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GORDON’S FUNCTIONAL HEALTH PATTERNS BEFORE “He does not have any vices because according to his knowledge

, it could lead to severe illness. He does not visit his doctor for annual checkups. He had been compliant with medications prescribed by the physician after his total hip replacement because he was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension.” As verbalized by the patient’s son. “He eats all the food that is being served to him except fatty foods. His favorite food is stew. He usually have his breakfast at 9am, lunch at 1pm and dinner at 6pm.” As verbalized by the patient's son. “He has a brown soft formed stool and eliminates once every two days. Four diapers he usually consumes every day.” As verbalized by the patient’s son. “I take care of him, assist him in his daily routine. I usually turn him in bed every two hours and transfer him in the wheelchair every morning. I also massage his extremities.” As verbalized by the patient’s son. Not applicable “He usually takes a nap every late morning, around 10am; take afternoon sleep for about 3-4 hours and sleeps at night around 10pm until 8 in the morning.” As verbalized by the patient’s DURING Not applicable

Health PerceptionHealth Management Pattern

The client is on NGT feeding and has a diet of DM Renal (full low salt, low fat, low carbohydrates).

Nutritional – Metabolic Pattern

Elimination Pattern

The client has a brown soft stool and eliminates once a day. He uses folley catheter for urination. Urine output was monitored every hour.

The client is being positioned every 2 hours to prevent bed sores and to promote circulation.

Activity exercise Pattern

Sexuality-Reproduction Pattern

Not applicable The client is equipped with Mechanical Ventilator to aid for his breathing. He is able to sleep as long as the mechanical ventilator is attached and a high fowler’s position is maintained to facilitate

Sleep-rest pattern

he was an earner and a provider to us.” As verbalized by the patient’s son. “He is a graduate of Electronic Engineering. His other senses were good.” As verbalized by the patient’s son. The client is able to response whenever the nurse’s calls his attention. he still has a good relationship with his them. for the family. breathing.” As verbalized by the patient’s son. However. he was not able to work and fulfill his duties and responsibilities in the family. “He reads with the help of his reading glasses. He can hear. He also respond to pain through verbalizing it. He knows how to read and write. He believes that God guides and helps us in our problems. he is not anymore earning for his family. But after the surgery.Coping-Stress Pattern Role Relationship Pattern Sensory-Perceptual Pattern Cognitive Pattern Value Belief Pattern son. He attends mass on TV every Sunday morning. . he usually listens to the radio.” As verbalized by the patient’s son. The client responds to pain stimuli. Not applicable “Before he had his total hip replacement last year. Every morning the family of the patient allows the Chaplain to visit him. Not applicable The client is not physically fit to work therefore. He was an electronic engineer. He also responds to verbal instructions and communications through raising his eyebrows. His left extremities were weak and still able to feel. “He is a Roman Catholic.