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Cerebral Palsy in Infants

The sign of Cerebral Palsy in Infants appears before the child has obtained the age of three. This has been proved by a survey conducted by the NIH. The usual symptom is non functional or abnormality of the motor nerves. Cerebral Palsy (commonly known as CP) is the abnormal functioning of the motor nerves where the child does not have the control over movements or does not have the ability to move. It is acquired at an age of less than a year. The reason behind palsy is basically the brain`s abnormality caused by prematurity or some infection in the brains. Precautions during pregnancy can reduce the chances of CP. It is seen that to the maximum three of the children out of thousand children born is affected by Cerebral Palsy. It is often found that palsy is associated with mental retardation. Such conditions can be treated. Types Cerebral Palsy In Infants is classified into:     Spastic Hypotonic Choreoathetoid Mixed types

Common Symptoms Normally it is only via suspicion a parent can identify that his child his suffering from Cerebral Palsy. The child aged between one and six month will show the following symptoms.      Abnormal crying which is usually in high pitch Arms and legs will tremble Will have lethargy Posture will be different like the child will prefer only one side Reflexes will be abnormal

The baby suffering from cerebral Palsy is noticed to be much slower than other babies. These can be seen when the baby crawls or tries to sit up. If any abnormality in the movement is noticed, it is advised to consult a physician with immediate effect. Doctor`s Delay It is often seen that the physician takes much longer time to declare a child a patient of cerebral palsy. Terms like motor disability or nervous system dysfunction is used to address those cases. Doctor`s think that the child may have a late development and hence is showing these symptoms. Also there are high chances that at initial stages Cerebral Palsy In Infants is cured automatically. The reason is a child`s nervous system has the ability to cure itself than a grown up man. It is advised to conduct some medical tests before arriving in a conclusion. Tests that can be done

Computed Tomography or Magnetic Resonance imagings are the tests commonly advised to check whether the child is suffering from Palsy or not. Addition to these tests, an intelligence test of the child is also needed. It is checked that whether the child`s mental condition is normal or not. His reflexes play a major role in this intelligence test. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) test generates the picture of the brain, from where it can be checked whether the brain is damaged or not. The damaged parts can be identified from the picture. Diseases can be cured if properly identified. But sufficient mechanisms are not there to identify the damaged part. The mother should take immense care during pregnancy so that no mishap happens which can result to palsy. To conclude Cerebral Palsy in Infants needs to be diagnosed via complete examinations of the brain before arriving in a point.