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HARDWARE and SOFTWARE 1. What type of memory has the largest capacity? - secondary memory 2.

What is the name for starting up the operating system? - Booting 3. What type of memory is used for long-term storage? - Secondary Memory (hard disk) 4. What is another common name for main memory? - RAM (random access memory) 5. What is ROM? - Read-only memory, used to permanently keep special programs and data. 6. What is an address in a web page that points to another web page? - A hyperlink 7. What is a protocol? - A set of rules about how computers represent and transmit data over a network. 8. What is the name for the electronics that controls an I/O device? - device controller 9. What is Software? - Data and computer programs (intangible parts) 10. When a network consists of geographically distant computers it is a.... - Wide Area Network (WAN) 11. What computer system component does most of the computing? - The processor chip 12. What type of memory is most closely connected to the processor? - Main Memory 13. What category of memory is faster, main memory or secondary memory? - Main Memory 14. What is the Systems Unit? - The rectangular box that holds most of a computer's electronics. 15. What is Hardware? - The tangible, physical parts of a computer system (electronic and mechanical parts) 16. What is the name for a computer system that is permanently part of a larger device? - Embedded System 17. Can both programs and data be kept in main memory? - Yes 18. What is formed when two or more computers are connected so that they can exchange programs and data? - A network 19. What piece of hardware is used to connect computers into a network? - Network Interface Card 20. An Input Device sends data _________ the system.

.another name for the processor. 29.? . 25.Hypertext Markup Language What is a URL .The Internet The major hardware components of a computer system are:      Processor Main memory Secondary memory Input devices Output devices You probably have a computer in front of you." The monitor (the TV-like screen) is an output device.Operating System What is the computer that provides shared resources to a computer network? .21. 24.Systems Programs and Application Programs.integrated circuit (a processor or memory chip) What is I/O . 30. What program coordinates the hardware and software components of a computer system? . 22.the address of a web page What is a CPU . 27.Into What is HTML? . The processor. . . 28. What is a small electronic device containing many transistors? .Uniform Resource Locator --. 23..Server When a network consists of computers that are geographically close together it is a. main memory. This is the metal box that is sometimes called "the computer. 26.. and secondary memory devices are inside the systems unit.Central Processing Unit --.Input and Output What are the two categories of programs? ..Local Area Network (LAN) What is the network that consists of many other networks connected together? .