EXALTED-OVERTHROW PATRIN-STEWARD-LUNAR CAMPAIGN What is it like not only to have the power of a Demi-God

and take the form of any creature in Creation, and yet be bound within an infinite prison for eternity? Welcome to the Exalted-Overthrow campaign. Gamers will be playing “Patrin-Stewards” which are people who have “Exalted” beyond the powers of mortals and have acquired the ability to shapechange and other powers equal to the gods. Yet where once the Patrin were the Stewards of all the mortal races of the multiverse, now they are imprisoned inside the horrifying realm of “The Labyrinth” and must find a way out. HISTORY AND THE PATRIN (This history is unknown to all but the Exalted and a few Gods): Uncounted millennia ago virtually infinite beings know as the Primordials became self-aware and lifted themselves out of the cosmic vastness, primordial ooze and madness of chaos. These unknowable beings separated a part of the madness and stabilized it, thereby beginning the Multiverse. According to their whims and in order keep the Multiverse stable and functioning, the Primordials created their servants, the Gods. The Gods were powerful spirit beings whose purpose was to maintain the Multiverse and yet who were bound by mystical oaths, while the Primordials continued to simply exist, tinkering inhumanly with their infinite creation of reality. In addition, the Primordials created the mortal races. The purpose of the mortal races was to pray and worship, thereby satiating the spiritual hunger of the Primordials. Of all the mortal races, man was the most important due to his weakness and prevalence. Yet man was gifted with free-will which allowed him to produce vast quantities of mana, faith, and worship. The Gods were not satisfied with their slavery to their Primordial creators, beings who were both vastly older and completely alien to them. The gods plotted rebellion, yet they themselves could not directly take a hand against their creators. Luckily, one of the Primordials was also disenchanted with her brethren. The Primordial Gaia agreed to help the Gods rebel. The Gods created the Exalted Shards, 2800 pieces of perfect Essence filled with their unlimited power and potential. These Shards were designed to connect with the mortals races, which had one key characteristic the Gods did not have, free will. The Exalted mortals rose up in a terrible cosmic war that tearing the very fabric of reality, and defeated the Primordials, binding some, slaying others, and casting most outside of the walls of Creation. The Gods then rebuilt creation from the remains of the Primordials. They set themselves in the Astral Realms of the Outer Planes where they could rule the Multiverse and monitor the Prime Material Planes, where the mortal races began to flourish. At first, the Exalted were given freedom and a place in the Prime Material Plane, to rule and regulate the mortal races as their reward for their success in the Primordial War. But as time went on, the Gods slowly grew fearful of the power of their Exalted, their ambitions, and their growing madness. The Gods struck quickly and with precision, and bound the 2800 Exalted Shards in various prisons throughout the Multiverse. For many millennia the Exalted Shards have remained in their various prisons… The 300 Patrin Shards were created by the most powerful Gods of life and change to be defenders against chaos and entropy. The inheritors of these shards were able to change their shape and take the form of the various creatures throughout the Multiverse. After the Primordial war, the Patrin became the Stewards of the mortal races, monitoring and protecting them and their societies, usually from a distance. When the Gods captured the Patrins, they cast them into the Labyrinth, the bound and comatose remains of one of the Primordials floating in the Astral Realm, the first one that the Patrin defeated in during the Primordial War. THE LABYRINTH (In Character (IC) Patrin Perspective): This Exalted Campaign takes place in the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is a prison that is nothing more nor less than remains of a bound and comatose Primordial that spans the distance of thousands of worlds. The Patrin were imprisoned millennia ago in a hellish world meant to cage, and ultimately destroy them, leaving their Shards floating free without a host for eternity, or until they were once again required by the Gods. While the Labyrinth is filled with monsters and horrors, it also now has thousands of surviving mortals due to the labor of the surviving Patrin. The only way any of the mortal races survive is through the unknown and unrelenting protection of the Stewards. Yet while stewarding mortals was once enough for the Patrins, now they have another equally important goal: to escape the Labyrinth. The Patrin believe that no prison is perfect, and through the millennia they have searched for a way out. The Labyrinth is divided into “chambers” each of which is the size of a world. When the Patrin began to explore the World Chambers, they always found one exit or “Gate”. Each Gate the Patrin passed through led to another World Chamber equally large, yet often more deadly than the previous one. In the recorded history and ancient memory of the eldest Patrin, their race has passed through more than 10,000 Gates. Every race, creature, and life form in the Labyrinth, not directly a result of Patrin breeding is hostile and deadly. The purpose of every life form is to destroy the Patrin and what they protect. While there are some somewhat safe areas in the Labyrinth, most of the endless prison is nothing but a living death trap, including the flora, fauna, climate, and geography. The Wyld Lands: The majority of the Labyrinth consists of the Wyld Lands. The Wyld Lands are areas of the Labyrinth that are unstable, in flux, or are changing. Depending the stability (or lack thereof) unwary Patrin can be killed quickly while mortals may be changed into hideous monsters or even become part of the geography.

