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ACADEMIC ONE Unit One Name: Teacher: Ma. Loretta Snchez Date:

A.Read if the next sentences are separated correctly into subject and predicate if not place an X. 1. I | saw a TV show yesterday. 2. The show was about | dolphins. 3. They | showed a kind of a small whale. 4. Dolphins | are quite intelligent. 5. The | dolphins can be quite entertaining. 6. Dolphins | have a well developed sense of hearing. 7. They | communicate complex messages. 8. Dolphins live | in groups. 9. They | swim in the oceans around the world. B.Circle the subjects in the next sentences 1. Your new neighbors are very noisy 2. Drinking beer is not permitted 3. Without thinking, the professor stepped off the pavement 4.To ensure confidentiality, we will conceal your name and address 5. There was a storm last night. C.Circle the subjects and underline the verbs. 1. I dont want to study 5. asked my boss for time off 2. The very tall new teacher 6. She called 3. Watching movies is entertaining 7.has been to Peru 9. have been fighting 10. She heard the phone ring

4. The new student arrived late

8. The people had been fighting

D.With the same sentences from part C decide which ones are clauses or phrases. Write C or P. 1.. 9.. 2 .. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6. 7. 8 10..

E. Find the verb, direct object, and indirect object in the following sentences. 1. Has your boss sent you a notice about the next convention? 2. John read his tiny nephew an exciting story. 3. Grandpa read the nursery rhymes to the grandchildren. 4. She bought a new dress for herself. 5. We gave my mother a book for her birthday. 6. Has Terri shown them her new ring? 7. The new highway saved the travellers several miles. 8. Did the workers give the spies confidential information? 9. Will Jim get us tickets to the game? 10. I asked an important question of my mother. F. Underline the independent clause once and the dependent clause twice. 1. Betty has seen that movie three times. 2. If the government doesnt change its policies, people will get poorer and poorer. 3.We had better stop violence before it is too late to solve it. G. In each of the sentences below , a dependent clause is given. Add an independent clause to each in order to complete the sentence. 1. .because I dont understand Japanese. 2.When my father called me , 3. ..before your wife gets home. 4, While I was in the shower , .

H. Write a compound, complex and a simple sentence. 1. Compound . 2. Complex 3. Simple .. I. Read and circle the understood subject in the next sentences. 1.A large red bird flew to the feeder 2. Watch the birds from the window. 3.Fill the bird feeder every day. 4.The nuthatch walks down the side of the tree. 5.Mix peanut butter and oatmeal together. 6.Birds with short stubby beaks crack seeds. 7.Throw stale bread with bacon grease on the ground. 8.One interesting hobby is bird watching. 9.Birds of all kinds can be seen in the park. 10.Borrow a pair of field glasses. J. Identify if it is an adverb or an adjective

1 cousin is somewhat shy. My 2 has been an extremely mysterious case. This 3 jewels have mysteriously disappeared. The 4 left early. We 5 Donna has an early appointment at the dentist

1 huge branch just fell from the0 A tree.

6 bought some hard candy. Mark 7 football team practiced hard for the game. The 8 track competitor must run fast for the game. A 9 is a fast runner. Mary