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1. INTRODUCTION The HSBC Internship Programme (HIP) wants to attract fresh graduates and university diploma holders who would like to commit to a career in the financial services industry. The objective of the HIP is to develop a pool of trained candidates ready to fill in difficult to hire positions, and to meet business staffing demand. Additionally, it seeks to encourage fresh graduates and diploma holders to consider a career with HSBC. 2. ELIGIBILITY: Candidates are subject to the following requirements in order to be eligible for HIP: Being a fresh university graduate or diploma holders from reputable institutions. To meet high academic standards/qualifications. To demonstrate the ability, right attitude and aptitude to successfully meet the job requirements, expectations and complete the programme instructions. 3. TERMS OF SERVICE Minimum 1 Month Maximum 12 Months 4. REMUNERATION: Successful local applicants shall receive a monthly allowance of up to VND3,200,000 gross and expatriate applicants shall receive a monthly allowance of up to VND6,200,000gross. 5. CONVERSION TO REGULAR FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE: Management reserves the right to convert interns demonstrating a high performance to permanent employees, should a relevant position that matches their skills arises. This is subject to the intern having completed a minimum of 2-month service. Guidelines a. Intern must go through a standard interview and selection process. b. An employment offer letter will be given to the intern to formalise the conversion of his/her status to permanent staff. c. Probation will be required for interns. d. The service period of those staff will be recorded from the effective date of the labour contract signed between the employee and the Bank. 6. TERMINATION OF CONTRACT The Bank shall be entitled the right to terminate the internship at any time of the internship period without providing advanced notice and it shall not be obliged to pay for compensation if the work performed does not satisfy the job requirements and expectations. Should the intern wish to terminate the internship, he/she must give a written notice to the Bank 20 working days in advance. 7. WORKFLOW: a. Applicants need to submit the following documents to the HR department for the selection process. - An updated resume - A cover letter b. All HIP applications are reviewed through application screening. Selected candidates will be invited for ability test and interview determined by the business criteria. c. Successful applicants will receive the internship joining instructions for detailed guidelines. They will sign a Letter of Secrecy with HSBC prior to the start of their internship. d. All interns are required to follow structured on-the-job training programmes involving established performance expectations and objectives. The hands-on experience allows the intern to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge, supported by internal/external training if required. Reviews and feedback are provided on an on-going basis. e. All interns are assigned a supervisor responsible for the job guidance, mentoring and for ensuring that interns always comply with HSBCs internal regulation, Functional Instruction Manual (FIM) and code of conduct.
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