Patras Foodprint meeting.


Saturday December 1st.

9:15 Settling down, welcoming and presentations. Patrick hands in attendance certificates from Belgium and food/transport bill. Organisation and regional presentations. 1. Greece: Georgia presents the Ecological movement of Patras: Eco-tourist activities 2. Spain: Fernando presents the organisation and the Galician region. 3. Poland: Ela speaks about promoting agrobiodiversity (in the agricultural direction). 4. Finland: Paavo talks about Farmer and Forest owners union and the Satakunta area and the recent success Markku had with the farmers selling their products at farming prices. 5. Estonia: Monika and Crysta talk about their Tourist organisation and region. 6. Portugal: Ana explains about the 15th anniversary in 2014 Arte Via (A way towards art) 7. Turkey: Oral talks about the Troy Environmental association and climate change, Safe and clean energy. 8. Romania: Ionel speaks about The Descendants of Vranesti Village in Pitesc(Hidden) and Education and general awareness. 9. Belgium: Patrick reminds us about Die Raupe and its ecological projects. 11:30 Brief explanation for tonight: 27 persons for tonight's dinner. About 16 euros per person

Benito views th blog and the work done until now with everyone. POSTER, LOGO AND SLOGAN -The slogan could be modified in each country (Oral/Turkey) - The language of the project is English, then the logo should be in English and always the same (Ella/Poland)

- One for all and one for each country changing some/one or two details (Giorgios/Greece) - Greek colleagues will send a template for specific modifications. - All the presentations should be sent to Benito or Juan Luis to be uploaded to the blog - According to Benito presentations should be something visual and attractive. -Representative photos of each organization should be sent for uploading onto the blog. RECIPE -Ten words or expressions underlined related to food. - Not only words, something visual (a video, photos...) -The recipe has to be written in Engish and in your own language. SONG -The same structure as the recipe (ten words, in English and in the language of the country...) -Partnerscan send "we are stiil working", "we are sorry"... in their own language to add to the blog. PROVERBS -A proverb about food in your own language and in English WORKSHOPS -Any photo of workshops of the participants can be uploaded onto the blog IMPACT - Anything you do about the project that appears in the news please send us the link. CONTACT US - The Blog should be opened next Monday ( Giorgos)- It is NOW open! - Monday, the 14th of January is the LAST DAY to send the sentences(we are still working, we are sorry...) in your own language, photos, documents (recipes, proverbs...), songs... (Benito) - Each coordinator should revise and structure the part of their project before sending it. -It is a long project and it has to be realistic: For this year 2 recipes and 2 songs... for the whole project 4. (We may follow the 4 seasons)

- Ela said that they don't have songs related to food (Ela/ Poland) and the solution is to find things related to traditions, energy, weather, festivities...

- Finland and Estonia present the program for the Finland and Estonian meeting from Friday 28th June to Thursday July 4th. They will send us information about travelling, airlines... Afternoon: 15:15 - Benito explains why there is no dot on the blog addrees:Foodprinteu and not - Ela explains the Belgian evaluation. Thanks to Juan Luis and thanks to all the participants. - Flexibility of food workshop. - Mail improvement. Just "R"

- Only 1 excell sheet with all the important information. - Benito Resends evaluation links. One evaluation will be sent later as Juan Luis needs to resend it. - George explained organisation of dinner and Sunday and Monday visits. 17:20 - Kaia and our foodprint song. We all sing along - Kayopi does a performance with Imagine by John Lennon. - We are going to use both proposals; add more in each visit and develop and work on the idea. Oral presents an idea of filming different parts of the song in different places and pasting it together. We finish a little ahead of schedule and decide to meet in the lobby at 9pm for dinner. * I apologise for any spelling mistakes in names and thank everyone for their hard work and cooperation. Patras 1st December 2012 Benito Otero