I start with the Kundalini system, since to me, that is the source of most of the enduring symbols we find in the mystical schools of most religions. Therefore, I first introduce the Kundalini system and try to derive the different symbols from it.


Next, I explore how the very same symbols can be found hidden within a scientific hypotheses of the Universe, which is in turn grounded in currently accepted theories such as multiple universes, string theory etc.



An introduction of the Kundalini system. A video of it follows in the next slide.


Here, I play my introductory video that can be found on Youtube. The link is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lG3dAJEM7e4 This provides a detailed explanation of the Kundalini system and how the various visual symbols such as the Vesica Piscis, Caduceus, Yin Yang etc can be derived from it. Please see the video, before proceeding to the next slide. Since this video is the first part of 4 videos, you may also see all 4, which gives you a complete picture.


Here, I map the Kundalini to the Kabbalah Tree of Life. As you can see, just as in the Kundalini system, the Tree of Life also has seven levels. The top level, the Crown Chakra in the Kundalini is even called Crown (Keter) in the Tree of Life.


The Rosarium Philosophorum, is an Alchemical treatise in German published in 1550 AD. It

contains 20 intriguing woodcuts, two of which are shown above. These are #10 & #17 which feature the Hermetic Androgyne (half man and half woman). Both illustrations have a fantastic correlation with the Kundalini system as explained below: 1. On both, in the bottom left side you can see a small tree having 13 (1 at the top and 6 on either side) faces. The one in #10 is called the Moon Tree and the one in #17 is the Sun tree for quite obvious reasons. Interestingly, these 13 (moon and sun) faces are arranged in 7 levels with the first six levels having 2 each and the top most one containing only one. Just as the Chakras in the Kundalini as explained in my video. The sun and moon duality is also just as in the Kundalini. 2. As explained in my video, at the seat of the Ajna (brow) chakra, the presiding deity is Ardhanarishwara who is God Shiva & Goddes Shakti fused together in the half man half woman form, just as the Hermetic Androgyne depicted in both the woodcuts. 3. The 3 serpentine channels of the Kundalini (Ida, Pingala & Sushumna) are also wonderfully represented as 3 serpents in the cup (chalice) held up by the androgynous figures. On the left hand of each figure is also a single serpent. This is the Kundalini serpent. 4. The fact that both androgynes are winged (like the Caduceus) is another indication of an activated Ajna chakra. Although the Ajna chakra is generally represented as between the eyebrows, it is in reality within the Pineal gland. The pineal gland is in turn housed between the brain's lateral ventricular structures, which are shaped like two wings of a swan. The combination of the pineal and its lateral wings are referred to in some Yogic circles (Hamsa Yoga) as the 'Swan', or 'hamsa‘ (or ‘hansa’). Thus Parama-hamsa (like Ramakrishna Paramahamsa) is a title given to a fully enlightened being. 5. Also note that both the Androgynes are wearing Crowns, representing the Crown chakra.


This is another Alchemic illustration that can be mapped to the Kundalini system: 1. The tree in the centre represents the Kundalini system with the stem indicating the Sushumna channel. 2. The 5 stars, together with the Sun and the Moon are the seven chakras. 3. Each chakra has also an associated stage represented by the items in the circles beside it. 4. Duality is also featured here as the King like figure (with the Sun behind him) and the Lady in white with the crescent Moon behind her head. It is interesting to note that the King is on land and the lady on water. 5. The four elements are also represented by the four animals: (a) Lion on which the King is sitting, for Earth, (b) The fish/whale on which the woman is for water, (c) the bird below for air and (d) the fire breathing dragon in the cave below the King for fire. 6. The 2 men in the foreground perhaps represents the passage of time (youth and old age).


This is the frontispiece for another Alchemical treatise called ‘Lumen de Lumine, A New Magicall Light’ by Thomas Vaughn (published 1651). 1. Here we have the Ouroboros/Kundalini represent by the large winged serpent biting its tale at the bottom of the figure. 2. Two channels (Ida/Pingala) called the Regio Phantastica meeting at a Mystical and Magical Mountain at the top called the Mons Magorum Invisibilis (magicians invisible mountain). The Regio Phantastica seems to be littered with smaller winged serpentine creatures (perhaps the Prana-Apana energies). 3. We have again the Sun/Moon (Male/Female) dualities clearly represented at the top. Around the moon are also three major stars (Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka) interestingly placed like the Orion’s belt. 4. The inscription Non Nisi Parvulis (Not unless infant) at the bottom may indicate the innocence and purity that of a child that is required in this quest to the higher truth. 5. The man and woman on either side may refer to the masculine and feminine energies in the two channels.