The Labyrinth consists of very small sections (in immense geographic terms) called Stable Realty, which were created by and safe guarded by the Patrin. About half of the Labyrinth consists of lands called Bordermarches, which while slow to change, are dangerous and can cause mutations and madness. The Middlemarches make up about a third of the Labyrinth and change much more quickly, often bending the rules of nature. The Deep Wyld is a much smaller part of the Labyrinth, yet much more dangerous. Where the Bordermarches and the Middlemarches bend or break the rules of nature, the Deep Wyld throws the rules out the window. The final and most dangerous part of the Labyrinth is Pure Chaos. Pure Chaos borders the other areas of the Labyrinth and is nothing but reality in flux. Mortal beings are consumed by Pure Chaos upon entering unless under the protection of powerful Patrin magic. CAMPAIGN BACKGROUND (IC Mortal PC Perspective): The Patrin Campaign begins with the PCs starting out as exceptional mortal adventurers, living normal adventuring lives, in what appears to be a normal fantasy world called Yrth. Yrth is a world consisting of a number of independent countries which have traded and warred with one another for the past few hundred years. (I will provide a “What PCs know about Yrth” page). In addition, most of the lands between major cities of Yrth are called Wyld Lands. For mortals, the Wyld Lands are hostile realms where nature can betray a man and where terrible monsters of legend dwell. CURRENT SITUATION: PCs begin as a band of adventurers who know one another and have been together for some time. They are exceptional people living in the world of Yrth and are coming back to the city of Blythe in the land Caithness. The PCs have been exploring about 30 miles from Blythe in the village of Briscane and the surrounding swamps, and have been very successful. CHARACTER CREATION: Unlike previous Exalted campaigns where players have created mortals who later Exalted, and therefore did not have to worry about their character transforming until it happened, in this campaign it will be important for players to consider both their pre-Exaltation and Post Exaltation. Players will create mortal PCs who are exceptional for mortals. They will also create their PC after they have Exalted into Patrins. While the PCs are not “locked in” to the choices the player makes until the Exaltation actually happens, it is very useful (if not necessary) to plan ahead for the change. Below are the following rules for creating PCs as both mortal and Patrin. NOTE: When PCs transform with Exaltation, they may rearrange previous use of Bonus Points. Also, Exalted may not buy Charms, Knacks, or Essence with Bonus Points. I will provide GM character creation examples to give players an idea of character creation. Some key elements in Character Creation include the following: Motivation: This is the primary drive and focus of the character. As a mortal, Motivations can be simple, but as an Exalted, Motivations should be Epic. Intimacies: Intimacies are what the PC cares about. They are weaker than the PC’s Motivation but no less important. A PC may begin with a number of Intimacies equal to their Compassion, but may gain more in play up to their Willpower + Compassion. Spirit Shape: When the PC Exalts as a Patrin, they will gain a second True Form known as their Spirit Shape. PCs may pick any animal as their Spirit Shape that is not Wyld Tainted. This includes mammals, avians, reptiles, amphibians, fish (though this will be a land based game), and insects. PCs may even choose dinosaurs or dire versions of animals. If there is contention between players over Spirit Shapes, we will roll dice to determine who gets the shape. Tell: Every Patrin has a physical characteristic that mimics their spirit shape. In normal circumstances, these “Tells” would stand out and be completely noticeable, such as a forked tongue, horns, cloven hooves, etc. Yet the power of the Patrin psychically masks the Tell, causing them to go unnoticed by all but the most powerful beings. EXALTATION: When the PCs Exalt they will not gain all of their powers immediately (such as Charms), but it is a good idea to think about the Charms the PCs wants/needs early on.

EXALTED PC CREATION-BEFORE PATRIN EXALTATION PLAYER CHARACTERS BEGIN WITH THE FOLLOWING STATS: PLAYERS SHOULD CHOOSE SOME FORM OF TWO OR THREE WORD ARCHETYPE: Wandering Sword Master, Unstoppable Barbarian General, Militant Rebel Leader, Arrogant High Patriarch, Mysterious Sorcerer, Wandering Outcaste Healer, Rogue Ninja, Famous Bard Singer, etc. MOTIVATION: Choose a Motivation or a single driving goal for your character INTIMICIES: Begin with 2 Intimacies or things you care about ATTRIBUTES: 6/4/3 (None may be higher than 4) and all begin with a free base 1 point. ABILITIES: First select 1 Favored Ability (Abilities that will be easiest for you to advance in) Next divide 22 points for abilities (None higher than 3) & at least 1point must go toward Favored Ability. Athletics, Archery/Marksmanship, Bureaucracy/Politics, Art/Crafts, Dodge, Integrity, Investigation, Larceny, Linguistics, Lore/Academics/Science, Martial Arts, Medicine, Melee, Occult, Performance, Presence/Command, Resistance/Fortitude, Ride, Sail/Pilot, Socialize/Empathy, Stealth, Survival/Animal Ken, Throw, War, VIRTUES/PASSIONS: PCs choose 4 Virtues from the following list to define their PC. 5 points (each already has a base of one point). Their highest Virtue is their Primary Virtue. List of Virtues/Passions: Conviction, Courage, Duty, Endurance, Expression, Harmony, Intellect, Loyalty, Order, Piety, Valor, Vengeance, WILLPOWER: 4 BACKGROUNDS: Ignore for now, but take anything that is appropriate to the character concept. BONUS POINTS: 5 which can be spent on anything (though maximums still exist),

