic 9.(1999 New course). XV. What is the importance of reading in everyday life.spectators I know him because he works in the same office in which I work. XVI.Somniloquy Murder of sister (AICTE 2006 CSVTU)-Sororicide Lover of books (AICTE). XIX.opaque One who studies stars and skies? (2001Gen.Novice A man of unusual habits. II. (AICTE)Fanatic Too much official formality(2002 new course). (AICTE)colleague He is cheerful because he looks at the brighter side of the life. [08 CSVTU] 3.Sinecure This task is beyond the capacity of a human being.Misogynist One who talks in sleep (AICTE). [08 CSVTU] 2.(2005CSVTU)Camouflage The study of the rules for the formation of grammatical sentences in a language.impossible The game was so slow that the people watching it lost their patience and started shouting. Eng. (AICTE).[2010 CSVTU] 8.Red Tapism One who talks to oneself. XX.Bibliophile A loss which cannot be compensated .UNIT III READING COMPREHENSION 1.Obituary One who is new in any business or profession? (AICTE). (AICTE). XXII.(2001 New course).Syntax Notice of death in a newspaper. XII. VIII.Effeminate One who is enthusiastic about ones religion but hates other religion.(1999New course). 07 CSVTU] 5. What does reading comprehension require? [Dec. What do you mean by reading skill? Discuss the characteristics of efficient reading. Discuss the different characteristics of efficient reading.(2003 New course/1999 New course). List down the two basic purposes of reading. (AICTE). IX. VI.Teetotaller .soliloquy Hater of women (AICTE). (AICTE). III. V. XIII.(1999 New course). XVII. X. (AICTE). [06/07 CSVTU] 4. VII.). To hide oneself among objects of similar colour / appearance. XI. XIV. [Dec. (AICTE). XVIII.Astronomer One who abstains from alcoholic drinks? (AICTE). One word substitutes(Sample) I.

(1999 New course). XXV.Check (AICTE/2008 CSVTU) Tale . (2002 New course) Whole .Assent (2003 New course) Story . (AICTE). (AICTE). XLII.apostate One who believes in single god? (2006 CSVTU). Person who loves his country with devotion.Ascetic LV. (AICTE).orphan One who goes on a journey to holy places? (AICTE).Architect Electronic calculating machine. Eng. (AICTE). A book containing information of all branches of knowledge.Calculator One who abandons his religious faith? (2006 CSVTU).philanthropist The science of insects and plants. XXXIX. XLIV.Pessimist A state of being unmarried. XLI.XXIII.Democracy A person who is indifferent to the pleasures and pains of life. XLIII. XXXVIII. (2008 CSVTU). (AICTE)-Stoic Fit to be eaten as food. XXXVII.Flora A remedy which is supposed to cure all diseases. (AICTE).genteel (2003 New course) Ascent . (2008 CSVTU)Encyclopaedia LVI.Polygamy/ Polygyny LIV.biology Government by the people and for the people. XLVIII.(1999 New course). XXXII. Workers and servants on a boat. (1998 New course).Fauna The plants that grow in a particular region.Uxoricide A diplomatic representative in another country. LIII.protean (2003 New course) Mantle -Mantel (2003 New course) Gentle .Monotheist One who is a hater of women (2006 CSVTU).Tail (AICTE) .celibacy The sound that cannot be heard. A person who starves the body for the good of the soul. XL. (AICTE).Anarchy LVII.Atheist One who is presents everywhere. The absence of government in a country. (AICTE). XXXV. A soldier who fights for the sake of money.Insatiable Murder of wife. XXXI. (AICTE). XXXIV. XXVIII. XLVI. XLVII. (2001 Gen. XLIX. XXIX.). (2008 CSVTU).Autobiographer A person who does not believe in God.Parasite One who looks at the darker side of the things? (AICTE).Hole (AICTE) Cheque .Ambassador A person who loves all nations and all men of the world. (AICTE). Frame sentences to differentiate between a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) Respectful -respective (2003 New course) Protein . XXVI. (AICTE). (AICTE). (AICTE).Mercenary That which has the quality of attracting iron. XXXVI.Panacea Yearly return of a particular date. XLV.Epitaph The animals of a particular region. LII.Magnetism A person who write his own life. XXVII. XXXIII. L.crew LVIII. XXX.(1999 New course). (AICTE).Edible Words written on a tomb about the person buried therein. (AICTE). (2006 CSVTU).Omnipresent One who depends on another? (AICTE).Anniversary One who prepares plans for buildings? (AICTE). LI.Misogynist The act of talking impiously about sacred things.Blasphemy The practise of having more than one wife at a time. (2007 CSVTU). (2006 CSVTU).(1999 new course). XXIV.patriot 10. (AICTE). (2008 CSVTU).Storey.inaudible A child whose parents are dead.Pilgrimage That which cannot be satisfied.

