The Green Door

by Amy Suto I was drawn to that place, see. I saw it in my dreams and knew I had to go, you'll understand once I explain, just stay where you are and let me explain how the green door called to me. I had to see what was behind it! I could not go against fate! I could not invalidate destiny! Down Melrose, past Paramont, right into the Whataburger parking lot, it sang for me! The green door, it called from its place in the brick wall, the wail of its song drowned out by the circles of young people, stomping out cigarettes in the parking lot, waiting, just as I did, for the god of the alleyway to blow open the taunting green door. If you had been there that night, you would have realized that the yellow house on the other side of the chain link fence cast shadows that were just right to hide in, allowing me to slink toward the door unnoticed. Anyone would do what I did had they seen this door in their sleep! If it had disturbed their dreams, driven them from their home! You too would have laid in wait, as I did, behind the bushes, peering out at the scattered crowd, watching and waiting as seconds turned into minutes turned into an hour. I was across from it, but I couldn't run toward it, for a man guarded what was inside, and I knew I would be turned away. So I meditated, thinking of my plan, my mind burning with ideas of what lay beyond the door that was so urgent that it came to me in my dreams. I did not think it was of this earth-- would you think so, if such a symbol had been planted in your sleeping mind? That green door was a gateway, to heaven or hell I was not sure, but I knew if I did not get to it I would perish. It was then that the man by the door stepped forward and announced something that I could not hear, and the people began to move, surging forward until – lo! Behold! Light seeped through the open door, escaping into the night! I tensed, preparing to move. An assortment of musical notes drifted to my ear I wondered where the Pied Piper was drawing me, but I couldn't be wary of the cliff when I was driven to be on the other side of the green door before it slammed shut forever. I launched myself from the bushes, letting out a strangled cry, but the crowd did not move until I raised a barrel of lighting over my head and let it crack through the night sky. I laughed and laughed and laughed as the bystanders scattered in the wake of the power that I held in my hands as I rushed toward the green door, towards the answer that I so desperately needed. You must understand that this is what any of you would have done if fate reached out from your dreams and snatched your conscience and dragged it along as you scrambled after it, kicking and biting and tearing and fighting for the truth, for what was on the other side of that green door. But there was someone in my way and I knew they were guarding the green door and he had a look in his eye-- oh! At that instant I knew! He had been in my dreams as well! He knew what drew me here! There was only one thing I could do, and that was to raise my gun and shoot him dead, which is all I could do, see? With a bang he fell but I did not see him fall and only heard the earthly thump. My eyes were only for the door and I threw my weight against that door, falling in and tumbling down a flight of cement steps, the world turning around me as I fell into the light, the blinding bright. And the cacophony of sounds escalated, and as I looked above me I could see lava lamps and chandeliers and records on the walls and people with guitars running over me, away from me, rushing up the stairs and out of the room and I wanted to cry out for them to wait, for them to stop because they had to be there, I had to make sure that none of them had been in the haze of my dream. But they did not wait, they did not listen and I was tired of people not listening when I needed them to, so I cried out and fired at them and made them wait with my gun. But then I felt a warmth in my stomach, and realized one of my bullets had returned to me. The Pied Piper of my dreams had caught up with me at last.

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