BONUS POINT COSTS: TRAIT: COST: Attribute 4 Ability 2 (1 if a Favored Ability) Specialty 1 (2 per 1 in Favored Ability) Virtue 3 Willpower 2 Intimacies 3 to increase starting Intimacies to (Willpower + Compassion) Thaumaturgy 5 Initiate 10 Adept 1 per 3 Spells

AFTER EXALTATION BECOMING A CASTELESS PATRIN BECOME CASTELESS PATRIN: MOTIVATION: Change Motivation and make it epic. INTIMICIES: Do not Modify Intimacies, though they may change over time. SPIRIT SHAPE AND TELL: Choose a Spirit Shape and Tell ATTRIBUTES: Gain +2/2/1, for a total of 8/6/4 (None may be higher than 5) FAVORED ATTRIBUTES: Choose two Favored Attributes FAVORED ABILITIES: Survival/Animal Ken becomes a Favored Ability and retain previous Favored Ability. ABILITIES: Gain +3 points, for a total of 25 points (None may raise higher than 3 at this time, but may be raised up to 5 using Bonus Points). PC must have at least one point in Survival. VIRTUES: No Changes. Retain the same Primary Virtue, which must be the highest. WILLPOWER: Add two highest Virtues together BACKGROUNDS: None, PCs will be starting off with nothing CHARMS: PCs gain 0 Knacks/Charms. ESSENCE: PCs gain an Essence of 2, which cannot be raised at this time ESSENCE POOL: Personal Essence: Essence + (Willpower x2), Peripheral Essence: (Essence x4) + (Willpower x2) + (Highest Virtue x4) + Health Levels (7 + any gained from Charms). BONUS POINTS: Gain 10 Bonus Points (And PCs may rearrange previous 5 Bonus Points to better fit their character due to their Exaltation for a total of 15). BASIC EXALTED/PATRIN POWERS: Age (3,000+), Soak 1/2 Stamina-Lethal, Poison/Disease/Infection Resistance, Essence User, 10s count as 2 successes, Attune Artifacts/Manses/Hearthstones & Magical material Benefit, Minimum damage dealt equal to Essence, Slow bleeding and not crippled due to incapacitation, Minimum dice pool equal to Essence, Fast healing, Inherently better Ability use, Dodge bonus equal to Essence, Most everyone else an “Extra”, Round up, Stunt, Change into Spirit Shape (1m), Sacred Hunt,

BONUS POINT COSTS: TRAIT: COST: Attribute 4 (3 If a Favored Attribute) Ability 2 (1 if a Favored Ability) Specialty 1 (2 per 1 in Favored Ability) Virtue 3 Willpower 2 Intimacies 3 to increase starting Intimacies to (Willpower + Compassion) Knacks/Charms/Essence cannot be bought with Bonus Points

EXPERIENCE POINT COSTS: TRAIT: Attribute Caste/Favored Attribute Favored/Caste Ability Out-of-Caste Ability Virtue Willpower New Ability Specialty Favored/Caste Charm Out-of-Caste Charm New Spell (Favored/Caste) Spell (Out-of-Caste) New Knack Merit

COST: Current Rating x4 Current Rating x3 (Current Rating x2) -1 Current Rating x2 Current Rating x3 (does not increase Willpower) Current Rating x2 3 3 10 12 10 12 11 Level of Merit x2

Making Patrin characters unique can be difficult because there are only Five Castes, which then change with the Moon. When making Patrin PCs, develop back stories and two or three word archetypes and move on from there: Based on Caste: While PCs can be ANY Caste, they usually fall into types. Also note, that while PCs will have a base Caste, their Castes will begin changing with the monthly cycle. Full Moon: Warriors and Generals Waxing Moon: Priests and Couriers Half Moon: Observers and Tacticians Waning Moon/Changing Moon: Tricksters, Rogues, and Spies No Moon: Sorcerers and Sages Based on Spirit Shape & Tell: Every Patrin has at least two “True Forms”, their human shape and their “Spirit Shape”. Patrins Spirit Shape is the animal that represents who they are, whether it is a spider, hyena, or shark. (Please note that this will be primarily a land based campaign, so water based forms will not be as useful.) Also note that Patrins have virtually full use of their powers, not matter what shape they take, including Charms, Martial Arts, and Sorcery. In addition to a Spirit Shape, Patrins have a “Tell”. A Tell is some physical characteristic that stands out about them that gives away who and what they really are. For example, a Patrin with a Spider Tell may have thick black spiky hairs coming out of his legs and arms. While normally such things would be easily noticed, the Tell is “psychically disguised”, and most people simply can’t notice it. Based on Attribute Focus: Patrins (unlike Solars) don’t focus as much on Abilities (of which there are 25) as they do on Attributes (of which there are only 9). Attribute focus allows Patrins much more general in their design. Decide which two Attributes your Patrin will focus on. Strength Dexterity Stamina Charisma Manipulation Appearance Perception Intelligence Wits

