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Institute Of Management Technology-Ghaziabad 3 MARKETEERS

"All for one, one for all"

EVENT DESCRIPTION Step foot on to the ultimate marketing battlefield, to stop others from winning, by forming an invincible alliance. The war has begun and its time to pick up your swords and lead the way. Arrive at IMT as the 3 Marketeers - Athos as the strategist, Porthos as the researcher cum executor and Aramis as the analyst cum manager, to uncover the various marketing strategies and conquer the enemy. This event is an innovative blend of marketing knowledge, practical applications and real-time situation management.

RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. Every team will comprise of 3 members, currently pursuing Post Graduation in Management Program. 2. All the members of the team should be from the same college. 3. More than one team from the same college can also participate. 4. No participant can be a part of more than one team. 5. Eight best entries will be short-listed for the on-campus rounds. 6. Teams who do not adhere to the rules and regulations can be disqualified at any phase of the Event. 7. In case of any dispute, the decision of the judges and event co-ordinators will be final and binding. EVENT DETAILS Preliminary Round: The quest has begun.... Your journey has now entered its first phase. The world of marketing is a tricky place. Someone's potion is someone elses poison. Brandish your swords and get ready to battle out stiff competition and prove your contention for the rounds to come. Analyze the case given below and prepare the solution as per the deliverables mentioned below.

Institute Of Management Technology-Ghaziabad

Background : Horizon Inc is a company operating in Sweden and its core business is Car Lease Services. A car lease service differs from the conventional car rental in that the person leasing the car gets to drive the car himself without a chauffeur. A person wanting to drive from Stockholm to Gothenburg can lease a car at Stockholm for the desired number of days, by depositing a fixed amount as collateral, which is refundable. Thereafter he gets complete possession of the car for the desired number of days and he gets to drive across states/cities as per his convenience. Features of the car : 1. National permit : The car can enter every state in the country after the basic payment of tolls and other minor charges. 2. Car Quality : Cars maybe be brand new or as good as brand new, as Horizon focuses heavily on maintenance and performance efficiency of the car. 3. Car brand : Horizon allows customers to select from a wide range of cars and SUVs of some of the best brands such as Toyota, Nissan, Chevrolet, Mercedes, etc. 4. GPS : Every car has an in-built GPS installed which is used for navigation as well as a security feature such that Horizon can trace the location of a car. How the system works : 1. A customer logs in to the Horizon website and makes a booking for the desired car and specifies the date range during which he will use the car. He also specifies the pickup and return location of the car. 2. The customer is charged on a per-day basis depending on the model and car type selected by him. 3. The customer picks up the car from the Pickup destination, makes his travel and returns it back at the return destination. The Euromonitor International survey of 2011 shows that nearly 53.75% of the cars were leased out by enthusiasts who love to go on road trips irrespective of long distances. The itinerary of such people involves driving inter-state with frequent stop-overs during their onward journey and catching a flight back home during the return journey. To cater to such cases , Horizon Inc has ensured that it has its car rental locations at each and every airport in the country.

Institute Of Management Technology-Ghaziabad

YOUR TASK IS.... Mehta Car Rentals, an Indian agency now wants to replicate a business model on the lines of Horizon Inc in India. As marketing managers, you need to device a marketing strategy for Mehta Car Rentals to launch and promote this concept in India. A fixed set of assumptions has been prepared for you below. Assumptions : 1. India supports the infrastructure in terms of good quality roads and highways, required for the above business proposal. 2. Indian population falling in the category of 25-40 years of age, is enthusiastic to go on road trips and include at least one road trip as part of their travel itinerary every year. 3. In India, presently, the concept of car rental service exists in which a person hires a chauffeur-driven car for fixed hour tariffs depending on the amount of hours or the number of days for which the car is required. On the basis of these assumptions, design a comprehensive marketing strategy based on the deliverables mentioned below.

DELIVERABLES Prepare a marketing strategy of not more than 1000 words in PDF format as to how you will launch the above concept in India. Your strategy MUST include but not be limited to: Customer profiling - Identifying appropriate car segments and pricing strategies as per target customer segment. Target Region - With Delhi as the base for launching this company, you are required to choose 3 out of the 10 locations mentioned below, which are within 500 kms from Delhi:1. Jaipur 2. Dehradun 3. Agra 4. Chandigarh 5. Hrishikesh

Institute Of Management Technology-Ghaziabad

6. Nainital 7. Shimla 8. Pushkar 9. Haridwar 10. Amritsar Justify the rationale as to why these 3 places are the best suited to position your business. Strategies to attract Target Investors Marketing Media Identify any 3 communication media by which you will propagate your business concept in India and substantiate why these 3 choices are the most viable.

Participants will be evaluated on the basis of the creativity of the concept and feasibility of the idea implemented. SUBMISSION DETAILS 1. Participants are expected submit their solutions in not more than 1000 words in a single PDF file. 2. The PDF file should be named in the following format: '3 Marketeers_team name_institute name_contact number'. Contact number of any one participant has to be mentioned here. 3. The PDF file should be sent to with subject of the mail as '3 Marketeers_team name_institute name'.

DEADLINES September 10, 2012 : Registration begins. September 23, 2012 : Registration as well as submission of entries ends at 05:59:59 AM.

For any queries, contact Vinay Shekhar : +91 7503139404 Kunal Parekh : +91 7503139288 Email ID :