[08-09] c) She spoke ________ him _________ English. [09] h) The work must be finished ________ the end of the week. [05] e) We are making preparations ________ the journey.M. [09] g) Could you meet me ________ 2.j) k) l) m) n) o) p) q) r) s) t) u) v) w) Immigrant .Antonyms: a) Despair b) Hope c) Industrious d) Distant e) Timid f) Virtue 14.Insert suitable preposition: a) Mohan been living in this house____________ 10 years. [07] f) The burglar entered the house________ owners absence. . ________ Sunday.Synonyms of: a) Abhor b) Brutal c) Gaiety d) Portray e) Assimilate f) Candid g) Cease 13.Errors in sentences: a) Who‟s bag is this? b) It is I who is responsible.[09-10] b) No one can stop a man from doing a thing if he is really keen ________ it.[ 08] d) I have been ill _________ two weeks. (2008 CSVTU) Air-Airs(2010 CSVTU) Rain-Rains(2010 CSVTU) Repair-Repairs(2010 CSVTU) Unaware-Unawares(2010 CSVTU) 11.30 P.Emigrant Accept-except (2006 CSVTU) Accede-exceed (2006 CSVTU) Altar-alter (2006 CSVTU) Beside-besides (2006 CSVTU) Compliment-complement (2006 CSVTU) Human-humane (2006 CSVTU) Affect-effect (2008 CSVTU) Access-excess (2008 CSVTU) Eligible-illegible. [09] 12.

you conduct was very bad yesterday.” b) Gopal says to Dinesh. c) Who taught you English? d) His friend gave him a cake for his birthday.cream. “ Do you know my friend?” 17. “you open the window. This is the reason why I am working.” c) The teacher said to Mohan. The jury are giving their verdict now. e) Will you be taught by him? .Change the speech: a) My mother said. The boy continuously asked for money from his father. “ you may say whatever you like but. “ have you done your homework. b) Automation can make the work easy.” d) Mohini said to her mother. It I who is next. 15.Change the voice: a) Accidents are caused by carelessness. 16.Into interrogative & negative: a) He held on to a branch. I‟am anxious to taste the new flavor of ice. b) Rakesh swims well.c) d) e) f) g) h) i) He was studying Spanish & French. The dog ate it‟s bone.

What are the guidelines you have to follow in the form of do‟s & don‟ts in a GD. What traits/qualities does an employer look for in a candidate while interviewing him.UNIT-IV ORAL COMMUNICATION 1. 3. Write a Short note on body language. [05/07/08] 13. [09-10] 17. What are the different factors one has to be sensitive for effective presentation. What factors would you bear in mind while going for an oral presentation before a large group. [06/05 20. [07] 24. [09] 14. [09] 19. [June 07] 15. How should a candidate conduct himself during selection interview. What are the roles of a member while participating in a meeting. [Dec. agenda & minutes of a meeting. Write short notes on Meeting. Discuss about planning . What are the skills a person should possess for effective presentation. [09] . What is a job interview? Describe the various preparation you will make before appearing for a job interview.[09-10] Define agenda of a meeting. [06] 25. In what way does a group discussion differ from other discussion groups such as meetings. What is notice & agenda w. [may 2009] 22.visual aids & body language in oral presentation. Describe the desirable & non desirable behavior of an interviewee while facing an interview. 08-09] What do you understand by conference.[08] Describe notices. [06-07] 12.09] 11. 4.r.[June 07] 10. [09] 8. What are the preparations required to conduct a meeting. a meeting? [Jan. [08-09] 16. preparation & conduction of a meeting. [Dec 07] 23. symposia. Describe the principles of oral presentation. What role does body language play in making oral communication effective? [0607] 26.t. Discuss the importance of audio. Describe Kinesics in detail as one of the types of non verbal communication. [06] 7. Enumerate the important guidelines for the use of audio-visual aids while making presentation. Describe the Role of chairperson & secretary in a meeting. 2. [05/Dec. How does audience analysis help the speaker in making effective presentation. [05] 9. Discuss the factors because of which a qualified candidate may not be selected for an interview. seminars etc? 18. 07] What are the skills that the chairman should possess for conducting a meeting effectively? [06-07/08/09] 6. 5. [06/08/09] 21.

2010. [10] . Imagine that you are a Secretary in attendance at the Sixth Meeting of Management Committee. Write short notes on: a) Use of audio-visual aids b) Interviewees preparation for an interview c) Seminar [10] 29. Write minutes of the meeting assuming agenda to be as follows: a) Minutes of the last meeting b) Chairman‟s report c) Appointment of delivery staff d) Green grocery department e) Any other matter with permission of Chairman [10] 28. 36 City Mall. Discuss the role of eye contact & voice modulation in an Oral presentation. held on 10 December.27.

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