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PERMANENT ADDRESS: 1157, 26th Main Road, Jayanagar, Bangalore, Karnataka -560041, India. Date Of Birth: 9 April 1992 Telephone: 8197839513

OBJECTIVE: To participate in a progressive professional environment by contributing to an ongoing project based on research with experts that will help develop my skills and expand my knowledge and experience of mechanical engineering. I am particularly interested in taking up a research project in the field of Thermal science or Computational fluid Dynamics under the guidance of an experienced research supervisor. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: I am studying for a B-TECH degree in Mechanical Engineering at National Institute of Technology of Karnataka currently the 8th best engineering school in India. Year 2008 2010 2010-2011 Institute Innisfree House School St Joseph’s Boys’ High School National Institute of Technology Karnataka National Institute of Technology Karnataka National Institute of Technology Karnataka National Institute of Technology Karnataka Particulars 10th grade ICSE 12th grade ISC 1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester 4th semester Marks/SGPA 91% 92% 7.59







static and dynamic force analysis. PROE. TECHNICAL SKILLS :  Sufficient experience with the following software packages: MATLAB.  Mini Project under Prof K. AUTOCAD. PROJECTS UNDERTAKEN AND EXPERIENCE:  Certified Project Trainee at ASHOK LEYLAND which is the second largest manufacturer of medium duty vehicles in India. SEENCMILL. SEENCTURN and ANSYS. Obtained 92% at ISC 12th standard level and was the school topper in CHEMISTRY AND ELECTRONICS subjects. Successfully completed a Project on the DESIGN of a JIG and FIXTURE to reduce the cycle time for pressing bearings into the hub of a lorry as a part of the AXLE ASSEMBLY DIVISION also studied in the Engine R&D section of the plant and learnt about engine testing and performance parameters and techniques by conducting tests on emissions in an engine run on iso-butanol. ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS: 1. Awarded the SPDC scholarship for the years 2010-2014 for 4 years of Bachelors studies at NITK.2012-2013 National Institute of Technology Karnataka 5th semester 9. . acceleration.V Gangadharan in partial fulfillment of the third semester course “MECHANICS OF MACHINES” which involved MATLAB simulation of the OFFSET CYLINDER MECHANISM and a demonstration of displacement. The scholarship is 75% of the fees payable per year. transition in fluid flow and Turbulence (Numerical modeling). 2. velocity.60 RESEARCH INTERESTS:  Fluid flow modeling.  IC ENGINES(Alternative fuels)  CFD APPLICATIONS.1 CURRENT OVERALL CGPA : 8.

Was also in charge of handling the maintenance of the school sports equipment. Active member of SO CARE a shelter for homeless children of teenage age group. Collection of donations and funds for NAB (National Association for the Blind) 5. Was a part of the organizing team of ENGINEER 2011 the technical fest of NITK and helped in organizing the Mechanical events. Carried out the responsibilities of leading. Executive member of NITK Recreation committee. SCHOOL BASKETBALL CAPTAIN in12th standard (2010). 3. Carried out the responsibilities of organizing the practice sessions and registering the school team in inter-school tournaments. Rotary Club events involving blood donation camps and AIDS awareness programs. controlling and organizing the intra school events and extracurricular activities. School Head Boy in 10th standard (2008). 6.LEADERSHIP EXPERIENCE: 1. . EXTRA CURRICULARS AND SOCIAL WORK: 1. 4. 2. A part of the NITK Basketball team which has won a number of inter college tournaments in the Mangalore region and have been inter-nit champions 4 out of the last 5 editions of the tournament 2.