Based on Knacks and Shapechanging Style: While all Patrins can change their shape to a limited extent, some are much more advanced shapechangers than others. Knacks are special Charms that allow a Patrin to take many different types of shapes, in different ways. Form Acquisition Knacks (Animal): Form Acquisition Knacks (Human): Form Acquisition Knacks (Supernatural): Form Acquisition Knacks (Miscellaneous): Shapeshifting Refinement Knacks: War Form Knacks: Based on Martial Arts Style: There are over a dozen different Terrestrial and Celestial Martial Arts styles that Patrins can choose from and/or begin with, and since this will be a combat game, a focus on Martial Arts is very appropriate. While some fit very well with certain forms and shapes, PCs can take any they wish and can use them in virtually any form. The following are a list of Terrestrial and Celestial styles: TERRESTRIAL MARITAL ARTS: Terrestrial Hero Style: The basic martial art style Falling Blossom Style: Bodyguard style First Pulse Style: Mean streets unconventional style Golden Janissary Style: Holy fire style Ill Lily Style: Toxic style Jade Mountain Style: Crushing strength and endurance Night Breeze Style: Silence, invisibility, and subterfuge Orgiastic Fugitive Style: Drucken and debauchery style Seafaring Hero Style: Ship born and swashbuckling style White Veil Style: Stealth, deception and poison style Crimson Pentacle Blade Style: Staffs, spears, polearms style that emphasizes coordinated combat Even Blade Style: Sword style Fivefold Shadow Hand Style: Mystic defenses and special gestures

CELESTIAL MARTIAL ARTS: Lunar Hero Style (Shape Changing Style): Celestial Monkey Style (Dodging Style): Dreaming Pearl Courtesan Style (Passive Style): Ebon Shadow Style (Stealth Style): Laughing Wounds Style (Pain and wounding Style): Mantis Style (Grapple and Clinch Style): Righteous Devil Style (Flame weapon Style): Silver Voice Nightingale Style (Singing/Performance Style): Snake Style (Exacting Striking Style): Tiger Style (Ferocious Striking Style): Air Style (): Earth Style (): Fire Style (): Water Style (): Wood Style (): Based on Abilities: By focusing on 2 or three key Abilities, PCs develop the closest thing to a “character class”. Examples: Second Story Thief: Stealth, Larceny, & Melee. Barbarian Conqueror: Survival, Resistance, Melee & War, Bard: Presence, Performance, & Martial Arts, Based on Charm Subsets/Types: The type of Charms a PCs chooses will really make their character distinct. While Charm Types are based on Attributes, within these categories are a number of subgroups that are very distinctive. GENERAL CHARM TYPES (Excellencies): Essence Overwhelming (Attribute) Essence Triumphant (Attribute) Essence Resurgent (Attribute) Instinctive (Attribute) Unity Flawless (Attribute) Focus STRENGTH: Attack Enhancement Charms Crippling Charms Damage Enhancement Charms Feats of Strength Charms Grappling Charms Subdual Charms DEXTERITY: Balance and Grace Charms Crafting Charms Defensive Charms Lunar Hero Expansion Charms Movement Charms Speed and Extra Action Charms STAMINA: Consumption Charms Endurance Charms Environmental Charms Essence Regaining Charms Fury Charms Healing Charms Soak Enhancement Charms Substance Charms CHARISMA: Animal and Training Charms Holy Charms Fascination Charms Interaction Charms Military Unit Charms Social Unit Charms Territory Charms MANIPULATION: Belief Charms Defensive Charms Feint Charms Interaction Charms Military Unit Charms Social Unit Charms APPEARANCE: Disguise Charms Interaction Charms PERCEPTION: Craft Charms Essence Charms Extended Sense Charms Military Unit Charms Perception Advantage Charms Person Examination Charms Wyld Perception Charms INTELLIGENCE: Crafting Charms Defensive Charms Insight Charms Sorcery Charms Wyld Charms WITS: Concealment Charms Reaction Charms Speed and Extra Action Charms Survival Charms

TYPES OF PATRIN PCS: The following are some examples of Charm based character builds. 1. FULL MOON: Barbarian (Rage & Strength Charms), Ranger (Perception & Environmental Charms), Paladin (Holy & Soak Enhancement Charms), Gladiator (Subdual & Crippling Charms), Fighter (Defensive Charms & Excellencies), Monk (Martial Arts & Movement Charms), CHANGING MOON: Ninja (Substance & Concealment Charms), Bard (Interaction Charms), NO MOON: Sorcerer/Wizard (1st Circle Sorcery), Druid (Animal Knack & Animal Training Charms), 2. Fury Based 3. War Form Based 4. Shape Changing Knack Based 5. Excellency (Attribute) Based 6. Sorcery Based 7. Martial Arts Based (Other than Lunar Hero Style) 8. Weapon Based 9. Healing Based 10. Attribute Based 11. Movement/Speed Based 12. Craft Based 13. Lunar Hero Style Based 14. Soak Based 15. Substance (Poisons/Drugs/Diseases) Based 16. Animal Training Based 17. Holy Based 18. Extended Senses Based 19. Fascination/Belief Based 20. Disguise/Stealth Based 21. Wyld Controlling Based While virtually all Patrin Charms are powerful and useful, the GM has noted there are a few Charms that stand out for Patrins, that they can begin with: Towering Beast Form: Allows PC to take larger forms. Deadly Beastman Transformation: This is the “War Form” and one of the paramount fighting charms, and gives the PC a third “True Form”. Essence Overwhelming (Attribute)/1st Attribute Excellency: This is the paramount dice adder. Claws of the Silver Moon: This is the scary damage charm. Ox Body Technique: Lunar Ox Body is better than for any other Exalted Type. Relentless Lunar Fury: This new kind of charm allows Lunars to use certain combinations of charms at once. Halting the Scarlet Flow: This is the healing charm. Wyld Sensing Technique: This is useful in a campaign surrounded by the Wyld.

