Group Discussion and Personal Interview Tips For MBA Aspirants (GD - PI).

Dear Friends, "Group Discussion and Personal Interview Tips for MBA Aspirants" e-book is an attempt to help you prepare better for GP PI of various Management Institutes. The author of this e-book, Mr. Kartik Raichura, Founder and CEO of has taken due care that the language used in this book is lucid and simple so that even a layman can read it, get wiser and secure a seat in his dream bschool. People preparing for GD and PI might also want to take a look at Kartik's new Venture: : An Encyclopedia for Management Students and Professionals' which has created quite a buzz in the industry. Now, we know that Time is of Paramount importance for MBA Aspirants, so let's start the learning process.

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INDEX Introduction Five Point Yourself Panel Perspective Group Discussion is all about "Role Play" Do's and Don'ts in a Group Discussion Group Discussion Gyan Personal Interview Dress Code Body Language Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Personal Interview Strategies

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Getting a call from your dream B school is just the beginning. If you wish to excel in a GD. The written test is a rejection technique which tests your Analytical Ability. you should be aware of why B-Schools conduct GD in the first place. This e-Book will help you excel in the GD and PI process.Introduction To Group Discussion and Personal Interview. Clearing the written test is your first step to get into your dream B school. Before the GD Discussion and Personal Interview is the Written Test. The corporate world demands team work and tolerance level. © All Rights Reserved. Group Discussions bring out your personality. accept various perspectives of the group and then reach towards a common consensus for an acceptable solution. It demands that you keep your cool. Time Management. The discussion puts out your team skills and your conflict resolution abilities to test. A Management Paradise Publication -3- . Creativity and Aptitude. the real struggle lies in proving yourself the best from among the herd of highly intellectual and capable candidates. Ability to handle pressure.

This is best done with the Key Word Approach.) Analytical Ability 2.) Team Player Skills 4.) Knowledge of current events. You then define the scope of higher education and then you direct the GD. You break up the 2 keywords in your mind. 5.)Higher Education Now you start the Group discussion by explaining the meaning of Reservations. So suppose the topic is "Reservations in Higher Education". © All Rights Reserved.Five Point Yourself You Can Excel at the GD with a "FIVE POINT" approach.) Analytical Ability: Analytical ability means defining the topic. A Management Paradise Publication -4- .) Reservations ii. viz: i.) Communication Skills 3. give your group an understanding of the current scenario by articulating facts and figures. 1.) Personality Let me explain each point in brief: 1.

3.The person who opens the GD has the panel's undivided attention and hence it's only wise to open the GD if you are confident about communicating your ideas. logical clarity and knowledge.) Team Player skills: A Team player is a good listener. Good communication skills also demand control over the language. A good communicator makes his mark by communicating strong points in a brief. You should take into consideration various perspectives of the group members and then steer the Group to reach a common solution ground. A Management Paradise Publication -5- . As a Team player you need to be assertive and not aggressive. objective and sensitive. You have to demonstrate your analytical ability by understanding different perspectives of your team and structuring the thought process. clear and concise manner. 2. © All Rights Reserved. Analytical ability also means looking at the topic with different perspectives.) Communication Skills: Communication Skills mean clarity in conveying your thoughts and expressions in a structured manner. Your behavior should be sensible.

interpersonal skills. BBC etc. IBN LIVE. You should be well read. analytic ability to solve the problem at hand. Novels. Tv channels like CNBC. You should be aware of the recent happenings. 5. listening skills. leadership skills. your negotiating skills and your skills to persuade the rest of the group create your personality. And those moments will decide the fate of your marriage with that institute. Your source of information can be anything and everything ranging from newspapers. magazines. Your creativity. A Management Paradise Publication -6- .) Knowledge of current Events: Know-how of current ongoing events is a must for an MBA aspirant.) Personality: A personality is a mixture of all the above 4 points.4. Your personality is how you carry yourself in those 10 . inspiration and motivation skills. © All Rights Reserved. Business books.15 mins. hot debates and news that make headlines.

