Four Secrets to commendable LORs

Helping hand series Helping hand series

www. which aims to support students by helping them comprehend the nuances related to their problem areas.About Helping hand series Is an initiative of MJ Helping hand series Helping hand initiative .

in Helping hand series . www.LOR : An Overview • Writing college applications is a big job. especially when you are eyeing your dreams colleges. • LOR’s are the most potential source of testimonials to your application and could greatly influence the decision of the admission committee.mja. the Ivy League. • Letters of recommendation are important to admissions officers because they provide contextual interpretation of your academic performance.

in Helping hand series . and could shed light into key factors that define your learning environment www.LOR : An Overview • Your recommender shares critical insight into your work habits and learning style as well as your ability to respond to challenges and setbacks • LOR’s can help you to explain irregularities in your academic program and lags in performance.mja.

Your recommender should be the one who is enthusiastic about you and not the one who is lukewarm towards your application. Admission committees are more interested in LOR’s written by the teachers who know you inside out At-least one of your recommenders should be someone who is familiar with your critical thinking and communication skills. • Helping hand series .mja.First Secret Teacher VS HOD : CHOOSE Judiciously • • • Your teacher knows you much better than your esteemed HOD.

in Helping hand series . • Give them ample time and access to information critical for your recommendation www.mja. • Do not expect your professor to write a good recommendation in two days.Second Secret Earmark appropriate time • Your recommenders need time to think about and prepare the letter.

Third Secret Enroll your recommender • Share your dreams and ambitions : Tell them about the salient points of your university. • Make sure your recommenders are sufficiently informed so they can help you tell your "story." Give them the necessary information and insight to write well-balanced Helping hand series . about your program. • Share your shortcoming with your professor . • Tell them everything you have been through and how you’ve finally made it. how you have been working very hard to get into this program etc. www.

www. • They may not have the luxury of recollecting the big picture that defines you. Helping hand series . they probably don’t remember what significant works you have done.Last Secret Remind them about your achievement • Professors are generally very busy and have to teach a number of students.mja. • Subtly remind your professor about your achievements. Everything counts. your role in the class or in cultural/ technical fest. when you ask them to write a LOR for you.

mja. Such LORs can portray you as the most suitable candidate and could earn you your dream admission.That’s It !! We hope these steps will help you formulate a recommendation that is both commendable and Helping hand series . BEST OF LUCK !! Team MJA www.

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