Scion pgs. 118-120 The following are a list of Passions/Virtues. Patrins must choose 4 Passions, of which one is the Ruling Passion. There are three circumstances where PCs must roll for Virtue Extremity: A) when first struck by the light of the Full Moon, B) when resisting unnatural mental influence, C) when a PCs wishes to act against one of their Virtues they must either spend 1 temporary Willpower point or roll against their Virtue. If a PCs rolls even one success, they must act in accordance to the appropriate Virtue (or Ruling Passion). If an Exalted rolls more successes than they have temporary Willpower, they suffer Virtue Extremity/Limit Break. VIRTUE EXTREMITY/LIMIT BREAK: If an Exalted suffers from Virtue Extremity/Limit Break they act in an extreme manner, far beyond normal passions! The only benefit to this is, that after they have finished, they regain all of their temporary Willpower. PERMANENT LIMIT: Every time a Patrin Limit Breaks in the Wyld, he gains a point of Permanent Limit for that Virtue. Once a PC has Permanent Limit he adds One automatic success ever time he rolls for Limit Break, but only to determine Limit Break (Not to determine if they can resist a Passion). For Example, Laughs-at-Death has 2 Permanent Limit points added to Courage. The next time he tries to resist a challenge to combat, he rolls his regular 3 dice of Courage. If he gains no successes, he can refuse, but if his current Willpower is only one, he will still immediately enter into Berserker Fury. Permanent Limit is bad! Any PC who reaches 10 points of Permanent Limit becomes a Chimera, and an NPC monster. Other Patrin watch out for Chimera and will put down any PC who is thought to have become a Chimera, so even moderate levels of Permanent Limit can be dangerous. Compassion: Measure of how much a PC cares for others, and is moved by injustice and suffering. Use Passion To: Protecting or aiding the sick, innocent, or oppressed, fighting for justice, bringing aid to the needy, and fighting for or engaging in romantic love. Failed Roll allows PC To: Slay a defeated foe, ignore the pleas of the oppressed or impoverished, ignore the powerful abusing the helpless, publicly humiliating a friend or loved one. Passion Extremity: Whipped Dog-The PCs is overcome with indecision in the face of adversity and cannot resist authority. The PCs refuses any responsibility or leadership and will blindly follow anyone around. Whipped Dog lasts for the scene. Mother Hen-The PC is overcome by the desire to take care of those around him as though they are helpless. He won’t listen to refusals for aid and will continue, resorting to non-lethal combat if necessary. Mother Hen lasts for days equal to the level of the Virtue. Conviction: Represents a person’s devotion to a cause. Use Passion To: Convert others to your cause, resist acts of persuasion or compulsion that go against beliefs, commit heinous acts in name of cause. Failed Roll allows PC To: Not respond to attacks on their beliefs, act in a way that violate the tenets of their cause, refuse to take an action that would clearly benefit their cause (even if it results in the suffering of others). Passion Extremity: Fanatic Zeal-Exalted will go to extremes to defend their cause regardless of danger or suffering he might inflict, and no one will stand in the way. Fanatic Zeal lasts for a number of hours equal to the Virtue Rating. Heartless Weasel-The PC becomes a creature of pure selfishness, ignoring the needs or very survival of others, showing no mercy or slaughtering others, but not taking any chances and will flee if threatened. Heartless Weasel lasts for the scene. Hungry Wolverine-The PC is overcome by the boundless importance of the instant and cannot ignore the way things “should be”, no matter what the consequences. The PC will go to extremes to do what is right, even crippling or killing friends or loved ones who act inappropriately. Hungry Wolverine lasts for the scene. Courage: A heroes worth is measure by the opponents he defeats in battle, alone. Use Passion To: Fight powerful foes, resist supernatural compulsions or fear, and take death defying risks. Failed Roll allows PC To: Avoid the prospect of battle, resist physical challenges, surrender to an opponent, give aid to another warrior in battle, accept such aid when offered. Passion Extremity: Berserker Fury-Entering a murderous rage he throws himself at foes, and when they are gone, anyone or thing left. Berserker Fury lasts until the end of the scene.

