Snap Judgments can be stated as a method to judge others prematurely or a judgment formed on instant without any deliberation.

The article talks about the pre-conceived notions that people have develop about others, so they tend to make decisions on the basis of their notions. This result in stereotyping certain persons on the basis of their appearance, color, age, sex, qualifications, wealth, marks etc. There are many situations when a particular person is trying to be over-friendly with us and it makes us believe that he/she might be looking for some kind of favor from us. Whereas the actual story could be completely different, so people are very fast in forming judgments. The downside of using a stereotype to make a judgment about someone is that it might be completely misguided and incorrect, causing you to act inappropriately or worse still, offend somebody. It is too simplistic to assume that groups of people share the same ideals and personality traits just because they have something in common like their dress sense, culture or taste in music. This is a form of prejudice and can be distressing for the person who is being prejudged, who might feel that they are misunderstood, particularly when a stereotype is racially motivated. The saying "Don't judge a book by its cover" demonstrates that appearance isn’t enough to understand a person attitude or behavior. Negotiations are also affected by Snap Judgments. People often perceive their counterpart to be a rigid and tough person, as result they tend to dislike him/her, despite adding value to the deal through effective negotiation. Mr. Tony has been very apprehensive and practical in defining the ten principle of conflict resolution. Acceptable behavior arises in future by both the parties only if the outcome is acceptable to both parties and that to on the acceptable framework. There is an incessant need to have persistent focus on the issue and generally small and petty things can be traded which bring parties closer to agreement. The tactic of being creative to churn out options always help and we have always encountered that negotiating for conflict resolution gives ultra results when the process is taken as a long journey. Being proactive, patient and prepared for crisis

although there isn't always need of "Mediator" in conflict resolution by negotiation. factoring every minor and major calculated step rather than being in urgency to finish it by giving out more. All in all there was specific emphasis on understanding the other party. If once. anyone is emotionally involved in a dispute. And unfortunately. In the end his point about being perseverant is what we feel the most important because during this we tend to put in our best. their needs etc. Conflict can be created or resolved between two parties without mediation of any other party or person. and giving time for it is never waste and always pays better result for individual and it also deepens the commitment to making a deal. So. . one should always try to resolve conflict by themselves.situation are the points which he focused on for effectiveness. feelings and unreasonableness gets in way of this. Tony Blair says is correct. It is because the words you choose define the parties' right and responsibilities namely who owes what to whom and under what circumstances. We as group feel that the overall essence of what Mr. A very important aspect is to put in words of what is decided. Conflict resolution yields best results when worked out yourself. it is for sure that rationality goes out immediately.

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