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Semi Detailed Lesson Plan in MAPEH for Second year I.

Obj ectives: At the end of the 60 minutes lesson the students should have;a. Determine their anthropometrics measurements: 1.Body Mass 3. Height2. Sitting Height 4. Arm Span. Record accurately their data at the physical fitness and the sports talent formc. Found pleasure in the determining their anthropometric measurements II. Contents: a. Subject Matter: anthropometric Measurements. Materials: chair, ruler, blackboard, chalk, tape measure, index cards. Reference: Revised Physical Fitness and Sports Talent Manual III. Procedure: a. Preparation Opening Prayer Checking of attendance Checking P.E Uniforms 1 . Motivation What are your height and weight when you are in grade five? How about your height when you sit? And even your arm? Class what do you think is the reason why I task all of you to research about anthropometric measurement? The teacher will be given new groups that will determine their body height and body mass, sitting height and arm span b. Developmental of the lesson: 1. The teacher will explain the purpose of each kind of test, the equipment to be used and the procedure for the test. Why do we need to know the measure of our height and weight or even the sitting height and arm span?

Ok class now I will group you in four groups each group will send to the different station and you should have to finish the task that they assign to you. Using the

materials like tape measure and etc. I would like you to record your analysis on the index card. Class who among you knows how to measure the height, body mass, sitting height and arm span?2.
The teacher will be assigned to station in which they moved and start the test. The first group will be test is the group one and they will give 10 minutes to finish all the station.3.

The students will proceed to the next station until all station has been taken up. First station: Measuring Height Second station: Measuring Body mass Third station: Measuring Sitting Height Fourth station: Measuring arm span c. Generalization The students will determine their anthropometric measurements with accuracy. IV. Evaluation: Recording of the Anthropometric measurements. Group Height Body Mass Sitting height Arm Span Group 1Group V.

2Group 3Group 4

Assignment: Do the test that we discussed to the other levels and write down the results in a bond paper and bring P.E uniform.