Duty: Service to one’s community, respecting authority and upholding the laws of a decent society. Use Passion To: Help those in need, build or repair things vital to a community, uphold laws of a community, serve and authority figure in time of crisis. Failed Roll allows PC To: Steal from a community, break a communities laws, defy legal authority, place personal ambition above the greater good of the whole. Passion Extremity: Morbid Self-Sacrifice-Going to extremes of self sacrifice for acts of selfishness, he might donate personal wealth or possession, break ties, seclude himself, turn himself over to authorities. Morbid Self-Sacrifice lasts for one full day. Endurance: Embracing stoic ideals and taking strength from suffering. Use Passion To: To resist fear, survive extended hard physical labor, function for day without rest, endure pain, hunger, thirst and fatigue. Failed Roll allows PC To: Fail to act due to risk of life or limb, attempt to rest or relax during time of crisis, avoid a course of action due to injuries, fatigue or lack of resources. Passion Extremity: Self Destruction-Attempting to purge weakness, he inflicts self-punishment pursuing goals without regard to personal health, safety or survival. Self-Destruction lasts one full day. Expression: The veneration of artistic excellence. Use Passion To: Create works of art, repair damaged works of art, assist in performances. Failed Roll allows PC To: Destroy or deface a work of art, refuse to create or perform a work of art, repress or discourage art or the communication with others. Passion Extremity: Visceral Shock-Poring into artistic effort or performance, he creates art that scars and horrifies her audience. Visceral Shock lasts a number of days equal to Virtue. Harmony: To keep the divine scales or law and chaos, good and evil, even. Use Passion To: Determine a balanced solution to a problem, act in a way to maintain or restore balance; convince others to maintain the balance. Failed Roll allows PC To: Knowingly act in a way that creates and imbalance of forces, or council an action that creates an imbalance. Passion Extremity: Tyranny of Balance-Going to the extremes to restore balance, he will do anything, including inflicting harm on self or others. Tyranny of Balance lasts for the duration of the scene. Intellect: Upholding the power of reason, logic, and imagination. Use Passion To: Find a solution to a problem, investigate mysteries, acquire knowledge, persuade others to accept their ideas or theories. Failed Roll allows PC To: To destroy or delete knowledge or sources of information, suppress or censor knowledge and debate, promote ignorance in any form. Passion Extremity: Obsessive Analysis-He become powerless to make any decision by being overwhelmed with every contingency. Obsessive Analysis lasts one full day. Loyalty: Trust, support and devotion given to blood ties and tried and true friends. Use Passion To: Fight on behalf of a friend, defend a friend who has been unjustly accused, aid a friend in need, Failed Roll allows PC To: Betray a friend’s trust, refuse to answer the call of a friend in need, desert a friend who has been accused. Passion Extremity: Blind Devotion-Going to extreme lengths to support his friends, PC will do anything to show support, even if kinsman is proven wrong. Blind Devotion lasts for days equal to level of the Virtue. Order: Laws must be upheld and enforced, even when their application seems harsh or unjust. Use Passion To: To investigate crimes, determine wrongdoing, assess penalties, pursue fugitives, deliver lawbreakers to justice. Failed Roll allows PC To: Commit a crime, turn a blind eye to criminal acts, bend the rules, selectively apply the rules to himself or others. Passion Extremity: Summary Judgment-The PC takes the law into his own hands, passing down ruthless judgment on any who break the rules. Summary Judgment last a single scene.

Piety: Respecting gods, ancestors, and traditions. Use Passion To: To employ well worn tactics to solve a problem, act in accordance with traditions and customs, impose traditions on others. Failed Roll allows PC To: Defy and break customs and/or traditions, allow others to do so, advocate a new idea over a tried-and-true way. Passion Extremity: Self Righteousness-The PCs withhold support from any who are insufficiently reverent to traditions, allowing them to suffer and die. Self-Righteousness lasts for the scene. Temperance: The measure of a PCs self-control. Use Passion To: Resisting temptation, holding your temper when taunted or struck, holding your tongue when insulted or intoxicated, overcome the effects of illusions, drugs, poisons, and mind control. Failed Roll allows PC To: Act dishonestly, show bias in important matters, overindulge, act on thoughtless impulse or break a sworn oath. Passion Extremity: Drunken Monkey-The PC becomes a creature of impulse and ignorance who is a slave to his desires and unable to control himself. He will satisfy every possible appetite, whether food, drink, drugs, or sex. Drunken Monkey lasts for days equal to the level of the Virtue. Humble Sloth-The PC becomes unconcerned with anything except the bare essentials of eating and sleeping. They have given up the cares of the world and will not study, work, or fight except in self defense. Humble Sloth last days equal to the level of the Virtue. Valor: Using martial skills to defend the helpless and honor. Use Passion To: Defend the helpless, defeat those who prey on the innocent, fight an honorable foe in combat, resist fear, pain, and fatigue. Failed Roll allows PC To: Strike a foe from ambush or other underhanded means, ovoid battle out of fear for personal safety, allow others to suffer depredations from monsters or tyrants. Passion Extremity: Valorous Sacrifice-The PCs seeks honorable death in battle, attacking foes with no regard for safety, until either they are their opponents are destroyed. Valorous Sacrifice lasts for the duration of the next battle. Raging Bull-The PC becomes a fighting animal who is dangerously quick tempered and will fight anyone for any reason and unable to back down from a challenge. Raging Bull lasts for days equal to the level of the Virtue. Lone Wolf-The PC needs no one, feeling no fear nor any respect for others. They will not wait for help, ever, and will not share glory for success, seeing nothing but contempt in “the pack”. Lone Wolf lasts for days equal to the level of the Virtue. Vengeance: Punishment against those who commit crimes against the cosmic balance and/or mankind. Use Passion To: Hunt down and punish criminals, discern wrongdoing, assess penalties, investigate crimes and defeat those who hinder investigations. Failed Roll allows PC To: Let criminals go unpunished, forgive crimes against himself or others, show mercy or leniency to a criminal, give up pursuit of an offender for any reason. Passion Extremity: Implacable Nemesis-The PC will go to any length to punish the offender, making any sacrifice necessary or committing any atrocity, in order to see justice done. Implacable Nemesis lasts for a number of days equal to the Virtue.

