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Project Report:

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Statement of the problem: The beverages which were considered healthy contains the harmful presence of caffeine. So my science fair project is to compare the amount of caffeine in our daily refreshing beverages like: COFFEE ( nescafe sunrise , bru , kopiko estiga ) TEA( brooke bond three roses , chakra gold , lipton ) ENERGY DRINKS( red bull , tzinga , mountain dew).

And show which of the daily beverages is less caffeinated and safer to be consumed.

Background Research: Every day, throughout the world, people start out their morning with refreshing drinks like coffee and tea. These beverages have become a part of daily life for almost every person in a family, from young children and adolescents to adults and older people of the family. These beverages have also become unavoidable, as office going and school going people , who have no time for breakfast , finish their morning treat with a tea or coffee or some sips of energy drink. Sports persons and athletes take energy drink before the event to boost up their activity and energy. Unfortunately, these everyday beverages has the undesirable presence of caffeine, which if consumed for long term may affect you equally as smoking does, as caffeine is an equally harmful substance as nicotine(consumed by smokers). But, the consumption of these caffeinated beverages occasionally doesnt harm us greatly.

Caffeine: Caffeine is one of the oldest known stimulants. Caffeine stimulates both the central nervous system and skeletal muscles. This stimulation results in increased alertness, which is believed to be the reason for increased ability to concentrate, in the short term. The increased alertness also aids in the ability to stay awake when tired. The downside to this effect is that excessive intake of caffeine may result in restlessness, insomnia, and irritability. Heavy caffeine use can lead to both a tolerance to and a dependence on the consumption of caffeine. Anyone who has tried to kick the caffeine habit can tell you about the headache from caffeine withdrawal. The symptoms are real and in extreme cases can be so severe that the symptoms can include nausea and lethargy.


Among all these beverages which contain caffeine, I believe that Energy Drinks are more harmful because I think it contains more caffeine compared to other beverages.

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Sampling: Tea: 1. Lipton 2. Chakra Gold 3.Brooke Bond 3 roses Coffee: 1. Bru 2. Kopiko 3.Nescafe Sunrise Energy drinks: 1. Red Bull 2. Tzinga 3. Mountain Dew

Materials Required: seperatory funnel test tube methylene chloride Na2CO3 anhydrous Na2SO4 ethyl acetate

Method: 1. Take100 mL of beverage. Use a boiling flask to contain your beverage. 2. Add 2 g of sodium carbonate to the beverage and swirl to dissolve. 3. Transfer the solution into a separatory funnel. 4. In a hood, add about 8 mL of methylene chloride to the solution in the separatory funnel. 5. Mix gently as demonstrated and vent frequently. Continue to mix until no more gas is evolved. 6. Decant off the organic layer into a 50 mL boiling flask. 7. To the aqueous layer remaining in the separatory funnel, add another 8 mL of methylene chloride. Repeat the mixing and venting. Add the organic layer to the first extract. 8. Add 1 gram of anhydrous Na2SO4 to the mixture solution. Allow the solution to stand for 10 minutes. The anhydrous sodium sulfate will absorb any residual water in the solution 9.Repeat the same process with all the other beverages and let the mixtures of each beverage stay in different beakers. 10. Transfer each mixture to a test tube. The test tubes must be of the same size with same capacity. 11. Allow it to stay undisturbed for a couple of hours. 12. Now you will be able to see a thick layer of liquid floating above the residual water. 13. Measure the thickness of the top semi solid layer with a clear scale. This layer is the caffeine. 14. Now, compare the thickness of caffeine present in each beverage.

Observation: All the beverages used for this experiment contains caffeine in varying amounts.The following table shows the amount of caffeine present in each kind of beverage. COFFEE:

BEVERAGE CAFFEINE THICKNESS(mm) Nescafe Sunrise 7 Bru 22 Kopiko 21


BEVERAGE CAFFEINE THICKNESS(mm) Chakra Gold 10 3 Roses 42 Lipton 85


BEVERAGE CAFFEINE THICKNESS(mm) Red Bull 10 Beck's 66 Tzinga 109

Computation of Data:

Testing of Hypothesis: My Hypothesis is proved to be true as the caffeine amount in energy drinks is higher than the amount of caffeine in coffee or tea.

Conclusion: This experiment shows that energy drinks contain more caffeine than other beverages. So we must cut down the regular consumtion of these drinks. Some of the common effects of caffeine consumption is: potentially harmful effects on blood vessels decreased insulin sensitivity (an inability to process blood sugar efficiently). increased blood pressure. meaning greater chances of heart disease. feeling more stressed. women who drank the most coffee had higher levels of estradiol, a naturally occurring form of estrogen, during the early follicular phase, or days 1 to 5 of the menstrual cycle. increased risk of stroke rheumatoid arthritis. So, in order to keep ourselves safe and healthy, we must avoid regular/over consumption of ccafffeine. I BELIEVE MY SCIENCE FAIR PROJECT HELPS THE SOCIETY AND BRINGS TO LIGHT ABOUT THE ILL EFFECTS OF CAFFEINE AND MAKE THE PUBLIC REALIZE THE HARMS OF THE EVERYDAY DRINKS.

Islamization: Various verses and texts within Islam promote the eating of healthy wholesome food and eating in moderation. God clearly states in the Quran: Eat of the good things which We have provided for you. (2:173) Eat of what is lawful and wholesome on the earth.(2:168) So, the above mentioned verses clearly states that we must consume only the good from the creations of Allah(SWT). Caffeine is a harmful stimulant, it is necessary for us to consume it the least because over consumption of it leads to various diseases. "No one will be allowed to move from his position on the Day of Judgement until he has been asked how he spent his life, how he used his knowledge, how he earnt and spent his money and in what pursuits he used his health" (Tirmidhi) We all know that our body and soul is amanath(trust) and doesnt belong to us permanently and we will be questioned about how we used everything provided to us. So it is our duty to preserve and protect our body and mind by eating healthy food.

Acknowledgement: Firstly, I would like to thank Allah the Almighty One for bestowing me with the wonderful opportunity through OMEIAT Science Fair. This opportunity has also been endowed on all the students participating in this Science Fair. And I also owe a great deal to my teachers for, sparing their very precious time, helping me with the experiment carried out for this project. My parent have really been a very strong and encouraging support till the very end. And I must really not forget my friends for their 24*7 helping hands. And I really must thank OMEIAT, without its help it wouldnt have been possible for such a educational and beneficial exposure. Each and everyone of those who have helped me in this project have been the backbone for the the success of bringing out this piece of knowledge to you.

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