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OVERVIEW OF TEENAGE PREGNANCY ISSUES IN AFRICA The issue of children delivering children is a global issue and a disturbing one

at that teenage pregnancy is not only a pregnancy of a child (young female between the ages of 11 to 19 year) but also an unplanned pregnancy of an unmarried female. Teenage pregnancy rate stands at 143 per 1000 in sub Sahara Africa (over 10 percent) UNICEF, 2001 Correspondingly one in four girls in the world becomes a mother before the age of 19 yrs, and every year an excess of 14 million teenage girls give birth to a child, most of these young mothers living in underdeveloped countries. Its incidence is particularly high in Africa where majority of the world young people lives. The prevalence of teenage pregnancy in Nigeria is put at about 22% (maduka et at 2006). Teenage pregnancy contributes a major health and social problem the world over. In addition to medical and psychosocial problem associated with teen pregnancy, one of the major immediate socioeconomic problems of teen pregnancy is the effect on the young mother’s education. The teen mother’s most likely drop out of high school usually with little or no chances of going back given the poor back ground of most teen mothers. There is also the negative effect on employment and social class.

2. This is the case in most part of the world and particular in underdeveloped world (like in Africa and Asia) where teen mothers are seven times more likely to commit suicide.According to UNICEF in developed countries less than one third (1/3) of teenage mothers receive any form of child support. 4. . UNICEF report on teen motherhood also shows that most British teenage mothers live in poverty and in the bottom income distribution. 5. 3. Sustaining these teenage mothers Sustaining her child Sustaining her back to school or Training her in a vocation/skill Helping her to gain employment and to move on God bless you as you join hands with us to render this service to God and humanity. This figure is much lower for underdeveloped countries with increasing likelihood of these young mothers resorting to prostitution and other abnormal things to support self and child. Not to mention other extreme hardship she suffers with her child who sometimes becomes a plaque she must eliminate in a bid to survive. Her survival and the survival of her child is the concern of Rabi women health centre and motherless home (RWHCMH) and this is why we are asking you to join hands with us in 1.


The academy is intended to aggregate a number of institution that will i. vi. 3. Your Excellency Sir Application for land Allocation 1. Through: The chief of staff. iii. carter for various need of woman children the aged mother less and the less privileged. The Governor of Enugu State Government House. Enugu. A hall for conference and workshops office for the day . ii.His Excellency. iv. including modern maternity and health centre Skill requisition centre Day care. We write to request for his Excellency’s kind approval for land allocation for our proposed academy. v. Enugu. vii. Sir it is not worthy that revenue and custom department uk has indicated interest in the building of this academy provided that we have the requisite land. nursery and primary schools A Respite for the aged Emergency accommodation for abandoned girl child /victim of teenage pregnancy Playing ground Store for donated materials for the less privileged to day running of the academy viii. Government House. 2.

Car park. 6. 4. sir. . the indoor the motherless the aged and the less privileged is attention . the number one need of the abandoned children.viiii. Rabi women health centre and maternity home(RWHCMH) Wishes to build a home where this people can get attention love and care and that home is this academy and care . Thanking you sir in anticipation of your kind consideration Please find attached Yours Faithfully.