GM EXAMPLE MORTAL PCS AND THEIR EXALTATIONS INTO PATRINS HYENA-WARRIOR TEMPLATE, Laughs at Death: Character Idea: A laughing warrior, who scares the hell out of his enemies. Caste: Full Moon Spirit Shape/Tell: Hyena/Black Tongue Attribute Focus: Strength (Grapple Charms-Locking Jaws) & Wits, Knacks: War Form, Martial Arts: Laughing Wounds Style Ability Focus: Martial Arts Charm Sets: *Fury Charms (takes the form of him laughing), Strength Excellencies, Attack Enhancement Charms, Crippling Charms, Damage Enhancement Charms, Grappling Charms, Subdual Charms, Healing Charms, Notes: This character has a lot of role playing and stunt potential.

Rugar the Mad (Warrior): Crazed and fearless animal nomad barbarian BACK STORY: Rugar grew up in the Wolf Clan but was orphaned by the time he was 12, when the Tiger Tribe raided and slew or kidnapped a quarter of his people. It was during this even that he began dealing with fear and pain using laughter. Learning to take care of himself, he became a valuable hunter for the tribe. After meeting civilized adventurers from Caithness, he became a tracker and scout of some reputation. He also earned a reputation for his strength and fearlessness in battle, bordering on madness because of his occasional habit of laughing in battle and taking extreme chances in order to humiliate his enemies. MOTIVATION: To lead an exciting life INTIMACIES: (1) Adventuring Party, (2) Gain Wealth (3) Humiliate Opponents, (6/4/3) Str/Dex/Sta: 4/3/3 Cha/Man/App: 2/2/2 Per/Int/Wit: 2/2/3 Virtues (5): Compassion: 2, Conviction: 3, Temperance: 1, Valor: 3, Abilities (22): Archery/Marksmanship: 0, Athletics: 1, Awareness:0, Bureaucracy/Politics: 0, Art/Crafts: 1 (Wood), Dodge: 3, Integrity: 1, Investigation: 0, Larceny: 1, Linguistics: 1, Lore/Academics/Science: 0, *Martial Arts: 3, Medicine: 0, Melee: 2, Occult: 0, Performance: 0, Presence/Command: 2, Resistance/Fortitude: 1, Ride: 0, Sail/Pilot: 0, Socialize/Empathy: 0, Stealth: 1, Survival/Animal Ken: 2 (+1 Hunting), Throw: 1, War: 2, Join Battle: 6, MOVE: 3/9 Attack (Spd/Atk/Dmg/Rate): Punch: Speed: 5, Accuracy: 4, Damage: 2B, Defense: 2, Rate: 3, Kick: Speed: 5, Accuracy: 3, Damage: 5B, Defense: 1, Rate: 2, Clinch: Speed: 6, Accuracy: 3, Damage: 2B, Defense: -, Rate: 1, Knife: Speed: 5, Accuracy: 4, Damage: 4L, Defense: 2, Rate: 3, Spear: Speed: 5, Accuracy: 6, Damage: 9L, Defense: 2, Rate: 3, Dodge DV: 3, Soak (L/B): 0L/2B, MDV: ?? Willpower: 4 Health Levels: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap Essence: 1 (Un-awakened), Bonus Points (5): +1 Specialty (Hunting), +1 Stamina, Other Notes: None EQUIPMENT: Leather Armor, Long Spear, 3 Javelins, Back Pack, Fire Starter, Hunting Knife, Water Skins, Adventuring Gear,

