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Jorgeatte Eleanor B.


BS Biology-II

November 26, 2012 What is Art?

Based on the WordNet database of Princeton University, art is defined as the product of human creativity. It is the creation of beautiful and/or significant things. It is also a superior skill that one can learn by study, practice and observation. Photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication are also known as art. But for some people, art may mean something more than these vocabulary definitions. Art can be a vehicle to communicate ideas politically, spiritually or philosophically. According to Leo Tolstoy, it is an indirect means to communicate from one person to another. Art may also be only in the mind of the creator according to Meanwhile, Benedetto Croce and R.G. Collingwood. Meanwhile, Martin Heidegger defined it as a means a community developed for their use in self-expression and interpretation. Also, George Dickie defined art as any artifact which a qualified person or institution has conferred the status of candidate for appreciation. The most common form of art is visual arts. It is primarily visual in nature, such as painting, photography, printmaking, and film making. There are lots of artists famous for their visual arts specifically their paintings such as Picasso who is famous for his abstract art. But before him, Westerner artists had a specific idea of what art should be. It was only during his time that critics considered art not only to depict or represent reality but also to enhance, transcend or even distort reality. Artists try to capture the essence of something and amplify it to have a more powerful effect. A good example of this is the Indian art. Rajasthani and Moghul miniature paintings were labeled before as primitive because of “lack of perspective.” There were many temples in India full of nudes with excessively enlarged breasts and abnormally thin waist. Westerners used to be offended by this kind of art though it was made to strongly call forth emotions, feelings, and responses. Another form of art is fine arts. It is a skill used to express an artist’s creativity. Fine arts draw audiences because of its beauty. It makes the audience consider the existence of finer things through pleasure and appreciation. But art doesn’t only affect the audience, it also affects the artists. It compels the artists to convey a message, mood, or symbolisms for the viewers to ponder and interpret. Commercial art is another form of art. It is defined as a skill used in a practical way. On the other hand, crafts and design are sometimes considered applied art. This kind of art is usually found in people’s homes. Nowadays, it is a good way of benefiting from one’s skill in this kind of art. People are always looking for the perfect designs that are sometimes only customized crafts are wanted. But for me, art is a way of expressing one’s self. It doesn’t matter whether it is written and composed like poems that rhyme and songs with beautiful melodies or drawn, painted and sculptured like sketches, paintings and sculptures. Art is something that pulls us to them and just be absorbed with it. It makes us lose ourselves at the moment and be carried away with our emotions that usually hide deep within us. It awakens a certain part of us that could run wild after a deep sleep.