We see again the Kundalini feathered serpent representation in other diverse cultures such as the Maya, Aztec and Norse.


…and in Chinese culture.


…in crop circles


The harmonic union between the masculine (upward equilateral triangle) and feminine energies (downward equilateral triangle) represented by the hexagram in Star of David (Jewish), Shatkona (Hindu), Merkaba tetrahedron, Metatron’s cube, Sri Yantra etc.


This is something that totally blew my mind! How the Natraja motif is tied to the hexagram and even the sun. Nataraja is the aspect of Shiva as the Lord of Dance, doing the violent Tandava dance at the end of a cycle, to destroy and allow recreation. The circular frame around Shiva is the ring of fire and could thus represent the sun. The six vertices of the hexagram coincide closely with the tips of the Natarja motif as shown in the figure. The Merkabah Star Tetrahedron, is inscribed inside a sphere in the figure on the right. The vertices of the tetrahedrons scrape the sphere at 19.5 degree latitudes (North and South). This is the band at which Shiva’s hands and feet are. See the next slide to see how it relates to the sun.


This slide is extracted from a research document which provided a statistical study of solar flares over a period of time. It seems that the maximum number and intensity of solar flares was in the 19.5 degree North and South Latitudes of the sun.


Could the ring of fire around Nataraja also interpreted as the Ouroboros?


The Vatican complex looks like a giant Shiva Linga, although the Linga (the central obelisk) seems to be tiny in proportion to the Yoni (the courtyard). The pyramids too are a phallic symbol.



On the left is an email that I wrote to a Yahoo group on crop circles that I am a member of, soon after the crop circle appeared in August 2008. In the next slide is something more imteresting…


Much later, I came across this illustration in the Book of Azoth of the Philosophers by the German Alchemist Basil Valentine a 15th century alchemist. The striking similarity between the crop circle and the illustration was instantly apparent. The black lower spoke of the seven pointed star even had an inscription similar to the one in the crop circle. The outer inscription around the disc-- ‘visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies

occultum lapidum’, which meant ‘‘Visit the interior of the earth and, by rectifying, you will discover the hidden stone.” The first letters also spelt ‘vitriol’. The original vitriol used by alchemists was a substance to purify matter for transmutation. The symbols in the seven spokes of the star meant the process of transmutation : Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, and Coagulation. The final step, Coagulation, was surprisingly represented as C7. If you have seen my ‘Secret of Secrets’ video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5_6R8YBlv4 ) you will understand what C7 represents. By yet another strange synchronicity, C7 is also the last vertebra of the 7 cervical vertebrae at the top of our spine.


Another beautiful crop circle that contains the Vesica-Piscis & Yin-Yang encoded within a Mayan calendrical motif. Note how the five fingured hand turns into wings.


This one appeared on August 8th, 2008 (8/8/08). My video “The Perforated Universe—Revision & Evidence” would shed more light on the symbolism behind this. You may watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hswMgcV9Dlw


Led Zeppelin’s music especially ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and ‘Kashmir’ are full of hidden meanings both in the tune and the cryptic lyrics.




These are topics that demand separate discussions. I have dealt with Samudra Manthana in the first video shown at the beginning also at my webpage : http://www.harismind.com/esymbol.html. My webpage also discusses other metaphors. For a detailed discussion on the Catch of 153 see my video : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fg7XkxoyT2I


Please watch http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hswMgcV9Dlw for more info


What is the lowest Entropy thing that you can ever imagine?? Nothing. Or Nothingness. In fact, it is not something that you can imagine, even though you may think you can. Since imagining Nothingness involves the ‘imaginer’ too. Thus it is not Nothingness any more, but only an approximation. Yet it is the most elementally simple yet unimaginable thing.










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