If the topic needs a solution. It's best to know before hand what panelists look for and perform to be the best in the eyes of the panel. © All Rights Reserved. give different ways to solve the problem.PANEL PERSPECTIVE Your best performance might not be the best performance from the panel's point of view.) Body Language: Use hand gestures when explaining your point. Think different ways in which you can relate to the topic.) Content: Content is King. Give examples.) Delivery: This needs clarity in thought process. 2. Brief and sharp up to the point statements give you an edge over the rest. 3. Do not point pen or finger at someone in your team. The Panelist rates you on different skill sets. Many aspirants come out of the GD and brag about how they slayed the group with their points and how they were aggressive and dominated the whole GD and then they wonder why they did NOT get admission. viz: 1. A Management Paradise Publication -7- .

do not step on someone. 4. Guide the discussion and try to reach on common ground.) Team Player Skills: Let others speak. you will stand a chance to loose your seat. Know that you are a team and everyone has a role to play.) Leadership Qualities: Direct the GD. A Management Paradise Publication -8- . 6. 5. © All Rights Reserved. no matter how well the content. If your focus is only on content and not on the rest 5 points. You will have to take care of all the 6 areas. Communication is a two way process. The panel will not give you points unless you respond to the groups statements. Be receptive to what they speak and respond whenever appropriate. Let the others speak. motivate and inspire others to come up with different angles.) Listening Skills: Do NOT keep blabbering.Control yourself from frowning when you dislike someone's point.

Ofcourse. You can be the mediator in case of a dispute which is most likely to happen in a emotionally driven GD. Also demonstrate your interpersonal skills and portray yourself as a team player. you have to maintain the same level of out of box thinking throughout the GD. © All Rights Reserved. Assuming you are not the leader and given the circumstance that the group disagrees to the person who is dominating the GD with his communication skills. you can agree to the dominating person and back him up with your points. A Management Paradise Publication -9- .Group Discussion is all about "ROLE PLAY" There are different roles that a person can play in the GD. You can play the role of the person who summarizes the GD at regular intervals and maintains the flow of the GD. You can be the person who gives examples to substantiate someone's points and support or oppose his opinion. A candidate can play the role of opening the GD. You can agree to disagree to the group and show them the other side of the coin and come out as a person who thinks outside the box. be careful. The person who starts the GD has to be confident about his communication skills as he has undivided attention of the panelist. You can show cast your persuasive skills best in such a situation.

© All Rights Reserved. speak clear and upto the point with sharp points that create an impact on the discussion. Make sure that you do not "conclude" in the initial 3-4 minutes of the GD. A Management Paradise Publication .10 - . You can play the role of the person who summaries the whole discussion and gives a conclusion. Not all is lost if you speak very late. Speaking brief and upto the point gives you added points.You can be a late entrant.

11 - . open the GD and define the scope of discussion. Make sure that you do not bluff. Inspire and motivate people to come up with new perspectives. Accept that he is the better man. A Management Paradise Publication . Add to his/her points. Be reception and involve others to take part. It's always good to give facts and figures related to the GD. Use the Key word approach. If there is a person who knows more than you in a GD.Do's in a Group Discussion Know your facts right. do not get insecure. There's nothing wrong in supporting someone who is better than you. If you have good communication skills (which should be the case). © All Rights Reserved.

12 - . Do NOT attack members on a personal front. Do NOT keep silent until the GD ends.Don'ts in a Group Discussion Do NOT add to the fish market by yelling on top of your voice. Do NOT frown or laugh if you dislike someone's reply. Do NOT criticize without giving reasons/solutions. A Management Paradise Publication . © All Rights Reserved.

support him. You will get more marks to speak upto the point. If you do not know anything about the topic. In every GD there are highs and lows. go ahead.13 - . but you have a good point to make. Below is the gist of certain permutations and combinations: If there is a person who communicates better than you and knows the subject better. build upon it and come out with your set of interactions. If you are the whole and soul person who knows the subject best. put your best foot forward and then inspire others to speak. If you have not said anything during the better half of a GD. If the GD is a fish market. listen to others.GROUP DISCUSSION GYAN Some times you will face situations when you don't know how to react or what to do under certain circumstances. Come out as a leader and a team player. Playing as mediator will demonstrate your interpersonal skills and give you added points. Co-ordinate and direct the GD. A Management Paradise Publication . Put forth your point in the right manner at the right time. be brief and concise. do not add to the commotion. © All Rights Reserved.

It will help you summarize the GD at the You can also visit http://www. If you are not that active.html where you will find more than 400 Group discussions conducted online on yahoo messenger. If you wish to read more on Group © All Rights Reserved. If you wish to participate in such online GD's. check out http://www.14 - .managementparadise. A Management Paradise Publication .Taking notes during the GD would be a good thing if you are a very active person. then it's a bad idea as you will loose out on what the group is discussing when you focus on jotting the points. add yahoo id: "onlinegd" to your messenger list and you will be invited to participate in the group discussions.