Laughs at Death (Full Moon Caste): Crazed and fearless barbarian, MOTIVATION: To defeat and escape the Labyrinth! INTIMACIES: (1) His adventuring party, (2) Humiliate his opponents SPIRIT SHAPE/TELL: Hyena/Black Tongue (8/6/4) *STR/DEX/STA: 5/5/4 (6/6/5), PER/INT/*WIT: 3/2/4, CHA/MAN/APP: 2/3/2, ESSENCE: 2, ESSENCE POOL: 16/43, WILLPOWER: 7, (25) ABILITIES: Archery/Marksmanship: 0, Athletics: 1, Awareness: 1, Bureaucracy/Politics: 0, Art/Crafts: 1 (Wood), Dodge: 3, Integrity: 1, Investigation: 0, Larceny: 1, Linguistics: 1, Lore/Academics/Science: 0, *Martial Arts: 4 (+2 Laughing Wounds Style), Medicine: 0, Melee: 2, Occult: 0, Performance: 0, Presence/Command: 2, Resistance/Fortitude: 2, Ride: 0, Sail/Pilot: 0, Socialize/Empathy: 0, Stealth: 2, *Survival/Animal Ken: 2 (+2 Hunting), Throw: 1, War: 3, (5) VIRTUES: Compassion: 2, Conviction: 3, Temperance: 1, Valor: 4, JOIN BATTLE: 7, MOVE: 5/11 (+2 in Hyena Form, 8/14 War Form,) ATTACK (Spd/Acc/Dmg/Def/Rate): Punch: Speed: 5, Accuracy: 11/12, Damage: 5B/6B, Defense: 6, Rate: 3, Kick: Speed: 5, Accuracy: 3, Damage: 5B, Defense: 5, Rate: 2, Clinch: Speed: 6, Accuracy: 11/12, Damage: 5B/6B, Defense: -, Rate: 1, Bite (War Form only): Speed: 5, Accuracy: 12, Damage: 9L, Defense: 5, Rate: 2, Knife: Speed: 5, Accuracy: 7, Damage: 6L, Defense: 4, Rate: 3, Javelin: Speed: 5, Accuracy: 6/7, Damage: 8L/9L, Defense: -, Rate: 1, Range: 30, Long Spear: Speed: 5, Accuracy: 8/9, Damage: 8L/9, Defense: 4, Rate: 2, DODGE DV: 5/6(War Form) DODGE MDV: 5, SOAK (L/B): 4B/2L (7B/4L War Form) HEALTH LEVELS: -0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap (?? Negative Levels) (BACKGROUNDS: Allies: 0, Artifact: 0, Backing: 0, Command: 0, Cult: 0, Familiar: 0, Followers: 0, Heart’s Blood: 0, Henchmen: 0, Influence: 0, Manse: 0, Mentor: 0, Reputation: 0, Resources: 0, Taboo: 0, Tattoo Artifact: 0, ANIMA EFFECTS (5m): Double Speed, Leaping Distance and Strength for Feats of Strength, for the scene. CHARMS/KNACKS (3): First 3 Charms Sensuous Torment (Laughing Wounds Style)(1m/Instant/Reflexive): Adds 2 motes per wound suffered, Deadly Beastman Transformation (War Form Knack)(1m/Instant/Reflexive): Adds +1 to Str/Dex/Sta, Mutations (6 pts): Wolf’s Pace (1 pt): +2 movement, Enhanced Senses (1 pt): +2 dice to Smell-allows for tracking by scent and other stunts, Great Fangs (2 pts): Functions like kick (Spd: 5, Acc: +0, Damage: +3L, Def: -2, Rate: 2), Thick Skin (2 pts): +2B/L Soak, Essence Overwhelming-1st (Strength Excellency) (1m/pt, Instant, Supp): Adds 1 Strength up to 5 (or 6 in War Form), EQUIPMENT: Leather Armor, Long Spear, 5 Javelins, Back Pack, Fire Starter, Hunting Knife, Water Skins, BONUS POINTS (15): +4 Specialties (Hunting, Laughing Wounds Style)-(2 pts), +1 Martial Arts (1 pt), +1 Stamina (4 pts), +1 Strength (3pts), +1 Willpower (2 pts), +1 Valor (3 pts), OTHER NOTES: Needs healing Charms,

OVERALL CHARACTER ANALYSIS: Scale based on average Patrin: Excellent, Above Average, Average, Below Average, & Poor, Attack: Above Average/Excellent (Grapple, War Form, & Excellency) Damage: Above Average /Excellent (Excellency & War Form) Range: Above Average (Javelins w/ Strength damage with Excellency & War Form) Defense: Average (Good DDV/Average PDV) Soak: Poor Healing: Poor Social: Poor Movement: Excellent (War Form & Anima Effect) Utility: Below Average (Regaining Essence, Feats of Strength) Unique/Special: Regaining Essence, Feats of Strength, Laughing Wounds Style,

Lunar Exalted Character Sheet
Name Player Renown Caste Concept Face/Rank Nature Totem Tell

Strength Dexterity Stamina    Charisma Manipulation Appearance    Perception Intelligence Wits   

War Archery Athletics Awareness Brawl Dodge Endurance Martial Arts Melee Resistance Thrown War              Crafts Integrity Larceny Linguistics Performance Presence Ride Sail Socialise Stealth Survival  Life             Wisdom Bureaucracy Investigation Lore Medicine Occult   Specialities               

Virtues Compassion




       

Willpower   Essence  Personal Peripheral

Soak Bashing Lethal Aggravated
Normal Armour

Limit Break  Virtue Flaw

    

Anima Banner Weak Caste Mark 1-3 motes Strong Caste Mark 4-7 motes Mild Aura 8-10 motes Bonfire Aura 11-15 motes Iconic Aura 16+ motes

0 -1 -1 Wounded -2 -2 Maimed -4 Incapacitated

Bruised Hurt

Health       

Weapons and Attacks
Name Reach Acc. Dam. Def. Rate Range Notes



Name Hard. Bash Soak Lethal Soak Mobility Pen. Fatigue


Experience Unspent:

Parry DV (M. Arts + DX)/2 rnd up:

Dodge DV (DX+Ddg+Ess)/2:

Mental DV: (Will + Inteegrity + Essence) / 2 rnd down:

The Lunar Cycle
Full Moon


Changing Moon


No Moon



Anima Power

Attribute -

Cost 1 mote

Duration 1 scene

Type -

Effect Cause caste mark tattoos to glow brightly, or, Cause anima to glow brightly, or, Know the precise day of the lunar month, or, Cause Tell to become unmistakable

Caste Power

Deadly Beastman Transformation Gifts
Name Effect

Name Cost Charms Used Effect

Name Circle Cost Effect

  







Name Level Commit Description

    

Name Level Type Description

  

Merits and Flaws
Name Cost Description

Gear (worn) Gear (owned)

Jade Talents Bars Minae Shekels Obols Bits

Currency Silver Talents Dirhams Dinars

Copper Sius Yens Paper Money Kokus Quians

Age: Apparent Age: Ethnicity: Eyes: Year of Birth: Place of Birth: Sex: Hair: Year of Exaltation: Homeland: Height: Weight:

Personality & Background

Companions & Notes



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