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The wing construction of the Seafox is of fairly conventional two-spar fabric-covered type. Drawn steel tubes are used for the booms, which are more or less of figure eight section. The wing tips are easily detachable.



type as used on the majority of Fairey two-seaters for some years past. When not in use the gun folds down into a trough in the top fuselage decking. Provision is also made tor the carriage of reconnaissance flares or smoke floats. As already intimated, the equipment is surprisingly comprehensive and includes an F.24 hand camera, range-finder, light filters, marine distress signals, sea markers, and an Aldis lamp. The light filters are small pieces of coloured

Light Reconnaissance Floatplane. Napier RapierVIEngine DIMENSION'S: Span 40ft. din. Length ... ... 3;lft. 5 J in. Height ... 12ft. fin. Wing Area ... 434 sq.ft. WEIGHTS: E m p t y weight 3.R0.-. lb Loaded weight 5,420 lb Disposable load (excluding pilot, fuel and oil) 642 1b PERFORMANCE: .Max. speed at sea level ... 121m.p.h. Max. speed at 5,860ft. ... 124m.p.h. Initial r a t e of climb ... 420ft./min. k a t e of climb at 10,000ft.... ... 150ft./min. Time to 5,000ft. ... 10.4 mm. ... Service Ceiling 11,000ft. ... Absolute Ce:line ... 12,000ft. ... Rangp 440 miles

glass for observing objects on a shimmering sea, and the sea markers take the form of boxes of aluminium dust. Provision is made for the installation of a blind-flying hood for use in conjunction with the dual controls.

The left-hand view s h o w s h o w easy it is to remove the tank of the Seafox through an aperture in the fuselage bottom, the installation of the Napier Rapier VI are revealed on the right. (Flight photographs.)

Details of

December 17. London Aeroplane Club: Dinner and December 9. R.Ae.S. Students' Section Lecture (Joint Dance. Park Lane Hotel, London. meeting with other bodies): " Torsional Vibration in D?cember 19, Brooklands Flying Club: Arrival ComEngines," by Mr. R. J. W. Cousins. petition at Shoreham. December 9. R.Ae.S. Portsmouth Branch Lecture: 1938. " Meterology," by Capt. F. Entwistle. J a n u a r y s . R.U.S.I. Lecture : " The Training of a Royal December II. Brooklands Flying Club : " Tramp Party," Air Force Pilot," by Air Vice-Marshal L. A. Pattinson, 8.30 p.m. Royal United Service Institution, 3 p.m. December 14. R.Ae.S. Isle of Wight Branch Lecture: January 11. R.Ae.S. Isle of Wight Branch Lecture : " Air " Hydraulic Services in Aircraft," by Mr. G. H. Route and Aerodrome Control," by Capt. P. W. Dowty. Lynch-Blosse. December 15. R.Ae.S. Weybridge Branch Lecture: January 13. R.Ae.S. Lecture* : "Radio as a Direct Aid to "Anodic Treatment," by' Mr. J. Donaldson Craig. Landing Approach," by Sqn. Ldr. R. S. Blucke. December 16. R.Ae.S. Students'Section Lecture: " C o n January 14. Strathtav Aero Club : Annual Ball. trol Surface Design," by Mr. A. F. Walsh. January 19-21 (provisional). Aerodrome Owners' AssoDecember 16. R.Ae.S. Coventry Branch: Papers by ciation: Airports Exhibition, London. Members. January 20. R.Ae.S. Portsmouth Branch Lecture: December 17. Eastbourne Flying Club: Dinner and "Aircraft of the Future," by A. Hessel Tiltman. Dance, Grand Hotel, Eastbourne. • Al) these lectures take, place at the Institution of Mechanical Engineer?, Storev's Gate. St. James's Park, London, S.W.t, beBinnimr at 6.30 p.m.

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