© All Rights Reserved. Trimmed Nails Decent Hair Cut (If Long hair. Appropriate Tie.15 - .Personal Interview DRESS CODE: BOYS: Light Shirt. make sure they are set properly) Girls: Salwar Kameez Formals Decent Hair No Chunky Jewellery Keep it simple. Leather Polished Clean Shoes. A Management Paradise Publication . Dark Trousers.

Do NOT laugh or frown in the GD or PI.16 - . maintain eye contact with the panel. © All Rights Reserved. Do NOT lean forward or backward Do NOT point finger or pen pencil at others. In the GD. A Management Paradise Publication . maintain eye contact with all the participants and not the evaluator In PI. Smile and be natural when in PI.BODY LANGUAGE Sit Straight.

Be a little prepared when going for an interview. © All Rights Reserved. Narayan Murthy then it is obvious that the next chain of questions will be on Infosys or Narayan Murthy. Be prepared to answer questions like your strengths and weaknesses. This is normally the case in good institutes. People interviewing you would be experienced people and will have the intelligence to catch you whenever you bluff. A Management Paradise Publication . Stress on your Positive points.17 - . then the institute is not good enough for you. If you say your role model is Mr. If you get away with bluffing. you guide the interview. Be HONEST. The panel will start with questions like tell me about yourself to break the ice. Be natural.Personal Interview Personal Interview is all about "YOU" and who knows you better than Yourself !? In a personal interview. Your answers will direct them towards a set of questions.

Being ethical is good. do NOT stand like a watchman waiting for them to give permission. When you get in the room. A Management Paradise Publication . ask for permission to get in. being unrealistic isnt. if they dont respond. After all as a manager you need to be a little shrewd to smash competitors and protect the interest of your share holders. ask for permission to sit. Knock the door. after all you have the ticket inviting you for the PI. © All Rights Reserved. Wipe your hands with the hanky before you get in the PI room.18 - . If the panel acts all busy and doesn't reply. Make sure you are carrying a handkerchief. get in. sit and make yourself comfortable.

Why Do you want to pursue MBA !? Although its implicit. academic background. There is tremendous scope for an MBA. For weakness. An MBA degree will expose you to new horizons and help you develop your skills and apt. aim in life etc. Be natural. A Management Paradise Publication . Do NOT bluff or lie. do NOT say you want to do it for money. hobbies. © All Rights Reserved.Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Tell me something about yourself !? Start with your name. In short. strengths. Give short examples to substantiate your answer for strengths. tell them how you are trying to overcome your weakness. family. Tell me about your Strengths and weaknesses !? Be prepared for such questions. Speak points like how management is needed in every organisation and that in todays competitve world every organisation needs an MBA. Glorify the significance of an MBA degree in your life and relate it to personal growth and the industry.19 - .

Apart from this.15 years down the line !? Do not be over optimistic or pessimistic. Link that uniqueness with your goals or preferences. Its all about how you can convince them to believe in what you believe. Be realistic.Where do you see yourself 5 . A Management Paradise Publication .20 - . © All Rights Reserved. Find out what unique they have to offer. your hobbies and your work (if any) on your fingertips. Who is your Role Model !? Make sure you know about this person in and out. After all he is your role model. Why Do you wish to join Our B-school !? Make sure you have gone through their brouchers and website. you should have information about your academics. Saying I do NOT have a role model is a bad idea. your family.

. I can try and attempt this question logically sir. When there is no Quick way to answer a question or you are not sure about the answer. When the question is sensitive In my opinion .html for more information on Personal Interviews.. When the answer is too long I would like to answer this in parts sir.21 - © All Rights Reserved.Personal Interview Strategies When you dont understand the question I would need more information Sir.. A Management Paradise Publication . Feel Free to share your PI experience in that section.. You can go through http://www...

A Management Paradise Publication .22 - . Management Paradise E-mail: kartik@managementparadise.COMMON MISTAKES Taking Interviewers comments personally and arguing Getting defensive and acting all set to battle with the panel Getting demotivated with stress questions. MANY TIMES. the panelist is just trying to see how you react under stress. the interviewer will act hostile. He just wants to know how good a manager you will be. Over reacting to the silence treatment. will act like a jerk. THAT WRAPS UP THIS E-BOOK. It's all part of the game. will act stupid. Kartik Raichura © All Rights Reserved. How tolerant can you be? How efficiently you handle stress? If you don't know questions like what's the capital of SPAIN. don't get de-motivated. Hope you enjoyed it !? Best Of Luck !! Warm Regards. Do Not over explain just because you get uncomfortable with silence.

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