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Herringbone Quilt

The following is more a basic recipe than it is a pattern. The amount of fabric you need will depend on how big (or small) you want this to be. This is a set of instructions on how to construct a top that is in theory an improv design. Are you ready? Lets get to it in 5 easy stages. 1 - STRIP Cut your fabrics, except for your background solid, from selvage to selvage in strips of varying widths. The width measurements are entirely up to you.

2 - SEW Sew your strips together in bunches of 8 - 12 using a 1/4 inch allowance. Press your seams.

3 - SLICE Using your straight-edge & rotary cutter, slice each group of strips in one direction/ at the same angle. Make sure to cut some groups at a left-leaning diagonal and some at a right-leaning diagonal so that when you put them together later you form dips and peaks/chevrons.

4 - SUPPLEMENT Arrange your cut pieces to form a series of chevrons in whatever configuration your heart desires, as the example below:

Now fill in the blanks with your background color. a) measure the width of each column of strips.


b) cut strips of your solid at those widths c) measure how long each piece should be, add 3/4 inch to that number (for a 3/8 inch allowance to each side) & cut at the same angle as the piece it will be attached to, like so:

d) sew the solid pieces to the strips to complete your columns

5 - SEAM Once all your columns are complete, seam them together using a 3/8 inch allowance. Start by sewing them into duos:

Then join those duos to form quarters:

Finally join those quarters to the center panel:

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